ITEM #1: Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer of the Year Awards



 ITEM #6: 2023 Annual General Plan and Housing Progress Report

 ITEM #7: Spanish Language Translation Availability for City Council Meetings

ITEM #8: Removal of Parking Restriction on San Pedro Street


ITEM #9: City Council Goals




Good evening. 00:02:12
Welcome to the City Council regular meeting. I'm going to call this meeting to order. The time is now 6:30 PM. 00:02:16
Please stand and join me for the flag. 00:02:22
Of the United States of. 00:02:33
Thank you, Madam Clerk, will you please take roll call, Councilmember? 00:02:47
Here, Councilmember Hernandez here. 00:02:52
Councilmember Martinez present We are Pro Tem McQueen legend here. 00:02:55
And mayor? 00:02:59
Tonight's inspiration will be given by Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. 00:03:01
Thank you. 00:03:08
In honor of National Women's History Month, I'm just going to share a little bit with you all tonight. And if you get to see me 00:03:11
stand up or walk around, you can see me wearing my favorite T-shirt. 00:03:16
Which says empowered. 00:03:21
Empower. 00:03:24
So the theme for this year is women Who Adv. 00:03:26
For equity, diversity and. 00:03:30
This year's theme recognizes women throughout the country who understand that. 00:03:35
For a positive. 00:03:40
We need to eliminate. 00:03:42
And discrimination entirely. 00:03:44
From our lives and from institutions. 00:03:46
This month serves as a reminder and a time to reflect. 00:03:49
And honor the achievements and contributions that. 00:03:53
Of all backgrounds have made throughout the history of the United States. 00:03:57
I think the test. 00:04:02
Once it's understood, the contributions of women in the United States. 00:04:04
Then imagine. 00:04:08
Without those things. 00:04:10
To the women and girls listening, I'd like to say. 00:04:12
Never doubt. 00:04:16
That with preparation you or? 00:04:17
Are capable we? 00:04:20
We're powerful and deserving of every opportunity that presents itself to us. 00:04:23
Or that we create ourselves. 00:04:29
So I'd like to end with a quote by Kavita Ramdas. 00:04:32
And the quote? 00:04:37
We need women who are. 00:04:40
They can. Let me start over. We need women who are strong, so strong. 00:04:43
They can be. 00:04:48
So. 00:04:50
They can be. 00:04:51
So fierce they can be compassionate. 00:04:53
And so. 00:04:56
They can be. 00:04:58
And so. 00:05:00
They can be free. 00:05:02
Thank you, thank you. That was a very passionate inspiration. Thank you for that. 00:05:04
We will now move on to public comments. We will hear public comments not pertaining to items on the agenda. 00:05:10
Comments are limited to three. 00:05:16
This process will be the same for comments pertaining to each agenda. 00:05:19
Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments? 00:05:22
We have three in person public comments followed by two written comments. First will be Stan Carriers OSA. 00:05:27
Good evening, Council. My name is Stan Kerasos. I reside at 633 Lighthouse Way. 00:05:39
I'm here for a good news item. 00:05:45
So we've enjoyed been here for the last four years now and we've enjoyed our spot here in Surfside 3. 00:05:48
I'm a retired public educator from Central California. 00:05:58
18 years as AK12 district Superintendent and then the last seven years of my career, I was president of our college. 00:06:02
So my wife and I have retired here in Port Hueneme and UM. 00:06:09
We're very familiar with agriculture, being from the Central Valley, the farm worker community also. 00:06:14
The importance of water and. 00:06:20
And a couple of years ago, when we were in the middle of the 2021 drought, I wrote an e-mail to you as a council. 00:06:23
Because we had to shut the water off during the conservation period. 00:06:31
And we need me Beach park kind of turned to. 00:06:35
And and as we would walk that during the day and the thought went through my mind. 00:06:39
How important it? 00:06:45
Preserve the common areas during these really difficult times in our. 00:06:47
Because the common areas, if we're going to invest a little bit, are a place where. 00:06:52
Can benefit from that investment. 00:06:57
And so my pitch to you at the time. 00:06:59
Is there anything we can do to put a little bit of water on there? Are we are we recognizing that the seagulls still accumulate, 00:07:02
The pigeons are there when they drop and it hits dust? 00:07:07
Those are the spores that come up and become avian bird flu and so on and so forth. 00:07:12
I went into everything in the. 00:07:18
That I would normally not want to receive if I was getting that letter myself as a college president or a district Superintendent 00:07:20
president. 00:07:24
I kind of put everything but the kitchen sink in there. I'm here this evening to tell you that the park is fully recovered. It's 00:07:28
absolutely gorgeous. 00:07:32
And. 00:07:37
A testimony, I think, to your commitment to that. 00:07:38
And now that we're. 00:07:41
Close to what I'm sure will be another drought. 00:07:43
I just wanted to remind you that the good times are when we should be thinking ahead about those times and what we would do in the 00:07:46
school district in the Central Valley because. 00:07:51
Our elementary schools were parks in. 00:07:56
Is we would set up a drought Relief Fund so that in the summer when the water rates went sky high or when the state said you got 00:07:59
to shut the water down or you're going to pay a penalty. 00:08:04
We took a little money from that relief. 00:08:09
Paid the penalty and kept the schoolyard green. 00:08:12
Because it was that common area. 00:08:15
So that's what we need Beach Park is to us. I thought I'd share that little testimony with you. It's a it's an especially great 00:08:18
place for our Latino, Hispanic families. 00:08:22
Our food, our music, our cars, our barbecues. I don't have to explain to anybody when I introduce my uncle and that he's three 00:08:27
years younger than me. 00:08:31
So we get all of. 00:08:36
Nuances together there in the park. 00:08:38
And it's a wonderful experience. And I wanted to thank you for taking care of the park. Thank you. 00:08:41
John. 00:08:47
Good evening. My name is John Senado. I live at 137 W Channel Islands Blvd. which is Winemie Bay. 00:08:53
I'm on one of the 7580 people that had the unfortunate incident of the flood on the December the 21st. 00:09:00
I have no claims for other than my garage door. I submitted a claim on February, January the 29th with all the required paperwork. 00:09:10
Umm, I got a letter back from the Carl Warren Company on January 31st that the. 00:09:24
Claim is being. 00:09:32
On February the 8th, I got a letter from that same company thing. 00:09:35
As a gesture of goodwill, the City of Poor 9 Poor Miami will be willing to pay for your garage doors. 00:09:39
And et cetera, et. 00:09:46
Along with that was a form that I signed and returned. 00:09:48
For the full amount of my request which was 15129 dollars. 00:09:53
And again, I submitted everything, registered mail, everything in the envelope they provided. 00:09:59
And I was all happy with that. And then last Friday, I and a bunch of people throughout the complex got claim forms that our 00:10:05
claims were rejected. 00:10:11
OK, so. 00:10:17
I'm getting we're going to pay the 15. 00:10:20
And the next couple letters, and a whole bunch of people got the letters. I've talked to three that got the same letter. 00:10:23
Saying that's being rejected. 00:10:30
I understand that the garage doors might be handled somewhat separately from. 00:10:34
The other claims I have no other claim against the city other than the garage door. 00:10:39
And so I'm. 00:10:45
Hoping that. 00:10:46
Something can be taken care of. Some clarification. 00:10:48
Somewhere along the way and that. 00:10:52
I've got. I've got the. I didn't realize there were so many of you. I made 4 copies. I'm going to share it with you guys. You can 00:10:56
see what I'm. 00:11:00
You may wish not to do that. 00:11:05
You may not wish to do that. The minute you share them with the council, they become a public. 00:11:07
If there's information, private information, that you don't want disclosed to everybody. 00:11:12
I would not do it. 00:11:17
And we we we we have your information too. So, so we should have it covered. Thank you. And then if you're I know you still have a 00:11:19
couple seconds left I can respond if you're done. 00:11:26
Or you're done with your. 00:11:32
No, I have no further comment. OK. So if I may, the council is not able to respond to public comments because it's not items on 00:11:35
the agenda, but. 00:11:39
Yep, so. 00:11:45
I could provide a brief response and the brief response. 00:11:48
Umm, yes, the city. Perfect timing. Yeah, there you go. So the city has authorized and has worked with our insurance providers to 00:11:52
pay the claim on the garage doors. 00:11:59
Specifically, most people have that plus other claims. So I think the letters got confusing and we'll follow up with the CJ PIA 00:12:07
and try to clarify that on your website. Yeah, I'm sure you know there were like 85 of us or so that got affected in that in that 00:12:14
complex and so there may be 85. I'll reject letters being going out. Yeah. So we'll try to confuse, get the word out, maybe we 00:12:20
can. We've been working with Minimi Bay, the HOA to put things in the bulletin and stuff too. So we have a couple of paths there, 00:12:26
but the in a nutshell. 00:12:33
The garage door claims are going to be paid. 00:12:39
Other claims at this time are likely to be rejected, so we'll try to get that out to everybody. Thank you. Thank you. See you at 00:12:41
the. 00:12:45
At the VCT meeting again. 00:12:49
We'll get those Santa Paula lines done. 00:12:53
Greg Ross. 00:12:58
Hello, my name is Greg Ross. I live. 00:13:06
139 C Spray white. 00:13:10
I was very attentive, listening. 00:13:13
Giles from the port. 00:13:16
I guess it was two or three weeks. 00:13:18
And I heard a few things that I was. 00:13:21
Scratching my head. 00:13:23
Before I go on. 00:13:26
Said. I've been living in South Oxnard. 00:13:28
Port Hueneme for. 00:13:32
Resident of Ventura County since 71 or 70, actually. 00:13:34
And. 00:13:38
And I'm not trying to glad hand here this city. 00:13:41
People who are just there, they are so friendly. 00:13:45
The the trash collectors, the Police Department, all of you and and I, I have to say it's it's a breath of fresh air. 00:13:50
Appreciate what's going on with the, I think a dog park maybe? 00:13:59
Hopefully cross my fingers we own dogs, but anyway, the reason I'm here is. 00:14:04
I listen to Giles from the port and. 00:14:11
We have a couple of things that we're we're watching the neighbors and myself. 00:14:14
It's a. 00:14:21
We all watch the news, but what's going on in the Panama Canal? With the drought, what's going on in the Suez Canal? A lot of 00:14:24
containers are coming to the West Coast. 00:14:29
East Asia and points there. 00:14:36
In the India and. 00:14:38
So the traffic has increased to the. 00:14:40
And I'm sorry to say, the pollution has too. 00:14:43
We lived for. 00:14:47
In Silver Strand. 00:14:49
And with the prevailing winds being what they were. 00:14:51
We never had a. 00:14:55
Nothing respiratory wise, we were. 00:14:57
We moved here a year and a half ago to to were adjacent to the port. 00:15:00
And we always have a chronic. 00:15:05
So I'm asking. 00:15:08
Just put this sort of on. 00:15:10
In your mind that we're looking and talking to. 00:15:14
You know California Air Resources Board, Ventura County Air Quality Management. 00:15:20
It doesn't seem like it's going to get better. 00:15:26
The port starts. 00:15:29
The pollution from these big ships. 00:15:31
They promised. 00:15:35
I'm going to plagiarize whatever whatever has been said, but they promised us sort of an HVAC system to. 00:15:37
Suck all this. 00:15:46
Pollution out of the the SMO. 00:15:49
And it hasn't happened yet. Cross my fingers that it's going to happen. 00:15:52
But thanks for listening. And we're. 00:15:56
Really hoping the air will clean up. 00:15:59
So thank you. 00:16:01
Madam Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, members of the council, city staff, my name is Danny Carrillo and my inability to be present tonight, 00:16:07
Ioffer these comments. 00:16:11
I am the League of United Latin American Citizens, LULAC State Military and Veterans Affairs representative. 00:16:15
And I am asking support from you all, along with the community, to participate in this Sunday's March 10th Chilaquiles Fundraiser 00:16:23
Dinner to be held at the VFW. 00:16:28
3935 Hall at 300 S Surfside Drive from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. 00:16:34
Costs are $10 a plate that includes red or green chilaquiles, rice, beans and the world famous gamma good salsa. 00:16:40
Our state convention will be at the Zachary Dunes Hotel in Oxnard and this fundraiser dinner led by Councilman Gama. Proceeds will 00:16:48
go to support this year's Veteran Recognition Luncheon to be held on Friday, April 26th of this three day convention. 00:16:55
Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro's Chief of Staff Christopher Diaz will be our keynote speaker and the Secretary's absence, 00:17:03
along with Congresswoman Julia Brownlee, amongst other elected officials. 00:17:08
Thank you and kudos to Councilman Gama for stepping up to help local active and non active veterans to be honored for their 00:17:14
service to our country. 00:17:18
We hope to see you at the dinner on March 10th at the local VFW Hall from 4:00 to 7:00 PM and consider joining us at the Veterans 00:17:22
Luncheon on Friday, April 26th. 00:17:27
Danny. 00:17:32
Dear Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem Council and Staff, While there has been a concerted effort to improve traffic issues, particularly 00:17:34
speeding, an issue that has been brought to your attention in the past and as far as I know has not been looked into, is the 00:17:41
installation of left turn arrows on East and westbound Wynyme Rd. Aventura Rd. 00:17:47
I'm asking tonight for those turn arrows to be installed. 00:17:54
My dog and I were almost hit today crossing Ventura Rd. By a car turning left northbound onto Ventura Rd. 00:17:57
Fortunately, the car stopped before hitting. 00:18:03
But was then almost hit by a westbound car on Wine. EMI Rd. 00:18:06
This near miss was witnessed by one of the city's police officers who was traveling southbound on Ventura Rd. 00:18:10
This is the second time I have almost been hit in this intersection and I have witnessed at least three other people almost get 00:18:16
hit at the same. 00:18:20
Please expedite the installation of turn arrows at this busy, dangerous intersection. 00:18:24
Best regards, Joan. 00:18:29
And that concludes general public. 00:18:31
And just on that one, I'm not familiar with that request to be able to respond, but I'll follow up with the Public Works 00:18:33
department and then provide an update to everybody. 00:18:38
On that particular request, thank you. 00:18:43
We'll move on to agenda approval. 00:18:47
May I have a motion and a second to approve the? 00:18:49
Move to approve. 00:18:53
2nd. 00:18:55
Madam Clerk, all in favor? Aye, All opposed. 00:18:57
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:19:01
We move on to the conflict of interest declaration. Do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for any 00:19:05
item on the agenda? 00:19:08
Seeing none, we'll move on to presentation. 00:19:14
The tonight's presentation will be the Crisis Intervention Team Officer of the Year award given by Chief Federico. 00:19:17
Hello everyone. We are here tonight to announce to you that our 2023 CIT Officer of the Year from the Portland Police Department 00:19:30
is Public Safety Dispatcher Jennifer Floriano. 00:19:36
Jennifer has been a police dispatcher with us here at Portland BPD for four years. However, she has a long tenured experience and 00:19:47
public safety dispatching over 34 years. 00:19:53
And remember, your dispatchers are your first first responders. That's why when I explained to you the incident, you understand 00:19:59
they're how critical their role is. But what is CITRCIT is our Crisis Intervention Team. 00:20:07
It was established here in Ventura County law enforcement to develop partnerships with mental health consumers, their family 00:20:16
members and other agencies and organizations, CIT officers and dispatch. 00:20:21
Are specially trained to respond to individuals who are in crisis. 00:20:27
Because of mental disorder, and shall assess and assist those individuals. 00:20:32
In the. 00:20:37
And compassionate manner. 00:20:38
The four goals of the CIT program. 00:20:42
To de escalate crisis, situ. 00:20:45
To reduce the necessity for use of. 00:20:48
To reduce the use of jail in these. 00:20:51
And to decrease recidivism. 00:20:55
Since that program's inception here in Ventura County, Port Wayne, EBD. 00:20:59
I love bragging. 00:21:04
Was the first agency to have its full time staff fully trained in CIT programs. 00:21:05
And with the exception of a few new. 00:21:11
We still hold that Dist. 00:21:14
As we get the newer staff trained in the next few months, correct, Sergeant Perez, the CIT team team leader. OK, good. 00:21:16
In the incident that Jennifer was nominated for. 00:21:24
Was early in 2020. 00:21:28
Jennifer received a phone call on police dispatch. 00:21:31
It was from a very distraught teenage girl who wanted to end her life. 00:21:35
During this phone call. 00:21:40
Jennifer used her vast experience sincere compassion. 00:21:42
And her CIT skills. 00:21:46
To get the teen to open up and talk to her. 00:21:48
Talk to her about why she wanted to end her life. 00:21:52
During this over 2 hour phone. 00:21:55
Jennifer built a rapport with. 00:21:59
Was able to actively listen while at the same time appropriately giving advice and guidance. 00:22:01
The girl eventually chose to change her course of actions that day and wanted to live. 00:22:08
A successful end to what could have been a very tragic day. 00:22:14
This was due to the Understanding, compassion and skills by Jennifer. 00:22:17
In the moment of one young person's darkest. 00:22:22
Your police dispatcher, Jennifer Floriano, displayed what your Port Hueneme Police Department stands for in serving others with 00:22:28
respect, compassion and courage. 00:22:32
Thank you, Jen. 00:22:38
And. 00:22:44
So she did receive an award from the county on it, and then here is your certificate of recognition for this achievement from your 00:22:48
City Council. 00:22:53
Appreciate it. Thank you. 00:22:58
Would you council members like to make a comment? 00:23:02
I'm in the background. 00:23:10
I think they want us in the picture. They can stand, we can. 00:23:15
Let's yeah, we should all. 00:23:19
Oh, there we go. 00:23:24
OK, one. 00:23:26
2. 00:23:27
I got like 6 of them. 00:23:30
So Council would like to say a few words. 00:23:34
Councilmember Martinez. 00:23:38
I just want to thank you for everything you do for our city, I think. 00:23:41
The rest of the council has a lot more to say. I'm just. 00:23:47
Very thankful for everybody. 00:23:50
That's here today and and for us to see you get this award. Thank you. 00:23:51
Two hour conversation sounds like a really long time, and I imagine how difficult it could have. 00:23:58
While other calls are coming. 00:24:07
I think it's. 00:24:09
I think it's lovely that you're able to. 00:24:11
Impact this. 00:24:14
In a way, that's so positive. 00:24:16
I. 00:24:19
She comes back and talks to you at some point in time. I would love to know her story right now. 00:24:20
And just want to thank you very much for. 00:24:26
Going beyond the Call of Duty. 00:24:29
Hi Jennifer. Just want to say congratulations and a well deserved recognition. You and I spent just a short period of time at 00:24:33
dispatch when I was doing a ride along a few years back and I was so impressed with your experience and we're so lucky to have 00:24:38
you. I've worked with a lot of dispatchers since the early 80s and you are phenomenal and you brought your experience here to Port 00:24:44
Hueneme and. 00:24:49
I'm so grateful for that. So congratulations and thank you for your service. 00:24:55
Thank you. I guess I'll show as. 00:25:02
And Auntie to several young people. I am just so appreciative that. 00:25:07
You had the skills to be able to communicate with a young person and we absolutely need more of that. We know that our children 00:25:16
today are, I think, suffering more than they ever have. 00:25:23
And so I just really appreciate your work and the time that you took to speak to the young lady. 00:25:30
She wanted to live with me after it, so. 00:25:36
Jennifer. 00:25:41
As a mother who's lost a son to. 00:25:45
I thank you for the work you've done. 00:25:50
And thank you for I think all of our officers for the work that they do. But I appreciate the two hour call that you had changing 00:25:54
this girl's life and. 00:25:58
Just thank you. Your deserve of this award. Thank you. 00:26:06
May I add one more thing just just dawned on me that the. 00:26:10
Mayor Pro tem's inspiration was spot on. 00:26:15
And I think this woman. 00:26:19
Demonstrates everything in that quote and. 00:26:22
Good timing, good planning. It's really nice. Thank you for being. 00:26:26
Thank you. 00:26:32
OK. 00:26:40
We will now move on to the consent calendar. 00:26:43
We will now consider items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless a Council member has a request to 00:26:48
remove an item for discussion. 00:26:52
May I have a motion and a second to approve our consent calendar? 00:26:57
So moved. 00:27:00
Do you have a second? Second? 00:27:04
Madam Clerk. 00:27:07
All in favor, aye. 00:27:08
All opposed hearing, None motion passes unanimously. 00:27:11
Thank you. 00:27:15
We'll move on to business items, the. 00:27:17
Business item will be the 2023 Annual General Plan and Housing Progress Report. Will staff please present the report. 00:27:20
Thank you. 00:27:27
And our community and Economic Development Director, I still like to say the new title. 00:27:30
Tony Stewart is going to guide us through a short presentation on the annual Housing Progress Report. 00:27:36
Great. Thank you, Mr. Vega, and good evening, Mayor. 00:27:42
Mayor Pro Tem, Council staff and. 00:27:46
So this is a very brief but mandatory update for our. 00:27:49
General Plan and our housing element and our housing successor agency. 00:27:56
I'm keeping this short because there were very few changes since last year, but just to go over a couple of things here first, 00:28:02
this is required by SB35 and AB 879. 00:28:07
And the successor report is required by government code 65 four. 00:28:13
And then we do need to report on this to the state HCD and OPR. 00:28:18
By April 1st of each year, so I'll go ahead and do that tomorrow. 00:28:24
Excuse me? 00:28:30
So, as you're aware, HD the States Housing, Community and Development Department. 00:28:32
Officially certified the City's The Housing Element back on October 5th, 2022. 00:28:38
And as part of that, the state mandates each jurisdiction have a regional housing needs assessment or allocation. 00:28:43
Or Arena. And for the city port whining me, that's 125 units broken down into 21 extremely or very low income units. 00:28:52
16 low income units, 18 moderate income units, and 65 above moderate income units. 00:29:00
The arena lasts until about mid 2029. We're in the sixth cycle as they call it. 00:29:09
And we're currently under. 00:29:15
With meeting arena requirements, actually we've already met our low income requirements because all of our ad use are. 00:29:17
Low income. 00:29:25
And in the past year, we actually permitted an additional 14 and we do have 12 in plan check right now. Three have been completed. 00:29:27
Or should say three additional have been completed, which takes us up to 19 total. 00:29:35
We also issue permits for a four Plex up on 5th St. that will be, we assume, rented out to above moderate income, so it'll help us 00:29:40
meet that criteria. 00:29:45
And then with regard to the housing successor agency Appendix A and attachment. 00:29:52
Discusses the City's compliance with the expenditures and production requirements. 00:29:58
Since it was very similar to last year, there's there's only valuations were updated. 00:30:04
But the biggest change is that the Department of Finance approved the official dissolution of our successor agency, as you're 00:30:10
aware. 00:30:13
Back on May 17th last year, since the agency had satisfied all of its enforceable obligations and disposed of all of its real 00:30:18
property. 00:30:22
So just a clean up slide here, we still have $127,488 while that was spent on administrative cost. 00:30:27
The fund balance right now is 4.66 million. 00:30:36
And which 4.257 of that is cash, which is equity and assets and that remains the same from what it was last year. 00:30:40
And then the appendix also notes that we do not accumulate excessive surplus, which is required by state. 00:30:48
And so like I said, it's fairly short presentation here, but if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. 00:30:57
Thank you. Does Council have any questions? 00:31:03
I just have a comment. 00:31:07
Thank you for your presentation Mr. Stewart, The Southern California Association of Governments. It will be traveling to 00:31:10
Sacramento on the week of the March 19th and if you have any issues with ARENA. 00:31:16
Numbers the anything that's coming down from Sacramento that you'd like to us to advocate on your behalf? 00:31:23
About please, please let me know and I'll pass it on to the team that's going OK. I appreciate that. 00:31:32
Anyone else? 00:31:39
A number of residents have complained that complained or brought to my attention that parking is becoming a bigger and bigger 00:31:41
issue. 00:31:45
And how? 00:31:49
What kind of mitigation do we have in place? 00:31:51
Deal with the addition of all these Adus and areas that are already. 00:31:54
Stressed for parking. 00:32:00
Well, quickly, and I know Mr. Vega is going to have a discussion of this later on this afternoon, this evening. 00:32:03
But keep in mind that with regard to Adu laws in particular, but most of these state mandated housing laws is all about the 00:32:10
production of housing and they do not actually have any parking requirements. In fact, they allow ADUS. 00:32:17
Replace existing. 00:32:24
On a single family law for instance. So if somebody comes converts their two car garage, they do not have to replace that two car 00:32:26
garage so. 00:32:30
In essence, the state has our hands tied with regard to that and we'll only see parking. 00:32:35
Become more problematic because the state's assumption. 00:32:41
That once there is ident. 00:32:45
They'll be the need for public transportation and people won't have cars and whatnot. 00:32:48
Whether we agree with that or not is another story. 00:32:53
That is basically what the state is mandating for us up there, so. 00:32:58
Unfortunately, we will continue to see parking become more problematic as the additional units are produced. 00:33:04
How very thoughtful of them. 00:33:12
Yeah, if I could add, and I was gonna say it's funny, everything's connecting today and I think both those comments connected. 00:33:14
Where I was going to say some of the concerns we do have is. 00:33:19
Lack of any ability for us to oversee issues like parking with these state mandates. 00:33:24
And then it all ties in what can we do about it? It's actually one of the next items on the agenda that was actually great because 00:33:30
Tony basically just gave my presentation for that item. So we're good, but it's like the answer is we're going to start looking 00:33:36
other places for parking and places where maybe historically we haven't had parking. 00:33:41
And that's it's really us looking ahead and realizing. 00:33:46
We had a meeting, city attorney, Mr. Stewart and I had a meeting with the state last week and we brought up these issues that some 00:33:50
of these rules are limiting our ability to have affordable covenants. They're limiting our ability to have parking. 00:33:56
Requirements and the direct answer we got from the state is the state mandate is to build units, not. 00:34:04
Any not to consider anything else at this point so so those are some of the things that I think we and other cities would be. 00:34:10
Trying to advocate with Sacramento to. 00:34:18
Not that we're trying to stand in the way of building the units, but that we should have some ability to have some of our 00:34:21
requirements. 00:34:23
When those units are coming in to mitigate the impacts, so. 00:34:26
Any further questions or comments? 00:34:32
OK, so the recommendation is to receive the 0. 00:34:35
Did I miss anything? 00:34:40
No. OK to receive the information provided by staff and any public comment made on this item. And did I ask, are there any public 00:34:41
comments? No public comments. Thank you. 00:34:45
I knew I forgot something. 00:34:50
And direct staff to submit the annual report to the California Department of Housing and Community Development. 00:34:51
And the Governor's Office of Planning and. 00:34:57
May I have a motion and a second? 00:34:59
So moved. 00:35:03
Thank you and I will ask no. 00:35:05
Discussion on the. 00:35:08
Great. Madam Clerk, will we take a vote, please? All in favor. Aye, all opposed. 00:35:10
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. Thank you. The next business item is the Spanish language translation availability for 00:35:16
City Council meetings. Will staff please present the report? 00:35:22
Yes, thank you, Mayor. And this is I think. 00:35:29
Potentially A brief presentation as well. 00:35:32
I think in short, we had talked recently at the January council meeting about looking at some of the best practices on how the 00:35:36
city can provide some options for Spanish speaking residents to be able to participate or get information related to the City 00:35:42
Council meetings. 00:35:49
And so we spent some time contacting the cities in our county and finding out what they're doing and finding out which practices 00:35:55
are working and which ones cause different. Maybe, maybe aren't working as well. 00:36:01
And so. 00:36:07
Kind of gone through that process and ultimately what we're recommending. 00:36:10
As a best practice at this time is to add some language which is spelled out in the. 00:36:15
Item and it's adding some language in Spanish onto our agenda each meeting. 00:36:21
That tells Spanish speakers if they would like to request a translation of any of the items, or potentially a translator. 00:36:27
How to do that for the meetings and it's it's to me it's a step forward in. 00:36:35
Making sure that people who want to participate in. 00:36:42
Have the ability to and can get the information that they that they need to participate. 00:36:45
A lot of cities have tried to handle this different ways, and there's pros and cons to each. This seems to be one of the best 00:36:51
practices that a few cities have implemented that seems to work without a lot of other impact. 00:36:57
So we are recommending we move forward with adding. 00:37:03
The language to the agenda. And then that language actually spells out sort of the process for them calling and being able to 00:37:07
request translation of an item or request a translator at a meeting. 00:37:13
And so we are recommending that we. 00:37:21
Implement that moving forward at this time. Thank you. This council. Have any questions? 00:37:24
So is this only dealing with the Spanish? In other words, if? 00:37:33
Let's say a Filipino family called in. 00:37:37
With this service bill to service that language. 00:37:41
It's an interesting question. We were looking specifically at Spanish because per our general plan, demographics and everything 00:37:45
that's the language that that. 00:37:50
Kind of. We have the numbers that justify adding the. 00:37:55
We can look at. 00:38:00
That service would be available. I know the translator that I have used in other cities. I don't think they offer Tagalog, so we'd 00:38:03
have to see if there's somebody who could provide that. 00:38:08
And if they if there is, we could let we can come back and let everybody know and let everybody know. 00:38:12
If we could add that and what the costs would be for adding that. But so for the purposes of tonight, it was focused on Spanish 00:38:18
language, yeah. And the question just came to my mind like, Oh well. 00:38:22
It's a that's something you know, people forget in in our community that. 00:38:28
People focus on Spanish, but there is a very large Tagalog speaking community, so that's it's a good question. 00:38:34
Thank you for for that action, Mr. City Manager. Really appreciate it. It's a long time over. 00:38:41
And I'm the only question I have is if somebody who's Spanish speaking calls in. 00:38:48
Or emails? How is that received on our end? 00:38:54
I'm not sure if you mentioned that or. 00:38:58
Uh, I didn't. We have identified uh. We have a Spanish speaker that we are going to identify as the contact person for this. 00:39:01
And so we are well. 00:39:09
We are creating an e-mail process that will get to that person and then phone calls will also be routed to that person. So there 00:39:12
will be a Spanish speaker responding to those requests. 00:39:17
And then just a comment I have noticed on the county's. 00:39:22
Web page that they have. I think it's the county's web page. It might be the Office of Emergency Services only, but there is the 00:39:26
ability for. 00:39:31
Other than English language speakers, to click on a button in the right hand corner and choose the. 00:39:37
The language of their choice. Tagalog, Spanish, whatever. 00:39:44
Language they need, they can, they can con. 00:39:50
The text into their specific language and I'm hoping that when we do upgrade our website that that's something that we might 00:39:53
consider. 00:39:57
Yes, that's something we can look at as well. 00:40:03
We will look at that and we'll also if that's something we can implement because we have a third party that created the website, 00:40:07
we'll see if we if it's something we can get implemented as well. I think people would be more are more inclined to go to the 00:40:12
website than they would probably be to come to. 00:40:17
A meeting, So. 00:40:23
That's that's the first place where people go. So I hope that's something we can definitely look at. Thank you. Thank you. Any 00:40:25
other questions? 00:40:28
Yes, I just wanted to ask which one of those practices worked from the other cities and which ones did not. And then I have 00:40:34
another comment too. 00:40:37
I'm not sure I understood the question. You did research on finding out what practices were the best from the other cities, and I 00:40:43
know you came to a conclusion that this is the best. So I'm just curious, what were the practices that didn't work and which ones 00:40:49
were the ones that did work. Yeah, so this is one that several cities have implemented and. 00:40:54
And at relatively low cost, low impact, without use of a lot of staff, time and everything, each meeting. 00:41:01
Some cities have done different approaches. One city recently started to translate the entire agenda into Spanish by default. 00:41:11
And one city did it. So I don't necessarily want to say too much about it because they're not here to explain how it's working for 00:41:17
them, but I think. 00:41:21
The consensus we got is that it's a lot more. 00:41:26
Impact than they had expected it to because it it would impact. Like you can't call it an emergency council meeting because you 00:41:30
have to send. 00:41:34
That agenda to get translated and then now you can't call a meeting on 24 hours notice anymore. You need to build three or four 00:41:39
days and to get it translated. 00:41:42
So there I think there's some learning curves going on. 00:41:47
So that's something that we'll watch and we'll see kind of as it. 00:41:52
As a possibility, but there's one city that's done that, and then there's another city, Oxnard. I think most people know this, 00:41:57
that they actually have two translators attend every meeting. 00:42:01
And the cost for that is significant. 00:42:06
Because it has to be two translators to back one up if they need to take a break and everything so. 00:42:10
So it ends up being, you know, 5 to 6 figures a year for that and so. 00:42:15
I think for us we're thinking this is a reasonable step and if we start getting people who if we find that people are asking for 00:42:20
translators, then we may have to come back and say let's just plan to have translators every meeting. But I think. 00:42:27
Oxnard when they do it, it's not used as frequently as I think they thought it would be and so we can do this and see how often we 00:42:34
get those requests so. 00:42:39
OK. And I just wanted to note that. 00:42:45
In the near future, as the AI gets more powerful and faster, maybe we can utilize AI to do the translations. Because I would like 00:42:49
to see, I like Councilmember Hernandez comment on adding Spanish and not. 00:42:54
Not just Spanish, also what council? 00:43:01
Gama mentioned as other languages like all the languages. 00:43:04
Access I think is very. 00:43:08
Yeah, we can keep, we can watch that and but I do understand that. 00:43:12
We're on a budget and we're trying to do what's best, you know, for our immediate situation, so I like that idea. 00:43:18
Waiting to see how many people call in and ask for it too, so I think this is a great idea. 00:43:25
Are there any public comments on this item? 00:43:32
There are two written public comments. Bear with me. 00:43:35
Honorable Port Whining me City Council members. My name is Jasmine Duran and I am the Advocacy and Community Impact Coordinator 00:43:39
for Autism Society, Ventura County. Our Advocacy Committee review City, School Board, and Board of Supervisor agendas and 00:43:45
advocates for quality of life issues for those with autism and their families in Ventura County. 00:43:51
I'm writing today to give input on item 7, Spanish language translation availability for City Council meetings. 00:43:58
At Autism Society of Ventura County, we have a set of policy guidelines and court advocacy principles that determine what we 00:44:04
advocate for. One of our core advocacy principles is that policy should be culturally responsible and inclusive, ensuring mutual 00:44:10
respect and genuine appreciation for diversity. 00:44:16
Policy should be available in English and Spanish. That being said, we would like to formally support offering Spanish translation 00:44:23
services for Council meetings. 00:44:27
We have seen first hand that when programs are implemented to make public participation and civic engagement more accessible, they 00:44:31
are often prematurely deemed a failure due to low participation from those who have newly implemented access. 00:44:38
It's important to keep the programs in a place long term, as change is slow. A vote to offer translation services is a vote to 00:44:46
breakdown the systemic barriers that keep certain communities out of local politics. 00:44:51
For more information on our policy guidelines and principles, please reach out to advocacy at Thank you for 00:44:57
your time and consideration, Jasmine Duron. 00:45:02
The next one is. 00:45:09
Public comment goes over the 500 word limit, so I'm going to read up to 500 words. 00:45:12
Dear Mayor Perez and Council members, I appreciate the opportunity to address you today. This is Farah Stack submitting public 00:45:17
comment on behalf of the Community Environmental Council, CEC. 00:45:22
CEC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the climate crisis across Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo 00:45:28
counties. 00:45:32
I'm writing in support of agenda item number seven regarding the availability of Spanish language translation for City Council 00:45:36
meetings. 00:45:40
First and foremost, I want to extend my gratitude to the staff, Council and Councilmember Martinez for bringing this important 00:45:44
item forward. 00:45:47
At first glance, it may seem unusual for an environmental organization to weigh in on language accessibility matters. 00:45:51
However, it's imperative to recognize that language access plays a pivotal role in creating a more equitable and inclusive climate 00:45:58
action movement. 00:46:02
In a region with extreme wealth disparity and some of the highest poverty rates in the state, CEC is deploying old community LED 00:46:07
solutions rooted in climate justice that protect our most vulnerable populations against extreme weather and climate impacts. 00:46:14
We engage frontline communities that are impacted by fossil fuel infrastructure, legacy pollution, extreme weather and other 00:46:22
intersecting injustices to ensure that everyone has a say in how to protect against climate. 00:46:29
Historically, non-english speakers in the US have based under representation and marginalization, leading to a significant lack of 00:46:36
accessible information about climate change. 00:46:41
Particularly in languages such as Spanish and indigenous dialects like mixed tech. 00:46:47
By integrating language justice into our efforts, we not only breakdown barriers to access and participation, but also ensure that 00:46:52
our climate action initiatives are truly inclusive and representative of all communities. 00:46:59
Providing translation services for City Council meetings is a concrete step towards making the climate movement accessible to 00:47:05
those who are most impacted by the climate crisis. 00:47:10
1 notable way we language access have enriched our work at CDC is through Nuestro Temple, an initiative providing a space for 00:47:15
Spanish speaking community members to explore how climate change intersects with key issues. 00:47:22
Ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate on grassroot action. 00:47:29
Nuestro Tempo meetings are open to all community members and conducted entirely in Spanish. 00:47:33
Each session focuses on topics relevant to the community, featuring guest speakers and Apple time for group discussion and 00:47:39
questions. 00:47:43
Previous meetings have featured speakers from organizations like Central Coast Alliance United First. 00:47:47
A sustainable economy? 00:47:53
Latino Elders Outreach Network, Leon, California Air Resources Board, CARB and Eastside Library covering a range of topics 00:47:55
including financial incentives for electric vehicles. 00:48:00
Disaster planning and plastic pollution, food security efforts and more. 00:48:06
Participants like AN Aden, a member of Nuestro Temple, have shared the empowering impact of such engagement, stating because of my 00:48:10
participation in north-south Temple, I know that my voice matters. I now have the resources to know who to go to about things and 00:48:16
I have confidence and feel empowered to be part of decision making that affects my community. 00:48:23
Language should never be a barrier to engagement. Rather, it presents an opportunity to embrace diverse perspectives and lived 00:48:30
experiences, thereby enhancing our. 00:48:35
That concludes Public. 00:48:40
Thank you. 00:48:42
The recommendation is to direct staff to include language on each agenda in Spanish that offers translation services upon request. 00:48:45
May I have a motion and a second? 00:48:52
So moved second. 00:48:54
Is there any further discussion? 00:48:57
Is there any way we can still add like just in case there's another language out there and or? 00:49:00
Do we need to do research on how much that's going to cost first? Well, I think it's how much it's going to cost, but also just we 00:49:06
have to find somebody to do it. So I think that we'll do that and we'll come back with that separately. I think at this point I'm 00:49:13
not, I'm not sure if we can do it. So I don't I would recommend doing that one separately. 00:49:19
OK. All right. 00:49:26
Madam. 00:49:28
We take a vote. Please. All in favor. Aye, All opposed. 00:49:30
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. Thank you. The next item is the removal of parking restriction on San Pedro St. 00:49:35
Will staff please present the report? 00:49:42
Thank you. And yeah, I should have recorded Tony Stewart because he pretty much already did it. 00:49:45
I think for all the reasons that Tony Stewart mentioned. 00:49:52
We've been looking at our parking situation and we're looking ahead and looking at some of the state law changes coming. 00:49:56
Just this year, we had the new Adu requirements which essentially require that we allow. 00:50:03
The primary unit. 00:50:10
3 accessory units, essentially an attached Adu, A detached Adu at A, and a detached JADU. 00:50:12
Which really just means three additional units on each property and as Tony. 00:50:20
Not only can we not require more parking, but we also can't stop them from actually taking the existing parking to make space for 00:50:26
those. 00:50:29
And so a lot of this stuff it's, it's balancing and what we hope for is balance. You know obviously we all understand the housing 00:50:34
shortage and we all want to do our part to help with that. But but it would be nice if we had the ability to to also make sure 00:50:40
that the parking issue is is addressed because we are hearing that more and more from our community that. 00:50:47
People have concerns about just not being able to find somewhere. 00:50:54
Particularly in certain neighborhoods. 00:50:59
And so we saw some of these things coming. There is also another state law that went into effect January 1st. I don't know what 00:51:02
the the. 00:51:06
Number is, but it's they're calling it the. I heard it. It's called the day lighting law. I don't know if that sounds familiar, 00:51:11
but essentially any marked or unmarked crosswalk now there has to be 20 feet. 00:51:16
Of no. 00:51:23
Which for a marked crosswalk maybe is not as significant, but for unmarked crosswalks, we have lots of unmarked crosswalks. So now 00:51:25
there's going to be this new law going into effect that will require. 00:51:30
More spaces to be lost near each of those areas. 00:51:36
And again, all for good reasons. It's a public safety idea. But it doesn't. 00:51:40
Still means we're losing parking spaces where we're already. 00:51:45
Loss for parking. So as part of that, we've started to try to look ahead and try to to identify some parking. And like I said, 00:51:50
we're looking at areas that in the past maybe we wouldn't have looked at or it wasn't. 00:51:56
Maybe didn't rise to the level of a priority issue, but now it's starting to get to that point. 00:52:02
And so we've been working this item in particular with the Naval Base Ventura. 00:52:07
And it's the San Pedro St. area that has been no parking alongside the base. 00:52:13
And we've met with the Navy, we've explained some of those things and I think that they had. 00:52:19
We talked through a lot of these new state requirements. 00:52:25
It's funny because they had the same reaction. They're like, well, why don't you just require a parking? And we're like we'd love 00:52:28
to, That's the problem. The state says we can't, you know. So I think we had some good conversations with with the Navy where they 00:52:33
they understood it, they saw it and and saw some of the the rationale to it. 00:52:38
And so I really want to express as part of this item my appreciation to the Navy and. 00:52:44
I know our next item is talking about partnerships, but we really appreciated the the partnership with the Navy that the Navy came 00:52:51
back and said. 00:52:54
Even though it's been the practice not to have parking on San Pedro and even though that's the way it's been, they understand what 00:52:58
we're seeing happening and the the issues that we are seeing coming ahead. 00:53:03
And so. 00:53:10
We've worked with the Navy to identify an option to remove the parking restriction on San Pedro. 00:53:11
And the Navy asked for some specific consideration as part of that. 00:53:18
Which is, it's reasonable. There's one that we're trying to work through. So we haven't, you know, we told them we do the best we 00:53:24
can on one, but most of them are completely reasonable and that we're able to. 00:53:29
To basically confirm that we'll address them as long as the the Council approves it. 00:53:36
And so, in short, the Navy is willing to support the request to remove the parking restriction as long as. 00:53:42
Are with the request, I should say that. 00:53:51
They would, they would prefer diagonal parking spaces. This, that's the the hardest one and we're working on that. 00:53:54
They would prefer the diagonal parking. 00:54:01
We're going to have to work through that a little bit with our design team. 00:54:05
And so we'll work with the Navy on that as long as it's. 00:54:09
The other items are ones that we can commit to pretty, and that one is they've been maintaining the landscaping that's right 00:54:13
alongside the curb for years with no formal agreement to do so. 00:54:20
Even though it's the city's property. 00:54:26
And so they're asking if the city would be willing to take that back and be responsible for the maintenance. 00:54:29
We've talked internally and we are fine with that and we recommend taking that if that's a concern. 00:54:34
They they also just want to make sure they weren't going to be responsible for the cost of like striping or signage which it's our 00:54:41
street, our responsibility, so we don't or we recommend. 00:54:46
Confirming with them that we would be responsible for striping and signage. 00:54:52
There, one real safety concern that still remains is the idea of oversized vehicles being parked alongside. 00:54:57
The the base with the idea that if somebody parks a giant RV out there, they actually may be able to figure out how to, you know, 00:55:04
put a ladder across or something and get across to the. 00:55:09
And so for us. 00:55:15
We understand that we want to be respectful of that concern, so we recommend that we put. 00:55:17
Signage up that says no oversized vehicles, no recreational vehicles. 00:55:23
And that should address. 00:55:28
Security. 00:55:30
And then last. 00:55:32
They had the understanding I think previously that the. 00:55:34
That. 00:55:38
Or maybe not the understanding, but I think they they had some concern that their fire department and the Navy force protection. 00:55:39
Would be asked to. 00:55:48
Would be somehow responsible for any damage or injury in that area. 00:55:51
And I don't really see how that would happen, but they want us to confirm that we wouldn't be holding them responsible for for any 00:55:56
damages or anything as a result of these new parking spaces. 00:56:02
Alongside the. 00:56:09
The base perimeter. 00:56:11
And so, you know, I think our response them to them on that was, you know, unless. 00:56:13
Fire truck goes out and hits somebody and is responsible for that. We wouldn't hold you responsible for anything that just happens 00:56:20
on our street, you know? 00:56:24
So, with all that being said, so the real. 00:56:29
Item that would need approval of the. 00:56:33
Is that there's going to be some design work to try to work through that design, and that'll be some cost. 00:56:36
We think for design and signage we're thinking the estimates about 15 to $20,000. 00:56:43
But this potentially could provide, you know, 40-50, maybe seventy. There we had a couple different designs. 00:56:48
So depending on what design selected, it could provide in that range of parking spaces. 00:56:55
And this is in an area I think which is a particular challenge and looking ahead at the Adu issue, it's going to continue to be a 00:57:00
challenge. 00:57:04
So we're recommending sort. 00:57:08
Doing this, it's almost, you know, the equivalent to building a parking lot, which would be, you know, hundreds of thousands of 00:57:10
dollars and we're able to work with them. 00:57:14
And do this for much less so. So we recommend and basically what we're asking for is that for the council to approve. 00:57:17
The action, But the big thing is and authorize us to work out that design and spend some time and energy on and resources on that 00:57:26
design with the Navy. 00:57:32
Thank you. 00:57:38
Are there? 00:57:39
Public comments. 00:57:42
On this no public comments. Does Council have any questions? 00:57:44
Is there a reason why they're requesting the diagonals versus the regular ones? I'm just curious, is there more space, more spaces 00:57:49
or, Yeah, it's interesting because that's partially why we don't want to commit to an exact design for now. We want to work 00:57:53
through that design with them. 00:57:58
Because one of their original concerns was they wanted fewer vehicles if possible, which for me? 00:58:04
Fewer vehicles and an easier design would actually be parallel parking along those spaces. 00:58:11
But then they came back on our last round of discussion and they were saying they had a couple of thoughts about diagonal parking 00:58:15
being better even though. 00:58:20
Our quick design would show more more vehicles being parked alongside the base with diagonal parking. 00:58:25
Which has some benefits to us, but there it creates some other issues. 00:58:31
Like potentially with the width of the street we have to work. 00:58:36
So we want to be able to work with them on that. I think we have a couple of like a design that's a parallel design and a design 00:58:39
that's diagonal and we want we plan to work like follow up with them. 00:58:44
Work through them, see which one addresses their issues and which ones we can do without really changing our traffic flow or 00:58:50
anything like that. 00:58:54
So so the diagonal would be more spaces. If we can make everything else work, which would be great but. 00:58:59
I think my I my thought at this point is. 00:59:06
If you authorize us to work with the Navy and try to come up with the best design we can between the two of us, it may be 00:59:11
diagonal. It may not be diagonal. 00:59:14
Thank you. 00:59:19
I just wanted. 00:59:21
Comment. 00:59:23
This is a really good example of collaboration with one of our partners and I know that. 00:59:24
You know years past, the Navy say no, no, we don't want parking and and we would just leave it alone. 00:59:30
So I really want to congratulate and appreciate the effort to our city manager. 00:59:35
Meeting, collaborating and you know collaboration can be difficult but. 00:59:40
Respectful. 00:59:46
Working to better our community, which is good for the NAV. 00:59:48
The only and I support this fully and I just want to. 00:59:51
When it comes on this collaboration, it's like I listen to what the Navy saying and then I I can't help but think about Victoria 00:59:56
on the other side. 01:00:01
And you know everything that they're arguing for on this side. 01:00:06
Just isn't even in play over there. 01:00:10
In the spirit of collaboration, it's it's just like, you know, there's kind. 01:00:14
2 tracks here. But I really appreciate the work that you've done. I really appreciate the Navy. 01:00:19
Collaborating with us and I think. 01:00:24
I think diagonal is good because it provides more parking than that is relief for that community. So thank you very much for all 01:00:27
the work. 01:00:31
Councilmember Hernandez Yes, Thank you Mayor. Thank you, Mr. City Manager, for the report and for your work with the Navy base. 01:00:37
I I think I understand their concern with security. 01:00:45
Back when we had the Oklahoma City bombing, a lot of bases and federal buildings increased their perimeter security. 01:00:50
And they were especially concerned about large vehicles, oversized trucks, moving vans, things like that. 01:00:59
Is there? 01:01:09
Is there any guarantee that that will remain in place overtime? I could, I mean if if the threat level at the base increases would 01:01:11
we see? 01:01:16
That agreement may be changing, maybe they not not wanting the cars parked that that close. 01:01:21
To their buildings. 01:01:27
I don't think so, I think. 01:01:31
The Navy, when we walked through all these issues with them and every and everything, and I want to especially thank Commander, 01:01:34
Commanding Officer Kim Knock and their planning liaison, Kendall Lawson. 01:01:40
We walked through it and we talked about all of the different dynamics and the challenges. 01:01:47
And like I guess just to be like clear and fair like I don't think. 01:01:52
Excited about the change? You know, for them, national security is the predominant concern. 01:01:56
But I think when we worked with them, they understood sort of the new reality we're having to face and. 01:02:04
And understood, and we walked through even and talked about just things like. 01:02:10
Theoretically, you know if they aren't oversized vehicles and we just and there's vehicles parked there that actually that's like 01:02:16
another buffer between. 01:02:20
You know, somebody, somebody right now could drive over the curb into the base if there's. 01:02:25
Residents parked there with small vehicles. 01:02:30
Somebody's not going to be able to drive through. Yeah, exactly. So. So we really like got to that level of walking through all 01:02:33
the details and at the end of the day, the Navy said, we understand and we think that this could work in a way that would be 01:02:38
workable for all of us. 01:02:43
So I don't anticipate that happening. I guess we always can be aware of that, that you know if there's some unforeseen thing. 01:02:49
You know, in the future they may come back to us and talk to us about. 01:02:58
What what can be done but it? 01:03:02
We haven't anticipated that. That wasn't something discussed. Our intent as we talked to them was, you know, as we enter this new 01:03:05
phase of not having enough parking, we're going to have to be looking for things like this. And they understood that and worked 01:03:11
with us. Well, thank you very much for developing that relationship with the Navy base. It's a really good example of partnership 01:03:17
as Councilman Gama said. Thank you, Thank you. 01:03:23
Yeah, I'm, I'm very grateful for that because the Navy, they didn't have to go easy on this consideration. They could have been 01:03:31
more difficult. They're the federal government. 01:03:36
You know they can oversee. 01:03:41
Whatever we want, but I'm glad that they saw the need that we have in our community and that they're willing to work with us. 01:03:44
Figure this out, so thank you for that. 01:03:51
So the recommendation is to approve the removal of the parking restriction on the West side of San Pedro St. between Pleasant 01:03:54
Valley Rd. And Clara St. and authorized staff to consult with Naval Base Ventura County. 01:04:00
May I have a motion and? 01:04:06
Move to approve. 01:04:08
2nd thank you and no further discussion. 01:04:09
All right. So can we have a vote, please? All in favor. 01:04:13
All. 01:04:17
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. Thank you. 01:04:19
Moving on, looks like the final. 01:04:25
Item tonight is the City Council, City Council. 01:04:28
And discussion of City Council goals. Will staff please present the report? 01:04:32
Yes, thank you. 01:04:37
So we started kind of phase one of this conversation at the last council meeting and just to kind of get. 01:04:40
Maybe ideas flowing? 01:04:47
But we talked at the last council meeting about each. 01:04:50
It's good practice. 01:04:54
Start off the year talking about goals and talking about priorities for the year. 01:04:56
And so we mentioned at that time that looking at some of the existing goals. 01:05:02
Over the last. 01:05:09
There's a lot of like staff, there's a lot of staff driven projects, things like implementing a new finance system for example. 01:05:11
And we're working on that. Our finance team is working on that every day. 01:05:21
But it's not necessarily something that we need to like. 01:05:26
We don't need to revisit and discuss it right now because it's part of our plan, our long term plan and it's an identified goal 01:05:31
and we're we're already working on it. 01:05:35
But we talked at that time. 01:05:40
There is an area of our existing goals discussion. 01:05:43
That, I think, is worth spending some time talking about and. 01:05:48
The what was identified in the past is Goal 5, developing strategic partnerships. 01:05:53
And in. 01:05:59
We mentioned that in recent council meetings we had talked about some of these same partnerships. We had talked about bringing 01:06:02
items back to discuss. 01:06:06
I think for example. 01:06:12
The second partner listed is Navy based Ventura County. 01:06:15
And a couple months back we had talked about putting an item on a future agenda to talk about talking points for this year for the 01:06:19
council members who work with Navy base Ventura County to to. 01:06:24
Get that direction and that consensus from the Council. 01:06:30
We talked similarly about Oxnard and we talked about potentially creating a committee and what that. 01:06:34
Um, and. 01:06:40
But we haven't talked about what that means or who would be on it, or what the goals of that committee would be, or if we have 01:06:43
specific goals that we could work with Oxnard on in a different format, for example. 01:06:48
And then there's always, I think, the conversation with the port, there's always. 01:06:54
So many things that we're working on with the port and in the past the list that's in the agenda was sort of the synthesized list 01:06:59
from the last few years. 01:07:03
So there were some things discussed in the past, economic development community support, which I think was referring to the 01:07:08
community benefit fund, I think. 01:07:12
And then the and then traffic. 01:07:16
So and then we heard speakers today who were bringing up other other issues, so. 01:07:21
So there's always the conversation of like what are our. 01:07:27
Goals in these partnerships What do we want to develop and what do we want to focus? 01:07:30
I think it helps provide that guidance to the staff so that when we're meeting with these agencies, we can make sure we're in line 01:07:35
with what the council is looking to accomplish. 01:07:40
But it also is helpful for the Council. 01:07:44
We have committees that focus on each of these and we have. 01:07:47
Council members, It's a small city, so council members are going to interact with board members from these other agencies. 01:07:51
It's planned or not, and so I think having a consensus on what the goals are for each year can help everybody work towards the 01:07:58
same goal. 01:08:02
So our recommendation from our last meeting was for everybody to think about what goals we have with each of those key partners 01:08:07
and and any other key partners we wanted to talk about. 01:08:12
And that we come back. 01:08:18
Discuss and and hopefully get a consensus on what our goals are with each of those partners. 01:08:21
And then? 01:08:26
And then we can go from there on on developing that goal further. So our recommendation tonight is just that the council discuss. 01:08:28
The strategic partnerships and what goals we have for the coming year. 01:08:38
Thank you. Are there any public comments on this item? 01:08:41
We have one public comment from Randall Thomas Small. 01:08:45
I would like to say good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, City Council, City staff and members of the public. 01:08:54
I had to write that down so I didn't miss anybody. 01:09:02
I just would like to stress that we work on our partnership with the port of wine. 01:09:06
I moved to this community about a year ago, but I grew up in Oxnard. I bought my home after I got out of the army and getting more 01:09:13
involved in the community it I have seemed to have noticed that there seems to. 01:09:19
Very strenuous relations with. 01:09:26
Not entirely certain as to why. 01:09:29
However, I would just like to stress to the Council. 01:09:32
Extend a hand to the poor a little bit more and I'll stress to their poor Commission board as well, to do the same to the city, 01:09:36
because, after all, we do share the same name. 01:09:41
And it I think it would be beneficial for the. 01:09:45
And the port. 01:09:50
Come together and cooperate more because I think there are several goals aligned for economic development and just to see a better 01:09:52
community overall and when we come together and work as a community with everybody, we build a better society. 01:09:59
Today and tomorrow for future generations, that's all I'd like to say. Thank you. Thank. 01:10:06
This council have any questions? 01:10:12
Or comments? 01:10:14
Or would we like to move into the provide feedback phase? 01:10:17
I have a question on what the process is for this discussion. 01:10:21
Yeah, and so this is agendized as a workshop. And so the intent was. 01:10:26
Really, to allow for it's to. 01:10:33
Sort of a free flowing conversation. 01:10:36
And. 01:10:41
To I think one idea would be, and I think we suggested that everybody might want to come prepared with a couple of goals for each 01:10:42
of the partners. 01:10:47
We can start with. 01:10:52
Stating their goals and why they're important and then we can see if there's a consensus on those goals. I think that would be one 01:10:54
simple way to do it. 01:10:57
Did everyone do their homework? 01:11:02
I may I. 01:11:08
Collaboration is a it's a big word, long word, and we just saw some real good demonstration of what. 01:11:10
Collaborating with their partner looks like it. 01:11:16
Achieve something that would both agree. 01:11:21
So maybe this will help this discussion in regards to the Navy. 01:11:26
One thing I notice on Channel Islands Blvd. and I'm. 01:11:29
The navy's tired of. 01:11:34
Barrier being crashed into. 01:11:37
So how can we help? 01:11:39
Traffic Safety and minimize that guardrail being smashed into. 01:11:42
Very often. It's got to be a pain. 01:11:48
And then when I look at the bike. 01:11:53
Right there and I look. 01:11:56
The impacts to that guard. 01:11:58
I will never ride. 01:12:01
On Channel Islands, Boulev. 01:12:03
Because it just seems really dangerous, but. 01:12:05
So I thought that might help get this conversation started. 01:12:09
I see that. 01:12:16
You have on your staff report and thank. 01:12:17
James for bringing this to councils. 01:12:20
Agenda and for the opportunity to talk about this in a workshop format. 01:12:23
And I noticed that we've got all these goals listed here. 01:12:28
There must be a reason why we're focusing on the strategic partnerships and I'm not sure. 01:12:33
Where that came from because that didn't come to the full. 01:12:39
For agreement. 01:12:43
We had a discussion that this was the area we wanted to discuss. 01:12:45
I think for purposes of discussion, can you give us some background on why a strategic partnership seems to jump to the top of the 01:12:49
list? 01:12:53
For discussion, yeah. And we, we did talk about it at the last council meeting and there was a consensus to focus on, on the 01:12:57
strategic partnerships, I guess, I don't remember. 01:13:03
Behind that was that most of and we could go through, but most of the other goals are staff. 01:13:10
Work. 01:13:17
Already in. 01:13:19
There was a five year goal plan developed which these goals are essentially from that that five year plan. 01:13:21
And so we're. 01:13:29
Year 4 of that five year. 01:13:30
So there wasn't There's not a lot to discuss. 01:13:32
On those other items and like I mentioned for example and you can kind of pick a couple, but you know preparing the broadband 01:13:36
master plan, staff is working on preparing the broadband master plan. So there's not like. 01:13:42
Those aren't really items that at this point there needs to be new direction on, so I've just I'm I'm looking to identify what the 01:13:49
issues are with partnerships that we want to discuss. 01:13:54
Tonight for me, I think that we by looking at the committee's. 01:14:01
I'm drawing the conclusion that. 01:14:07
There are committees to address. 01:14:10
That we have with our stakeholders. 01:14:13
But what I see has an issue. Is that some? 01:14:16
Committees are not working as they should. 01:14:22
I see that over the years that we don't always do a good job reporting back on our committees. 01:14:26
Assignments and what has been discussed in committees. 01:14:33
Nor has Councilman Gama mentioned at the last meeting. 01:14:37
Do we have the opportunity to discuss issues prior? 01:14:40
To these meetings taking. 01:14:45
A good example is the Port City Committee. I think the Port City Committee issues. 01:14:48
Needs to be on the agenda before the mayor and the mayor Pro Tem go to that meeting so that we can. 01:14:54
Provide some background. 01:15:01
For those who are new to the committ. 01:15:03
So that we can share issues and priorities that they can. 01:15:06
To that meeting. 01:15:10
RDP is another one that I think should be agendized. Before we for instance, before we go on these trips, or before we go and meet 01:15:12
with the commanding officer, what are the issues that this council wants us to take? 01:15:18
And I think we can do a better. 01:15:24
On that rather than trying to create new committees or. 01:15:26
New. 01:15:32
Ways of forming these partnerships? Let's make the existing ones work. 01:15:32
Well, maybe I'm a little ambitious, but I think we can make what we have right now work and also add more. 01:15:40
I know it was mentioned that the the port in the cities relationship can improve. 01:15:49
But that's just like any relationship for that matter, Like there's always room for improvement. And what I can say is that we do 01:15:54
have a committee and that's something that we don't have with Oxnard and that's something that we don't have. 01:15:59
With the base. 01:16:04
That's. 01:16:06
I do think. 01:16:08
When I first started on as like, Mayor Pro Tem, we didn't really have, I didn't really know how many times we were going to meet 01:16:09
up. 01:16:12
And I think it would be important for us to set like, hey, what the port decided. Can we meet at least quarterly or how many 01:16:16
times? I think quarterly would be nice. 01:16:20
Four times. 01:16:24
So that's one of the things that I was asking for last year for us to meet more frequently because the first time we had only met. 01:16:26
Like I think twice. 01:16:33
So my first year and I felt like we didn't get enough done. 01:16:35
I do like. 01:16:38
Councilmember Hernandez's ideas about. 01:16:40
Talking about our priorities before the meetings and also being able to report back. 01:16:43
I think this is something that we can also do quarterly and I don't think it needs to take a lot of time. Maybe it might even 01:16:47
replace. 01:16:50
Our comments at. 01:16:54
Especially since some of those I feel like tend to. 01:16:57
Be a little bit longer than then. 01:17:00
In regards to to Ox. 01:17:03
I think it's important that we do have a committee with Oxnard. We're not like any other city where. 01:17:07
We share borders with other cities. It's just. It's just. 01:17:12
So if anybody wants to access winemie, they have to go through Oxnard and that's why I think it's extremely important for us to 01:17:16
have this. 01:17:19
Level of communication between each city. 01:17:24
At the very least, like collaborating. 01:17:28
Understanding what's going on in each perspective city. 01:17:32
Similar to what the base maybe we should? 01:17:36
More aware of what their calendars like and where they they need. 01:17:39
From us and vice versa. 01:17:44
There's a lot of military families that live here and then maybe we can also help provide the information that their families 01:17:47
need. 01:17:50
But I think focusing on the port, the base and Oxnard are just as equally important. 01:17:54
And I think. 01:18:01
Improve each of those three relationships. 01:18:03
Yes, I agree with the Council Member Hernandez and Councilmember Martinez, and I would add that we are an elected body. 01:18:07
And the majority rules, and unless we all discuss. 01:18:16
Items and determine what the majority. 01:18:21
Desires until we have those discussions. 01:18:25
Then you know we. 01:18:29
We're not. We haven't been, in my view, we haven't been representing the majority of the council over the last all the years that 01:18:31
I've been on council because. 01:18:35
It's difficult. 01:18:41
To collaborate because we have to do it publicly and we have to speak here on the diocese and then we have to come up with a 01:18:42
majority. 01:18:46
Hopefully a supermajority, hopefully where everybody coalesce around goals that we have, say with the city of Oxnard, those goals 01:18:50
will be different than what we have with the port of Winemie and then. 01:18:56
Other goals with the Navy? 01:19:03
It just doesn't. 01:19:07
Bode itself well for the way that we've been operating. So I. 01:19:10
I think we do need to have. 01:19:16
Topics for discussion that deal with each of our partners so that we could form a majority. 01:19:18
And then send the committ. 01:19:25
To discuss. 01:19:28
Them. 01:19:29
Thank you. 01:19:33
Council members, I agree with the three of you. 01:19:35
So my struggle was in doing my homework. Is that. 01:19:39
You know, I hear a lot about the use of the word partnership. 01:19:45
And so. 01:19:51
I struggle because just because we say partnership does not mean there's a partnership. 01:19:55
Right. And so I think we have some work. 01:20:01
As it relates to really creating partnerships, what really the word means creating partnerships? 01:20:05
Than developing those. 01:20:11
And then fostering those partnerships and we. 01:20:14
Want to create a committee because we have desires. 01:20:19
Right. It can't be our personal because Port Hueneme has a desire for something, or we feel that we need something therefore. 01:20:24
You know our partnership, you know. 01:20:32
Partner with us, right. So it's a little more than that. And so I think we have a lot of work to do as it relates to creating this 01:20:34
partnerships, these partnerships that we're talking about and so that the other side views us. 01:20:41
As part. 01:20:48
And want to continue and develop and foster those partnerships with us. So I think we have some work to do and so that's why I 01:20:49
struggle with coming up with some goals. 01:20:54
To take, but I think that we just have a lot of work to do and when we say partnership, it can't be because we have a desire, we 01:21:00
need something therefore. 01:21:04
Our partners should come to the table with us and talk about it. 01:21:08
So that's that's my lot. 01:21:12
May I may comment. 01:21:15
Yeah, the I would like to add that I agree with everything that everyone has said here, specifically what Mayor Potem? 01:21:18
With regards to the Port City Committee, it's very difficult to. 01:21:26
Discuss what's happening at that meeting, because we don't even know when the meeting is going to be and we don't even know what 01:21:31
they want to discuss until. 01:21:35
A week before sometimes. So it's hard to. It hasn't been really consistent. So we need to make things a little bit more consistent 01:21:40
so we know what the future agenda is going to look like and what the future topic is going to be. But I agree with you, that needs 01:21:44
to be a little bit more. 01:21:48
Cohesive and inconsistent. Otherwise we're never going to be able to. 01:21:55
Do as you would like and have a discussion about. 01:21:59
But we need to throw. 01:22:02
Our school district, that's an important partnership that we should be reaching out to. We have youth in this city that. 01:22:04
I know from doing the reading program recently they have a lot of questions about what goes on our city and what we do is Council 01:22:11
and I spent at least 1520 minutes today talking with 4th graders about. 01:22:16
What does the mayor do? What does council do? You know, what is our oversight? You know, how does that all work? So I think 01:22:22
engaging our youth and having them. 01:22:26
Engage with us and making partnerships and connections with the schools and the school districts and getting out there and talking 01:22:30
to class classrooms. 01:22:34
Just trying to get our community more involved in what's. 01:22:38
Is a good partnership as well that we should think. 01:22:42
Go ahead. In regards of not knowing when we're going to have those, when we're having those meetings, that's why I suggest that we 01:22:46
do have a schedule and. 01:22:50
You know. 01:22:55
We can communicate that in the committees and I think like I said, I'm just going to repeat like I think quarterly I think would 01:22:57
be enough that way we're not birding putting more bird in on our staff and their staff to set up the meetings. 01:23:04
And then I do agree it's not just because we want a partnership, is that that we're going to have a partnership, but we can at 01:23:12
least start off by maybe having the city manager contact their city manager. 01:23:17
And then have that discussion of. 01:23:22
Would they be? 01:23:25
Of you know forming this committ. 01:23:27
The base, I think. 01:23:30
Might not necessarily need to have a committee, in my opinion, but at the very least as long as there's that open communication 01:23:31
between the city manager and the base commander. 01:23:35
When I was mayor last year, it was very difficult to set up a meeting with them. 01:23:40
And so that that showed how how disconnected you know they the city was with the basin. 01:23:45
My understanding was that they hadn't really been meeting up in the last years, you know, so that's where I wasn't a concern to 01:23:52
me. 01:23:55
I think that this school district should be another partnership that we should be more open with. 01:23:59
I think that's it. That's all I have. 01:24:05
Any further comments from anyone? 01:24:08
I understand. Again, looking at what we already have in place. 01:24:13
And with regards to the Navy base? 01:24:17
I really appreciate again the city managers work with Base Commander Kim Knock and we should be mindful that he's going to be 01:24:21
leaving soon, so a new relationship, a new partnership will need to be built there. 01:24:27
But there are, you know, to me, this base is like another city. 01:24:34
And. 01:24:40
There are City manager meetings that that I know you attend, Mr. City Manager and and you share issues there and you talk about. 01:24:40
Maybe perhaps border issues with Oxnard? I'm not really sure what gets on the agenda, but I'm just wondering if that's a venue. 01:24:51
For taking council issues. 01:25:00
To discussion with with with regards to ox. 01:25:03
And. 01:25:08
I guess too with regards to the. 01:25:10
We do have the regional defense partnership where. 01:25:13
Take issues and discuss the Strategic Planning Committee, which I sit on. 01:25:17
I think is a good venue for talking about issues like we talked about sand replenishment during those strategic planning. 01:25:22
Meetings you. We've also signed on to the Federal Outreach and Advisory Council. That's another Ave. 01:25:32
For communicating with the base, so we have those in place. 01:25:39
So that we have three ways really. 01:25:45
The the relationship that the. 01:25:47
That the city manager is building directly with base commander and hopefully will continue. We have RDP which can talk about 01:25:49
broader issues that are not so operational like law enforcement and fire response and and and streets and parking. 01:25:57
And then we have the Federal Outreach and Advisory Council, which is another. 01:26:06
Ave. for communicating. 01:26:11
We just have to get. 01:26:13
Those items on the agenda for discussion before we attend these meetings and scheduling is a huge issue. I mean we have to be able 01:26:15
to look ahead and know when these meetings are coming up so we can get those items on the agenda for discussion. 01:26:22
Does that make sense? 01:26:30
With regards to the role of City manager and taking some of these. 01:26:32
Issues to. 01:26:36
To other. 01:26:38
To other on other platforms it makes sense, but I think our experience has. 01:26:39
Was demonstrated tonight what? 01:26:46
To get this parking agreement together. 01:26:49
You know, it didn't go through RDP, it didn't go through any of those other avenues. 01:26:51
Nobody ever brought it to RDP for discussion. Nobody says will you take this issue? 01:26:57
We. We. We. 01:27:02
And it may have facilitated the process, but eventually, you know, the goal was achieved and that was bringing the city manager 01:27:04
and the commander together. This is the reason for us to discuss. 01:27:09
Council priorities because it does take a. 01:27:14
And I think. 01:27:18
I think the San Pedro par. 01:27:22
Issue should serve as a road map for. 01:27:25
Issues with the with the Navy that we may have or not. 01:27:28
You know, and so. 01:27:33
I just really the timing was great and we're having. 01:27:37
This meeting. 01:27:41
You know, like I just mentioned the guardrail like. 01:27:44
Now that's a serious issue. 01:27:46
And if we come to the Navy and hey, you know what? Can we? Is there anything we could? 01:27:49
Lend on this because. 01:27:55
It's got to be driving people nuts over there because that guardrail is just getting. 01:27:57
And maybe it'll lead to other discussions of mutual interest. 01:28:02
So I think the most difficult part is getting the five of. 01:28:07
To set the. 01:28:11
It's a 10/8. 01:28:16
Anyway, so I think that's the challenge and and that's why. 01:28:18
Up here on the diet. 01:28:22
I do believe there are some gaps. There are some gaps in how we work with our stakeholders. 01:28:26
The school districts and even the fire department. The chief sits in these meetings, but how often do we actually meet with the 01:28:35
fire department? 01:28:38
And talk about some of the issues and their responses to our citizens. 01:28:42
Umm, and has a former emergency manager. You know, we we would meet with all these entities and we would build these relationships 01:28:48
so when there was an emergency we they were already in place. 01:28:54
But absent of that, you know there is no stake. 01:29:01
Forum for doing that. So I don't know if that's something we can create. Have a quarterly stakeholders meeting where the school 01:29:05
district gets together, the fire department gets together, the Navy base comes together, we all come together. 01:29:12
And talk about, you know, what's happening in our community and what are our. 01:29:19
I think that's a good idea. If I may just one more comment. 01:29:23
So what if you know the City of Oxnard? If we ever want to know what's going on in city of Oxnard, we go watch their meeting. 01:29:27
I don't know if the Navy has a meeting that we could go watch. So there's. 01:29:33
Very difficult I. 01:29:38
I don't think the port televises there or record, so we can't go. 01:29:40
See what's going on there unless we attend their. 01:29:45
You know, maybe part of the discuss. 01:29:49
Is is trying to. 01:29:51
All our partners on the same page, so that we could at least. 01:29:54
Of what's happen. 01:29:58
So we have this list here of all the different committees that we're all on, and I expect that you. 01:30:03
Provided this so we could discuss on how. 01:30:09
Report on these different committees a little bit better and to start putting them on the agenda to discuss what's happening and 01:30:12
what the city's approach to be for each committee. 01:30:17
Yeah, and I think. 01:30:23
I think you're going down the same path, but you know, one idea would be maybe agreeing that. 01:30:25
You know, like with the port for example, and the joint the joint city port committee meeting. 01:30:30
Which is on that list. 01:30:38
Perhaps we could, for example, meet with them, put a schedule together and a list of proposed items, bring that back to the 01:30:40
Council once a year. 01:30:44
And maybe we do this just every year. 01:30:49
Here's what we're planning to talk about at the joint meetings this year. Here's the key topics is there you know general feedback 01:30:52
and then that that way the committee has sort of the marching orders for the year and and staff. So we can we can actually do that 01:30:57
I think for the port and the Navy those. 01:31:02
Those that's two good examples. We could do the same thing with the Navy of have a the talking points discussion what specific 01:31:08
issues do we want to work with the Navy on this year And then that way it's direction to RDP the Association of Defense 01:31:13
Communities and staff. 01:31:18
To kind of work on those things for the year. So, so that that could be maybe a next step on this is? 01:31:23
We can reach out to each of those and kind of get the. 01:31:31
Meeting schedule and the list of their topics and then come back and have that conversation. 01:31:36
I really like that idea because I'm looking at the first item of the first committee here, the beach erosion. 01:31:42
Authority for clean oceans and nourishment beacon. 01:31:49
That's where we talk about sand replenishment, that's where we talk about. 01:31:52
Our our. 01:31:58
The health of our beaches and our. 01:32:01
But it's also discussed in RDP and it's also discussed. 01:32:04
Well, one of the stakeholders that's also missing here is the county. We don't often meet with the county that's right harbor. So 01:32:09
there is key stakeholder that we would want to discuss and the port, it's discussed at the port meetings as well. 01:32:15
Yeah, that's a good point. I think that was one of the things is. 01:32:23
I see conversations happening with different groups and different people and it's like, OK, how do we at least like once a year 01:32:28
make sure we're all working on the same goal, right? 01:32:31
Any further comment or question on this? 01:32:38
The Clean Power Alliance is missing from the committee list. 01:32:41
We haven't. We'll double check. Maybe we could put that on the agenda for a future meeting. 01:32:46
I understand we probably won't be implementing that for. 01:32:51
Yeah, I think we're in sort of a lull with them, but we can. 01:32:55
Because there was the deadline and then now it's going to be implemented. 01:33:00
2025, yeah. So we. 01:33:05
We can kind of, I think if we kind of set this as our plan where maybe every year the first couple meetings we're talking about, 01:33:08
you know like the here's what the schedule for how we're going to meet with this group and here's the topics and then get 01:33:12
everybody. 01:33:17
On board and then we can get set for the year, so we can include that one for 2025. 01:33:22
OK. And also could you put me down has been on the strategic planning committee? 01:33:28
RDP. 01:33:35
Yes, we can include that on the list. 01:33:37
And I think though the one question I guess sort of pending if the council wanted to go with bring those items back kind of 01:33:40
individually with information so we can talk about them, we can do that. 01:33:45
And then the one that. 01:33:51
I'm not sure what the what the next step we want to do on is Oxnard, because that would be a new thing. 01:33:53
So maybe we'd want to have that conversation 1st and just talk about what goals we'd want from that Oxnard committee or or does it 01:33:59
need to be a committee and and what we'd want to accomplish with it so we can bring that item back on its own for that discussion 01:34:05
too. So are you suggesting that we have a discussion? 01:34:10
An agenda for each one of our. 01:34:17
Partners, I think that's the idea. And with we can reach out to those partners in the meantime, get information, find out, you 01:34:20
know, set a meeting schedule for the year. I think that's one thing I'm hearing. And so even with the port, we could reach out to 01:34:24
them and try to agree on. 01:34:29
Set meeting dates. 01:34:34
And then potential topics and then we come back and discuss them. 01:34:36
Early on in. 01:34:41
Councilmember Hernan. 01:34:44
When we first got elect. 01:34:47
We had a joint meeting with the port and I thought it was a really. 01:34:49
Meeting and you know it. 01:34:53
Probably a little bit uncomfortable having two elected bodies at a meeting, but I think. 01:34:56
I think if we. 01:35:01
Had one of those a year, I think it could go a long way and at least bringing us together. 01:35:04
Because we are partners. I mean we. 01:35:09
Worked there. 01:35:12
Drive across each other, you know we see each other. 01:35:13
But. 01:35:16
Maybe that's something that we can discuss too, because I think it. 01:35:18
I thought it was really cool. 01:35:21
I had that thought, but I my suggestion at this point be we include that in our conversation of something, is that something we 01:35:23
want to agree to work towards with the, with our partners, with the port and the Navy of doing like a joint meeting, you know? 01:35:30
With the full. 01:35:37
Because I think it's going to take some work to get to that point. That's my guess and I agree with. 01:35:39
Mayor Pro Tem's point about for me, I came in and I felt like the first time I went to the Navy was with my hand out. 01:35:44
And so I don't know that they see me as a partner because I'm going to them asking them for something and. 01:35:51
And so hopefully our relationship is to the point where they didn't feel that way. But that's how I felt. And I'm like, I feel 01:35:58
like. 01:36:01
Being. 01:36:05
We are going to ask for things sometimes, but we also have to give sometimes. And so I think we can start building that 01:36:06
relationship and then work towards the point when we have the true partnership with some of these partners, then we can have those 01:36:12
joint meetings and things like that. But I think it's going to take a little bit of. 01:36:18
Work. 01:36:24
I would also like to see our super. 01:36:26
Get involved. 01:36:29
In a meeting or so and just discuss what? 01:36:30
Her goals are and what she's looking at for whining me specifically. If she has any any thoughts on that and and see what we can 01:36:33
do with that, that's a good idea. 01:36:37
And the HOA HOA coalition, the school district, the same thing. How we can support. 01:36:41
What other groups? 01:36:50
But some of those groups maybe? 01:36:52
I think like the HOA coalition. 01:36:56
Starting point with them, I think it'll be a different approach with different groups, but with the HOA coalition we could 01:36:58
probably just ask them to come present. 01:37:01
At one of our meetings and have that as sort of the starting point of. 01:37:05
If there's topics at the council that wants to follow up on which they already started, that's how we got onto the landscape. 01:37:10
Policy creation, that's true. 01:37:14
I have a question about Oxnard. Do you have standing meetings with the city manager from Oxnard or do you have do you meet with 01:37:18
him one-on-one? 01:37:24
Regularly. 01:37:30
There's a There is a county city managers meeting, which is kind of funny to think about. 01:37:32
It's an odd club to be part of but every month we have a standing county city managers meeting and all the city managers meet 01:37:39
every month and the county CEO. And then there's some other people like the sheriff is often in there, Commanding officer Kim 01:37:47
Knock is often there. So we try to get everybody Kristen from the port is is is often there so. 01:37:55
Everybody who's sort of responsible for one of these agencies that you know that needs to be in the loop. So every month we have 01:38:03
that meeting. Alex and I have been working together. Alex, the city manager from Oxnard have been working together a lot related 01:38:10
to the storm and and and all of the different issues that we're all trying to figure out at the same time. 01:38:16
And so we're working together a lot on that, But he and I don't have regular standing meetings. 01:38:24
So it could be something we work towards, Maybe have a conversation to find out if there's a need. I mean, we share a border. 01:38:29
You know, Oxnard issues flow into whining me vice versa. There might be conversations to have there. I know our police chiefs are 01:38:37
in conversation about the issues. That happens and. 01:38:41
It makes sense to have the city managers do the same thing. So that would be something council, I think, would have to talk about. 01:38:47
You know, what are our issues that we want to be? 01:38:51
Presented to Oxnard. I'm glad you brought up the. 01:38:55
Oxnard and Guinness PD have. 01:38:59
Rich history of cooperation. 01:39:01
You see it just about each and every day on the streets of Wine, Amy and Ox. 01:39:03
So it's it's just. 01:39:10
Everyone expects it, you know, And I think it's something that. 01:39:13
We probably should talk about more because there is a lot of cooperation that goes on between those two police agencies. 01:39:17
Anything further? 01:39:26
I think we're, do we have a clear idea of what we're doing next? Yes. And I think I hear a consensus that we will follow up on 01:39:28
that plan. We'll reach out to these different partners. 01:39:33
Kind of put together a plan. 01:39:39
For the year and then come back to council and then council can. 01:39:41
Guidance. 01:39:45
So we'll, we'll start doing that and we'll start bringing those back probably like one or two at a time at the next couple of 01:39:47
meetings. So if there's no further discussion or questions should we get a motion to approve this. 01:39:52
I don't know that a motion is needed. If there's consensus, yeah, we'll, we'll follow up on that. Yeah. Receiving file. 01:39:59
All right then. 01:40:07
So it looks like we are moving on to City Manager. Thank you City Manager Vega and council for a fruitful discussion on that. 01:40:09
Let's move on to City Manager comments and reports. 01:40:15
Yes, thank you. I have two items. Then we'll briefly just go through the items we expect for the next meeting. 01:40:21
The two items we just wanted to give everybody information on one is tomorrow is voting day. 01:40:29
And. 01:40:37
It's a They did it, we did it. We as in the. 01:40:40
County and and all. 01:40:44
It was different this year. There was the IT became voting week. Not, not really voting day, but tomorrow is. 01:40:47
Is the day and. 01:40:54
So we just wanted to remind everybody we've been posting this, but it I don't know that everybody's seen it because it wasn't on 01:40:57
top of mine and I think tomorrow will be. 01:41:01
But there is both the ballot Dropbox here at City Hall, but the voting center was moved because of the library having to do all 01:41:05
their repairs and everything. 01:41:10
So the voting center is at Sunkist Elementary. So anybody who's planning to go to tomorrow to vote in person? 01:41:17
Which is probably the day most people will It's at Sunkist Elementary, not at the library, as was put in the ballots. I saw. I saw 01:41:23
that in the ballot. 01:41:28
So tomorrow's the day to vote at Sunkist or we have a ballot box here at City Hall. 01:41:34
The second item is that. 01:41:40
We just heard from the Small Business Administration who is doing that disaster loan outreach program at the South Oxnard Public 01:41:43
Library. 01:41:47
And they. 01:41:51
Are going to be closing that center on Monday, March 11th at 7:00 PM. 01:41:53
And so they asked for our help. Just doing one more reminder to anybody who's maybe been busy dealing with other stuff but still 01:41:59
has to. 01:42:03
Still wants to apply for that disaster loan. 01:42:07
That they will be there till Monday, March 11th at 7:00 PM. 01:42:10
And that is one of the deadlines. There's a few different deadlines for the different programs that they offer, and one of the 01:42:15
deadlines is Monday, March 11th. So if you're at all on the fence, you should plan to drop by and they they will be there to 01:42:19
answer questions and help through the process. 01:42:24
And then? 01:42:29
There's some other programs that will just remain available online after that time, but it's a good day to stop by and get 01:42:32
answers. 01:42:35
And so that's at South Oxnard. 01:42:39
And then for the next. 01:42:43
Right now, the current list of items that we're planning to bring, we're bringing back. There's a request to talk about the Boys 01:42:45
and Girls Club. 01:42:50
Programs and then potentially expanding some of those programs so that. 01:42:56
That was a request about a month ago at a council meeting, so we'll be bringing that item back. 01:43:01
Our open gym programming and then. 01:43:08
We also have. 01:43:11
The we have the 1st. 01:43:14
Special use permit for a. 01:43:18
Pickleball tournament that is being sub. 01:43:21
To use the courts and so we're going to be bringing that as a special use permit for review. So those. 01:43:24
Two items will lead to some basketball and pickleball discussion. 01:43:29
So we have those items and then we are planning to bring back. 01:43:34
Request that was made at a meeting a couple months ago for the Reflect Yourself pedestrian safety campaign. So hopefully, I don't 01:43:43
think we need the wrap today, but I guess we'll at the next meeting. 01:43:49
So those items are currently scheduled. I think in light of the discussion we just had on the goals, we may try to follow up with 01:43:56
a couple of our partners and bring one of those items back to you so we can have that discussion. 01:44:01
If we can get that done in time. 01:44:07
And then the last thing is we had said also. 01:44:09
At least once a month for the next few months, as we lead to the budget, we wanted to have some budget related either presentation 01:44:12
or discussion items. 01:44:16
So we are planning to have a presentation on this unfunded liability and. 01:44:20
Kind of how that works and what the city's out forecast is on our unfunded liability. 01:44:26
So we're planning to present that at the meeting as well. 01:44:33
So that's the plan for March. 01:44:35
So regarding. 01:44:39
Our last city port meeting we had. 01:44:41
Putting on the agenda to have public outreach and a public meeting for discussion on the. 01:44:45
Location of the. 01:44:52
Statue. Yeah. Is that planning on to be on that meeting or and then I was hoping we're going to do. 01:44:53
Community outreach program between now and then to. 01:45:00
As many people involved in that conversation, yeah, I think the idea would be. 01:45:04
Bringing, I think in light of the discussion we just had. 01:45:09
Bringing kind of that plan to the council of like an outreach plan and what the. 01:45:12
The the port was interested in doing a survey, so we can kind of bring that back to the council and and get consensus on that. 01:45:19
So the only reason I didn't mention it is because it sort of depends on the port submitting it. 01:45:27
And. 01:45:33
Necessarily. 01:45:34
I don't control the timing on it, you know. So if the port submits it and says here's the what we'd like to propose and here's the 01:45:36
plan, then we can get it on the March 18th agenda. 01:45:41
But I wasn't saying it cuz I don't know if it will be submitted by that. I was actually gonna ask tonight to have it placed on an 01:45:46
upcoming agenda because that was the direction of the Citizens Advisory Council is to send that item back for our discussion and 01:45:51
decide on the location. 01:45:57
Where the monument should go. So just I think despite whether or not it. 01:46:04
The court is. 01:46:09
Ready to move forward on the item, I think. 01:46:11
We should allow the council to have that discussion. I do want to have that discussion and I do want to have as much community 01:46:14
input on that discussion as possible. OK, so we will bring an item to allow for the discussion. It may not be the application. 01:46:21
If they haven't submitted it, so we'll bring an item to allow the discussion. 01:46:29
At least. 01:46:33
Anything further, Mr. Mr. City Manager? Nope. That's it. Thank you. OK, then I'll move on to council members reports and comments. 01:46:35
Councilmember Martinez. 01:46:39
Yes, thank you. 01:46:45
I just want to mention. 01:46:46
Reach has a special meeting this Wednesday at 3:00 PM. Sister Cities got at the same day another meeting at 6:00 PM. 01:46:49
I don't have anything else to really report. 01:46:57
Other than, you know, I think basketball has been going well, and I even heard that they're starting on Instagram. And it's not 01:47:00
me. I promise. I don't even know what the Instagram is called. 01:47:05
It sounds like a lot of people are happy with. 01:47:10
Is the Breach meeting the open house? 01:47:14
That'll be next week, on the 13th. 01:47:17
So I saw a husband and wife jogging on the sidewalk tonight right before the meeting. It was kind of dark and they had lights. 01:47:23
Little handheld light. So it wasn't reflect yourself, it was light yourself, but. 01:47:31
Safety pedestrian. 01:47:36
I want to shout out to my friend in the audience, Camilo Garcia. 01:47:39
He's a wonderful student. He's been coming to Whitney Beach cleanup for a very long. 01:47:44
I just finished writing the letter of recommendation for him for Harvard Loyola. 01:47:50
UC. 01:47:57
UCSB. 01:47:58
What else? 01:48:00
And I think he just got accepted to Loyola, so I just. 01:48:02
Tell the council and tell the community that there are some great students in the city of Port Hueneme. 01:48:05
And one of them is sitting with us tonight. 01:48:11
Wow, congratulations. I really appreciate knowing him and his brother. His brother is a his brother's attending UCLA his second 01:48:13
year, right? 01:48:17
First year. 01:48:23
So anyways, congratulations to you. 01:48:24
We I had a beacon meeting recently. 01:48:28
And. 01:48:31
With the executive committee meeting and we are beginning to think. 01:48:33
A transition plan into the future? What's Beacon going to look like 10 years from now? 01:48:39
Clearly there's big issues with the. 01:48:43
Sea level rise and sea level rise adaptation planning. Mark Baylor is the current executive director of Beacon. And you know, like 01:48:46
all of us except. 01:48:52
Councilmember Martinez. 01:48:58
He's going to be around for a really long time. 01:49:00
The rest of us, maybe not so much, but Mark recognizing that, hey, we need to think about the future, think about transitioning to 01:49:03
new leadership. And so we're beginning to have those discussions and. 01:49:09
You know, it's a little humbling being. 01:49:16
And talking about those things because I remember being young, like Councilmember Martinez. 01:49:19
The Animal Services, we haven't had a meeting. They cancelled the next meeting, which there's been a lot of issues over there, so 01:49:32
I'm hoping to be able to report back to you into the future as to what's happening over at the Animal Services. 01:49:40
Miami Beach clean up. 01:49:50
Is proceeding very well. We are having a. 01:49:52
Surf Rider Coastal Keepers event this coming weekend. 01:49:58
I believe and. 01:50:03
If you got the time, we got the buckets, we got the sticks, come out, pick up trash, enjoy yourself. It's all Wellness. 01:50:05
Every Saturday. 01:50:12
One other thing. 01:50:17
That's it for me. 01:50:21
Thank you, Mayor. A good meeting, a good job. 01:50:24
I want to just try to be as brief as I can. I really want to extend my thank you to city staff, to the Public Works Department, 01:50:28
Police Department, our Community Development, Recreation and Parks. People for the run for your heart. 01:50:34
Run that was just wonderful. Everybody had a great time and I think we have a mandate to do it again next year. So I I just want 01:50:41
to extend my my gratitude for all the work that went into that and also for the Bubbling Springs groundbreaking. It was just it 01:50:47
was a wonderful event and it was great to see. 01:50:53
All the efforts that staff put into making it a. 01:50:59
And I thank our mayor. 01:51:03
For speaking at that event and leading. 01:51:05
Representing the Council. 01:51:08
I did participate in Rent for the Heart. I hope to be in better shape next year so I can actually run and not walk most of it. 01:51:11
Yeah, I just ran for the camera and then I stopped. 01:51:20
And I did attend that afternoon, a VFW memorial service. 01:51:24
In a VFW, by the way, is another stakeholder that we should add to our list of people that we want to partner with. 01:51:29
Umm, I do want to report on the mural committee. We did meet on Friday and we. 01:51:36
I want to extend my. Thank you to all. 01:51:41
The five panelists who were chosen by our members of our council, I didn't know who they were until Friday. I didn't know who 01:51:45
everybody was. 01:51:51
Served on the panel and made the selection of the final eight artists that we're going to be looking at. We narrowed it down to 01:51:57
three. So the project management team from OPEC is going to take. 01:52:03
Our recommendations and now reach out to those artists they will be given. The three artists will be offered an $800. 01:52:09
Fee for coming back with a rendering that we will again make a selection from. 01:52:19
So they're doing a great job. I'm really happy with this new partnership that we have with OPEC. 01:52:26
I think it's it's working really. 01:52:31
Yeah, another partner. 01:52:35
And then the P word. 01:52:38
Um, let's see. I've been attending along with Mayor Pro Tem Martha McQueen Lejeune, the RDP planning meetings for a trip to 01:52:42
Washington, DC We had a meeting with Captain Kim knock on Friday. 01:52:49
There was another one in the morning that I missed, but I believe. 01:52:56
Mayor Pro Tem. 01:53:00
I wanted to also bring your attention to the upcoming anniversary of Pedro Valdez. 01:53:01
Death April 19th. I'm working with the Oxnard Resource Center and a local clergy and doing something different this year. We may 01:53:10
be coming back. 01:53:15
The group the committee might be coming back with. 01:53:21
Request for special use permit. 01:53:24
Depending on the scope of what's being planned, but I just want to make sure that that's on our radar for April 19th. 01:53:27
Next. 01:53:34
And REACH is having an open house, I believe on. 01:53:36
Next week the the 11th and SO residents who are interested in. 01:53:40
Umm voicing their opinion on what they think reached would be should be doing down the road. I think this is a good opportunity 01:53:45
for residents to weigh in on the things they would like to reach to be doing in the area of community organization, community 01:53:54
development, arts. I'm hoping our artist friends will show up and express their interest in standing up an artist committee. 01:54:03
Umm, I've got the feeling they don't want too much participation from council. They want to see community members participate and 01:54:12
then just to correct, it's it's next Wednesday the 13th, Wednesday the 13th. Thank you. 01:54:19
That's all I have. Thank you. 01:54:26
Tim. 01:54:28
Been participating in my. 01:54:31
RDP 21. 01:54:35
Travel dates The 17th of March return travel date. 01:54:42
Going on Sunday, returning on the. 01:54:53
Bart Elementary School. They asked me a couple of months ago to participate in their. 01:54:59
We have a couple of additional people that's going with RDP this year, Ventura. 01:55:11
Having someone from Oxnard. 01:55:17
Gabby's going. 01:55:19
Camera. 01:55:22
And then Camarillo. Someone from Camarillo is going, so they're going to be well represented. So I'll be coming back a day early. 01:55:23
During that time, I guess Council, we have a council meeting. Yeah, we have a council meeting, so we'll be participating via Zoom. 01:55:32
Right. We did that last year. 01:55:47
For everyone's edification, I said that remote attendance would be possible provided that the Brown Act was complied with and that 01:55:54
notice and posting requirements were honored. 01:55:58
We have a museum governance committee meeting Friday, so we'll have some information to brief out on. 01:56:05
Council meeting I We participated. 01:56:13
Councilwoman Hernandez and myself participated on the mayor's behalf. 01:56:18
Myself on the Mayor's behalf for the FIRST Robotics Competition at the. 01:56:23
It's wonderful they're going to be coming back next weekend, so if you're interested. 01:56:28
Please go see them. I guess it was. 01:56:33
I really enjoyed being able to go around and collect all the pins. 01:56:37
I think I had a huge bag full, so enjoyed that they had teams from out of the country. 01:56:40
The Netherlands, China and Chinese Taipei. So it was it was just wonderful. We got a chance to go by and. 01:56:47
Talk to the team from China and got some of their pins as well. 01:56:56
Pretty wonderful. 01:57:01
Event and so it's here in Port Hueneme over at the port. 01:57:04
At That works at the Fathom Works lab, so if you're in the area, please go check out all the students that are. 01:57:10
You know learning all that they can building robots, STEM. And so we had an opportunity because it's. 01:57:19
Women's Month to Recognize All the. 01:57:24
Female students that are closing the gap in. 01:57:28
So really, really. 01:57:32
Enjoyed the event? Admission is free. Automation is. 01:57:34
And so. 01:57:39
That. 01:57:42
Thank you. So I attended the meetings. 01:57:45
I'm going to make a plan the next meetings coming. 01:57:49
To discuss specifically whining me and what? 01:57:52
Goals each of the committees that I. 01:57:55
Have for the future plans of whining me because it's it is unclear in some. 01:57:58
Committees that I sit on, so I would like to know for myself at least. 01:58:03
What is my purpose for being on this committee and how can I use How can this committee help benefit the city of Fort Wayne? 01:58:07
And does it in any way benefit the city? Port Wayne? Me. You know, my wasting the time on it. You know, is there no purpose to it? 01:58:13
So those are good questions that I need to find out for myself. 01:58:18
I think we need to look as the port has pretty much wrapped up their statue. The next phase in that is whining me. We put forth 01:58:22
the Chumash, some type of Chumash rendering. So I think we should start putting together some thoughts on that and maybe I'm going 01:58:29
and visiting. 01:58:35
What they're doing in Ventur. 01:58:41
I know the the president of the. 01:58:43
Council would like us to go there and get an idea of what they're doing and maybe come up with an idea that that complements that 01:58:46
and there can be a group. 01:58:50
Engagement. 01:58:56
Rendering of that when it when everything comes together. So maybe we. 01:58:59
I don't know if we need to do individually. 01:59:03
I'll get some information on where that is and the dates. I know what happens on a Saturday, but I think that would be a good idea 01:59:06
to get in our minds as to what we would like to do with that second phase of the Community benefit fund with regards to the mural 01:59:11
or statue process. 01:59:15
Let me think. 01:59:22
I think that is it for me. I have nothing further on any committees. 01:59:25
So the next thing we'll move on to is requests for future agenda. 01:59:29
So I'd like to remind council members that all requested items will require a motion, a second and a majority vote. 01:59:34
Poor adopted Council policies to be placed on a future agenda and keep in mind the busy schedule and a day-to-day that our staff 01:59:42
has already. 01:59:46
Do any council members have any future agenda items? 01:59:52
Did anybody want to put on the agenda? 01:59:56
The at least checking up on the Whining Me road and Ventura Rd. The turn signals. 02:00:00
Was brought up from the public. 02:00:05
I'm willing to support that if council wants to. 02:00:07
Is that necessary? For I know you were going to have a discussion yourself. Is that necessary? Yeah. My suggestion would be, we'll 02:00:11
follow up and then I can send just an informational e-mail to the council. 02:00:16
And if. 02:00:21
If everybody's not happy with the answer, then I'd suggest putting it on the agenda. I just, I don't know enough to really say 02:00:23
exactly where that's going to end up yet. But is that satisfactory? 02:00:29
Do you have anything? 02:00:34
Council member. 02:00:37
Council member. 02:00:39
Do we need to ask formally for the discussion on the placement of the statue discussion to be on the agenda or is that just going 02:00:42
to be, is that going to happen? 02:00:46
I guess technically I I. 02:00:52
Assumed it was gonna happen, but I guess technically to follow the process we say we have a process of two requested and then 02:00:55
everybody or you know, majority agree. 02:01:00
I know Councilmember Hernandez requested it and. 02:01:05
Mayor Perez seconded it. So is there a consensus to put it on the? 02:01:08
Is there at least 1/3? 02:01:14
Well, the question I have, I guess maybe this is a question for the city attorney. The Citizens Advisory Commission directed that 02:01:16
this item be sent to council for discussion. 02:01:20
So there's that process. 02:01:25
I think that no matter where they they are in the application, we should be we should have a discussion about placement. 02:01:28
I think the appropriate thing to do would be to take a vote of council to put it on their citizens. Advisory Committee may only 02:01:37
make recommendations. OK, so I will ask for that to be placed on the agenda. 02:01:42
I think I already second it. Do we? 02:01:49
Vote to. 02:01:51
Do you have a question, Mr. Gama? 02:01:53
I was caught by surprise. I think you mentioned the Citizens Advisory Commission. 02:01:55
Commission. 02:02:01
They can make suggestions. They made a suggestion 4:00 to 1:00. 02:02:06
Yeah, I don't, I don't. I'm and so the matter is here before council. So it would be appropriate for council to decide whether or 02:02:14
not they want to take on the issue themselves. 02:02:18
And just to provide some background. 02:02:23
Citizens Advisory Commission, basically. 02:02:25
Leave it to the council to determine location. So send it to the council to determine location, right? But isn't there is a 02:02:28
process that we're supposed to follow and so? 02:02:32
Where it gets a little the reason it hasn't come to council yet is because it's an application from the port and the port. 02:02:37
Basically had wanted some time to do some outreach and things like that. 02:02:46
But the I think the idea is the council can discuss it. 02:02:50
They just can't review the application yet if the port hasn't submitted the application, but the council could discuss. 02:02:55
And provide feedback or direction. So, so that's where I'm confused because there has been an application in place for several 02:03:01
years. Are they planning to redo the application there Hasn't getting into discussion. So it's I think the appropriate thing to do 02:03:07
is if council would like to have this discussion, it should vote on the agenda. 02:03:13
I'm just asking it to be on the agenda so we can discuss the I seconded, OK. 02:03:21
And I think this is in line with what you were suggesting to Councilman Gama at the last meeting. 02:03:26
Yeah, right. 02:03:34
OK, yes. Councilmember Hernandez made a motion. Mayor Perez seconded it. So do we have all in favor? 02:03:36
Aye, all opposed. 02:03:43
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:03:45
Any further? 02:03:48
I have none either. So with that, I am going to adjourn this meeting if there's nothing further. The time being 832 and we are 02:03:53
adjourned. Thank you for attending. 02:03:59
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