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Went to the closed session portion of tonight's meeting. I'm calling this meeting the order. 00:02:07
The time is now 5:00 PM. 00:02:12
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 00:02:15
Council member Hernandez. 00:02:17
Here. Councilmember McQueen, Lesean here. 00:02:20
Mayor Pro Tem Perez here. 00:02:22
Mayor Martinez, President and let the record reflect that Council Member Gomez is currently absent. 00:02:24
We will now hear public comments soon. Participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature. 00:02:30
Everyone's going to get 3 minutes. Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments tonight? 00:02:35
No public comments for closed session. 00:02:41
OK, Mr. City Attorney, can you please read the closed session item into the record? Thank you, Mayor Martinez. There are two items 00:02:43
on closed session tonight. The 1st is conference with legal counsel existing litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 00:02:48
54956.9, subdivision D. 00:02:52
The case name is OV Coalition at All versus Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency at All. The case number is Santa Barbara 00:02:57
County Superior Court with the number listed in the agenda. The second item of business is Public Employee Performance Evaluation 00:03:03
pursuant to Government Code Sections 54957. 00:03:08
And 54954.5 subdivision E for the position of city manager. 00:03:14
Alright, and we just had council member gonna show up, I know, working a double shift. 00:03:22
Do any council members have any conflicts to disclose for the listed closed session agenda items? 00:03:29
Hearing none, Council will recess to close session. The time is now 5:02 PM We'll be back at 6:30 PM. 00:03:36
Welcome everyone to the City Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:31 PM. 01:33:04
Can everyone please stand and join me for the flag salute? 01:33:12
Ready. Begin. 01:33:21
Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. 01:33:23
And to the Republic for which it stands. 01:33:28
One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 01:33:31
Madam Clerk, can we please take roll? 01:33:40
Council Member Gamma. 01:33:43
Here. 01:33:45
Council Member Hernandez here, Council Member McQueen Lejean here, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here, and Mayor Martinez present. 01:33:46
Tonight we will be hearing our inspiration. 01:33:53
By Council member Hernandez. I thought we do. 01:33:56
OK. 01:33:59
Good evening everybody. Welcome. I'm really honored to give the inspiration this evening. I. 01:34:02
Actually didn't come very prepared, but then I thought of something that. 01:34:07
Was very inspiring. That happened to our city last week with a visit from our sister city. 01:34:11
Representatives from Puerto Vallarta. It was our inaugural event. 01:34:18
On Monday and Tuesday of last week we had. 01:34:22
8 visitors from Puerto Vallarta as part of our sister city program. 01:34:26
And we also had guests who share Puerto Vallarta as a sister city. 01:34:31
From Santa Barbara, also in attendance. So it was a group of about 15 to 20 people. 01:34:36
And we had volunteers from our city who assisted in. 01:34:42
Giving them a tour of our of our great city, we spent two days. 01:34:46
Touring around the city and. 01:34:51
Getting to know each other and there was this one moment where we had just finished lunch at Surfside Restaurant. 01:34:53
And we were getting ready to go on to our next location. 01:34:59
And the music was playing Beach Boys and we all were kind of just standing around and pretty soon we everybody just started 01:35:03
nodding their head. 01:35:07
And we saw, you know what, we all started dancing and we just, it was just so spontaneous and it was just, you know, they just 01:35:11
felt so comfortable and it was they were just enjoying our weather, enjoying the company and we even got former mayor Rich Rollins 01:35:18
up there to dance. And that to me was one of the most, one of the memorable moments of our visit. And we'll share more because we 01:35:26
we reflect on that, on that program and and what we did last week. But that to me was just inspiring that we could be that. 01:35:33
Comfortable each other and have such a good time so. 01:35:41
That's my inspiration. Thank you, Council Member Hernandez. 01:35:43
Mr. City Attorney, can you please provide the closed session report? 01:35:47
Absolutely, Mayor Martinez. 01:35:51
With respect to the first item of business in closed session conference with legal counsel regarding existing litigation. 01:35:53
Council gave unanimous authority to file an answer in the OPV Coalition at Al versus Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency 01:36:00
case. 01:36:03
In order to protect its and its, its water rights as well as its member membership water rights with respect to HWA. 01:36:07
Thank you, Mr. Spalding. We will not hear public comments not pertaining to items on the agenda. 01:36:16
Soon participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you'd like to comment. Comments are limited to 3 minutes. 01:36:21
Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments tonight? 01:36:28
We do, Mr. Mayor. The first one is from Jamie Beavers. 01:36:32
My name is Jamie Beavers. Thank you for the opportunity to talk with the City Council to address the ongoing problem of dogs on 01:36:47
Wanami Beach. 01:36:50
I am a resident and dog owner in the Surfside Two complex on Ocean View Drive in Port Wanami since 2021. 01:36:55
We made certain that we purchased a property that was not on a dog beach. 01:37:02
As I run on the beach approximately 4 to five days a week. 01:37:08
I do not take my dog on the beach and she is never off leash outside of our home. 01:37:11
I made a 911 call after a terrifying confrontation with three dogs, one of which was a pit bull. 01:37:16
Unleashed and uncontrolled by their owner on May 5th. 01:37:22
2023. 01:37:25
I likely prevented an injury, unlike the child bitten on our beach in 2021 by carrying a stick and pepper spray. 01:37:26
The officer I spoke with that day suggested it was an isolated incident. 01:37:34
The unfortunate part of this incident is that it is not isolated. I chose to live near a beach to run on. That prohibits dogs, but 01:37:39
I still have to carry protective measures. 01:37:43
Because the laws are generally ignored and are not being enforced. 01:37:48
Every time I run on the beach, I encounter one to four unleashed dogs in addition to a multitude of leash dogs on the sand. 01:37:52
The officer stated nothing could be done. 01:37:59
Unless I had been bitten. 01:38:01
I would imagine our community is not willing to wait for an individual to be seriously injured to begin to enforce our current 01:38:03
laws. 01:38:07
I read the responses on Facebook to the child bitten by a dog in 2021 and the citizens of Port Winema One are beach to be safe 01:38:10
from risk and possible disease. 01:38:15
The American Veterinarian Medical Association states on their website that there are nearly 90 million nice dogs, but that any dog 01:38:21
can bite. 01:38:25
Dog bites. 01:38:30
Pose a serious health risk to our communities and societies. 01:38:31
More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States, and half of those are children. 01:38:35
I appreciated reading that some of our City Council members support the addition of a dog park to our beach. 01:38:42
It could be useful to alleviate the existing problem if it was enforced. 01:38:48
Online, I have read that some dog professionals and owners are opposed to dog parks due to the lack of vaccine enforcement. 01:38:53
Inability to separate aggressive dogs from non aggressive. 01:39:00
And concern over injury and disease. 01:39:04
I noted there was no location on the Port Wanami website for reported concern regarding Animal Control. 01:39:06
I suspect this is because the number of reports became overwhelming. 01:39:12
I've seen Ventura County Animal Regulation stop on our Ventura on our beach. 01:39:16
The last two weeks but they never leave the vehicle. 01:39:21
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to present this and. 01:39:24
Would like to volunteer in any way I can to help alleviate the problem. 01:39:28
Thank you Miss Beavers. 01:39:33
Thank you. 01:39:34
May I? 01:39:36
Yes. So just Mayor, thank you. So as noted council is not able to respond because the item is not on the agenda but as. 01:39:37
The staff we will get your information if you've given it to the clerk and we will follow up with you and and look at some of 01:39:46
those suggestions. 01:39:49
Becky burning. 01:39:55
Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem. 01:40:07
Council staff. 01:40:09
I'm here tonight representing real guppy outdoors. 01:40:11
And. 01:40:15
I want to follow up on what Laura said about the sisters. 01:40:16
City being here, they did come by. 01:40:19
Our Learning Center. 01:40:23
And they were so impressed with what we had to offer, they invited us. 01:40:24
To go to Puerto Viatra to teach their their children out of fish. 01:40:30
Umm. 01:40:35
So we we enjoyed having them there. 01:40:36
Also. 01:40:41
The law, the poor winning me run. 01:40:42
We had such great turnout for that. 01:40:46
And I want to thank Mayor. 01:40:49
Martinez for. 01:40:51
Setting that up for us. 01:40:53
Our next family fish day is this coming Sunday. 01:40:56
8:30 to 11:30. 01:41:01
Have the end of Wanami Pier. 01:41:03
You don't need to bring anything, just bring yourself. We furnish everything. 01:41:05
That's it. 01:41:11
Thank you, Miss Becky. 01:41:13
John Welty. 01:41:15
It's. 01:41:33
Sorry, Mayor, That's for an agenda item for the. 01:41:37
Later. 01:41:41
They'll put that to the side. We do have a couple of written comments that I'll just read. 01:41:43
One is from Tracy Susan Phillips, she said. Good evening, Mayor Martinez, City Council and staff. 01:41:48
The Winema Chamber of Commerce will host a new morning mixer event, Rise and Shine Networking, this Wednesday, July 19th from 7:00 01:41:54
AM to 8:30 AM. 01:41:59
Sponsored by Anna Cappuccino, we invite you to join us and jump start your day. The Chamber will be treating guests to a free cup 01:42:04
of coffee. Meet local leaders and like minded business professional to exchange leads and increase your business contacts. 01:42:10
Chamber members and non members welcomed. As always, we do hope to see you there. 01:42:17
Remember, the early bird gets the lead. 01:42:21
The next public comment is from Joan Tharp. 01:42:26
Dear Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem, Council members and staff, I am requesting that item 14 be pulled from the consent calendar for 01:42:29
further discussion. 01:42:33
While I am in full support of an interactive and inclusive playground, I don't think placing it on the sand on either side of the 01:42:37
pier is a well thought out idea. 01:42:42
On and around July 4th of this year, we had high tides of close to seven feet that, even with recent beach replenishment and 01:42:46
public works best efforts, inundated the area around and West of the pier. 01:42:52
These high tides and sea level rise will continue to challenge our city's infrastructure, and adding a playground on the beach 01:42:58
seems a little like testing fate. 01:43:02
There is no guarantee that we will continue to get the support needed to replenish the sand from the federal government. 01:43:07
Regardless of how supportive Congresswoman Brownlee has been. 01:43:12
In addition, my experience tells me that sound does what it wants to do. 01:43:16
The climate crisis is going to continue to challenge beach communities, and we should be smart about our ability to be resilient 01:43:19
in the face of this challenge. 01:43:23
The area between lots B&C seemed like a more suitable space for this project. 01:43:27
While I would personally like to see this lot restore to natural habitat, we do need more recreational areas for our youth, and 01:43:31
this area is both currently protected from sea level rise by the dunes and not too close to the Ormond Wetlands. 01:43:38
Thanks June 3rd. 01:43:45
And that concludes public comment. 01:43:47
OK. Thank you, Madam Clerk. 01:43:49
We will now move on to agenda approval for tonight for the City Council. May I have a motion and a second to approve the agenda? 01:43:52
So moved. 01:43:59
2nd. 01:44:00
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 01:44:01
All in favour. 01:44:03
Aye, all opposed. 01:44:04
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:44:06
Do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for anyone item on the agenda? 01:44:09
All right, we will now recess the City Council meeting and call to order the Housing Authority special meeting. 01:44:17
The time is now 6:42 PM. 01:44:25
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 01:44:29
Member Brown. 01:44:33
Member Blackwell. 01:44:35
Member Gamma. 01:44:37
Member Hernandez here, Member McQueen, Lesean here, Vice Chair Perez here and Chair Martinez present. 01:44:39
Madam Clerk, are there any public comments? 01:44:46
No public comments. 01:44:49
We will now consider items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion. 01:44:51
Unless there is a request to remove an item for discussion, may I have a motion and a second to approve our consent calendar? 01:44:55
Move to approve. 01:45:02
2nd. 01:45:03
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 01:45:05
All in favour. 01:45:07
Aye, all opposed. 01:45:09
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:45:11
There are no business items tonight, so we will now move. 01:45:15
Onto Authority members reports, comments and requests for future agenda items. 01:45:18
We'll start with member Blackwell. 01:45:24
I don't have anything to add. 01:45:28
No, on this consent calendar, you're just we're not going to it. 01:45:31
Like. 01:45:37
It says locate request for out of state travel. 01:45:37
Registered this Christmas at that that we're going to. 01:45:42
Are you approved that or that's what we approved? 01:45:46
OK. 01:45:50
My fault. 01:45:51
Miss McQueen. 01:45:54
John. 01:45:55
All right. The Housing Authority will adjourn to its next regular meeting of September 5th, 2023 at 6:30 PM, and we will now 01:46:01
reconvene the City Council regular meeting. The time is now 6:44 PM. 01:46:06
And we will move on to presentations. 01:46:13
#4 or Oath of office for our City Manager. 01:46:19
I'd like to welcome everyone welcome our new. 01:46:23
City Manager James Vega and have the city clerk administer the oath of office. 01:46:27
Mr. Vega, would you like to say a few words after or before? I'll say a couple before if I may. Thank you, Mayor. 01:46:31
I don't have much to say and I know we have a lot of business to do, but I think I spoke a little bit at a meeting about a month 01:46:40
ago. 01:46:43
And just to reiterate, I am thrilled to be here. I have. 01:46:47
Deep ties to Port Wanami I. 01:46:51
Moved here while I was in college and. 01:46:54
Lived in. 01:46:58
And a cap of you and then? 01:47:00
Bought My wife and I bought our first house after College in port wine emy. 01:47:03
And we still have a property in Portland, even we're still invested in the community. 01:47:07
And we. 01:47:12
Have been getting back into the community. When I had gone to work in Ohio, we had. 01:47:15
We had moved out there with our two pigs and and we've been coming back. We did the fun run yesterday and starting to reconnect 01:47:20
and see. 01:47:25
People that we hadn't seen in in in a while and starting to get back involved in the community has been great. So thank you to the 01:47:30
community for. 01:47:34
For welcoming us back and just as far as some background, I have 14 years of experience in local government. I worked for the city 01:47:38
of Oxnard. 01:47:42
For nine years in the city of Ohai. For six years. 01:47:48
And ended up I think it's the Goldilocks. 01:47:52
Affect I went to Oxnard and it and it was a little too big and I went to Ohio and it was a little too small and I think I found I 01:47:56
found my Goldilocks here in Fort Wayne. 01:48:01
So I've. 01:48:07
Those experiences with the last six years being city manager of the City of of Ohio. 01:48:09
And one thing that most people who know me know that I'm proud of is I. 01:48:14
Started in Oxnard as the. 01:48:18
One of the absolute lowest paid employees on our. 01:48:22
Multiple page salary schedule. 01:48:26
And I worked for nine years and worked my way up and worked my way up. And then I moved to Ohio and and and got to the point of 01:48:29
being the city manager. 01:48:33
And I for that reason, I think that I connect with all the employees. I have a lot of pride in knowing how people feel and what it 01:48:37
feels like to be in different positions. 01:48:42
And I work well with the staff. And then likewise, because I lived in Port Wanami, I think I. 01:48:48
I know what a lot of concerns are in the community. 01:48:55
And I. 01:48:58
I know when I was living here as a resident, I, you know, saw dogs on the beach without leashes. So I understand the concern. 01:49:00
And a. 01:49:08
Know how important those things are to our residents, so I am thrilled to be here and I'm looking forward to working with the 01:49:10
community for. 01:49:13
For as long as you're happy, so thank you. 01:49:17
Madam Clerk, can you may you please administer the oath of office? 01:49:22
So should I base the? 01:49:40
All right. OK. 01:49:43
In the state of California, that I take this obligation freely, that I take this obligation freely, without any mental 01:50:16
reservation, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion or purpose of evasion. And I will well and faithfully, and I 01:50:21
will well and faithfully faithfully discharge the duties, discharge the duties upon which I'm about to enter, upon which I'm about 01:50:26
to enter. Thank you. 01:50:32
Mr. Vega, would you like to say some additional words before? 01:50:47
Mr. City Manager James Vegan No, I I think that is great. And just again, thank you everybody for having me. 01:50:50
OK. 01:50:58
Would any of the council members like to say some words? 01:50:59
I think we've already shared what we want Mr. Vega to know, but we are so glad to have you and looking forward to working with you 01:51:03
and all the great things you have. 01:51:07
In store, Forest City. 01:51:12
I think it's most impressive that his last day with the city of Ohio was Friday and here he is today. He didn't ask for time off. 01:51:14
He's here to get busy and start working for the benefit of all you and for that. 01:51:19
Extremely grateful. Thank you, Sir. 01:51:24
Yes, I like the opportunity to welcome you. Mr. Vega has our city manager. I'm very happy to have you here, along with your 01:51:28
experience. And everywhere I've gone in the county, somebody inevitably comes up to me and says that we've really got a jam having 01:51:36
you as our city manager DA Eric Nazarenko shared that with me. Supervisor Board Chair Matt Levier shared the same thing with me. 01:51:45
I also watched your last meeting. I'm still it was 5 hours long. 01:51:54
I'm still watching it, but I know that you're. 01:51:59
Ohh hi. The city of Ohio was really sorry to lose you, so that says a lot to what we're getting here. So welcome. 01:52:02
Look forward to working with you. 01:52:08
Yes, I'll Ditto all of my colleagues and sentiments. And I too have had many people come up in the community who've been around. 01:52:11
Of inter county for a while who have nothing but positive things to say and said that. 01:52:19
Ohh, I doesn't realize what they've lost and now it's gone. So I appreciate your experience. 01:52:23
I appreciate. Obviously we can't talk about. 01:52:29
What we discussed but. 01:52:32
The plan ahead? 01:52:33
And what we're going to be doing for the city, I'm excited and looking forward to it. So thank you for being here. 01:52:34
And I just want to mention that earlier this year when? 01:52:41
When we decided that we were not gonna renew the. 01:52:44
Pass city managers contract. I had said a prayer. 01:52:48
And I had to ask. 01:52:52
That we select the best person, the best city manager for our city here in the city of Fort Wayne. Amy. 01:52:53
And I have tremendous faith that we have done that. 01:52:58
And I'm. 01:53:01
I would love to welcome. 01:53:01
Our new City Manager, James Vega to the City of Portland, Amy. 01:53:03
We will now move on to presentations 5:00 and 6:00. 01:53:13
I like to call up Chief Federico for our next two presentations. 01:53:16
Yes. 01:53:36
OK. 01:53:37
So our first proclamation honoring Sergeant Eric Starna for his service to the City of Fort Wayne, Amy, will be read. 01:53:38
By council member. 01:53:45
Laura Nandez, The proclamation. 01:53:47
Want to say a few words first or yes I can. OK, just say I can bring Eric up and. 01:53:50
We yes, we are losing. 01:53:55
Sergeant Eric Starna who? 01:53:59
We spent. 01:54:02
So much time and dedication for the city and led so many programs. 01:54:05
In the department. 01:54:09
With. 01:54:11
Strong leadership and true devotion to some of these programs, and you're taking them all with you. 01:54:12
But it's not. 01:54:19
A sad moment. This is a. 01:54:20
New journey moment. And he's gonna be leaving us to go be a commander with the city of Santa Paula, which is something he had a 01:54:22
dream of for a long time. 01:54:26
So we're going to wish him the best on that journey. 01:54:30
And then there's a proclamation for you. 01:54:34
So it's my honor to read the proclamation honoring Sergeant Eric Starna for his service to the city of Port Wanami. Eric and I go 01:54:37
way back. I worked with him when I was. 01:54:42
In charge of the Ventura County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services, he was the city's emergency manager at the time. 01:54:47
So I I know of the experience and the quality person that he is and. 01:54:55
I also have my. 01:55:01
Have a heart for Santa Paula, having grown up there for many years and I still go to church there on Sunday, so hopefully I'll get 01:55:04
a chance to see you there and let me just go ahead and read the proclamation because I could go on. 01:55:10
Whereas Eric was hired as a Sergeant with the city of Port Winema in 2008 and held multiple roles such as patrol, Sergeant, 01:55:17
detective, Sergeant. 01:55:21
And Training Manager and whereas Eric was recognized as Supervisor of the Year for the Port Wanami Police Department in 2011 and 01:55:26
in 2019. 01:55:30
And whereas Eric has. 01:55:35
Trained through the Federal Emergency Management, FEMA and Emergency Management and served as. 01:55:36
Emergency manager for the City of Fort Wayne. 01:55:41
Portraying me during the Pandemic and whereas Eric Starna has held several leadership roles within the organization, particularly 01:55:44
in projects that have increased efficiency and productivity, and has served in several collateral assignments, such as reserve 01:55:50
Sergeant, training Sergeant and volunteer coordinator. 01:55:56
And whereas Eric has been recognized for his proactive law enforcement approach leading to arrests. 01:56:02
And has consistently led his teams in proactive enforcement, specifically in DUI arrests, which has provided for safer roadways 01:56:08
within our community. 01:56:12
And whereas Eric has received several letters of commendation during his service to the community, which include his interactions 01:56:17
with the residents detailing his dedication, professionalism and compassion, and recognition of his commitment to a safe community 01:56:24
and whereas his colleagues know him as a steady, dependable and dedicated teammate and friend. 01:56:31
Who takes pride in his work with the community and who is always ready to lend moral support or a helping hand would needed? 01:56:39
And whereas Eric has improved the quality of life for residents of the City of Port Wanami during his tenure with the Police 01:56:46
Department and will be greatly missed, now therefore, be it proclaimed that the City Council of Port Wanami hereby recognizes and 01:56:53
honors Police Sergeant Eric Starna for his dedication, commitment and service to our community and wish and wishes him well in his 01:56:59
future endeavors. 01:57:05
Thank you so much, Eric. We're going to miss you. It's a loss to our city. 01:57:11
And I'll just come down. 01:57:15
Ohh, here you can. You can go ahead. 01:57:17
Present that to him. Thank you. 01:57:19
Santa Paula's Gain or Loss. 01:57:31
Sergeant Sarno, would you like to say a few words? 01:57:45
I always promised my wife I'm not gonna cry. These things, you have to be at the mic so the audience can hear you. 01:57:50
I. 01:57:56
Mayor, Mayor, Protem, City manager, welcome to the city. 01:57:58
Gaining a lot by coming here. 01:58:04
Thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for saying goodbye like this. And it's not goodbye. I'm just a couple of cities over. 01:58:07
I'm, I'm reachable, available. 01:58:10
For those of you that showed up tonight to show support, my friends, my colleagues, I want to say thank you for supporting me 01:58:15
throughout this whole time here. I have nothing but fond memories. 01:58:20
We did a lot as as a city, as a community, and I'm very proud of that. So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for 01:58:25
showing up here and and recognizing me. I appreciate that. Thank you. 01:58:30
Thank you. 01:58:36
Would anybody like to say some words? 01:58:43
Sure. 01:58:47
So we have not had an opportunity to spend any time together, but as you heard in the proclamation and from the chief, your work 01:58:49
is. 01:58:55
Has been. 01:59:01
Not just beneficial, but but quite an honor for you to be serving here for us and so this one saying that. 01:59:04
I I. 01:59:14
Was thinking when you were up. Talking is too much is given. 01:59:15
Much is required. 01:59:20
And I have no doubt whatever is required of you, you're going to be successful at it. So thank you for all that you've done for 01:59:21
us. 01:59:25
Thank you. 01:59:31
Mr. Starner for your service and thank all the police officers for serving in the city of Port Wanami. 01:59:32
And service to our communities. 01:59:38
Connecting to the city and Ventura County is equally important and. 01:59:41
I recently went to Santa Paula and I was blown away at how fancy and nice their Main Street is and it's a pretty cool place. 01:59:46
There's no beach there, but it's alright, you know. And I just from the moment I ever met, I first met you. You're always smiling, 01:59:53
you're always positive and you're always moving forward and. 01:59:59
You know, I just want to wish you well and thank you for your many years of great service to our city. Thank you so much. 02:00:06
Congratulations, Commander. I think this is a great opportunity for you and your family. I know your wife is proud. 02:00:18
And this is an opportunity that not many people get, so good luck to you. Be safe. 02:00:24
And I thank you for your service to Wanami. We appreciate you. 02:00:30
I just want to mention it must have been. 02:00:35
12. 02:00:38
10 years, I can't really remember. But I I know I was a lot younger back then when I had somebody break into my car and and take 02:00:39
my passport. I don't know why I would leave my passport that one night, you know, just it just happened to be bad luck and I made 02:00:45
a police report and that's when I first met you. 02:00:50
And I just remember feeling so. 02:00:56
So happy that I made the report and that I met you because you made me feel much more comfortable. Made me feel like. 02:00:59
You know, even though it was my fault, it it made me feel better knowing that somebody wasn't. 02:01:05
Yelling at me, telling me that why am I leaving my passport in my car, you know? 02:01:09
So I know you're gonna treat everyone with kindness. 02:01:14
And I just want you to know that you were respected, loved and appreciated here in the city of Fort Wayne. 02:01:17
Thank you. 02:01:23
Lori, did you want to say anything? I think I've said OK. 02:01:25
All right, Sergeant Sarna. 02:01:28
Thank you for your service. 02:01:30
We have one more proclamation honoring Senior police Officer Nora Starna for her service to the City of Portland. 02:01:37
Yeah, as you heard, we're losing the other half of the team Starna. 02:01:45
Also for many years of dedication. 02:01:50
In service to our city. 02:01:55
But with Nora, you have to understand you're also losing one of the most tenacious detectives that we've had in in recent years 02:01:57
and also comes with. 02:02:03
A very compassionate detective. 02:02:09
Who was a very sincere to to our victims. 02:02:12
And also found the time in her later years to. 02:02:16
We use that same compassion and tenacity to take care of our senior residents, especially through our Heart program, so. 02:02:20
Somebody who will be truly missed. 02:02:29
And we thank you. 02:02:31
And. 02:02:33
Have a proclamation on. 02:02:34
Whereas Nora Starna was hired as a police officer with the city of Port Onemi in February 2007, promoted to senior officer in July 02:02:37
2021, and honorably retired from the city of port when you meet on July 9th, 2/20/23. 02:02:44
And whereas Nora held multiple roles within the Port Wanami Police Department, including field training officer, investigator and 02:02:51
active Detective Sergeant. 02:02:56
And whereas Nora was recognized as Offers of the Year for the Port Wanami Police Department in 2009, Mad Deuce Award in 2009, and 02:03:00
C IT Officer of the Year in 2023. 02:03:06
And whereas Nora was awarded the 11th annual Whining Me Bay First Responder Award by Whining Me Bay Carefree Living Association 02:03:12
and has been actively involved as the coordinator for the Whining Assist Residents Together program. 02:03:18
And whereas Nora has received several letters of commendation during her service to the community. 02:03:25
Including assisting with organizations such as. 02:03:30
Ladarius compensates. 02:03:34
And Partnership for Safe Families. 02:03:37
And also coordinated the law enforcement Special Olympics torch run. And whereas Nora has been recognized by her supervisors for 02:03:39
her dedication, work ethic and diligence in protecting the residents of Port Wanami. 02:03:45
She has been further recognized by the District Attorney's Office for her thoughtfulness and commitment to her to her cases to 02:03:51
ensure that justice is achieved. 02:03:55
And whereas her colleagues know her as a steady, dependable teammate and friend who takes pride in her work with the community and 02:04:00
was always ready to lend moral support or helping hand when needed. 02:04:05
And whereas Nora has improved the quality of life for the residents of the city of Port Wanami. 02:04:10
During her tenure with the Police Department and will be greatly missed. 02:04:15
Now, therefore be it proclaimed. 02:04:19
That the City Council, the City of Port Wanami hereby recognizes and honors senior police officer. 02:04:21
Nora Starna for her dedication, commitment and service to her community and wishes her well in all her future endeavors. 02:04:26
And folks, it should be noted that. 02:04:41
She is also going on to another great journey. She's going to leave us to be an investigator with the Ventura DA's office and they 02:04:43
really do choose from the best for investigators. It's a tough club to get into, so. 02:04:48
Still doing incredible things. 02:04:54
Thank you. 02:04:57
I just want to say a few words, Mayor. 02:05:14
Mayor Pro Tem. 02:05:17
And to the community members here, it was an honor serving here in the city of Port Wanami, my elderly community. I am very 02:05:18
humbled to serve this great city that I will be missing. 02:05:23
Thank you. 02:05:29
Would anyone? 02:05:38
Yes. 02:05:40
Yeah, I I wanted to thank you. 02:05:41
Nora for your service to the city of Port Wanami. 02:05:44
Has a female officer you've you've been a role model for other women to follow? 02:05:48
I know you're a great detective, and I know that the DA's office only takes the cream of the crop. 02:05:53
Umm. 02:05:58
You know, I met Nora. 02:05:59
I'll dare say behind a tree when I was escaping a crisis situation and I was told to. 02:06:02
To go to an area, and I was supposed to look for an officer somewhere, and I couldn't find the officer, but there was Nora. She 02:06:08
picked her head around the tree and and there she was, and I felt so safe. 02:06:14
Kind of behind that tree with you. So I thank you for your service. Always remember that moment. And I wish you the best of luck 02:06:21
working for our DA Eric Nesterenko. I know you'll do great. Thank you. 02:06:26
Yes, congratulations. We're definitely losing a strong female presence in our Police Department and I appreciate your service that 02:06:34
you've done for the community, both of you and. 02:06:39
Good wishes and be safe out there in your next careers, so thank you. 02:06:44
I thought you were retiring. 02:06:51
And really appreciate all the interaction I've had with you over the years. I think you helped my mom. 02:06:55
When my Christmas present was stolen out of her car and. 02:07:03
Yeah, I I'm really thrilled that the DA's office is going to have you working to make our community better. Our community is 02:07:10
connected in so many ways, and it's so great to know that this little city of Port Winema is spreading goodness. 02:07:16
Throughout Ventura County. So thank you, Starnes. You're making that happen. Thank you so much. 02:07:23
And I'll just say thank you for your service. 02:07:29
I wasn't going to say anything about women, but I I think since my other two colleagues has, I'll go ahead and add to that. 02:07:33
So you probably don't see people that look like you. 02:07:40
In your role. 02:07:44
And you probably won't see too many people that look like you in your new role. 02:07:46
But isn't it wonderful to be hand selected? 02:07:51
And so when you don't get there by just being. 02:07:54
You know, coming to work every day, it's something special that puts you there. And so I just. I'm so excited for you, for your 02:07:58
future. But thank you for all that you've done for Port Whiny And I know the officers and our new chief is gonna really miss you, 02:08:04
but we send our blessings with you as you go to your new role. 02:08:10
Yes, thank you, Officer Nora Starna for your service here in the city of Port Annie. Thank you. 02:08:18
Our next presentation will be will be given by the Ventura County Economic Development Collaborative if they could. 02:08:31
Now make their way up, please. 02:08:38
Thank you. Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, Council members, staff recently President, CEO, Economic Development Collaborative 02:08:41
and as you often say in these circumstances and a resident of the Ohio Valley, I'm sorry Bruce, let's let's give them. 02:08:48
30 seconds or so too to make their way out and I was going to say in a tough act to follow by the way. 02:08:57
And then? 02:09:15
Tony If. If. 02:09:17
Mr. Stewart. 02:09:19
If you feel like they're gonna be out there, could could you close the door just for a bit? 02:09:22
Thank you. 02:09:26
Don't rush him. It's their moment. 02:09:28
Thank you. Chris Hensley, President and CEO, Economic Development Collaborative. We're going to try and do just a couple of things 02:09:39
here tonight, try to be fairly brief. 02:09:43
I'll provide a little bit of overview on who we are at EDC, why we do and how we do the things that we do. Alondra Gaitan, our 02:09:47
Director of Strategic Relations is going to pop up focus more specifically on the services and our opportunities for partner 02:09:52
together. 02:09:56
The slide deck that I've given you has several slides that I won't address in detail a little bit of context. 02:10:01
But I'll follow up at the end with some. 02:10:07
And contextual stuff about where we see why anemia in the context of Ventura County and some opportunities going forward. 02:10:09
And that's what that slide says, I think. Wow, there we go. 02:10:16
So just a couple of orientation points down here. 02:10:19
We like to ground this by saying that as an economic development organization, while we focus first and foremost on business and 02:10:22
the economy, we want to do that in a manner that we refer to as triple bottom line. That is, we want to be conscious, respectful 02:10:27
of. 02:10:31
Aware of our impacts and the work that we're doing to the environment and then most specifically this notion of social equity or 02:10:36
broadly shared opportunity. It's not about business only for the sake of business, but for the sake of quality jobs and 02:10:41
environment conducive to entrepreneurship and building community. 02:10:47
The second piece up there? Practice of economic development. Three pieces. 02:10:52
To demystify what we do, it's not that complicated. We focus on retaining and growing the business base. We focus on attracting in 02:10:56
some cases businesses to the region. 02:11:01
And then we focus on entrepreneurship. And I should stop when I say less pieces. 02:11:06
I learned pretty much everything I know about economic development from Steve Kenney, who's been in this. 02:11:10
Profession for a generation and is a leader in the region and really respect what he's taught me and everything that I don't know 02:11:15
is not his fault, just by the way, so be. 02:11:20
So an overview of who we are and what we do. To be very clear, we're a public private partnership. We're A501C3 corporation. We 02:11:26
partner with groups by. When I say that like Chambers of Commerce, we are not an advocacy organization. It's not our role to go 02:11:33
yell at Sacramento or DC about the business climate. Rather it's to work directly with business to find resources. 02:11:40
To facilitate business growth and strategy and work. 02:11:47
We believe the city is our partner and equally a partner and a client for us as the businesses that we serve. 02:11:50
We're a regional organization. Our grounding is in Ventura County, but we serve Santa Barbara as a small business center and our 02:11:58
lending services that our laundry will go into more detail. A lot of services in LA and San Luis Obispo County, but again Ventura 02:12:02
is our ground. 02:12:07
Home and a lot of partnerships that we'll get into, maybe a little bit with the Governor's Office of Business and Economic 02:12:12
Development and others. 02:12:15
When I said there are kind of three strategies you can look at business growth and retention. 02:12:19
And attraction and entrepreneurship were mostly about growth and retention. A little bit where I should say increasingly about 02:12:24
entrepreneurship, the idea of taking local innovation and talent and creating new business. 02:12:29
We have a great partnership. We call Fathom works with several of the commands at Navy Base Ventura County. 02:12:35
And with support and others. 02:12:41
And we do a lot of work in global trade. 02:12:43
We do a lot of work if you go to our website and research and analysis trying to understand the driving factors of our region. 02:12:45
And I should close my piece on this by saying we want to be in our very specifically performance based. That is, we don't want to 02:12:52
just talk about what we're doing in economic development, we want to measure it. 02:12:58
And make sure that we're having actual impact on a case by case with businesses. 02:13:03
I'll turn it there over to Alondra. 02:13:08
Our Director of Strategic Relations. 02:13:10
Thanks, Bruce. Good evening, Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem and council and staff of course. 02:13:15
My again, my name is Alondra Reitan and I'm going to talk about our services that the CDC provides. 02:13:20
We obviously provide one-on-one technical assistance services. So we have 50 business advisors that provide one-on-one assistance. 02:13:27
So these advisors assist businesses with anything that goes from starting their business, strategic planning, finance or operating 02:13:35
their operations, access to capital, marketing, branding and being able to become a lien. 02:13:43
Efficient operation. So we provide services to manufacturers and those such industries. We do have a lending program and one of 02:13:52
the main purposes of our lending program is to be able to provide. 02:13:59
A job. So once they receive funding through our DC loan program, we expect that they create a job with the funding that we provide 02:14:07
them for their business. Most of our capital goes up to $250,000 that we're able to lend and we also have a childcare loan fund 02:14:15
that we provide to childcare centers and childcare businesses. 02:14:24
And these are the areas of business advising that we provide at the EDC. We also do venture matchmaking. We support folks with 02:14:34
human resources and legal issues as well as market identification, customer service. 02:14:42
And government contracting and procurement, as Bruce mentioned, we do have a relationship with Fathom works in the port and so we 02:14:50
have. 02:14:54
A number of initiatives that we're working on with Fathom Works. 02:14:58
Some of our initiatives involve our SBA Export Trade Technical Assistance program, which is a Greater Los Angeles program that we 02:15:03
have. So it covers the LA area of Ventura County. 02:15:09
Santa Barbara County and we support folks who are importing and exporting and who need assistance managing relationships with the 02:15:15
foreign service. We also have our work based learning training team and we received a grant through our digital upskilling 02:15:23
initiative through Jackie Congresswoman, Jackie Irwin's office. And so we're providing training for workers and connecting workers 02:15:30
to pathways to create businesses and. 02:15:38
Be successful in the digital era. We also have an initiative currently with the Uplift Central Coast which is the six county 02:15:45
partnership supporting with our California Economic Resiliency fund we're currently working with. 02:15:52
Community members to listen to what their needs are and the barriers they are facing and being able to prioritize where we're 02:16:01
going as a Central Coast for a regional strategic plan. And again, we also have an initiative for our early childhood education. 02:16:09
And I'll kick it over to Bruce now. 02:16:24
So just a couple of real quick things here. So probably the most important thing we could talk about is what can we do together in 02:16:31
terms of options for partnering with the city? 02:16:35
And we've done this with other cities. We haven't been doing a whole lot here in the city of Port Wine, Emy, So we want to do 02:16:39
that. 02:16:42
We can collaborate with the city and its various departments and the chamber and others to make sure we're doing more blanket 02:16:44
outreach to the community to get business out. I know you already do that, but we can collaborate add resources to that. 02:16:51
And we've done workshops that are targeted specific industry sectors or types of business. 02:16:57
Could be retail, it could be types of things like access and capital and business management issues. 02:17:02
We can do those live, We can do them here, We can take them through webinars online. 02:17:08
We can focus on practical issues like financial management, QuickBooks. 02:17:14
You name it, we can customize that information or that training. 02:17:19
Or that collaboration to whatever is sort of community need or priority interests identified by any of you and your team. 02:17:24
And and when we do this, we can also draw in a variety of additional partners. We work with a group called Women's Economic 02:17:32
Ventures. 02:17:35
As well Andrew mentioned, we do more one-on-one direct professional technical assistance with business owners about solving 02:17:39
individual or specific problems. 02:17:43
Weave as a partner is much more oriented and expert at doing classroom based activity and also work incredibly well with women 02:17:47
entrepreneurs. 02:17:51
And we partnered with Chambers. We can work with the workforce, board, community colleges, Navy, port, etcetera. 02:17:56
So. 02:18:02
I'll leave that and move on to a couple of other points, but that's the main thing we want to do is plant the flag, plant the 02:18:03
notion. 02:18:06
That whatever we can do in collaboration with you on behalf of the businesses and industry and the residents of the city, we're 02:18:10
all in. 02:18:13
So I want to go with a couple of other points before I hop out of the way. 02:18:17
Most everything you do right in a business and economic development department or an activity is done in a context right? And it's 02:18:21
generally thought that you read the press in California's falling into the ocean and we do have problems, but there's also a ton 02:18:26
to celebrate in the strengths. 02:18:31
Of California, coastal California, Ventura County. 02:18:36
Whining me in particular, there's this thing called the National Natural Amenities Index, and I can't help but throw this up. 02:18:39
Every time I talk to a group, the USDA federal government looks at 3111 counties around the United States of America. 02:18:46
And has concluded, and I quote Ventura County is the absolute most desirable place to live in America. 02:18:52
That of course helps if you can afford the home, and I don't mean to make fun of that, but we get the idea. And these other ones 02:18:59
the same thing. They identify, yes. 02:19:03
Well, we have issues when you cut through all of the various categories that deliver quality of life or inhibit quality of life or 02:19:07
actually a very competitive place. 02:19:12
Very quickly, and I won't go into this, we could summarize our economic competitiveness. 02:19:18
You probably know these Pines. We've got deep assets in all of these areas that are listed here. 02:19:22
We can come back and talk about those another time. 02:19:27
But we also have some extraordinary regional weaknesses and we know that the high cost of living, the high cost of housing in 02:19:30
particular, we know that we've got a lot of retail and commercial property. 02:19:35
Vacancies, particularly during COVID as we move to online sales. 02:19:41
This is both a problem and an opportunity to reuse resources. 02:19:46
Umm. 02:19:51
And I'm going to hit just a couple of other items here. We're going to skip the COVID piece. You know these we went through a deep 02:19:52
recession. 02:19:56
We are actually recovering incredibly well. We're covering, I think, better than most of the regions around us. There's a lot of 02:20:00
debate around that. 02:20:03
But I would defend the points that show Ventura counties actually in a in a powerful recovery. 02:20:07
I'm gonna leave you with just a couple of thoughts here. We took some data and the handouts that we provided you. 02:20:11
There is a very detailed numeric summary of where does the City of Port Winema exist in terms of jobs within the city as compared 02:20:17
to the number of jobs in the same categories by industry sector in the county. 02:20:24
This is not a look at resident occupations, this is a look at the jobs that are based within the city. 02:20:31
And there are just a couple of real macro points I want to hit on that .1. 02:20:38
Is and I don't want to be a downer on this, but I want to make sure that we're clear on the point and I'm sure you're aware of it. 02:20:42
The city of Portland anemia is somewhere around 2.6%, maybe 2.5% of the county's population. 02:20:47
But only about 1.2% of the jobs. 02:20:54
Are located in the city. 02:20:57
So there's an opportunity there to create more, more jobs. 02:20:59
This is a challenge relative to a landlocked, surrounded community and how you manage real estate. And those are the expert issues 02:21:03
that you have, not me. 02:21:08
But it is an opportunity or or an issue, right? 02:21:12
You also have a high concentration of jobs that don't pay necessarily the highest wages. 02:21:16
There's a concentration in food. 02:21:20
Not so much accommodation. You're about the same as the county and the density of retail jobs. 02:21:23
But a couple of areas that you're underrepresented with an economy that's attached to the ocean, our arts, entertainment and 02:21:28
recreation, there's some opportunities there. 02:21:33
But we can look at those and figure out, you know, sort of what are some of the strengths and weaknesses. 02:21:38
Last this slide, I was somewhat reluctant to put this in there. 02:21:43
And this is actually not an unusual slide or a picture relative to Ventura County generally. 02:21:47
Only about 20% of Ventura County's workforce. 02:21:52
Both lives and works in the city. 02:21:56
In the same city. 02:21:59
That's a very severe issue in the city of Port Winema, where only about 350 of your labor force residents actually live in the 02:22:00
city. 02:22:04
They commute out to work elsewhere. 02:22:09
There's no magic switch and button and finger snap to retain those folks. 02:22:11
But it's something to think about. But this is a Ventura County problem. 02:22:16
We have people who love their neighborhoods but find employment somewhere else. 02:22:19
And if I were the director of VCTC, the Transportation Commission, I would say that's a problem because we've got people running 02:22:24
all over. 02:22:27
But one of the points that we want to leave you with is this notion that everybody talks in Ventura County about we need more 02:22:31
housing. 02:22:34
But as an economic development organization, we want to also echo the point that we also need more jobs we want to do more about 02:22:38
thinking about. 02:22:42
How we create opportunity for retaining? 02:22:46
Quality, high paid jobs for our residents. It's not easy to do, but if you don't think about it, you don't measure it. 02:22:48
You don't do it, so we want to be a partner with you and thinking about. 02:22:54
How we're creating jobs, How we're creating opportunity and retaining the talent. 02:22:58
Of our residents, not just in Wanami 4 Wanami, but for Ventura County generally. 02:23:02
Driving to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara. 02:23:06
We mentioned here there's some real opportunities. We believe in Ventura County and quote UN quote light manufacturing, the whole 02:23:10
research and development, it doesn't take. 02:23:14
Huge industrialization. It just takes craft and land. Land opportunities. 02:23:18
Well, you have a ton of transportation jobs in in in Wyoming. Not a lot of jobs in the wholesale trade side. 02:23:23
Again, not an easy connection to make, but generally they go together and there's some opportunities there. 02:23:30
We say agriculture and food systems. Ventura County is, of course, enormously concentrated in the ag sector. 02:23:36
But we think there's even more opportunity for growth in what they call craft food. 02:23:42
Et cetera. You know, people want to know where their food came from. They want to know that it's local. They want to know that 02:23:47
there's quality and we think there's huge opportunities there. 02:23:51
And finally to the last three pints. 02:23:56
We can do a lot together to make sure that we're building with our resources and other organizations, other partners. 02:23:59
To build the capacity of, the strength of and competitiveness of the businesses in the city and use that as a foundation and a 02:24:05
catalyst to grow. 02:24:09
We also believe in investing in early child education. 02:24:13
You know, there's an old phrase, what if we educate them and they leave? And the answer to that is what if we don't educate them 02:24:16
and they stay? And while that can be a joke, it's also a very serious statement and we want to close by saying we recognize. 02:24:23
But they're huge assets and they're tricky assets, the Navy and the part. 02:24:30
We're working with them and we want to work with the city to figure out how we make sure that we're a facilitator of connecting 02:24:34
those opportunities. 02:24:37
We are there and we'd be happy to answer any questions. Thank you. 02:24:42
Thank you, Bruce and Alondra for your presentation. 02:24:46
Do any members of? 02:24:49
Council have. 02:24:51
Questions. I have one question. 02:24:52
In the job. 02:24:55
Calculations. 02:24:56
Did you you considered the port? 02:24:57
Jobs. 02:24:59
Not no, because they have to be resident to the boundaries of the City of Port Wine Emy. And so I may be answering the question 02:25:01
wrong. It's. 02:25:06
It's not in. My answer would be this. 02:25:11
The data doesn't suggest that they're all captured. 02:25:16
Because I think it would be a larger number. 02:25:18
Right. And that would. 02:25:20
Venture this suggests that the the Navy provides a lot of jobs as well. Absolutely. And I'm pretty sure you're not counting those. 02:25:22
It's a it's a tricky calculation when you ever look at municipal boundaries, adjacent or overlapping federal institutions like a 02:25:29
Navy base, right. So you're spot on. I should have led with that. That makes the data. 02:25:35
Challenging. 02:25:42
But when we're thinking of the city specifically I'm thinking of your neighborhoods and commercial zoned properties and optimizing 02:25:44
those opportunities. Well, I would settle for counting the pork chops and we could leave the Navy out of it. But Fairpoint and I 02:25:51
and I bundle, I do believe the port of Wyoming is in the city of Wyoming. I think you're right, support jobs those several 100. 02:25:58
Yes, my mistake you're. 02:26:06
Thank you. 02:26:08
OK, good questions. 02:26:10
I don't have a question, but I thank you for coming and giving us a presentation. 02:26:14
I appreciate them. 02:26:18
Since I see you once a month or at least twice a month as a regular, I should have mentioned, we appreciate your participation on 02:26:20
our board and on our Executive committee. Thank you for the leadership. Yeah, I thank you for the work you do with small business. 02:26:25
Yes, Bruce and and Alondra, I'd like to thank you guys for your presentation. I just. 02:26:31
Want to let you know that I I had. 02:26:35
Asked for this presentation after I had met Louisa Out, one of your employees out at Santa Paula when I she was doing a 02:26:38
presentation for. 02:26:42
For Santa, Paula and I asked her what? What is it? What is it gonna take? 02:26:48
To get these presentations, these workshops for our community here in Fort Wayne, Amy. 02:26:53
And I also want to thank our interim city manager, former interim City Manager Tony. 02:26:59
Stewart, for putting it on the agenda. Thank Thank you very much for putting it on the agenda. 02:27:05
What? 02:27:10
Workshops do you recommend that we do in our community or what can you offer in terms of like what? What would you say is like a 02:27:11
strong base of workshops? 02:27:15
Given that about 12% of the jobs resident to the city are in the retail and related sector and those are small businesses working. 02:27:20
And too often with the shoe box managing their finances, the one that you mentioned. 02:27:29
Louisa something related to? 02:27:34
Financial Management, QuickBooks Identifying Sources of Investment and Revenue would be. 02:27:37
Probably a high density place to start and then I'm not sure expanding beyond that. We would have to work with you and. 02:27:43
And survey the residents. 02:27:50
Check with Mr. Kenney and others and figure out how we might craft strategy. 02:27:52
And and you would be more than happy to. 02:27:56
Do. 02:27:59
Some sessions like say. 02:28:00
Four or five different sessions across how many months? 02:28:03
We could customize that however it makes sense. 02:28:07
The only trick there is. 02:28:09
The stick to it. You gotta make it. 02:28:11
Tight and compact enough. 02:28:13
For people to want to be there, and business owners of course struggle to. 02:28:15
Find the time to go find others. So. 02:28:20
We try and craft something that makes sure that. 02:28:22
It doesn't take them away from their work and home, but also gives them some sort of high impact. 02:28:25
But beyond that, we're wide open. 02:28:30
Generally, we found that anything that runs more than a handful of weeks consecutive and a handful of hours or maybe an hour in 02:28:32
each. 02:28:36
You start to have people dropping out. 02:28:41
But. 02:28:44
If it's compelling enough. 02:28:45
We can do it. 02:28:47
Yes. 02:28:49
Are you familiar with Jan Burke? 02:28:51
She's in the back there of. She's the chairperson of a coalition of. 02:28:53
HOA's in our community, I'm not. And thank you for the introduction. Be happy, right? And I think the last meeting that I attended 02:28:58
they talked about community economic development and. 02:29:03
And perhaps going in that direction and and being a resource for us. So I just wanted to let you know that Jen is back there. 02:29:09
Thank you. Other answer, I think I skipped over it. I think some workshops and entrepreneurship on identifying both youth and 02:29:18
adults or people who are thinking about starting a job. 02:29:23
You know, everybody talks about why don't you get somebody to move here, but our greatest asset is our innovative talent locally 02:29:29
and facilitating their. 02:29:33
Ideas. Putting them into business is a lot bigger, bang for the buck and less resistance to getting it done. 02:29:38
So. 02:29:44
All right. Thank you, Mr. Stansley. Hopefully City Council can approve to have you come back and maybe approve some. 02:29:45
Some sessions for our community. Follow up and we'll follow up. City manager, thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you, Andre. 02:29:51
We will now consider items. 02:29:59
On the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless the Council member has a request to remove an item for 02:30:01
discussion. 02:30:04
Mayor if I could. 02:30:09
I actually. 02:30:11
I reviewed the agenda yesterday and there's actually an item I'd like to continue to. 02:30:13
It's item 14, which we received a public comment on. 02:30:20
And I just wanna continue it. The RFP's not drafted yet and for public transparency, I wanna get into the process and into the 02:30:23
routine of. 02:30:28
Having the RFP included in the packet, so I'd like to pull it and then bring it back and I I know there was. 02:30:32
Sometimes sensitivity, but I think that would only impact us by a week or two. 02:30:38
At the end of the day, OK. 02:30:42
Motion. 02:30:45
Move to approve removing item 14. 02:30:47
Or for a later date. 02:30:50
And I would also like to mention that I'd like to pull item number 11 for just a brief discussion. 02:30:52
2nd. 02:31:00
And I would also. 02:31:02
Well, make another motion I guess for the two items. Move to approve removing item 11 for further discussion. 02:31:04
And to remove item 14 to a later date. 02:31:12
I'll second that motion. 02:31:16
OK. Does that include approving the remainder of the and approving the remainder of the items? 02:31:18
It's all meant. Do I need to amend the motion or are we good? Mayor Pro Tem Perez just confirmed the amendment and as long as 02:31:27
you're good with your second and you're good to go. 02:31:32
OK. 02:31:37
So all in favor? Aye. All opposed. Hearing none. Motion passes unanimously. 02:31:38
OK. 02:31:44
So the only reason why I wanted to bring up. 02:31:45
Item number 11 I don't see There isn't. I don't have an issue with this. It's authorizing out-of-state travel for both myself and 02:31:48
Mayor Pro Tem Perez. 02:31:52
For the City Port Joint Advocacy Trip to Washington, DC. 02:31:57
There's $20,000 that were approved from the. 02:32:01
Port. 02:32:04
For us to do this trip. One of the things I just wanted to mention though. 02:32:07
Hopefully we can approve for some of that money to be used. 02:32:10
To cover my sub right now my substitutes. 02:32:14
Right now I'm at -. 3 personal days. 02:32:17
Because I don't have anymore personal days, I've been taking days off this past year so that I can attend to city. 02:32:21
City agenda items. 02:32:29
And so I just, I don't think we're necessarily approving anything. 02:32:31
But I'm hoping that maybe in the future we can discuss that edit code that's available to all Oxnard Union High School. 02:32:35
District employees. 02:32:43
That are also holding a a. 02:32:45
An office, Kevin. 02:32:47
Yeah, I just wanted to to reiterate that it wouldn't be approval of, yeah, it's paying that Ed code to the school district to 02:32:50
cover the Subs that would come back to council. Yes. Yeah, I'm just, I just wanted to bring it up. 02:32:55
I'm I'm just mentioning it. I understand there is no approval. 02:33:01
And and if I may. 02:33:05
On item 11. 02:33:08
I'm excited for mayor and mayor Pro Tem to go to Washington. 02:33:11
But at the same time I also wanna slide a. 02:33:15
An issue, but you know regard to the dredging process and how. 02:33:18
I I don't know who we talked, you know? 02:33:24
I don't know the protocol and making sure that. 02:33:26
We're keeping that conversation alive and keeping data. 02:33:30
So maybe I could. 02:33:33
Put up. 02:33:36
Put together a little presentation or something that you could carry some of the things that we can discuss here. That definitely 02:33:37
was one of the items we will be dealing with when we're there. It was mentioned, OK, excellent. 02:33:41
Yeah. If I could just take on to that discussion, in the packet under attachment A, there's a list of items that you will be 02:33:47
lobbying for. 02:33:51
And I just wanted to recommend that it would it might be helpful to sit down with Mike Tripp, who is. 02:33:56
The project lead for the. 02:34:02
Dredging and to to get his. 02:34:05
Suggestions on issues that you might want to relate in while you're in Washington, but I'm really happy that the both of you are 02:34:10
going. I I think for myself and and maybe for Councilwoman Martha McLean, it was really a really good experience. It was eye 02:34:16
opening and. 02:34:22
You come back feeling like, yeah, you this is something that. 02:34:28
You could add to your your skill set, you know in the future cause we all took turns. 02:34:31
Introducing. 02:34:36
The team. 02:34:37
Identifying the issues and. 02:34:39
You know, we each got a chance to do that and it was it was a good learning experience. So I'm really excited for you guys to to 02:34:41
go. So good luck. 02:34:44
Thank you. 02:34:47
So Motion to Approve item 11. 02:34:49
2nd. 02:34:51
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 02:34:55
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:34:58
And and so just to confirm is the city attorney mentioned the. 02:35:01
Kind of the the point that the mayor made would come back to the council on the first meeting in September, which would still be 02:35:05
prior to that trip. 02:35:08
For council to approve. 02:35:12
All right. We don't have any public hearings tonight, but we do have a couple business items. 02:35:17
Item number 17/20/23 Annual. 02:35:23
Why Nimi Hero Award? Will staff please present the report. 02:35:26
Good evening, Mayor, council, members of the public, city staff. 02:35:32
For the record. 02:35:37
Charles Parrott's empty city manager. 02:35:38
Give a brief presentation on this item. 02:35:40
By way of a quick review. 02:35:44
The City Council approved the Heroes Historic Preservation and Cultural Heritage Policy. 02:35:48
Back in November of 2020. 02:35:53
That policy established various. 02:35:55
Processes to honor individuals and organizations that embody and exemplify community values. 02:35:58
One of the particular. 02:36:05
Items approved in that policy is the annual Winema Hero Award, which is found in Section 5 of the policy. 02:36:07
It provides a process to honor persons or groups that have made unique contributions to the areas of either public safety 02:36:13
community development. 02:36:17
Cultural heritage. 02:36:21
Community Service environment. 02:36:22
And economic development. 02:36:24
As has been done in the past and as prescribed by the policy. 02:36:27
Nominations are requested. 02:36:30
And when received, our first vetted by staff and then presented to the Citizen Advisory Commission for review. 02:36:33
And for recommendation to the Council. 02:36:39
This year we received a total of 13 nominations. 02:36:42
In total, four different individuals were nominated. 02:36:47
At last Monday, July 10th meeting of the Citizen Advisory Commission. 02:36:51
The Commission spent some time. 02:36:56
Reviewing the nominations and discussing this item. 02:36:59
The staff report contains information about the nominees. 02:37:02
Along with the brief summary. 02:37:06
And then there is an attachment that contains all of the nominations that were received. 02:37:09
In summary, the action taken by the Citizen Advisory Commission. 02:37:14
By a vote of four, zero, with Chair Bruning having recused herself from the vote and the discussion. 02:37:19
They see AC voted to recommend. 02:37:25
That the current CAC chair, Becky Brunning, be selected as the 2023 Winema Hero Award recipient. 02:37:28
As is noted in the information. 02:37:36
Miss Browning, or Becky, as most of us know her, serves as a member of the Port Wanami Historical Governance Committee. 02:37:39
She is and has been a museum committee. I'm sorry, a museum volunteer for many. 02:37:45
Many years. 02:37:51
She is currently the treasurer of the Real Guppies organization in our city. 02:37:52
And she, as mentioned, is the chair of the citizen advisory. 02:37:58
Commission. She also served. 02:38:02
With another one of our volunteers. 02:38:05
Juliet Rodriguez to assist with the 75th anniversary postmark event. 02:38:08
And then lastly, it should be noted that she also previously served as the President. 02:38:15
Of the Friends of the Bard Mansion. 02:38:20
Group. 02:38:22
So with that summary and brief presentation, I open it up to the Council for any questions. 02:38:23
Or discussion and ultimately requesting your. 02:38:31
Action and approval for the 2023 ONEMI Hero Award. 02:38:34
Any questions? 02:38:39
Thank you, Mr. Peretz for the presentation. And I wanted to also thank the. 02:38:43
Citizens Advisory Commission for their work on this. 02:38:49
I wanted to know if you could refresh my memory on the deadline for submitting nominations and if there were any nominations 02:38:53
submitted after the deadline. 02:38:57
The policy indicates that we should receive nominations by June 1st. We had a late start this year, so we. 02:39:04
Allowed until the end of June. 02:39:11
In all, 13 nominations that were received were received. 02:39:14
I believe the latest one we received was June 16th and we did not receive any after that date. OK, thank you. 02:39:17
Any more questions? 02:39:24
Comment. 02:39:27
I just want to congratulate them. 02:39:31
Miss Jennifer. 02:39:33
T home. 02:39:35
Miro. 02:39:36
Tomorrow. 02:39:37
Tim Ross. 02:39:38
Miss Anna Lissette Bolo and Mr. Brian Barber. 02:39:40
I guess these were the finalists and and all of these residents are deserving of this award. Unfortunately, we're just going to 02:39:44
award it to 1. 02:39:48
But. 02:39:53
I just think it's important for us to highlight and courage and bring more people to the table to to supporting their community 02:39:54
and I've worked with the. 02:39:59
Becky a lot. 02:40:04
At the museum, Real guppies. And it's. 02:40:06
I know Kevin is ecstatic to have you there, and I know it's a. 02:40:10
It. 02:40:14
It really brings joy. It's not work, it's joy and really appreciate the fact that you're here with us tonight and. 02:40:15
I don't want to take anything away from the other three. They're all great. 02:40:23
Residents in our community who are working hard to make our community better. 02:40:29
And. 02:40:32
So I just wanted to acknowledge the other candidates and. 02:40:34
Fully support Becky in this endeavor. 02:40:38
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 02:40:42
We do have a public comment from Juliette Rodriguez. 02:40:44
Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and Council. 02:40:56
I'd like to 1st begin by extending a warm wini welcome to our new City Manager. 02:41:00
Um. 02:41:04
City Manager Vega. 02:41:06
And also extend appreciation to our former Interim City Manager, Tony Stewart, who I was able to work with. 02:41:07
In. 02:41:16
Preparing for the 75th anniversary so. 02:41:17
Um. 02:41:20
With all that being said, the reason I'm here this evening is. 02:41:21
Not long ago, the city did a call for nominations for the annual Winning Me. 02:41:24
Hero. 02:41:30
Award. 02:41:31
And it didn't take me long to think of someone that really. 02:41:32
Exemplified this award and that is Becky Bruning. 02:41:36
Becky Brunning has been a resident of Port Wanami for over 71 years. 02:41:41
And there's not very many people that can say that in our community. 02:41:46
Maybe Irvine Carpenter, but anyway, there there are a handful of people that have been here that duration and longer. 02:41:50
But during those 71 years? 02:41:58
It was interesting to talk with Becky and to hear about. 02:42:01
All of the support she has given to so many organizations during her residency here. 02:42:05
I have been able to work with her in some overlapping activities. 02:42:10
With the museum. 02:42:15
And also most recently on the museum governance committee that we both. 02:42:16
Share. 02:42:22
A spot on. 02:42:23
And. 02:42:24
Also observe her in so many other. 02:42:25
Organizational capacities. 02:42:28
And the one thing that I was quick to note about Becky is she is. 02:42:30
The very first person to ever. 02:42:34
When asked for any kind of assistance, she's the first one to say. 02:42:37
I'll be there. 02:42:41
Count me in. I can do this. You know she's. 02:42:42
She's always, always there. 02:42:45
And. 02:42:47
So. 02:42:49
I submitted this nomination and there are. 02:42:50
I was glad to see that there were a number of entries that were submitted. 02:42:54
And all the entries had stellar contributions to our community. 02:42:58
I would encourage anyone watching this meeting. 02:43:02
That if you've ever thought of doing anything for your city, there are so many opportunities. 02:43:05
For you to give. 02:43:10
Even an hour or two hours of time a month, but there are many opportunities and I hope that. 02:43:11
Hearing about this program and this nomination inspires you to also give back to our community. 02:43:18
Umm. 02:43:24
You know, one thing I will conclude with is we listed some of the opportunities that. 02:43:24
That Becky has been involved with. 02:43:31
But while this nomination has been circulating, she also jumped in to help with the sister city support Wani. 02:43:32
Committee so she lets nothing go by without jumping in, so I'd like to again encourage you to approve the citizens advisory. 02:43:38
Committees recommendation. 02:43:47
To recognize Becky pruning as the 2023. 02:43:49
Umm. 02:43:53
Why Need me, Hero? 02:43:54
And thank you so much. 02:43:56
Thank you, Juliet. Are there any more public comments? 02:43:58
That concludes public comment. 02:44:02
The recommendation is to approve. 02:44:04
The Citizen Advisory Commission recommendation to recognize Miss Becky. 02:44:07
As a recipient of the 2023 Wanami Hero Award, may I have a motion and a second? 02:44:11
2nd. 02:44:18
I don't know if we want a discussion. Yeah, real quick. I just want to make a comment. 02:44:21
Congratulations Becky. You know, everywhere I go in the community, whenever we have an event, she's there doing, you know, 02:44:26
staffing a booth, representing. 02:44:30
The library representing the museum. 02:44:35
And this? 02:44:38
A reward is a much deserved. 02:44:39
And I I look forward to. 02:44:42
Being there when you receive it during the Wanami Beach Festival, But there was one. 02:44:44
Peace or accomplishment that I think was left out and that's the fact that Becky. 02:44:50
Sits through our City Council meetings and she is there until the very end. 02:44:55
So I mean, that alone I think is deserving of this award. So congratulations, Becky, and thank you for all you do for our city. 02:45:01
And citing through our council meetings. 02:45:09
Took my comment right away. 02:45:12
Alright, well let's have this approved then. May I have a motion? And we did get a motion, right? Ohh. Madam Clerk, can we please 02:45:15
take a vote? I'm sorry I missed the second. Who provided the second actually me. 02:45:21
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 02:45:28
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. Thank you, Becky. 02:45:31
Remember. 02:45:35
Mayor Martinez, may I request a 5 minute break? 02:45:37
Yes, thank you. We'll recess for 5 minutes. We'll be back at 7:50 PM. 02:45:41
Let's say 7:50, but that was actually 7 minutes. So it's been 5 minutes. So we're gonna continue on with our meeting and move on 02:50:11
to item number 18, broadband. 02:50:15
Master plan. 02:50:21
Will staff please present the report? 02:50:22
Yes, thank you. And Mr. Penney's going to give a presentation on the broadband master plan. 02:50:25
We've been mayor, mayor, protem, council. My only introductory comment here is just to. 02:50:31
Point out that in the presentation that Bruce Hensley just made to you bit ago. 02:50:37
There were two or three references to broadband sprinkled. 02:50:41
Throughout this presentation, just to sort of elevate the. 02:50:45
The stature of broadband within the world of economic development, it's recognized county wide. 02:50:49
How important that is is one of the sort of basic building blocks. 02:50:55
One of the utilities, if you will, to make a truly. 02:51:00
Competitive city and county. 02:51:05
So that's the reason that we launched this to begin with and why we are here tonight to hear the outcome of the consultant study 02:51:10
and then decide how to move forward from there. I will just bring to your recollection the fact that we launched this. 02:51:17
In the fall of last year, October or so. 02:51:25
To approve this, this contract for this plan tonight. 02:51:28
It was one of the ARPA. 02:51:32
Funded projects that you all approved last year. 02:51:33
And anything else that I might say about the? 02:51:37
The project or the consultant team or the plan itself is included in their presentation, so I'll just step aside and introduce to 02:51:41
you. 02:51:45
Jeff Lewis and Preston Young. 02:51:51
There are two principles of the Government Technology Group firm that will be. 02:51:53
Presenting to you tonight. 02:51:59
Honorable Mayor and Council and City staff, it's my pleasure to be here to present this presentation. 02:52:05
I'm sorry, could you repeat your name? Jeff Lewis. OK, yes. I'm Jeff Lewis. I'm the managing partner for the Government Technology 02:52:13
Group. 02:52:16
We do broadband planning and strategic planning. I'll skip ahead. I'm going to have that on our slide, but. 02:52:21
To who we are. 02:52:26
And. 02:52:27
So when Preston is our industry expert. 02:52:28
And professional for the for the team. 02:52:32
So tonight we're going to go over about who we are in the group itself. We're going to go over the master plan overview. 02:52:39
We'll do a we did a market analysis of the City of Port Wanami. 02:52:45
We identified goals and needs for the project conceptual design. 02:52:50
We're gonna discuss a little bit about policy. 02:52:54
And go over partnership opportunities and give our recommendations. 02:52:57
And well, well, it's this question is at the end. Feel free to ask any questions during the presentation. 02:53:01
So with that, I'm Jeff Lewis, the managing partner. We also have two other partners, Clancy Priest and Mark Gunther. 02:53:08
Who help out mostly with strategic planning and assessments and other security needs. 02:53:14
And then Preston is an industry expert from UH has done most of the planning for the Bay Area for the broadband for AT&T Wave. 02:53:19
Verizon. 02:53:26
And all those. So he he brings their expertise to us. 02:53:27
So the master plan overview, the primary adjectives that we were given for this was inclusivity. And that's really what the state 02:53:34
and federal government wants. They want to make sure that we get broadband, broadband out to entire communities, not just the area 02:53:39
that the providers usually pick and choose. You know, they're there to make a profit and they're not going to go to neighborhoods 02:53:44
that don't make a profit, so. 02:53:49
That's what all the grant funding is out for. 02:53:55
We wanna make sure that I think the direction was given a reliable network. You'll see from the workshops and the surveys we did, 02:53:58
there was a complaint about reliability and some of these issues. 02:54:02
Everybody wants a reasonable cost. 02:54:07
Broadband, the more competition you have, the better the cost. I mean like if you bring Google in the community, the the cost goes 02:54:09
drastically down. 02:54:13
And if you build if if city builds out or works with a partner or regional effort, you can drive the cost down as well. 02:54:17
And we want to provide broadband infrastructure that supports economic development in smart city initiatives and that was brought 02:54:23
out during the review, the surveys and the workshops as well. 02:54:28
Some things that we noticed during this study was that the city lacks a dig once policy. 02:54:33
I was actually having a off a conversation with the IT your IT manager this afternoon. 02:54:39
And he expressed that that could help build out in your community as well. It lowers costs because once you dig the street, you 02:54:45
drop something in, it's a lot cheaper than trying to dig it, you know, put it in without that effort that's going on. 02:54:51
With some things we found was a port Wanami has redundant fiber. So they they we met up and discussed with them. 02:55:02
And they're very well supported with broadband. 02:55:09
But they are willing to be a partner, so they're willing to share some of their infrastructure. 02:55:11
And there's already broadband infrastructure from their location to the. 02:55:16
Police Department, I think that was put in in the past for the possibility of putting the license plate reader cameras or remote 02:55:20
access for the public safety purposes. 02:55:24
The Navy is also well served at this time. 02:55:29
The Portland Amy Beach Park is not well served, we found, with either Y4 set or coverage, especially during the office. 02:55:32
The big season, Your peak season. 02:55:39
And he he knew Me Bay is an area of need. 02:55:41
And that was highlighted by both the state and federal maps as well. 02:55:44
While most residents are covered with high speed broadband, there were complaints about reliability, as we mentioned earlier. 02:55:52
And a lack of fiber. Frontier is beginning to, you know, to build out that. But there are areas your city just don't have that 02:55:57
ability, availability. 02:56:01
Comment providers from the conversations we had aren't looking at building anything further at this time. 02:56:06
The city has multiple areas that are underserved, like say. We confirmed that with the maps. 02:56:12
We also do a study that we call we. 02:56:17
And we pick various addresses within the city and we test to see what's there. And so we've that helps us validate that in 02:56:20
addition to the workshops and surveys we perform. 02:56:24
There are high priority areas in the city for the California Public Utilities Commission. 02:56:31
Which are eligible for last mile funding, and I'm not sure if you're aware, but the city did recently approve the ability to go 02:56:35
after that small funding. 02:56:39
And we anticipate assisting the city to get 4 to $5 million for its community. 02:56:43
To build broadband infrastructure. 02:56:48
Ventura County is planning the middle mile project, including Port Wanami. 02:56:51
They're gonna run. There's part of middle mile. So just a discussion what that is. 02:56:55
As that's from connecting city to city. 02:56:59
And last mile is from the city to the homes within the community or the businesses of the residents. 02:57:01
So there's a project right now that's connecting all the cities together in the area in the port. Bonus part of that process? 02:57:07
With that I'll. 02:57:16
Preston Young speak to it. 02:57:18
Hello Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, City Council, thank you for the opportunity we have to stand in front of you. 02:57:22
Like Jeff said, I come from the private sector. I'm not real familiar with all the government terms, technology, you know the way 02:57:27
that. 02:57:30
You speak so if I get a little informal. 02:57:33
I apologize now. 02:57:36
During the market analysis, one thing you have to understand is we're trying to figure out not just who's in town, but what are 02:57:38
they doing in town. 02:57:41
Are they in this? Are they gonna be building today? Provide enough broadband? Enough. And I guess broadband, if you wanted to find 02:57:44
it, is just how we connect to the Internet. It's not the Internet itself. 02:57:49
It's actually how we connect. 02:57:53
Fiber, wireless, cellular coverage, whatever it is, that's how we connect. So that's what we're talking about. 02:57:55
You know. 02:58:00
Do you have 4 main? 02:58:01
Main with two main providers. In town you have 4. 02:58:02
In total. 02:58:06
Charter Spectrum has pretty much the city covered with coax with the with what we call a cable or hybrid fiber coax system. 02:58:07
Frontier does. They bought the old Verizon FiOS. 02:58:16
Network which is all fiber optic to the home network. 02:58:19
They do some businesses as well. 02:58:22
Yondu is a provider that's pretty much just in Wanami Bay Area. 02:58:24
And Wi-Fi Harbor also is just up and when you meet Bay. 02:58:28
So as part of the market analysis, we did two different broadband outreach meetings where we talked to the public. 02:58:33
We invite them. We try to get them to talk. What are their experiences that they're having in town? 02:58:40
What are some other concerns? You know? Should the city be spending money on this? Should the city not, or do they have enough 02:58:45
reliability? 02:58:48
So it's these two meetings that we had are very informative as far as what the the citizens attitudes. 02:58:52
If there's business people that show up, kind of what are the businesses? How are they feeling about broadband? 02:58:58
The meetings were well attended. The first one was held in the evening. 02:59:03
At the Community Center and then the second one is held up in Wynee Bay up at the. 02:59:08
Big. 02:59:12
Room clubhouse. Thank you for that. 02:59:15
And. 02:59:18
Wanami Bay itself is very underserved. It's not a good connected area. 02:59:19
And we'll talk about that in just a little bit more in just a second. 02:59:24
And. 02:59:27
As. 02:59:29
Even though the frontier and. 02:59:30
Charter cover the city. There are areas, neighborhoods that they don't. 02:59:32
But there's just simply not enough coverage. 02:59:37
Wasn't even Bears one but also neighboring was outside of Winnipeg Bay. Don't have very good coverage there's. 02:59:39
Isolated things that that. 02:59:44
Or identified by the State of California as what they call priority areas that need help serving. 02:59:46
And we look at the HLD, we'll go into that a little bit. 02:59:51
So these two FCC maps one on the. 02:59:55
I guess it's my left. Hope it's your left too. 02:59:59
It shows you the people that have access to fiber. So if it's a green, they have access to fiber optic network, fiber to the home 03:00:02
network. 03:00:05
And you can see a lot of red. 03:00:09
If you go to the one on the right, that is what people have access to. 03:00:11
What is 100 megabit down, 20 megabit up? 03:00:15
Broadband speeds. 03:00:18
So you can see on the. 03:00:19
The one. 03:00:21
Yes. 03:00:22
Yes, yeah, yeah. But yeah, it's this is my name. 03:00:25
It's an FCC map, so trying to get the city limits put on there is like. 03:00:29
Impossible. 03:00:33
So yes, it is. 03:00:35
Fort Wayne EMI. 03:00:37
The big. The big. 03:00:40
Blocked out areas, the Navy and the southern part is the port. 03:00:41
Umm. 03:00:45
So if you can see that most people have access to at least 120, that's very good for residential, not as good for businesses. 03:00:46
Businesses typically have off site data storage and things where they need a lot more upload speed. 03:00:53
So the fiber optics? 03:00:58
Is what we're really. 03:01:01
Focusing on a little bit more. 03:01:03
And that's where the red spots come in. They don't have. 03:01:04
Access to fiber optics. 03:01:07
So during the broadbands we do a broad and online broadband survey where people can get on the answer questions and part of that 03:01:10
they do a speed test, they can click it. 03:01:14
Automatically downloads their speeds. It uploads it into our things. We know what people are actually getting at their homes. 03:01:19
Yeah. 03:01:26
They're paying for 5500, but they're only getting 100, right? We can look at all that data. 03:01:26
And see who is not getting it. One of the questions we ask. 03:01:31
How is reliable as your service? 03:01:35
As you can see here, 41.1% reliable enough. 03:01:37
That's kind of a questionable yes or no. 03:01:41
Only 15.1% of the people said it was very reliable. 03:01:44
That's kind of a concerning issue. 03:01:47
When? 03:01:49
There's such a reliability issue. 03:01:50
Umm. 03:01:53
That needs to be addressed. 03:01:53
So when we're done with doing all the market analysis, we do what's called a gap analysis, that's. 03:01:56
What you have and what we need. 03:02:01
And how do we get, how do we put those two things together? 03:02:04
I don't want to go through all of these. There's gaps in policies. There's gaps in. 03:02:08
In. 03:02:13
Like Wanami, Bay needs a little bit extra help. They just don't have the coverage that they need. 03:02:14
There's a little, but as far as the city, what are the city needs is it it won't Wi-Fi at all the parks they want. 03:02:19
Connecting all the city facilities together, do they want smart traffic control systems? 03:02:24
What are all these different things that need to happen? 03:02:29
And then we put that together with a conceptual design. 03:02:31
This is what would need to be built. 03:02:35
And we break it down into phases. 03:02:37
Phase one. 03:02:40
Is as we're talking about the Ventura County, they have this middle mile project where they're trying to connect all the city. 03:02:41
At least the city halls together. 03:02:47
They also want to connect some anchor institutions if there's big. 03:02:49
Health care institutions or fire stations or any other government facilities. 03:02:53
That's what they're focusing on. 03:02:58
Umm. 03:03:00
So the phase one is help encourage that to happen. 03:03:01
And if you can't see it, it's down to the bottom. 03:03:04
Pinkish. 03:03:07
It doesn't show up very good on this, but there's a. 03:03:08
Little pink line comes over into. 03:03:10
Up to City Hall. 03:03:12
The second would be connecting city facilities together. 03:03:14
Then going after some schools and then what we call diversity is the yellow. 03:03:18
That is, anytime you have a network, you want to be able to serve it from many different areas if something gets cut or broken. 03:03:22
You can serve from a different direction and. 03:03:28
You no longer have that outage. 03:03:30
The last one that we're going to talk about is actually one of the first things we recommend is the last mile funded areas. 03:03:32
And these are what we got approval for to help try to get that funding. 03:03:38
The $45 million to get. 03:03:41
The state to help pay for this. 03:03:44
And these attacks, those areas on those maps that don't have access to fiber optic networks. 03:03:45
It's stuff that's been identified by the state of California. 03:03:52
As you know, areas that have need and you can see up in the top north area there's the Wanami Bay, but also the neighborhood right 03:03:55
next to it to the left. 03:03:59
That has a lot of. 03:04:03
Need. 03:04:06
And this helps get that. 03:04:07
So we're gonna try to help get that money to help build the network that will get it up there. 03:04:10
So when we do the high level design, we break it down into different phases. How long will it take? 03:04:16
On this one you can see. 03:04:22
This is how many months it would take for each one of the phases on top of each other. 03:04:26
Umm. 03:04:30
This is what the actual overall cost would be. 03:04:33
The $7.9 million is with a with a 10% contingency, because nothing, if you've ever done construction, nothing ever goes to plan. 03:04:35
There's always something that gets in the way. 03:04:43
So we do. What we do is if a very basic quick. 03:04:45
Yet Conservative budget and then we add a little on top of it because you never want to be surprised by something at the end. 03:04:49
And it breaks it down by phase, each phase how much it's going to cost for each one of those phases. 03:04:55
Again, hopefully we can get the last mile funding and that'll pay for a lot of this. 03:05:01
There's even parts of it that diversity we found out just the other day. 03:05:06
For the CP says, the CPC, California Public Utilities Commission said. 03:05:09
That you can actually add in the diversity as part of the last mile funding. 03:05:15
So the last mile and also the diversity, we're above that. 03:05:19
Could actually be paid for by the last mile funding. 03:05:23
So that was good news. We found out just the other day. 03:05:25
Yeah. 03:05:30
Looking at the numbers and the total. 03:05:33
I see. 03:05:36
The last four. 03:05:36
Seem to be more than $7,000,000. 03:05:38
Am I looking at this correct? 03:05:42
If the total 7.2 million you have 3,000,000 ohh what? 03:05:45
Yeah, it's kind of a confusing thing. So it'll break down like if you look at the last mile. 03:05:51
It gives us subtotal and then right below it it gives the total. 03:05:56
So it's the same number. It's the same number. 03:06:00
Because if you look like up at the city facilities are two separate lines, so it adds those and gives you a total. 03:06:03
So it's a little confusing. Very confusing, yeah. You can look at the left hand. Yeah, Yeah. 03:06:08
OK, you would add a just the. 03:06:13
The shaded ones appreciate it. 03:06:15
Just checking your math. Yes, thank you. Good. Yeah. Well, you know, and when you pointed out that I'm like, it's kind of a credit 03:06:18
map, Isn't there a credit table? 03:06:22
I should have cleaned that up, yeah. I think it's just. 03:06:26
The colors are off. I think that's what it is. Yeah. Yeah, I apologize for that. But yes, it's. 03:06:29
Read the only the lines that say total. 03:06:35
OK. And I will turn it back over to Jeff. 03:06:40
Yes. So some of the things we noticed were gaps in the policy and governance. 03:06:46
The biggest one is probably doing a dig once. Joint French policy. We highly recommend that. 03:06:51
We know that you're mostly built out, so development of you may may not be a big impact for the city, but it's something you need 03:06:56
to take into account for with development agreements. 03:06:59
And another big one is trying to take advantage of capital projects if you have old streets. 03:07:03
Our pipes in your streets that need to be rebuilt. That's a great time to drop in conduit if it's not already there. 03:07:08
Partnership opportunities, You're in a rare occasion right now. We usually don't walk in someplace where there's already a big 03:07:18
regional project going on. 03:07:21
So right now there is an opportunity to partner with the regional JPA. We're highly recommending that you do that. 03:07:26
As I mentioned to Steve earlier. 03:07:32
Usually when you go out to try to find a private sector partner with the funding you get from the last mile funding. 03:07:35
It's a six to nine month project that cost 20 to $30,000. The county's already gone through that process and I I can't say who it 03:07:41
is because I don't know, but they're gonna announce it on Wednesday. 03:07:46
They've already identified a partner that's willing to build out within the region. 03:07:52
Which is great for the city if you guys join that, because it's about all that work is already done. 03:07:56
So that's the regional effort is near completion. The JPA was recently approved, they had a lot of grant for $500,000. 03:08:01
That was recently approved, so they are now funded. Do that regional effort and create the JPA. 03:08:08
What's provides for the for the region and why we had to recommend that the city move forward is you're gonna be at the same level 03:08:14
all the other cities. You're not gonna be left out because if they build fiber and you don't, you're gonna be less competitive. 03:08:21
Um, So what we're recommending is in joining the regional effort, plus going for the Last mile grant. 03:08:27
You guys will be in that competitive mode right from the start. 03:08:32
And I know that in the future they're supposed to be bringing in another big fiber line for the Navy. It's been worked on for 03:08:36
about 10 years, I believe, and it may be within two years, I've been told. 03:08:41
They might be putting that together. So that will be a big effort to drive economic development within the area. 03:08:46
When you join, when you do the joint. 03:08:53
Private sector partnership that provides you an opportunity for savings, but with a regional effort that drives that up even more, 03:08:57
you have a a larger economy of scale. 03:09:01
Which provides a greater benefit to community. I'm not sure how the county is set up to do this yet. 03:09:05
But we'll find out soon. But there's possible revenue sharing. 03:09:12
And usually you do non exclusivity and what that means is you're you're building a network that is open, so you have competitive 03:09:15
competition, so you drive down cost. 03:09:20
So our recommendations overall is the former a designated broadband Advisory Board. This is a group that would help you know lead 03:09:29
this and make sure that the efforts moving forward. 03:09:33
Unfortunately with the CPC and the federal funding. 03:09:39
It does really expedite the project. You move them pretty fast, so the faster than normal. 03:09:42
Create policies and workflows. The biggest one would probably be * **** once policy. 03:09:48
We recommend creating a Technology Enterprise Fund. 03:09:52
And what that allows you to do is when someone is digging up the street and you identify that as an area where you want to build, 03:09:56
you have the funding available to put conduit or fiber in the. 03:10:00
In there. So it's kind of like the crawl, walk, run. 03:10:05
Approach where you build it incrementally overtime. You may not get there today, but maybe in 10 years you'll use that piece. And 03:10:09
I've done that. I was a CIO. 03:10:13
Chief information officer of three cities, and we did that in every city, every one of those. 03:10:18
We recommend that you pursue the last mile funding. You've already signed up to do that, which is great and like, say we 03:10:23
anticipate. 03:10:26
There's $20 million set aside for this county. 03:10:30
And we're only aware that Ventura. 03:10:33
City of Ventura and the County applying. 03:10:36
So you're very well positioned to obtain funding for that. We recommend taking part of the regional effort. 03:10:38
We recommend creating a. 03:10:45
Private Public Private Partnership. 03:10:47
And like say with the opportunity to join the JP who's already done this, that's a great opportunity. 03:10:49
As I mentioned, incredibly build out broadband infrastructure. 03:10:55
And support digital inclusion. Like say you have a huge need in the Port Wanami Bay. 03:10:58
And this, the funding that's being provided by Last Mile will help resolve that. 03:11:03
And with that, we're happy to answer any questions you may have. 03:11:10
Thank you, Mr. Lewis for your presentation questions at this time. 03:11:14
Yeah, it's funny when I think of broadband and I'm trying to put my head around it. I think back to when I was a teenager and 03:11:19
Brown Band for me in high school, was having a dime and access to a payphone. 03:11:25
If I got in trouble and so when I see these areas that are in dire need for me, it's like a safety issue like. 03:11:31
You know, if you're at the beach and you're having an emergency and then you don't have service, I mean, you know, that just 03:11:40
ruins, you know, the. 03:11:43
Greatness of having a cell phone. So my question is how do we? 03:11:47
How do we address those lacking areas first? 03:11:52
Well, the the funding, the whole phases is usually that's a long set of phase. 03:11:57
But with the funding that's coming in, we anticipate that probably being expedited. 03:12:03
Because you're going to get funding in there, in the funding from the last mile. 03:12:08
Is there and it's made specifically for those unserved areas. 03:12:11
And if you've seen the plan we there it doesn't go all the way to the beach area, but we are aware that that's a an area of need. 03:12:15
So we've we've put one of the phases which extends fiber optics down to the beach. So now you can extend high speed broadband 03:12:22
Internet there. 03:12:26
Some of the luxuries that you're going to get if you join a GPA into this regional effort, I think you're going to get no matter 03:12:31
what. 03:12:33
But they're the part of the very first beginning phase from the counties. They're extending fiber optics to your City Hall, which 03:12:36
means you're connected to the regional effort, which means you have access to hubs. 03:12:41
Of wholesale vendors for Internet access. 03:12:46
Now you have the ability for the city and for you to extend it to the schools to get wholesale broadband Internet, which 03:12:49
drastically reduces the cost. 03:12:53
And if you're extending it out to your beach? 03:12:58
Yeah, you you've already got the fiber out there. Now it's gonna be a lot easier to extend Wi-Fi technology for your your all your 03:13:00
during the peak season. 03:13:03
So. 03:13:08
Mike, so we can address those. 03:13:09
Most needy areas first you have to with the last mile funny, that's funny, yes, yes, OK that's where it's go through. But we gave 03:13:12
the other phases cause that's those things that you take into consideration, you know, working with your schools. Your schools may 03:13:17
already have a broadband need, so maybe you don't need to connect to schools. 03:13:23
So and then we're but that's we always put that in the plans cause we highly recommend that you do that because once you get 03:13:30
access to the wholesale Internet access. 03:13:33
That can even drive their costs down. And it's always, you know, education to me is a highly important so that there's 03:13:37
opportunities for partnering. And yes, exactly, the school district, it's a different public entity than us. Yeah. And the school 03:13:43
districts, the same funding that gives them low Internet access for broadband can also be used to build infrastructure. 03:13:49
So if you partner with them and they're and they're good partners, you can actually share additional cost. 03:13:56
Thank you. 03:14:01
Question. 03:14:04
This weekend I had an opportunity to talk to Hugh Riley with the Ventura Council of Governments and he mentioned that. 03:14:06
There was a Public Utilities grant that was of multi $1,000,000 millions of dollars for broadband. 03:14:13
Do you know if that's the middle mile project or if it's for something else? Are you aware of? 03:14:22
So the middle mile project is already funded. They're in the process of building it right now. We anticipate that they're going to 03:14:29
be coming to City Hall in Port Wanami in the year, you know, 2425. 03:14:34
That extra money is the money for building the last mile. That's the blue line you saw on the map earlier, which covers a lot of 03:14:40
your city already, and especially the unserved areas. 03:14:44
What we recently found out that Preston mentioned earlier, we always had tentative CPUC meeting and a couple of days ago. 03:14:49
And they announced that yes, you can. 03:14:56
With diversity, diversity means you're trying to come in from two different directions, not and not into the same spot. You're 03:14:59
you're offsetting, you're kind. 03:15:02
Hitting different places, so it's not redundancy. You could be the same spot. Diversity is now you're you're highly protected. 03:15:05
And they're saying that you can't fund that depending on how you allocate the grant. So we will be working very hard to try to get 03:15:11
that included into your grant. Great. I'm looking forward to hearing more about that. 03:15:17
The other opportunity I had. 03:15:23
Not too long ago was to meet with a spectrum representative and he mentioned that. 03:15:27
They are installing. 03:15:31
Broadband. I don't know if it's fiber optics or some other. 03:15:34
Method at Myneni Bay. So there is work being done. Were you aware of that? 03:15:38
OK. There have been discussions, I see. OK. 03:15:48
OK. 03:15:52
And and our our practice when we see when we're coming in doing a broadband plan is that it does raise the attention of the 03:15:53
broadband providers in that area and then they start taking a look at these things. 03:15:58
We really, we're evangelist. We we want broadband everywhere, so we don't care how it's built. If it gets their peaks or 03:16:04
attention, they get it there. That's great. But most of the time we find us at the lake tactic. 03:16:09
City governments trying to do something and they come in and say they're gonna do something. 03:16:15
And they end up not doing it cause it's still not a return on investment. 03:16:18
I see. OK. Thank you. 03:16:23
OK. 03:16:25
Are there any public comments regarding this item? We have a public comment from John Welty. 03:16:26
Greetings everyone. 03:16:40
It's my pleasure to address you tonight. I'm John Welty. I'm an engineer with Wi-Fi Harper Internet, which we are winning me Bay 03:16:42
right now. 03:16:45
This is the president of the company, Mike Taylor. 03:16:49
Ohh, we've been. 03:16:52
Wi-Fi harbors. 03:16:55
Been in Winnie Bay for eight years. We've been providing. 03:16:56
Fixed wireless Internet, which isn't super high speed, but it is reliable. 03:17:00
We have 360 customers at this time that are very happy with our personalized service that we do give them. 03:17:05
I have a background in owning an Internet company myself. I also have. 03:17:10
30 years in May Constructing facilities for television and. 03:17:14
And post production facilities and network facilities in in the LA Hollywood area. 03:17:20
I worked with Mike now for six months. 03:17:26
We have proposed a. 03:17:29
Wi-Fi harbor doing and a fiber optic infrastructure project at Wainui Bay. 03:17:31
In competition with. 03:17:37
Spectrum. 03:17:38
Spectrum would do like a standard thing where they give Internet to everybody like they do. 03:17:40
They offer for around $50 or something like that. 03:17:44
We would do the same thing, but we're proposing a very robust. 03:17:47
Bidirectional high speed enterprise type system that gives 2 fibers directly from our head in. 03:17:51
To every resident. 03:17:56
Instead of one that wraps around and and distributes it like that. 03:17:58
We also are very. 03:18:02
Public safety, safety minded as well. We want to provide. 03:18:03
Local access points for for Wi-Fi in the whole. 03:18:07
Area in the pool and clubhouse area. 03:18:11
We're also looking at putting points of access throughout the entire community for PTZ. 03:18:14
Cameras as well as licensed free license plate readers at the. 03:18:18
Point of entries reminding me Bay. 03:18:23
And then we would have a Internet, we would have a fiber optic link that would go from Miami based hub where we're at right now. 03:18:25
To the city. 03:18:31
That would go into your infrastructure eventually, so your Police Department could look at our cameras. 03:18:32
And then of course, in the future it would be great for the city. 03:18:37
With this regional project going on that you'd have inter municipality. 03:18:41
Connectivity for public safety as well we're. 03:18:45
City of Ventura and Oxnard could look at. 03:18:47
Our cities. 03:18:50
Cameras and license readers. 03:18:51
And vice versa. 03:18:53
We, like I said, we're a local company. We provide excellent service. 03:18:54
In the last business meeting, they were announced that there was going to be Spectrum, Yondu and Wi-Fi Harbor. 03:18:59
And when they mentioned Wi-Fi Harbor, there was applause among the residents because the service that we provided them. 03:19:04
That personal service and attention they've had. 03:19:09
Has been very well received. 03:19:12
And they want us to do our our fiber optic installation. 03:19:14
If you go to 03:19:18
Which after the meeting, I'm going to give you all business cards blank. And I will. 03:19:20
You can go to our website and see our fiber app fiber optic plan. 03:19:24
That we're proposing to Wanami Bay. 03:19:28
And of course, we'd like to have some of the last final funding, because the return on investment is impossible without it. 03:19:31
And we'd like to get that funding as well. Thank you for your time. It's a pleasure. 03:19:36
Thank you, Mr. Walty. Thank you. 03:19:41
Are there anymore? That concludes public comment. 03:19:43
OK. 03:19:45
The. 03:19:47
Hello. Hi, I'm Susan Levin. I live in one any day. 03:20:03
I have been the coordinator of the project for the board of directors of comparing different. 03:20:06
Opportunities for us? 03:20:13
As you can imagine we are 773 non professional. 03:20:15
Internet users. 03:20:20
And it's been a huge project for us to figure it out we have put together. 03:20:22
Um, an extensive. 03:20:26
Comparison of the. 03:20:29
Opportunities that we have. 03:20:31
And we would like to get started because we have a broad community. 03:20:33
That um. 03:20:38
We're all 55 and older. 03:20:39
Um, but. 03:20:41
Some people are working and doing a lot of creative work and they need high speed Internet. There are other people who are just 03:20:43
happy to be able to. 03:20:46
Do their enter their e-mail and that's it and that's all they know and they want to know. So we're trying to accommodate a very 03:20:52
large. 03:20:55
Group of diverse people. 03:20:59
And as we get older, the new people coming in are younger. 03:21:02
And they want even more. 03:21:06
Because their expectations are higher. 03:21:08
Um. 03:21:11
As I said, we've worked very hard putting together three different bids. I have a lot of extensive information. 03:21:11
We would value being able to work with the city or with your consultants. 03:21:18
To make a final decision so that we make the best decision that coordinates with the needs of the city. 03:21:24
And with us, and we are. 03:21:29
Um. 03:21:31
Doing what works for the entire community. 03:21:32
So any help or any recommendations that anyone has we would appreciate that we are getting ready to vote. 03:21:35
But as I said, we're not professionals, so we would appreciate the help of all the professionals that we could get to make the 03:21:44
best decision. 03:21:47
Thank you. 03:21:51
Thank you, Miss Levin. 03:21:55
The recommendation is to approve the Broadband Master Plan as prepared by. 03:21:57
Government Technology Group, LLC and directs staff to return to council with a recommendation. 03:22:01
A recommended set of steps to begin the implementation of the plan. 03:22:07
May I have a motion and a second? 03:22:12
Move to approve. 03:22:15
2nd. 03:22:16
Madam Clerk. 03:22:21
Can you please take a vote? 03:22:23
It's Mr. Mayor. I don't know if. 03:22:25
They needed the steps identified. 03:22:27
Or are you good? 03:22:30
It says what the recommended set of steps to begin the implementation plan. 03:22:34
Did you need something? 03:22:39
Identified and laid out or are you good with their recommendation as is? 03:22:41
I think we got it. I I understood it to be the steps from the master plans. Ohh, got it. Sorry. OK. Thanks all in favor. 03:22:45
Aye. 03:22:53
Aye, all opposed. 03:22:54
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 03:22:56
Just make a comment because we went into that vote really quick. 03:22:59
Umm. 03:23:02
You know, I I think that the need and why Mimi is is great and I hope that we can figure out a way to help why Mimi secure a 03:23:04
better service in their community. You know we've been struggling for years and how. 03:23:10
In communicating with Winema residents, and my thinking has always been, well, not all of them are on computers, so we have to 03:23:17
send them hard copy information if we're going to communicate with them. So it just makes our job much easier if we can get. 03:23:25
Why Nami residents up to speed on on? 03:23:32
Broadband, so we can do a better job ourselves in communicating with you. So I'm glad to hear that you've been working on it and. 03:23:35
And that's you're you're still out there in minimi? 03:23:42
I'm going to look you up. Thank you. 03:23:45
So. 03:23:47
I know we voted and I know we approved it, but I do have a. 03:23:48
Question. 03:23:51
How do we make sure Minimi Bay? 03:23:54
Is getting the benefit of. 03:23:57
What you're developing and what you're working on because. 03:23:59
It would be. 03:24:02
It would be a colossal. 03:24:03
Blunder if. 03:24:06
Why Mimi Bay? 03:24:08
Went in the direction that didn't conform with. 03:24:09
The direction that you're taking us. 03:24:12
I I I hear that you know that they're looking at alternatives right now and and and I just want to make sure that. 03:24:15
Waiting I Bay is embedded into this plan. 03:24:21
Ohh, good point, Council member. 03:24:25
And. 03:24:27
Really. Since the community workshop that was held at Miami Bay earlier this year, we've been coordinating pretty closely with 03:24:28
with Susan. 03:24:32
I hope you'll agree. 03:24:37
And and already have made connections between Wanami Bay. 03:24:40
And and Preston. 03:24:44
Specifically for some discussions there and. 03:24:46
I think. 03:24:50
From this point forward, and I'll just keep that coordination in place so that they know what's going on. Am I correct in feeling 03:24:51
that there's a little bit uncertainty in terms of where you're going with your decision? 03:24:58
Very. 03:25:09
Interesting. 03:25:11
Yes, please. 03:25:15
We we have three opportunities, three companies that have. 03:25:23
Submitted. 03:25:28
Formal bids to us. We put out an RFP and you know, went through the whole thing and each of them has different strengths. 03:25:29
And. 03:25:37
As you know, spectrum is a. 03:25:38
International company or national company and they have a certain strength and they have. 03:25:40
A certain ability Wi-Fi harbor is a a very local company. 03:25:45
They have some strength just because they're local. And then we have Yondu, which is a division of Mid-Atlantic Broadcast. 03:25:50
Which has been serving Wanami Bay. 03:25:58
With some problems. 03:26:01
With coax. 03:26:03
Not. 03:26:05
Not fiber. Which are they are interested in coming in and putting in? 03:26:06
Fibre and all of these fibres. 03:26:10
Will demand that we. 03:26:14
Basically rip up. 03:26:15
The streets, the. 03:26:17
The alleys the. 03:26:18
Grasp everything if you're familiar with what Winnie Bay looks like. 03:26:20
There's a whole lot of buildings that have to be connected. 03:26:24
So we want to make the right decision with the company that has the right facilities that has the. 03:26:26
Funding to do it, and I've put together a lot of information that I could. 03:26:32
Supply that. 03:26:37
The Council or. 03:26:38
With Preston and and Steve and work with them to help us make our final decision. 03:26:40
Because it's pluses and minuses all the way which. 03:26:46
As you all know, if you do contracting. 03:26:49
When it comes down to the end. 03:26:52
It's not just who you're like, it's who can do the job and do it fast. 03:26:54
Right. And for me? 03:26:58
I'm over 55. Welcome to 1:00 every day. But you know, it's very difficult to. 03:27:01
Master all these technologies and options and what's best and worst did he go in and so I just want to make sure that. 03:27:10
That. 03:27:17
You are. 03:27:17
Getting it. 03:27:18
Advice or assistance or that you're meeting and that, that. 03:27:20
You're getting all the needed information to make the best possible decision. 03:27:24
Well, I I think that will really help now that you have endorsed the plan that. 03:27:29
They brought to you because Preston was always very clear that he was working for the city, not for one Amy Bay, and was good, you 03:27:34
know, working and developing his project for them. But he did give us in the past. 03:27:40
Some advice that made us go back to our contractors and ask more questions. 03:27:47
Um, so that was very helpful already. 03:27:52
That we learned some of the things that we need to. 03:27:55
To look for in a contract. 03:27:58
As you can imagine, Spectrum especially has a contract that's like this thick that covers every single little thing you can 03:28:00
imagine. It's dense. 03:28:05
It's eight point type, you know. 03:28:11
So. 03:28:14
And others were more informal. But informal doesn't make it worse necessarily, and we're just trying to. 03:28:15
Finalize a decision because we don't want to hang around anymore. This has been a problem for seven years since communication 03:28:22
services pulled out. 03:28:25
And that coax cable is no longer any good. So we're not using it at all. They have to do new tunneling to get in. So we would. 03:28:29
Value in. 03:28:38
If you just make sure that they know they can work with us, then we'll we'll be happy. 03:28:40
So thank you for your time. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. And just to that point, I was, I'd stepped away just to make 03:28:45
sure I had everybody's contact information well. 03:28:50
I I'm not sure exactly what level of assistance the consultants can provide, but we will connect everybody and make sure that 03:28:54
we're doing what we what we can't do. So thank you. 03:28:59
Alright, thank you. 03:29:06
We're gonna move on to item number 19, discussion of potential community benefit fund projects for fiscal year 2023-2024. 03:29:07
Will staff please present the report? 03:29:15
Yes, thank you, Mayor. This item is on the agenda per the council request at the July 3rd special meeting. 03:29:20
A little bit of background. The Community Benefit Fund. 03:29:30
Was created per the 2015.