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City Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:30 PM Will everyone please stand and join us 00:00:00
for the flag salute? 00:00:04
Ready. Begin. 00:00:14
I pledge all. 00:00:16
Of the United States of. 00:00:18
And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with. 00:00:20
Madam. 00:00:34
May you please take. 00:00:35
Councilmember. 00:00:38
Councilmember McQueen Lashawn. 00:00:41
Mayor Pro Temporez here, Mayor Martinez present and Councilmember Hernandez is currently absent. 00:00:43
OK, tonight's inspiration will be provided by council. 00:00:50
Martha McQueen Lee. 00:00:54
Thank you. 00:00:58
As we have approached this holiday season and we began. 00:01:00
Holiday season about a week or so ago with Thanksgiving, I just wanted to share a little bit about. 00:01:06
The other type of Thanksgiving, not the sitting at the table and eating. 00:01:12
But. 00:01:17
Giving thanks. 00:01:18
And so wanted to share a little bit about that and gratitude. 00:01:20
As we've entered this holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving. 00:01:25
As I said just about a week ago. 00:01:31
It's causing me to reflect upon my personal feelings about the holiday season. 00:01:33
What I've realized. 00:01:39
While I may not have all of my wants. 00:01:41
I do have all of my needs. 00:01:46
And they've all been. 00:01:49
Now that might not be the case for. 00:01:50
But I think everyone has something to be thankful for. 00:01:53
During the season of Thanksgiving or giving thanks, let's focus on being grateful for what we do have. 00:01:58
Whether that be our. 00:02:05
Our friends. 00:02:07
Our health. 00:02:08
Our peace of. 00:02:10
The ability to care for ourselves and our freedoms. 00:02:11
Whatever it is for you, give. 00:02:16
Begins with gratitude. 00:02:19
So expressing the gratitude connects us to people. 00:02:21
Bill's. 00:02:24
It creates stronger social Bo. 00:02:26
It improves relationships. 00:02:29
So let's breathe in gratitude. 00:02:32
And breathe out a thank you. 00:02:34
Because. 00:02:37
It really can always be worse. 00:02:38
Thank you, Mayor. 00:02:40
Thank you, Councilmember. That's very beautiful inspiration. 00:02:42
And we will now move on to public comments not pertaining to any of the items on the agenda. 00:02:45
The comments are limited to 3 minutes. This process will be the same for. 00:02:51
The remaining comments on other agenda items, Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments tonight? 00:02:55
We have no general public comments, The public comments we have received pertaining to items on the agenda. 00:03:01
May I have a motion and a second to approve tonight's agenda? 00:03:09
Move to. 00:03:13
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 00:03:15
All in favor. 00:03:17
Aye, all opposed. 00:03:18
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:03:21
Do any? 00:03:23
Council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for anyone agenda item? 00:03:25
OK. 00:03:30
We're actually now going to recess the City Council meeting and call to order the Housing Authority regular meeting and it's now 00:03:32
634. 00:03:35
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll call for the Housing Authority? 00:03:41
Member Brown. 00:03:46
Member Black. 00:03:48
Member GAM. 00:03:50
Member McQueen Lejeune, Vice Chair Perez, Chair Martinez and let the Record reflect Member Hernandez is absent. 00:03:52
So I'm assuming we don't have any public comments. 00:04:01
No public comments. 00:04:05
We're now going to consider items on the Housing Authority consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless an 00:04:07
authority member has a request to remove an item for discussion. 00:04:11
Do I have a motion in a second? 00:04:16
Move to Appro. 00:04:21
2nd. 00:04:23
OK, Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? All in favor? 00:04:24
Aye, all opposed. 00:04:27
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:04:29
OK. 00:04:32
O. 00:04:34
Forward with the Housing Authority Business item number four, Rental Assistant Demonstration Rad Update. 00:04:35
Will staff please present the report? 00:04:44
Yeah. And we're, we have a couple short PowerPoint and. 00:04:46
I'll be turning it over to our Housing and Facilities Maintenance Director, Gabby Basu in a moment. I wanted to just start quickly 00:04:51
with. 00:04:55
Brief introduction because I had to have Gabby explain the rental assistance demonstration projects to me a couple of times and 00:05:00
then I. 00:05:05
Read some documents to understand it because it's it's almost unnecessarily complicated, so I wanted to just start by setting the 00:05:10
stage. 00:05:15
Quite simply by explaining what the Rental Assistance demonstration program. 00:05:20
And that is very simply that. 00:05:26
The city owns these public housing units at Willowbrook and Mar Vista. 00:05:29
And one of the challenges that cities are facing and it's across the country is that cities. 00:05:35
Don't have funding to remodel or maintain their properties. 00:05:40
One of the numbers that HUD points to consistently as they estimate there's 35. 00:05:45
Billion dollars, I believe it was with AB $35 billion in deferred maintenance that that. 00:05:50
That somehow need to be. 00:05:58
And one of the challenges cities has is that we can't just go out and get loans against our property or we can't go out and 00:06:01
mortgage our property to get money to do to maintain them And so essentially. 00:06:08
The Rental Assistance Demonstration Program was created. 00:06:15
So that we could create a nonprofit. 00:06:19
Put the properties into the nonprofit and then that nonprofit can go out and get funding to do remodels and repairs and things 00:06:22
like that. 00:06:26
And so it's a little. 00:06:31
More complicated than that, but I just wanted to sort of start with that because maybe it'll help us sort of understand where this 00:06:34
is going and why we're looking at this. 00:06:38
Because potentially we do have properties that need maintenance and we are going to have to figure out how to fund them and this 00:06:43
is one of the paths. So with that, I'm going to turn it over to Gabby to give a little bit more background. 00:06:49
Thank you, City Manager. Good evening, commissioners. 00:06:57
And staff. 00:07:02
To my right, I have Nathan Bondor. He's from Lihtc and he's here from New Jersey. 00:07:04
He's, he's our city consultant, Housing Authority consultant that we hired back in 2019 to assist us with this transition. 00:07:12
This is a PowerPoint that we showed back in 2019 to the Council. At the time I wanted to bring this. 00:07:21
PowerPoint back because I know we have new council members and after speaking to Kevin, he thought it was a really good idea to 00:07:30
bring this item back to your attention. It's important to note that the council at the time in 2019 authorized us to go ahead and 00:07:37
enter into a what we call a chap. 00:07:43
With. 00:07:51
And that has been done. What we're here today for is to ask for authorization to form the nonprofit. 00:07:52
So I'm going to just go really quickly through the slides, tell you a little bit of why we are requesting, why we're requesting 00:07:59
and if you have any questions, please feel free to stop me during the presentation. 00:08:04
So like our city manager said, this is something that it's a it's a new program. Well, not really new anymore. It's been around 00:08:14
for a few years, more than a few years. 00:08:19
It's, it's called the RAD 8, what we're calling the RAD 18 and it was basically done by HUD in order to address the $26 billion 00:08:26
nationwide backlog of deferred maintenance. 00:08:32
So public housing, What is public? 00:08:39
Public housing, at least in the city of Winneme, consists of 90 units. It consists of 30 units at Wanami Village. 00:08:44
60 units at Mar Vista. 00:08:53
It's 21 bedroom apart. 00:08:55
At Marvista and 40 Studios. 00:08:59
Winami Village has one, I'm sorry, four one bedroom units, 12-2 bedroom units and 14 three bedroom units. Winemi Village houses, 00:09:02
mostly all families. 00:09:08
For those of you that do not know what I'm sure you do, you know what more Vista looks like. Here's a picture of it. 00:09:16
The second property is Willowbrook. 00:09:27
And it is a cold Azak off winemie. 00:09:30
So what is RAD and Section 18 Blend? It is basically a model that HUD is allowing public Housing Authority agencies and this is 00:09:37
just for the properties that are owned by HUD. 00:09:45
And the Housing Authority, it has nothing to do with the Section 8 program which we also manage in house. It allow us to go into a 00:09:53
platform. 00:09:57
Where we would have. 00:10:02
Availability to our assets O for example, right now we depend on what we call the capital fund in order to make improvements to 00:10:05
our building. Those capital funds are very limited. 00:10:12
Approximately we get about anywhere between 120,000 to 150 a year, and that in itself needs to be used to modernize public housing 00:10:19
while those funds are no longer enough. 00:10:25
We we have a backlog of deferred maintenance that we can no longer keep up with. So this new module here will allow us to do good 00:10:32
things for our public housing. 00:10:37
The biggest thing here is that now we're at the point where HUD is really pushing us to push to do all this forward. Today we just 00:10:45
asked for another extension. 00:10:50
HUD has already told us where probably this is. This is it Housing Authority? 00:10:55
You must convert or we're taking the chap, what they call the chap. 00:11:00
Basically what it is the intent of the Housing Authority and we are not asking for authorization at this time, but the vision of 00:11:05
the Housing Authority is to be able to redevelop what we call Winami Village. 00:11:12
Which? 00:11:19
Right here we currently have, if I can point this area here, we have approximately a little bit over 2 acres. 00:11:21
And in those two acres we have 30. 00:11:29
Model. That's what we would call. 00:11:36
Back in the day, if you heard you know you live in the projects well, HUD is trying to get away from that model we are trying to 00:11:39
now build. 00:11:43
Into the community where if you're driving by, you're not even going to know it's public housing. 00:11:48
It's going to be able to fit within the community. We anticipate or I anticipate that if allowed, I would be able to bring in 00:11:53
additional units into this area. 00:11:59
And allow for more affordable housing. 00:12:05
O our process at this point is asking. 00:12:08
Our board for authorization to create a nonprofit that would actually hold. 00:12:13
The title to these two proper. 00:12:20
By holding the the titles to these two properties, then that nonprofit. 00:12:23
Can leverage these assets and it's important to note that we currently have no debt. 00:12:29
These properties are paid in full, we have no mortgage, we've got nothing, but it would allow us to go to the bank use. 00:12:34
Tax credits in order to rebuild this area. 00:12:43
Obviously we're in, this is very down the road, but we are trying to at least start the process to be able to get there. 00:12:47
So that's why we're we're here tonight to ask for authorization to create the nonprofit and I'm available to answer any questions 00:12:57
that you may have. 00:13:01
If I can just add quickly. And so as part of the recommendation, we're recommending creating a nonprofit and then we wanted to 00:13:08
point out in the staff report we noted. 00:13:12
How we recommend creating that nonprofit, creating a nonprofit with the name Winemi Housing, Inc that would perform these 00:13:17
services. 00:13:22
The nonprofit would be operated with the City Council as its board of directors and staff. Some some of our staff would serve 00:13:26
positions so to help avoid any additional costs or things like that. So we're recommending. 00:13:34
Forming the nonprofit with with that makeup. 00:13:43
Are there any questions? 00:13:48
Yeah, so this is the first time I'm hearing this, so I have a lot of lot of things on my mind here so. 00:13:50
In the nonprofit, so the nonprofit would hold the properties. 00:13:58
Yes, and so the. 00:14:03
Or loans or financing would be. 00:14:06
Based on putting the properties up for. 00:14:10
Possibly Ossibly how else that thank you for that answer because how else would you get the funding to do so especially in 00:14:14
California we have a lot of different things that we can start applying for but and that that is something that we will work. 00:14:22
Tours, tax credit. 00:14:30
Obviously this land is worth a lot of money. Obviously it's right. What about a block list about a block away from the beach? So 00:14:34
if need be, that's what we would do in order to finance. 00:14:39
The redevelopment of this area. 00:14:46
So just tell me how. 00:14:49
The financial liability. 00:14:53
Happens in this nonprofit. 00:14:56
Go ahead. 00:15:00
Is simply because it needs to be another entity. Now. Remind you that the this nonprofit. 00:15:37
So what goes on over here is that housing theory creates the other entity because they don't want you renting something to 00:16:17
yourself. And that's where it comes along. But there are numerous hosts of requirements that go into it. For example, the Housing 00:16:22
Authority is going to have a third party company who's going to assess the rent, does not allow the Housing Authority to do that 00:16:26
on its own, Inspect the units, the inspections to make sure that it complies with all HUD regulations has also has to be done by a 00:16:31
third party. 00:16:36
That the mission and goal of the Housing Authority continues to remain. 00:17:11
That's really what this point to this program is to do. And again, you know, I like to say from a public policy standpoint, we 00:17:57
spend a lot of time, we work with a lot of housing authorities. In ideal world you would go to HUD and say, hey we need a new 00:18:01
roof, we need new Windows, can we have $1,000,000 to fix it? 00:18:05
Problem is, is that you know HUD does not have any money. They get funded by the government. We all know what budgets are like and 00:18:10
this is their best alternative. 00:18:13
So I hope that answers your question, but that's, you know we're looking for the financing to figure out the best play that that 00:18:18
works for the Housing Authority. 00:18:21
Sure. 00:18:26
That the HUD will be paying the housing more money. 00:19:17
Tenant rents will be staying the same, it's just the amount of money. So now HUD is saying we can't give you the $1,000,000 check 00:19:19
but we can increase your income $100,000 a year and we'll pay it out monthly you know or or yearly depending on you know the 00:19:24
program. But that that's really where it hits. So as far as you know from a financial liability from the city point if anything 00:19:28
it's a it's a financial boon because now the Housing Authority has money to leverage to be able to build up affordable housing 00:19:33
within the entire port wine, EMI. 00:19:38
And the funding really is It's about the Congressional Budget, correct? 00:19:43
Exactly. Thank you. 00:19:48
Member Brown. 00:19:50
You're gonna need, you're gonna try to get money to fix up Willowbrook area. 00:19:57
All the properties. 00:20:03
Yeah. 00:20:05
It's going to affect every property. So, so remember Brown, we already started the process of doing more Vista. We've already 00:20:08
started with the remodel units inside. We've done the windows. We still need to do the roof. We've got money this year to do the 00:20:13
elevators. We are already started that process at Mar Vista. 00:20:19
If you don't mind, just add one more point. I think it's important for the board to note in order for the Housing Authority to be 00:20:28
eligible to participate, HUD requires it's called the needs assessment. 00:20:32
Just to add to that, sorry. 00:21:09
Other part of my question was. 00:21:12
I thought I heard you mention about they're going to raise. 00:21:14
Raising the rent is not for the tenants. So the way it works is and that's part of you know there were there's there's a host of 00:21:18
options a little bit confusing. HUD loves to use acronyms with all these programs, but all these programs the tenant rent is 00:21:23
typically, you know there may be a couple of flat rents but it's 30% of your income that is going to stay the same. The only thing 00:21:27
that's changing is the money that the housing party gets from library. 00:21:32
Can you define rebuild when I look at Willow? 00:21:42
I'm looking at it from the standpoint when I heard you say rebuild like So what would that entail? Like are you talking about 00:21:47
tearing down and going? 00:21:50
And then you're displacing all those 30 units. I believe you absolutely not. We weren't. We will not. By law, we cannot displace 00:21:55
the tenants. So I want to reassure you, if you're going to tear it down and build it up, they'd have to go somewhere else. 00:22:01
Somewhere for them to go, but they would have first right to come back. 00:22:09
OK, so but what do you mean by rebuild? Do you mean? 00:22:13
Demolish and double double the amount of. 00:22:18
That is still up in the air. 00:22:23
We don't know. What we do know is that these units have met their. 00:22:24
The families deserve, you know, more modern and new. 00:22:31
Yeah, they look like they got really good risk from this vantage point. 00:22:35
Look modern. 00:22:39
So I have a two-story house. I absolutely don't do well with stairs. I think a lot of us don't. So would the future be multi 00:22:41
level? 00:22:45
Yeah. 00:22:50
We're really not at that point yet. We are talking. 00:22:52
5-7 years down the road, that is just a vision in order to move, you know, affordable housing and to get more affordable housing 00:22:56
within our area. But my concern is, is that. 00:23:02
In order to get more units in this area. 00:23:09
That it may take on a look of that industrial. 00:23:12
Look that we're trying to get away from. 00:23:17
Absolutely. You're 100% correct and that is something that will definitely come back to the board for approval. And at that point 00:23:20
depending on what the board would like, they can say Nope, you know we've got 30 units, just replace the 30 units or you know what 00:23:25
and we'll we'll do another five. But we definitely don't want that flutter. It's it's really up to the board when we get to that 00:23:30
point, which board. 00:23:35
US. 00:23:41
Yeah, it would be the City Council, either as the City Council or as the nonprofit board, which is also the City Council, right. 00:23:41
And so that then that takes me to to my next. 00:23:47
Observation Standing up a nonprofit So. 00:23:53
And I was explaining to the future leaders of America down there before we started. 00:23:56
The housing. 00:24:02
How it's separate from the? 00:24:03
And if you notice that we have an agenda for the Housing Authority, we have agenda for the City Council. And so like here we go, 00:24:06
we're now we're going to stand up a nonprofit to have another layer of separation from the. 00:24:11
City but city staff is doing all the work and the City Council is doing all the approval so. 00:24:17
Redundant. 00:24:24
The way I understand it, it's it's a different vehicle. 00:24:26
Be able to benefit, I get that, but it's still the same people. 00:24:29
Who's actually going to be the one to stand up? The nonprofit? 00:24:33
You as far as like who does the paperwork? 00:24:39
That will be Kevin, our city. 00:24:43
OK. And then. 00:24:46
Who is going to be on the nonprofit? So the nonprofit, per your staff report. 00:24:47
Does state that the housing director would be the president, Our secretary would be our clerk. 00:24:54
And it goes on. And let me find that area. Oh, here it says. 00:25:02
Staff would recommend that the Director of Housing and Facilities serve as the President, the City Clerk serve as the Secretary, 00:25:09
the Finance Director serve as the Treasurer. It is further recommended that the officers of the nonprofit corporation be unpaid in 00:25:14
that capacity. Instead, the work performed on behalf of the nonprofit corporation by city staff will be a proportion in accordance 00:25:20
to the City's payroll policy. So we will. 00:25:26
Those people, based on their time, will get paid. 00:25:33
By the nonprofit Back to the Back to the city. 00:25:37
So. 00:25:41
So it's cost allocation is what we call a cost allocation, so. 00:25:44
So that's how that's going to work. OK, and then so. 00:25:49
Somebody mentioned the boom to the city. Can you explain that please? A boon? 00:25:55
Meaning that the Housing Authority has the sorry, the Housing Authority now has the opportunity to tap a lot of federal resources 00:26:02
to bring to the Housing Authority. 00:26:05
Bo. 00:26:10
A significant increase. I can look up the exact definition. 00:26:13
Yeah, it was kind of. 00:26:18
I'm going to look it up right now because I'm still a little confused. 00:26:20
It's a phenomenal opportunity for the city to to participate in this program, especially for a city like Port Hueneme, which is in 00:26:25
Southern California. I actually have many clients. You know, again, we work nationwide and the way these programs work is they're 00:26:32
based on fair market rent in your community. So that means HUD is going to be paying the Housing Authority based on what they 00:26:39
determine to the fair market rent in the city as opposed to say other areas of the country where the rental is much lower. 00:26:45
It's like I'll I'll use the example of right now, the Housing Authority has an apartment that's $700.00 a month in rent. 00:26:53
Where the tenants paying say $300.00 a month and HUD is paying $400.00 a month. 00:26:59
Now when we have these fair market rents, which could be $2000 a month, HUD will be paying that difference. So instead of paying 00:27:04
$400.00 a month, HUD is now going to be paying $1700 a month for for for an apartment in some cases. So. So member gamma, a boon, 00:27:10
is something that leads to a beneficial outcome. 00:27:15
I'm looking. 00:27:22
My definition is a thing that is helpful or beneficial. The navigation system will be a boon to both civilian and. 00:27:23
Military use. So in our case, this is a boon to our. 00:27:31
Customers, which are people that are benefiting from that? 00:27:36
And so. 00:27:40
The process to redefine the. 00:27:43
Of Willowbrook, I know in the staff report, but what's the most important step there? 00:27:46
As far as the rebuild goes, or as far as? 00:27:54
Authorities looking to go through this conversion. 00:28:28
Complete the conversion, which is a very complex process which we're here to assist the Housing Authority with. Once that's done, 00:28:30
the Housing Authority, I know they've started. 00:28:34
Beginning steps to, you know, talk to teams of architects and engineers to come to come with a plan. And then the step is within, 00:28:37
say a year or two, whenever that time frame comes to come in front of the council and the board and to show a couple options, 00:28:42
which is usually what we like to do in these cases and have input. 00:28:48
So we're not there yet, but we got to get through this part first in order so we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 00:28:54
Thank you. Anyone else have any questions? 00:29:00
Hi, Sorry I'm late. 00:29:08
I did read through the report and I walked in late and noticed that we're looking at a screen saying proposed conversion. 00:29:11
Whitney Village and I don't see that in the staff report. 00:29:19
Am I missing something? 00:29:22
No, I think. 00:29:24
We've sort of gotten past what's in the staff report, so. 00:29:26
The staff report is basically to get the nonprofit of the approval to create the nonprofit. 00:29:31
We were explain. 00:29:39
5/10/15 years down the road, projects that can be done by the nonprofit if the nonprofit is approved. So I was asking what kind of 00:29:41
example? I was thinking what kind of examples. Yeah. And the the basic, yeah, the basics is just that the one of the purposes of 00:29:46
this project. 00:29:51
To allow to put it the to create a nonprofit that can seek funding to do remodeling. 00:29:57
Or rebuilding of housing units. 00:30:03
And I don't know if this question was asked but. 00:30:06
Basic level What does the city stand to lose by giving the authority over to a nonprofit? 00:30:10
And I think. 00:30:18
The question was asked and the answer is no, no. 00:30:20
It's really not there's it's hard to think of. 00:30:25
And the, you know, essentially I think one thing that. 00:30:31
That. 00:30:36
One piece of information I was given that maybe can be spoken to a little bit. 00:30:37
That essentially it sounds like HUD is kind of moving everybody in this direction. And I think one thing that kind of caught my 00:30:41
attention is. 00:30:45
That right now HUD is trying to incentivize. 00:30:50
Cities willingly going into this direction. 00:30:53
To go this way to kind of reduce their outstanding maintenance costs which we I had said 35 billion looks like it was 24 billion 00:30:59
so. 00:31:03
OK, 35 is updated. OK. Thank you. 00:31:09
Said what other cities have moved in this direction? 00:31:12
We have area housing that has moved in this direction. We have the Ventura Housing Authority, which was the first in our county to 00:31:16
do so, and they did. There's about five years ago. 00:31:21
And Oxnard, I believe is coming online here shortly also. Thank you. And if I could just go back to the, to your question though 00:31:27
about what do we have to lose? When I first heard about it, the one concern I had is if we started a new nonprofit that had 00:31:32
completely different board members, potentially we lose control. 00:31:38
And so that was a concern. 00:31:43
But we've. 00:31:45
Research and come and come to the conclusion and made the proposal that we could create the nonprofit. 00:31:48
Our existing City Council, so I couldn't think of really what we have. I couldn't think of a good answer to the question of what 00:31:53
we have to lose at this point other than the $6000 to create a nonprofit. As far as any conflict wise, the purpose of this 00:31:58
nonprofit, I'm probably going to try and create it under A501C2, which basically means that it holds title to properties for 00:32:04
purposes of public benefit. 00:32:10
And so the decisions that would come before the nonprofit are simply those decisions relating specifically to those properties, so 00:32:16
leveraging equity and things of that nature. 00:32:21
Considerations on how to run them, or anything like anything outside of just entering into an agreement with HUD, would be beyond 00:32:26
the purview of that nonprofit, so there's no real opportunity for. 00:32:31
Conflict of interest between Housing Authority, City Council and the Board or danger of Incompatible Office. But I'm probably 00:32:37
going to write the bylaws in such a manner that the Brown Act, Well, obviously the Brown Act and the Political Reform Act still 00:32:41
apply in full force. 00:32:45
Great. Thank you. 00:32:50
And also just one thing if I may add, it's important to note the Housing Authority is going to continue to remain. 00:32:54
Housing Authority still remains A municipality. All the municipal rules that come along with it will continue. 00:32:59
So excuse me. 00:33:05
We've already have like separation, I'm just trying to understand. 00:33:08
We couldn't go into this program without a nonprofit being that. 00:33:12
The Housing Authority is a separate ENT. 00:33:16
We close our regular meeting. We open this meeting. We invite two more members, so. 00:33:19
Is it? 00:33:26
So that's the reason why does it make sense? HUD requires the Housing Authority. Part of the HUD regulations in order to 00:33:27
participate is to have another entity, because again, HUD doesn't. HUD wants to avoid that conflict. 00:33:32
Even though it may seem that what's the conflict, HUD does not want the housing target to rent, the way it works is there's a 00:33:38
rental contract that's entered into. 00:33:41
And HUD does not want that rental contract entered into from the Housing Authority to the Housing Authority, so this new. 00:33:45
Layer the nonprofit. There are different ways of going about it. We've had many discussions with council about the best way to go 00:33:51
about it, but typically is done through a non profit vehicle which assists the Housing Authority in continuing to grow. There's a 00:33:56
hard requirement to participate to enter into a new. 00:34:01
You know, Council member Gama, eventually there will be an agreement that the Housing Authority has to enter into with HUD as well 00:34:06
as the quote property owner. 00:34:10
And the problem that arises although the opinions differ and this is very complicated. 00:34:14
You would have the Housing Authority signing on both sides of the contract. 00:34:20
Unless a third party was created, who would take the place as property owner and HUD prefers not to have somebody? Well, the law 00:34:24
really prefers not to have somebody signing on both sides of the contract. 00:34:29
Right. But we're all still the same. No. So, so it's, it's important. Well, it's important to note though that the. 00:34:36
We will be hiring. 00:34:43
The company to come out and do our inspections now. 00:34:47
We will be hiring them to do a bit of administrative work. It's not much, but we will be taking a layer that we do in house. 00:34:50
Putting that out, because we can't sign, we've got somebody else to certify to HUD that we're actually following their rules. 00:35:00
Are are there any public comments regarding this item? 00:35:12
No ublic comments. 00:35:16
Are there any other questions? 00:35:19
The recommendation is to receive an update on the Rental Assistance Demonstration and authorize staff to proceed with the 00:35:21
formation of a nonprofit organization. Do I have a motion and a second move to approve? 00:35:26
Any. 00:35:33
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? All in favor. All opposed Hearing None. Motion passes unanimously. 00:35:36
All right. We're going to move on to. Thank you very much for the presentation. 00:35:44
We're going to move on to authority members, reports, comments and requests for future agenda items. I'll start with member Brown. 00:35:48
Are there any reports, comments or requests for future agenda items? 00:35:53
Blackwell. 00:36:01
So we're going to go ahead and adjourn the Portemi Housing Authority. 00:36:05
To its next meeting scheduled for February 6th at 6:30 PM, and the City Council meeting will now reconvene. The time is now 707 00:36:10
PM. 00:36:14
And we're going to move on to presentation item number 5. 00:36:20
Ventura County broadband strategic. 00:36:23
Hi, good evening, council members. I'm Vivian Vasquez and this is Doctor Bill Simmons with me. We are part of the broadband of 00:36:38
regional group, so representing the Economic Development Collaborative, the broadband of BCPC and then also VCOG as well. 00:36:46
We're here to just give a brief update on the broadband strategic project and we hope to come back a couple times throughout the 00:36:54
rest of the next year to give an update on this. But we just wanted to give an introductory presentation about the work that we'll 00:36:59
be doing to keep you all up to date. 00:37:04
Next slide please. 00:37:11
Oh, I have one there. 00:37:14
Should tell that to myself, OK. 00:37:16
Perfect. 00:37:19
On the agenda here, we just wanted to give a brief overview of the context of the legislation that's come out so far for 00:37:21
broadband, then give an update on the activities that we'll be completing and what the timeline will look like. 00:37:27
And then talk a little bit about the outcomes that we expect for your city and for the region and then also some things that we'd 00:37:33
like you to consider. 00:37:36
Firstly, as you all know, because of COVID, it became even more important for us to have really strong broadband connectivity for 00:37:41
employment, education, for healthcare and due to that there was many federal legislation, state legislation giving funding to to 00:37:49
those opportunities. And so part of that is through California Broadband for all, there was SB156 passed. 00:37:57
And so that is how we were funded to do some local technical assistance. 00:38:05
For our area to make sure that we had a plan in place for the broadband deployment in our area. 00:38:09
As part of the activities that we'll be completing, we've already started doing convenings and Aaron Wademeyer from From Your City 00:38:18
has been representing Your city in those convenings. We have a municipal working group representing all the different cities in 00:38:23
the county and the region. 00:38:28
So we've started meeting those and talking about what we'll be needing to do to make sure that we have broadband infrastructure in 00:38:34
place and that we're ready for those funding opportunities as they come. 00:38:38
In addition to that, we're also doing a lot of data collection. So looking at the Internet service providers in the area, what 00:38:44
kind of Internet they offer and then also getting prepared to do speed testing in the area, which is how we make sure and validate 00:38:50
that the Internet service providers of what they're offering is actually being experienced by people on the ground. 00:38:56
In addition to that, we'll also be doing some qualitative data information, doing some community engagement meetings at the first 00:39:03
quarter of next year with constituents from your city and asking them what's important to them as they think about broadband and 00:39:08
Internet access in their area. 00:39:13
Lastly, we're also thinking about coordination to make sure that we're all coordinated across the different cities as we think 00:39:19
about broadband and that we're not duplicating assets and efforts. 00:39:23
In terms of the timeline, this is the timeline over the next six or seven months or so. What we're hoping to end up at the end of 00:39:30
of this timeline is a regional strategic plan for broadband. And in that plan, there'll be several pages dedicated to Port Hueneme 00:39:36
and your history and plan when it comes to broadband and how we can make sure that you're teed up and ready for a lot of these 00:39:43
broadband funding opportunities as they come. 00:39:49
Closer on the left side here of the timeline, we've been, as I mentioned, doing a lot of these working group meetings. And so 00:39:56
we're planning to meet and next week and to talk about how to get the speed testing out, how to make sure that the community is 00:40:02
aware of these conversations about broadband and how to bring them into that at the beginning of next year. 00:40:08
And as I mentioned earlier, we hope to come back at some point next year as well to give you an update on how that data collection 00:40:15
is progressing. 00:40:18
In terms of outcomes, what we're hoping to be able to offer you is that through this strategy, as I mentioned, the strategic plan 00:40:23
that we'll be creating, which will help you all identify some of the partnerships that would be able to support you as you're 00:40:29
thinking about broadband, also thinking about mapping and how we can use the data that we're collecting to identify which areas 00:40:35
are underserved, how do we make sure that we're serving those areas firstly? 00:40:41
And then lastly, most important to say is that we're not asking for any money. We're just asking for participation and engagement 00:40:50
in this process, which we already have. As I mentioned, one of your staff has been participating in these working group meetings. 00:40:57
But really it's just about communication and information sharing at this point. And we're hoping that that will have you ready for 00:41:03
a lot of the funding opportunities that will be coming in the next year or two from broadband. 00:41:09
And that's it. Are there any questions? 00:41:17
Are there any questions? 00:41:21
I do have a question. So thank you for your presentation. Hi, Bill, how are you? Good to see. 00:41:23
So Broadband Consortium, Pacific Coast, who are you working with the EDC, is that? 00:41:30
Who's hired you to do this? Yeah, so I actually work for the EDC directly, but I know it's complicated. 00:41:35
All right. Great. OK. And you definitely are working then with the counties. 00:41:42
Yeah. So the county is represented in our working group. So we have all the cities in the county. Yeah, they have a mile something 00:41:48
program. 00:41:51
Do you know middle mile program, so is that still the what they're calling it exactly? Thank you. No more questions. 00:41:55
Alright, I I guess. I think, I guess that means we understand it. 00:42:07
Thank you, Vivian and Bill for the presentation. 00:42:12
Note. 00:42:18
And no action. 00:42:19
We're now going to move on to the consent calendar. 00:42:22
And which will be enacted in one motion unless the Council member has a request to remove an item for discussion. 00:42:25
I was thinking we'd discuss council meeting scheduled just. 00:42:35
I would just want to pick your guys's brains. 00:42:39
Yeah, so can we pull #10? 00:42:43
Are there any other ones that would like to get pulled? 00:42:46
Yes, Mayor, can we pull 11:00 and 12:00 as well? 00:42:50
OK, so let's go ahead and improve. 00:42:53
678. 00:42:58
Can I get a? 00:43:00
2nd. 00:43:02
Can we have a vote to approve 678 and 9:00? 00:43:05
All in favor. 00:43:14
All opposed. 00:43:16
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:43:17
So for number 10, I just wanted to ask the. 00:43:20
Can we change the time from? 00:43:24
A 6:30 to like 5:30 or 6:00 maybe, maybe make it a little bit earlier, is that that? 00:43:27
The Council has that ability, the ability to change the time of the meeting, if the Council agrees. 00:43:35
If if we were to move the time earlier. 00:43:41
How would that affect staff in terms of preparation? Well, what's the ideal time for staff is my question. The only thing I would 00:43:44
suggest is that that would obligate us to pass ordinances to move the time frames for other meetings as well, including PHWA to 00:43:50
accommodate that. 00:43:55
What time does PHWA usually meet? 00:44:01
434. 00:44:04
And they're usually. 00:44:06
It depends. If there's a closed session, they run right up. 00:44:08
City Council 6. 00:44:11
OK. So I guess my question for council is, do you, do we think that 630 is still a good time? 00:44:14
Yeah, I I I would be concerned if I might, I would be concerned also about. 00:44:20
Community participation. You know, a lot of people work till 536 and those who come to our meetings, it might have an impact on 00:44:27
them. 00:44:31
And their ability to attend meetings. 00:44:36
OK. All right. I just wanted to see how you all felt. OK, I I'm good with. I'm good on 10, I believe. We did have a question about 00:44:39
changing the day, but I'm. I'm still fine with Mondays. Yeah. No, I like Monday. 00:44:45
Yeah. 00:44:56
Speak to the in the mic, please. 00:44:57
She she wants to know if we should just move to a provider #10. I was going to suggest we can approve maybe at the end or Kevin, 00:44:59
can you direct this? 00:45:03
Do we approve one at a time or do we as we go one at a time? Or since they're pulled individually, my recommendation would be to 00:45:07
approve individually as well. OK, so I'll make a motion to approve item number 10. 00:45:12
City meeting schedule. 00:45:18
Aye. 00:45:24
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:45:27
And. 00:45:30
Council Member Martha McQueen, you wanted to pull 11. 00:45:31
And 12 Yes, thank you, Mayor. 00:45:36
And I think, I think the question was answered somewhat in a follow-up communication, but for the. 00:45:39
80,000 for the. 00:45:47
Demolition. 00:45:51
Can you just tell us what the time frame is for recovery of funds? 00:45:54
Sort of, I think the. 00:46:01
It. 00:46:03
It depends. It could take quite a while. And just so everybody understands, maybe people watching at home. So when there's like a 00:46:04
nuisance situation and the city has to go through the process, obtain warrants, demolish a property. 00:46:11
We can put a lien on the property. 00:46:19
And. 00:46:22
Typically when something. 00:46:23
We can get reimbursed whether that's, you know, the estate of the person sells the property or or what have you. 00:46:26
But usually there's some sort of like triggering event, but it can take years to to potentially get back. 00:46:33
We recommended. 00:46:40
We only do this in extreme situations and we recommended it in this situation because we think this is an extreme situation of. 00:46:41
A residence was already hazardous and then it caught fire and now and then we've had issues with people sneaking in the area and 00:46:48
everything, so we do think this is the situation that justifies. 00:46:54
Putting that effort into to take care of the problem, but it may be years before we get reimbursed for it. Can you just did you 00:47:03
say that we can put a lien or we can't? We can't. 00:47:08
Affirmatively we we yes we can put Pauline. 00:47:15
A lien on. 00:47:18
So it says debilitation. Are you talking about demolishing the? 00:47:20
House. Correct. It's that bad, Yes. 00:47:24
But maybe in future. This rarely happens. I I I think in my history on the council, I've never had, I've never seen an item like 00:47:30
this come before us. 00:47:35
For approval and I think in the future if this happens again, hopefully not that a picture be attached. I went on Google Earth and 00:47:41
pulled up a picture of this location and from the outside. 00:47:48
You can't tell that it's a nuisance property. 00:47:54
OK, so as they say, picture speaks 1000 words and it would just give us a better. 00:47:57
Better clarity on the problems, for sure. We could do that. Yeah. These, I would say these don't happen very often. I think I've 00:48:04
had one every five years or so, so that's probably about right. 00:48:09
Is. 00:48:15
A way to avoid a complete them? 00:48:17
Demolition. Demolition. 00:48:20
I. 00:48:23
House flippers that come out. 00:48:24
Will reduce it to studs and and all that and then. 00:48:26
So. 00:48:30
You know, have we looked at all the alternatives to to achieve the most reasonable and cost effective because at some point I 00:48:32
imagine we're going to sell this property. 00:48:38
I mean, we're not gonna hold on. I think it We're never going to acquire title to this property. 00:48:43
So we're going to demolish it, and then we're. 00:48:48
Leave it demolished and the property is going to reside with the property owner. We're not going to make the neighborhood better. 00:48:51
It's not an attractive nuisance to the homeless people who are the unhoused that go to such property. How do we, how do we make 00:48:58
this property? I mean, it's a beautiful lot. Thank you for the picture. I mean, it's a really nice lot. It's a big lot. I mean, 00:49:03
how? 00:49:08
Get. 00:49:14
Somebody in that business interested to to make it a unit for housing. 00:49:15
I I would imagine you can. Uh. 00:49:21
People contact the property owner and see if that person is willing to sell, but as of this moment, it's private property. 00:49:26
And there is no mechanism for the city to gain title to it. 00:49:32
So we're just going to go in, bulldoze the house and then. 00:49:35
Put up a tensor? Or is somebody living there? 00:49:38
It's red tech properties, Red tagged at this, at this. Nobody's living there. Nobody is legally living there. 00:49:41
One of the the comment the city attorney made about, you know, attractive nuisances. 00:49:49
Part of the problem is we get calls that people are sneaking into the. 00:49:54
And and my understanding is the property is structurally unsound. It's unsafe for anybody to be inside of it. 00:49:59
Right, but I just trying to understand. 00:50:04
The big picture. 00:50:08
Are we going to, I mean, we're going to demolish it, remove the trees and then say this property will no longer be used for bad 00:50:10
things? I mean, people were sleeping on sidewalks these days. 00:50:16
Yeah, I think the optimal situation it would be what you're saying is if somebody. 00:50:22
If the property. 00:50:27
Was at all responsible for the property that would be the optimal situation. The challenges they haven't been and to the point. 00:50:29
Originally just being a small minor nuisance and then Catching Fire red tagging the property and now people sneaking into the 00:50:38
property and they're not doing anything. Is there conversations with the owner of the property? The owners has not been responsive 00:50:43
for the last, I think it was two years. 00:50:47
Is a. 00:50:53
2021. 00:50:54
An elderly person dementia or what's the Is there any? 00:50:57
Reason to understand what's going on. 00:51:02
Yes. 00:51:07
About once, like we said, once every few years, once every four or five years, you come across a situation where a person just is 00:51:10
not responsible for their property. And I don't know that I've, I don't know that there's like. 00:51:17
You know, consistent reason for that, but you have that and like you said. 00:51:24
Real estate is not cheap and you think that they would see the value of taking care of the property. But in this case, I think 00:51:31
we've seen it's an extreme case where they they don't understand that and they they aren't. 00:51:36
Treating the property. I'm kind of fascinated by the fact that somebody could own a really valuable piece of property and not 00:51:41
engage in a conversation. 00:51:45
So what? 00:51:50
Nobody has spoken to the. 00:51:51
Somebody has gotten a a written response from an attorney or a trust or anything. It's just a property that's sitting. 00:51:54
Is anyone coming in out of? 00:52:01
My understanding is. 00:52:05
There were communications with the owner. The owner decided to discontinue communications. 00:52:08
There was another entity or outside interest that was interested in securing the property and had had communicated with Mr. 00:52:14
Stewart. 00:52:18
That communication fell. 00:52:23
And at this point we were left with the only code enforcement or or property option at our disposal is demolition unless of. 00:52:25
There's a number of options. Somebody could come in and manage to get contact with the owner to purchase the property and they 00:52:34
could come to terms and then they could rehabilitate the property. 00:52:39
The city could use its eminent domain. 00:52:44
And acquire the property for public purpose. I thought we didn't have that ability anymore. 00:52:47
We're a government. We have power of eminent domain. 00:52:52
Just I don't know. It just seems. 00:52:58
Bizarre. 00:53:00
I would. 00:53:01
I would hope that. 00:53:03
That we could find a way to not not tear it down, but find a way to. 00:53:05
Fell it. I don't know. 00:53:11
It's just not ours to sell, I was gonna say. I think it's ours to tear down. 00:53:12
It's ours to tear. Think of it as a police action. 00:53:16
It's ours to tear down to eliminate the nuisance. The property never changes hands. We're getting a warrant to go in and do that. 00:53:19
A court has determined that probable cause exists, that this is a nuisance, and so. 00:53:24
Think of it more of a police action than a code enforcement action, and it makes a little bit more sense. I could hear some of our 00:53:29
residents bringing up a hotel that we have the same problem with. 00:53:33
You know. 00:53:37
That one? The owner hasn't stopped talking to us since 2021. 00:53:40
OK. Are there any other questions? 00:53:45
Is there a motion? 00:53:48
I move to approve. 00:53:49
All in favor. 00:53:54
All OPP. 00:53:56
Motion passes 41 Council Member Gama voting. 00:54:00
And council member Martha McQueen Lejeune are what was your question for #12? 00:54:06
Yes, thank you, Mayor. 00:54:11
My question is, I just want to make sure that I understand. 00:54:13
In changing the value of the change order amendments, are we talking, are we saying are we still staying within the estimate 00:54:19
estimate dollar amount? 00:54:25
Yes, yes. And so the intent here, it's not to change anything related to the budget. 00:54:32
It's simply that there are several items. 00:54:37
That exceed $25,000 and in normal projects we would then. 00:54:42
Go. 00:54:48
Processes and bring the item back to council and get it approved. But because this is the bubbling Springs project that is that 00:54:50
has a grant deadline hanging over. 00:54:54
We're asking the council to sort of to authorize staff to be able to approve those as long as we are still within budget. 00:54:59
Would you like to make a motion to approve? 00:55:11
All in favor. 00:55:17
All. 00:55:19
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:55:20
Now, tonight we don't have any public hearings, but we do have some public items. So item number 13, potential prohibition of 00:55:24
smoking. 00:55:28
In multi unit residents, will staff please present the report. 00:55:32
Thank you. So this item is on the agenda. 00:55:37
Stemming from last last meetings conversation. 00:55:43
You may recall, and I think we have our speakers here today, we had several speakers. 00:55:47
Provide information to the Council at our November 20th meeting. 00:55:51
Giving information about cities that had adopted prohibitions. 00:55:56
Against smoking in multi unit. 00:56:00
And information. 00:56:03
What had been prohibited in some of those? 00:56:06
And so at the end of the Council meeting the the Council requested that the item be placed back on on an agenda and. 00:56:10
So we are bringing the item back. At this point, an ordinance has not been prepared. We aren't. 00:56:20
Necessarily at the point to adopt an ordinance, but essentially what we're looking for is this items intended to allow the council 00:56:26
to discuss. 00:56:30
The consideration of a prohibition and then to provide direction to the. 00:56:35
To the staff regarding whether to draft an ordinance prohibiting smoking and multi unit residences. 00:56:39
We spent a little bit of time over the last couple weeks reaching out to Moorpark. We're going to get more information probably in 00:56:48
the next couple weeks with holidays we're only able to to talk to. 00:56:54
Maybe one one person, very briefly so. 00:57:02
Umm. 00:57:05
We hope to get more information on that, but we did look at Moorpark. We got some copies of their staff reports. Moorpark is the 00:57:06
other Ventura County city that's adopted such a prohibition. So we looked at what they've done. 00:57:12
And and and looked at their reports. 00:57:18
So our staff report includes some information noting that Moorpark adopted the their ordinance in 2017. 00:57:22
It was intended to be a broad prohibition of smoking and apartment units, including balconies, patios, porches and decks. 00:57:28
And essentially the challenge with these ordinances typically are enforcement and and how do you enforce action within somebody's 00:57:36
own dwelling? 00:57:42
And so we looked at how Moorpark dealt with that and Moor. 00:57:49
Included language in their ordinance requiring the landlords of properties to have a smoking prohibition and leases. 00:57:54
That then essentially the landlord or 10? 00:58:00
A neighboring tenant could ask the landlord to enforce that, or the landlord could enforce that as part of their lease. 00:58:05
And so it's not necessarily. 00:58:12
Something that the city had to enforce, but it was something on the books that the landlord or other tenants could. 00:58:16
Could enforce. 00:58:21
So I. 00:58:25
If we proceed with the prohibition, we would be reaching out to more parking, getting more information on that, more information. 00:58:26
If they've ever had to enforce it, what that has been like we we weren't able to get all that information prior to today. 00:58:33
But. 00:58:39
A couple more points. 00:58:40
Both. 00:58:44
Something that Moorpark did that we recommend and then also about enforcement. 00:58:46
The first Moorpark, when they adopted their ordinance, they actually did outreach. 00:58:52
All of their apartment complex owners, they only have seven. We have quite a bit more, so it would probably take a little more 00:58:57
effort. I think they just spent a couple months reaching out to the apartment complexes and they asked. 00:59:04
The apartment owners and. 00:59:11
Whether they supported the potential smoking ban. 00:59:13
Interestingly, because I didn't, I didn't expect that there would be unanimous support, but they actually found that there was 00:59:17
unanimous support amongst those people in Moorpark. 00:59:21
I think six of the seven responded and they all responded positively. 00:59:26
The 7th didn't respond, but they never got any sort of complaint or anything from them and so. 00:59:30
From staff we we were sort of talking that through and we think because we have so many more. 00:59:38
Complexes that may be. 00:59:45
We recommended that the City Council consider. 00:59:47
That is the next step to provide that direction for us to reach out to those people in our community and get the responses and we 00:59:53
can come back with the report on. 00:59:57
On on that since they will likely also be the people having to do sort of that first line of enforcement on the ordinance. 01:00:02
And then last, just because it ties perfectly into the conversation we just had. 01:00:10
Um. 01:00:15
When we're talking about enforcement of this type of prohibition. 01:00:15
Most of the time, it's probably going to be a letter from their landlord. 01:00:22
Maybe at most. Hopefully a letter from the city. 01:00:26
But we did talk through, you know, if it had to go further than that, I think that last report we just talked about where we are 01:00:31
having to get warrants and everything else to abate a nuisance That would be a worst case scenario. 01:00:37
Those abatement warrants get fairly expensive. 01:00:45
I think. 01:00:49
As we sort of go through the process, our our biggest recommendation would be to try to focus on the ways. 01:00:51
Work with with. 01:00:58
Property owners and the tenants to focus on enforcement. I the city probably doesn't have the resources to enforce an ordinance 01:01:01
like this aggressively. And so that's something that we'll be talking about and trying to build into any ordinance that's 01:01:07
considered. 01:01:12
If we move forward with an ordinance. 01:01:17
So with that, we're happy to answer any questions. 01:01:20
Umm. 01:01:24
And. 01:01:25
As the mayor mentioned, the recommendation is to consider options and provide direction. 01:01:28
So Councilmember Hernandez, yes, thank you Mayor, and thank you. 01:01:35
Mr. City Manager for the report does umm, I have one, a few questions and then a comment. Does the building code distinguish 01:01:39
between? 01:01:44
Multi unit residences and apartment buildings. 01:01:49
'Cause I feel like we're using those terms interchangeably. 01:01:54
I'm not sure if the. 01:01:59
If the building code does, but I think for our purposes, as we draft an ordinance, we should be clear about which we intend it to 01:02:03
be. 01:02:07
Similarly, you know, there's there were a couple issues that came up as we were talking and you know, things like different types 01:02:15
of smoke. Also we might want to think about what we're trying to prohibit. You know, is it cigarette, is it vape, is it cannabis? 01:02:20
Is it, you know, all those different things? 01:02:25
But. 01:02:30
Generally we were talking about a multi unit residence prohibition that could be narrowed down into just apartments. If that's 01:02:34
what requested multi unit residents then could imply apartment buildings be. 01:02:40
Because I think at the last meeting it wasn't clear. 01:02:46
In the staff report, it does say that the city has adopted a prohibition of smoking in public places, which includes common areas 01:02:50
in apartment buildings, correct. And that's common areas, not the individual units. That's the that's the distinction between 01:02:56
what's requested. 01:03:01
I'm sorry I didn't hear you somebody so. 01:03:07
The current prohibition that we have is includes common areas, but it doesn't include the individual units, which is what's being 01:03:11
requested. So the request then is to prohibit smoking within. 01:03:17
Person's private residence such as an apartment unit because of shared attics, shared walls and events. 01:03:25
OK. 01:03:36
See if I had any more questions so this doesn't include. 01:03:37
People's regular houses and. 01:03:40
Townhomes. 01:03:43
It wouldn't include single family residences, I think. And the city attorney will correct me if I'm wrong. I I. 01:03:45
Whether it applies to other multi unit? 01:03:53
Dwelling units would be something that the Council could provide direction on. 01:03:57
For an ordinance. 01:04:03
Right. There's no reason why it couldn't apply to townhomes or anything that has a shared wall with another unit. The issue is, is 01:04:05
if council is going to regulate this as a health and safety concern. 01:04:11
And say that air quality is import. 01:04:17
The distinction between privately owned or rented kind of loses its meaning. 01:04:20
And. 01:04:25
There's no reason why this couldn't apply to townhomes. There's no reason why you couldn't exempt townhomes. The only problem that 01:04:26
we would have would be logical consistency. 01:04:30
I I still had another question. 01:04:36
Is. 01:04:38
Thank you, Mayor. 01:04:40
Also in the staff report you mentioned you know the. 01:04:43
The time that it would entail. 01:04:47
Survey apartment owners and managers and it stated here that it's it would be substantial. 01:04:51
Do we know what the costs were for a moorpark, and is there any way we can extrapolate? 01:04:59
From there, what those actual what those estimated costs might be the time and the cost. Yeah, more parks were very minimal 01:05:05
because of the numbers. Small number. I want to say that they said they had 7 complexes and I thought their staff report estimated 01:05:11
$10,000 or something along those lines. 01:05:18
Of, you know, effort and resources. 01:05:24
I think for. 01:05:28
We expect the effort to be much more significant and. 01:05:30
Also, you know if we were to expand this potentially to asking. 01:05:36
Condo complexes, Townhome complexes. 01:05:41
That's just increasing the amount of outreach we we'd have to do so. 01:05:47
Positively, we started to sort of build that network where we do have. 01:05:53
Pretty fairly easy ways to try to reach out to some of the complexes and the associations in town. So it may not, you know, that 01:05:58
might be something in our favor, but to try to go out and reach out to each of them we we expect to take some time, I think we 01:06:03
estimated. 01:06:07
40 to 80 hours of like one staff person? Yeah, I see that in the report. So should this be? Should the council recommend this? 01:06:12
Item that we move forward that would be something that you would come back with more more information on. Yes, we I would estimate 01:06:22
that it would probably be. 01:06:27
To do the outreach and. 01:06:32
Reach out to Moorpark, meet with the relevant staff there, find out the pros and cons or any pitfalls that they've run into or any 01:06:36
recommendations they have. We are estimating that we're probably talking, you know, four to six months process. 01:06:42
And and what have you found in terms of enforcement? Should we move forward on this? What would be the issues surrounding 01:06:49
enforcement? How, what would that look like? Yeah, the from everything we could find and again we wanted to confirm this with with 01:06:56
Moorpark. But from what we could find, they stated during their adoption that the intent was not for it to be enforced by the 01:07:04
city. The intent was to be able to give the landlords the ability to require it of their tenants and then. 01:07:11
Kind of that backing for the landlords to enforce. 01:07:18
Without doing. 01:07:22
Research and we will come back with more. 01:07:25
That is likely our recommendation as well. We just talked about the last item that cost $80,000 to enforce a nuisance. I've had a 01:07:28
couple other nuisances I've had to get abatement warrants on and just the abatement warrant the city attorney's time. 01:07:36
Somebody's got to go to the county and have a judge sign off on a warrant. Then you have to go out and enforce it, hire a crew, 01:07:44
all that kind of stuff. 01:07:47
Um. 01:07:51
I would say. 01:07:52
Like the cheapest I've seen that done is probably $20,000 and we just saw on the last item it was an $80,000 abatement. 01:07:53
Process. So if we were going to enforce it to that level, it would be. 01:08:01
Unsustainable in our budget. So I think that's likely why Moorpark chose the path they did, and it seems like a reasonable path 01:08:08
for us to look at. 01:08:12
Any more questions? 01:08:19
I just like to make a couple comments. 01:08:22
So secondhand cigarette smoke has zero public benefit. 01:08:26
And we did previously. 01:08:31
Say you can't smoke on the beach in other public places. 01:08:35
So there is a little bit of a contradiction there. 01:08:39
We told people, yeah, smoke to your heart's content, but go. 01:08:43
And. 01:08:47
Several years ago, when I lived at Beachport, Villas had a place. 01:08:50
I had a common wall with some neighbors that smoked heavily and. 01:08:55
I had to resort to. 01:09:00
Walling off the vent in the bathroom because that's. 01:09:02
Smoke was coming from and you could still smell. 01:09:06
And I wasn't gonna go ask my neighbors. They're really nice people to quit smoking because they've clearly been smoking their 01:09:10
entire life and that was what they do. But. 01:09:14
There's more than just multi unit apartment houses that have common walls that are affected by second hand smoke. 01:09:22
If we're going to do this, I would hope. 01:09:31
Most people are reasonable, in other words. 01:09:35
The smoking was to a point that it was very bothersome I. 01:09:38
Hope and expect that most people, upon interacting with their neighbor, would make some changes and and try to make it better. 01:09:43
Um. 01:09:52
You know, but in researching this thing I've come to realize. 01:09:53
You know, there's a lot of like. 01:09:57
Diesel exhaust Adm. 01:10:01
Are. 01:10:04
Everywhere in the city of Port Hueneme because of. 01:10:06
And there's a big public benefit to having. 01:10:09
All that economic activity. 01:10:12
There. 01:10:14
The risk and the 2nd. 01:10:16
Port. 01:10:19
If. 01:10:25
Seriously, look at this from a. 01:10:27
Pers. 01:10:30
Then I think we owe it to our community to look at the exhaust and the emissions coming from the port and what kind of mitigation 01:10:32
can. 01:10:36
Speak. 01:10:40
My question. 01:10:45
How far are we going to go with this? 01:10:49
Because there's. 01:10:51
Common walls then you think. In fact I live in Surfside village and I have a common. 01:10:55
With my neighbor, which is kind of weird but. 01:11:02
There's like. 01:11:05
Houses in our neighborhood that have a common wall. 01:11:06
I think. 01:11:11
I think we're going to. 01:11:12
Really think? 01:11:13
Moving forward, I think. 01:11:15
I think most people will do the reasonable thing and. 01:11:18
How are we going to decide where to stop? 01:11:22
Because of the common. 01:11:26
Yeah. And and the what I would note is I think. 01:11:29
Moorpark, who I think again is the one Ventura County city who's done this and who we are looking to is sort of the model. 01:11:33
Theirs was specifically on apartment complexes. 01:11:40
As we start to do the research, that's probably going to be the focus, but it is ultimately the Council's decision on on whether 01:11:47
to proceed with that or to look at an alternative. 01:11:51
Are there any other questions? 01:11:58
So the the motivation for this is is health and Wellness to. 01:12:01
To make a situation more healthier or less harmful. 01:12:06
That's my understanding and I think we have some speakers who will. 01:12:11
Inform us of that. 01:12:17
OK. 01:12:19
Alright, let's move on to public comments. 01:12:21
Madam Clerk. 01:12:26
How many public comments do we have tonight? 01:12:28
We have 10 in person public comments and then we have two written comments for this item. 01:12:39
Start with. 01:12:45
Did we, excuse me, a point of order? Do we want to limit the time? 01:12:46
It said the mayor's discretion. Yeah, no, we're just going to hear them out. 01:12:51
OK. I'll go ahead and call up the first one, Gabe. 01:12:55
Good evening Mayor, council members, city manager, city staff, and members of the public. My name is Gabe Taran. I'm a resident of 01:13:07
the city of Oxnard. I'm here to speak to you in a professional capacity tonight. 01:13:13
I have spent the 20 last 20 years of my career as a health and prevention and community advocate and a youth advocate. 01:13:19
And seeing this item before us tonight with the young people from future leaders of America, bringing this forward is absolutely 01:13:28
commendable and I commend you all for bringing it forward for consideration. 01:13:33
In the time that I have, I just want to point out a few things. Smoking rates in the 1990s, which I think everyone up here and 01:13:39
myself were around in the 1990s. 01:13:43
Were 25% of adults. 01:13:47
One in four people smoked regularly. Today, in 2023, it's hovering about One in 10 people are regular smokers as adults. 01:13:50
And there's plenty of evidence to show the harm that tobacco use has caused to communities, especially communities of color. 01:14:00
Second and third hand smoking exposure is absolutely there's lots of research behind it and what it has done to cause harm, 01:14:08
especially to spouses, kids and pets. 01:14:13
But when we look at third hand exposure for landlords, there's an added expense of cleanup when a smoker moves out of a unit and 01:14:19
it has to be remediated. 01:14:23
And those chemicals that are left behind are still exposed to new tenants if it's not done properly. 01:14:27
As far as enforcement, I hope you'll consider that Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation has numerous properties around the 01:14:34
corner, or excuse me, around the county and have successfully had smoke free properties for decades. 01:14:39
And I've seen folks at Gabrielle Properties, a handful of people, who go out to the public sidewalk to smoke. Not even, not even 01:14:45
the parking lot. Can they smoke. 01:14:49
And so that's something for consideration as far as enforcement goes. 01:14:54
Costs, I hope, can be mitigated if you consider in the future a tobacco retail retail licensing ordinance, which would have your 01:14:58
retailers pitch in through a permitting fee to be able to have the privilege of selling tobacco in your city and can pay for an 01:15:02
enforcement officer. 01:15:07
As time and normalization goes on, though, I hope that you can see that it's likely that cost will decline over time. 01:15:12
The Public Health Law Center likely has model ordinances for you to consider as well. 01:15:18
Lastly, the young people are here. In front of you are absolutely the future of Winemie and Oxnard and West County and all of 01:15:23
Ventura. 01:15:27
And this is something they're calling upon for your consideration. I hope that as you hear them out tonight in their comments that 01:15:32
you'll see that this is something that is important to them, they're bringing forward as they have a vision. 01:15:37
Or the future. And I tell all young people when I've worked with them these last 20 years. 01:15:42
Your community is the way it is because somebody left it like that. 01:15:48
And whether it was something they did or something they didn't do, this is how it was left. What are you going to do to make it 01:15:52
for the people who follow you? And I commend these young people for being here tonight to bring this forward. Thank you for your 01:15:56
consideration. Thank you for allowing me to speak. 01:16:00
Hayden Tyles and then after it would be Areleigh Garcia. 01:16:11
Good evening, council members. My name is Hayden Stiles and I'm a student at Winemie High School and treasurer for Port Hueneme, 01:16:23
Florida Student Council. 01:16:27
I'm here again to urge you to work towards enacting a smoke free multi unit housing. We appreciate you discussing the issue. We 01:16:31
know that this. 01:16:36
This is a complex process, but we know like Portany. 01:16:41
That Portland might whining me like other cities, has the potential of passing an ordinance that will benefit the overall health 01:16:45
of its residents. 01:16:50
We we have all mentioned the dangers of exposures to second and third hand smoke. 01:16:55
But other than protecting the health of Port Hueneme residents, passing this ordinance can help property owners. 01:17:00
Reduce costs, risks and liabilities. 01:17:07
We believe that this is a positive thing as it makes multi unit housing. 01:17:09
More desirable to live? 01:17:15
Residents with health issues that are caused by or worsened by exposure to secondhand smoke. 01:17:17
May pursue legal action against property owners or managers. 01:17:23
If they don't appropriately take steps to resolve the problem, an ordinance like this will protect both the tenant and the 01:17:27
property owner. 01:17:31
For these reasons, we hope that you do what's. 01:17:35
For multi unit residents and enact A comprehensive multi unit housing. Thank you. 01:17:39
Hello council members. My name is Garcia. I am the President of the Future Days of America Student Council for Port for the Port 01:17:49
Hueneme region. I'm here again to express my support for a smoke free multi unit housing policy. Like I mentioned before, this is 01:17:53
an issue that not only effects residents but also our pets. And if you guys like our art like me, you guys know that we would do 01:17:58
anything to keep our pets safe. 01:18:03
A multi unit housing residents like myself have shown concern for their pets because of the proven risk that they can be exposed 01:18:09
to. Passing a smoke free multi unit housing policy would not just benefit us and our pets but it also would benefit our city 01:18:13
overall. 01:18:17
By making it a more desirable place. 01:18:22
This would make residents want to stay and further people want for other people to want to come and live here. People are 01:18:25
increasingly wanting to there to live in a smoke free environment to protect themselves and their loved ones from the dangers of 01:18:29
second hand and third hand smoke. 01:18:33
So they are looking for a smoke free housing options that can provide them with a living environment that can allow their loved 01:18:38
ones to grow and develop to their full potential. With this, I thank you for listening to us and taking into consideration. 01:18:44
The potential prohibition of smoking and multi unit residencies. I hope that you guys continue to find a way for poor enemy to 01:18:51
have a smoke free living environments. Thank you for your time. 01:18:55
Estrella Garcia and then Daniel Gonzalez. 01:19:03
Good evening council members. My name is Estrella Garcia. I am the Vice President of the Port Wanami Future Leaders of America 01:19:07
Student Council. I'm here again to voice my support for a comprehensive smoke free multi unit housing policy. First of all, I 01:19:12
would like to thank you for listening to us. 01:19:17
And taking into consideration this issue and putting it on the agenda is incredible to see the amount of young people consuming 01:19:22
tobacco products these days. In 2020, three 10% of middle and high school students, that is 2.8 million students reporting current 01:19:28
use of any tobacco product. 01:19:33
It's hard to believe that these young souls are becoming addicted to such a dangerous product. This is why I support a smoke free 01:19:40
multi unit housing policy to create and promote A healthier community with healthier habits. 01:19:46
I come here again to encourage you to think about the young people in your families, your loved ones and other youth in our city 01:19:52
that you represent. A prohibition of smoking and multi unit residents will positively, positively impact those young ones. It is 01:19:58
not fair for them to suffer the consequences of other smoking. 01:20:04
So with that, I just want to encourage you to take all the means necessary for Per when you mean residents to have a healthy smoke 01:20:10
free home. Thank you. 01:20:13
Good evening. Good evening City Council members. My name is Jenna Gonzalez. I'm the Organizing Director with Future Leaders of 01:20:22
America. I'm here to thank you all for putting smoking multi housing on tonight's agenda as well as taking the time to look for 01:20:28
potential options for prohibiting smoking in multi unit housing. We hope that tonight you will take action in addressing this 01:20:33
issue that affects all current and future renters and their families. 01:20:39
When we talk about prohibiting smoke, we mean all smoke, including cannabis. 01:20:45
As mentioned previously, there is no safe level of exposure to second hand smoke and an estimated 2 out of every five children are 01:20:50
exposed to secondhand smoke in the United States. 01:20:55
Secondhand smoke in multi unit housing disproportionately effects Latinx and low income communities and their families who make up 01:21:00
the majority of arguments living in multi unit housing complexes, specifically here in Port Hueneme. 01:21:05
I want to stress that smoke free multi housing ordinances are only beneficial to our community members health but also to property 01:21:12
owners. 01:21:15
A recent study found that cost and properties that allow smoking everywhere. 01:21:20
Were nearly double that of smoking related costs incurred at Smoke free, Smoke free properties an. 01:21:25
7600 Smoking related fires occur in residential buildings each year in the United States. 01:21:32
Several statewide surveys have also demonstrated that as many as 78% of residents, including smokers, would choose to live in a 01:21:38
smoke free complex. Let us act in the best interest of our residents by ensuring our community, children and those most vulnerable 01:21:44
are kept safe from second and third hand smoke. Thank you. 01:21:50
Megan Salas and then Jesselyn Bon. 01:21:57
Good evening, Council. My name is Megan Salas, and I'm the Oxnard Youth Organizers for Future Leaders of America. Once again, I 01:22:09
just want to thank you for taking the time and for actually letting us speak tonight and for putting this on the agenda. I know 01:22:14
this is something that our youth have been working strongly on, so we're really happy to be back here. 01:22:19
The one thing that I do hope that Council will keep an open mind is to this topic, as I know. 01:22:26
This is something a little new and I hope that you guys can really just see the perspective of those that are affected by it. Like 01:22:31
we do have youth here specifically that live in Port Hueneme that live in a multi unit housing. 01:22:36
So this is without a doubt, not an issue that can be resolved overnight, but I hope that by having this discussion that we can 01:22:44
continue to pave the way for Port Hueneme to provide clean air for all of its residents. 01:22:49
I actually was in Moorpark yesterday and I love Moorpark, so I'm really glad to hear that you guys are going to be in talks to see 01:22:55
how they were able to implement that as well. 01:22:59
I also wanted to mention that as of October 1st, 2023, there are 81 municipalities in California that have enacted a law at the 01:23:05
county or city level that prohibits smoking and 100% of private union UN. 01:23:11
Of rental multi unit housing properties. So it would be remarkable to see Port Hueneme added to this list of cities that. 01:23:19
Places that places this as a. 01:23:25
Port Winemi does contain dozens of apartment complexes, so implementing this would be time consuming. However, I really think that 01:23:28
anything in life worth having is worth working for. So I believe that clean air is so worth fighting for, and I hope that the city 01:23:34
can agree to that as well. Thank you. 01:23:40
Good evening. Good evening council members. My name is Jesse Lambanos. I am the Secretary for the Fla Student Student Council for 01:23:52
the Port Whitney region. I am a here to support my support for this multi unit housing smoke free policy. 01:24:01
Just like my peers have said about second and third hand smoke that there is no safe contamination that can we be exposed to. 01:24:10
It shows that we do get lasting life diseases. About this, as I mentioned in the last meeting, I am exposed to daily. 01:24:20
Hmm. 01:24:29
They lead to second and third hand smoke due to my parents business being so close to two smoke shops. 01:24:30
Many students like myself try to avoid these substances and. 01:24:38
Because we want to be far in life. 01:24:42
Or we want to deal with the addiction that runs in families. 01:24:46
We have dreams and goals that we want to accomplish and those goals may be threatened due to the health issues. 01:24:51
That we are exposed to like second or her third hand smoke. 01:24:57
I would like to be able to go to home and feel safe from smoke and not being able to smell or even see people smoking around my 01:25:01
home. 01:25:06
It is most difficult for people living in multi unit housing to avoid exposure to second and third hand smoke if they are exposed 01:25:11
to it outside of home and it at home. 01:25:16
We thank you for taking into discussion this issue. If the multi unit housing policy is passed, you'll be helping improve the city 01:25:22
and the people's quality of life now and into the future of future generations. Thank you. 01:25:29
Candy Bonos and then Javier Garnica. 01:25:39
Dear council members, good afternoon. My name is Candy Banos and I am the Communication Director of Port Windy Region for Future 01:25:48
Leaders of America Student Council. 01:25:53
I'm here today too. Thank you for taking into discussion the potential. 01:25:58
Provision of smoking in multi unit housing and with that I want to express my support of. 01:26:03
Comprehensive smoke free multi unit housing Policy. 01:26:09
I am concerned about the harm the most vulnerable in our Communi community face against second and third hand smoke. 01:26:13
Which includes our environment. Port Hueneme is known for is known for being close to the beach. 01:26:20
Families enjoying the beach with picnics or fishing in the pier. Tobacco is not just the issue that concerns residents that live 01:26:26
in multi unit housing, but all port. We need me. 01:26:32
Residents as a whole passing a smoke free audience will not only protect individuals but also promote A healthier and more. 01:26:38
Vibrant community that will develop not in just a multi unit residence but on the rest of Port Hueneme. 01:26:46
Taking action on a smoke free multi unit housing is not just a step forward, a healthier living environment, but a commitment for 01:26:53
to the health of our residents. We hope and encourage you to continue to work for the best for the health department residents. 01:26:59
Thank you. 01:27:04
Hello council members, my name is Xavier Garnica. I am the poor enemy youth organizer with the future leaders of America. First of 01:27:15
all I want to thank you for listening to us and taking into into action on a potential prohibition of smoking and multi unit 01:27:20
residences. 01:27:24
We under we all understand that passing an ordinance like this can be a complex process, as you know, you all have already 01:27:30
mentioned. 01:27:33
We understand that every city is different and that potential costs and challenges to enforcement may arise. 01:27:37
But despite the. 01:27:43
Despite all those challenges, the City of Poranimi has the potential, or at least well believed, that the City of Poranimi has the 01:27:45
potential to pass a comprehensive, smoky multi unit housing policy. 01:27:50
Or at least begin working towards. 01:27:54
Other cities in California. 01:27:57
Around the same size and population as poor anime have already enacted a smoke free multi unit housing policy. 01:27:59
Cities like ALB. 01:28:05
Cuddley and Millbrae are California cities with a population. 01:28:07
In between of between 18,000 and 21,000. 01:28:10
Citizens, all these cities have enacted a loss for 100% smoke free multi unit housing. 01:28:15
According to the World Population Review, as of 2023, Poranimi, and correct me if I'm wrong, has a population of 21,380 residents. 01:28:20
This means that if other cities are the same size can enact a smoke free multi unit housing policy then poor enemy can as well. 01:28:29
Assing this ordinance would not just benefit residents, but also property owners. 01:28:36
As by reducing cleaning and maintenance. 01:28:40
Compared to smoker? 01:28:45
Cleaning and refurbishing costs can be up to $3000 more in units with heavy with heavy smoking. 01:28:47
To end this, we just hope that you are willing to take on any challenge in order to provide our multi unit housing residents with 01:28:53
a healthy and safe living environment protected from the dangers of second and third hand smoke. 01:28:58
And thank you that those are all the comment cards I had from your group. OK, thank you. 01:29:05
Luis. 01:29:10
Thank you. Good evening council, Mayor, Mayor, pretend council members staff. My name is Louis Mendez. I am a resident here in 01:29:18
Port Hueneme. I'm here today based on this topic more of a not against anti smokers but per southeast of where government or 01:29:25
municipalities role is when it comes to People's Daily lives. Should you guys govern what people do in the in their own homes? 01:29:32
Do you guys have do you guys think it's right to take other people's? 01:29:40
They're all. 01:29:44
You have to be 18 over to smoke. 01:29:45
City revenue comes from, sales taxes from. 01:29:48
And for tobacco sales. So just I mean, to be realistic, I think ordinances like this waste cities money as they go into research 01:29:51
to find if it's viable or not. Don't get me wrong, Future Leaders of America, I was 1 from 1992 to 1994. 01:29:58
Whitney High School I like what you guys do and it's great. You guys should keep doing it. I just think when it comes to being an 01:30:06
adult and living in this world, we shouldn't be told or directed by government entities how to live our life. 01:30:12
I think with this City Council, there's been a couple ordinances, you know, in the past that have come up like rent control, you 01:30:18
know, which kind of felt like it was. 01:30:22
People are trying to control what homeowners, homeowners can do with the property. Then there's that Styrofoam ban issue. I felt 01:30:26
like, hey, now they're trying to regulate small businesses in our county. And now with this smoking thing, I think it's putting, 01:30:32
trying to control individuals like myself or anybody else that smokes, whether it's cannabis, tobacco or vape. 01:30:39
How to live our lives. And I don't think that that's something that you guys should enter the realm in. Because this is America, 01:30:45
we are free and we are adults to live and choose how we please. 01:30:50
I think the city should better focus on things that like, you know, the homeless issue, mental health. 01:30:54
You know, things that affect the public at large. 01:30:59
Umm. 01:31:02
Focus on how we can generate revenue for the city, how to balance the budget and how to add more money to the reserve accounts. 01:31:03
Those are things that I think is the councils job to run the city like a business. 01:31:08
And make money or at least balance the budget so we're not in the negative, not tell people how to live and what to do with their. 01:31:14
Can we hear the rain comments please, Madam Clerk? 01:31:24
Dear Mayor Martinez and City Council members, I am writing to encourage your consideration of a potential ordinance aimed at 01:31:28
prohibiting smoking and multi unit residents within the City of Port Hueneme. 01:31:33
As a county supervisor representing this area and a concerned member of the community, I believe such a measure would have 01:31:39
numerous positive effects on the health, safety and well-being of all residents. 01:31:44
First and foremost, implementing a smoking ban in multi unit residences would contribute significantly to improved air quality at 01:31:50
these locations. Secondhand smoke poses serious health risks, particularly for vulnerable populations such as the children, the 01:31:56
elderly and individuals with pre-existing health conditions. By enacting an ordinance of this type, the City of Port Hueneme would 01:32:03
be taking a proactive step in protecting the health of its residents. 01:32:09
The decision to enact such a policy as you begin deliberation today requires careful consideration of various factors, including 01:32:48
potential challenges. 01:32:53
However, I firmly believe the long term benefits of a smoke free multi unit residents policy are outweigh any initial concerns. 01:32:57
Thank you for your dedication to serving our community. I appreciate your commitment to making Port Winey Meat a healthier place 01:33:03
to live. Sincerely, Vienna Lopez. 01:33:08
My name is Hector Flores Garcia and I'm here today to express my concern about second and third hand smoke in Port Hueneme. 01:33:16
Without a spoke free multi unit housing policy, the City of Port Hueneme is ignoring the health and safety of its residents living 01:33:22
within apartments and condominiums where families are affected by second hand smoke. 01:33:28
There is no safe amount of second hand smoke exposure. The home is the main place where many children and adults breathe in second 01:33:35
hand and third hand smoke. 01:33:39
For example, last year I witnessed the child who looked no older than five playing outside with their toy cars, and less than a 01:33:43
foot away from them was a pile of cigarette buds. 01:33:48
I know we talk a lot about the effects of second hand smoke, but the exposure to third hand smoke is a health concern worth 01:33:53
mentioning as well. 01:33:56
As for the city, I believe Port Hueneme would benefit from a smoke free multi unit housing ordinance. With an ordinance, property 01:34:00
managers can reduce the cleaning and maintenance costs and extra turnover time that comes with renovating a smoke damaged unit. 01:34:07
Compared to smoke free units, cleaning and refurbishing costs can be up to $3000 more in units with having smoking. 01:34:14
This does not include the additional cost for loss of time and diminishing value. 01:34:21
Nationally, fires caused by cigarette smoking result in over 300 million in property loss each year. 01:34:25
An estimated 7600 smoking related fires occur in residential buildings each year in the US. 01:34:30
People who smoke are not only the victims of smoking related fires. One in four casualties of smoking related fires are the 01:34:37
children, friends and neighbors of the smoker who caused the fire. 01:34:42
All of this can be prevented with a smoke free multi unit housing policy. I ask that we consider the children and residents who 01:34:47
are forced to inhale smoke in their own homes. Thank you for your time and that concludes the public comment for this item. 01:34:53
The recommendation is to receive a report on the city's current smoking prohibition and potential options to prohibit smoking and 01:35:04
multi unit residences and provide direction. 01:35:09
May I have a motion in a second? 01:35:14
I'd like to make a motion that we received this report. 01:35:19
And that we ask staff to move forward in. 01:35:25
A solution that strikes a balance. 01:35:34
Umm. 01:35:37
So that people in our community can breathe healthy air. And I apologize if that sounded like I didn't want to hear from you. 01:35:37
By limiting your time here. 01:35:47
Listen to the future leaders of America. Since I've been on this council, you are at our first council meeting, as a matter of 01:35:49
fact, on this very issue. So it's not new to me and I I support your message, but I think we have to do. We have to be practical 01:35:55
about it, considering that we do have. 01:36:02
Have adopted cannabis in this community so somewhere we have to have a balance. I'm sorry that's not a that's a long way to around 01:36:09
emotion but I would like the to make a motion that. 01:36:14
Move forward and talk to our property owners and do a survey with our property owners. 01:36:21
And that was the recommendation originally. 01:36:27
To go to apartment complexes rental multi units. 01:36:31
And survey the community. 01:36:35
Yes, thank you. I'll. 01:36:38
Someone's going to 2nd that, I'll second that. 01:36:40
Madam Clerk, can we have? 01:36:45
All in favor. 01:36:49
All. 01:36:51
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:36:52
We're going to move on to item number 14, Port Hueneme Historical Museum Update. Will staff please present the report. 01:36:56
For all our speakers, that means we'll we'll keep the conversation going, so we'll see you again soon. 01:37:06
And. 01:37:14
Yeah. 01:37:16
Thank you guys. 01:37:17
And so with that. 01:37:22
I'm asking we have our museum committee and we have our two staff liaisons to the museum committee here, Charles Peretz, our 01:37:25
deputy City manager and Anna Hayley, our recreation manager. And so I'm going to. 01:37:32
Ask them to give the background on this item that has been in process for a while and we're looking to sort of kick start it with 01:37:41
a proposal, so. 01:37:46
Good evening, Mayor. Good evening, Mayor, council members, members of the public that have remained. 01:37:57
The report associated with agenda item number 14. 01:38:04
Do you want me to wait? 01:38:07
She's going to go in ahead and close the door. You, you, you may continue. 01:38:09
Staff report associated with agenda item number 14 provides an update on the museum rehabilitation efforts. 01:38:13
And seeks the council's approval to reduce the scope and budget associated with planned capital improvement projects. 01:38:19
At the museum. 01:38:25
By way of quick review, in July of 2022, the city. 01:38:27
A facilitated Charette consisting of museum volunteers, interested stakeholders and representatives from city staff. 01:38:31
The Charette focused on the development of a mission statement for the. 01:38:38
Finances that are necessary to support the ongoing operations of the museum. 01:38:42
And facility improve. 01:38:47
That resulted in a visioning document which was presented to the Council in September. 01:38:49
Of that year. 01:38:54
At the same time, Council approved the formation of an. 01:38:56
Museum governance committee. 01:39:00
Subsequently, items that had been stored at the museum were reviewed and selections were made for OU Museum displays. 01:39:03
Those temporary displays were included at three community events where members of the public have the opportunity. 01:39:11
Enjoy and experience those items, as well as obtain additional information about the displays and the museum itself. 01:39:18
Committee members have relatively recently been on boarded as volunteers to facilitate their hands on involvement. 01:39:27
With the committee and all of the steps associated with the rehabilitation efforts. 01:39:35
Inventorying software has been selected and a museum's collections policy. 01:39:41
Is being drafted and lastly the. 01:39:46
Speaker series was restarted. 01:39:50
Other elements of the action plan that was included in that visioning document have not yet been implemented. 01:39:53
That's in part due to other high priority tasks. 01:39:59
Work associated with the bubbling springs. 01:40:03
In October of this year, we held a committee meeting. 01:40:06
The city manager was present and we held a discussion about the planned capital improvements. 01:40:10
And the potential for an alternative approach that would allow for an expedited reopening. 01:40:15
The. 01:40:21
Revised scope called for painting, some facility improvements and a standalone portable exterior restroom. 01:40:22
The committee's consensus was supportive of an alternative approach and that is included in the recommendation this evening. 01:40:31
The result would be a $50,000 savings in the capital project. 01:40:40
And it would allow for the reopening of the museum in approximately 5 to 6 months. 01:40:46
To be clear, work would continue after that opening. 01:40:52
And a portion of. 01:40:56
Which would be actively used for inventorying and archiving. 01:40:58
Would be visible, but would not be directly accessible. 01:41:03
To members of the public while the work was ongoing. 01:41:06
So that concludes the overview. Again, the recommendation was to receive an update on the status of the rehabilitation efforts and 01:41:10
to seek the Council's support for a revised capital improvement scope and budget to reduce. 01:41:17
Capital Project FA. 01:41:25
2302 from $75,000 to $25,000, resulting in a $50,000 savings. 01:41:27
OK. Are there any questions? 01:41:35
1st. 01:41:38
My question, so the recommendation. 01:41:39
Is it OK? I see. So the recommendation then is to approve an alternate approach. 01:41:43
To facilitate an earlier reopening. 01:41:49
Of the museum. 01:41:52
And reduce. 01:41:54
But this is not to say that later. 01:41:56
We're not going to go back and do some of the required. 01:41:59
Construction and modifications and improvements. 01:42:03
That's, that's correct. Council member. Yeah. The original plan called for basically all of the steps of the action plan to be 01:42:07
completed prior to the reopening. 01:42:11
This would allow, as you state, as you just stated, for a more expeditious reopening. 01:42:15
And then after that additional work would continue. 01:42:20
And this is something that the committee, the museum committee, agreed on. 01:42:24
That's correct, Mayor, The city manager was at our last meeting introduced the concept and the committee was supportive of this 01:42:28
approach. I see Becky shaking her head back. 01:42:33
OK. OK then. 01:42:40
And that's good. 01:42:42
Are there any other questions? 01:42:44
Are there any public comments? 01:42:47
Yes, Tom McLean. 01:42:49
OK. 01:42:55
I was wondering what those were. 01:42:56
Well, thanks for letting me come here and speak to your beautiful town. I've got to pull up a text from my son. So my name is Tom 01:42:59
McLean. I'm a local comedian. I've been in Ventura County for about 15 years. Local comedian. I also organized the Seaside Sports 01:43:07
Collectors Expo. Most importantly, I'm a dad. And so my son went on a trip to Catalina Island down in in Long Beach, and he saw 01:43:15
the Queen Mary and he fell in love with this big giant ship. And it started this fascination and this love affair with old votes. 01:43:24
And he said, if your kid loves shipwrecks, you know there's one in Port Hueneme. And I think he would admit he didn't know 01:44:04
anything about it other than there was a ship called La Janelle out there. And for those who don't know what I'm talking about, 01:44:09
this is the this is kind of what she looks like today, right? So I told my son about it and I. 01:44:14
Him and my daughter. 01:44:19
And my son goes into this deep dive and starts learning all of this stuff about this ship that we have in our yard, you know, our 01:44:21
own backyard. It turns out this ship was heroic, had heroic efforts in World War 2. It was a hospital ship on the beaches of 01:44:28
Normandy during D-Day. It was also a transport ship that got a lot of our troops back and forth. 01:44:34
Here I should. 01:44:40
For my Seaside Collectors Expo, we put together a big display. We have a whole bunch of stuff that we've collected. We've got like 01:44:46
menus and passenger lists and all this different stuff from the lifespan. 01:44:53
Of. 01:44:59
And this ship was involved with a really big heroic effort. I don't know if you've heard of the Yarmouth Castle. There was a fire 01:45:01
out in the middle of the ocean. Captain Carl Brown, the captain of. 01:45:05
Bahama Star is what it was called at that. 01:45:10
He saw the fire and went straight to it and was able to rescue like 4 or 500 people. So it's just got like a really great story 01:45:12
and it's right here in our own backyard. We could go visit at any time, but nobody knows anything about it, right? So we put the 01:45:16
display. 01:45:21
It was a huge success of the Sports Collectors Expo huger than most of the sports Even so it did really well. So I want to read 01:45:26
this. So what we kind of want to do is is bring it in to the Port Wine eBay Museum for a little while as a maybe a temporary 01:45:31
display or whatever, right? 01:45:36
OK, let me read this story. 01:45:42
At first, the Bahama star was just a shipwreck. 01:45:44
I haven't been to a shipwreck. 01:45:47
So she was still a big deal even then? 01:45:49
After doing research, I learned just how important this ship was. I was truly amazed by how she helped in the war and how much her 01:45:52
efforts in the castle fire were heroic. 01:45:56
She could have gone anywhere, but she chose here as her permanent home. Even now, she's providing us an amazing marine ecosystem. 01:46:01
He uses words that are too big for me, so you gotta be patient with me and a fun hangout spot for all of us. 01:46:09
She did all these things, yet isn't recognized by some of our Ventura County residents. 01:46:15
She's a pioneer, a hospital and a hero. 01:46:19
O Thank you for letting me talk to you. We would love to bring our display to the museum. Thank you. 01:46:22
Thank. 01:46:28
And we have one more written public comment from Beverly Kelly. 01:46:29
And the top priority for the museum committee and actual working board, not just a group of policymakers, has always been getting 01:46:34
the building open to the public as quickly as possible. 01:46:39
It has been closed now for nearly four years. In recent projections from the city added another couple of years on top of that. 01:46:44
During our hiatus we have been attempting to offer the Public and Museum Without Walls with the three pop ups and the Summer 01:46:51
Speaker series. 01:46:55
Because we need me, school teachers need a local history component and have asked for our help. We also wanted to gather materials 01:46:59
for a museum in a trunk project to visit the schools, in addition to starting the inventory project. 01:47:04
Those plans have had to be put on indefinite hold while all board members completed fingerprinting and harassment training. 01:47:11
So when city manager Vega offered the possibility of just steam cleaning and repainting, we jumped at the chance to speed things 01:47:17
up. 01:47:21
While Item 14 amounts to considerable cost savings as well as an accelerated opening date, please don't think that's the end of it 01:47:26
as far as the city is concerned. Just as the city supports the library, it should also support important yet modest museum 01:47:31
modernization projects as well. 01:47:36
Here are some possible examples. Converting the storyboards into pull up posters so we can free up space for rotating displays and 01:47:42
make the museum more professional or joining the museum alliance so that we can benefit from other museum expertise and are 01:47:48
advertised in their brochure. Or hiring an experienced part timer consultant curator. 01:47:54
This museum was once a community meeting place, a real treasure that has been sorely missed for far too long. Please bring it back 01:48:01
better than ever, Beverly Kelly. 01:48:05
And that concludes public. 01:48:10
Thank you. The recommendation is to receive an update on the status of the museum rehabilitation efforts and approve an alternate 01:48:12
approach to facilitate the reopening of the museum, which includes A reduction to the scope and budget for capital improvement 01:48:19
projects from F 82302 from 75,000 to 25,000. 01:48:25
May I have a motion in a second? 01:48:33
Move to Approve second. 01:48:35
Any discuss? 01:48:38
I would just like to echo my friend Tom McLean and. 01:48:41
I'm extremely grateful to his son because honestly, I didn't know anything other than lodging elements, a place that we've all 01:48:45
visited and. 01:48:49
And have a big old piece of it in my backyard that I've had for 25 years as a result of El Nino. 01:48:54
Through this 600 LB piece back. 01:49:01
The display that I helped Tom put together at the Collectors Expo was fascinating because. 01:49:05
We were able. 01:49:13
Life to this piece of metal. 01:49:14
And you know the the very first. 01:49:17
Government sanctioned burial at sea happened on the Bahamas. 01:49:20
And it was also called the Bora Quinn, I believe, before that. And it got the nickname Lucky Star because of its efforts and 01:49:26
during the war effort. And so there's so much interesting. 01:49:32
Information of the life of the Laguna Bahama star Boricuin that. 01:49:40
We hope that we could bring that to. 01:49:46
In a display at the museum for a short amount of time and maybe it. 01:49:49
Serve. 01:49:54
Grand opening exhibit. 01:49:56
For this modified rehabilitation project. 01:50:00
It it is. It's so fascinating to. 01:50:05
How? 01:50:08
One kid could get so much out of. 01:50:10
A piece of metal laying on a beach and. 01:50:13
You know, I know that they spent a lot of time there and it's been really interesting to learn about the many. 01:50:16
The many lives of the La Janelle so. 01:50:24
Really grateful that we're looking at this and I hope that we could bring that to our museum as hopefully a. 01:50:27
All right. Let's go ahead and take. 01:50:36
And. 01:50:37
All in favor. 01:50:39
I'll. 01:50:41
Hearing none motion passes Unan. 01:50:42
Thank you. Moving on to our last item. 01:50:45
15 Mural Artist Elections Subcommittee Will staff please present the report. 01:50:48
Thank you. And I just have a brief report and then I'll open it up if any members of the city council's mural committee wants to 01:50:54
add to that. 01:50:59
Earlier this year, the City Council approved a mural project and approved the creation of a mural. 01:51:06
To start the process and start working towards developing the mural that would be. 01:51:11
Kind of the city's first big public art. 01:51:18
And. 01:51:22
The city subsequently contracted with the Oxnard Performing Arts Center to. 01:51:24
Developer process and the Request for qualifications that has been released. 01:51:30
And has gone out the mural committee following that release of the request for qualifications. 01:51:36
Have also recommended that the City Council are the that the They've also recommended a subcommittee be created of eight community 01:51:43
members. 01:51:48
Who preferably have an interest in the arts to perform the first review of artists submissions and as part of that. 01:51:53
It was recommended that the City Council members each appoint a member to that subcommittee. 01:52:02
With additional members of the subcommittee being appointed. 01:52:09
So it's the five by council members and then one by the port, one by the library, since the first mural is going to be at the 01:52:12
library and the other by the Ventura County Arts and culture manager. 01:52:18
And so the items on the agenda to allow for discussion of that and either somebody can be appointed to the committee tonight or? 01:52:25
Sort of expecting that it may take some time to think of the right person. 01:52:36
The request is that by no later than December 31st, 2023, each Council member submit a name to me to be included in the Mural 01:52:41
Committee, Mural Artist Selection Subcommittee. 01:52:47
With that, I don't know if any if either member. 01:52:55
Mural committee wants to add anything to anything. No. Thank you for that report, Mr. Vega. I just do have a question as to who 01:52:58
they submit the names to. Do they submit them to you or to our clerk? 01:53:05
It would actually be myself and community development director Tony Stewart who's the staff person working with the mural. We 01:53:14
agreed that if it goes to both of us then we can make sure we can be double sure that it gets to the to where it needs to go. So I 01:53:20
I don't have any anything to add. It's all in the report and it's in the call for artists, which has been publicized on the OPEC 01:53:26
website and. 01:53:31
And reposted on Facebook and other social media platforms. So unless. 01:53:38
My colleagues have any questions? 01:53:44
I have no other comments. 01:53:47
Are there any questions? 01:53:49
All right. So are there any public comments regarding this item? 01:53:52
No public comments. 01:53:55
For the recommendations to hear from the Mural Committee, represent Representative and then each select one by no later than 01:53:57
December 31st, 2023, and artistically inclined member of the Port Wyoming community to serve on a subcommittee to review 01:54:02
qualifications for the mural artist. 01:54:08
I have a motion and a second. 01:54:14
Move to. 01:54:15
Any discussion? 01:54:18
All in favor? Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, we can take a vote. 01:54:21
I thought he gave me the nod. All in favor. 01:54:28
All opposed hearing, None motion passes unanimously. 01:54:32
To City Manager comments and reports. 01:54:36
Thank you. I have a couple. And so just, yeah, to close that item out, please e-mail us. Tony and I have the names by no later 01:54:39
than December 31st and we'll make sure they get where they need to go so. 01:54:45
For the city managers or comments and reports, a couple quick things. One is people may notice right now that the part of the 01:54:52
bubbling springs walking path is closed and it's actually for a positive reason. We are in year two of the Creek clearing project. 01:55:01
We started out this year's portion. We're only able to work on the Creek for 40 days a year. 01:55:11
Per our permits. So we've been trying to aim for November. 01:55:17
Basically start right away in November and get it done by about mid-december or actually this year it'll be probably by the end of 01:55:23
December. 01:55:27
Just today, we've cleared 4200 linear feet. 01:55:32
Of. 01:55:36
The bulb springs and. 01:55:38
It's totaled 477 tons of material that has been removed from the. 01:55:41
A Creek. So that's continuing. If anybody's wondering why the trails closed and we expect to be done by the end of the month with 01:55:48
this year's portion of the cleanup, so. 01:55:53
That one is a Kudos to the Public Works department for staying on it and making sure. 01:55:59
Clearing that out each year. 01:56:05
Additionally, somebody mentioned the Styrofoam band earlier today and that was on our list to remind people about and there's been 01:56:09
some Facebook post. 01:56:13
And some information is supposed to go out this month in the utility bills. 01:56:17
Reminding everybody that January 1st, 2024, that Styrofoam prohibition goes into effect. 01:56:21
And so we'll make sure we keep putting information out, but just as a reminder, that is going into effect. 01:56:27
As hard as it is to believe that we're already at the end of the year, it's going into effect less than a month from now, so. 01:56:33
On January 1st. 01:56:39
And then last the December 18th or I'm sorry, December, yeah, December 18th City Council meeting, we have the City Council 01:56:41
reorganization including recognition of the outgoing mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. 01:56:48
And the election of the incoming mayor and mayor Pro Tem? Those will be on the agenda for December 18th. 01:56:54
We also have a few items scheduled public hearings. 01:57:02
For adoption of the landscape design guidelines and ordinance, which has been a project we've worked on for a long time with the 01:57:07
with the committee. So that one we're excited to bring back on the 18th. We're also looking at the first of our community events 01:57:13
that are to be jointly funded and and coordinated. 01:57:19
But mostly the joint funding of the community Benefit fund, the first event that we're going to propose is for February called the 01:57:26
Run for Your Heart 5K. And so we'll be bringing that and presenting it and getting up, hopefully getting the permit approved to 01:57:31
move forward with. 01:57:37
With that project and. 01:57:43
We'll also bring back the Beach Fest wrap up and. 01:57:46
Then proposed request for proposals that would go out. 01:57:52
That item was recently presented to the CAC, but now it's going to be coming to the next step, coming to the council for review. 01:57:56
And then we also have the economic development request for proposals that we put out. We actually ended up getting about 14 01:58:05
proposals. 01:58:09
And so we've been reviewing those and we're going to be recommending approval of one of those proposals and hiring somebody to get 01:58:15
started on the economic development master plan. So, so busy full meeting for the 18th it looks like. 01:58:21
Are we allowed to ask A? 01:58:28
Regarding one of his comments. 01:58:30
And on the question depends on the question. Yeah, it depends on if it will engender discussion. 01:58:33
Alright, I'll just bring it up at comments then. 01:58:40
All right, Council member reports and comments, Let's start off with. 01:58:45
Council Member Martha McQueen Le. 01:58:49
Thank you, Mayor. Couple of things, The Gold Coast transit. 01:58:51
Put out a press release regarding their 8th annual appearance of their holiday bus. 01:58:58
Which will be dashing through the streets until January the 7th. 01:59:05
All rides aboard this bus are free. There is a hashtag #csea sun greetings that you can use to follow. 01:59:10
The bus to where it where it's located, or where it will be at so that you could get your free ride. GCTD is asking as you ride 01:59:22
the bus to take selfies. You can submit those selfies to the hashtag and they will be picking a winner of those folks who are 01:59:30
posting their photos. The winner will receive a 15 day. 01:59:37
UH pass a 15 ride bus pass. 01:59:46
For sharing your photos and so please look for the bus. When you're around. You can actually go to Instagram or Facebook and track 01:59:50
where it is so you can take a look at it. If you were at the Oxnard's parade Saturday, you may have seen it. This is the picture. 01:59:59
And it's. It is adorned with. 02:00:10
Our scenery from our coastline. Our beautiful coastline here in Ventura County. 02:00:16
So that is. 02:00:21
Then. 02:00:23
For the regional defense partnership, RDP. 02:00:26
They'll will be participating in a special board meeting. 02:00:32
Which resulted from our June annual board meeting. So we'll be revisiting the RDP budget and annual request for funding from 02:00:40
cities and the county. So that is going to be December 7th. 02:00:46
Another thing that came out of RDP was an article. 02:00:54
Entire military spouse wins court fight on licensed portability of 1st Court decision on new federal provision and that is an 02:00:58
element that we put in our our policy. 02:01:04
Guidance where military spouses can. 02:01:12
Continue work toward their certification in a new state or that that certification can be transferred. 02:01:18
To a different state. And so we we added that to our policy and procedures this year. So this was one decision that was made. 02:01:25
Let's just read this Federal judge sided with military spouse in Texas. 02:01:31
Saying that the federal By federal law, Texas education officials must accept her school counseling. 02:01:38
Licensers from Ohio and. 02:01:44
I mean, this was in the military, Times says. When the military family moved to Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, the state refused 02:01:48
to accept her out of state license. The judge ruled that it was a violation of the new provision. 02:01:54
Of the Service Member Civil Release Act requiring states to provide reciprocity in accepting those occupational license. So that's 02:02:01
a good thing. 02:02:06
And finally just want to share that. 02:02:11
The VCTC, we have an appointment, a commissioner to the Metrolink. 02:02:17
And that individual has resigned. 02:02:25
So they're looking for another commissioner to serve as the Metrolink alternative commissioner. 02:02:28
And so one of the things that came up is that the meetings are in L. 02:02:37
And so they became, I think. 02:02:42
More reoccurring than the individual. 02:02:46
And so on the bright side, you can get on the Metrolink and go to the Metrolink meeting in LA if you need it to. 02:02:49
That's it. Thank you. 02:02:59
Thank. 02:03:00
Councilmember. 02:03:01
Yes, really pleased with Waianae Beach clean up, but we're continuing every Saturday, that's. 02:03:03
Pretty amazing that the effort little bit each week has really paid off. Big for Wyoming Beach, however. 02:03:09
Miami Beach is joined by Ormond Beach and the Ormond Lagoon continues to be the. 02:03:17
Producer of rubbish that makes it onto whining me beach and causes problems. Want to commend the city of Oxnard for recently 02:03:24
clearing out the shanty town on Mcwane and Perkins Rd. I don't know how many dumpsters it. 02:03:32
Was probably 2040 footers maybe? 02:03:40
More I don't know, but as before. 02:03:44
We are now seeing the encampments reemerge, and this time they're emerging closer to the city of of the border between Winemie and 02:03:48
the city of Oxnard and their camping on the island, the Ormond, the Ormond Lagoon Island. 02:03:58
And they're using a boat to cross across into winemie and come in and and cause. 02:04:08
Damage and environmental Dis. 02:04:14
And I'm just concerned that we're just going to sit back and. 02:04:16
What seems to happen on a two year cycle every two years of 20/15/2017, 2019-2020 1/20/23? Seems like every two years city of 02:04:20
Oxnard cleans all these people out and they leave all kinds of rubbish behind. 02:04:27
I just hope that we. 02:04:35
Try and get a dialogue, Try to try to come up with a plan that works so that we could protect the. 02:04:37
Where Ormond and Winemay Beach meet in regards to the Reed clearing Mr. City Manager, I noticed that when they pull the reeds out. 02:04:44
It's accelerating erosion and that erosion has been occurring. 02:04:55
For many years, and in some instances it's. 02:05:00
Large portions of the root structure of some very large trees and is there a way for and? I know there's a word and I can't 02:05:05
remember the word, but is there a way for us to? 02:05:11
Address the erosion by. 02:05:20
Putting. 02:05:23
Filling in with their the the portions that have eroded away. And So what I noticed today is when they scoop out the the reeds are 02:05:25
also scooping out. 02:05:30
Substantial amount of dirt. 02:05:35
Maybe we could I Don. 02:05:38
Try to come up with an environmental, an environmentally sound way. 02:05:40
Protecting the banks of bubbling springs, particularly between Winemie Road and the beach, because the erosion is kind of severe. 02:05:46
And then? 02:05:56
Got a Beacon meeting that's coming up on this Friday. I'm really excited to to participate there. 02:06:00
Just leave it at that. I'm drawing a blank tire, Councilmember Hernandez. OK. Thank you, Mayor Martinez. I've attended some 02:06:11
meetings I haven't been to in a while, only because they haven't held these meetings. They're they're like quarterly meetings. The 02:06:16
mentor. 02:06:21
Ventura Regional Energy Alliance, which is a group that I chair and this was the a meeting of the worker bee so to speak. The, 02:06:27
the, the. 02:06:32
Representatives from various agencies, including the port in the cities and the county. 02:06:40
And other organizations Who? 02:06:46
Implementing clean energy measures for their respective organizations. 02:06:49
I would like to ask if we. 02:06:55
Ensure that next time we have a city representative there. 02:06:59
To attend on our. 02:07:04
I chair those meetings, but it would be nice to. 02:07:07
From whoever is responsible for implementing our clean energy program here in Fort Wayne, we want to make sure that. 02:07:10
We're not. 02:07:20
I'll look, yeah, I'll look into it. I thought we had a representative who was attending, but there. 02:07:21
Quite a few committees, so if. 02:07:28
If we don't, that's something we can bring back and and and. 02:07:31
Consider. But I think there is somebody who is supposed to represent that, so we'll track it because there's so many. 02:07:38
I think it's of interest to. 02:07:49
To hear what else other people are doing that we might be able to emulate, I also wanted to thank staff. 02:07:51
And all the people who put effort into making the tree lighting ceremony a success. It was a great event. 02:08:00
A real feel good event and I'm sorry I couldn't stay later but I had another meeting I had to run to but and it's unfortunate we 02:08:06
didn't get accounts, a group council picture together, so we got to make sure we do that next year. 02:08:13
But I just want to extend my my gratitude to staff for all their hard work in making that happen. 02:08:20
I also attended a Southern California Edison Advisory Committee meeting, which is a quarterly meeting. 02:08:25
This week I'll be attending on Thursday, Southern California Association of Governments Economic Summit at Downtown Los Angeles 02:08:32
and Councilwoman Martha McQueen Lejeune. May I ask you if you'd be available to attend VRSD? 02:08:40
On my behalf in In My place Thursday at the BRSD meeting, we will be recognizing Juliet Rodriguez, who has served six years. 02:08:49
On has the clerk for VRSD and I've asked our clerk to provide a certificate of appreciation for her service as she is retiring. 02:09:03
So if you could. 02:09:13
Wishes on to our wishes of goodwill and best wishes for her future. That would be great. Thank you. 02:09:18
And I I was really pleased also to hear about the licensing of the military. 02:09:26
Wives, it's been something that's they've been working on for many, many years and to see it finally come to fruition is really 02:09:31
nice to hear. For those of you don't know, December 3rd was John Sharkey Day, and in honor of John Sharkey Day, I'd like us to 02:09:38
adjourn in his memory if we. 02:09:45
Could please do that? I'd appreciate. 02:09:52
And I'm sure Beverly Wood has. 02:09:55
And I also plan on attending Friday's Beacon meeting. 02:09:57
That's all I have. Thank you. 02:10:01
I'll keep it short and sweet. I don't have anything to report on. I have an EDC executive. 02:10:04
Team meeting this week and a boys and Girls Club of Oxnard and Fort Wayne meeting the following week and otherwise. I just want to 02:10:10
give a shout out to all staff who did a great job for. 02:10:15
Holiday event that we just had, so thank you. 02:10:21
Yes, it was a very nice tree lighting ceremony. 02:10:25
And I just want to mention, right after the tree lighting ceremony, I went to the Boys and Girls Club where they have the open gym 02:10:29
and I counted 40 people at the gym. 02:10:33
I didn't get a chance to play. It was it was too, too packed. 02:10:39
I did go to the parade on Saturday, which I thought was nice. I thought, I thought maybe maybe next year maybe we can have some 02:10:45
representation winning your representation at the Oxnard parade. 02:10:50
I want to. 02:10:57
The sister city meeting is on Wednesday at six. 02:10:59
Yes, 6:00 PM on Wednesday here. And then I also want to mention that we're waiting on the port to confirm a meeting, right. So 02:11:04
we're we're just waiting on that. But yeah, and I talked to them today and they're supposed to send us some dates. 02:11:10
OK. And that's that's about it. 02:11:16
Any last comments? 02:11:20
Oh, that's right. And I'll be there too. 02:11:28
I'll be I'll be at the county as well. 02:11:32
I think it's 1045. 02:11:38
If I if I may say I I might be a bit late. I'm doing a presentation before the county Board of Supervisors tomorrow. 02:11:41
A time certain at 10:00 AM recognizing Eric Bolt from National Weather Service for his service. And this is not I'm not 02:11:48
representing the city it. 02:11:52
Has a retiree from the Sheriff's Department. 02:11:58
OK, so the next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 18th, 2023 at 6:30 PM and just want to mention I think this might be my. 02:12:01
Oh, you know what? That's true. Think I'm already excited. 02:12:10
Any requests for future agenda items? 02:12:14
I don't have any. 02:12:16
Is there cities? Can we research whether or not there's any safety ordinances for pedestrian at night? 02:12:20
Um. 02:12:29
I notice a lot of pedestrians in this area. 02:12:30
Wear dark clothes at night. 02:12:33
And it's really dangerous and I was wondering if there's. 02:12:36
Information out there about. 02:12:41
Having an ordinance or a requirement where people wear reflective material or something, but it's just. 02:12:43
So as a future agenda item, the question would be if there's a consensus for us to research that. 02:12:54
I just think. 02:13:03
Trying to protect our public. Maybe we could do something that another anyone else with the request for a future agenda item. 02:13:05
OK. 02:13:15
All right. So the next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 18th, 2023 at 6:30 PM And I want to mention, I think this 02:13:17
might be my last meeting as mayor. 02:13:21
I'll talk more about that next meeting. We'll join this meeting. 02:13:26
In the memory of John Sharkey, a former City Council member here in our city, the time is now. 02:13:31
44 PM. 02:13:39
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