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I am now calling this meeting to order. The time is now 5:30 PM. Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 00:00:42
Council Member Gamma. 00:00:48
Here, Council Member Hernandez. 00:00:50
Here Council Member McQueen Lujan here. 00:00:52
Mayor Pro Tem Perez here and Mayor Martinez present. 00:00:55
Public Comments We will not hear public comments soon. Participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you would like to 00:01:00
comment. Comments will be limited to 3 minutes. Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments tonight? 00:01:06
There are no public comments for closed session. 00:01:12
Mr. Studio Attorney, can you please read the closed session item into the record? 00:01:15
Absolutely, Mayor Martinez. 00:01:19
There's one item of business on closed session tonight. It is Public employee Performance Evaluation for the City Attorney 00:01:21
pursuant to Government Code Section 54950. 00:01:25
957 subdivision B1. 00:01:30
OK, Do any council members have any conflicts to disclose for the listed closed session agenda items? 00:01:33
OK, Council will recess. 00:01:41
To closed session. The time is now 5:32 PM. 00:01:44
We will be back at 6:30 PM. 00:01:49
We appreciate everyone's patience. 01:02:31
Just waiting on. 01:02:36
Two more council members and the city manager and then we'll get started. 01:02:38
OK. 01:02:42
OK, OK, this is good. I think this is mine. 01:03:03
So I had a pen for sure. 01:03:08
2nd. 01:03:12
Thank you. 01:03:14
Alright, so it looks like we have everyone here. 01:03:18
So. 01:03:22
Welcome everyone to the City Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6. 01:03:23
33 PM. 01:03:30
Will everyone please stand and join us for the flag salute? 01:03:32
Ready. 01:03:41
Begin. 01:03:42
I pledge allegiance. 01:03:43
The flag. 01:03:44
The United States of America. 01:03:45
Into the Republic. 01:03:47
We should send. 01:03:49
The nation that. 01:03:50
Indivisible. 01:03:52
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 01:04:01
Council Member Gamma. 01:04:06
Council member Hernandez. 01:04:07
Council. 01:04:11
Council Member McQueen Lujan here Mayor Pro Tem Perez. 01:04:13
Here and Mayor Martinez. 01:04:17
Present. 01:04:19
Tonight's inspiration will be given. 01:04:21
By our council member McQueen Lejon. 01:04:23
Good evening everyone. 01:04:28
My inspiration tonight is. 01:04:32
Just taking in the transition of US moving from the summer. 01:04:35
To the fall. 01:04:40
So as we continue to move quickly towards fall. 01:04:43
Which begins. 01:04:46
With the autumn, no. 01:04:48
Equinox this Saturday. 01:04:50
Warmer weather. 01:04:53
Longer days. 01:04:54
The time we spent outdoors. 01:04:56
Have begun to fade. 01:04:58
Schools have started. 01:05:00
Temperatures have cooled. 01:05:02
And shorter days signify the end of summer. 01:05:05
But a beautiful thing begins to happen in the fall. 01:05:09
The leaves begin to change colors. 01:05:14
Then they fall from the tree. 01:05:16
Which you may have already witnessed. 01:05:18
But during this time of transition the tree. 01:05:21
Its branches. 01:05:25
It's trunks. 01:05:26
His trunk and its roots remain. They don't change. 01:05:28
In fact, we see more of the tree. 01:05:32
In the fall. 01:05:35
Than in any other time of the year. 01:05:37
We might refer to the tree as being bare. 01:05:39
But we are really only now seeing the tree. 01:05:42
Versus the leaves that cover it. 01:05:46
Using this transition. 01:05:49
From summer to fall as a metaphor. 01:05:51
Or time of personal reflection and transition. 01:05:54
Whether your transition is. 01:05:57
Internally. 01:06:00
Or externally driven? 01:06:01
Know that change or transition. 01:06:03
Is a beautiful gift. 01:06:06
That reminds us that while we cannot control what happens outside of us. 01:06:08
We can always control our responses and our interactions with one another. 01:06:13
Thank you. 01:06:18
That's a beautiful inspiration. I know you, you know, I appreciate anytime we recognize the seasons. 01:06:20
Mr. City Attorney, can you please provide the closed session report? 01:06:27
Absolutely, Mayor Martinez. Following review of the Brown Act, there was no reportable action taken in closed session tonight. 01:06:31
We will now hear public comments not pertaining to items on the agenda soon. Participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature. 01:06:39
If you would like to comment, comments are limited to 3 minutes. This process will be the same for comments pertaining to each 01:06:45
agenda item. 01:06:49
Madam Clerk, does anyone have a public comment tonight? 01:06:53
Yes, we have a public comment from Becky Burning. 01:06:59
Ohh, hold on, hold on. 01:07:13
I'm going to turn on your mic so everyone can hear you. 01:07:15
That better. There you go. OK. 01:07:18
I'm here on behalf of the real guppy outdoors tonight. 01:07:21
First of all I want to thank everyone. 01:07:25
Who came to the function? 01:07:28
And contributed to our fundraiser. 01:07:30
We ended up making $28,000 that night. 01:07:33
So we had a fantastic night. 01:07:37
This Sunday. 01:07:41
Is our fish day. 01:07:42
Where we? 01:07:44
Teach families and children how to fish. 01:07:45
At the end of whiny me pier. 01:07:48
From 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. 01:07:50
That's it. 01:07:54
And thank you Miss Bruning. 01:07:56
Do we have any other public comments? We have one more written public comment that I will share with you now. 01:07:59
Good evening, Mayor Martinez, City Council and staff. 01:08:06
The Winema Chamber of Commerce will hold its next morning mixer event, Rise and Shine Networking, this Wednesday, September 20th. 01:08:09
From 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM. 01:08:16
Sponsored by Anna Cappuccino, we invite you to join us in jump start your day. The Chamber will be treating guests to a free cup 01:08:18
of coffee. Meet local leaders and like minded business professional to exchange leads and increase your business contacts. 01:08:24
Chamber members and non members welcomed. As always, we do hope to see you there. Remember the early bird gets the lead. 01:08:31
That concludes. 01:08:38
Public comments for general. The other ones are pertaining to items on the agenda. 01:08:40
May I have a motion and a second to approve tonight's agenda? 01:08:46
Move to Approve second. 01:08:51
May we please have a vote? 01:08:54
All in favor. 01:08:57
Aye. 01:08:58
All opposed. 01:08:59
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:09:00
Do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for any item on the agenda? 01:09:03
OK. Hearing none, we're going to move on to the presentations. 01:09:11
Our first presentation is the Banana Festival Proclamation. 01:09:15
And I will be reading it tonight. 01:09:22
Banana festival. 01:09:26
Whereas the 10th annual Banana Festival will be held at the port. 01:09:28
Of Wanami on September 30th, 2023. 01:09:32
And whereas the Banana Festival was created by Commissioner Jess. 01:09:35
Ramirez and CEO Port Director Kristen Dekas to highlight the various contributions and positive impact. 01:09:39
Impacts the port has made locally, regionally and across the world. 01:09:47
And whereas the port operations support the Community by bringing 2.2 billion in economic activity and creating. 01:09:51
20,032 trade related jobs. 01:10:00
And whereas trade through the port of enemy generates more than 173.2 million in direct and related state and local taxes which 01:10:03
fund vital community services. 01:10:09
And whereas the Port Authority began over 80 years ago with a mission to provide a Californian Central Coast agricultural 01:10:15
community with an ocean link to the global market. 01:10:20
And whereas the Banana Festival is a way to bring people out in a fun way to see the see and appreciate the port. 01:10:26
And learn more about its operations and its vital economic role in Ventura County. 01:10:34
And whereas the City Council desires to join the celebration and support of the banana festival. 01:10:38
Now, therefore. 01:10:45
Be it proclaimed that the City Council of the City of Port Wanami does hereby encourage the community to go bananas. 01:10:46
At the port of Wanami. 01:10:53
Banana Festival and celebrate the diverse working port. 01:10:55
Proclaim this 18th day of September 2023. 01:10:59
And. 01:11:04
Please excuse me for not bringing up Miguel Rodriguez, the Community Outreach Manager from the Port. 01:11:06
Would you like to come up and say a couple of words, please? 01:11:12
Thank you Mayor, council members and city manager and. 01:11:21
Members of the public, it's with great honor that I come here to invite you to our 10th annual Banana Festival. It's going to be a 01:11:24
blast. As you know, we're going to have not only banana splits, but also banana flavored beer. So I know that could be a disaster 01:11:32
in the making, but it's actually going to be pretty darn good. So if you're, you know, adventurous, I invite you to come out and 01:11:39
enjoy, you know this. 01:11:46
Opportunity, right, for us to not Only Connect as a community, but also to celebrate both the city and the ports partnership in 01:11:54
creating a great impact here in the city of minimum. So with that, thank you so much for the proclamation and we look forward to 01:12:01
seeing you on September 30th. 01:12:07
And just let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate everybody. So everybody's welcome. 01:12:14
If I could, Mayor, I heard a rumor that there's going to be twice as many bananas as last year. 01:12:24
And I don't know how many there were last year, but twice as many sounds like a whole lot. So I wanted to put the plug in for 01:12:30
that. But I just wanted to take the opportunity with the port to thank them. And just to talk a little bit about last week we had 01:12:35
the city and the port for the first time did a joint. 01:12:41
Trip to Washington, DC. 01:12:48
And packed in 11 meetings with representatives and and different federal departments. 01:12:50
In two days and and still catching up on sleep from from that but it was a great. 01:12:56
Partnership with the port and I'm just wanted to announce that while we're recognizing them for Banana Festival and and continuing 01:13:02
to build that partnership with the port so. 01:13:07
And I'll take this over to Miguel. Thank you. 01:13:14
Thank you. We will now move on to our second presentation, National Suicide Prevention Awareness Awareness Month Proclamation 01:13:17
presented by Mayor Pro Tem Perez. 01:13:21
Thank you, Mayor. 01:13:27
So September is Suicide Awareness Month, and we have a proclamation I'd like to read. 01:13:28
Whereas September is known as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and is intended to raise awareness on the stigmatized 01:13:34
and often taboo topic, in addition to shifting public perception. 01:13:39
And whereas suicidal thoughts, much like mental health conditions, can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, race, orientation, 01:13:44
income level, religion or background. 01:13:49
And whereas importance should be placed on ensuring that individuals, friends and families have access to the resources they need 01:13:54
to discuss suicide prevention and to seek help. 01:13:59
And whereas we encourage people to bring their voices together to advocate for better mental health care. 01:14:04
And encourage any person experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviors to seek help. 01:14:09
And whereas the development of crisis response system is critical for those at risk to have a number to call a system to turn to 01:14:15
that would connect them to treatment and support they need. 01:14:20
And whereas while suicide prevention is important to address, year round, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month provides A dedicated 01:14:25
time to come together with collective passion. 01:14:30
And strength around a difficult topic. 01:14:34
And whereas suicide is a second leading cause of death among age. 01:14:36
10 to 34 and the 10th leading cause of death overall in the United States. The overall suicide rate has increased by 35% since 01:14:40
1999. 01:14:45
And whereas 46% of people who die by suicide had a diagnosed mental health condition. 01:14:50
And while nearly half of individuals who die by suicide. 01:14:56
Have a diagnosed mental health condition. Research shows that 90% experienced symptoms. 01:15:00
And whereas we use this month to spread hope. 01:15:05
And vital information to people affected by suicide and encourage others to research, educate and stand ready to recognize and 01:15:08
assist those who need help. 01:15:13
Now therefore, BE it proclaimed that the City Council of the City of Port Wineman hereby recognizes Suicide Prevention Awareness 01:15:18
Month and encourages the community to spread awareness for this important cause. 01:15:23
And I'd just like to note to anyone. 01:15:29
Who may or may not be listening as a suicide loss survivor. 01:15:31
I lost my son to suicide in 2019. 01:15:35
So if anyone out there is suffering or needs help or struggling with anything, please speak to someone immediately. Talk to 01:15:38
anyone. It doesn't have to be someone you know, it could be a stranger. 01:15:43
But the loss you leave behind? 01:15:49
We'll stay with that family member for the rest of your life, so I would recommend you think twice before contemplating that 01:15:52
direction and seek help immediately. 01:15:56
We will now. 01:16:04
Just wanted to say a Wanami resident recently committed suicide and it was a friend of mine. 01:16:07
And I'll be. 01:16:13
Attending his funeral soon. 01:16:14
And umm. 01:16:17
It is difficult for me because it's the first person that I've known who committed suicide. 01:16:19
And I I think like. 01:16:26
And that's just one. 01:16:29
Trip down the beach, picking up trash. Maybe we could have had that conversation, you know, I mean, and. 01:16:32
It's just heartbreaking and and he leaves behind a family and his daughter is somebody that I've been. 01:16:37
Mentoring for very long time and she's having a successful life, but. 01:16:44
Yes, if you know and if you are seek help, it's it's really. 01:16:49
Really, really a terrible legacy to live, leave behind. And sometimes it's. 01:16:55
I don't know. 01:17:00
But it it does. 01:17:01
I think we all need to just work on Wellness and if and help people if you see them struggling. Thank you for bringing. 01:17:04
OK. 01:17:11
We will now consider items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless a Council member has a request to 01:17:13
remove an item for discussion. 01:17:17
May I have a motion and a second to approve our consent calendar, Mayor, if I could I just to clarify and actually correct 01:17:22
something I was. 01:17:26
I would ask if we could pull the. 01:17:30
Finance and Police Department Position Reclassifications item so I can give a little bit of. 01:17:32
Correction and explanation. 01:17:38
OK. 01:17:39
I'll make a motion to approve all items on the consent calendar except for item number 7. 01:17:42
Maybe we have a vote all in favor, aye? 01:17:51
All opposed. 01:17:54
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:17:55
We will now look at item number seven, finance and Police Department position reclassification. 01:17:58
The recommendation is to reclassify one of the existing customer service representative positions to a Fiscal assistant position 01:18:04
within the Finance department. 01:18:08
And also reclassify one of the existing Police Department full time positions to an administrative Sergeant Sergeant position 01:18:12
within the Police Department. 01:18:17
Thank you. 01:18:22
And yeah, I got a correction to this while we were in closed session and I just, I didn't want it to be voted on with. 01:18:23
Maybe some incorrect background that I gave on the item? 01:18:29
So I just wanted to clarify. 01:18:32
So the item is reclassifying 2 positions one in finance department. 01:18:34
Currently a customer service representative to a fiscal assistant. 01:18:40
And umm. 01:18:43
The reason short reason for that is that with moving business licenses in house to provide a better level of service to the 01:18:45
community. 01:18:50
And not have people have to come to City Hall to get a phone number to call someone somewhere else. 01:18:55
Umm. 01:19:00
We've moved that in house currently with a temporary employee, but that temporary has employee has taken a position at another. 01:19:00
Agency and is going to be leaving us. 01:19:08
So we it gave us an opportunity to look at our. 01:19:10
Organizational structure, and we determined that we could actually accomplish it by reclassifying the customer service 01:19:15
representative position. 01:19:18
To a fiscal assistant position and it actually would save money versus the way we were doing it before. 01:19:22
And uh. 01:19:28
I was asked before the meeting today if these items would come back. 01:19:29
With. 01:19:34
Because the job description needed to be created. 01:19:36
And when I left, I knew we were researching that and I thought I knew the answer, but it turns out I was incorrect on the answer. 01:19:39
These actually do have there is a job description for Fiscal Assistant that we have adopted and created and I have copies of that 01:19:45
that I could provide. 01:19:49
And so that is why the item was simply reclassifying them, since it's an existing. 01:19:53
Position that we just currently aren't using. 01:20:00
And then similarly the same thing with the Police Department reclassification to a Sergeant. 01:20:03
We don't have a a technically an administrative Sergeant position. 01:20:12
But it was determined that. 01:20:16
The position could be filled as a police Sergeant. 01:20:18
And as. 01:20:22
We were reviewing the police Sergeant job description to make sure that it had the duties that could be assigned of an 01:20:23
administrative Sergeant and the determination was it does have those duties. 01:20:28
So, umm. 01:20:33
Just a little bit of background on that modification. 01:20:35
Uh, currently we have Um. 01:20:38
Sergeants, but we don't have somebody who specifically assigned as an administrative Sergeant who would be able to handle. 01:20:41
Report writing press releases, paperwork. 01:20:47
And those types of more office focused studies. 01:20:51
Uh. 01:20:54
Instead of having one person specializing in that, currently we have. 01:20:55
The five sergeants and the commander and the chief all sort of sharing those duties. 01:20:58
But converting one of the positions to an administrative Sergeant. 01:21:03
Would allow us to have somebody who specializes in that and who can perform. 01:21:08
And be accountable for those duties, which is a priority. 01:21:13
So it's reclassifying one of the existing full time positions to a Sergeant. 01:21:16
Which is an existing position. 01:21:22
And and then we will. 01:21:25
Assign that Sergeant the administrative duties. 01:21:28
And so. 01:21:31
Hopefully that helped to clarify, but it in short. 01:21:33
Both of those positions exist, so we were simply reclassifying those positions. 01:21:36
At this time, and we recommend doing so to address those items that I just discussed. 01:21:41
Ask question. 01:21:48
And umm. 01:21:50
These two actions are. 01:21:51
Budget neutral. 01:21:53
So. 01:21:55
The there's a. 01:21:56
Slight difference. 01:21:59
Of the position. 01:22:01
That it was being converted from to what it's converted to. 01:22:02
In finance, the difference is $11,000 but. 01:22:05
As mentioned. 01:22:10
It actually ends up saving money because we had a. 01:22:11
Temporary. 01:22:15
Employee performing those duties, who's who, just who left. So you know that we actually. 01:22:16
We had a a great temporary employee, so we weren't thrilled that they were leaving, but it forced us to look at this a little bit 01:22:21
differently. 01:22:24
So it will end U. 01:22:28
Being budget neutral or even having some savings. 01:22:31
And then for police. 01:22:34
There is a cost of $10,000 for that position. 01:22:36
We were identifying salary savings that well exceed the $10,000 this year. 01:22:40
And then as part of the next year's budget, we would look at our budget and make sure we include those costs, so. 01:22:45
There would be the that $10,000 increase in that just from. 01:22:51
Converting a patrol officer to a Sergeant so. 01:22:57
All right. 01:23:02
So we have a motion. 01:23:03
Move to Approve item 7. 01:23:05
2nd. 01:23:07
Madam Clerk, may we have a vote? 01:23:10
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 01:23:12
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:23:14
Alright, we're going to move on to public hearings. Item number 8, adoption of a resolution approving an engineering and traffic 01:23:18
survey including speed limit reductions in specific specified locations. 01:23:24
An update and introduction for first reading waiving further reading of an ordinance amending Article Three, Chapter three-part A 01:23:31
Division Fifteen of the Port Wanami Municipal Code. 01:23:36
Madam Clerk, do we have proof of publications as required by law and complete file, report and exhibits? Yes, Mr. Mayor. 01:23:43
Will staff please present the report? 01:23:51
Yes, thank you. 01:23:53
And I'm just going to do a brief introduction and then I'm going to ask. 01:23:55
Our Charles Cable, our engineer and our, I believe, our salting engineer to to speak. 01:23:59
To the specifics, but. 01:24:05
I wanted to just give a simple introduction. 01:24:07
Focused on this item, but also kind of setting the stage for tonight. 01:24:10
We have several items on the agenda tonight that relate to traffic speeds. 01:24:15
Trying to look at ways to make the streets. 01:24:22
Safer to help slow down traffic in areas where it's where we need to slow it down. 01:24:26
And umm. 01:24:32
So. 01:24:33
Uh. 01:24:34
We wanted to kind of just explain that there probably isn't a magic bullet to address all of the different speed and traffic 01:24:36
issues that we. 01:24:40
Hear about and all the different locations. 01:24:45
But we wanted to. 01:24:47
Show the community that we hear that that is a major concern. 01:24:50
I sat out at the. 01:24:54
A Public Works booth at Beach Fest and at the Health and Wellness Fest, and I was surprised that this is far and away the number 01:24:57
one. 01:25:00
A concern that we hear hear from the community. 01:25:04
And so we sat down and we talked with Public Works, and there are things we were working on that we could use to try to address 01:25:07
this in different ways. 01:25:12
And so tonight. 01:25:17
Most of the items on the agenda besides the last item related to investments. 01:25:19
Most of the other items on the agenda do relate to. 01:25:24
Different tools that we have and that we're going to try to use to address speeds, address line of sight issues and address. 01:25:28
Safety. 01:25:36
In in ways that we can do that. So with that I'm going to ask Charles to. 01:25:38
Give some more background on on this particular item which was a recommendation to reduce speed limits in specific locations. 01:25:46
The general public. 01:26:05
There it is. OK. 01:26:06
So tonight we have before you a recommendation to adopt this speed resolution where? 01:26:08
Generally, we're looking to reduce seeds in certain areas. 01:26:13
Umm. 01:26:16
Patterson We conducted a seed survey and we're. 01:26:18
The recommendation is to reduce speed limits on Patterson Rd. 01:26:21
Southbound Channel Islands to Hemlock from 45 to 40. 01:26:25
Channel Islands Westbound Victoria, Ventura. 01:26:29
From 45 to 40. 01:26:32
Eastbound Hemlock St. from Victoria Ave. to Patterson Rd. 01:26:34
It's recommended that this roadway segment actually delete be deleted from the further port when you study. 01:26:41
And that the speed limit be established by Oxnard because it's actually. 01:26:46
The jurisdiction of the City of Oxnard. 01:26:50
Evergreen Lane, Pleasant Valley to to South Chase St. 01:26:52
In Sunkist St. Ventura to N 6th St. and Bryce Canyon N 6th St. to. 01:26:56
To the city limit. 01:27:01
The placement of 25 mile per hour speed limit signs along Sunkiss, Bryce Canyon and Ever Green Lane is recommended. 01:27:03
Or Onimi Rd. Market Street, Ventura. We're recommending a decrease of the existing 35 mile per hour speed limit to 25. 01:27:10
In addition to the above recommendations for streets that require an engineering and traffic survey. 01:27:20
Several existing St. sections that were previously surveyed and posted it are not required, per CVC 22. 01:27:25
California Vehicle code. 01:27:32
22352. 01:27:34
Any local St. in the residential or business district has a Prima facial limit of 25. 01:27:37
So we're recommending a decrease from the existing 35 mile per hour speed limit to 25 mile per hours in the following streets. 01:27:41
Cross Jack St. 01:27:48
Market St. San Pedro. 01:27:50
Seaside drive. 01:27:52
See View St. 01:27:54
Surfside Drive. 01:27:55
And Wheelhouse Ave. 01:27:56
Today we also have Tom Miracle here. He's our. 01:28:00
Contract traffic engineer from TKM Consulting. 01:28:03
And he's available to answer any questions that you may have. 01:28:06
O With that we open. 01:28:11
The public hearing for any questions. 01:28:13
I do have one question I I've seen the map, but is there any way you can put it up so that everybody can see everybody in the 01:28:15
public can see where these? 01:28:19
Visually, where the speed reductions are going to take place. 01:28:23
I don't have a. 01:28:29
You give me one second, I'll check. Pull it up right now. 01:28:32
Well, she's checking on that. I have a question. Any other questions? So I'm curious what you know, Patterson. 01:28:36
Like most of our streets, Main main streets turns into Oxnard. 01:28:43
At Woolley. So how do you address that? 01:28:48
In other words, are we? 01:28:51
Do we have a? 01:28:52
Is this speed limit going to be the same all the way through Oxford, or does it change? 01:28:54
So we can only regulate our speed limits, but we can work with the other city to to do that. So it it can change, but it's also 01:29:01
based. 01:29:04
On the amount of traffic that goes through that section O we base it off the 85th percentile. 01:29:08
So it's the amount of vehicles that are going through there in the 85th percentile range. 01:29:13
So that's how it's addressed. That's why you'll see a difference. 01:29:17
On both sides of the street, is our new speed limit going to. 01:29:20
Be the same as? 01:29:26
The speed limit when you cross the border into Oxnard. 01:29:27
Yeah. 01:29:31
Mayor members of council. 01:29:32
There, there is in, in a couple of cases, the change where we're making a change by 5 miles an hour. The city of Oxnard has not 01:29:35
made that change yet. 01:29:39
We reached out to them back when the study was done a couple years ago. 01:29:44
They have traffic engineering staffing issues right now. The staff that was there that I talked to is no longer there. 01:29:48
We can reach out to see if they're going to make that change, but. 01:29:55
You know again, what Charles said is the city can regulate what's in the city. 01:29:59
Typically a five mile an hour change is is not a problem. 01:30:04
If you go more than 10. 01:30:09
The California Manual on Traffic Control Devices. 01:30:11
Says be careful of that because that kind of change up or down. 01:30:15
Can be really difficult for the public to understand why. 01:30:18
So. 01:30:22
My in my professional opinion, a five mile an hour change is not a big deal when you start getting 10 or more. 01:30:24
Then you gotta really look at. 01:30:30
You know. 01:30:32
Can the Jason agency go look at it again? Have they looked at it? Can they make that change or they're going to support? 01:30:32
That change? 01:30:38
So with the five mile an hour reduction, do we see, do we do any? 01:30:43
Additional surveying to see if it had the desired effect. 01:30:49
Well, they we didn't do any surveying in the adjacent agencies. 01:30:56
And we we can go out. Once these are posted and some time has gone by, we can go out and do more surveys to see what the effect 01:31:02
has been. 01:31:06
But at this point, since they haven't been changed. 01:31:11
We don't know what the effect will be. 01:31:13
Right. So how do we monitor the results of this action to? 01:31:15
Further Traffic Safety in our city. 01:31:21
There's a couple ways that monitoring of speeds can be done the way we are required to do them for. 01:31:23
This type of application is. 01:31:30
Somebody has to do it. It can't be done electronically or remotely. It has to be done. 01:31:33
By a person because of the methodology. 01:31:38
Umm. 01:31:41
But we can get devices that measure speeds. 01:31:42
Whether it's. 01:31:46
Tubes on the ground or video devices? 01:31:47
Or uh. 01:31:51
Radar type devices can be put out there. 01:31:53
The speed display signs that the city already has. 01:31:56
May already have the ability to collect that data and we can download that data, I don't know. 01:32:00
Some manufacturers do, some don't. 01:32:05
So the devices that are out there now might be able to start collecting that data and and we can. 01:32:07
We can look through that and see if it's if it's made a difference. 01:32:13
The ongoing we we're going to continue to monitor and pay attention and and see. 01:32:18
You know what positive effects have come from this And so I just. I just hope that we we're not just. 01:32:25
Having the mindset that we've solved the problem, we're just gonna move on. 01:32:31
So if Council so desires, we can. 01:32:35
Asked Tom or or someone to monitor the seeds there. 01:32:38
To continue to monitor that. 01:32:41
But also this is going to require enforcement too. O we put the seed. 01:32:43
Speed limits out there and we need. 01:32:47
To enforce the speed limits. 01:32:50
And that's what I think is going to be talked about later. 01:32:52
And then next agenda item, yeah those are those are some of the tools we're planning to try to talk about and. 01:32:55
To answer the question, yes, we'll we'll continue to monitor and I think even if we didn't monitor it, I think Facebook would tell 01:33:01
us if we weren't doing a good job. 01:33:04
Can can we go over the speed? 01:33:12
Limit recommendations. 01:33:14
Changes please. 01:33:17
You want us to just go by the street? 01:33:19
Yes, please. 01:33:22
OK. 01:33:23
Correct me if I miss any. 01:33:29
So it's going to be Patterson Rd. and I'll ask Georgiana to. 01:33:30
Gonna show that on the map here. 01:33:35
It's to the top of the page. 01:33:38
To the top of the page. 01:33:40
Go move it up a little bit higher because it'll be the color-coded part. 01:33:43
So Patterson Rd. from Channel Islands to Hemlock will change from 45 to 40. 01:33:46
OK. 01:33:51
Channel Islands from Victoria to. 01:33:52
To Ventura will change from 45 to 40. 01:33:55
And OK. 01:34:01
That was the that's there as well, Eastbound Hemlock St. from Victoria Ave. to Patterson Rd. 01:34:03
Is. 01:34:13
Ohh, yeah, we're saying. 01:34:14
That, that one. 01:34:16
Since most of it belongs to Oxnard, we're saying that that part is not included and will be. 01:34:18
Identified as part of the Oxnard speed study. 01:34:25
Yeah. And I did some research on this in the past. What we've done is shared our results with Oxnard so they can use this. 01:34:28
O Based on the analysis, 35 is recommended, but we can't. 01:34:35
Change it cause most of that jurisdiction is Oxnard. 01:34:40
But we will share it with Oxnard so they can use that data. 01:34:43
But it has been previously surveyed, so we included it. 01:34:46
And we have Evergreen Lane from Pleasant Valley to South Jay St. 01:34:50
Sunkist Street from Ventura to N 6th St. and Bryce Canyon from N 6th St. to the city limits. 01:34:54
We're gonna be placing the 25 mile per hour speed limit signs, OK? And that's a little lower, right on the map. 01:35:00
Yeah, they're it's kind of mixed in there. It's off to the. 01:35:08
Uh, what is that? The East? Eastern. 01:35:13
Part of the city. 01:35:17
And then we have Wanami Rd. from Market Street to Ventura, decreasing from 30 mph to 25 mph. 01:35:25
Is that every ohh? 01:35:38
And then? 01:35:41
Decrease from 30 mph to 25 for the following streets across Jack St. 01:35:42
Market St. San Pedro St. Seaside Drive, Seaview St. Surfside Drive and Wheelhouse Ave. 01:35:48
OK. 01:35:57
Does council have anymore questions for staff? 01:35:59
Only questions in at this time. 01:36:04
All right. 01:36:08
So we will now open to the public hearing and take public comment. The public hearing is now open for public input at. 01:36:09
7:06 PM. 01:36:17
Are there any public comments? 01:36:19
Regarding this one item. 01:36:21
There are several written public comments. 01:36:25
I'll just go ahead and read with. 01:36:29
Read them to you. Please bear with me, Some of them are quite lengthy. 01:36:32
I reviewed the documentation for the engineering and traffic study listed in the agenda for tonight's council meeting. 01:36:36
The study proposes reducing the speed limit from 30 mph to 25 mph for the section of Lynema Rd. 01:36:42
From the port gates to Ventura Rd. 01:36:49
This is a good idea. 01:36:52
It will improve public safety and reduce the noise and vibrations from heavy traffic, which is highly problematic for any of the 01:36:53
homes located along Wanami Rd. 01:36:57
The study also recommends leaving the current speed limit from Ventura Road to J Street at 35 mph. 01:37:02
That is a reasonable speed limit for cars, but is too fast for trucks. 01:37:08
Years of heavy traffic. 01:37:12
Truck traffic have damaged the road bed on Wanami Road to the point that the homes located. 01:37:14
Next to enemy Rd. are subject to constant noise and vibration. 01:37:19
Caused by accelerating trucks and a compromised Rd. bed. 01:37:22
When heavily laden trucks accelerate over the compromised Rd. bed, it causes the homes to shake as if there were small 01:37:26
earthquakes. This happens hundreds of times a day and threatens the structural integrity of the homes. That line winning ME Rd. 01:37:32
This section of the roadbed was resurfaced about 15 years ago. 01:37:39
I don't remember the exact date the new surface successfully reduced noise and vibration until it became compromised. 01:37:43
I have not been able to get a straight answer about when the road will be repaired and resurfaced. 01:37:49
In 2019, the director of Public Works, Don Villafana, acknowledged that the road was compromised. 01:37:54
And told me that it would be resurfaced in the spring of 2020. 01:37:59
Obviously that didn't happen. 01:38:03
Reducing the speed limit for truck traffic from 35 mph to 25 mph between Ventura Road and J Street with significantly reduced 01:38:05
noise and vibration. 01:38:10
It would add less than 30 seconds to the average truck trip. 01:38:15
It would also reduce pollution from hundreds of chucks spewing out diesel exhaust. 01:38:18
Save fuel and reduce carbon emissions. 01:38:24
The other major issue at hand is public safety. 01:38:26
In the last few years, the intersection of Minimi and Ventura has been the location of multiple serious collisions and near 01:38:29
misses. 01:38:33
I have personally witnessed truck drivers running the red lights, talking on their cell phones and exceeding the speed limit. 01:38:36
One of these drivers nearly killed my son and granddaughter when he ran a red light. 01:38:42
We all remember the horrific wreck caused by an intoxicated truck driver with a suspended license who ran through a red light 01:38:47
traveling at 50 mph. 01:38:50
And crashed into several innocent drivers. This would not have happened if the speed limit were reduced and. 01:38:55
Fort Wayne Police Department enforced it. 01:39:00
In closing, I would like to ask that the speed limit for trucks on Wymore Rd. be reduced to 25 mph within the city limits. 01:39:03
I would also like to be given accurate information on when the city plans to resurface when NAMI Rd. 01:39:10
Thanks David Scrivener, President of the Surfside Village HOA. 01:39:15
If I could just quickly. 01:39:21
I I did respond to that e-mail, but for any member of the public who's also wants to know when the streets scheduled to be paved, 01:39:24
it's currently scheduled to be paved in next fiscal year. 01:39:28
The 24 to 25 budget includes paving Wynee Rd. 01:39:34
The next one says Dear mayor, mayor, Pro Tem, council members and staff. 01:39:41
I'm really happy to see that the city is finally addressing the traffic issues in the city. 01:39:45
I wish to share my thoughts on three items featured in the agenda, all of which bear significance in this regard. 01:39:50
I will only read the comment that's pertaining to this item Right now. I wholeheartedly endorse the adoption of the 01:39:56
recommendations. 01:40:00
I am particularly pleased to note the proposal to lower the speed limit on Winema Road between Market and Ventura. 01:40:04
The persistent issue of speeding trucks in that area necessitates this change. 01:40:10
And that's from Joan Tharp. 01:40:14
The next one is City Council. I'm a longtime resident and HOA board member at Beachport Bias. 01:40:17
Which is between Wimi Road and Miranda Park. 01:40:24
Myself and many of my neighbors are glad to hear about the recommendations to lower the speed limit on minimum road to 25. 01:40:27
Between Market Street and Ventura Rd. 01:40:33
I hope that at some point that same lower speed limit can be extended on Whitney Rd. from Ventura Road to J Street as well. 01:40:35
There is a lot of fast moving traffic in that area, especially when the trucks heading to the port catch a green light at Surfside 01:40:42
Drive. 01:40:46
There has been several serious accidents that I'm aware of over the years in this mostly residential area. 01:40:49
Thank you, Jeffrey Scarberry. 01:40:55
And the last written comment, Umm, good evening City Council. 01:40:59
As I read through the staff report, I found that the staff report has a lot of discrepancies and questionable decision making. 01:41:03
It appears that no one proofread the report prior to adding it in tonight's City Council agenda. 01:41:09
The staff report recommendations do not match the ordinance that is set to be voted on for speed changes to city streets. 01:41:14
The visual attachment of a colorful map attachment one is also presented wrong for current and recommended speeds. 01:41:20
As the Pleasant Valley Rd. Section is showing 40 mph. 01:41:27
Also, the southbound and northbound Ventura Rd. from Pleasant Valley to Enemy Rd. is showing a different speed for each direction. 01:41:30
How can CBC section 627 and 22358.6 subsection B? 01:41:38
And see AMU CD section 2B dot 13 related to residential density be used for changing the speed. 01:41:43
Of Onimi Road, and not for Pleasant Valley Rd. Or Bard Rd. 01:41:51
Which both have high residential and have elementary schools on the street. 01:41:55
Pleasant Valley Rd. West of Ventura has no bicycle considerations as there is no bike lanes or posted signage that bicycles share 01:41:59
the road. 01:42:03
East of Ventura Rd. there are marked bicycle lanes. 01:42:08
Wanami Rd. Market to Ventura was previously posted at 35 mph. When the city conducted the last study, it was lowered to 30 mph. As 01:42:11
a data collection was the count of average speed for vehicles traveling that section. The new vehicles driving out of the port 01:42:17
have speed regulators on them, which maxes out the speeds they can travel. 01:42:24
Which is usually around 30 mph. 01:42:31
The travelling new vehicles out of the port skew the data on the 85 percentile. 01:42:34
A vehicle speech traveled in this section. 01:42:39
Was the considerations of other traffic engineering review and recommendation considered? 01:42:41
The city should collect a few other traffic engineers opinions that use data collection and speed radar in making justified 01:42:46
decisions. 01:42:50
The two studies in tonight's report were conducted by the same traffic engineer working at different consulting firms for 2020 and 01:42:53
2023. 01:42:57
A strong recommendation to vote down the ordinance as it is currently presented. 01:43:01
Due to inconsistent fact statements within the Staff report and Supporting Engineering Traffic Reports survey. Additionally, it 01:43:05
would be great to get this item as a presentation for the Council and the public to see how the traffic engineer. 01:43:11
Conducted his study as well for the public to comment on the recommended changes. 01:43:18
Thank you, Frank Gonzalez. 01:43:22
And I just want to check zoom real quick just to make sure. And there are no other public comments. 01:43:25
May I ask the city attorney if if we have any questions? With any more questions, can we ask now? 01:43:33
Or do I close the public hearing and then ask questions? Or can we not ask questions? 01:43:39
Council can ask questions the The main reason for having a public hearing with respect first reading of an ordinance is so that 01:43:44
all questions and whatnot can be created for a record in the event of a future challenge. 01:43:49
OK. 01:43:54
I I had a question. 01:43:55
Can we reduce the speed just for trucks? 01:43:58
You know between. 01:44:02
Some of those areas say. 01:44:03
Between. 01:44:05
Pleasant Valley and. 01:44:06
Why Mimi Rd. on Ventura Rd. 01:44:08
As mentioned in the public comment. 01:44:12
This might be something the city attorney might be able to answer also, but. 01:44:15
I'm not aware of any of anything allowed by the state vehicle code. 01:44:20
To single out. 01:44:26
Trucks or certain types of trucks on local roadway streets. 01:44:28
If a truck is allowed by law. 01:44:31
Then it has to follow the same speed limits, the only place where trucks have separate speed limits. 01:44:33
Are on highways and that's that's specifically said in the vehicle code. 01:44:38
I would tend to agree the vehicle code is a is a very difficult thing to regulate locally it it specifically preempts many many 01:44:44
local regulations. 01:44:49
The other, the other caution that I would have is typically governments are prevented from doing things on an arbitrary and 01:44:55
capricious basis. 01:44:59
And so the standards and unseated by the vehicle code for being able to set prima fascia speed limits have to do with. 01:45:03
Not obstructing the flow of traffic and speeds that are reasonably safe. 01:45:11
And so as long as those two are followed, setting a variable speed for different types of vehicles, I don't think that we have the 01:45:15
justification for it, nor do I believe the vehicle code would allow such a finding. 01:45:21
I also want to mention that I did notice that the maps were. 01:45:28
Labeled incorrectly or switched out. 01:45:31
On the on the packet, OK. 01:45:35
Are there any other questions? And I I think if I think it's appropriate to ask. 01:45:38
Our engineer to speak to. 01:45:45
The questions about. 01:45:48
The way the streets are labeled in the staff report versus the resolution. 01:45:50
On the other side, mayor, members of the council there, there is an error on the map. 01:46:03
The per Pleasant Valley Rd. It should have been. 01:46:09
35 green instead of 40. 01:46:12
Orange. 01:46:14
As far as the difference between the resolution, I'll let Charles answer that because I I did not prepare the the resolution 01:46:18
myself. 01:46:22
There were also other questions. 01:46:27
Raised by the comments related to methodology. 01:46:29
I think their comments are. 01:46:34
They're misunderstanding the vehicle code and how speed limits can be set. 01:46:38
So for instance. 01:46:42
We can lower the speed limit. 01:46:44
By. 01:46:47
The 85th percentile only a certain amount. 01:46:49
And if you have a safety issue related to bicycles and pedestrians and residential density and collisions? 01:46:52
You still can't lower it any further than you if you only have any one of those, so you can use any or all of them. 01:46:58
To reduce it from the 85th, but you can't reduce it 5 for every one of them and I think that's. 01:47:05
Kind of what their comments were generated at was you reduced it for this one, but what about these other? 01:47:10
Charles, can you talk about the resolution? 01:47:18
Ohh OK. 01:47:26
I'm not aware that the discrepancy in the resolution that described. 01:47:27
What is the discrepancy? 01:47:32
The discrepancy I noticed was on the labeling of the maps and maybe the coloring, but. 01:47:36
I'm not sure about the public comment. 01:47:41
Ohh, that wasn't me. 01:47:44
I think there are some, well one, maybe one simple way to proceed because the. 01:47:48
Uh. 01:47:54
Would be adopting with the streets identified in the staff report and then we can. 01:47:55
Double check it and make any corrections if we if if we need to, but the streets and the staff report were the correct streets if 01:48:01
there is a. 01:48:04
Typo on the ordinance. We can address that so. 01:48:09
Yeah, we we can correct the map if it's wrong. It looks like we. 01:48:12
On one discrepancy. 01:48:16
And correct me if I'm wrong, the color issue that one side of the street is 1 color. 01:48:20
And the other side of trees, and that's done intentionally because one side is going to have a faster speed and the other side 01:48:25
will be slower, that's correct. Like for instance Channel Blvd. 01:48:29
Channel Islands Blvd. will have. Westbound will be. 01:48:34
40 mph and. 01:48:37
Eastbound would be 45. 01:48:40
And. 01:48:42
The reason for that is we have more, more traffic and and Tom can speak to the methodology there. 01:48:43
I'm not sure if the lights on if you can hear me or the lights off. 01:48:50
The way the speed limits are set is. 01:48:55
You're required if there is a raised median. 01:48:58
That it's two separate streets. So we have to actually measure those and conduct the speed survey different for each direction. 01:49:01
If there's a raised median, they're considered. 01:49:07
Two separate streets. 01:49:09
That's why we have some of them have two speed limits. 01:49:11
And some only have one. 01:49:14
OK. 01:49:17
Council member McQueen. 01:49:19
I just had a quick question. So Port Wanami Rd. Market Street to Ventura. 01:49:22
Umm. 01:49:28
Says the existing is 30, speed limit is 30 and. 01:49:29
Trying to get to 25. This is going back to the. 01:49:35
Comments about truck speeding. 01:49:38
Coming, going in and coming out of the port. What is the speed limit across Ventura Rd. 01:49:41
Wanami rote but across. 01:49:48
It's 35 my question. 01:49:51
Currently across Ventura Rd. going. 01:49:55
3535 OK. 01:49:59
So my question is back to and I know we're going to be talking about some other. 01:50:01
Traffic related topics later. 01:50:06
And it's it's. 01:50:09
I'm asking the question because of the the comment about truck slowing down as well. 01:50:13
And so the speed limit is 25. I think the issue we have now that trucks are speeding. 01:50:18
Right. And so not not that. 01:50:23
Moving it to a lower mileage is going to stop them from speeding. 01:50:26
So just really want to make sure that we're. 01:50:32
Where? 01:50:35
Thinking about what we need to do to stop the speeding. 01:50:38
Lowering the the mph may not stop the speeding. 01:50:41
So what are we gonna do to stop the speeding? And I I think we need to make sure that our police officers are out there giving 01:50:46
tickets if tickets need to be given to help slow down the traffic. I I just don't believe changing the mileage because they're 01:50:50
speeding now. 01:50:55
Where the mileage is. So we have to do something else. And I know that's not a street we're gonna put bumps on. Well, I don't 01:51:00
think so. 01:51:03
So, so we really got to do the other things that we're going to talk about that a little later. 01:51:06
We're going to work with our Police Department with enforcement and I think the city manager is going to speak to how we're going 01:51:20
to do that in the in the next agenda item. 01:51:23
Let me just. 01:51:29
Parts. 01:51:31
And they write that ticket. What are the courts gonna uphold? 01:51:37
And what we found here in Ventura County is the courts tend to. 01:51:40
Like something around 9 miles an hour or higher. 01:51:44
Over that speed limit. 01:51:48
So as we get the posted speed limits down, it allows reasonable enforcement at a speed. 01:51:50
That now that they can't enforce that 30 miles an hour because. 01:51:56
People are going 35 or 36. 01:52:01
And the courts are saying. 01:52:04
Boy, that's a Gray area because of the inconsistency of how speedometers work and things. 01:52:06
So it does help on the enforcement side with them being able to get. 01:52:12
The appropriate convictions when you go to court. 01:52:16
You know the issue of truck traffic. I wonder if we could. 01:52:21
Outreach to the port and see what kind of other things that we could do, because it's my understanding that those Chiquita Banana 01:52:26
trucks are. 01:52:30
Or load and so I think they get, a guy told me. 01:52:33
One time that they get $850 for 40 loads. 01:52:38
And and they have to come from the port. 01:52:42
Connect their trailer. 01:52:44
Drive all the way to 2nd Street, right near the Oxnard City Hall. 01:52:46
And then they unload the truck and then they pick up another another one, come back and so. 01:52:51
Comes out to like 2375 per load. 01:52:57
And. 01:53:00
You can understand why they're speeding because it's that's a real tight margin for a truck driver, especially with the price of 01:53:01
gas these days. 01:53:05
OUM. 01:53:09
I don't know how we go about that, but maybe we could have that conversation with the port and and try and come up with a. 01:53:11
A risk management. 01:53:16
Program to address the the truck traffic because it is we see it all the time. I've seen skid marks through the intersection I've 01:53:18
seen. 01:53:22
Trucks run red lights like blatantly. 01:53:27
Very recently, a matter of fact, so. 01:53:30
Wanted to offer that. 01:53:33
Alright. Are there any other questions? 01:53:36
Alright, we're concluding. 01:53:38
Public input and questions. I will now close the public hearing, the time being. 01:53:41
7:24 PM We have a recommendation before us to adopt resolution and title they Resolution of the City Council of the City of Port 01:53:46
Wanami, California, approving the 2023 Engineering and Traffic Survey update and adopting the recommended speed limits. 01:53:53
Set forth therein. 01:54:00
And introduce the for first reading read by title only way further reading of an ordinance amending article Three, Chapter 01:54:01
three-part A Division Fifteen of the Port Winding Municipal Code. 01:54:07
May I have a motion and a second? 01:54:12
Clarifying point we're we're referencing the staff report recommendations, yeah, that's what I was going to ask you is if we could 01:54:16
make that note that it's these streets included in the staff report just because. 01:54:21
We didn't get a chance to double check to make sure that there isn't an issue, but the ones in the staff report are the ones that 01:54:27
are correct. So we'll make a match and to the extent there is a scrivener's error, will be identified at the next business item 01:54:32
where the ordinance is attached. 01:54:36
Did you say Scrivener and not that, not that Scribner. 01:54:42
It's his ******* move to approve. 01:54:47
Right. 01:54:50
Would anyone like to entertain a discussion before we vote? 01:54:53
No. 01:54:57
No. 01:54:57
I thought I heard you say. 01:54:59
OK. 01:55:02
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 01:55:04
Vote. 01:55:07
Mayor Pro Tem Perez? Yes. Council Member Hernandez? Yes. Council Member Gamma. 01:55:08
Yes. So number McQueen Lejon, yes. And Mayor Martinez, yes. Motion passes unanimously. 01:55:14
OK, we're moving on now to business items. Item number 9, speed cushion policy and related traffic calming options. Will staff 01:55:19
please present the report? 01:55:23
Yes, thank you. And similarly just another tool where? 01:55:28
You know, we were talking about some of them on the last item, but. 01:55:33
Another tool. 01:55:36
Because lowering the speed limits is good, but there there's still more work to be done. 01:55:38
The another tool is. 01:55:44
Adoption of a speed cushion policy. The city previously had a policy or did not have a policy that allowed speed cushions. 01:55:46
However, the city had installed some speed cushions back in 2020 as sort of a test project. 01:55:55
We've gotten generally good response on on those speed cushions. 01:56:02
And so in the meantime, we've been working on a policy that will allow. 01:56:06
Speed cushions with specific criteria. 01:56:12
Other criteria includes basically five points first. 01:56:16
Of. 01:56:19
They would be installed on streets that have a speed limit of 25 mph. 01:56:20
Second, the street would have no more than two travel lanes just because of the the size of the cushions. 01:56:25
3rd The street would be a residential street near or adjoining a school zone park or a senior housing. 01:56:31
4th A review of traffic accident data would also be conducted under the review and 5th. 01:56:38
Other speed coming measures such as stop signs or other signage. 01:56:46
Would also be considered and evaluated prior to installation of speed cushions. 01:56:50
Basically, with the idea that speed cushions wouldn't just be the automatic default, we'd look at other things such as stop signs 01:56:54
as well. 01:56:57
And so. 01:57:02
The city. 01:57:04
As. 01:57:05
Ohh. 01:57:07
Installed those and. 01:57:08
Develop those criteria. 01:57:10
We are recommending that we adopt the formal policy. 01:57:12
That would allow for a. 01:57:17
Fair speed cushions to be considered and evaluated. 01:57:20
And. 01:57:23
In this year's budget we have funding for the next set of speed cushions. 01:57:24
And the map of that of the additional locations I believe is included, I'll ask. 01:57:31
Charles to speak to that. 01:57:39
Are actually Fred, are you going to speak to that? 01:57:41
To the to the areas or where we have currently. 01:57:44
Umm. 01:57:49
Well, we'll kind of back up a little bit and give. First of all, good evening, Mayor. 01:57:50
Mayor Protem, Council audience. 01:57:55
Just to expand a little bit more on. 01:57:57
What the city managers indicated. 01:58:00
Right now the map indicates 7 areas where they've already been placed. 01:58:03
There are some additional areas that are currently. 01:58:08
Up to be evaluated, which is the area of 6th St. and 6th place. 01:58:13
And then also Bryce Canyon in the area of Sunkist Elementary School. 01:58:18
Um. 01:58:24
The. 01:58:27
Since the beginning of the program, when it started out as a pilot program. 01:58:32
We've received a lot of positive feedback. 01:58:37
We haven't had to go back and replace or remove any of the ones that have been placed out. 01:58:40
In service. 01:58:45
It's obviously as we. 01:58:48
You've been hearing it's one other. 01:58:50
Tool that can be used to. 01:58:52
Help try and. 01:58:55
Get speeds under control. 01:58:57
But also. 01:59:00
With that, you're going to get. 01:59:01
People that find it an inconvenience. 01:59:03
Umm. 01:59:06
So it's trying to balance out. 01:59:08
How we put all of these things together? 01:59:10
Where we can. 01:59:13
Get the best effect. 01:59:16
But also not have. 01:59:17
A. 01:59:20
Negative reaction from the community. 01:59:21
One specific area that I'm sure you all were aware of is the Panoma St. neighborhood, where we started to paint the red curve 01:59:24
because it was a recommendation for line of sight. 01:59:29
And safety at those intersections. 01:59:34
Umm. 01:59:36
That was. 01:59:37
A very negative feedback that we got. 01:59:39
The city manager decided to go ahead and pause all of that. 01:59:42
And ask us to go back. 01:59:45
To traffic engineer and see if there's. 01:59:48
Some other sort of combination. 01:59:51
That we could institute with either signage. Maybe it still may be. 01:59:53
Necessary to paint red curb. 01:59:59
It's. 02:00:02
Gonna be a part of evaluating and seeing if there are other options available or alternatives to go ahead and make these places 02:00:03
safe for everybody, not just. 02:00:07
The pedestrians but the driving community as well, so. 02:00:12
Umm. 02:00:16
We're going to be looking at that. 02:00:17
Uh. 02:00:19
Again as I mentioned it's it may not be that we. 02:00:21
Can eliminate red curbs. 02:00:24
But we want to. 02:00:26
Make sure that we're taking notice and also try and accommodate. 02:00:27
Parking problems and and that particular area. 02:00:31
We have. 02:00:34
A lot of. 02:00:36
Multiple family units we have. 02:00:38
A lot of vehicles that are parked out there regularly. We don't have the ability to park on the Navy side of the street on Panoma. 02:00:41
So there's other things that we we can certainly look at and some of these other items along with these speed cushions or things 02:00:48
that we're hoping as a whole will make a difference. 02:00:53
I think that's really the key is again it's just another tool in a situation like Panoma where we went out and looked and there 02:01:00
really is a lack of parking and so. 02:01:05
This is just another tool that will let us. 02:01:12
Try to address those, the concerns that we're hearing there. 02:01:14
In place of doing things like the red curb so. 02:01:19
So the item is recommending the approval of that speed cushion policy. 02:01:23
Our budget this year includes funding for some additional speed cushions I have. 02:01:28
Thought we'd put those in the report, but I I think I had missed. 02:01:34
Misread that. 02:01:38
$95,000 So it's $95,000 included in this year's budget, but adopting the policy will allow us to. 02:01:39
Evaluate the streets that they're being requested on under that criteria and then approve and place speed cushions with that 02:01:46
funding, so. 02:01:50
Does Council have any questions for staff? 02:01:57
I'm a little confused on the red curb issue. 02:02:02
155 feet of red curb on Unoma. 02:02:06
And Clara. 02:02:11
What? 02:02:14
Bothered me is. 02:02:15
What are we? 02:02:17
It's OK to talk about red curbs right now, yeah, it's actually, this item includes traffic calming options. 02:02:19
And we specifically noted that we were looking at other options. 02:02:26
And and not looking or looking at other options that would replace the. 02:02:30
Our red curb plan. 02:02:35
So on the the intersection of. 02:02:37
Anoma. 02:02:39
And um Clara. 02:02:41
You to. 02:02:44
The reasoning? The rationale is we're going to paint 150. 02:02:45
5 feet of red curb to improve line of sight. But if you go to that corner. 02:02:49
You can't see through it. There's a big sign and there's bushes on both opposite corners, so you can't see. 02:02:53
Regardless of whether there's a car parked there or not, you can't see. 02:03:00
O. 02:03:05
In my judgment, it just seems. 02:03:06
That's a mistake. 02:03:09
And it seems to me that it would be. 02:03:11
Better to put a four way stop sign there because I've often wondered over the years like. 02:03:14
The pretty heavily trafficked St. 02:03:19
Travel St. 02:03:22
And I think a a stop sign would. 02:03:24
Would a four way stop would be much? 02:03:26
More. 02:03:28
Coming and and so and then of course the other issue is, is that the parking, there's just not enough parking. 02:03:30
And you know, I think we need to look at maybe moving the. 02:03:37
Bus stop. 02:03:42
Over to San Pedro. 02:03:43
Or other issues like that so that we could. 02:03:45
Maintain. 02:03:49
Adequate parking. I don't even know if there's adequate parking there. 02:03:50
But one thing I do know. 02:03:53
Is that we can open up San Pedro and and allow people to park there and I think we should. 02:03:55
And we've made special accommodations. 02:04:02
For the port. 02:04:05
For some of their events to have parking there and we heard and then again over at the the other side of. 02:04:07
Of the base. 02:04:14
You know there isn't that 15 foot cushion and there's very sensitive buildings very close to the, the, the. 02:04:15
The fence line, so I think we. 02:04:21
Yeah, I think we need to to consider that. 02:04:25
And I I. 02:04:29
Can speak to that just quickly that? 02:04:30
I wasn't here when the San Pedro parking issue was discussed, so I didn't get a chance to talk to the base about that yet. 02:04:32
But I do think. 02:04:39
We're hearing consistently from that neighborhood that they're just out of parking. 02:04:42
And I think. 02:04:47
It may be worth the conversation with the base at this point to go back to them and say, hey, we we were trying to accommodate 02:04:49
this, but we're running into these issues and. 02:04:53
Now we're having lighter side issues that we can't address, you know? 02:04:58
So that can be a discussion that we can go back and try to. 02:05:02
Work work through with with the base. 02:05:06
Because I do. I do think it's just part of the general. 02:05:11
Uh. 02:05:14
It feels like we can't give up one more spot in that neighborhood. Like it's just it's stretched us too thin so. 02:05:15
I just want us all to be cognizant of the fact that, you know, the base didn't want us to put a. 02:05:23
Dispensary there. And of course it was. 02:05:28
Put. 02:05:31
It was done. 02:05:31
And so, you know, it seems that it's our call and I think the needs of our residents. 02:05:33
Are very. 02:05:39
Needy right now for parking spots? 02:05:42
And again if you go to the other side. 02:05:44
That Silver Strand beach, I mean parking is a nightmare over there. 02:05:46
I mean it's not even close to the issues that well it is very close. We we you know we're probably competing but I think Silver 02:05:50
Strand might be a little harder parking than and they park. 02:05:55
Right U along the fence on Victoria like. 02:06:01
Literally have 6 inches of. 02:06:04
Space between their fence and the car. 02:06:06
And so I just hope that we could help our residents out by. 02:06:08
Getting as many parking spots as we can over there. 02:06:14
Are there any other questions? 02:06:17
I. 02:06:20
Mr. Camarillo, would you be able to pull up the the map just so that everybody can see where the current speed cushions are 02:06:21
located and which ones are proposed? 02:06:25
Just give me one second, OK? 02:06:33
I guess I have another question. Is there a? 02:06:36
Is there a list that's being taken by the public of where the next speed cushions would be? 02:06:40
I'll leave Charles to answer that question. 02:06:47
The. 02:06:52
Hello. Ohh yeah OK. 02:06:55
So I'd like to clarify, the map only shows where speed cushions have been installed. 02:06:57
We have put together this criteria because we received an overwhelming. 02:07:02
Request for speed cushions and we can't install speed cushions everywhere. So we came up with this criteria, this policy. 02:07:07
We don't want to impede response times for our law enforcement and. 02:07:14
We put together. 02:07:20
This criteria and we need to evaluate any proposed locations, Fred Camarillo mentioned. 02:07:22
A few locations, but through this criteria we're going to, we intend to evaluate those areas, not necessarily that we will put 02:07:29
them there, but to go through this criteria and evaluate if it's warranted there. 02:07:34
Because we received. 02:07:41
Request for seed cushions on Pleasant Valley. 02:07:42
Some people have said Channel Islands and we know realistically we can't, we can't do things like that. So these criteria that you 02:07:46
guys are looking at is for us to to make that evaluation determination. 02:07:50
So the map presented before you are existing speed cushion installations that met the criteria of the pilot program, but we've 02:07:57
expanded that. So we were primarily focused with senior housing. 02:08:04
And schools and areas where children congregate, but we've expanded that criteria to be included in that. 02:08:11
Attachment. But we looked at other cities and what they were doing. 02:08:18
And other professional organizations like. 02:08:21
The Traffic Engineers Institute. 02:08:27
And we found that our policy was in line with what other cities have been doing. 02:08:29
And then? 02:08:36
Into one of the comments made earlier about how dropping the speed limits. 02:08:36
Has multiple effects. 02:08:42
And one of them is. 02:08:44
The policy includes the. 02:08:45
Uh. 02:08:48
Requirement that the street be. 02:08:49
Alright, believe it does. Correct me if I'm wrong that it be 25 mph or less. 02:08:53
So now some of those streets that we've we're proposing reducing the speeds on can actually qualify for, could potentially qualify 02:08:58
for. 02:09:01
Speed cushions. So again, just how all these items kind of work together to try to help us address specific issues. 02:09:05
I'm gonna apologize before I even ask the question. I thought I in my reading of the agenda. 02:09:15
On my iPad I can't find it now in the binder. 02:09:21
But there was some verbiage about. 02:09:25
We have the $95,000 in the budget and but that. 02:09:29
They can be paid for. 02:09:36
Bye. 02:09:38
Public or private? 02:09:39
After the money's gone. 02:09:41
I read that. 02:09:45
Yeah. In the in the actual policy, yes, I can you can you just say describe what that means? 02:09:46
And what do you mean by? 02:09:52
It can once the are 95,000. 02:09:54
Is expended then. 02:09:57
How would? 02:09:59
Someone. 02:10:00
Pay for that. 02:10:02
Someone else confirmed that I read that. 02:10:07
I I'm I'm double checking I did. 02:10:10
I don't recall that. 02:10:14
But I'm trying to double check. 02:10:17
Yeah, the staff report notes that we have $95,000 in the budget. We kept that in the budget this year when we did the CIP review a 02:10:19
couple weeks back. 02:10:24
Specifically. 02:10:29
Specifically because we knew this was a hot topic that we were working to bring this policy for. 02:10:32
I don't recall. 02:10:37
That. That including language that. 02:10:40
That we would. 02:10:44
Take any funding from any other source to do that. 02:10:46
Council member McQueen John, other cities do allow offer that In our research we did find that other cities had that in their 02:10:52
policy. They would allow neighborhoods to crowdfund it. 02:10:57
We did not put that in our policy. 02:11:02
Point I might have sent an e-mail saying here's what some other agencies have done, like a while back, and maybe because it kind 02:11:05
of sounds familiar, but I don't think we ended up including that just because we figured it. It opens a can of worms. 02:11:11
So I have a question and this all this study that's been going on, was there anything discussed or looked at to reduce the street 02:11:18
racing Donuts happening on Surfside? 02:11:23
Area. 02:11:29
Yes. And I would say it's still, we're still looking at it, We haven't. 02:11:30
We were. 02:11:35
Hoping that some of these things help including the the motorcycle officer that we're planning to talk about soon. 02:11:36
And we're still looking at other options. 02:11:42
We did get a couple of. 02:11:46
Uh. 02:11:47
Kind of. 02:11:49
High level. 02:11:51
Ideas. 02:11:52
But umm. 02:11:53
Nothing ready to present or nothing. 02:11:55
Ready to install when we actually worked through some of the ideas and saw some problems with them. So. 02:11:59
It's something we're still looking at and something that we will probably end up bringing back. 02:12:04
But again, looking at. 02:12:09
Doing some things in the meantime did that. That should help even if it doesn't. 02:12:12
Completely solved the problem. 02:12:15
So. 02:12:17
Really quick on the speed cushion policy procedures 2E. 02:12:20
This Currently, City Council has set aside funding for speed cushion installation that meet the above criteria. However, there is 02:12:26
no guarantee that such funding will be continued. Approved project projects may be privately funded. 02:12:32
I know what it is. 02:12:40
Page page one of the. 02:12:43
Yeah, E2E. 02:12:47
Yeah, I think I would. I think I would recommend taking it out at this point. 02:12:49
I think we had talked about that early on and I. 02:12:55
Thought we had taken it out, but we have $95,000 this year in the budget. I think we proposed doing $95,000 next year and I think 02:12:58
that between those two years. 02:13:04
You can see our map here and and we lower the map please, and that's already what's installed. And then if we install two more 02:13:09
rounds, I think we're gonna be pretty. 02:13:14
Have a pretty good handle on the speed cushions. 02:13:20
So I don't think. 02:13:22
We probably had. 02:13:23
Gotten that from one of those other policies, we looked at that. 02:13:25
I know what like I had looked at the city of Philadelphia and I imagine that, you know, they probably just get a huge number of 02:13:29
requests and and do end up having to tell people that if you know, if you're willing to pay for it, you can have it. 02:13:34
I don't think we have that same. 02:13:40
Issue. 02:13:42
So. 02:13:43
I would just recommend we remove that sentence. 02:13:45
All right. 02:13:51
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 02:13:52
There are public comments. First one is from Macario Simon. 02:13:56
Mr. Camarillo, if you can. 02:14:03
Step to the side for a moment, just so. 02:14:05
Thank you. 02:14:09
Thank you Mayor and council members. 02:14:12
In the public. 02:14:16
And Mr. Camarillo for evaluating. 02:14:17
This situation. 02:14:21
I'm here to express my concerns regarding the city. 02:14:23
Paint the red curb. 02:14:28
On the corner of my property by BB and Panama. 02:14:30
Used to be convenient for my wife just to. 02:14:35
Get out of the vehicle and be able to walk straight to. 02:14:38
Our front door. 02:14:42
You know, it is now more hardship for my life because. 02:14:43
Parking space is no longer available due to the red curve. 02:14:47
He has difficulties walking. 02:14:50
Just to get to our front door and the red curve is the length of. 02:14:53
Almost too compact. 02:14:57
Vehicles and and now our curbside. We lost two parking spaces. 02:14:59
Parking was difficult to find even before. Now it is nearly impossible. 02:15:05
He would have to stop my vehicle. 02:15:09
On the street just for my wife to get off. 02:15:12
To get to the front door. 02:15:15
Now it's trying to find parking and this is an everyday situation. 02:15:17
It is difficult living knowing that someone. 02:15:21
Is going to park in any of the available space that. 02:15:24
They can find. 02:15:27
We didn't receive any notification that this was going to take place and it's. 02:15:29
Frustrating that we. 02:15:33
Must go through. 02:15:35
Just to find parking. 02:15:37
I have been a a homeowner in this community for over 37 years. I have seen why NEMI grow. 02:15:39
And most of the changes that the city has made throughout the years. 02:15:45
I remember when semi trucks were drive through Panoma every 10. 02:15:49
30 minutes a day. 02:15:53
A few years later, the city rerouted the truck to Anemia Roll. 02:15:55
That was a huge change. 02:16:00
Years later, the city decided to paint red. 02:16:02
On the same curve today. 02:16:04
For a transit bus stop in front of our house. 02:16:06
That didn't last very long after the bus hit. 02:16:10
Are two vehicles in two separate incidents. 02:16:13
So the city relocated the bus stop to another location. That was a big relief. 02:16:16
What I don't understand is why I used to be able to park my fifth wheel. 02:16:21
Which I no longer have for over 15 years on my grass. 02:16:26
And on my property until I was. 02:16:30
About to get a ticket. 02:16:32
From the parking officer for parking my vehicle 4 feet on my own grass. 02:16:34
And my property. 02:16:39
I am a owner, and there I am. I am a homeowner. 02:16:41
And there is an ordinance. 02:16:44
Is there an ordinance? 02:16:46
That prevents me from parking on my property. 02:16:48
Now I don't even have the option of doing that. 02:16:51
In the past six months or so, parking has still been a problem. 02:16:55
For the residents that live in the close vicinity. 02:16:59
It is even more difficult now that the curve has been painted red. 02:17:02
When the street sweeper is scheduled, scheduled for that day, you will not find parking because. 02:17:06
Other residents from the next block, or six or eight houses down the street. 02:17:11
Have been taking parking space. 02:17:16
It is not fair for those who live in the. 02:17:18
In the area. 02:17:21
Who are not able to park their vehicles and taken away. 02:17:22
The extra space by. 02:17:26
Placing red curve and solving. 02:17:27
Curve is not solving the problem. Instead the city needs to put stop signs. 02:17:31
In the designated areas because cars are speeding through Anoma every day. 02:17:36
That's why we have these accidents. 02:17:41
I love Portland, Emma, and I hope that the city. 02:17:43
We'll take this issue seriously and take messages into consideration. 02:17:46
By putting stop signs instead of further limiting our only scarce parking, I am. 02:17:50
Sure. The neighborhood. 02:17:57
Community agrees. 02:17:59
Thank you. 02:18:01
Thank you. 02:18:02
Next we have Tracy J. 02:18:04
After Tracy, it'll be Mr. Scribner. 02:18:09
Hello, my name is Tracy. I've spoke with you guys before. I'm again also speaking about the red curbs. 02:18:14
And I wanted to further the same speaking as everybody. Is that the fact that we don't have very much parking in our area? 02:18:21
Over the years you've given us the bus, which means on down Panoma we have 6 bus stops that means are. 02:18:29
3 bus stops, which means there's 630 foot already taken away our parking. 02:18:36
Down a whiny or Pleasant Valley, we have several red curbs that are inconsistent with the same visibility, so it's kind of in 02:18:40
confusing to understand why some area has. 02:18:45
A big long stretch of no parking and the opposite side. 02:18:51
Has nothing, but you go the block over and there's some parking. I noticed that the. 02:18:55
The emerald perspective has only a few feet of red and then the rest of it is allowable green, even though their business sits out 02:18:59
further than any of our homes on the opposite side. 02:19:04
If you go down Phenoma, like the gentleman said, there's several new red 30 foot strips that's taking away all of our parking, but 02:19:10
it's really not solving the issue. 02:19:14
If a car is traveling at a distance of 25 mph, which nobody does, you still need more than approximately 150 feet in order to stop 02:19:19
properly to avoid a collision if anybody pulls out. 02:19:26
As a as oncoming traffic as you're trying to pass through. 02:19:32
I also recommend to move the bus, even though it's now on Panoma, it may not have been where it was at the other location. 02:19:37
But we if you move the bus either down San Pedro or move it off of out of our neighborhood altogether into. 02:19:43
Went for a road would make more sense to us because at least then we could retain some of that. 02:19:51
That that parking area that currently we can't use. 02:19:56
Panoma. 02:20:00
Has has the bus stops, it has all the red curbs, and then we have fire hydrants about every other block as well, so you can't park 02:20:02
there either. 02:20:05
So I'm just asking if you guys can resend or find it on alternate source for helping reduce the speed to make exiting streets more 02:20:09
safe like stop signs or? 02:20:14
Speed bumps or traffic control? 02:20:19
Because painting the curb red is kind of giving anybody a false, false, false sense of security that you can pull out safely. If 02:20:21
the car is speeding down 50 mph, you'll end up being hit anyways. 02:20:27
So I thank you for your time and I hope you'll resend the current action. 02:20:33
Thank you. 02:20:36
Thank you, Tracy. 02:20:37
Mayor, could I just quickly note a couple things? 02:20:39
One is so we actually have the the bus stop is not the city's bus stop. It's believe that one is Gold Coast transit districts bus 02:20:42
stop. 02:20:46
So we actually had when we started to see parking issues, we did reach out and we did ask if those could be adjusted. 02:20:51
And so they were in analyzing those, but ultimately it's that that won't be the necessarily the cities decision of whether those 02:20:58
stops can be moved. 02:21:02
But but we've started that conversation and then second on the red curve, just our presentation focused on the speed cushion 02:21:07
policy but. 02:21:11
As a secondary item, we were recommending. 02:21:16
Because of those concerns that we seek alternative options other than red curb and so I just want to make sure that we did state 02:21:20
that because we may have missed it when we talked about the speed cushion policy. 02:21:26
O. 02:21:34
Thank you. 02:21:35
Mr. Scribner. 02:21:37
Thank you. I came here to make two comments tonight, and the first one has to do with speed bumps. Here's some feedback about how 02:21:40
they've worked in the Bulker neighborhood. 02:21:44
My father had a house there for many years. He passed away and. 02:21:50
We remodeled it and rented it out to to a family. 02:21:54
Before the speed bumps went in, they were afraid to let their kids play in the front yard in the It's got a big driveway. 02:21:58
The mother wouldn't let him out there because there are so many cars racing up and down. 02:22:05
You know, with a loud mufflers and all that crazy stuff that goes on. 02:22:10
That she had to keep in the house. 02:22:14
Since those speed bumps went in. 02:22:16
It's a different neighborhood. 02:22:19
It's it's quiet. 02:22:21
The kids were playing out in the streets and right and the sidewalks and stuff like that again. 02:22:22
It's it made a huge difference so. 02:22:27
I don't know. 02:22:30
Obviously you can't put speed bumps every place, but I just want to let you know in the bulker neighborhood. 02:22:31
There's a dramatic positive change there. 02:22:36
And I want to thank you for it. It has made a big difference. 02:22:39
OK. 02:22:42
Second thing really has to do with parking in general. 02:22:43
Because all the state mandates about more housing and not requiring any place to park. 02:22:48
This is going to be a huge problem going forward. 02:22:54
I guess the idea is eventually to. 02:22:57
Have electric cars picking people up by robots and driving them places, but that's not going to happen. 02:23:00
In my lifetime, I don't think. 02:23:06
In the meantime, we got more people, more cars because of the high housing prices. 02:23:07
People are doubling or tripling up. 02:23:13
For example, in the bulker neighborhood. 02:23:17
The only place you can park is in the park. 02:23:19
Which is you're not supposed to park there. 02:23:21
But. 02:23:24
It's not enforced because there's no place for these people to park. 02:23:25
So that that's what's coming to all of us and you know, as a the president of the suicide. 02:23:28
Village Homeowners Association. 02:23:34
All I gotta do is look across the street at the Surfside Hotel. 02:23:36
Which you guys were forced to. 02:23:39
Go along with. 02:23:41
With their. 02:23:43
Completely inadequate parking over there. Some of those units don't even. 02:23:44
Have parking. 02:23:47
The one bedrooms, you're allowed to have three people in those places. 02:23:49
There's one parking place. 02:23:53
It's gonna be a mess, so. 02:23:55
I don't know what the answer is, except that we're headed for. 02:23:57
More and more of this and and more cars and fewer places to park and. 02:24:01
Good luck figuring it out because I can't. Thank you. 02:24:05
We have two written public comments. 02:24:13
Item nine With regard to traffic calming measures, I urge the consideration of B Street between Ventura Road and Pomona. 02:24:16
Reckless speeds at the intersection of Ventura Road and B St. pose a significant danger, especially considering the proximity of 02:24:23
Casa Pacifica where frequent loading and unloading activities occur. While I do have reservations about sight distance curb 02:24:30
painting as it reduces available parking, I believe the corners of Third and B streets merit attention. 02:24:37
The visibility challenges when driving South on 3rd St. and turning left or right onto B Street are evident. 02:24:45
Particularly for vehicles just turning in from Ventura Rd. 02:24:51
There is a fire hydrant on the northeast corner, so even painting the curb red there would help. 02:24:55
And that's from Joan Tharp. 02:25:00
And then good afternoon City Ohh. My name is Julie Gonzalez and I have been a Winema resident for over 30 years and live on the 02:25:03
1100 block of N 7th St. 02:25:08
Our street has changed dramatically since the speed cushions were installed on Park Ave. during the spring of 2023, which by the 02:25:13
way, was a great idea. However, vehicles are now driving at unsafe speeds because 7th Street is the street thoroughfare between 02:25:18
Park Ave. and Board Rd. 02:25:24
So many cars are now trying to avoid the speed bumps just so that they can connect to Bard Rd. quicker. 02:25:30
My concern is for the safety of the many children and residents that live on our street. 02:25:35
Our neighborhood also has several daycare businesses and many of the children are walking to and from school. 02:25:40
I hope that the city manager and council members will put our street on the list to install speed cushions in the very near 02:25:45
future. 02:25:48
Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Julie Vardy Gonzalez. 02:25:52
And. 02:25:57
Just sorry, I just want to check Zoom really quickly. No public comments. So we're good. Thank you. 02:25:59
Alright, that's it with public comments. The recommendation is to approve and adopt the citywide speed cushion policy and receive 02:26:06
an update. 02:26:09
Unrelated traffic calming options including. 02:26:13
Staff seeking alternative options other than Red Curb and Panoma St. neighborhoods due to concerns. 02:26:16
Umm. 02:26:23
I I did, I don't know if my one of my questions was answered. Do we have a list of the next places that are going to be? 02:26:25
At where we're going to be adding speed cushions. 02:26:33
No, we don't have a final list. We have areas that we're going to evaluate. That's what we have. So nothing determined yet. 02:26:36
OK. Such as like the public comment we just heard, right, right. So well public comment, we have received many comments for their 02:26:42
neighborhoods. So we're going to look at those areas. 02:26:47
But we don't have. 02:26:53
A set lace yet? 02:26:54
Thank you, Mr. Keeble. 02:26:56
Alright, may I have a motion and a second? 02:26:57
Move to approve. 02:27:02
With changes, right changes, with recommended changes. 02:27:03
With the changes, removing the language about privately funded speed cushions second. 02:27:06
Any discussion? 02:27:15
Madam Clerk, can you please take a vote? 02:27:18
All in favour. 02:27:20
Aye, all opposed. 02:27:21
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:27:23
All right, item number 10 Authorization to purchase. 02:27:26
BMW police motorcycle to reinstate motorcycle enforcement will staff police present the report. 02:27:30
Excuse me, Mayor, may I take a quick break? 02:27:36
Restroom break. 02:27:40
Yes, you may take a quick restroom break. 02:27:41
Do we want to take a 5 minute recess? 02:27:45
Yes, we'll take a 5 minute recess. Thank you everyone for your patience. 02:27:48
And so especially Commander Albertson. 02:27:52
All right, we're going to move on to item number 10, authorization to purchase BMW police. 02:32:41
Motorcycle to reinstate motorcycle enforcement and at the same time I'm going to ask if they can close the door. 02:32:47
Thank you. 02:32:56
Will staff please present the report? 02:32:58
Yeah. And again just another tool and it's come up a couple times is. 02:33:01
Being able to. 02:33:05
Pair the enforcement with reduced speed limits and with speed cushions and. 02:33:08
And things like that. 02:33:12
It's just another tool that we're using to try to help address this issue. 02:33:14
And. 02:33:17
Commander Albertson has prepared a presentation with some traffic information and some data, so I will turn it over to him to go 02:33:18
through that presentation. 02:33:23
Thank you. Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, members of City Council, members of staff, members of the public. 02:33:28
The item before you is authorization to purchase BMW police motorcycle to reinstate. 02:33:35
Motorcycle enforcement. 02:33:41
What I have is a short presentation. 02:33:43
Chief Federico is on on remotely. 02:33:46
An here city manager, after my presentation could address any issues pertaining to the. 02:33:49
Details of the purchase of the motorcycle. 02:33:54
I wanna Chiefs first orders of business when he came on board back in June was to task me with. 02:33:57
Doing a comprehensive analysis of our crash data. 02:34:02
A prepared presentation and bring it before you in conjunction with this item. 02:34:05
We want to make sure that we. 02:34:10
Did our due diligence and make sure that the the numbers we were looking at actually justifies having a a motor and a motor 02:34:12
officer and so we've done that. 02:34:16
The data comes from Switters, which is a statewide. 02:34:21
Integrated traffic recording system. 02:34:24
We're required to report all of our traffic collisions to the state as our other police agencies throughout the the state. 02:34:27
So the numbers I'm going to present are from 2011. 02:34:34
To 2022 and the reason for that is as switters reports only go back to 2011. 02:34:37
And then they are typically about 7 to 9 months behind and so any 2023 numbers would be provisional. 02:34:42
And it wouldn't be comprehensive and so. 02:34:49
I'm pretty confident that what I'm going to present to you from 2011 to 2022 are our solid numbers. 02:34:52
I've looked at them numerous times. I've compared them to our internal RMS system I've discussed them with. 02:34:58
Sergeant Bates, who was a traffic officer here and we're both in agreement that these numbers are are accurate. 02:35:04
They just pointed out the screen or. 02:35:13
That one. 02:35:16
OK and so. 02:35:30
What I did is I took the numbers that pertained to fatal and injury collisions and the reason why I did that. 02:35:31
Is a property damage only collisions, also known as Fender benders, and private property collisions only require that the drivers 02:35:39
exchange information. 02:35:43
And so we're not really capturing the number of collisions. 02:35:47
That we would normally as if we know reports been taken and so. 02:35:51
We're going to just concentrate on fatal and injury, traffic, collisions and so. 02:35:54
From 2011 to 2022 we had 561 crashes. 02:35:58
14 of those were fatal, that's 2% of our total. 02:36:03
15% were severe injuries. That's basically major injuries. It's a hospitalization, ambulance, transport, et cetera. 02:36:07
146 were visible injuries. Those are things like contusions, broken bones. 02:36:15
Cuts, things like that. 02:36:21
That was 26% of our total. 02:36:23
And then complained of pain. That was 386 collisions. That's almost 70% of our our total. Those are things like whiplash injuries, 02:36:26
airbag deployment injuries. 02:36:30
Soreness from the impact of the collision, things like that. Those typically result though in serious. 02:36:36
Damage to the vehicle and they could present. 02:36:42
Long term problems for the people that are involved. 02:36:45
Go to the next slide. 02:36:48
So this is just the pie chart of the same data that I just gave you to just give you kind of a. 02:36:50
Different perspective on it so you can see the complaint of pain. Injuries are by far the the largest percentage. 02:36:54
So what I did too is I put together a chart of the number of crashes per day of week per time. 02:37:02
And what this will help us do is this will help us figure out. 02:37:09
If the motorcycle is approved, when it makes the most sense to deploy so we get the the largest effect of having that person out 02:37:13
there. 02:37:16
As you can see. 02:37:20
So it's a seven day week in three hour increments over 24 hour period. 02:37:22
And by far our largest number of collisions is 28% occur between 3:00 PM. 02:37:27
And 559 M. 02:37:33
In the number one day of the week is Thursday and that was 31 collisions. We can go to the next slide. 02:37:36
So what this slide is is just basically shows. 02:37:43
What deployment would make sense for the motor? 02:37:47
And I know that mismanagement was brought up prior. 02:37:49
And so looking at this data, what this tells me is that the the times of the day. 02:37:53
That make the most sense to deploy a motor or. 02:37:58
When it's light outside, it's daytime. Nothing says you can't have a motor out at night, but obviously it's a lot safer to have 02:38:01
mountain daylight hours. 02:38:04
On SO I think we have a pretty good grasp. 02:38:08
From the the data we have right now that if the motors approved we can once training and all that's done, we can hit the ground 02:38:11
running and we're going to know when to put that motor out there, when it's going to have the biggest effect on our collisions. 02:38:16
Go to the next slide. 02:38:22
So I also analyzed our top five primary collision factors. 02:38:25
And So what this is, is this is typically a vehicle code violation that was the cause of the collision. There's a reason they call 02:38:29
them collisions and not accidents. 02:38:33
Umm. 02:38:37
So you can see unsafe speed was by far the largest primary collision factor. That's 180, that's 32%. 02:38:38
A Right of Way Violations 100 and 1721%. 02:38:47
Improper turning movement. Those are things like unsafe lane changes. So you see someone cut someone off, that's an improper 02:38:50
turning movement. 02:38:53
A 48 nine percent DUI's were 48 and 9%. 02:38:56
And traffic signals and signs violations. That's 41 and that 7%. 02:39:00
So look at this data. What this tells me is that these are all. 02:39:05
Primary collision factors that could be mitigated by having a motorcycle out there doing traffic enforcement especially the the, 02:39:09
the speed and we're going to get to a slide later on in the presentation we'll speak to to why I believe that is the the case, so 02:39:13
we can go to the next slide. 02:39:18
This is the point map of all of our crashes from 2011 to 2022. 02:39:24
And you can see that the the high corridors are Channel Islands Blvd. 02:39:28
Into a Rd. 02:39:32
Wanami Rd. 02:39:33
Pleasant Valley, and it looks like Bard may have some there. 02:39:35
All of these corridors can be worked with radar. 02:39:39
And you heard the traffic engineer speak to. 02:39:43
And it was in the staff report to the engineering survey that allows us to go out and legally enforce speed limits with radar. 02:39:45
And so all of these areas can be worked by a motorcycle officer. 02:39:53
With radar and. 02:39:58
We have some specific. 02:39:59
Conditions in our city that that are unique and that is that it's very difficult to do traffic enforcement on Channel Islands 02:40:02
Blvd. And Ventura Rd. In a in a regular patrol unit. 02:40:06
Not impossible. 02:40:11
But it's difficult, and Sergeant Bates can attest to the fact from when he was a motor. 02:40:12
Along Ventura Rd. there are only a few places where you can get tucked in good enough to be safe, but also to get out into traffic 02:40:16
quick enough to actually catch a violator, and a motorcycle can do that. 02:40:21
And so I think with those corridors having a majority of our crashes, it makes sense. 02:40:26
In my opinion, to have a motorcycle out there. 02:40:30
We go to the next slide. 02:40:33
And so for fatal crashes, I was able to actually go back. 02:40:35
Further than 2011 because we don't have to rely on just Twitter's data because our fatal traffic accidents are assigned to an 02:40:40
investigator and so we were able to actually pull those numbers. 02:40:44
And and I'm confident that those numbers are accurate. 02:40:48
And so we had a motorcycle officer from roughly July of 2006. 02:40:51
To December of 2013. It was actually suspended roughly in about July of 2013 and then completely ended in December of 2013. 02:40:57
And then we had no motorcycle from 2014 to 2022 and so comparing our fatal traffic collisions. 02:41:06
We had seven when we had a motor out there, average of 1 per year. 02:41:12
We've had 10 total average of 1.3 per year. That's a 43% increase in fatal crashes. 02:41:16
But when you look at fatal crashes, one thing you have to remember is. 02:41:22
They're fatals. 02:41:26
And nine times out of 10, if there are passengers in the fatal collision, those people are going to be injured as well. 02:41:27
And so the 10 fatal crashes on that we did have resulted in 11 injuries and 10 deaths. 02:41:33
Next slide. 02:41:39
And So what these are These are our California Office of Transportation Safety rankings. 02:41:40
So the first number. 02:41:46
And we'll talk about the ones in red. First number is the port enemy rank. The second number is the number of similar similar 02:41:48
sized cities in our group. 02:41:51
The lower the first number. 02:41:57
The worse ROTS ranking. 02:41:59
And so if you go to the OTS website and you look at the rankings. 02:42:01
There are going to be a list of rankings like the age of the driver, whether they're over 21, under 21, whether pedestrians are 02:42:06
involved, bicyclists, motorcycles. 02:42:10
The reason that exists is because OS collects that information for grant purposes. 02:42:15
For purposes of us making an analysis on a motorcycle program. 02:42:20
What I felt the two important rankings were was the total fatal and injury collisions. 02:42:25
And then the total. 02:42:30
Fatal and injury collisions that were speed related because speed was our top primary collision factor. 02:42:32
And so if you look at our rankings and Justice Seed related. 02:42:37
We were. 02:42:41
28 out of 101 cities, 15 out of 102 cities, 16 out of 103 cities, and then 53 out of 103 cities. So this information is only 02:42:42
available from 2017 to 2020. 02:42:48
So in 2018 and 19, what that means is say in 2018 that means only 14 cities out of our group. 02:42:55
Sampling was worse than Port Wanami in the OS ranking. 02:43:04
We have made some improvements. 02:43:08
I can't say. 02:43:11
Definitively, why we made those improvements, Anecdotally, I can say that probably what happened was that was about the time we 02:43:13
really started getting a lot of complaints about traffic and so we did step up traffic enforcement. So that is one possible 02:43:17
explanation. I can't say that's. 02:43:22
The only one. So we have made some improvements, but we don't have the 2122 and 23 numbers yet. 02:43:26
My opinion is I think that having a motorcycle out there could help us reduce. 02:43:34
Fatal traffic collisions, injury, traffic collisions, but also could help us maybe improve. 02:43:39
Of the OS rankings. 02:43:43
But having a a motor officer also gives us the opportunity to have someone that's going to be able to now submit for grants, maybe 02:43:45
some of those other areas in the UI. 02:43:49
Pedestrian motorcycles. 02:43:53
Bicycles and that'll be someone that. 02:43:55
Then we'll be collecting this information. 02:43:58
On a on a regular basis and we won't have to then do it. 02:44:00
Like we did at this time, where we bring it all at once, it'll be an ongoing thing And so with that I can turn it over to city 02:44:04
manager and chief and then. 02:44:07
If there are any questions, we'd be happy to take questions. 02:44:12
Thank you for that. 02:44:17
Yeah, I believe, chief. 02:44:20
Federico is. 02:44:22
Joining us via Zoom. 02:44:23
From a A training. 02:44:25
And so we'll see if he wants to add anything. 02:44:27
At this time. 02:44:30
Yes, chief. 02:44:42
They're capable of making. 02:44:57
Pictures. 02:45:04
Yes. 02:45:08
There are increased movement. 02:45:08
Just. 02:45:14
Training we can. 02:45:49
And we put. 02:45:50
We purchased the best safety equipment we can for our officer so that we minimize any risk to them. 02:45:52
Since even before becoming police chief here, I've listened to so many folks in this community, as you have in the council 02:45:59
meetings, come in. 02:46:04
Zoom in bright comments that they want traffic enforcement, that they want to see a motorcycle officer. 02:46:09
And what we are doing as your Police Department. 02:46:15
Is listening to those voices and doing our homework. 02:46:18
And making sure we get this. 02:46:22
As. 02:46:25
Efficiently and effectively as soon as we can and that we make sure. 02:46:27
We. 02:46:32
Grant those wishes, desires and needs of the community to get a motor officer out there. 02:46:34
So, umm. 02:46:39
Fortunately, we have a very successful history in the city with two prior motorcycle officers. 02:46:42
Even Sergeant Bates was a motor officer who? 02:46:48
Uniquely when you talk to people in the community. 02:46:51
Was very successful and even made friends of people he gave tickets to. I don't understand how that works, but they talk about him 02:46:54
positively. 02:46:57
And it was remembered. And it's. 02:47:01
Asked of us. 02:47:04
And as you can see, as I've told people before, none of us are smarter than all of us in the Police Department. 02:47:05
And Bob's wisdom and his. 02:47:10
Ability to do research for us. 02:47:13
Helps establish our need for a motorcycle, so. 02:47:15
I appreciate the team and. 02:47:20
I'm excited to get this up and run. 02:47:23
Thanks, Chief. And I'll just note a couple of I I think that's the big picture overview and and explanation, but a couple of the 02:47:27
details. 02:47:32
We. 02:47:37
Have an opportunity to purchase? Well there's a wait list to purchase BMW motorcycles police motorcycles that is months long due 02:47:39
to supply chain issues. 02:47:44
We have an opportunity to purchase a demo motorcycle that has under 1000 miles on it. 02:47:51
And so. 02:47:57
I think the Chief Sweet talked the dealer into. 02:47:59
Into that, but so we were trying to pursue that opportunity. 02:48:04
Umm. 02:48:09
And the cost? 02:48:10
Is expected it. It will not exceed $45,000 and we actually think it'll be a little less than $45,000. 02:48:12
We have that funding available currently. We have significant salary savings this year as we're working on recruitments. 02:48:20
So we have that funding available. 02:48:27
From salary savings. 02:48:31
And so with that, we are recommending that the council authorize the purchase of the BMW police motorcycle to reinstate motorcycle 02:48:33
enforcement. 02:48:37
To address some of these traffic and safety concerns. 02:48:42
Does Council have any questions? 02:48:47
New. 02:48:55
Motorcycle service. 02:48:56
Yeah, they. 02:48:58
It's. 02:48:59
I can only go by what I've heard because there isn't a great record keeping from 2013 when it was discontinued, but my 02:49:00
understanding was it was a result of budget cuts at that time. 02:49:06
So thank you and I know we have. 02:49:12
Officers who I think were both here at that time and I don't know if that's. 02:49:14
Matches what you understand as well. That was my understanding, yes. 02:49:18
Thank you Commander Albertson for your presentation. Excellent job and I I specially appreciate the the additional information. 02:49:28
Above and beyond what was in the staff report, my initial concern when I looked at this was. 02:49:36
Are you coming to us with a comprehensive motor program? 02:49:43
And I had a lot of questions about any potential additional costs that we might see down the road. 02:49:47
Are we going to hire a new officer? Does that officer have to go through training? 02:49:53
Liability equipment are all those costs being considered And I I got my answer and we're still within the $45,000 range and I 02:49:58
understand we have some expertise within our department, so we wouldn't be. 02:50:04
You wouldn't be coming back to us and asking for? 02:50:11
A new position. 02:50:14
So I'm very excited about this. I I think it's a wonderful thing and I really, really appreciate the fact that tonight. 02:50:15
I mean, this is all about traffic and the way that staff put together the agenda and the report so that. 02:50:24
We we are looking at all the different tools that we have out there to address traffic. I'm just really happy and pleased with the 02:50:31
staff. 02:50:34
Work on this and including your responses to all my questions. I appreciate that. Thank you. Welcome. 02:50:39
Are there any public comments? 02:50:47
There's one written public comment. 02:50:50
Ioffer my wholehearted support for the reinstatement of motorcycle enforcement enforcement. Given the high incidence of speeding 02:50:53
vehicles on Ventura Road and the relentless flow of speeding trucks to and from the port, I am confident that motorcycle 02:50:58
enforcement will be a valuable asset and ensuring Rd. safety. 02:51:04
In closing, I extend my best regards to you all and express my gratitude for your dedication to addressing our city's traffic 02:51:10
concerns. Best regards, Joan Tharp. 02:51:14
I'm Commander Albertson. Is it true? 02:51:22
That the CHP is. 02:51:24
The only agency that could. 02:51:26
Ticket trucks. I heard this rumor and I just didn't know if it's true or not. 02:51:28
That's incorrect. 02:51:36
OK, yeah, because they did. But I guess the the true part of it is the CHP can't inspect the trucks for. 02:51:40
Safety, right. And that's something that. 02:51:47
Right. Is that true? 02:51:50
We can do. 02:51:53
Commercial inspection as well we worked 1:00 on. 02:51:54
Side by side with CHP and it's it's about the training. It's not. 02:51:57
The the agency. 02:52:00
Thank you. Appreciate it. 02:52:02
The recommendation is to authorize the purchase of a BMW police motorcycle to reinstate motorcycle enforcement. May I have a 02:52:05
motion in a second? 02:52:09
Move to approve. 02:52:14
2nd. 02:52:16
Madam Clerk, can we take a vote? 02:52:20
I don't think there's a discussion I need for discussion, no. 02:52:22
OK. All in favor. 02:52:25
Aye, all opposed. 02:52:26
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:52:29
Alright, thank you. Thank you, Commander Albertson. 02:52:32
Item number 11. Investment Policy Update. Will staff please present the report? 02:52:36
And this one doesn't relate to traffic, so. 02:52:43
We we tried to keep on theme but this this one it was important. 02:52:46
And I'm going to turn it over to Lupe Acero, our Finance Director. 02:52:52
But with just a brief introduction, the city has an investment policy. 02:52:57
So unlike the last item where we said we didn't have 1:00, we we do have a current investment policy or we have an investment 02:53:03
policy, but it was last approved and updated in 2014. 02:53:09
So it's not. 02:53:16
Particularly current. 02:53:17
We. 02:53:20
It's important. So we want to moving forward, we want to have the investment policy updated annually. 02:53:21
So this is the first um. 02:53:28