Item 1 - World Wetlands Day Proclamation
Item 2 - Black History Month Proclamation
Item 3 - Ventura County Area Agency on Aging (VCAAA) Update from City Representatives


Item 9 - Update on Local Storm and Flood Emergency Declared on December 21, 2023

Item 10 - Award of Contract to Staples Construction, Inc., for the Bubbling Springs Park Renovation Project in the Amount of $11,452,432.00 (Base Bid + Add Alternates) and Approve a Ten (10%) Percent Construction Contingency of $1,145,243.00 for the Bubbling Springs Renovation Project

Item 11 - Acquisition of Easement 1211 Evergreen Lane

Item 12 - Out of State Travel Request for Mayor Pro Tem Mcqueen-Legohn and Councilmember Hernandez

Request for future agenda items
And welcome to the City Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order the now. The time is now 6:30 PM. 00:01:36
Please join. 00:01:44
Me in the flag, Sal. 00:01:45
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. 00:01:53
Madam Clerk, will you please take? 00:02:12
Council member Gama. 00:02:17
Here, Councilmember Hernandez, Here Councilmember Martinez, present Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune, and Mayor Perez. 00:02:19
Tonight's inspiration will be given by Councilmember Hernandez. 00:02:28
Thank you, Mayor Pere. 00:02:32
This evening I'd like to deliver an inspiration coming from Maya Angelou, and this is kind of an honor of. 00:02:35
Black History Month, and it also speaks to what we're going through right now with the storms that we're experiencing here and. 00:02:43
Throughout California, for those of you who don't know, Maya Angelou is a poet, a singer, an autobiographer and a civil rights 00:02:51
activist. 00:02:56
She inspires us with her beauty and the call to action. 00:03:00
Of were her words, her most famous work is is I Know why, the Caged. 00:03:04
Sings an autobiography about her childhood. 00:03:09
The book is a testament to the need for resilience in the face of discrimination. 00:03:13
Has the image of the caged bird illustrates there is power and grace in facing adversity head on. 00:03:18
There was one particular quote that stood out for me that I had no idea she actually coined this phrase. And that is hope for the 00:03:25
best. Be prepared for the worst. 00:03:30
And that's the tie into the storms that we've been going through, I think all of. 00:03:36
Didn't know what was going to happen on December 21st. We prepared as much as we thought we should. 00:03:42
And we were hoping for the best we can prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And we got the worst. 00:03:47
Fortunately with the storms that we're experiencing right now this the rains coming in fairly steady and we're not having all the 00:03:55
rain come all at once, but I think. 00:03:59
The inspiration? 00:04:03
From these storms comes from the level of preparedness that I'm seeing out in the community, because we as a city have a 00:04:05
responsibility to be prepared, but our community does too and we can only be just as prepared as our community is. So I'm really 00:04:12
proud of our residents who went out and got their sandbags and heeded the warnings and stayed home. 00:04:19
During the heaviest part of the rains and I just hope that as we move forward in these storms that will remember this phrase by 00:04:26
Maya Angelou, hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Thank you. 00:04:32
Thank you, Councilmember Hernandez. 00:04:39
We will now hear public comments not pertaining to items on the agenda. Comments are limited to 3 minutes. 00:04:41
This process will be the same for comments pertaining to each agenda item. Madam Clerk, are there any public comments? Yes. Our 00:04:48
first public comment will be from Timothy Fergal. 00:04:52
Run out of the Community Center. Story time is still taking place Tuesday mornings at 10:30. The first week after the storm we 00:05:35
were still having thirty families and their children showing up for programs. We had a lot of requests for the continuation of the 00:05:41
book club and just. 00:05:46
Again, showing the importance of the library in the community. Library staff have been reassigned to six other locations, so I've 00:05:52
been busy taking care of them and we look forward to partnering with the city again to, you know, continue to offer library 00:05:57
services to the community. Thank you. Thank you. 00:06:02
Next is Patti. 00:06:11
Thank you. 00:06:20
Good evening, Mayor Perez, City Council members, and City of Port Hueneme residents. 00:06:21
My name is Patty Braga and I'm the executive director of Ventura County Leadership Academy. 00:06:27
VCLA is a locally based, not-for-profit, whose mission and purpose. 00:06:32
Is to connect issues and people to strengthen our county. 00:06:36
We do this by taking a diverse network of passionate capable. 00:06:40
In the business, education, not-for-profit and public sectors and immerse them in the critical issues shaping Ventura County. 00:06:45
We hear from subject matter experts on water and housing, transportation, education, a host of other subjects. 00:06:53
We build relationships across the county and across industries. 00:07:00
VCLA has a network of 715 alumni and we are currently in our 29th year. 00:07:05
I'm here to share with you our 21st annual Journey to Leadership Award honorees and invite you to this annual event. 00:07:12
The Journey to Leadership Awards luncheon recognizes leaders in the business education, not-for-profit. 00:07:19
And public sect. 00:07:25
Who have made an exceptional impact on our community. 00:07:27
This year's honorees. 00:07:30
Business of the year, Amgen. 00:07:33
Nonprofit Leader of the Year. 00:07:35
David Marin, the vice chair for the Ventura County Civic Alliance. 00:07:37
Public sector leader. 00:07:42
Tracy Mcalee, management analyst for the County of Ventura. 00:07:44
Our Alumna of the Year is Linda Rossi, who is the President and CEO of Ventura County Credit Union. 00:07:48
And our Founders Award this year will go to Bill. 00:07:55
I hope you can join us Thursday, April 25th in Camarillo to celebrate these amazing honorees. Thank you. 00:07:58
Thank you. 00:08:05
Dulce. 00:08:07
Good evening, Mayor Perez and City Council members. 00:08:17
I'd like to bring awareness. 00:08:21
To where there's some losses. 00:08:23
That have have occurred and could repeat and this is related to the. 00:08:25
Of December and not Winneme Bay. It's. 00:08:30
Somewhere else? 00:08:33
So I'm speaking from Surfside 3. 00:08:35
Where I live and. 00:08:38
My car is one of several assigned to a shared carport spot. It happens to be right next to a storm drain. 00:08:40
Primary storm drain going out to surfside? Draw a surfside drive into your municipal system. 00:08:46
So that was developed in the 70s that that, that. 00:08:52
Drainage system for search. 00:08:57
Apart from the water damages to my Subaru in the dark of night, nobody knew what was going on with high water. 00:09:01
Alexis Parks Park next. 00:09:07
Was found to be a total. 00:09:10
And then? 00:09:12
Has some did some drying out on a long desert drive and we still don't know if there's a toxic implications. 00:09:14
The underlying. 00:09:22
Mold or whatever SO33 cars, Three single women, two fully employed, one retired, all different ages. 00:09:24
We're also not all. 00:09:31
The ethnicity we we cover a spectrum here. 00:09:34
So in short, I have a diagram. It's so small, I'm just going to be really brief, but it's kind of like our car, the carport we 00:09:39
share. It's at the bottom bracket of the bicycle. 00:09:44
And a public works officer, retired public works officer used a bicycle as a metaphor to me about how storm drains are designed. 00:09:50
Or storm. 00:09:53
Drainage systems, but the bottom The bottom bracket gets the. 00:09:57
In bicycles. And so where I live, building one is along, there's there's drainage here. 00:10:02
Along building 1 N is that way surfside? 00:10:09
But you also have drainage. 00:10:13
Sea Wind Way, Blue Water Way all. 00:10:15
Into the. 00:10:18
Townhomes and such. 00:10:22
And others from landscaping. So we had a pond. We had a pond in the in the carport. 00:10:24
This is private property. Why should you care? Well, maybe there could be some pilot project, Maybe there could be something. 00:10:32
More permeability. 00:10:44
And already 1 owner has expressed interest and couldn't we raise the payment and and then that would mean the roof of the carport 00:10:49
also another idea is to relocate carport. 00:10:54
This may come to you for sight. 00:11:00
And. 00:11:04
And so I'm just. 00:11:05
I live there. It's a sacrifice stone. Right now we're in the sacrifice zone, the owners in that shared carport. We're down slope 00:11:07
and nobody thought about what could happen to our our cars. 00:11:12
So I think my 3 minutes might be up. I'm not used to seeing this time thing flashing. 00:11:18
But I had a little more to say related to the storm drain and the sandbags. I know you have a staff report touching on some of 00:11:24
that, but I will say that for later in February. 00:11:29
Because there was some things, some lessons learned. 00:11:34
So just as a quickie, none of these 24 places are in Port Wing Nimi and this is where the websites direct people to go for 00:11:37
sandbanks. 00:11:42
Both from the county site and from the fire station 53. 00:11:47
So we. 00:11:51
You know, we don't know unless the information gets to us. 00:11:55
Thank you. Thank you. 00:11:58
I can just quickly. 00:12:02
Respond to a couple points and one is I think I've either talked to you or your neighbors, one of your neighbors recently, so I 00:12:04
think. 00:12:07
Planning to do some sort of follow-up discussion after this set of storms, so just so. 00:12:11
To sort of speak to that that you know we're going to go out there and talk to you and we'll get make sure that if there is some 00:12:17
planning or it's something like that that we get you in touch with the right people. 00:12:21
And then just about sandbags, we did notice, So we were posting information, sharing information that we have public, that we have 00:12:25
sandbags at our public works yard. We did notice that the county page was referring to the county agencies and the County Fire 00:12:31
departments, but for us, we did it with our own staff, so we weren't on the list. 00:12:37
So we'll follow up with them. We'll get on the list. But I think I wanted to use it as an opportunity to say right now our plan is 00:12:43
anytime we have rain coming, we're going to have sandbags at our public works yard. So if in doubt, everybody can go to the public 00:12:47
works yard on Surfside and. 00:12:52
And ask for sandbags. 00:12:57
And we'll try to get on that list. 00:12:59
Any further comments? 00:13:06
No further comments. Thank you. 00:13:08
All right, so now we're going to move on to agenda approval for the City Council. May I have a motion and a second to approve the 00:13:13
agenda? 00:13:16
So moved second. 00:13:19
Thank you, Madam Clerk. All in favor. Aye, all. 00:13:21
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:13:26
Thank you. Do any members of Council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for any item on the agenda? 00:13:29
So now we're going to start presentations. The first presentation will be the World Wetlands Day proclamation. 00:13:38
By council. 00:13:44
Martinez Thank you, Madam Mayor. 00:13:45
I'll be reading the World Wetlands Day Proclamation. 00:13:49
Whereas World Wetland stays a global awareness campaign that gives voice to wetlands around the globe. 00:13:53
And whereas on February 2nd, 1971, the Convention on Wetlands was adopted as an international treaty and was the first of the 00:14:00
modern global multilateral environmental agreements. 00:14:06
And the only one devoted to a specific ecosystem. 00:14:12
Wetlands. 00:14:15
And whereas today the Convention has a global membership of 172 countries, officially known as contracting parties. 00:14:17
And whereas World Wetlands Day is celebrated. 00:14:25
Every February 2nd since. 00:14:29
In 1990. 00:14:32
And whereas world wetland stays supported by the United Nations, where the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in 2021 00:14:34
establishing February 2nd as World Wetlands Day, inviting all 193 UN member states to observe the day. 00:14:41
And whereas the wetlands theme for 2024 is wetlands and human well-being, spotlighting how all aspects of human well-being are 00:14:50
tied to the health of the world's wetlands, physically, mentally and environmentally. 00:14:57
Elucidates how interconnected wetlands and human life have been throughout history. 00:15:04
And underscores the critical need for human stewards. 00:15:09
Of the world's. 00:15:13
And whereas wetlands sustain life and are central to human well-being by providing clean water, food security and nutrient, 00:15:15
nutritional variety, clean air, medicines. 00:15:21
Climate Stabil. 00:15:27
Protection against extreme weather, recreational opportunities, jobs and positively impacts mental well-being. 00:15:29
And whereas wetlands are the Earth's most threatened ecosystem and the world, Wetlands Day increases global understanding of how 00:15:37
much wetlands do for humanity. 00:15:41
And that we must care, nurture, and support them for a sustainable future. Now, therefore be it proclaimed that the City Council 00:15:47
of the City of Port Hueneme does hereby recognize February 2nd, 2024 as World Wetland State, and encourages all to value and 00:15:54
steward our wetlands. Proclaim this fifth day of February 2024. 00:16:01
Thank you. 00:16:09
I also want to mention that we have coastal keepers here, we have Rafa and I'd like to invite him to come up. 00:16:10
Say a couple words if. 00:16:18
Thank you for this opportunity. You want to say hello, Mayor Pettis, City Council community members. 00:16:29
I'll keep this short and sweet. It's amazing to think back there, back three years ago. Around this time, we're just trying to 00:16:36
clean our beach, our wetland over at Ormond and we need beach. 00:16:40
And we decided to start from My name Beach instead of Arnold on this specific day. And that's where. 00:16:45
City Council Mayor at the time, Mr. Gama came up to us and asked for about 15 of us. It's like, where are you guys from? What is 00:16:52
the name of your organization? In a friendly manner, of course. 00:16:57
And that day is where coastal keepers originally began. I would. 00:17:02
So we command your leadership and thank you for your invaluable support of coastal keepers since day one. 00:17:06
Together with the City of Oxnard Assembly Member Steve Bennett, we feel that we have a core of foundation foundational members 00:17:14
that can come together and invite others to help. 00:17:18
Restore, rehabilitate, and reintroduce resiliency into our shared environment. 00:17:23
We look forward to discussing next step with each of you and thank you to everyone that's been involved for. 00:17:29
Just restoring our Orman and Wyndeman beach back to its original matter. And thank you so much to Desiree Muddy Baz. 00:17:36
And everybody else has been involved with the board members and even volunteers. 00:17:44
Thank you. 00:17:48
A quick question if I may. If one were wanted to make a donation to coastal keepers, what's the mechanism for doing that? 00:17:50
So we've had a fiscal sponsor and as of last year that has gone away and we went through that. But this year we're working with 00:18:00
another fiscal sponsor and I believe it's getting. 00:18:06
Right now we're just taking donations through Venmo or personal donations and stuff. Thank you so much. 00:18:12
Do you want to get? 00:18:26
If I may. 00:18:28
With the council line, Yeah, exactly. 00:18:39
We wear many hats. 00:18:43
Yeah, three years ago. I remember that day, and a lot has. 00:19:10
Happened since. 00:19:16
Both from. 00:19:18
The Northside of a Perkins Rd. In Ormond Beach from Arnold Rd. And we always seem to meet in the middle. 00:19:20
And that was the case this past Saturday. 00:19:27
We had a group of youth. 00:19:31
Oh, hi. And one of the things we discovered in Randall Thomas was helping with this. 00:19:35
And the kids asked the question where did this? 00:19:41
And we started thinking about it and we realized that all the trash that we're picking up, if someone didn't walk out there and 00:19:44
drop it there. 00:19:47
It floated in and it's coming from the arroyo's, the creeks. 00:19:52
Coastal. 00:19:56
When? 00:19:58
And we have volunteers every weekend. 00:20:00
The difference that. 00:20:04
Is huge. 00:20:07
We filled 4 dumpsters. 00:20:10
This past. 00:20:12
We dragged A dumpster worth the trash over a mile 20. 00:20:13
Mostly teenagers, we thought we weren't going to make it, but we made it. And so the passion, the energy, the interest is there 00:20:18
and we've been working behind the scenes to bring all the interested parties together. Want to thank? 00:20:25
City Manager Vega For that, we met with Assemblyman Bennett. 00:20:33
Beacon we went. Rafa and I went to the City of Oxnard council meeting and invited them. And so we look for great things in the 00:20:39
future in protecting our wetlands. Thank you. 00:20:44
Thank you. The next proclamation will be read by Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. And that's the Black History Month proclamation. 00:20:51
Thank you, Mayor. Black History Month, February 2020. 00:20:59
Whereas much of the City of Port Hueneme's honor, strength, and distinction can be attributed to the diversity of culture and 00:21:03
traditions that are celebrated by our residents. 00:21:08
And whereas African Americans have played a significant role in the history of our nation and California's economic. 00:21:14
Cultural, spiritual and political development while working tirelessly to promote their culture and history. 00:21:21
And whereas as a result of their determination, hard work and persever. 00:21:28
African Americans have made valuable and lasting contributions to our community and our state. 00:21:34
Achieving exceptional success in all aspects of society, including business. 00:21:40
Education. Politics. 00:21:45
And the arts. 00:21:48
And whereas in 1970. 00:21:49
Like History Month was formally AD. 00:21:52
To honor and affirm the importance of black history throughout our American experience and is full of individuals who took a 00:21:55
stance against prejudice. 00:22:00
Advanced The cause of civil. 00:22:05
Straightened Families, communities, and our. 00:22:08
And whereas all Americans are encouraged to reflect on past successes and challenges of African Americans and look to the future 00:22:12
to improve society so that we live up to the ideals of freedom, equality and justice, now therefore be it proclaimed that the City 00:22:19
Council of the City of Port Hueneme. 00:22:26
Does hereby proclaim the month of? 00:22:34
2024 as Black History Month and invites everyone to celebrate the traditions. 00:22:36
The diversity and character of our community and highlights the importance of sharing our culture. 00:22:44
Customs and traditions with those around. 00:22:50
Proclaim this fifth day of February 2024 and I would like to add. 00:22:54
That. 00:23:01
February's Black History Month. 00:23:02
But black history is part of American history. 00:23:04
So we should not. 00:23:07
Trying to understand and research history in just February, so I ask that you look all through the year. 00:23:09
At what African Americans have provided to this country and continue to look into those things, I also would like to say thank you 00:23:18
to Councilmember Gama. 00:23:23
From last year, last chapter last council. 00:23:28
Reminding me of the children's. 00:23:33
So I just want you all to know there is a video out either on. 00:23:36
Vmo, Vimeo, Vimeo, Vimeo, Vimeo, Vimeo or YouTube If you Google the children's March of 1963, you will see the mighty work that 00:23:46
the children did in the Civil rights movement. 00:23:52
Council member Gama brought it up last week and you remind me, and I've been talking about it ever since, so I appreciate you 00:24:00
doing that. So Google it. You don't want to miss it. It's important to know what our children. 00:24:06
Did as it relates to the civil rights movement in that video, 41 Minutes will give you a clip, you know a piece of that and so 00:24:12
encourage you to take a look at that. 00:24:17
Thank you. 00:24:21
Thank you. Our final presentation. 00:24:23
I just wanted to add that. 00:24:27
A bunch of children. 00:24:29
12/13/14 year old introduced me to that movie in Ohio. Somehow I got connected with the Ohio Youth Foundation and we do things 00:24:31
together and. 00:24:35
They invited me up and to screen that movie and I was like, man, it is so powerful. If you haven't seen it, you really have to see 00:24:41
it because I Don. 00:24:45
Enough of us know about. 00:24:50
How the children Ste. 00:24:52
Thank you. 00:24:56
The final presentation will. 00:24:57
The Ventura County Area Agency on Ag. 00:25:00
The VCAA an update from city representative Louie Mendez. 00:25:04
Good evening, Mayor Perez. City Council staff, I don't believe Joni is in town, so I'll just be doing this myself. This is my 00:25:12
first report I'm giving to you guys, so I'm. 00:25:17
We're going to see how it goes. We did meet this year for the first time back on the 10th of January where we were introduced to 00:25:22
everybody that sits on the board for the Area Advisory Council on Aging. And their main goal this year is to actually create a new 00:25:29
strategic plan for the organization. They are required to do so every four years. 00:25:36
And So what they did is we actually all took a survey. There's about 2530 of us. 00:25:43
From different organizations in every city of Ventura County and they pulled us on what we thought was needed, you know that to 00:25:48
basically help the aging community in our areas. Two of the biggest things that me and Joni agreed on that we wanted to implement 00:25:54
was more information. We think information is key in the dissemination of it. You know, to the public is where there's kind of a 00:26:01
gap in people knowing what's out there or what's available to them. And so that's one of our goals this year. 00:26:08
Be a little bit more. 00:26:15
Giving the information to the city you know to disseminate on their website or even myself, I post sometimes on Facebook. 00:26:17
Another big thing we wanted to add given that we had just went through the December 20th floods was to add a disaster relief plan 00:26:23
or maybe even budget for that area housing or area Council on Aging. So that way seniors, you know I was at Whitney Bay, there's 00:26:30
some people don't have cars limited mobility and that they if they could reserve some funds and volunteers for that specifically 00:26:37
when those happen, it might be more advantageous in our aging community, could take advantage of in those situations. 00:26:45
It is an ongoing process, I think going through through March and they'll be edited and updated as we go. So I will be giving you 00:26:52
guys updates as the new plan comes together. 00:26:56
The second thing they discussed at the meeting, they actually released the 2023 Volunteer Impact Report. The Agency on Aging 00:27:02
released the and presented it. It showcases the invaluable contribution made to their dedicated volunteers. The report highlights 00:27:07
the significant. 00:27:13
That volunteers have had on their mission to enhance the quality of life for older adults, people with disabilities and their 00:27:19
caregivers in Ventura County. 00:27:23
Just a couple of highlights on that. On their Impact Snapshot, they have a total of 87 volunteers that worked in 2023. 00:27:27
The total hours that they contributed were about 4446 hours. 00:27:35
And the way they calculate the value in the state of California is about $37.32 per hour per volunteer. So that means the grand 00:27:40
total in 2023 the volunteer hours are putting were $165,930 worth of. 00:27:48
So our goal is to increase volunteers and hopefully that will come along with disseminating the information again to the public 00:27:57
for people that want to help. 00:28:00
Others, the last portion that we discussed I know was released back in October. It's the California Senior Legislative Committee. 00:28:04
What they do as part of this organization is they create measures to get either state assembly or Senator to sponsor to help pass 00:28:11
bills that benefit our aging community, whether it's healthcare, they have a couple of privacy things. I think the biggest thing 00:28:17
that's going on this year is the use of AI in determining. 00:28:24
Care for elderly and seniors. And so there's a big push to prevent that from happening because they still feel that it should be 00:28:31
doctors and people making decisions for our seniors. 00:28:36
Um, as far as that's all I have for now. The next meeting will be in March and I can bring back any other information that you 00:28:41
guys. 00:28:44
May be necess. 00:28:48
Thank you. Any questions? 00:28:49
Mr. Mendez, thank you so much for serving on that committee and representing our community. We have, as many of you know, a large 00:28:54
senior population and they often get forgotten and and you were out there. 00:29:00
After the storms you saw, you know the difficulties that some of them are facing and. 00:29:06
It's so helpful to have you representing our city and and with the goal of bringing more information for our seniors. I think 00:29:11
that's going to make a huge difference in a way we communicate with that community and and the rest of our senior community. So 00:29:17
thank you so much. I appreciate that and thank you guys for the opportunity. Thank you. Have a good evening. 00:29:23
OK. That concludes presentations. We're going to move on to the consent calendar. 00:29:32
We'll now hear items consider items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless a council member has a 00:29:36
request to remove an item for discussion. 00:29:41
No. OK, move to approve second. 00:29:49
Madam. 00:29:53
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. Hearing None. Motion passes unanimously. 00:29:55
Thank. 00:30:01
We have no public hearing, so the next items will be business items. 00:30:03
The first one will be an update on local storm and flood emergency declared on December 21st, 2023. Will staff please present the 00:30:07
report? 00:30:11
Thank you. Yeah, it's almost sad that when we say which we say storm, now we have to specify which date because we're we seem to 00:30:15
be getting so many of them, but. 00:30:19
This item is focused on the the storm from December 21st, the one where we saw a lot of local impacts. 00:30:25
And so we just want, I think primarily we want to let the council and the community know that we are still working on that. I 00:30:31
think as I run into people, one of the immediate questions is. 00:30:38
You know, are we forgetting about them And we aren't. We're still working for to try to help with the recovery. We're still 00:30:45
advocating for our community in that recovery. And so we just wanted to make sure we we continue to give some updates on what's 00:30:50
going on with that and and where we're at with that. 00:30:55
This item is related to that recovery effort from the December 20. 00:31:01
Storms, the staff report includes a full list of all the recovery efforts in the last. 00:31:06
30 plus days, maybe closer to 40-5 days now. 00:31:14
But I think we wanted to highlight some of the more recent items, and there's essentially 4 recent ones we want to let people know 00:31:17
about. 00:31:21
1st and people may have seen this. 00:31:25
Some information go out on this, but we've partnered with the Ventura County Community Foundation to launch a fundraiser to help 00:31:30
the victims of the floods. 00:31:34
And the partnership so far, we've launched that fundraiser about maybe maybe about 10 days ago or so, and we've been able to get 00:31:38
some pretty significant donations through that fundraiser and we're now working. 00:31:45
The Ventura County Community Foundation who who is helping to coordinate that fundraiser? 00:31:54
And with the city of Oxnard and ourselves to to workout the process for now, how we're going to be able to distribute some of that 00:31:59
assistance we're getting? 00:32:03
And so we are working on that currently and there will be more information on how to sign up and and and be helped from that 00:32:08
fundraising coming out shortly. 00:32:14
And that I'll probably kind of mention this on each of these, but. 00:32:22
That is our effort to try to help start filling the gap that we're seeing still from the. 00:32:27
From FEMA not declaring. 00:32:33
The December 21st storm a Federal Emergency yet and not. 00:32:35
Providing the funding directly to the residents, which is really what's needed and what we're still continuing to advocate for. 00:32:40
But while that while we're going through that process and while we're waiting for all those decisions, we wanted to start working 00:32:47
on things locally. So we're we're partnering on that fundraiser is is one of the big steps. 00:32:53
Second, we've continued to advocate with county, county, state and federal agencies for more assistance for our residents. 00:33:00
One result, both from us advocating, but also from the storm the following week that hit San Diego. 00:33:09
Is that the state and Governor Newsom has declared a California State of emergency that was retroactive and included our local 00:33:17
storm. 00:33:22
So that was a positive that opened up some more relief. It opened up some things like. 00:33:29
Utilities like Southern California Ed. 00:33:35
Have relief available to residents when it's a state of emergency, but otherwise would not be able to provide relief. 00:33:38
They're starting to roll out their relief programs now, so it's it. 00:33:46
Helping to kind of get more programs, more assistance out. 00:33:51
But the state still doesn't have. Again, going back to that FEMA comment, the state doesn't have any direct funding to residents. 00:33:54
So. 00:33:59
It's a step, but it still did not get us to. 00:34:04
The point where either FEMA or the state would just give funding directly to those who were impacted. So it's a positive step, 00:34:08
but. 00:34:12
Everywhere I want to be. We're still trying. 00:34:17
Work with FEMA. 00:34:20
I do think we were sort of getting to the point of feeling like. 00:34:22
FEMA was just really getting, was just gonna decline to provide assistance. 00:34:26
But we're hoping that similar to what the governor did where because there's more storms and more people impacted and the governor 00:34:33
grouped those together and declared a state of emergency. 00:34:38
We're hoping that maybe with these next round of storms, in the round of storms yesterday, that maybe FEMA will declare a state of 00:34:43
emergency, so. 00:34:47
So that is still something we're pushing for, but in the meantime, the state has declared that state of emergency to open up some 00:34:52
additional resources. 00:34:56
3rd We continue to meet regularly with our recovery partners, such as 211 in the in the nonprofits in our community to try to 00:35:03
coordinate. 00:35:07
Resources and help for people. 00:35:11
Who need it? 00:35:13
I think the elephant is still in the room from the last couple discussions, and that is just until FEMA comes with money. It's. 00:35:15
There's only so many resources to go around. 00:35:23
We're doing our best to coordinate those, but there's just not enough resources. We all, we all know it. We all feel it. We all 00:35:26
see it. 00:35:30
But the a lot of credit has to go to 211 and are in the different Voad and our volunteer partners that they are really finding 00:35:34
ways to provide assist. 00:35:40
Even without that. 00:35:46
Funding coming? 00:35:48
And so we meet regularly with them each week, and we we try to figure out how to make sure that nobody's falling through the 00:35:49
cracks and that we're trying to get people assistance. 00:35:53
Even without those, the major resource. 00:35:59
So we're still doing that regularly. 00:36:02
And then lastly, we mentioned the last meeting. 00:36:03
The liability claims related strictly to. 00:36:06
Garage door damage from an emergency or allegedly from an emergency vehicle. 00:36:10
And we continue to work with our insurance company on that. We want people to know that we aren't. We aren't forgetting that. 00:36:15
We continue to work with our insurance company and we expect to have some good news for some of those residents. 00:36:22
This by the end of this week is what we're aiming for. So, so we're still working on those we realize, you know, especially if 00:36:27
you're in that situation right now. 00:36:31
Of being impacted by the. 00:36:36
It's not enough help and it's taking too long, but we're trying our best to try to push all these things forward and and provide 00:36:38
some help and some assistance. 00:36:42
So with that, that is our update on the December 21st storm recovery. 00:36:47
Thank you. 00:36:53
At this time, we're going to. 00:36:55
Thank you, Mr. City Manager, for the report. 00:37:00
I wanted to ask about the distribution of the donations. I understand that's going to be a city's responsibility to figure out. 00:37:03
The criteria for distributing those donations, and it's going to, the mechanism is going to. 00:37:11
Come from the city. 00:37:18
Is that correct versus not quite at this point? 00:37:20
Three parties are the Ventura County Community Foundation, the City of Oxnard in the City of Winemie. 00:37:26
At this point we are all trying to work out the criteria as as that group of three. 00:37:31
OK, but the actual distribution of the funding will be a city responsibility, right? 00:37:37
That hasn't been determined at this time. 00:37:43
And then the the $2,000,000 estimate in damages, do you have a breakdown of that? 00:37:47
I do, and we can provide that. 00:37:55
And does that include the liability claims? No. So the $2,000,000 estimate of damage is damaged specifically to public facilities. 00:37:59
Yeah, a breakdown would be great. Thank. 00:38:08
Any other questions? Yes. I wanted to ask in regarding the Edison Relief Program, how would someone apply? How do we let the 00:38:12
public know? 00:38:16
That process of applying for. 00:38:22
Program. Yeah, so Southern California Edison has told us they're going to launch a information campaign, but they did provide us 00:38:24
the website that's in the staff report, 00:38:31
Center and it's in the staff report. They did provide us that and they said that while they're doing their campaign people we can 00:38:38
direct people there to get information on it and how to apply for for that. We it's interesting because. 00:38:44
To me, in the scheme of things, with so many impacts, I did not think the electric bill was going to be like the hot topic, but 00:38:51
when we went out, we met with everybody. 00:38:56
People are seeing are starting to get their electric bills with how much it costs to run their fans all the all day. And 00:39:02
humidifiers, dehumidifier, humidifiers, all that stuff. 00:39:07
And we heard loud and clear that that's becoming a big impact and a big burden. 00:39:12
So we had started to reach out at Edison with Edison at that point and now the minute the since we were on it and then the minute 00:39:18
the governor declared the state of emergency, we knew that that was their trigger. So. 00:39:23
They should be able to go there and get help At this point. I also have a second question. 00:39:29
I'm not really sure how we would go about this, but I have have an idea of. 00:39:36
You know, sending out a letter to Senator Limon and Assembly member Steve Bennett from like the Council of the Council wishes to 00:39:40
do something like this, but I think. 00:39:44
A letter saying, you know, California should. 00:39:49
A program where if something like this happens that we can help out people in California, because I from our last meeting I heard 00:39:53
that other states have these programs. 00:39:58
But California does not. 00:40:03
So I was. I was. 00:40:05
You know, council would be interested. 00:40:08
Sending out a letter. 00:40:10
Saying like. 00:40:12
California should do something, you know, to both Assembly member Steve Bennett and Senator. 00:40:14
I can actually comment on that, Mayor. Actually, FEMA has changed their rules and changed their threshold. 00:40:21
But it doesn't apply, unfortunately to the December. 00:40:29
Storm, So the nature of the letter might want to change. If you're going to send a letter, change it so that you emphasize. 00:40:33
The December 21 storm be included. 00:40:42
But it's it's a very remote possibility that FEMA assistance is going to come through. 00:40:45
I was even thinking just even in future instances, but I think what I hear is the idea that, like, if the state had a fund for 00:40:51
this, then by them declaring a state of emergency, we'd be qualifying for it. Yeah, So that's something I think. 00:40:58
My guess is if I look to the city attorney, he'd say that that's something we consider, but it would have to be a future agendized 00:41:06
item. So if there's an interest in that, we can we can put that on a future agenda if if there's an interest from council. 00:41:13
Thank you. 00:41:20
Had one more common if I may. 00:41:21
Louis is gone now, but Mr. Mendez had brought up the value of volunteers and I just wanted to emphasize of the value that 00:41:24
volunteer groups brought to our city in helping not only the Winemie Bay residents, but also. 00:41:31
Via Seville and the residents on Evergreen. 00:41:40
And I have some information here that they estimate has of today they have donated 256 hours. 00:41:43
Of assisting households. This is a volunteer hours donated. 00:41:52
Umcor and Team Rubic. 00:41:57
And when I calculated it out, they actually calculate it less than what caretakers get and if the amount is 3180. 00:42:00
An hour. So that comes out to 8140. 00:42:08
And that can actually be used against the federal share of when we go into request reimbursement. So I'll get those that 00:42:12
information to you Mr. City Manager, so we can include that in our financial documentation. 00:42:18
Thank you. 00:42:25
Any other questions? Comments? 00:42:28
OK. We will move on to. 00:42:34
We're going to take a vote, a public comment. Oh, we do. I'm off tonight. Yes. Do we have any public comments? We do have a public 00:42:38
comment from Martin Sanchez. OK. 00:42:42
Excuse my ignorance, this is the first time I've ever addressed a group like this, so please excuse if I don't follow your 00:42:55
protocols. 00:42:59
Good evening, Mayor and council. 00:43:05
I'm a resident of Scott St. and Shrub Side. 00:43:07
And what I've heard up to now, it really hasn't even addressed the issues that we have on that street. 00:43:12
My main concerns. 00:43:20
And some questions. 00:43:23
The pump. 00:43:25
Everyone is referring. 00:43:28
The Inc. 00:43:30
December 20. 00:43:32
I remember that. 00:43:34
Around one 2:00 in the morning, my daughter woke up and she says, Dad, we. 00:43:39
So I got up and accidentally. 00:43:44
That was the second time that's happened. It happened in 1990. 00:43:48
And but this time it was a lot worse. 00:43:52
I put on my hip waiters and went about to see what. 00:43:55
The issue was. 00:43:59
It's a good thing that the pump house was. 00:44:01
And I could see it. 00:44:04
I walked on the high side of the lots on. 00:44:05
South side of the street, which is a little bit higher. 00:44:09
Walking in a sidewalk and how to get the water inside my boots. 00:44:13
So anyway, I was able to make it to the Creek. 00:44:17
And I could see that the pump house was. 00:44:20
However. 00:44:23
That pump house was no longer pumping anymore. 00:44:26
And consequently the level of the water. 00:44:29
Continue to increase and even if it stopped. 00:44:35
The water level raised. 00:44:39
The water had no place. 00:44:41
And we need to remember that the. 00:44:43
Drainage for that. 00:44:48
From Pleasant Valley Rd. 00:44:51
On the. 00:44:54
Why Nimi wrote on the South. 00:44:56
And Ventura Rd. on the. 00:44:59
And the city boundary on J Street. 00:45:02
All those. 00:45:06
Lead up to Scott. 00:45:08
Ultimately to the pump. 00:45:11
So if that pump house is not working. 00:45:13
We're. 00:45:16
And it's not. 00:45:18
Big storm like one and 24 on 20. 00:45:20
For it to happen again. 00:45:23
Because if the water has no place to go. 00:45:25
That water level is going. 00:45:28
And we're going to have the same. 00:45:31
I apologize for not having put my my comments on the beginning like the other lady did, but like I said, this is my first time in 00:45:33
addressing this this body, and now I was not. 00:45:39
Constant of the procedures anyway, I mean yeah we on our addition in the back which is in a slab and the front which is on race 00:45:46
found. 00:45:51
The water went inside the vent holes on the front of the part of the house. 00:45:56
And a whole addition in the. 00:46:01
We got about. 00:46:04
Just enough to damage the drywall. 00:46:06
And I've been removing the bottom portion of the drywall and the insulation. 00:46:09
We had to move all the furniture from those two rooms on the bottom. 00:46:16
To the front of the part of the house, so we're kind of scudding. 00:46:20
With passageways block. 00:46:24
We gotta. 00:46:27
Stuff out safe. 00:46:29
So that's. 00:46:30
Argument that I have and bring you to your attention. 00:46:35
It's not gonna take. 00:46:40
A big storm for that to happen again. 00:46:42
If that pump house is not. 00:46:45
So my quest. 00:46:47
Why wasn't the pump working in the latter part of the special event? 00:46:50
Has it been repaired? 00:46:56
And what contingency plans do you guys have? Does the city? 00:46:59
So that the pump house. 00:47:02
Will continue to work even if there's a power outage. 00:47:04
There seems to be some sort of. 00:47:08
Bypass. 00:47:12
Put. 00:47:14
I did pump house but I don't know if it's working or not. 00:47:16
That's my second question. 00:47:19
Thank you. At this time Council is not able to respond to your questions, but staff has taken note of it. 00:47:21
We'll have our public works department get back to you. 00:47:29
Not this last time last late last year, but the previous time that the Creek was clean. 00:47:33
I made a point of watching what they were doing and. 00:47:39
I can't recall his name. He's from Public Works and. 00:47:42
I addressed their issue with him. I asked him, what are your plans for the pump? 00:47:47
He says well, if there's no. 00:47:52
How we? 00:47:55
Well, that's why you. 00:47:56
To retrofit it so that you can hook up a. 00:47:59
And then, of course, the sea has to have a contingency plan. 00:48:01
To have a. 00:48:04
Agenda available to hook it up and that can be done because there's numerous contractors that rent out those specific generators 00:48:07
for that. And we do have some protocols in place, some mobile pumps and things like that. You mentioned earlier that you don't 00:48:12
come to the meetings much. 00:48:17
We aren. 00:48:22
The council is not able to respond and and we're not able to get into a back and forth at this point. But I'll have the public 00:48:24
works department follow up with you. We have your contact information and I do appreciate that they brought up. 00:48:29
Portable Pump. 00:48:36
But that portable pump, probably from the distance like I was probably about an 8 inch. 00:48:38
Pipe those pump houses, they have two 12 or 20 inch pipes coming out. 00:48:43
And also at the same. 00:48:50
What maintenance does the pump house have? 00:48:53
Are the galleries clean out each year? 00:48:56
And and so we'll get somebody in touch with you. You can answer all your questions. 00:48:59
Local residents in the area, we've been talking. 00:49:04
So I decided I would come in. So I. 00:49:07
Gotta bring some questions or in answers to them. OK, thank you. That we have on on the agenda a flood update, so could could we 00:49:10
not? 00:49:14
Have a little back and forth, or at least a discussion on the pumps and and. 00:49:19
Because I do know there's a number, there's a series of pumps. 00:49:23
That operate on the lower side of town. 00:49:26
And so I understood. 00:49:30
The other pumps got clogged. 00:49:32
And that stopped them for some so. 00:49:34
Yeah, but am I correct that we? 00:49:38
This is a flood presentation update can so we could talk about it under the flood item, I don't know did we go to, did we did a 00:49:41
vote start and are we able to keep talking? I'm not sure where we were at. 00:49:46
We are able to keep talking. This is a receive and file item so there is no action to be taken. The only question that I really 00:49:52
have is. 00:49:56
Looking at the description of the agenda item getting into causes of floods versus the update of it, it doesn't seem to be as 00:50:01
specific as I would like it for a Brown Axe compliance issue, so I would recommend that if this was going to be spoken about, I'm 00:50:07
sure there are other people who viewed. 00:50:13
This agenda item who may or may not have shown up if they recognize that the city was going to be talking specifically about the 00:50:20
pumps and we're not afforded the opportunity to do so. 00:50:24
So. 00:50:34
I think what I can do is ask Public Works if there's a quick simple statement we can provide. I think my quick simple statement is 00:50:36
just going to be I've heard thousands of different reasons why the flood happened and the the answer is the flood happened because 00:50:41
3 inches of rain fell fell in an hour. 00:50:47
And and you know the. 00:50:52
Pumps like like we talked about the county channel, there was nowhere for the water to go. You know that just seems to be what the 00:50:57
counties said and everything else. So I think. 00:51:01
We I can ask the public works department if there's a very simple statement, I think to the city attorney's concern of not making 00:51:08
this an item that's focused on one drain and and we are, we also aren't. 00:51:14
Prepared to just analyze a drain on the spot. So is you know Fred, are you aware of any issues there? Is there anything you can? 00:51:20
Provide any statement you can provide related to that. 00:51:29
Good evening Mayor, Council, Mayor Pro Tem. 00:51:42
Yes. 00:51:47
We're monitoring the event not only at that particular pump station, but others. 00:51:50
Exist, as was mentioned, the county. 00:51:56
Is the one that receives all of the water ultimately that drains the entire corridor. The whining me drain. 00:51:59
The station that's right there off of Surfside. 00:52:06
That's. 00:52:09
To. 00:52:12
There's a series of catch basins that run through that area. 00:52:13
And funnel that water to the pump. 00:52:18
Those pumps, we have 3 pumps in that station. 00:52:22
One of them is to handle what we call nuisance blows where? 00:52:26
A lighter. 00:52:30
That pump will go ahead and trigger and pump that. 00:52:32
When we get heavier events, we. 00:52:35
Have the other two. 00:52:39
20 inch. 00:52:41
Pumps that are able to turn on and. 00:52:43
Massive amounts of water. 00:52:46
Part of the design on that station when it was built, which was in 1956. 00:52:49
Was designed for what was in place at that time. 00:52:54
So. 00:53:00
We've repaired replaced those pumps. 00:53:03
Night 2013, we replaced both those pumps brand new. 00:53:07
We put in a new control panel which operates the level sensors. 00:53:11
And the controls that houses the controls that. 00:53:16
Runs those pumps. 00:53:21
What our staff noted when they went out there, because we checked that station weekly, whether it's the summer or the winter, it 00:53:23
gets checked every week to make sure that those pumps operate. 00:53:28
So even in the summer time, when there's no water in them, the station will be turned on. Each pump will be turned on. 00:53:34
Briefly, they're not meant to operate in a dry condition. 00:53:40
So they they get turned on just to make sure that the bearings don't freeze. 00:53:45
The. The. 00:53:51
Mechanical things that might bind if you don't run them periodically. 00:53:54
Those stay running. 00:54:00
They have different fittings for. 00:54:02
To keep stuff lubricated. 00:54:06
And then in the winter time. 00:54:09
Obviously, when storm events happen, they're. 00:54:12
But here, regardless of what time of year it is, they get checked weekly. 00:54:15
We did note that there were some problems with pumps when we spoke with the. 00:54:21
And they were having some issues. 00:54:27
Debris getting stuck into. 00:54:30
Pumps which bounded. 00:54:32
Shafts are wrapped around the shafts which sees the. 00:54:35
They do have an emergency pump out there, which they got. 00:54:39
But with the amount of rain that fell that fast, the time it took them to get. 00:54:43
Those things assembled that are meant for an emergency purpose. 00:54:48
The water had already backed up so much that it actually. 00:54:53
Reached. 00:54:58
Which posed another. 00:54:59
Once the Creek breaches and in that particular area there where the pump station is. 00:55:02
That water drains to that same station, So what happens is. 00:55:09
Even if the pumps are working, they're pumping the water into a Creek that's already overflowed its bank. 00:55:13
And that water just recirculates, so it's not doing anything. 00:55:20
But continuing to sit in one area. 00:55:24
Part of. 00:55:28
Could possibly have. 00:55:30
Prevented Had the county station been operating? 00:55:33
At its. 00:55:36
But that didn't happen. They had debris get stuck and it caused pumps to seize and it was only capable of moving so much water. 00:55:38
Thank you, Fred. And I'm just going to make. 00:55:46
We've been asked a lot of questions about county, county drain and county practices and county maintenance. 00:55:48
And we've been pretty adamant about telling people that we should not speculate as the city. We don't know those things for sure 00:55:55
and we don't know what their standard practices are for sure. So we are advising people to reach out to the county if they have 00:55:59
those questions. 00:56:04
Thank you. 00:56:09
That concludes public comment. 00:56:18
Thank you. So this is the. 00:56:21
We need to take a vote on this, don't we? No, it's just a receiving. 00:56:25
Oh, OK. 00:56:29
Got it. 00:56:31
The only vote would be if there was any additional direction to be provided. Got it? 00:56:32
So item number 10 is going to be the award of contract to Staples Construction Inc for the Bubbling Springs Park renovation 00:56:38
project. 00:56:42
In the amount of 11,452,430. 00:56:46
Dollars, which is the base bid plus ad plus alternatives. 00:56:52
And approve a 10% construction contingency of $1,145,243 for the building Springs renovation project. 00:56:57
Thank you. 00:57:08
We have a presentation we're going to provide here in a minute and to sort of remind people what the Bubbling Springs Park project 00:57:11
is and what's included in the bid. 00:57:15
But the this item is to award the contract because we went to bid as approved by the council on November 6th and we received bids 00:57:20
and we are now recommending. 00:57:26
Awarding a contract to Staples Construction. 00:57:31
In the amount of $11,093,442. 00:57:36
Plus some add alternate items that we'll discuss here in a moment. 00:57:42
As probably most people recall, this project is being funded by some ARPA funds and and some grant funds. So it's on a tight 00:57:48
timeline that we have to stick to. We've been aggressive to stay on that timeline. The most recent step in the process, as I 00:57:55
mentioned was November 6th when the council authorized staff to prepare and release a request for proposals. 00:58:03
And so we are back today to talk about the bids and recommend moving forward with one of those bids. 00:58:11
And so to give a quick overview, I'm going to ask our Housing and Facilities Director, Gabby Basua to highlight the project. 00:58:18
Good evening Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, Council members. 00:58:33
This this evening I'm going to be presenting a PowerPoint presentation. But before I start, I just want to make sure I let you all 00:58:37
know we did have a bid protest. 00:58:42
On this. 00:58:49
Project. So what? What does that mean? That just means that another person that bid on this project. Sorry, this microphone. 00:58:51
Basically said that the bid by Staples. 00:59:00
Was not consist. 00:59:04
We have gone ahead and vetted that internally with the City attorney and we are recommending that you deny the bid protest and 00:59:07
that you do award this contract to Staples and you will find more information in regards to that in the staff report. 00:59:15
So with that, the PowerPoint presentation before you is a recap of the bubbling Springs project along with add alternates that we 00:59:26
will be asking you to approve tonight. 00:59:32
In front of you, I'm Georgiana. Should have handed you 2. 00:59:40
Yes, 2 sheets there. It has fiscal impact on top. I just went ahead and pulled these two slides from this presentation. I just 00:59:44
thought it would be a lot easier for you to have a visual on the impact as I go through the presentation that that's all that's 00:59:51
intended to do. But those slides are part of this presentation. 00:59:58
There we go. 01:00:16
So to recap. 01:00:17
We are going to be renovating the entire Bubbling Springs Park and it includes the renovation of four multi use ball fields, the 01:00:21
expansion of one ball field. 01:00:26
And the addition of. 01:00:33
Other improvements includes new fencing and warm up areas, new backstops. 01:00:36
New outfield irrigation system and new dug. 01:00:41
The most important thing to note here within this scope is that staff is requesting. 01:00:45
The ad alternate of adding an additional sports lighting to the T-ball field. 01:00:52
So currently we have 4. 01:00:58
Fields only three are includ. 01:01:01
Lighting. 01:01:05
So in order for us to have a more inclusive area, staff is recommending the addition. 01:01:06
Of lighting in the T-ball field That comes at a price of $91,997. 01:01:14
So if that if it is your desire tonight not to approve that we will only have lighting in three fields. 01:01:22
And not the 4th 1:00. 01:01:30
The other thing to note within this slide is. 01:01:32
The We did ask for an ad alternate of synthetic. 01:01:36
And that would be on the baseball fields only in the infield. 01:01:41
Staff is recommending that you do not approve that and the reason behind that it's just one the cost and it would just be again 01:01:46
more inclusive and we just do the entire thing with with natural grass. 01:01:52
Then we are also adding trash enclosures. 01:02:05
Much if I can get this thing to. 01:02:09
I can. The base bid includes a trash enclosure. 01:02:12
Within J. 01:02:16
Area here, this is J Street and then this is Park. 01:02:18
This appear is barred. We are proposing to add two additional in trash closures 1 located near the. 01:02:23
Barred parking lot and another one near what is going to be the dog park and soccer fields. 01:02:32
That comes at a cost of 112,861 and staff is requesting that in order to make staff job obviously a little bit more effective. 01:02:39
Otherwise staff is going when they're out there doing their cleanups, they're going to have to travel. 01:02:48
All this? 01:02:59
To get to the trash. 01:03:02
So that that is why we are recommending that we add the two additional trash enclosures. 01:03:05
Next thing is we are going to be renovating this what we're calling the Sports Plaza that comes with concessions community. 01:03:14
Room storage building and which I'm really excited about a restroom building in that area. 01:03:23
It's going to have the ability to store the baseball equipment. It's going to be able to hold a meeting there. 01:03:30
We are asking for two additional items within this area. 01:03:39
One is the at alternate #4. It's the addition of a batting cage. 01:03:44
That actually came at a cost of $0.00. So we are asking for a request to approve that the AD Alternate #5 is adding a remote 01:03:49
lighting control system to the baseball and soccer field, and that is at a price tag of 5000. 01:03:57
854. 01:04:05
Next thing is we are going to be constructing a new inclusive playground. It is very important to know that the playground itself, 01:04:13
as far as the equipment, is not included in this base price. 01:04:20
Staff plans to go out for an. 01:04:27
In order to procure the playground. 01:04:31
And that RFP will be coming back to you at a later date. 01:04:34
This is another item where we are going to be constructing 2 picnic areas with within Bubbling Springs Park and they're supposed 01:04:41
to be shaded areas. 01:04:47
One thing to note is that this here is what we call a cloth shade structure. That is what's included in the base price. 01:04:55
Staff is recommending that you author. 01:05:06
Us to spend 148,278 to upgrade the structure to a wood frame masonry shade structure. We would we believe this is more cost 01:05:09
effective in the long run for staff. It's going to be easier A to maintain. We run a possibility which it has happened in other 01:05:17
cities if we go with the cloth. 01:05:25
Of it being damaged and vandalized. 01:05:33
And if that was to happen, the price tag on that I believe came up like $35,000 just to replace one. 01:05:37
Can I quickly just note it right there? I think this is a good example of just so everybody kind of understands what we were 01:05:47
trying to do. 01:05:51
When we went to bid, we tried to bid out in some of these cases. 01:05:55
The bid and then an altern. 01:05:59
Knowing that one was going to be more expensive. 01:06:01
But trying to see how big of a difference it was and if the cost savings of the maintenance and everything would justify it. 01:06:04
And so this was a good example because I think our original goal and our original plans was to have that wooden shade structure we 01:06:12
bit out both knowing that the project was. 01:06:17
Coming in expensive. 01:06:23
To see if the savings would be a big difference. 01:06:24
And then when we got it back and they weren't as far apart as we thought and then we realized all of the maintenance costs with 01:06:27
the shade structure, we're just recommending to continue with the original night. What I would say is nicer wood. 01:06:33
Structure and so just that's sort of how we looked at a lot of these alternate options. We're trying to look for options to find 01:06:40
some savings and if it didn't really result in very much savings, then we didn't recommend cutting the item basically. 01:06:47
The next thing that we're adding to the Bubbling Springs project is a large dog park, a small dog park. 01:06:57
Which is going to have drinking fountains and lit walk. 01:07:03
And we are improving the new storm drainage. 01:07:07
The next thing is this what we're calling the multi use soccer football field. 01:07:13
This is the only area within a part within the park that it will have synthetic turf. 01:07:20
As part of the proposed scope of work, so this is already included. 01:07:27
Bit in the base bid and the reason behind that is because it is going to be a multi use. So soccer and football have different 01:07:32
regulations. This will allow us to bring in the synthetic field and have the linings that you see if we choose not to do this or 01:07:39
if you choose that this is not something that you want to do. What's going to happen is we're going to have an open area of grass 01:07:46
and it won't, we will have to go and chalk it. 01:07:52
Every time somebody wants to use it for soccer, for football, it would just be. 01:08:00
Piece of grass. 01:08:05
So this again is part of the proposed scope of work, and it's already within the basement. 01:08:07
We're renovating the landscape throughout the park, new irrigation throughout. 01:08:16
And increasing the number of. 01:08:20
We are constructed constructing exercise stations and walking circuits throughout the park. 01:08:24
And we're also bringing in a lot of sidewalks. There will be accessibility throughout the park now. 01:08:31
With sidewalks. 01:08:39
The Community Center parking lot is getting a facelift. Very much needed facelift and is going to make ADA accessible. 01:08:43
Now for the fun part. 01:08:53
Fiscal. 01:08:56
Council has already. 01:08:59
Appropriated $7.5 million from the grant, plus they've already appropriated 2.87. 01:09:01
Million from ARPA funding. 01:09:10
Tonight we're here. We're asking you to appropriate. 01:09:13
$65,000. 01:09:18
That $65,000 is from the Winimi Beach Playground. 01:09:20
We found bond proceeds that we can use. 01:09:26
Instead of ARPA money. So we would just like you to reallocate those. 01:09:29
We also have $75,000 of ARPA unappropriated. 01:09:34
Allocation still available, we are asking for those additional fund. 01:09:41
The Measure U project Within your staff report you will find a little bit more information in regards to that. The Measure you 01:09:46
committee has requested that we appropriate the $1.7 million that. 01:09:53
Currently in in our unassigned balance fund that is measure you money for this project. 01:10:01
And staff is also asking for the 3.1 to $4 million from the unassigned fund balance. 01:10:08
Given us a total of 15. 01:10:20
So how, how? How did we get here? 01:10:27
So this is what staff is working on for the entire budget for this park. We are asking for the $11,452,432.00 which includes. 01:10:31
The base. 01:10:47
And the alternates that we just went through, which includes alternate #1, which is the T-ball sporting light. 01:10:50
The trash enclosures the batting cage. 01:11:01
The remote lighting control and the shade. 01:11:04
We have a We're asking for a contingency. 01:11:08
Of 1.145 that is 10% of the project. It is my hope. 01:11:11
And I'm really hoping we don't touch this money. 01:11:20
It is cont. 01:11:23
In order to pay. 01:11:25
Things that we might find that we were not expecting. 01:11:27
The remaining construction buyout, What does that mean? 01:11:32
That means. 01:11:35
We still have to pay for Boring Line connections, Edison meters, and monument signs, and that is what we're calling remaining 01:11:38
construction Buyout. We have about $56,000 still that still need to be allocated to these items here. 01:11:46
Then we have the remaining city furnished equipment. That means we have the playground equipment that I just said we needed to 01:11:55
purchase. We have to purchase benches we've got to purchase. 01:12:01
The appliances for the snack bar. 01:12:09
We've. 01:12:12
Outdoor fitness equipment, those are all items that staff will be procuring in house that we have not procured yet. So that's our 01:12:15
budget for that. And then we have the project soft cost which includes all our consultants. 01:12:21
And we've got additional meters coming in also that is part of this. We have spectrum gas, we've got the CSG consultants, American 01:12:29
Environmental, we've got our American. 01:12:36
Native American monitoring that we still need to. 01:12:44
So all that, that's what we're calling the project soft. 01:12:47
Is at 1.9 million. 01:12:51
And we have a total. 01:12:53
Budget at $15,360,753. 01:12:56
Thank you, Miss Basua and I'm available to answer any questions you may have. Council have any questions? 01:13:04
I have one question. 01:13:12
How important is the T-ball sport lighting? I'm just curious, is it going to be used or? 01:13:15
I mean, I'm just curious. I mean, I think it's a great idea. I think they should have lighting. But I'm just T-ball. I don't. 01:13:21
We we we believe it's it. 01:13:27
It's it'll it'll be inclusive it'll make the park a whole so at least the Sports Complex side of it because then we will have 3 01:13:30
fields with lights and then one at the. 01:13:36
And that'll be. 01:13:42
Yeah, yeah, I think that's part of it is, you know, you're going to look at the baseball fields and you're going to see one that's 01:13:44
missing something. Yeah. And I think and and and this is just my opinion, you know, you might have our resident that said what? 01:13:50
Why did it? Did they forget to add lights? 01:13:57
We just want to make sure if it's the desire of the council not to have them, that's perfectly fine, we can remove it and that is 01:13:59
part of this discussion now is this is the opportunity. If there is anything that we've added that the council would like to 01:14:05
remove that this is an opportunity to discuss those. Or alternatively if council wants to add the item we didn't recommend would 01:14:10
be the other one. 01:14:15
I think the last just point on that too is we were talking about that that was one that was probably the one that was the that we 01:14:21
were sort of torn on ourselves. 01:14:25
And I think one point is particularly in this time of year, it gets dark at 5:00 PM, you know, for several months here. And so you 01:14:30
know, at first we were like, well, the kids that are T-ball aged aren't going to go out and play in the dark, but. 01:14:37
Time. Like right now when it's 5:00 PM and it's dark. Kids might want to go out and practice. Still, so. 01:14:46
Have the whining me Little League. 01:14:53
Weighed in on the T-ball lights. We did, we did ask, I believe. 01:14:57
Yes, I'm sure it is an amenity they would love. 01:15:05
But underst. 01:15:07
If it's not possible, if you don't want it, we can save 90 grand. So tell us if we're wrong. 01:15:09
Yeah, I I think encouraging T Ballers to play. 01:15:16
T-ball is probably a good idea. 01:15:20
Right. I mean if it gets used right? 01:15:23
It does get used. So good evening everybody. 01:15:26
I believe during our first conversations. 01:15:29
That was one of the first things. 01:15:32
I thought, they're gonna cut back on. That's gonna be the first thing that gets chopped. 01:15:35
But and and everything made sense and I know that we said. 01:15:40
If the budget allows, of course we would love. 01:15:44
We there's two divisions that play in left field T-ball, which usually requires about an hour play. 01:15:47
And then our machine pitch division, they do go about an hour and 30 minutes, so we work. 01:15:54
Gonna cut that. Like, really, really close. 01:16:01
Hey, you guys have to hurry. 01:16:05
Because the field is going to be. 01:16:07
But it would allow. 01:16:09
Won tournaments, which is one of the things that we're hoping that we get more people to come out here because we would we would 01:16:10
be hosting. 01:16:14
Now with our extended major field be able to have more tournaments, I'm right now trying to see how I could keep Blackstock in the 01:16:18
back pocket to be able to expand. 01:16:23
A little bit further and bringing more awareness to poor whining me and we we post these Flyers with. 01:16:29
You could drive to the beach in 5 minutes. You know it's. 01:16:35
But back to the lighting. Yes, we would like that. Any chance we could have AT Ball World Series? 01:16:39
They would probably be a lot more fun to watch than the other ones. 01:16:46
Are you done with your questions? 01:16:52
OK. Thank you, Miss Pasua, for your presentation, I. 01:16:57
When we look at these dollar amounts. 01:17:01
They're a little scary considering our budget. 01:17:04
I I'm looking at the original allocation and it looks like it's about 10 million, three 70. 01:17:07
And then the final amount looks like we're asking for. 01:17:16
Is it maybe 5 million, close to 5 million, more, close to 5 million? 01:17:21
So we're looking for an additional 5 million approximately. 01:17:26
And three million of that. 01:17:30
You're asking to come from the unassigned fund balance, so my question. 01:17:34
What is currently in the unassigned fund balance? Because I know that that account is dwindling. Yeah. And part of why we are, 01:17:38
part of why we've been talking about the budget and what we're trying to prepare for is that. 01:17:44
Projects went up 40 to 50% during COVID. 01:17:53
And since COVID I have, I haven't seen them come back down yet. So you know, I looked and I saw this project was budgeted at $10 01:17:57
million a few years back and it's, you know, right off the bat we said add 40 to 50% and sure enough we come back and it's 50%. 01:18:05
So we knew that was coming. It's part of why we had the budget discussions, because I expected that we're gonna have to take, 01:18:14
we're gonna have to have money in the unassigned fund balance to use for this project. 01:18:20
And that's why we had that prioritization discussion of the CIP and what items are really priority this year because we need to 01:18:26
clear some funding for these projects. 01:18:30
So we've been all those discussions have been working towards this and so. 01:18:35
We were able to reduce our budget impact by about $1,000,000. 01:18:40
Council meeting we're bringing more adjustments and recommendations back to try to. 01:18:45
Clear another $1,000,000 in the budget. 01:18:51
But so as of this moment prior to that $1,000,000. 01:18:55
There's funding. 01:18:59
After this project. 01:19:02
After after we pay for everything, we'd have $5.5 million in the unassigned fund balance. 01:19:04
And so, is that less than I would like? Yes. Is it? 01:19:11
You know, closer than I would have been comfortable with, yes, but at this point? 01:19:17
You know we're we're into the project, we have grant funding that's close to expiring that we need to keep moving forward for. So 01:19:23
our recommendation is prioritize this project and some other things we'll have to get pushed back a couple years and and use that 01:19:29
funding to get this project done. So that's part of that whole kind of. 01:19:34
The All the budget reviews and everything we've been doing. 01:19:41
So is it possible that? 01:19:45
Part of this project, some of the amenities that we're talking about here could be pushed back. 01:19:47
So we don't make. 01:19:54
Drastic impact. 01:19:56
Contingency. 01:19:58
Or the unassigned, may I, may I? So yes, to answer your question, yes. But what will happen is that our mobilization will be will 01:20:00
be higher. So for example, the trash enclosures, we already have construction crew out there. We've already mobilized them. It is 01:20:08
a lot less expensive for them to do it because they're doing other stuff if we've got to mobilize them again. 01:20:15
It's going to bring the price up. So the prices you're seeing here are not going to be the prices that you're going to get in 3-4 01:20:24
years. 01:20:27
All right. Thank you. That makes sense. 01:20:32
Then my I think my final question is, is the playground. So if we're taking. 01:20:34
The monies or the funds from the Wine Amy Beach Playground? Does that mean that we are not going to do the Wine Amy Beach 01:20:41
Playground? 01:20:45
No. So we are take, we are basically reallocating. 01:20:49
Bond proceeds that can be used only at Winemie Beach Park. So we are instead using the bond proceeds that we have available and 01:20:54
freeing up the ARPA funds for this project. OK, so. 01:21:00
Will we be hearing a report on the Winemay Beach Playground? 01:21:09
Soon, will there be a status report on? I don't, I don't expect an update on that soon. I think when we had our CIP discussion a 01:21:12
few months back and we talked about. 01:21:18
Really prioritizing all our staff but all our money and everything into this. 01:21:23
I think at that time. 01:21:28
We agreed. I don't know that everybody was happy with it, but we agreed that the whining me, some of the other projects like the 01:21:29
playground at the beach were going to get pushed back. 01:21:33
A year or two. So I. 01:21:38
I think our thought right. 01:21:40
We're all in on getting this project done and as soon as we get this done then we will start on the projects like the playground 01:21:42
at the beach. I only ask because I I think the public has an, you know, residents have an expectation that. 01:21:48
Playground is going to be built. 01:21:55
They're anxious for it and they're waiting for it. 01:21:59
Yeah, we could try to do some public relations too. I think we did. I think we created a flyer that had said what projects were 01:22:03
prioritized for this year and then which ones are going to be on hold. And we had done it right after that meeting. 01:22:09
And we could probably try to get that out and get it out in different ways and things. 01:22:16
Just to let people know and I if I'm remembering right, we had agreed to you know to prioritize this. And then we had talked about 01:22:22
doing some of the, the little things that we've done like getting the fire pits and things like that out is the immediate 01:22:29
improvements to the beach. And we also have the volleyball, two additional courts that are going to be coming. 01:22:36
And if I could just finish my statement here I, you know, I'm just concerned about. 01:22:43
The delay with the playground at the beach and it seems like the. 01:22:47
Comes up a lot. I mean is there any way that we. 01:22:52
Something, at least with the swings. Get the swing set back out there. Yes, the public works team. 01:22:55
Is working on bringing at least a Swing set back. 01:23:03
Yeah. So we did agree to kind of bring that. 01:23:07
With the rest of the playground pending, Yes, thank you. And we're probably gonna get told to get back on to get back on track. 01:23:10
I'm gonna ask Mr. 01:23:15
Do you have a question? 01:23:21
OK. OK, Go. 01:23:23
I just wanted to. The bigger issue is, is what we could afford and what we can't afford and I think previously we were being told 01:23:28
Skate Park, Beach Park, Bubbling Springs, you get it all. 01:23:34
And I really appreciate the fact that our city manager comes along and. 01:23:40
And kind of. 01:23:45
Tamp down those expectations because I think they were a little too too much. 01:23:47
And I do believe we all agreed to focus on Bubbling Springs because we have a very large grant. 01:23:52
And unfortunately, costs. 01:23:58
Exceeded so. 01:24:00
It's really important for us as a body to pay attention to our budget. 01:24:03
And take one step at a time and this is. 01:24:08
And then we can prioritize. And I just want to be realistic with the public. 01:24:12
You know, we're drawing down our general fund. 01:24:18
To a place that we'd rather not be. 01:24:22
And we're doing it for the betterment of the city with this wonderful big project. And so I think we should just focus on this 01:24:25
project and. 01:24:29
Get it done with the budget if possible. 01:24:34
And then we'll start building our our cost savings and building our unassigned fund. 01:24:39
For the future. 01:24:46
Any further questions from council? 01:24:49
Or comments? 01:24:52
I'll just end. 01:24:53
I heard mention of an MLB grant, potentially that we. 01:24:56
Yes. And we were trying to get that ready for this item and I may have even at one point when I sort of. 01:25:00
Listed the items that we are trying to bring back that might have been in in one of those communications, but I think it's going 01:25:08
to be on the February 20th agenda. 01:25:12
The timing should be OK, but it was a chicken or the egg. We needed to know all the details from this bid to then submit it to the 01:25:17
MLB Grant for the the. The goal is we're trying to apply for the MLB grant to get some of the baseball field amenities paid for. 01:25:24
So we will bring that on February 20th locked in because we'll have all the final bid numbers and everything so. 01:25:32
Yeah. My final final question is do we expect any more changes to this project, any more additions to it, because I think we've. 01:25:42
A couple of changes since we began. 01:25:51
Right now, we don't anticipate any additional budgetary. 01:25:54
We will be back though, so you can award the Native American monitoring contract there's there's things still that you are 01:25:59
approving. 01:26:04
And allocating the money for, but we don't have contracts for yet, so we will be returning. 01:26:11
For that this is the last. 01:26:16
Really big step. The last really big. 01:26:18
Once council approves the bid and at any ad alternates, we pretty much are going forward, full steam ahead and to the point where 01:26:22
we're talking about ground breaking on February 26th and we'll get some information out to everybody on that. But today's really 01:26:30
the last big council approval. So are you saying that you're coming back the remaining construction buyout you're going to be? 01:26:38
Are you coming back for that? So, So what we're asking for today is the entire 15,360,800 and within that, the only thing we still 01:26:46
have about, I'm going to say about $2,000,000 that we have not spent, that's we're waiting on contracts to come in. So you will be 01:26:55
seeing that in your City Council meetings, but on the fiscal side, we will be saying you have allocated this money already. 01:27:04
So we're not asking for more than the 15 minutes. And you found a source of funding for every single item that's on this? Yes. 01:27:15
Great. Thanks. 01:27:18
So inquiring minds want to know how do you get a batting cage for $0.00? 01:27:23
I think it's what Gabby said about they're already mobilizing. They're already out there with the equipment, the materials, 01:27:28
because batting cage is really. 01:27:31
Uh, chain link fence. 01:27:35
They're out there, but leftover material. We have the bids in there and one can do it out there free and the other one was not 01:27:37
free, not free. So, so with the free thought that was a no brainer. 01:27:43
I would just like to thank staff for all the work they've put into this. We know it's been a roller coaster since day one for good 01:27:50
reason. They've had a lot of. 01:27:54
Surprises with our budget, Surprises with. 01:28:00
But I want to thank them for their due diligence and everything they've put into this project. This is going to be probably one of 01:28:03
the biggest projects whining me has ever had. 01:28:06
Or at least in a long time. And I think when it's finally done, the community is. 01:28:11
Really happy to see it, so thank you for everything. 01:28:15
I want to say sue suck. That means good luck, good job in Vietnamese. I had to bring something back from Vietnam. It makes a good 01:28:18
job. Thank you. And just so the council is aware, you know, we have a large team behind this. It has been almost a year. 01:28:26
That we started the design process and it goes without saying that we have. 01:28:34
Very good consultants, but and we have a great awesome. 01:28:41
Here at the city, the public works team has been amazing. My facility staff, the Cummings Group. 01:28:45
We've got our architect file here and we're looking forward to working with Staples. 01:28:53
So it has been a team. 01:29:01
And I'm really proud to call Winemia Place that I. 01:29:04
We have amazing staff. 01:29:10
Thank you. 01:29:12
There any public comments? We have a public comment from David Scriven. 01:29:14
Good evening, everybody. 01:29:26
I had a bunch of things I was going to say. You've answered a lot of my questions up to this point. 01:29:28
My major consent, and I'm completely in favor of this project. It's my kids played ball over there. It's going to be a big 01:29:33
addition to the city. 01:29:37
I think that all the studies show if you give kids something to do, they do it and they stay out of trouble more or less. So I 01:29:42
think it's it's good all around. My concern is that we're spending ourselves down into nothing. 01:29:49
And if we're going to do this or you're going to vote for this, there needs to be some changes in. 01:29:56
Kind of how you're spending money moving forward. 01:30:03
Our revenues from. 01:30:06
The cannabis stuff are dropping down. 01:30:09
I'm on the measure you committee, we're expecting less money coming into that because the economy not a lot less but but a bit 01:30:12
less so. 01:30:17
We can all recall maybe 10 years ago when the city was out of money. 01:30:24
Stop. Stop doing things. Everything fell apart. It took many years to start bringing things back up and and you've done a good job 01:30:29
of the cities in good shape at this point where I can see but if we're down to $5 million. 01:30:35
That's one storm that knocks the pier down. That's one. 01:30:43
I don't know if we're going to get through this year given this atmospheric rivers that are coming through here, so. 01:30:47
I think it's really critical that you make decisions to cut back, spend less money. 01:30:54
Until we build that back up. 01:31:00
You know, if you can get it back to $10 million. 01:31:03
I don't really care what you spend the money on, but up until now you don't want the checkbook to go empty, so that's why I said 01:31:07
my concern. 01:31:10
Thank you. 01:31:15
OK, the recommendation is to. 01:31:18
Deny the untimely bid protests submitted by Environmental Construction Inc as to Staples Construction. 01:31:24
And award a construction contract to Staples Construction Inc for the Bubbling Springs Park renovation project in the amount of 01:31:30
$11 million. 01:31:33
$93,442. 01:31:38
Approve Add alternate #1 T-ball Sport lighting in the amount of $91,997. 01:31:42
Approve out alternate #3 trash enclosures in the amount of $112,871. 01:31:49
Approve Add alternate #4 Batting cage in the amount of. 01:31:55
Add, approve, add, alternate #5, remove lighting control, I'm sorry, remote lighting control in the amount of $5854. 01:32:00
Approve Add alternate #6 shade structure in the amounts of $148,278. 01:32:10
Authorize a 10% construction contingency in the amount of $1,143,243. 01:32:17
And authorize the city manager to execute to execute all applicable documents. 01:32:25
O moved. 01:32:30
We have. 01:32:32
2nd for all items. 01:32:33
All in favor. 01:32:37
Aye all. 01:32:38
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:32:41
Good job, staff. Thank you. 01:32:44
We'll move on to item number 11, which is the acquisition of Easement 1211 Evergreen Lane. Will staff please present. 01:32:50
Good evening Mayor Perez and honorable Council members. Miss Basua just gave us a wonderful update on. 01:32:59
All of the nice infrastructure we're going to have it bubbling springs. 01:33:07
Bubbling Springs will also have new restroom facilities and concession facilities. And this brings us to the. 01:33:12
More unsavory aspects of infrastructure and that is a sewer lateral line easement so that we can connect these new structures to 01:33:20
the sewer system in the city. And so staff had identified the most efficient route to connect the sewer lateral. 01:33:27
And that runs right through the property commonly known as 1211 Evergreen Lane. 01:33:34
And. 01:33:40
Public Works staff has made contact with the property owner, has discussed this with the property owner who was more than more 01:33:42
than amenable to granting such an easement in order to run that sewer lateral and allow the city to upkeep it and maintain it and 01:33:46
such. 01:33:51
And my understanding is there's a tacit agreement currently for $1000 for a grant of sewer lateral easement. 01:33:55
Which is drafted and part of the agenda packet And So what we're looking for now is authorization for the city manager or as 01:34:03
design. 01:34:07
To purchase this sewer lateral easement for $1000 and authorization to execute all documents and record set. 01:34:11
Thank you. Any questions or comments from staff from council? 01:34:21
Then there's no cost associated with doing this work. This is just. 01:34:27
$1000 for the. 01:34:32
Consideration for the acquisition for the acquisition of the property. 01:34:35
How? How will the line be established to tunneling Or I'm just curious? 01:34:40
Would be done through trenching. I can defer to our public works staff on that. 01:34:46
Board. 01:34:52
Totally. 01:34:55
OK. OK. Well. 01:34:58
I'll make. 01:35:01
Are there any public comments? No public comments. Thank you. We have a motion. 01:35:04
So moved. 01:35:09
2nd. 01:35:12
Madam Clerk. 01:35:14
All in favor. 01:35:15
Aye all. 01:35:16
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. Thank you. 01:35:19
The final Is that the final? 01:35:24
Yes. 01:35:26
Is the out-of-state travel request for Mayor Pro Tem McQueen, Lejeune and Councilmember Hernandez, Will staff please present the 01:35:28
report? Yes, thank you. 01:35:32
So there's. 01:35:36
Out of state travel requests for the same conference are the same trip. I'm sorry, the regional defense partnership lobbying trip. 01:35:38
And so there's a request from Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune to attend. Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune is the primary representative 01:35:47
of the city to the regional defense partnership. 01:35:53
Board There's a request for Mayor Pro Tem to attend and. 01:35:59
I'll talk about the budget here in a second. 01:36:05
So there's that first request and then there's a second request, and that is the request for Councilmember Hernandez, who is our 01:36:09
alternate representative. 01:36:13
To attend the regional defense partnership trip to Washington, DC to also attend. 01:36:18
The reason why normally out-of-state travel requests are consent items on the agenda. 01:36:24
The reason why this is a business item relates to sort of a first time we've had. 01:36:30
This sort of budget question for the Council to consider. 01:36:37
And that is that typically how we budget for travel is each council member has a $3000. 01:36:42
Training budget. 01:36:51
And. 01:36:52
And typically if that. 01:36:55
If the training falls within that budget, it's typically included as a consent item for approval. 01:36:58
In this situation, we have. 01:37:05
Sort of a new question, which? 01:37:07
For mayor pro. 01:37:13
Trip, she is going to use that Councilmember training fund for a portion and then. 01:37:14
She is not asking for any additional funds for the amount that might exceed that council member training portion. 01:37:20
Essentially, that would be paid out of pocket. 01:37:28
For a council member Hernandez's request, the request is for. 01:37:32
To use the remainder of that $3000 training fund. 01:37:36
But then to. 01:37:40
A separate. 01:37:43
Budget a separate line item. 01:37:45
And that is a separate pooled travel fund that was created in this year's budget. 01:37:47
In this year's budget, the line item was created that includes $15,000. 01:37:53
It doesn't for just council member pooled travel. It doesn't say how it's to be used, how it's to be approved, if it's for any 01:37:59
specific purpose. 01:38:04
So this is the first request. 01:38:09
To use. 01:38:12
And essentially for staff purposes we need direction. 01:38:13
From the council on how they'd like to use that and if they'd like to use it for requests such as this. 01:38:18
So, so the pending question is essentially the two out-of-state travel requests and then. 01:38:23
The third. 01:38:30
If the council is willing to authorize the additional reimbursement of the $1000 that exceeds the individual travel. 01:38:32
Line item and that would come from the $15,000. 01:38:40
Travel line item. 01:38:44
Last point I'll make, just because we just talked about the budget, we are bringing a budget review back on March 20 or I'm sorry, 01:38:46
February 20th. 01:38:50
And just to all the points that were kind of made earlier in the. 01:38:54
Where we're looking to try to find additional savings to. 01:38:59
Balance the budget a little bit. 01:39:04
Better to cover the CIP costs and to. 01:39:06
Have more money in the unassigned fund balance for the projects like the ones we just discussed. 01:39:10
So that is being brought back and as part of that we are looking at things like the travel funds for employees and for the council 01:39:15
to to recommend some modifications. 01:39:20
So we're looking at that, but it's still the council's decision whether to approve the reimbursement of the $1000 in travel. 01:39:26
From that $15,000 pooled travel expense at this time? 01:39:35
May I? 01:39:40
I thought all those council members had a same budget for travel and conferences. Is that true? 01:39:42
My understanding is in past years there was a line item for each council member with the same amount for each council member. 01:39:50
This year, and I'm sorry if I didn't explain it clearly, but this year. 01:39:57
There was that $3000 for each council. 01:40:01
And then a. 01:40:05
Pooled travel fund of $15,000 but there was never criteria or. 01:40:06
The criteria that I recall is that we all have the same budget. 01:40:12
And I know there was a Cal Cities event that I was interested in maybe last year and. 01:40:17
City clerk says, well this is going to put you over. I said OK then I won't go. 01:40:22
So I think all our council members need. 01:40:26
Abide by that, especially in this budgetary time, then secondly. 01:40:32
Didn't we just send? 01:40:36
Team over to Washington DC with RDP 20. 01:40:38
No. So that there was a trip in August, I think it was it was the port city. 01:40:42
Committee went to Washington DC to do advocacy for the city in the in the port and partners, but that was not the same as RDP 21 01:40:51
and then. 01:40:55
As it, I tried to review our. 01:41:02
Policy guide. I didn't see anything about alternate versus. 01:41:04
So do we have any precedent on that? 01:41:09
There's not. Uh. 01:41:12
The the terms primary and alternate. We have no definitions of. 01:41:14
How they're treated differently in situations like these? So it's purely up to the council. And then my last question is did I 01:41:20
hear you correctly in in that? 01:41:24
Our primary representative. 01:41:29
Mayor Pro Tem. 01:41:32
Lajon is going to pay out of her pocket to go the amount that exceeds the the budget amount. 01:41:34
That's my understanding, but I'll. 01:41:41
Yeah, that is correct. 01:41:43
I guess it was a couple of months back we had a discussion about our budget. 01:41:46
And I on that night committed to not exceeding my budget. 01:41:50
And so I'm sticking to that. So I have 500. 01:41:55
More in my budget. I will go on the trip, but I'll pay it out of my pocket. That's very admirable. 01:41:59
Appreciate that. Can I just? 01:42:05
Comment on a few things. 01:42:08
Or did you? 01:42:10
No, that's fine. OK, go ahead. OK, So I believe Mayor Pro Tem. 01:42:12
McQueen Le. 01:42:20
Had made that commitment prior to finding out that there was a line item in the City Council travel budget. 01:42:21
For 15,000. 01:42:29
I agree with the city manager that we don't know how that was supposed to be used. It looks like it's there for over. 01:42:31
I did. Umm. 01:42:39
In with the prior city. 01:42:41
Alert him to the need to budget for the RDP Washington DC trip because it had not been. 01:42:43
Budgeted in prior. 01:42:50
And it does force committee members to exceed their travel allocation of $3000. 01:42:52
I can only assume that that $15,000 was put in there for overages, but I don't know for sure. 01:43:02
But I did ask for it. I was told that they it would be done. But I I I don't know that where it was actually reflected. 01:43:09
In the travel. 01:43:19
As far as. 01:43:21
The issue between primary and alternates. 01:43:25
Issued I'd like. 01:43:29
I thought I'd like the council to entertain here. Is that we've overlooked. 01:43:33
The fact that while. 01:43:38
Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Leon. 01:43:41
Serves has the. 01:43:44
She is the primary for the general membership. 01:43:46
And I am the primary for I am her alternate for the general membership meetings, but I also the primary. 01:43:50
Which is a standing committee for the strategic committ. 01:43:58
And have been for four. 01:44:02
So in that capacity has a primary on the strategic planning committee. 01:44:06
I believe. 01:44:13
We should for all. 01:44:15
Have the support, the financial support to carry out our. 01:44:18
This kind of reminds me of the discussion that we had with a sister city program where two of us were placed on that committee. 01:44:22
We volunteer graciously to do this job. 01:44:31
But then get challenged at the financial costs of. 01:44:35
Performing our duties it's almost like giving an employee a responsibility, but not giving them the tools to carry out that job. 01:44:39
Or that responsibility. 01:44:47
So I am asking for an additional $1000 to go to. 01:44:49
Washington, DC to advocate on behalf of the base. It's a different agenda than what the Port took with them when they went to DC. 01:44:55
I'm also asking the council to consider the fact that costs have gone up, travel costs have gone up. I am searching for the 01:45:05
lowest. 01:45:08
Airfare possible. The hotel costs can't be helped because we're all being asked to stay basically in the same hotel. 01:45:12
I'm trying to keep the cost down as much as possible, but it ended up coming out to $1000. 01:45:22
Including the 1368 which is currently in my travel budget. 01:45:30
And there is precedent for two members of the council to go to Washington DC with RDP. 01:45:34
In prior years, Councilman Sharkey and Councilman Hensley have gone together. 01:45:44
And this is a carryover from those years. And I'm not saying just because it was done then, we should do it now. 01:45:50
But I do want to emphasize that I serve a key function on the strategic planning committee has a primary member, and I think that 01:45:56
there that should be sufficient justification. 01:46:02
To to go and to have the city cover my, my. 01:46:09
Man, so when it comes to the Port Washington trip, I think that one's obviously a benefit to the city. 01:46:14
I don't see any benefit to the city. 01:46:23
The defense. 01:46:26
Navy base do whatever they're going to do. 01:46:30
We have a. 01:46:33
We all have. 01:46:35
A budget and I think we need to be mindful. 01:46:37
Of where we are now and I think we need to manage our budgets appropriately and decide. 01:46:40
Like I did, If it's gonna put me over, I'm not gonna go. 01:46:45
That's how I feel I could address that. 01:46:50
Council Member Martinez, Yes, thank you, Mayor Perez. 01:46:53
I had a question in terms of, you know, where the where did those $15,000 come from? Because I had never heard of that since I 01:46:58
been on council and I did I just hear correctly that? 01:47:04
Councilmember Hernandez had asked the prior city manager to add that item. Because that's what I just, I just heard because. 01:47:10
Council didn't approve that, at least not that I know. 01:47:17
So how was that added on there? 01:47:21
I don't have the history of it. It was added in the budget before I arrived at the city, so I don't have the history of it. Well, 01:47:27
that $15,000 wasn't there before. 01:47:32
So I asked for an increase in that $15,000 was put in. I didn't ask for $15,000. OK, I I will. I Do you have a comment? Yeah, I 01:47:38
just wanted to just respond to Councilmember Gamma statement. 01:47:45
So as someone who worked for the military for quite some time, we're in the city of Port Hueneme. We have the Naval Base Ventura 01:47:53
County in our city. The naval base Ventura County is not only ACB base, it also encompasses the Point Magoo base. 01:48:02
So I think it's important that the City of Port Hueneme elected officials participate in any lobbying as it relates to the 01:48:11
military. 01:48:15
We have. 01:48:20
Provided this to the city manager and. 01:48:22
Maybe he'll provide it to you all, but it's the accomplishments of the RDP 21. 01:48:25
And I'll just say on the very first page it talks about. 01:48:31
The command moving from 70 command. 01:48:35
To 100 commands based on the lobbying of the RDP 21. So that means there's more commands. 01:48:38
There's more people. 01:48:45
There's more res. 01:48:46
There's more revenue. And so I think that it is very important that we support. What I think would possibly not go well is if we 01:48:49
have other elected official and other people lobbying for us and we're not participating. 01:48:58
And so I think it's important that we participate part of my. So I'm not, I'm not talking right now about the vote. 01:49:07
I'm talking about our support city, support for the military base. 01:49:14
And as far as the support that we have been providing, it hasn't cost the city anything except what we've had for travel budget. 01:49:20
And so I think we it's a our return on investment. 01:49:29
Is greater. 01:49:34
Than what we are we. 01:49:35
Paying for what we're getting in. 01:49:37
Is is at the highest value I think and we should. 01:49:40
Continue that I actually have a. 01:49:45
A what? A suggestion. 01:49:51
That we actually put money in the budget specifically for this item. It doesn't have to be part of our $3000 that we get, but I 01:49:54
think it's important enough. 01:49:59
That people from this city need to be people in Washington, DC Our legislators, our senators and congressmen need to see that it's 01:50:05
important to us as well. And so I'm going to ask that it be put in. 01:50:11
Now, I'm not talking about right now, but I'm talking about for the future. I think whether it's me and council, a member, 01:50:18
Hernandez or someone else, I don't think it really matters who it is. But I think we have to support. I support. I'm going to 01:50:23
speak on now, so I don't, I'm not going to get into. 01:50:29
The importance of this organization, this committee, because I don't, I don't understand a lot of it. I don't know a lot about it. 01:50:35
But that's not an issue for me. I'm not going to. 01:50:40
Argue the validity of it or not. My problem is, I don't know where this $15,000 increase came either. It's concerning to me that. 01:50:44
Council was not brought up to speed on that and none of us, most of us, were not aware of. 01:50:54
Especially at a time where our city manager is asking every department in our city to make cuts. 01:50:59
That are unnecessary and not spend money where that's not necessary so that he can try to fix. 01:51:05
The issues that have come upon because of our budget. 01:51:11
And I will point out to. 01:51:15
As of now, has 3000 per person for. 01:51:17
RPD. 01:51:22
A training budget for its sworn only of 19,000 total. 01:51:25
That is less than $1000 per sworn officer for mandatory and necessary training that they get every year. 01:51:30
And council has $3000. 01:51:39
For conferences, not mandatory training. 01:51:42
It's really, I haven't went in three years. It's not really mandatory. It's good to do it, you know provides networking. 01:51:46
But I have it. I have a really significant issue of increasing our training budget. When we're cutting everywhere in the city and 01:51:53
our sworn PD can barely send they, Not everyone gets to go to training, and some of this is mandatory for them to be even sworn 01:51:58
officers. 01:52:04
And I have an issue with that and every department in our city. 01:52:09
And we're asking for increase and I think. 01:52:13
Us, as council members, need to be leading the way. 01:52:16
And be the example set for the city and all the other departments and joining them in the fact that we need to make. 01:52:19
Strategic, smart, efficient budget issued budget decisions. 01:52:26
At least until we can get that rectified. 01:52:31
And I think too if I could just interject. 01:52:34
I believe that we do need to revisit the $15,000. I understand that it's going to be discussed as a separate agenda item at our 01:52:38
February 20th meeting and that's the appropriate time to decide. 01:52:43
Whether or not to keep it or keep a portion of. 01:52:50
But tonight. 01:52:53
On approval for. 01:52:55
Members of this council to go to DC with a request for me to. 01:52:59
To at least draw upon $1000 overage. There's other point of order. 01:53:05
Is is the agenda item. 01:53:12
Is it 2 agenda? Are we approving both at the same time or one at 3 separate items? Three separate items, so we take them one at a 01:53:17
time? The request from Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. 01:53:22
Second, the request from Councilmember Hernandez and then third OK approving the additional. 01:53:28
The budget to come from the pool I have, I have finished my sentence, please. 01:53:33
You know. 01:53:40
May I finish my statement without being interrupted? I don't think I was done, but go ahead. 01:53:41
Thank you. So I was going to say. 01:53:46
The request tonight is to allow me. 01:53:49
Full reimbursement of my trip. 01:53:53
There are other line items in the travel budget that they that we can draw upon. There's another $5200 in there for memberships, 01:53:56
which I don't know that any of us have access. 01:54:02
So in the whole scheme of things, I don't think $1000 is. 01:54:07
Make that much of a difference if it's not approved by this council. 01:54:12
That's fine. I'll just pay for it out of my pocket. 01:54:16
I have complete faith in. 01:54:22
Hold on, let's keep things in order. 01:54:24
I have complete faith and mar. 01:54:28
McQueen and John to represent our interests very strongly. As she stated, she's very experienced in the military and knows the 01:54:31
insurance and outs. 01:54:34
She's the primary and so at this moment, I'd like to just make a motion to approve. We do have a public comment, so. 01:54:38
OK. Are there any further questions or comments by council? Yes, I just have one question, just because like I said, I had never 01:54:48
heard of the 15,000. 01:54:52
Councilmember Hernandez, when you had request, when you said you asked the previous city manager, was it the interim city manager 01:54:58
or previous city manager when you asked that to be added, I think I may have discussed it with both. 01:55:04
And that again, I wasn't requesting $15,000. 01:55:13
Just alerting them to the. 01:55:17
We we had, we stood the chance of going over the 3000. 01:55:20
And in order to participate in the RDP. 01:55:25
Responsibilities, committee responsibilities and again, I just want to end with, you know, if we're going to serve on these 01:55:30
committees. 01:55:33
I think it's really important. 01:55:37
Are given the. 01:55:39
To do so. 01:55:41
Councilman Martinez, you experienced the same thing with the sister city. You have the same kind of argument, so thank you. 01:55:43
We have public comments and yes, we have one public comment from Rich Rollins. 01:55:51
Hi, Some of this may be a recap of some of the conversation that I heard, but first of all, I want to commend Mayor Pro Tem 01:56:02
McQueen for thinking so strongly of this that she's willing to put her money into it. I too was in the RDP committee for a number 01:56:08
of years. 01:56:13
And I see it of a great benefit to our community, not only from an economical standpoint, but from a strategic defense in a 01:56:19
national. 01:56:24
Along with that, however, I am extremely concerned that. 01:56:30
We have spent money on things that traditionally are not things that the City Council will spend money on for trips. 01:56:36
And it was alluded to earlier the sister city. 01:56:44
In almost any city within California. 01:56:49
Public funds are not used to support City Council staff to go to city to. 01:56:53
To Sister City. 01:57:04
There may be City Council members that are. 01:57:06
But they use their own money as a general citizen to participate in those things. 01:57:10
I think those are great. 01:57:15
I do also think like in a time. 01:57:18
The meeting that I knew of when I was a Councilman, with a reduced revenues coming in that we just like a family, we need to cut 01:57:21
back our budget. 01:57:26
So a lot of things that we would like to do, but we have to look at the essentials and see what we do. 01:57:31
I would much rather see our city staff. 01:57:36
Go to trainings that directly. 01:57:40
The performance of their job help provide services to our community, be it the Police Department, the General Services, Those 01:57:44
types of trainings I think are essential. 01:57:49
I know when I was a city employ. 01:57:55
Many years ago, and there was a. 01:57:58
We had to. 01:58:02
You know, tighten up our budget, we can go to all the different things that we would like to go to because just like your family 01:58:04
budget, there may be many things that are worthwhile and essential. 01:58:10
But you have to go with like what you absolutely. 01:58:15
And so those are just my points on it. So thank you. 01:58:20
Before we take the vote, I just wanted to comment and just so the public understands. 01:58:26
That the sister city program was not paid for. 01:58:31
Public funds. It was paid through the Community Benefit Fund. 01:58:36
Which is fee generated from. 01:58:40
Not public funds. 01:58:42
And I also want to say. 01:58:43
I am. I am very. 01:58:47
The spending of. 01:58:50
In fact, I don't even charge for mileage like we're entitled to. I don't think I've ever really asked for mileage reimbursement to 01:58:51
travel to and from. 01:58:55
Meetings. 01:58:59
So I just I just wanted to put that out there. Thank. 01:59:01
Any further public comments? 01:59:06
No further public. 01:59:08
Thank you. The recommendation is to consider the request for out-of-state travel from Sunday, March 17th, 2024 through Thursday, 01:59:11
March 21st, 2024 for Primary Representative Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. 01:59:17
To attend the regional Defense partnership lobbying trip to Washington, DC in the support of the Naval Base Ventura County Point 01:59:24
Magoo and Port Hueneme, using only individual councilmember budgeted funds. 01:59:29
Is that the first one? Yeah, that's the first one. You may want to take them one by one individually. OK, that's fine. We have a 01:59:38
motion for that. Yes, I'd like to move to approve. You have a second? 01:59:43
I'll second that. 01:59:51
Thank you. 01:59:52
I'm just going to take these ones roll call, so council member. 01:59:56
Yes, Councilmember Hernandez. 02:00:01
Councilmember Martinez yes. Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune, yes. And Mayor Perez yes. 02:00:04
Motion passes UN. 02:00:09
Item number two, to consider the request for out-of-state travel from Sunday. I don't have to read the entire thing over again. 02:00:11
It's fine to just say the same request, but the same request for Councilmember. 02:00:19
Hernandez. 02:00:23
Do we have a motion or? 02:00:25
I'll make a motion to approve. 02:00:28
We have a second. 02:00:31
I approve. 02:00:35
2nd. 02:00:37
Council Member G. 02:00:40
No Council member Hernandez. Yes, Council member Martinez. 02:00:42
Yes, Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lash. 02:00:48
Yes, I wanted to read the whole thing. Sorry guys. Yes. And mayor press yes. Motion passes unanimously for one council member Gama 02:00:58
voting no. I mean, sorry, not unanimously for. 02:01:03
The final recommendation is to consider Alternate Representative Councilmember Hernandez request to authorize reimbursement of 02:01:09
travel costs in the amount of $1000 from the $15,000 City Council polled conference travel budget line item. 02:01:15
Do we have a motion? 02:01:22
Stating there is no motion, the motion fails. 02:01:28
Thank you. 02:01:36
OK, so we're moving on to city manager comments and. 02:01:41
Thank you. We actually have a few items to that we wanted to update. And Georgina, can I just ask you to. 02:01:47
Are you getting the clicker? 02:01:55
Thanks. Thank you. 02:01:57
So we had a couple of items that we wanted to just give an update on. We have this week we released the February 2024 newsletter 02:02:01
and so that is available on our website on Facebook and we're taking out about 100 copies to to some locations throughout the city 02:02:07
to distribute that. 02:02:13
And so we have the February addition out now, so people can can read that. 02:02:21
There were a couple of items we wanted to draw to that are actually included in the newsletter that we wanted to draw people's 02:02:26
attention to and let people know about. First is. 02:02:30
We are happy to announce that the fire pits that were approved in, I believe it was last year's budget. 02:02:36
Have now been installed on our beaches and we're getting some good suggestions and good feedback. 02:02:43
From members of the community. So we'll provide some updates on these on some of the things we're hearing. But I think in general 02:02:49
people seem to be excited about them and are I think everybody's waiting for the rain to end to actually get out there and use 02:02:56
them. I think we put it out the day before the storm. So but they're out and available for use and so they're going to be they're 02:03:03
free to use and they'll be available during the regular hours at the Miami Beach park. 02:03:10
2nd We just wanted to bring people's attention to this. 02:03:18
Our big first ever 5K that had received. 02:03:22
More registration than we had anticipated. We had over 500 people register. We finally had to to cut it off, just because we 02:03:27
couldn't fit that many more people than that in the race. 02:03:32
I was supposed to happen yesterday and with the rain and the forecast that showed that the storm was supposed to start hitting us 02:03:38
at about midnight on Saturday, we had. 02:03:44
Pivot. And so the race is now happening on Saturday, February 24th. 02:03:49
And so we wanted to let people know and just bring everybody's attention. It's going to be the Run for Your Heart 5K and a free 02:03:55
health and Wellness fair that's going to have a lot of good community health and Wellness booths. 02:04:00
So come join us. Even if you're not going to join the race, you can still come and join the Health and Wellness Fair on February 02:04:07
Saturday, February 24th. 02:04:11
Races at 9:00 AM, Health and Wellness affairs at 9:30 AM. 02:04:15
And then we got a lot of questions from people when we announced that it was postponed, just asking if there would be more 02:04:19
opportunities to register and so we do, we are seeing some people who are dropping out because of the date change, not a lot but 02:04:24
a. 02:04:28
And so we will make those spots available so people could still go to run, signup, calm and try to sign up for those spots as they 02:04:33
become available. 02:04:38
Come and cheer the runners on as well. 02:04:43
Yeah, yeah, exactly. People standing on the streets cheering runners. Yeah. And I've heard people had costumes planned and 02:04:45
everything else. Absolutely. 02:04:49
Last thing, this isn't in the newsletter, but I wanted to let everybody know I wanted to highlight it. We're going to have. 02:04:54
It's his first day so I didn't want to have him do a 15 hour day on his first day, so he's going to come to the next meeting. 02:05:01
He'll do a 15 hour day on his second week on the job instead, but we do want to let people know we have. Our new human resources 02:05:08
manager frankly has started with us this morning. 02:05:14
Frank IT will do a full introduction, but he had served as the division manager for the HR department in Palo Alto. 02:05:21
And had prior experience with the Department of Homeland Security, California Department of Public Health and served in the in the 02:05:27
US Army. So Franks got a. 02:05:32
Feedback so far, so far. It was first, yeah, it was first day and I think he spent his first four hours with me, so I don't know 02:05:38
that anybody else really got to talk to him. 02:05:42
So, but we're going to get them out there. And he's excited to meet everybody and work with everybody. So we'll bring him to the 02:05:47
next meeting and we'll introduce everybody. But if you see a new name start popping up, we wanted to let people just know that 02:05:53
he's here and he's legitimate. He's not an impersonator. 02:05:58
So that's the city managers report, thank you. His credentials look pretty good, so he should be able to handle. 02:06:06
I think. 02:06:11
Thank you. 02:06:15
So now when we move on to council members, reports and comments. 02:06:18
Council Member Martinez, do you have anything? Yes, Madam Mayor. A couple comments. The sister city meeting is this Wednesday at 02:06:22
6:00 PM. Anybody That's interesting, Interested. And if you're interesting, everybody's an interesting person. Tim, I expected to 02:06:28
be there, just if you can make it. 02:06:34
We're going to be talking about the bylaws and also our first fundraiser for the sister city. 02:06:41
I also on on a side note, REACH is going to be having what we call an open house meeting next month, March 13th at 5:30. I'll I'll 02:06:49
bring it up again in the next council meeting, but we're inviting new members to reach. 02:06:56
Basketball has been doing great at the Boys and Girls Club, so much so that we have so many people showing up that sometimes 02:07:04
people don't get a chance to actually play. So what we're doing is, and we just started this last Tuesday, instead of going up to 02:07:09
15 points every, we're going up to seven points. That way everybody gets a chance to play. 02:07:15
The fire pits look nice. I want to mention the fire pits. 02:07:22
Even though I brought it up, it was not my idea. It was a volleyball coaches idea, Mia. 02:07:27
From the whining me girls volleyball team who told me that we should have fire pits at our beach. So that's one of the reasons why 02:07:32
I was fighting to get fire pits if you guys remember at that. 02:07:37
Summer meeting, emergency finance meeting. Like I was fighting for pits and I just want to fire pits. So I just want to thank the 02:07:43
council for approving them and if you haven't gone out to go look at them, you know I recommend you do. 02:07:49
And then the Run for Your Heart 5 Ki got postponed. But that just means we have more time to train, All right? Because I'm going 02:07:55
to be racing city manager Vega, so I. 02:08:00
I need the other. 02:08:07
Days for training. Thank you. That's all. 02:08:08
Councilmember Gama. 02:08:11
Yeah, I'm just so thrilled with whining me Beach cleanup this past Saturday. We just had a wonderful time out there. We brought. 02:08:13
20 kids from Ohio. 02:08:21
A lot of. 02:08:23
I never knew this place existed and their parents were saying the same thing. 02:08:25
And I said, yeah, well, our city manager came from your city, so. 02:08:29
But yeah, it's just going great getting the young. 02:08:35
Kids involved in environmental stewardship. It's awesome. 02:08:37
As most you know. 02:08:42
My personality is once I get on something, it's hard for me to get off of it. And so I've talked about. 02:08:44
Pedestrian safety. Over the last couple of meetings, and I'm still talking about it with myself, I actually prepared a PowerPoint. 02:08:51
And my wife and I. 02:08:59
Actually, she did. She came up with the concept and I hope that we could all talk about it and and work on it. And there's a song 02:09:02
that's called Respect Yourself. 02:09:06
Well, we want to have a campaign that says reflect. 02:09:11
City of Port Hueneme Pedestrian Safety campaign. 02:09:15
Pedestrian safety in our walkable city When you're walking in the city of port, when you reflect yourself. When you're in the 02:09:18
morning and the evening, walking and talking reflect yourself. Cars can't see you unless. 02:09:23
You reflect yourself when in self reflection. Always REM. 02:09:28
Reflect yourself. 02:09:33
Every morning when I go to work, I'm telling you guys, I see people dressed in black and it startles me. 02:09:35
And I think that if we started promoting reflective clothing Trinkets, arm bands. 02:09:42
We could really have fun with this. There's all kinds of reflect. 02:09:48
Alternatives. Shoes. Hoodies. 02:09:52
Hats. But if we could just start this campaign to get the people walking in our city to reflect themselves, I think we could 02:09:55
improve safety. 02:09:59
And people would be much more willing to walk around. In our city we see it all the time. I see it every day. I don't know, 2-3 02:10:03
hundred people walk to the lighthouse a day and they walk back. 02:10:08
In the dark time, we really need people to reflect themselves, so I'm going to be handing over my research to the city manager and 02:10:14
I hope. 02:10:18
Get the police involved, get others involved and find a way to to bring excitement to walking around the city of Port Hueneme. 02:10:23
That's it for me. 02:10:27
Councilmember Hernandez. 02:10:35
Thank you, Mayor. 02:10:37
I attended a recent meeting with Skag. Otherwise I was gone for two weeks and to a lovely on a lovely trip to Vietnam. 02:10:39
Umm, so that's really all I've done in the last since our last meeting was that one meeting at SKAG. And I have no other further