Item 1: Swearing in of Police Officer Chris Tario
Item 6: Proposed Ordinance Approving the Joint Powers Agreement for Clean Power Alliance of Southern California and Authorizing the Implementation of a Community Choice Aggregation Program
Item 7: Approval of Community Benefit Fund Projects for FY 2023-2024 R
Item 8: Authorization to Publish Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Construction of the Bubbling Springs Renewal Project
Item 9: Legal Services Agreement with Green de Bortnowsky, LLP, to Continue Services as City Attorney
Welcome everyone. 00:00:15
Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:30 PM. Everyone please stand and join me for the 00:00:17
flag salute. 00:00:22
Ready. Begin. 00:00:32
I pledge allegiance to the flag. 00:00:34
And to the Republic and. 00:00:39
1. 00:00:41
And. 00:00:43
Madam Clerk, can you please take role? 00:00:53
Council member. 00:00:57
Here are our monitors off or Council Member Hernandez here, Councilmember McQueen Lejeune here. 00:00:59
Mayor pro Temporez here and Mayor Martinez. 00:01:06
Tonight's inspiration is going to be given by Councilmember Hernandez. Thank you Mayor, very happy to be here and see everybody 00:01:10
here this evening. I just got back from a trip from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last week and one theme that's been resonating with me 00:01:15
as. 00:01:21
Made the trip and got home with gratitude. Gratitude for a quality of life that we enjoy here in Port Hueneme. So that's the 00:01:27
message that I want to share with everybody today. 00:01:32
And as many of you know who practice gratitude, it helps us feel positive emotions. It helps us relive happy memories and improve 00:01:37
our overall mental health. 00:01:42
It can turn a bummer of a day around. If you're having a bum day, think of something that's that you're grateful for and your day 00:01:48
can can be positive for the rest of the time. 00:01:53
As we enter. 00:02:01
Holiday The Thanksgiving holiday. Some of us practice the tradition of going around the table and asking each family member to 00:02:03
share something that they're feeling grateful for. I think for me, this year it's going to be the birthday of my mom. She 00:02:10
celebrates. She just celebrated her 97th birthday, so I'm very grateful that she's still with us today. 00:02:17
Has William Arthur Ward once said. Feeling gratitude and not expressing that is like wrapping a president, not giving it away. 00:02:27
And as we enter a season designed to celebrate thankfulness and gifts, it seems only appropriate to begin practicing gratitude 00:02:34
every day. So I have one I'd like to share with you this evening. It's Melody Beatty. Some of you may know her. 00:02:40
She was born in Minnesota, St. Paul, MN, where I was born. Gratitude turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into 00:02:48
acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for 00:02:54
tomorrow. 00:03:00
Thank you. That's my inspiration for tonight. 00:03:06
Thank you Councilmember Hernandez for your inspiration. 00:03:08
We will now hear public comments not pertaining to items on the agenda. Comments are limited to 3 minutes. 00:03:12
This process will be the same for comments pertaining to each other. Agenda item. Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments 00:03:19
tonight? 00:03:22
Yes, we have a public comment from Mary Curtis. 00:03:26
Issue that we have is we're not allowed to post temporary signs. 00:03:41
Announcing special events and we working with the. 00:03:48
City planner found out that it's part of a municipal code because we are kind of in a residential area. 00:03:54
But the banners that we place are not facing the residential area, they're facing the park. We're on the corner of Barden Park. 00:04:02
So we would like the City Council to maybe relook at that and see if there's some kind of. 00:04:11
Change that they can make to that municipal code or some special variance that we could get so we could have a temporary banner 00:04:19
whenever we're having a special Christmas. 00:04:24
A program or a, you know, a summer program, just it. We support Troop 207 of the Boy Scouts. They're here supporting us. 00:04:30
And they like, need to put information out there so people passing by can see that the Boy Scouts are at our facility and that 00:04:39
they're available doing different things, so. 00:04:44
That's that's my request. I don't know where to go from here. I mean, can I get on the agenda? Can I come to a planning meeting? 00:04:51
Yeah. So we were just talking. We are looking at updating our sign list for for the OR sign ordinance for the city. 00:04:58
And so the council can't discuss the item not on the agenda, but as we do that, we will stay in contact with you and then that'll 00:05:06
give when we bring that through the process, there will be opportunities for public comment and and all that stuff. OK. Thank you 00:05:12
very much. We appreciate it. Thank you. 00:05:17
Timothy. 00:05:25
Feedback Survey That survey will be open for two weeks and it closes on Saturday, November 18th. Feel free to stop by the library 00:06:07
For more information to fill out a form or visit our website. 00:06:12
I also want to take this opportunity to let the community know the Friends of the Library is having our annual Holiday fundraising 00:06:19
sale. These are small items costing less than $10 and that event will be taking place on Saturday, December 2nd from 12:00 PM 00:06:25
until 3:00 PM. It's a great opportunity again to support the library and to support the community. So thank you for your time. 00:06:32
Thank you again for your support. 00:06:39
That concludes. 00:06:48
OK, we're going to move on to agenda approval for the council meeting. May have a motion in a second to approve the agenda, so 00:06:49
moved. 00:06:53
2nd. 00:06:57
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 00:06:59
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. Hearing None. Motion passes unanimously. 00:07:01
All right. Are there any members of council that have any conflicts of interest to disclose for anyone item? 00:07:06
Alright, so we're going to move on to our first item, presentation #1, swearing in. 00:07:17
Police officer Chris Tario. 00:07:24
Presented by Police Chief Federico. 00:07:26
Good evening everyone. 00:07:36
First thing I want to say, this is probably our first. 00:07:38
Public appear. 00:07:41
Since the month of November began, So if you not get the message, the Police Department is participating in. 00:07:43
Men's health awareness November. 00:07:48
And it's the first time in my life I'm growing a beard. Normally I just do a mustache for this. 00:07:52
But I got a lot of pressure in the station because all the cool kids were growing their beard, so I. 00:07:57
Go and. 00:08:01
Yeah, I wish I'd done it before. It was all great. 00:08:03
Yeah, Beard's coming. Second thing is inspiration. Tonight was on gratitude. And I do want to say. 00:08:06
I'm grateful. 00:08:13
Not only for my employees at the Police Department, but all their city employees. Anyone who chooses to come work here and do 00:08:14
service in this city. I'm very grateful for them. So much appreciated. 00:08:19
And speaking. 00:08:26
We are grateful for. 00:08:27
Uh. 00:08:30
Officer Chris Tario will be sworn in tonight officially with our city. 00:08:31
With that. 00:08:36
Officer Christopher Tario is a former custody deputy. 00:08:37
With Santa Barbara County Sheriff's. 00:08:40
Is a strong background in law. 00:08:44
He was raised in the heart of California's Central Valley. 00:08:46
Christopher's journey led him to Santa Barbara City College, where he earned a degree in criminal justice. 00:08:50
He was hired earlier this year and intended A rigorous 24 week. 00:08:57
Police. 00:09:02
At the Ventura County. 00:09:04
Criminal Justice Center. 00:09:06
Graduate at the end of September and has been in failed training and additional specialized training for. 00:09:08
Officers here at Port Hueneme PD. He's. 00:09:15
Become very well liked and he's showing us that. 00:09:18
He's meeting our expectations and he's performing incredibly well. 00:09:22
Beyond his professional life, Christopher finds fulfillment in various pursuits. 00:09:27
He's dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 00:09:32
Frequently hitting the. 00:09:35
And enjoys rounds of golf on the green. 00:09:37
However, his heart belongs to his fiancee page. 00:09:41
And they're faithful 4 legged companion pen. 00:09:46
Who's an Aussie doodle? 00:09:50
For all you dog lovers out there, everyone else. 00:09:52
And Penny brings joy to their everyday adventures. 00:09:55
Chris, do you want to come up here? 00:10:01
Want to introduce who you have and say a few words, Sir? 00:10:05
Good evening everyone. Thank you for having me. 00:10:09
I am looking forward to serving this community. 00:10:12
I've been here for about 3 weeks and I love it so far. 00:10:15
My first day on the job was actually at the Touch of Truck event, which was awesome. I mean, it's such a unique department where I 00:10:19
was allowed to do that on my first day. 00:10:23
I'd like to thank everyone for coming out. I have family, friends, classmates from the Academy here. 00:10:27
I'd like to thank everyone and I look forward to my journey here in Port Hueneme. I look forward to meeting everyone. 00:10:34
I like the small town community. I grew up in a town similar to this, so it's fun no getting to know people and recognizing them 00:10:40
by name and. 00:10:44
And it's been fun driving around. 00:10:49
Friendly faces everywhere, nothing but waves and positive positive energy throughout the community. 00:10:51
Um. 00:10:57
I look forward to maybe catching an open gym basketball with with Mr. Martinez. 00:10:58
And. 00:11:06
Yeah, Thank you for having me. Thank you for Commander Albertson for giving the opportunity to join the department. The Chief 00:11:07
wasn't here yet, but as soon as I met Chief, I knew this was the right department to be with as well. I'd like to thank everyone 00:11:11
for coming. 00:11:15
Look forward to. 00:11:19
Journey in the. 00:11:21
Hi, Christopher. Tario, do solemnly swear. 00:11:45
That I will support. 00:11:49
The Constitution of the United States. 00:11:52
And the Constitution of the State of California. 00:11:56
Against all enemies. 00:11:59
Foreign and domestic. 00:12:01
That I will bear true faith and allegiance. 00:12:04
To the Constitution of the United. 00:12:08
And to the Constitution of the State of California. 00:12:12
That I take this obligation. 00:12:16
Without any mental reserv. 00:12:19
Or purpose of? 00:12:22
And I will well and faithfully. 00:12:24
Discharge the duties. 00:12:27
Of which I'm about to enter. 00:12:30
Thank you. 00:12:32
Thank. 00:12:33
And as tradition, there'll be a badge painting which will be done by his fiancee page. 00:12:43
I just want to make one more comment. Most of us when we host the swearing insurance we usually read off and Georgiana is so 00:13:15
impressive that she has mastered the art of this. 00:13:21
Kudos to you Georgiano, for are doing all that from. 00:13:26
Thank you all. 00:13:30
Would anyone like to say a comment? 00:13:42
Welcome to our city and hope to see you out in the waves. Don't don't forget about the beach. Basketball is important. 00:13:47
Thank you. 00:13:54
Coming. 00:13:55
Of a tutorial. Thank you for choosing our city in a day where it's really difficult for agencies. 00:14:02
To find talent and they're pretty much fighting over new officers. You could have chosen any agency to go to and you chose ours 00:14:08
and I think you chose the best one. We have a great community. We have a very favorable to police officer community. Our county is 00:14:14
very favorable to police. 00:14:19
And we have a lot of institutional knowledge here that I hope you'll. 00:14:25
Divulging and invest and learn from what they have to teach you. Many of these um. 00:14:30
Amazing people behind you have spent most of their career in this city and they know it better than anyone. 00:14:36
Learn what you can and thank you for being here. 00:14:43
May God bless you and protect you and keep you safe. 00:14:46
All right, we will now consider items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless a Council member has a 00:14:55
request to remove an item for discussion. 00:15:00
May I have a motion and a second to approve our consent calendar? 00:15:05
Motion. 00:15:10
Madam Clerk, can we please take? 00:15:12
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 00:15:14
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:15:17
We're going to move on to item number six, public hearing proposed ordinance approving the Joint Powers Agreement for Clean Power 00:15:22
Alliance of Southern California and authorizing the implementation of a community choice. 00:15:28
Aggregation program. Madam Clerk, do you have proof of publication as required by law? 00:15:34
And a complete file reports and exhibits. Yes, Mr. 00:15:39
Will staff please present the report? 00:15:44
Yes, thank you, Mayor. 00:15:47
I'll keep it fairly brief. 00:15:50
We've heard this item a few times in the last year at council. We've discussed this item a couple of times back in March. 00:15:52
The city received a presentation from the Clean Power Alliance with information on the program that explains some of the benefits 00:16:02
of participating in the program, such as enhancing local control over power supply and rates and the opportunity to have a 00:16:07
positive environmental impact by Ch. 00:16:12
Power options with higher levels of renewable energies. 00:16:17
In June, the City Council authorized the city to pay a fee for the Clean Power Alliance to conduct a study to be considered for 00:16:21
membership, and so this is now the third time it's come to council with positive news from that study. The Clean Power Alliance 00:16:28
completed that evaluation, and on October 5th, the Clean Power Alliance approved a resolution. 00:16:35
Which authorized them to invite the city to become members of the Clean Power Alliance. 00:16:42
And so after going through that process, we are now at the point where we have a public hearing tonight to consider adopting an 00:16:49
ordinance to implement the Clean, the Clean Power Alliance and the implementation. 00:16:55
Of a community choice aggregation program. 00:17:01
If the city there is a time sensitivity to to this. If the city wants to join at the earliest possible window, which is likely 00:17:05
2025, we would need to introduce the ordinance tonight and adopt it at the next meeting in November. 00:17:12
If we don't aren't able to do that, joining the Clean Power Alliance could be delayed. So for tonight's item. 00:17:20
And to stay on schedule, we are recommending introducing the ordinance, with the second reading scheduled for the next meeting. 00:17:27
Once that's adopted. 00:17:34
There are still two decisions that have to be made, but those can be made at a later date. One would be which council member? Or 00:17:36
it doesn't have to be a council member, but who to appoint as a representative on the Clean Power Alliance board. Each city that 00:17:41
joins gets to have a member on the board. 00:17:47
And then the second would be to select the power level or. 00:17:53
That's probably the, the decision that we would spend the most amount of time considering. 00:17:57
Because depending on which level of tier impacts potential costs recess, recent estimates from the Clean Power Alliance show that 00:18:04
the leaner, clean level of of power could result in a saving for most users. 00:18:10
While the 100% clean green power level. 00:18:17
May result in some increased cost to users. 00:18:21
So that decision will be the important one. When we bring that, we'll bring data from the Clean Power Alliance showing those 00:18:24
costs. 00:18:28
But for tonight, we just wanted to raise it as something to start thinking about tonight. We don't have to decide which power 00:18:33
level, we just have to decide whether to join the Clean Power Alliance Community Choice Aggregation program. 00:18:39
So with that, at this time, we recommend introducing the ordinance to move forward with implementing the Clean Power Alliance. 00:18:46
Does Council have any questions for staff? 00:18:54
City manager on page two of seven on paragraph 3. 00:18:59
There's a statement and I just want clarification because it was a little different than what I went away from last time we talked 00:19:04
about. This says the default rate is the rate that Port Hueneme customers would be enrolled in at the start of the CPA transition 00:19:09
unless. 00:19:14
Action is taken by the customer to choose a different. 00:19:19
Or opt out. 00:19:23
And so my question. 00:19:25
Does that mean that every resident would have to take an action to opt out? 00:19:28
To not be part of this. 00:19:34
Any resident who would not want to be part of it would need to take an action to opt out. 00:19:37
And we do have, I think we have Ted and Karen here from CPA. 00:19:43
And so they could correct me if I'm wrong on that, but that's I've been through the process once and that was how I recalled it 00:19:47
being rolled out And is that correct? Yes, So, so they would every the minute the city joins and opts in, all of our residents 00:19:53
join and are opt in at the same level unless they choose to opt out. 00:19:58
So. 00:20:05
Good evening. I'm Ted Bartaki. I'm CEO of Clean Power Alliance. Been through it. 00:20:06
Five times. 00:20:12
So. 00:20:14
There's a a notice period. We send two official notifications prior to enrollment. 00:20:17
And then two notifications after enrollment at anytime a customer can either change their rate. 00:20:23
From what the city decides or opt out? 00:20:32
So they can either opt out or change their rate even before service begins. 00:20:35
Right. So, so the reason I asked the question because it it, it means that our residents will have to take action or they'll 00:20:41
automatically go into the CPA. There was some conversation some. 00:20:46
Verbiage in here about the rates being higher, possibly being higher than possibly what they're currently paying. 00:20:54
So I would be a little concerned about that and just to make sure that it's not our our problem if someone doesn't get the notice. 00:21:01
Or doesn't reply to the notice or isn't contacted properly and we have made the decision that they're going to go to CPA at the 00:21:12
higher rate. So I'm a little concerned about that. So just wanted to voice that. It's definitely a fair concern I think. 00:21:19
When we choose the rate, that'll be something we have to be conscientious of and then also. 00:21:26
Once a rate is chosen, it or and maybe even before. But Clean Power Alliance also starts providing some. 00:21:32
Outreach materials to the residents as well yeah the notices is not the only community outreach that we do. We're in the process 00:21:38
of will be enrolling customers in Santa Paula for example and we were out at the the the Ventura County days there long before the 00:21:45
notices are are are sent but I I. 00:21:51
Absolutely agree with you. 00:21:58
Umm, the rate that you choose, we call it the preferred energy option, which is the rate that someone would go on if they made if 00:22:01
they took no action is other than joining the major policy decision that you will have. 00:22:09
Going forward and you'll want to bring all of those questions. 00:22:18
Thank you. And there's one final question, if you don't mind, City Manager, So there's also some verbiage about the rates, the 00:22:24
lower rates are going to happen. 00:22:29
18 months. 00:22:36
Did I read that properly? 00:22:37
So that the rates would begin when when the we enrolled customers which we currently anticipate would be in October of 2025. So 00:22:40
you make a decision today then we spend a year, well we have to get permission from the PUC and then there's about a year of 00:22:49
preparation work. We have to go get additional power, you have to decide what that. 00:22:58
Preferred energy option is and then beginning in the summer we would start sending those official notifications. Last question. 00:23:07
So are you saying that when we when residents transfer over? 00:23:17
The lowest rate that you're offering will be available for them at that time, yes. 00:23:23
So regardless. 00:23:31
Lean, Clean or 100% Green tier we choose. 00:23:37
Residents are going to experience an increase in. 00:23:42
That's that's at the current rates that's not the case the lean. Currently the lean power rate is 1 to 2% cheaper than Edison. So 00:23:45
if you wanted to as. 00:23:52
Council choose a preferred energy option of lean that would result in a rate decrease or bill decrease for four people. I'm 00:23:58
looking at page 7 on our agenda and it has the three broken out and it appears that each one of them shows an increase the lean 00:24:05
power 3.3. 00:24:11
Clean Power 4.4. 00:24:18
And 100% Green 8.8%. I think that's because those include St. Lights, which residents? 00:24:19
Don't necessarily don't pay the bulk of those costs this the city would pay those costs. 00:24:27
But so the adding the street lights. 00:24:33
Increases it from. 00:24:38
1 to 2% reduction to a 3% increase. 00:24:40
But the the residents wouldn't be impacted by that. That'd be potentially our cost. 00:24:43
OK. 00:24:49
So St. lights are are the one rate 11 of the very few rates where we are currently not competitive with Edison. We don't have a 00:24:50
lower rate St. lights. 00:24:55
About half of our cities who because of this, this is a structural issue about cross subsidization, cross subsidization in in 00:25:00
rates, about half of our member agencies end up opting out. 00:25:08
Those streetlights, because of the increased cost, some keep them in because they want to pursue the high levels of renewable 00:25:15
energy. But as a city, you also will be a customer. 00:25:21
And you also have those same rights to change your rate or opt out at anytime. 00:25:28
Do we know how much our street lights cost us a month? I'm just curious. I don't have that readily available, but we could provide 00:25:34
that. 00:25:38
We can provide it. 00:25:43
We'll have an item to discuss the rates, we'll make sure we include all the rate information at that time for for now, we wanted 00:25:45
to just highlight that. 00:25:48
The lean power would potentially be a decrease, the others might be an increase. So we probably want to be aware of that and start 00:25:53
thinking about that. 00:25:56
OK, it's. 00:26:02
Little little confusing to try and become an expert. 00:26:03
On the in a very short amount of time, but I do see a lot. 00:26:08
Critique from both sides, some saying that, yeah, solar is great. 00:26:13
You know, it has a footprint. The carbon footprint obviously is way less than natural gas or oil. 00:26:19
So. 00:26:27
US. 00:26:28
Exactly how? 00:26:29
This is more than feeling good. This is actually something that's going to work. 00:26:32
Sure, be happy to. So we procure our sources of energy. Our renewable sources of energy are from not just solar but also wind. 00:26:38
Geothermal, biomass, small hydroelectric. So we have a diverse portfolio. One of the things that happens is because we have among 00:26:48
our customers such a demand for renewable energy, we go out and procure a new sources of renewable energy that causes those to be 00:26:55
built. 00:27:02
And those projects range. So last week at our Board of Directors, we contracted for a slice of the largest renewable energy 00:27:10
project to be built in the United States. 00:27:16
It's a big wind farm in New Mexico with a transmission line coming straight to California that's on the big scale. On the small 00:27:23
scale, we've we've got 13 projects for rooftop solar on warehouses, many of them owned by the big logistics firm Prologis that you 00:27:29
know, provide. 00:27:36
Renewable energy to our customers. 00:27:43
So it's a wide type of of projects, right? Variety of projects, wide variety of sources. 00:27:46
A number of different areas, but essentially we because we have such this large demand we are the the Clean Power Alliance is 00:27:52
actively. 00:27:56
Causing. 00:28:02
Construction of new renewable energy sources across the Western United States. 00:28:04
So I understand that carbon is the focus of this. 00:28:08
What about wildlife concerns them? I know driving out to Vegas you see the the mirror farm and and you know that that we do not 00:28:12
contract with that project but we do have a so all of our projects go through both. 00:28:19
Economic quantitative value screening, as well as four qualitative criteria, one of which is environmental stewardship, where we 00:28:27
have. 00:28:32
An Mou with The Nature Conservancy who screens our project. So we actually going to the environmental community who's concerned 00:28:40
about wildlife and other impact of sensitive habitat to have them screen our projects. If they screen a project low, we do not. 00:28:47
Sign up. 00:28:55
The other three criteria are benefits to disadvantaged communities, project location. We would like to have as many projects in 00:28:57
our area as possible and workforce development which. 00:29:03
Pursues project labor agreements and other items that would engage a union workforce. Is it true that wind is kind of dangerous 00:29:10
for birds? 00:29:14
The there is more bird mortality in wind projects. There's a whole host of mitigation measures. 00:29:20
The most interesting one I I think for areas where there's condors, where the, the, the, the. 00:29:31
There's radar that detects when the condors are coming and will shut the turbine down. 00:29:39
Automatically if they get inside a radius. So I can't say that no birds die, I mean that's that is there is impact there. Our most 00:29:46
recent project for example the this New Mexico wind project did was endorsed by the National Audubon Society for its mitigation 00:29:53
efforts in in the avian area. 00:29:59
Thank you. 00:30:07
So I do also have a concern about the opt in, opt out issue specifically for our residents that are on what single incomes, fixed 00:30:09
incomes disabled? How easy is the option to opt out? So the option to opt out is very easy it takes. 00:30:18
3 to 5 minutes on the on the web and about that time in our call center, we have a call center in Irwindale with about 60 call 00:30:27
center agents. It's got very low wait times. One thing for folks who are already on care fair or medical baseline which is the 00:30:34
automatic discount program that Edison has that status would automatically port over and those customers who are already getting 00:30:42
the the. 00:30:49
Discount will continue to receive that seamlessly. 00:30:57
So folks who want to opt out have that option, but they'll also continue to receive that care fair medical baseline, regardless of 00:31:01
what their choice is. 00:31:06
Thank you. 00:31:11
I forgot to ask about transmission. So do you leave the transmission line? How does that work? Yeah, there's. So when a customer 00:31:14
is a Clean Power Alliance customer, they don't stop being a customer of Edison. 00:31:21
So they remain a customer of Edison for the lines and the wires. So there's a delivery charge on the bill and a generation charge 00:31:28
on the bill. The delivery charges for those lines and wires, the transmission at a customer, whether they're getting their 00:31:35
electrons or their generation from Clean Power Alliance or from Edison. 00:31:42
Pay the exact same amount for the lines and the wires and where we compete is on the generation and we're competing on price and 00:31:49
we're competing on environmental footprint. 00:31:54
Are there any more questions? 00:32:01
All right, so I'm going to open up the public. 00:32:05
Just one second. I did you. I'm sorry, you didn't hear me. 00:32:08
Can you tell me a little bit about the says? 00:32:12
Angie is it? 00:32:15
ENGIE project. 00:32:17
Yeah. And that's our contract. Yeah, that's city specific. So I can speak to that. We we joined an Ng project which had AI think 00:32:20
it's a five year period. 00:32:25
Where? 00:32:31
Working with Ng on kind of energy conservation. 00:32:33
And. 00:32:37
We realized. 00:32:39
Or we believe that could be an issue with the. 00:32:40
They mentioned that the city could opt in or out or at any AT. 00:32:46
One of the things we're going to look into is whether. 00:32:50
How that impacts us and whether we would need to time our opting in based on that agreement which? 00:32:53
Is currently set to end in April 30th, 2026. So it's not a huge, you know, it's like a six month period or so. 00:32:59
But. 00:33:07
That's something we've kind of flagged it as an issue that we may have that might impact our timeline. 00:33:08
But we're going to get more information on that, bring that back when we bring back the rate information. So thank you. 00:33:14
Are there any other questions? 00:33:21
OK, I'm going to open up the public hearing. 00:33:24
At 703. 00:33:27
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 00:33:30
Yes, Mr. Mayor, our first one is from Angus Simmons and that would be followed by Ferris Bach Stack, sorry. 00:33:33
Honorable Mayor, distinguished members of the council, My name is Angus Simmons, I live in Camarillo and I'm a member of. 00:33:46
Community Advisory Committee of the CPA. 00:33:55
When we were first married, my wife and I did live in Port Hueneme, so I'm one of my favorite things to walk out on the pier. It's 00:33:58
pleasure to be here, and I just wanted to say a few words about the tremendous success of CPA in the last six years since its 00:34:03
inception. 00:34:08
It's already the 4th largest electric supplier in California. 00:34:13
It serves 30 cities and the two counties, Ventura County in Los Angeles County and three more cities, including Santa Paula, are 00:34:18
going to be added to the service in in the spring. 00:34:24
Much of. 00:34:31
Success, I think has been as a result of its governance And you know, one of you if you vote to join would be on the Board of 00:34:35
Directors. And it's, it's totally transparent. I mean any member of your community can attend the meetings, can make comments if 00:34:45
they wish and you know, you have a director and every entity and Clean Power Alliance has an entity. 00:34:55
The community has total visibility on policy, on rate setting, on energy sourcing decisions. I can tell you the DI considerations 00:35:09
are part of permeate the whole set of activities in the staff and on the Board of Directors. I was very impressed by the way the 00:35:19
board dealt with payment arrears during COVID times and the concern that they showed for. 00:35:28
You know, people who are. 00:35:39
Having trouble making payments? 00:35:40
It's something very important. 00:35:44
You know, in the early days of the. 00:35:48
The board exercised prudent management to put money aside for. 00:35:51
Reserves procurement has marked been marked by very high Labor Standards, including more than 20 project labor agreements. 00:35:58
For new infrastructure completed. For CPA funds, For training for the next generation of clean energy employees. 00:36:07
And the CPA is currently in the process of implementing $200 million in local projects and programs in resilience grid management, 00:36:16
local procurement building and. 00:36:23
Transportation and getting that done by 2025. Finally, the last thing I'd like to say is that. 00:36:31
Joining the CPA by many cities has been considered the most important single thing they could do in meeting and making progress. 00:36:39
Climate Action Plans. Thank you and it's a pleasure to speak to you. 00:36:48
Far. 00:36:55
Good evening, honorable Council. My name is Ferris Stack. I am the Policy associate for the Community Environmental Council, a 00:37:03
local environmental nonprofit organization whose mission is to build on the ground momentum to reverse the threats of the climate 00:37:09
crisis. We work throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. 00:37:16
I am here today to urge the Council to join our regional community choice Energy Provider, Clean Power Alliance, or CPA. Community 00:37:23
Choice Energy is the foundation for creating a carbon free economy by taking carbon out of our energy supply. 00:37:31
As a city located in the fastest warming county in the lower 48 states, and with the pollution burden higher than 80% of other 00:37:40
California cities, it's imperative for us to drastically reduce our reliance on carbon emissions. 00:37:47
Community Choice Energy is the most cost effective solution for quickly reducing carbon emissions, and it allows cities to help 00:37:55
California State goal of carbon neutrality by 2045. 00:38:00
Not only do community choice, energy agencies like CPA help California and cities achieve its climate goals, it also provides an 00:38:06
opportunity to advance energy justice, energy democracy and empower community LED decision making. 00:38:14
Unlike investor owned utilities that are private companies operated in large part by shareholders, CCA's are formed by local city 00:38:22
and county governments and are governed by boards of elected officials. 00:38:28
CPA partners with local cities to bring access to 100% clean electricity in Ventura and LA counties. More competition leads to 00:38:35
better prices and services, and that is exactly what has been occurring in our region since CPA has launched. 00:38:42
CPA also allows low income customers in 100% green default cities to access 100% renewable energy at CPA's lower priced clean 00:38:50
energy rate. 00:38:55
Another benefit of CPA is that it reinvests profits right back into the communities it serves. CPA has launched local programming 00:39:01
that includes electric vehicle infrastructure funding, community solar resiliency and grid management, building electrification 00:39:07
assistance, among other programs. We believe that the City of Port Hueneme can benefit immensely from these local programs and 00:39:13
will still have access to SC ES programs. 00:39:19
We urge the city of Porhonimi to join the cities of Oxnard, Ventura, Camarillo, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and the 00:39:25
County of Ventura, who have been enjoying the choice to freely choose where their energy is coming from. Santa Paula will soon 00:39:31
reap the advantages of CPA, having voted to join CPA at the 100% green default option. 00:39:38
Community Choice Energy gives residents a choice, allows competition for better prices, and offers local programming that Port 00:39:45
Hueneme can benefit from immensely in the transition to a cleaner and greener future. We urge the city Par Hua Nimi to join CPA 00:39:50
and the millions in our region who have made the switch. Thank you. 00:39:56
Luis Mendez. 00:40:05
Many residents are busy working. They don't have time to call and change services. 00:40:51
Umm, Like I said, it just feels like it's being forced. 00:40:55
The infrastructure sounds like it hasn't really been built yet. They're still trying to find their way and guarantee resources if 00:40:59
the demand goes up. So that kind of seems a little bit sketchy to me. I do look that the 5% possible increase that I read in an 00:41:04
article regarding Southern California Edison's existing contracts that they have to fulfill for costs that they have already 00:41:10
committed to that that could carry over to the new CPA. 00:41:15
Customers as well, if that is to increase if it's approved by the Public Utilities. 00:41:22
So like I said, these are concerns. As a resident, you know, I feel that asking us to have to opt out is too much. You know, if we 00:41:26
want the services, we should be able to sign up for it, not vice versa. 00:41:31
Even so, if I were to make a recommendation to the City Council, I would request that you guys do not choose 100% opt in renewable 00:41:37
renewable option because of the cost. You know the city has certain budget issues they'll be addressing early next year with their 00:41:43
economic plan and residents as well that may be financially strapped at this time with inflation and stuff like that. So at least 00:41:48
do not burden us with the highest option. 00:41:54
Is what I'm suggesting. 00:41:59
And the city itself for your guys's budget because you guys incur that cost as well. 00:42:01
That's all. Thank you. 00:42:05
And now I just have some written comments that I'll read. 00:42:09
Dear Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem, Council members and staff, I am sending this in regard to agenda item number six. I support the City 00:42:12
of Port Hueneme joining the Clean Power Alliance CPA for a number of reasons. 00:42:17
As a city in the fastest warming county in the contiguous United States, it is essential for Port Hueneme to take ambitious action 00:42:23
by joining CPA at 100% green power. 00:42:28
Where their energy comes from. This is an opportunity to make sustainability more equitable and accessible for Port Hueneme 00:43:06
residents. By opting into 100% green power income, qualified residents in under resourced communities can access 100% renewable 00:43:12
energy at a lower price clean energy rate. 00:43:18
California rates are typically competitive with SCE community choice. Energy agencies like Clean Power Alliance Reinvent reinvest 00:43:25
profits right back into the communities that they serve. In the future, Port Hueneme could benefit from local programs like a 00:43:31
resilience Center, electric vehicle infrastructure funding, community solar resiliency and grid management, green workforce 00:43:36
development, and more. 00:43:42
Best regards, Joan. 00:43:49
And the next one is dear council members, Climate First, Replacing Oil and Gas. Seafrog is a grassroots environmental nonprofit 00:43:53
dedicated to combating the climate crisis by working to shape the transition from fossil fuels to a carbon free economy in Ventura 00:43:58
County. 00:44:04
We are committed to the establishment of an economy that is sustainable, inclusive and promotes renewable energy. Seafrog strongly 00:44:10
supports the City of Port Wanamis moving forward with joining Clean Power Alliance with the investment in the feasibility study. 00:44:17
This is one of the single largest things the city can do for climate action and will make homes and electric vehicles even more 00:44:25
sustainable. 00:44:28
Moving to green power is a climate forward and exciting way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This will not only help ensure a 00:44:32
comfortable driving future in Port Hueneme, but aligns the city with California statewide goal of 100% clean renewable energy 00:44:38
electricity system by 2045. 00:44:44
As a coastal city in the fastest warming county and the contiguous United States, it is essential Port Whitney moves forward with 00:44:50
green energy. 00:44:54
Port Hueneme would be joining the County of Ventura in the cities of Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Camarillo, Moorpark, Simi 00:44:58
Valley, Ohio, and the most recently Santa Paula in utilizing efficient and cost effective energy. Clean Power Alliance rates are 00:45:04
typically competitive, allow Port Hueneme residents and businesses to choose where their energy comes from, and offer an 00:45:09
electricity supply alternative to the utility monopoly of Socal Edison, leading to more competition and better prices and 00:45:15
services. 00:45:20
When joining a community choice, energy, local control is often an important factor for jurisdictions. The model of the Clean 00:45:26
Power Alliance ensures the public and local jurisdictions have a choice and equitable representation. 00:45:32
First, providing an alternative to the current electricity monopoly allows communities to take control of purchasing their own 00:45:39
power and make energy decisions locally. 00:45:43
Second, each jurisdiction member has exactly 1 representative on the alliance board, no matter the size of the jurisdiction. 00:45:48
This means that Port Hueneme would have the same voting power on the Clean Power Allowance Alliance board that a larger city like 00:45:55
the City of Los Angeles has. 00:45:59
This is an opportunity to make sustainability more equitable and accessible for Port Hueneme residents. 00:46:04
By opting into 100% green default, low income residents can access 100% renewable energy at a lower price clean energy rate. 00:46:10
Additionally, Clean Power reinvest profits right back into their member communities. 00:46:18
This means Fort Whitney could benefit from local programs in community solar resiliency and grid management. Green Workforce 00:46:23
Development Electric. 00:46:27
Vehicle infrastructure funding and more Seafrog urges the City Council to move forward learning more about Clean Power Alliance 00:46:32
and eventually making the worthwhile investment of $10,000 for a feasibility study to see the positive changes make a meaningful 00:46:38
impact in the short term. Please consider making this bold choice as soon as possible. Thank you for prioritizing the future of 00:46:44
Fort Hueneme by supporting Clean Energy because, as you know, business as usual is detrimental to our client health and economy 00:46:50
with urgency. Haley Ehlers. 00:46:56
And. 00:47:07
Sierra City Manager Vega. We are pleased to report that at our November 15th, 2021 Board meeting at the Oxnard Harbor District 00:47:08
Court of Winemie adopted a resolution to decarbonization with a $200,000 grant from the California Energy Coalition. The Port of 00:47:16
Winemia is fully engaged in developing our blueprint to 0 emissions in partnership with our community partners, 350 Ventura County 00:47:24
Climate Hub Coastal Keepers, Merito Foundation, Real Guppy Outdoors. 00:47:32
Access to clean energy options available through the Clean Power Alliance. CPA has been identified as a strategy to support the 00:47:40
port of Winemi and our partners in this endeavor. 00:47:45
As such, the undersigned hearing encourages the City of Port Hueneme to explore this option and consider joining the Clean Power 00:47:50
Alliance. 00:47:54
According to the CPA, low income customers and 100% green default cities receive 100% renewable energy at CPA's lower price clean 00:48:30
energy rate. Also important to your consideration Community choice. Energy agencies reinvest profits right back into the 00:48:38
communities they serve. The CPA has launched local programming that concludes electric vehicle infrastructure funding, community 00:48:45
solar resiliency and grid management, building electrification, financial and technical assistance, and green workforce. 00:48:53
Development programs, among other programs. 00:49:01
We believe that the City of Port Hueneme and its residents could realize significant benefits based on how the CPA supports 00:49:04
undeserved communities. 00:49:08
As you look at the future energy mix for the City of Port Hueneme, we respectfully request you consider Community Choice Energy to 00:49:12
help the poor, our community, and California meet the goal of carbon neutrality by 2045 and a transition to a cleaner and greener 00:49:20
future. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Kristen Dekus, Jan Dietrich, Merapus Jacobo and Rafael Choa, Rocio Lozano 00:49:27
Knowlton, and Kevin Brown Guppy Policy Team Lead. 00:49:35
Ventura climbing head club, Coastal Clippers. 00:49:42
And Oxnard Harbor District. 00:49:45
Thank you. Madam Clerk, there is a one more question. 00:49:48
What? 00:49:52
I just had a question about the infrastructure issues that we already experienced with Southern California Edison. Does the CPA 00:49:56
add additional? 00:50:00
Drag to that infrastructure. 00:50:05
No, we did not. The the electrons that flow, whether they're put on the grid by CPA or by Edison, have the same amount of. 00:50:13
Of use of that infrastructure. So there's no impact there. Where where Clean Power Alliance does impact reliability in a positive 00:50:24
way is through two ways. We have a very large investment in in energy storage to. 00:50:32
Here locally as well as around the grid to maintain reliability even with the use of renewable power. But also we have a program 00:50:41
where we put solar plus backup batteries on critical facilities owned by our local member agencies. So we're we're about to put a 00:50:48
solar plus storage on the Oxnard Public Works building. 00:50:55
Fire station in Simi Valley, another fire station out by Ohio. Number of places around the the region that are critical. So if the 00:51:04
power goes out, those critical facilities can stay up. 00:51:09
It's been mentioned a couple times reinvestment into the community. Could you give us some examples what that looks like, please? 00:51:19
Absolutely. So I'll I'll mention the one that was in the paper here in in Ventura County. Most recently we funded the largest 00:51:26
investment in electric vehicle charging, publicly available electric vehicle charging in Ventura County, about $4.8 million that 00:51:33
was available to install chargers. That's one reinvestment. 00:51:40
Another. 00:51:49
How does that get distributed equitably amongst the membership? 00:51:52
My understanding is you're going to put. 00:51:57
10 charging stations, Quite expensive, Yeah, so that was. 00:52:00
A first come first serve reservation for customers. 00:52:06
To. 00:52:12
To install those chargers. 00:52:12
Umm, some of our member agencies themselves, some of our local governments, Camarillo and Moorpark for example, used some of that 00:52:14
funding, but also, you know, 7-11 and some of the grocery stores used it. Also a number of multifamily housing. 00:52:22
Projects used it because that is areas where you know folks don't have. 00:52:31
An individual garage where they can put an EV charger, there's needs to be publicly available charging to be equitable in publicly 00:52:36
available areas because not everybody's got a garage, not everybody can put it in their home. So we put a earmarked half of the. 00:52:46
$4.8 million for low income disadvantaged communities. So about $1,000,000 is going into Oxnard in the Oxnard area for example. So 00:52:56
most of our programs have set asides or earmarks for low income customers. 00:53:04
O. 00:53:14
If let's just say 50% of the cars in our city went electric. 00:53:16
What would it look? 00:53:21
I mean how? 00:53:23
How would we? 00:53:24
The charging of those vehicles, Oh, we need, we need a lot more chargers and that's the path that we're on, trying to fund as many 00:53:27
as possible. I think the other thing you would see is that your air would be a lot more clean. 00:53:33
Are there any more public comments? 00:53:42
No more public comments. 00:53:45
Thank. 00:53:47
I will now close the public hearing. The time being is 7:23 PM. We have a recommendation before us introduce the first reading 00:53:50
waiving for the reading and approve an ordinance of the City of Port Hueneme, CA, approving the Joint Powers Agreement for Clean 00:53:56
Power Lines of Southern California and authorizing the implementation of a community choice. 00:54:02
Aggregation program and to make a determination determination that the action. 00:54:08
Is action that is exempt from Sequa may have a motion in a second remove approval. 00:54:14
Yeah, I'm seconding it. 00:54:23
Is there any discussion that you'd like to? 00:54:26
I believe we'll have another opportunity to discuss this at the next November 20th meeting. 00:54:31
When we get into discussing rates. 00:54:37
Right. There's going to be a couple opportunities. November 20th will just be the consent item to for the second reading adoption 00:54:41
of the ordinance and then there will be a later item that's going to be looking at the rates. 00:54:46
All right then. Madam Clerk, can we please take? 00:54:55
Council member Hernandez. Yes, Mayor Martinez. 00:54:59
Council member Gama. 00:55:04
Yes, Councilmember McQueen Lejeune and Mayor Perez and Perez. Yes, motion passes unanimously. 00:55:05
All right, let's move on to item number seven, approval of community Benefit Fund projects year 2023-2024. Will staff please 00:55:13
present the report? 00:55:17
Yes, thank you. 00:55:23
Another item that might look familiar, It's coming to council. 00:55:25
Once before this year, earlier this year to be to have a tentative list approved. That was on July 17th of this year. 00:55:30
The City Council reviewed and approved the initial list of projects, which is included in the staff report on page 2. Table one is 00:55:40
the initial list. 00:55:44
Those projects were then presented at the joint City port meeting and and separately to the port of Winemie at the Airport Board 00:55:50
meeting and some modifications a couple of modifications were proposed. So this list now returning is the revised list on Page 3, 00:55:57
Table 2. 00:56:04
Which is the revised list following that review? 00:56:12
Most notably, there were two items modified. 00:56:17
That review period? First, the City Port Community Events category that had been included. 00:56:23
Was modified from $17,000 to $16,350 was to correct a just a math issue. 00:56:31
But there is some further clarification that the port head. 00:56:42
Or the Committee AG. 00:56:46
That that money would be used as follows, with 5000 of that 16,000 going to the winning beach festival to help pay for the beach 00:56:47
festival. 00:56:53
5000 going to the Ports Banana Festival and the remaining $6350 would go to two additional city events which would be which will 00:56:59
be presented and proposed. 00:57:05
Separately to the Council in coming. 00:57:11
And so one change was to. 00:57:15
Port Event Community Events category. 00:57:18
The second change was. 00:57:21
The Port noted that the community benefit fund does not include criteria for sponsorship of high school sports teams. 00:57:25
And the Port indicated that they have other sponsorship opportunities that are intended for high school sports teams. 00:57:32
So with that information, the committee agreed that high school sports teams would not be included unless an Intel criteria is 00:57:39
established for those to be considered. 00:57:44
So. 00:57:49
Different teams would have the opportunity to apply and be considered fairly. This impacted the request that had been included in 00:57:51
the initial list from the Winemay High School for the Indian Indian Wells Tennis Tournament. 00:57:57
Which was removed under under that decision. 00:58:03
We did go ahead and notify the applicant of that. We notified them that the port had also indicated that they would be able to 00:58:08
apply for a sponsorship opportunity from the port. 00:58:13
And so they've been removed. 00:58:19
The revised project list, so the other than those two changes there were no other changes and so the remaining items. 00:58:20
Remain in place from prior Council approval, so at this time. 00:58:31
We're recommending the approval of the projects as recommended by the City and Port Joint Committee that are included in Table 2, 00:58:36
the revised. 00:58:40
Roject. 00:58:45
Does Council have any questions for staff? 00:58:48
I just wanted some clarification on the items listed. 00:58:53
And let's see. 00:59:01
Where was it? I understand the scholarship allocation that that needs to be vetted out. And and. 00:59:03
The process needs. 00:59:11
Determined as far as how that's going to work, is that correct? Yes. Yeah. There's a few of these projects that scholarships is 1 00:59:13
where the funding was approved. But the actual criteria for how it's going to be done, has it been established? OK. So I hope in 00:59:19
the future that when we have projects that are being proposed in that way that that they come with us, come to us already figure 00:59:25
it out so that we know that they're actually a legitimate. 00:59:31
There's some legitimacy to them that they'll actually work. 00:59:38
And the youth music and cultural programs, I understand that's in Lake. 00:59:43
I believe it includes Inlike, but I don't think it was specifically in Lykec and or limited to in Lakec, so I don't know. Does 00:59:49
anybody know what else there was? 00:59:54
To be included in that. 01:00:00
Yeah, 'cause I've never seen it broken down between another organization that was always in the Keck. 01:00:03
Yeah, we can go. There is a. 01:00:09
List with explanation that we could have, we should have included, but we'll provide that to the Council outside of this clarify 01:00:14
that. 01:00:17
I just want to say that I'm really disappointed that the Wyoming high School Indian Wells tennis tournament was removed. 01:00:24
I've read the agreement and it is complicated, hard to understand, but pretty much. 01:00:34
It's wide open. I don't see. 01:00:40
I don't understand that distinction of removing it. 01:00:45
I can. I have a comment on that. It's because there were. 01:00:50
Schools. 01:00:53
Potentially asking for it and it wasn't. There was number process put in place to determine who was going to get what and which 01:00:54
agency we were going to pick. So we need to. 01:00:59
Better create a program so they can actually apply. And it would be fair, yeah. Well, we've contributed to supporting the Windmill 01:01:04
high school athletics in the past, but. 01:01:09
The. 01:01:20
The words community benefit. 01:01:21
Speak very directly to me and I I think over the last five years that we've we've supported. 01:01:24
Groups very much through the use of this and then. 01:01:33
We. 01:01:37
You know, like a sculpture 40,000. 01:01:39
Which I think is important to recognize. 01:01:43
But. 01:01:47
If we could do an accounting maneuver. 01:01:48
Where we were working. 01:01:51
In safe. 01:01:55
That's. 01:01:57
Got that direct, obvious benefit to the community. 01:01:58
And I just have a hard. 01:02:02
Understanding the Benefits of the Community of a SC. 01:02:05
But. 01:02:09
Be that as it may, I just. 01:02:10
Maybe. 01:02:13
Work together to. 01:02:15
Design. 01:02:19
Community benefit. 01:02:22
To touch on that, you are aware that this. 01:02:24
Funding that comes directly from the port, I'm aware of that, and their idea and understanding of what they want to contribute to 01:02:28
the community may differ from ours, but they have. 01:02:32
As much right as we do to decide what they want to do with a portion of their money, they agreed to what we asked for. The next 01:02:38
phase will be a Chumash statue. There's four phases for statue. That's great, but this is how the process is. This is the ports 01:02:44
money and they wanted a statue. 01:02:50
It's a the money is because of a agreement that was reached between the poor. But we have to agree. Both sides have to have an 01:02:58
agreement here and that's they agreed with our side and we agreed with theirs. We have to have a give and take. 01:03:04
And that's the first thing they. 01:03:10
And where next we We asked for a too much statue to put in the city to maybe. 01:03:12
For our heritage, so it has to be a give and take and there may not be everything there that you like and agree to, but. 01:03:18
It was an option that they wanted. 01:03:24
And just to. 01:03:28
Maybe forward-looking the point. 01:03:30
We did talk at the joint port city meeting about. 01:03:33
I think both the city and the. 01:03:36
Thought that in the future this we could do this a little better and we can. 01:03:39
Have like better criteria and an application process and some things like that. So we talked about that at the joint port meeting 01:03:45
and I think both the port and the city. 01:03:50
Felt like that is probably some the steps we need to take. So I think we'll look at how to do it in future years. Yeah, I would 01:03:55
just like to again some of these are obviously benefit to the community and you know. 01:04:02
I was over. 01:04:10
The Ted S team at Winemay High School got to the third round of CIF, which is amazing because we're not known for tennis and so I 01:04:12
took the occasion the last went over there Friday, went over there today, today. Didn't work out so well for them, but they played 01:04:18
their hearts out there and. 01:04:23
You know. 01:04:29
Hope everybody understands in this community is. 01:04:30
That tennis team. 01:04:34
Many of them. Maybe most of them, I don't know. 01:04:37
Have. 01:04:39
South Ox. 01:04:42
It's a $2500. 01:04:46
Or. 01:04:48
20 kids and it literally could change many of their lives. And so it it does again. 01:04:49
It's the lowest amount. 01:04:56
You know. 01:05:00
Dropped off because the port didn't want to support it, I guess. I don't know, but that was not how it was. We just agreed that we 01:05:02
need to establish our credit. I've just given you my Your information is wrong though, so if there's just real quick. 01:05:09
But we're not having a discussion right now. So if if you have a question, we can take questions, but we're not going to discuss 01:05:19
anything right now. 01:05:22
And if you have a question, we're open to hearing any questions that you might have. 01:05:27
So is it? Is there a timeline by which? 01:05:41
Committee will be discussing the criterion, coming up with a criteria or is it just we need a criteria? 01:05:46
Yeah, it was mentioned. 01:05:53
Yeah, We talked about coming up with it and coming up with an application process prior to next year's, which probably means we'd 01:05:55
have to have it done by like March, April. 01:05:59
So we're we're going to start by sending them some sample applications from other agencies who've done similar programs and then 01:06:03
sort of start there so. 01:06:08
Are there any other questions? 01:06:15
I have a question. 01:06:17
Did the port offer? 01:06:20
The tennis team sponsorship. 01:06:24
I did hear that they did offer. Did they? The port encouraged the and. 01:06:28
Suggested we also reach out and encourage and we did encourage the. 01:06:33
Tennis group. 01:06:39
Contact them about a sponsorship opportunity. 01:06:40
And then in our staff report we have. 01:06:44
Several. 01:06:48
Items here which are listed. 01:06:49
Categories Shoreline Production Community Development OPP. 01:06:52
Mystic Endeavors and other projects would use. Does the committee believe that those are? 01:06:57
Criteria. 01:07:05
The port operates under and the the decision making process operates under Is is this criteria here? 01:07:07
That criteria. 01:07:13
The language as it's written in our settlement agreement and so. 01:07:16
Those are the categories that were defined in the settlement agreement. 01:07:21
And. 01:07:25
That's why it was included in the stack. 01:07:27
Thank you. 01:07:30
Are there any other? Does anyone have a question? 01:07:33
More questions? 01:07:36
Are there any public comments regarding this? 01:07:39
We have a public comment from Rich Rollins. 01:07:41
Good evening, City Council. 01:07:55
I feel good about many of the project. 01:07:59
That are been approved by the Community Benefit Fund because I think they directly benefit the Res. 01:08:02
And the children of our community, things like the police explore. 01:08:09
The guppies. 01:08:13
The robotics program, those are all things that the real residents will be able to. 01:08:15
And we'll see that it's a benefit to them. 01:08:21
I do have. 01:08:25
About a couple of the projects that have been approved. 01:08:27
Very first one was mentioned earlier. 01:08:31
Was. 01:08:34
If I'm to read it right, they're asking for an additional $40,000. 01:08:37
For the monument, and I think originally. 01:08:41
It was about 50,000 that was initially approved, so that's $90,000. 01:08:45
Over 2 years, that's a very large percentage of the community benefit fund. 01:08:50
For a monument. 01:08:56
Many of the residents and stuff like that will not directly benefit from. 01:08:58
People coming outside will see them and that's nice. 01:09:02
Of money to be well spent for our. 01:09:05
That seems. 01:09:09
In my. 01:09:11
A low. 01:09:13
The second. 01:09:16
And I know it's a sensitive subject would be the sister city committee. 01:09:17
As I mentioned at the last meeting, most sisters, in fact all sister city committ. 01:09:23
Are organized by residents who feel a strong urge to kind of reach out to the community. 01:09:29
Funding is not spent by. 01:09:36
To pay for people to go on. 01:09:39
It's it just is never done any type of a nonprofit, be it the guppies or something or, because real people want to see those 01:09:44
things benefit. 01:09:48
So as it is. 01:09:53
I think now will be the last two years we've spent money on. 01:09:57
People. 01:10:02
On sister city committee. 01:10:04
We don't even have a sister city committee yet. 01:10:06
And yet we're spending out all this. 01:10:09
And in fact, most cities don't even spend it anyway, even once they've formulated. 01:10:11
It was mentioned earlier regarding the tennis. 01:10:22
And many of these kids, if you've seen AST presentation's. 01:10:26
Where many of these kids have come, they've gotten scholarships. 01:10:31
To go on to universities because of the inspiration they had and the skills that they developed from playing tennis. 01:10:35
And to be able to go to a trip like that again, we have a community where many of the kids cannot afford to do those types of 01:10:42
things. 01:10:46
Tennis is an expensive sport, but nonetheless these kids, as mentioned earlier, have done very well because of that. 01:10:50
You know, and moved on to higher ranks and have gotten scholarships. 01:10:58
Yet we've denied that. 01:11:02
I've read through the the regular you. 01:11:04
Regulations for the Sisters Committee, they're very vague. You can use them for whatever you want them to use and obviously that's 01:11:08
been the case in the past. 01:11:12
And it was mentioned earlier regarding like the cultural programs and stuff like that. 01:11:19
I know it's very generically written down there. 01:11:24
Like I'm all in favor of a ballet folklorical program. 01:11:28
But we don't have a ballet folklorical program in in Port Wyoming. 01:11:32
It would be great to be able to spend that money to do 1 to again benefit the residents and the kids in the Port Hueneme 01:11:36
community. 01:11:41
We have teachers. I know there's a number of teachers that teach ballet folklorical that could do that. 01:11:45
Thank you and and thank you very much. 01:11:52
Are there any more public comments? 01:11:58
No more public comments. 01:12:01
OK, the recommendation is to approve projects to be funded by the Joint City Port of Winemie Community Benefit Fund CB. 01:12:04
Do we have a motion in a second? 01:12:12
Move to approve. 01:12:16
Let's, uh, invite a discussion. 01:12:20
I would like to just say right off the bat, it's not easy to please everyone, you know, it's it's it's really difficult to make. 01:12:24
Make everybody get. 01:12:31
In agreement with everything that's on this. 01:12:34
It's been it's been a long journey. 01:12:37
You know, just even. 01:12:40
Say the sister city program. Yeah, I think. 01:12:42
There's some people that might not be OK with it, but. 01:12:44
Like, I just, I just came back from Puerto Vallarta and I'm. I'm exhausted. I'm tired. Everybody thinks it was a vacation. If you 01:12:48
want to call it a vacation, it was a working vacation. 01:12:52
I met her with the Navy Museum out. 01:12:58
The. 01:13:02
The library, I met up with the mayor. I'm trying to get people to work together. It's something that's new. 01:13:03
I think that money would be used to set up the nonprofit. 01:13:11
From my understanding Santa Barbara City did help their nonprofit get going. So it's we're just we're doing with another city 01:13:15
that's been successful with Sister Cities is doing right now. 01:13:20
And they have eight sister cities. 01:13:26
I also want to mention I did. 01:13:28
The Indian Wells Tournament. 01:13:31
Umm. 01:13:33
But as if it was as it was mentioned, we ended up deciding that there's another way for them to receive those funds. 01:13:35
So it's not. 01:13:42
It's totally saying, hey, you're not gonna get your your trip there. 01:13:44
One more application for you to do. 01:13:47
But it is a long. 01:13:51
Working with the port and sometimes it's not as easy as it may seem as. 01:13:53
As I'm sure former Mayor Rollins knows, because some of those meetings were just. 01:13:57
A lot of arguing, you know, and we weren't getting anywhere, so and I was in those meetings with you and. 01:14:02
Bunch of headbutts, you know, So I actually think that this is. 01:14:08
Something that we can celebrate. 01:14:12
And be thankful for because at the end of the at the end of the day, there is a lot of good. 01:14:15
That's happening on this list. 01:14:20
So. 01:14:23
And that that's all I wanted to say. 01:14:24
Thank you, Mayor. So we've been doing, we've we've had this. 01:14:28
Fun for quite a few years now. 01:14:35
And. 01:14:37
It sounds like we're still talking about the same stuff, not understanding the the agreement being vague. Let's spend some time 01:14:39
and work it so that it's not so vague. 01:14:43
So we don't have to have these same conversations every time we talk about this fund. 01:14:49
So I think I would like to take that as an action for us to make sure that we go in and try to get these right written so that 01:14:53
they're understandable and and we don't have to continue to have this conversation. 01:14:59
So I'm I'm in supportive of. 01:15:05
Supporting our local students, but I think there is a way that we can come up with where. 01:15:09
Is the people that come here and speak to us aren't the only people that are being. 01:15:17
Support it financially. So we have to come out with a way that we're maybe reaching out to see what we can do. 01:15:22
For the the schools around us. So it shouldn't be the loudest one that speaks gets the support. It should be we're we should be 01:15:30
supporting our residents and our schools so, so I'll be glad when we get to the point that we're doing that. 01:15:36
Echo those statements and. 01:15:47
But I do feel. 01:15:52
Supporting the youth of our community is the best. 01:15:54
Emulate community benefit and. 01:15:58
And so I feel like we're moving away from. 01:16:01
The Youth of our. 01:16:04
And I don't want to see that happen. I know that the statue is important to a lot of people, but. 01:16:06
Supporting the youth of our community is much more. 01:16:13
Um. 01:16:19
I'm just going to keep advocating for the students of our community and the high school age. Students at Winemie High School 01:16:22
represent our community and I think we need to support them. They have challenges that many of the. 01:16:29
In the Oxnard Union High School district don't have and I think. 01:16:37
Supporting the underprivileged is very important in this community. 01:16:41
I think, was there a motion in a second? 01:16:47
So don't take my no vote as being Mr. Negative, but I feel strongly for the kids in our community. 01:16:53
There's a lot of good stuff in here, don't get me wrong, but I just want to see it. 01:17:01
Redefined community benefit, Let's bring. 01:17:05
B. 01:17:10
So I just wanted to say that I don't want people to walk away from here now hearing these comments to think that we don't care 01:17:13
about our youth or we don't care about. 01:17:19
Our high schools. 01:17:25
If you look at the list, you'll see that we have a $10,000 scholarship program which will help benefit students of our local 01:17:27
schools, our police, explorers, which are really important to us, the real Guppy program. 01:17:34
The Lego FIRST Robotics Competition. The Little League. 01:17:41
So we still, we are still doing a lot and I think we're making the best out of this, out of this funding and it is a compromise 01:17:47
between US and the the port. It's a give and take as council Mayor Pro Tem stated. 01:17:55
And the process is lengthy because we have to go through all these levels of approval. So I hope that we can umm come to an 01:18:04
agreement on what. 01:18:09
Community benefit means because I've heard the poor state that several times. 01:18:14
But it's for some reason it doesn't get communicated in. 01:18:20
In this among this council, maybe we do need them to clarify it for us and I'm hoping that we can do that along with working on a 01:18:24
process for recognizing all the the groups who can take advantage of this funding. Thank you. That's all I have. If I may, one 01:18:32
more time. So you remind me something scholarships. We don't even have a process for scholarships. 01:18:39
I mean, where do we have a process? 01:18:48
We did. We did talk about. No, no, but but no. But again, I'm just, I'm just pointing out that. 01:18:52
We already discussed it. 01:18:59
Now I have a comment to go off of, Miramar says. Most of the people that are having the biggest complaints have sat in on these 01:19:01
committees. 01:19:05
And you understand that it's not just about what we want. 01:19:09
I agree with what everyone is saying here, but it's not just about what we want, it's also about what they want and they put in 01:19:12
what they want and we disagree. And you know that most of the time it was arguing and not finding a ways. 01:19:20
Coming together so the fact that we were able to without so much fighting and finding ways of common ground and you understand 01:19:27
that the process is difficult and it's again, I'll read it, it's not just about what we want. 01:19:33
So some of the items, they didn't agree. 01:19:40
And vice versa. So we have to find ways of picking items that everyone is going to agree, because it takes our committee and their 01:19:43
committee to approve these items. 01:19:48
And I just want to say like I fought so hard to get $10,000 on scholarships and I know the process isn't set, but the idea is. 01:19:53
$8000 would be set aside for the actual scholarships in about $2000 would be set for like a nice reception for the You're making 01:20:02
my point. So we've approved something that we don't have a process for. 01:20:08
And and I think we we're looking in need to do a better job. 01:20:13
Of defining. 01:20:18
Scholarship $10,000 means because it to me it just it's just a comment I made earlier. I'm not done talking. 01:20:20
That is what's next for us. This body will be creating the process. 01:20:29
So that is the next process. 01:20:35
And so there's several items, scholarships, community events and community events that yeah, we now that the funding's been 01:20:36
approved, we can spend the time to put together criteria and a process and bring it to the council and the council can review and 01:20:42
and provide feedback and approve those so. 01:20:49
There's several, but I think I understand the point of just again, I think what I'm hearing a consensus on is just sort of. 01:20:55
Having. 01:21:03
Kind of more detail detailed and more criteria and guidelines in the future and we'll we'll put effort into that, yeah. 01:21:05
Just want it one more time, the thing that irritates me. 01:21:14
Somebody on the other side said you can't do that. 01:21:18
And it gets tossed. 01:21:22
And and and I've read that's not what happened. 01:21:25
Disagreeing with you? You disagree, but I would like to finish speaking. 01:21:28
Having not been. 01:21:34
I don't know what happened, but all I know is that we support youth programs and we have supported Winemia Athletics in the. 01:21:36
How did this benefit fund? 01:21:45
The give and. 01:21:49
In my view, and I know you fought hard, I'm not criticizing. I'm just saying it just seems arbitrary. 01:21:52
To toss that one out, the most inexpensive one of the whole list. So I just want to make that point and I think, yeah, you're 01:21:59
talking to the choir here. I think we all feel you should turn all your. 01:22:05
Trust me, it's it's it's not easy man. Like sometimes. 01:22:14
Like being on council, being the mayor, being on this board, you know, even just us having this conversation, it's like, do we 01:22:19
really have to have this conversation? Like we're we're approving like a lot of good things for the community and we're over here 01:22:23
arguing over like. 01:22:28
Like, well, how is it gonna get done? It's like, well, look, we're in the process. It hasn't been that easy getting to this point. 01:22:32
Let's, let's move on. We'll come back and we'll tell you how. 01:22:37
How it's going to go, But yeah, I mean. 01:22:42
It's it's gonna be good for everyone. 01:22:44
Again, it's not we're not going to make everybody happy like. 01:22:47
We can't please the whole. 01:22:51
But it's pretty good and it's it's actually really great what we're doing and some of these things are totally different that 01:22:53
haven't been brought up. 01:22:57
You know, the scholarships, the city, poor community events, I think you guys are going to be. 01:23:01
Impressed when they when we do have those events. 01:23:05
Umm. 01:23:09
So if there's anything else that wants to be said, we can say it now. If not, I say we move on to a vote. The only thing I would 01:23:10
say that in the future that when we. 01:23:14
When items end up on this list that they receive the approval and we take the time to discuss them, here has a council, because 01:23:18
there's obviously some things here on that ended up on this list that this council did not. 01:23:25
Weigh. 01:23:32
So, so we need to, we need to improve the process and I have been on this Council since 20, since 2019 and I've seen improvements 01:23:33
made on this, the whole Community benefit allocation process. 01:23:40
It was, from the beginning, problematic. 01:23:48
Umm. 01:23:52
We had some improvements with our last city manager. I hope that. 01:23:52
We can clean it up a lot more in the future with with Mr. Vega so. 01:23:57
That's not what I'm saying, but. 01:24:03
That's OK. 01:24:06
OK, Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 01:24:07
Councilmember McQueen Lejeune. Yes. Mayor Pro Tem Perez. Yes, Council Member Gama. 01:24:11
Voting yes, but I'm upset that Panemi got kicked off. 01:24:22
Councilmember Hernandez Mayor Martinez. 01:24:27
Vote passes unanimously. 01:24:32
Moving on to item number 8. 01:24:36
Authorization to publish requests for proposal RFP for the construction of Bubbling Springs Renewal Project. Will staff please 01:24:38
present the report. 01:24:42
Yes, thank you and. 01:24:47
This is the only item we have a presentation, a PowerPoint presentation for tonight, so we'll pull that up. 01:24:49
Here. 01:24:55
I'm just going to use this. 01:25:02
OK. 01:25:08
So we'll pull this up. Hey, when we walked out into the room and I saw so many people were here, I wondered, like, what? We 01:25:11
screwed up. But it's actually. 01:25:15
Kind of a positive thing. It's actually. Most of the people in the room are actually part of the team working on this project and 01:25:22
I think one of the. 01:25:25
Reasons we were all here is we want to show everybody where we are working very hard and working very aggressively. 01:25:30
On. 01:25:37
Making this project a reality and it. 01:25:38
The largest project we've done in a long time. I think we had some people in the room when we were trying to figure out when's the 01:25:42
last time we did a project this large. 01:25:46
And we got back a while before we could think of anything similar, but this is a multi million dollar large scale project. 01:25:51
And so tonight we're going to give some information on it. But mostly what we wanted to do is as as part of the process for these 01:25:58
large public works projects. 01:26:03
We need to get the Council's approval to publish our request for proposals for the projects. 01:26:09
So we're here tonight to get that council approval, but we really wanted to just sort of take the opportunity while we were doing 01:26:14
that to actually walk through the project and tell people we've said the words Bubbling Springs project a lot. We've talked about 01:26:19
the grant a lot, but we haven't really. 01:26:24
Walked through what's in the project and so tonight we're going to try to. 01:26:30
To do that and give some of the background on the project. 01:26:36
And so just as a reminder as we start walking through. 01:26:41
The. 01:26:47
Project was initiated in March of 2021. When we applied for a grant, we didn't initially receive it, but we ended up receiving it 01:26:49
in February of 2023. We received a seven and a half million dollar grant. 01:26:55
And in the time period from February to now, we went through the process, the city approved, adopted a resolution approving or 01:27:02
accepting that grant. 01:27:08
And then we have been working aggressively since then to move the project forward. 01:27:13
We had some hiccups as we got started with the project, but we're. 01:27:19
We're in a position now where we're moving forward aggressively. We think we're back on track and today is a big step as far as 01:27:23
approving the. 01:27:28
RFP to go out and once we do that then the project should be moving forward. 01:27:34
And. 01:27:39
In time with the current deadline on the grant, so we're moving forward. 01:27:40
Umm. 01:27:48
We're going to go through a couple of the slides, but before I want to go through the project, I wanted to just give a little bit 01:27:51
of information on. 01:27:56
Probably the the biggest challenge with the project, any project of this size. 01:28:00
Two major challenges. Typically one is costs and the 2nd is time. 01:28:07
So we've talked about the grant deadline and we've talked about how we're moving aggressively to stay on track with the time. So 01:28:11
the the good news is that we are. 01:28:15
We're working and we're getting back on track on the timing, the challenge that we've mentioned recently, but I. 01:28:21
We had mentioned that we expected this challenge to come and as we'll go through this report, we'll explain that. 01:28:28
That we do see this challenge coming, which is the second item there the the money, the costs we expect to see. 01:28:35
That with inflation, with supply change impact supply. 01:28:44
Chain. 01:28:48
We anticipate that costs have increased from what they were originally expected to be. We had originally estimated the project to 01:28:50
be closer to the $10 million range. We expect now that it's closer to the $14 million range. 01:28:57
Although that includes a contingency. 01:29:04
Of about $1,000,000. 01:29:07
And. 01:29:08
Have that updated estimate, and that's a challenge. That estimate is just an estimate because it's going to be fleshed out when 01:29:11
the project actually gets bid. 01:29:16
Once we release the request for proposals, but in the meantime we're going to look for funding opportunities and we're going to 01:29:22
look for some options to address that, but that will be a big challenge. So as we go through this project. 01:29:27
We'll explain the different aspects of the project and we'll note some of the challenges which most of those challenges have cost 01:29:34
impacts, so. 01:29:37
So at this point I'm going to go just. 01:29:43
The elements of the project that were required by the grant. So when we applied for a grant, we committed to do. 01:29:47
Specific things and so we're we're going to walk through them sort of piece by piece of what we committed to do in the grant and 01:29:54
how we're we're reaching those commitments. 01:29:58
So, umm. 01:30:03
To start one of the major. 01:30:05
Aspects of the project was renovating the four baseball fields. 01:30:08
Expanding one and adding or constructing lighting for the baseball fields. 01:30:13
So you could see in this slide the. 01:30:17
Footprint. 01:30:20
4 fields are expected or how they're expected to be laid out. 01:30:22
And then? 01:30:26
An illustration of what we expect it to look like. It includes that portion of the of the grant. That aspect includes new lighting 01:30:28
for the fields, new fencing and warm up areas, new backstops, outfield irrigation and new dugouts. 01:30:35
We have a footnote here, and we'll note this in a couple. 01:30:44
There was a discussion throughout the project about whether grass or turf would be preferable. 01:30:48
And so we've been trying to work with the different stakeholders and try to. 01:30:54
Come up with what works best in which areas. 01:31:00
And then also keeping in mind the costs, when we looked at the costs and we tried to scale some things back. 01:31:02
In certain areas. 01:31:09
Where the turf is more expensive to install, we've looked at scaling that back to grass. 01:31:10
But as we go to bid, we don't have to actually finalize that decision yet because. 01:31:17
When we go to bid, will bid with the ad alternate option of. So for example, the bid will include a grass infield for the baseball 01:31:22
fields, but it'll have the add alternate option of synthetic turf. 01:31:29
So we'll be able to get the bid to show both of those and then when we get the costs, we can make a final decision. 01:31:37
So we don't need to make the final decision on those now, but I just want to note that when we talk about certain fields, we'll 01:31:43
talk about. 01:31:46
Whether they're grass at this time or turf at this time. 01:31:49
So the baseball fields are currently expected to be bid as grass, with the alternate option of turf to get the. 01:31:53
To the costs of. 01:32:02
So when we were looking at the baseball fields, we ran. 01:32:04
We we had some challenges that are going to impact. 01:32:09
The work that was expected there, we're working through these challenges. We're just mentioning them as as again part of the 01:32:13
explanation of why the cost or the timing was impacted. 01:32:17
And with the baseball fields, the three challenges noted are. 01:32:23
That there were non salvageable amenities at the fields and we'll see the next one, the grade level increase. We'll see that on a 01:32:27
couple of the aspects because. 01:32:32
The grading has to be adjusted. 01:32:38
And liquification zone impacted the filled lighting foundation designs and those had to be modified so. 01:32:42
Those were some of the challenges that we were working through over the last couple months. 01:32:48
On the multi use baseball field. 01:32:52
After the. 01:32:57
Sure, yeah. You can ask questions on each item. 01:32:59
Yeah, I just wanted to ask about the liquefaction zone. How was that identified? Was that identified by the? 01:33:03
By in. 01:33:09
Personnel or was that the consultant? Was that part of our coring samples? 01:33:12
And do you want to speak to him? Yeah, we have the whole team here. One of the the key things for us is keeping the project moving 01:33:19
because of that timeline challenge. So one of the reasons we have the whole team I started to explain was. 01:33:25
Because we all know that the time is of the essence, so we are all here today to answer any questions, so we can move forward and 01:33:32
so. 01:33:35
Good evening. I'm Basan Ross and with the. 01:33:39
And then we are the construction manager on behalf of the City of Port Wine. 01:33:43
Excuse me for this project. So in terms of the question liquefact. 01:33:47
There is a shallow water tables about four feet, maybe 5 feet, just below grade and part of the G Tech Report investigation the 01:33:51
Stack engineer came up. 01:33:55
Because of that shallow depth of the water table. 01:34:00
In the in the case of a seismic. 01:34:05
Liquefaction probably is something that's really we have to consider in the design. 01:34:08
And that's why we're just talking about the depth of the. 01:34:12
Of the lighting is has changed quite Dr. 01:34:15
From the original design, we just one more question, do we expect that the liquid action zone area will impact? 01:34:19
Other construction later on into the project. 01:34:25
No, that that issue has been considered throughout the project, whether it was for the lights themselves or whether for footings 01:34:28
or the foundations of. 01:34:32
The buildings on the on the project. Thank you. Thank you for catching. Thank you thank you. 01:34:37
So the next aspect of the and again these are the elements that we identified in the original project the grant award was based on 01:34:44
and at the end will show sort of the cost breakdown of what we had expected. 01:34:49
And now what, what the revised estimates are. So the next element that we had included in our grant was the renovation of the 01:34:55
Sports Plaza with concessions. 01:35:00
Well, with with buildings that include concessions, community rooms, storage, building and restrooms. 01:35:05
And so. 01:35:12
The rendering here shows. 01:35:15
What that improvement would be expected to look like. The improvement includes, as I mentioned, the baseball equipment, storage 01:35:19
facilities, the new concession stand, a meeting room. 01:35:24
In a six stall restroom, build. 01:35:30
Adjacent to the baseball fields. 01:35:33
The big challenge with this, as just mentioned, that liquefaction zone actually impacts multiple things and essentially it's just 01:35:37
high water table out at the at the park. 01:35:42
And so that's listed as one of the challenges here too. It's just going to impact the all the building foundation designs. 01:35:49
But the biggest increase our impact here was the sewer, water connections and that image on the right. 01:35:55
With the red line, trace is essentially showing the challenge in the path that we had to. 01:36:03
Try to follow to have the sewer and water connect to the to the new. 01:36:10
Buildings. And so that's something we've been working through and we've been working with some of the neighbors to try to address 01:36:16
that and get the sewer and water connection resolved. 01:36:20
And so. 01:36:26
And then the grade increase that we mentioned, which again is going to that and the liquefaction are going to impact multiple 01:36:29
aspects of the park. 01:36:32
And so again those are just challenges that. 01:36:36
Increase the cost or increase the design work on this project, Yes. So my question right now is with regards to the parking area 01:36:40
and I understand accessibility is a real. 01:36:46
Big. 01:36:54
Part of this grant, how is that going to be addressed? 01:36:55
The parking area. 01:36:59
Bye. 01:37:01
Right now, it's like a Community Center. 01:37:03
Picture to the right and you have the. 01:37:08
I don't know what you call it, but. 01:37:12
Cars park along the grass, right? 01:37:15
See this dirt Rd. that comes? You can't see what I'm pointing at. Yeah, I can't see what you're pointing. So if I may address 01:37:17
that. 01:37:20
There will no longer. We will no longer have the cars I'm driving up now. Little League might decide they need a car to drive up 01:37:25
just to drop off items to the snack bar, but the entire parking lot adjacent to J Street? 01:37:31
Is going to have accessibility onto the fields. 01:37:39
And they are being reconstructed in order to meet the ADA standards. 01:37:42
So a wheelchair will be able to travel first. 01:37:47
And there will be no. 01:37:52
And we were going to get to that at one point that one of the challenges it's really an opportunity too, but it just has cost is. 01:37:55
Ada improvements throughout that were not necessarily originally foreseen when we started the project. 01:38:02
But the with the whole site being ADA accessible, a sidewalk on on an ADA accessible sidewalk on one side, the trail being 01:38:08
upgraded to ADA accessible and then that's part of the the grading improvements and things like that too, so. 01:38:15
So the third element of the park that we had committed to in the grant is constructing the dog park we. 01:38:29
Where did it in the original grant and I think we talked a little bit about this about a month or so ago, but. 01:38:36
As a constructing small slash large dog park. And So what that has sort of evolved into is, is the 2 separate dog park areas right 01:38:42
next to each other, the small dog park, the large dog park. 01:38:48
And including drinking fountains, The Walking path that would access the dog park and storm drainage drainage improvements. 01:38:57
And so that's another big piece. 01:39:06
When we one of the challenges that kind of came up late in the design process that we had to make some adjustments for. 01:39:11
That that added some of the time. 01:39:18
And this will you'll see this challenge across some of the other slides too. But as we realize, we need a 20 foot buffer area. 01:39:21
Along the Creek so that we can maintain the Creek and that meant everything kind of got consolidated. 01:39:29
Adjusted, so you could see that on this slide. 01:39:35
There's that dotted line. 01:39:38
Behind or at the bottom of the dog park where there would be a buffer with the. 01:39:41
With. 01:39:46
And so some of the original design, where it was more close to the Creek, now had to be moved away. 01:39:48
So we've made those adjustments. We've. 01:39:55
And we now have this design for the large dog park in the small dog park area to be added. 01:40:00
Additionally, construction of a new, again inclusive and accessible or two keywords that I think. 01:40:08
Throughout the project, but accessible and inclusive playground. 01:40:15
The improvements there would include new, safer playground with rubber flooring and lit walking paths that would allow better 01:40:20
access to the playground. 01:40:24
And so that's another element that we had committed to as part of the project. 01:40:29
We had committed to construct 2 picnic areas with shaded structures. 01:40:37
As an. 01:40:42
Before we had to do some value engineering. 01:40:45
Umm. 01:40:48
When we initially said shaded structures, we had visualized, you know, maybe. 01:40:49
More deluxe structures, but when we got the cost estimates back and we had to dig in and we found some savings already on this 01:40:55
project. 01:41:00
To try to help manage the costs, we had to look at how we could install some of these shaded areas like the one in the image. That 01:41:05
would actually be a lot lower cost, but still provide. 01:41:10
What we committed to, which is the picnic areas with shaded. 01:41:16
And again, it notes the challenge of that we just found throughout anytime we built something, we found that liquefaction zone. 01:41:21
That would impact the foundation design, so we had to design for that so. 01:41:31
And so this image. This rendering here shows the two multi use soccer football fields. 01:41:38
With seating, fencing and. 01:41:45
And with that image, you can actually see also sort of where that is and then in comparison to the parking lot and the dog parks. 01:41:47
And and so it's the square there, the the middle of that image and so that improvement will include soccer field. 01:41:56
With lighting, with lit walking paths, and with new bleachers. 01:42:06
Sort of opposite of the baseball fields right now at this. 01:42:10
The base bid of the request for proposals includes synthetic turf. 01:42:15
But we're asking them to also bid an alternate of grass and then when we get those two costs, we'll be able to look at those and 01:42:20
figure out. 01:42:23
Which of the two and and and the Council will be able to choose which of those two options? 01:42:29
So that is in the request for proposals. When we developed this, we had the challenge of realizing that we need to do make some 01:42:34
adjustments so that we could power the soccer field lights and that we also had to deal with the liquefaction zone for the light 01:42:41
foundations. 01:42:47
And. 01:42:54
This raised the issue, which I think is OK. It's not the next slide, it'll be in a couple slides, but. 01:42:56
As we were working through this, we real. 01:43:02
That the South parking lot was not 88 compliant currently and that we would need to also make the parking lot 88 compliant, which 01:43:05
also is part of what added to those costs. 01:43:09
And so we'll get to that and slide in a couple minutes. 01:43:14
I think this one is sort of just big picture, but throughout the entire park we. 01:43:21
In the grant to renovate the landscaping look. 01:43:26
Native drought tolerant land. 01:43:30
And so and also increasing the number of trees throughout the park and so we have that. 01:43:34
Included in the design. 01:43:41
Additional trees. 01:43:44
Drought tolerant plants in new irrigation throughout the. 01:43:47
Obviously one of the challenges with the adding additional planting will be the maintenance, but we're working with all our 01:43:52
departments to try to make sure that we have a plan for that. 01:43:57
And then again, just noting part of that design hiccup that we had was that. 01:44:04
Initially we went closer to the Creek and we realized we had to add that buffer zone from the Creek. So we've been working through 01:44:09
that and we now have a design. 01:44:12
Better design in place. 01:44:17
One of the other elements we committed to in the project is to construct what they call exercise stations on a walking circuit. 01:44:21
And there's a few of these around. Not very many, but. 01:44:29
In the Sea Bridge area in Oxnard, there's a you know where you walk along the harbor. You'll see little bulb outs with exercise 01:44:34
stations. 01:44:37
An. 01:44:42
As part of our project it would be adding some exercise stations in throughout the park. 01:44:44
We're looking. 01:44:49
All abouts, with two stations in each area. 01:44:51
6 total exercise stations. 01:44:54
And that's another example of the value engineering. 01:44:57
We committed to add these when we first had our dream project. We had 12 exercise stations. 01:45:01
As we came back and tried to reduce costs, we dropped it to six and we also looking at other areas who have exercise stations, it 01:45:07
seems like it's still. 01:45:11
That's still a good number. A lot of projects that. 01:45:16
That I've seen don't even have that many, so it's maybe not the full deluxe package that we would have liked, but it's still a 01:45:21
major improvement. 01:45:25
And an amenity for the community for. 01:45:31
People to be able to go out to the park and workout using these exercise stations. 01:45:34
And then as part of that, it also includes the path improvements and the the lit walking path. 01:45:41
And then I sort of addressed this. 01:45:50
A big part of the project that maybe isn't as flashy as some of the added amenities. 01:45:53
Just adding accessible walkways throughout the. 01:46:00
Adding accessible sidewalk, adding accessible walking paths, lighting those things. 01:46:04
So it's really just about making the park more accessible to all of the members of our community. 01:46:09
In the future. 01:46:16
And then the challenge there that's note it is again the challenge that is impacting us once we got up and started doing the 01:46:19
design work and we found the high water table issue. 01:46:24
That's all that's going to be something we have to continually. 01:46:29
Be conscious of and try to work around. 01:46:33
And so I mentioned earlier this. 01:46:38
The Community Center parking lot 88 accessible improvements. 01:46:41
Is the one item. 01:46:45
We did not actually commit to doing this in the grant, but as we started to do the work, we realized that we needed to do it and 01:46:46
for reasons not related to the grant, just things like when you do a project of this size, you should make it 88 accessible. 01:46:53
Though we are adding it and it's part of what added to the cost, but it's we are adding it to meet those standards and to make the 01:47:02
park ADA accessible and that. 01:47:06
Making the Community Center parking lot. 01:47:12
ADA accessible and so it's a major improvement that'll help. 01:47:15
With the accessibility. 01:47:21
The challenge was it wasn't part of the project. So, so that's part of those costs increases that we're seeing. 01:47:23
But. 01:47:29
We recommend doing it as part of the project and and. 01:47:32
Moving forward with it. 01:47:37
So this talks a little bit about some of those items we talked about already. We talked about the deep soil borings and and this 01:47:41
slide, there's actually an image. 01:47:46
Of those and showing what that looked like when we did. 01:47:51
And that raised a lot of. 01:47:55
Design issues that we had to work through impacted all the buildings that we were building, all the lights that we were adding, 01:47:59
that all had to be sort of redesigned with that in mind. 01:48:03
Also the parking lot and 88 accessible issues. 01:48:07
The other thing, and there's a positive to this, but again just the cost impact, is that we realize we have to import some soil. 01:48:12
To help with the grad. 01:48:23
We actually had some soil on our lot, our city lot that we have over on Panoma and we're going to be able to use that and actually 01:48:25
help both sides. 01:48:29
But. 01:48:35
It's still a cost. It's something that's going to impact our financial. 01:48:36
Estimates on this project. 01:48:40
And then? 01:48:44
Those are three of the big cost drivers. The 4th is just the nationwide, you know, everybody's seeing increases with inflation and 01:48:46
supply chain shortages at this time. 01:48:51
So those are really the four. 01:48:56
Components that drove the prices of the project up. 01:48:59
We noted in the report. 01:49:03
We rough estimate right now and again until we go out to bid, we it's just an estimate, but our rough estimate right now. 01:49:06
Is that we have about $10.3 million? 01:49:13
Available for the project and we est. 01:49:16
That the project cost is about $14 million, but that includes a contingency. 01:49:19
So hopefully it would be less than that. 01:49:26
O That leaves a gap of a few $1,000,000. We're already working on looking at our budget to try to make those adjustments to. 01:49:28
Find some funding options. We're also looking at pursuing other grant opportunities and those things, so. 01:49:38
There's we're pursuing options. 01:49:46
It may not end up being that situation. The bids could come in lower, we could get a grant and things might not be far off, but. 01:49:50
At this time, that's the current. 01:49:57
Status. And so we are continuing to work on that. 01:50:00
And so. 01:50:05
This last slide we just wanted to show it because. 01:50:07
It lists those main elements that we just walked through. 01:50:12
It shows what was actually originally planned in the Grant under grant award. 01:50:15
How much money was identified for each portion of the project? 01:50:20
And then it shows the new estimated cost and so the difference between those two. 01:50:25
And so you could see that there were. 01:50:32
Some areas where the cost increase was significant. 01:50:36
Typically it's those items that related to. 01:50:42
I think the biggest ones we saw were. 01:50:47
Landscaping adjustments. 01:50:50
The Walking. 01:50:54
Improve. 01:50:57
But. 01:50:58
Shows those cost increases. It also shows that we have a $1.1 million construction contingency built into the. 01:50:59
Est. 01:51:07
And then so the estimated cost for the recreation Fe. 01:51:09
That we just walked through is 11,000,000. 01:51:13
The construction contingency is $1.1 million and the pre construction costs all the design and the work that we had to do 01:51:17
redesigning with the liquefaction zone issues. 01:51:22
The the design portion is estimated to cost about $1.9 million. 01:51:28
So those all add up to that $14 million total that we are expecting. 01:51:33
To for the project to to to cost. And so as we get the bids in, we'll know sort of items one through 11 more firm as we start 01:51:39
getting each of the bids. But that's what we're preparing for and planning for at this time. 01:51:46
And so. 01:51:54
With that, that's the project in a nutshell. 01:51:57
As we said at the beginning, because we have the deadline related to the. 01:52:00
$10 million in grant funding that. 01:52:06
Well, it's a little less than 10 million, but it's 10 million with everything total, but because of the deadlines. 01:52:09
We are moving forward aggressively and so we recommend moving forward with authorized authorizing us to go to. 01:52:15
At tonight's meeting. 01:52:23
O. 01:52:26
My. 01:52:27
Are there any questions for? 01:52:29
I have a question if you could go yesterday on this slide here, so. 01:52:32
I'm raising my eyebrows here at the fact that I think what I'm hearing is that there was. 01:52:37
No consideration to making any of these projects ADA accessible, but then I'm seeing a #11 that there was a 363,000. 01:52:43
Dollar grant award to make the parking lot ADA accessible. 01:52:54
Are you saying? 01:52:59
Didn't consider Ada in the beginning of this project or that they did because it sounds like they did. It's an additional parking 01:53:02
lot and duo next, so staff. 01:53:07
Staffs intent was only to make the J Street parking lot ADA accessible. When we went into plan check, they came back and said no, 01:53:14
no, you've got to do the Community Center too because it's adjacent to the park. That is not something that we anticipated, nor 01:53:20
did we realize that it was not up to ADA compliance. 01:53:26
So it's that additional parking lot and then just throughout the project on the different elements 8088 and accessibility 01:53:33
improvements throughout. 01:53:37
You know when we get into also just want to comment on the on the liquefaction areas, you know when we get into these kinds of 01:53:43
projects. 01:53:46
That's where our hazard mitigation plan really comes in handy, because it will show us where those problem areas are. So I just. 01:53:50
Remind everybody that that's that's available to us. You know we participate in the county with the county and developing those 01:53:59
plants and they're very useful. 01:54:04
So we should. 01:54:08
Any other questions? 01:54:15
I just. 01:54:17
A few years ago I was digging a hole in my backyard and I hit water. 01:54:19
And so why not? But it's it's remarkable when you're not in a drought situation, how? 01:54:23
How high the water table is, It's really remarkable. 01:54:30
Are there? 01:54:37
Public comments regarding this item. 01:54:39
No public comments. 01:54:43
OK, the recommendation is to authorize staff to publish an RFP for the construction of the Bubbling Springs Park Renewal Project. 01:54:45
I have a motion in a. 01:54:52
Move to approve. 01:54:56
2nd. 01:54:57
All right. Is there anything that you'd like to discuss? 01:54:59
Staff, staff. 01:55:03
We're here to support you. 01:55:04
Definitely. 01:55:07
Alright, sounds good. Madam Clerk, can you please take? 01:55:09
All in favor, aye. 01:55:13
All opposed. 01:55:15
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:55:17
Thank you everybody for coming out. 01:55:21
We appreciate you very much. 01:55:23
Moving on to the last item, Legal Services agreement with Green, the Brownonski LLP to continue services as City attorney. Will 01:55:27
staff please present the report? 01:55:32
Good evening, Mayor Martinez and Honorable Council. 01:55:40
The item before you tonight is renewal of the contract for City Attorney Services with Green D Bornowski. Staff's recommendation 01:55:44
is to approve with the. 01:55:47
With the amendments to the agreement that I'm going to go over here. 01:55:53
Shortly Green D Bernowski has served as City Attorney for the City of Portland, Amy since 2017. That contract has been renewed on 01:55:56
two year terms. I have been working for the city. 01:56:02
In the capacity of Deputy City Attorney since 2017. I was named City Attorney in 2021 and observed in that capacity since. 01:56:08
The agreement that's proposed here tonight has no substantive changes, with the exception of the attorney only hourly rate. That 01:56:18
rate does not change for paralegals or anything like that, and the attorney hourly rate is increased from $25.00 an hour. 01:56:25
For the criteria of General Services as well as litigation services, that takes the General Services amount from $175.00 an hour 01:56:32
to $200. 01:56:36
And it takes the litigation services amount from 2:20 to 245. And those are the only changes before council tonight. I'm available 01:56:41
for any questions Council might have. 01:56:46
Are there any questions for staff? 01:56:51
I have a question, don't know how to ask it. 01:57:03
Am I allowed to mention something that we discuss? 01:57:06
Closed session? No. 01:57:09
Not unless it's already an item of public knowledge. 01:57:13
If it's if it's already in public domain, then I think it can be discussed, but anything that was discussed in closed session was 01:57:16
something you said. 01:57:20
It's up to the council. 01:57:26
OK. Are there any public comments regarding this item? 01:57:29
Yes, we do have one public comment. 01:57:33
Dear City Council, my name is Mark F McLaren, a long time resident of the area and over the past several years I have written 01:57:39
several times concerning the former City Manager Mr. Connors and the current City attorney Mr. Spalding. So I was very surprised 01:57:45
to see on the agenda business item to renew the contract with Mr. Spalding's law firm. 01:57:51
With all the turmoil, lack of transparently and litigation under the watch of Mr. Connors and City Attorney Mr. Kevin Spaulding, I 01:57:57
thought the City Council would at the very least solicit new proposals for City Attorney. 01:58:03
I would urge the City Council to consider keeping the contact on a month to month basis, sorry contract on a month to month basis 01:58:09
until proposals for City attorney can be solicited, reviewed and evaluated. Respectfully Mark F McLaren. 01:58:15
And that concludes Ublic. 01:58:22
OK. 01:58:25
The recommendation is to approve and authorize to execute a new legal services agreement with the law firm of Green Bernowski, LP 01:58:26
to continue services at City of Port Hueneme City Attorney effective November 6/20/23. 01:58:32
Do I have a motion in a second? 01:58:39
Move to. 01:58:42
I just want to thank. 01:58:52
Mr. Spaulding, for his service, I think you've done a really good job. You know, I think if you presented to us the money that 01:58:54
you've saved the city and legal liability costs, I think it would be tremendous. So just want to thank you for your continued 01:58:59
service and. 01:59:04
And you've been really good to work with. Thank you. 01:59:10
Anything else? 01:59:16
OK, Madam Clerk, can you please take a vote? 01:59:19
All in favor. 01:59:23
All. 01:59:30
Are you sure, for the record, that Councilmember Comma voted? No Motion passes for one. 01:59:37
We're going to move on to City Manager comments and reports. Mr. City Manager, do you have any comments or reports to share? 01:59:45
Thanks. A couple of quick things. First for November 20th agenda. 01:59:51
We had a couple items planned currently. The we had continued the public hearing related to tradecraft farms. 01:59:57
That we had at a prior meeting. We had continued that to November 20th, so we'll be bringing that back. 02:00:05
Along with some proposed cannabis program revisions for discussion. 02:00:10
We're planning to do our presentation announcing our Sergeant promotion. So we'll have that on the November 20th and we'll be 02:00:16
announcing promotion of of our new sergeants here within our Police Department and then. 02:00:23
There's a couple of other items we're working on. One is to discuss creation of a reserve fund for capital improvement projects to 02:00:32
help fund our CRP, CIP projects in the future. And so that's what's on our plate for November 20th. 02:00:40
In the meantime, this Friday we have our veteran's day event at 8:30 AM here in front of City Hall. All are invited and we'll post 02:00:49
some information on our website and Facebook page to help get the word out to people that will be doing that this Friday, this 02:00:55
Friday morning. 02:01:00
And then last, just because I know we've been rolling out the. 02:01:07
Green bins for for the last. 02:01:13
Couple. 02:01:17
I just wanted to give an update on that. We have rolled out our green bids to all of our single family residents units, our single 02:01:18
family homes. 02:01:22
Uh, within the city, but we're still working on some of the. 02:01:27
Condos, townhomes that are in the in homeowners associations. 02:01:33
As we're trying to work with the HOA's to talk about what size carts work in in. 02:01:38
For each of the different. 02:01:45
Just with questions from people about what size bins they can fit in their garages or things like that, so. 02:01:48
So Fred Camarillo and I have gone to HOA meetings. We've talked to some of the HOA's and a few of them had asked for some for 02:01:56
about a month or so to have beatings with their residents and then come back to us with what would work for them. 02:02:03
So we've started to get some of those answers and we expect to roll them out for the next. 02:02:11
A couple months I think is what we're looking at. So but we have just as a reminder is that we're having, we're rolling those out. 02:02:20
But we also have to roll them out to meet state mandates and state requirements. So as we've met with homeowners and we've run 02:02:29
into situations where people aren't necessarily happy to be getting them, we're reminding them that it's we we we've got to meet a 02:02:34
state mandate. So we don't really have a choice either. So we're going to work with everybody to try to get them out, but we're 02:02:40
trying to help everybody understand that we we all have to move in that direction and I think most have been receptive when we've 02:02:45
met with them. 02:02:50
And like I said, most have just asked for some time to talk to their. 02:02:56
The members of their associations and find out what works best for their communities. 02:03:01
So that continues. 02:03:06
On we're making progress on that, working towards getting it in place over the next couple months. 02:03:10
And with that, that's everything I. 02:03:17
Let's move on to council member reports and comments. 02:03:20
Start off with Councilmember Martha McQueen. 02:03:24
Attended the United Water. 02:03:41
Inform. 02:03:44
The Nemesis community leader. 02:03:50
That was pretty nice. Attended the state of the county event. 02:03:54
On the weekend and then following my BCTC meeting on Friday, participated in the. 02:03:59
Workshop for elected officials. 02:04:07
So that's all I have. 02:04:10
So today was the Animal Services. 02:04:17
Meeting and. 02:04:20
I wasn't able to attend in person, but I was able. 02:04:22
Participate, pre and post. 02:04:27
And there continues to be. 02:04:30
Controversy regarding. 02:04:32
Animals. 02:04:35
And how they're treated at the animal serv. 02:04:36
I believe they're doing excellent work and it's a difficult job and. 02:04:40
I recently learned. 02:04:46
How difficult it is? 02:04:49
As I rescued a dog and the. 02:04:50
Bit my mother. 02:04:55
And he was a beautiful. 02:04:56
Good dog, but he obviously had some behavioral issues. 02:05:00
You have to disclose that. 02:05:06
To Animal Services and that puts that animal in a whole nother criteria. 02:05:08
And the ending isn't good. 02:05:15
And. 02:05:17
I really understand the difficulty that those public servants. 02:05:20
I'm working under and it's it's a very difficult. 02:05:24
Job and a number of abandoned animals that get there. 02:05:28
If you hear people criticizing Animal Services, please take the time to go visit them and see the wonderful work they do. It's a 02:05:35
difficult, difficult job. 02:05:39
And it breaks our heart that we had. 02:05:46
Anyways. 02:05:51
I'm pleased to that the city of Oxnard. 02:05:53
For. 02:05:57
4th time Sicily. They cleaned up Perkins Rd. in the in 2017. They cleaned it up in 2019 when the encampments were on the beach. 02:05:58
They cleaned it up in 2021 and now they've cleaned it up again in 2023. And the amount of rubbish garbage that they removed is 02:06:05
astounding. I think there was probably 40. 02:06:11
20 I don't know how many 40 foot trash bins they filled up. They literally had to use heavy equipment, abandoned cars, abandoned 02:06:18
chemicals, abandoned plastics, abandoned this and that. 02:06:23
And the place is still a. 02:06:29
And. 02:06:31
You know, recently with the activities that we do weekly with Windy beach cleanup, we thought we saw. 02:06:34
In the. 02:06:42
And so I reported it to the county. 02:06:43
And the guy came out and interacted with us. And what I learned is, is that even as a volunteer, when we pick up aerosol cans, 02:06:46
oils, paint. 02:06:50
Suddenly we have to handle them as hazardous waste and technically we're supposed to pay for their proper remediation and do all 02:06:55
this stuff. And it's like. 02:06:59
Are you kidding me? 02:07:05
My point in my comment is I hope that we. 02:07:08
Get together with the city of. 02:07:12
And work together to. 02:07:15
Repeat what's been going on out there because it really, if you're for the environment, you have to be for the environment and we 02:07:18
can't go through another cycle of that. The amount of chemicals and plastics and stuff that is left behind, it's just waiting to 02:07:24
be washed into Ormond Lagoon and then onto Winemie Beach and Ormond Beach. 02:07:31
And it's a vicious cycle, and I hope that we could. 02:07:38
Get together with the city of Oxnard and come up with a. 02:07:42
It's like, what do you do about a neighbor that you know? 02:07:45
Problems, You know, we have to work together, so. 02:07:51
It's a good thing, but I hope that we could find a better way to take care of. 02:07:54
Environment where it meets each other. 02:08:00
Councilmember Hernandez, thank you, Mayor. I just have a few things to report on. Are the mural committee met out at the library? 02:08:06
Week before last, and OPEC is beginning to work on the RFP. So we spent time just talking about some of the nuts and bolts of what 02:08:15
had to go into the RFP. And also I. 02:08:22
Talked more about the concept of what the design of the mural was going to actually be, what what elements it should contain and I 02:08:29
think, I'm not sure OPEC captured everything, but we might not have to continue that discussion. But anyway, we are on a regular 02:08:36
meeting schedule and we have one I think coming up with our PIO to help us get information out on. 02:08:44
On the process as we move along with the mural. 02:08:52
And implementation the Puerto Vallarta rich trip last week was very interesting. I don't think we have we'll have a report at a 02:08:56
later meeting when Mayor Martinez and I have a chance to connect and and exchange notes. I also attended the V Cog dinner hosted 02:09:04
by the City of Simi. It was very nice dinner, very well hosted at their Cultural Center, which actually was formerly. 02:09:13
A church, a Funeral Home, and then something else. But they took this church and converted it into a Cultural Center. Just really 02:09:22
a fabulous location, and it's always good. 02:09:27
Have opportunity to hang out and socialize with our fellow council members and elected officials from other jurisdictions. 02:09:34
Other than that, I think. 02:09:44
That's all I have. I just wanted to. 02:09:47
As a courtesy also for this Council is during Council meetings. 02:09:49
Is to limit the side conversations and the note writing. I think for transparency purposes it. 02:09:54
Unfair to our audiences to conduct side conversations. 02:10:03
And it's also very distracting, so I'm sorry, I just had to put that out there. 02:10:08
Thank you. That's all I have. 02:10:13
I attended my committee meetings, the only one of. 02:10:19
Note is the Boys and Girls Club of. 02:10:23
Oxnard and Port Hueneme's Gala was a huge success. We raised over. I don't know the full amount yet, but it's over $500,000. 02:10:26
And a big portion of that will go to support our local boys and Girls Club and completely redoing that entire building and 02:10:33
programming there, so. 02:10:38
That's all I have. Thank you. 02:10:44
Just wanted to mention, yeah, the RFP for the mural, so that's that's moving forward. It looks like it it would probably be 02:10:48
complete by next year in October. 02:10:51
That's like the timeline. So I just wanted to add that the sister city trip, yeah, it was last week. 02:10:56
We'll have to meet together and then it'd be nice if we can do like a. 02:11:03
What went? 02:11:07
I. 02:11:10
Think I filmed enough to make me make like 7 mini videos explaining 7 different things that went on. 02:11:10
But again that's it's a lot of work making certain videos. So I'm just like can I get it done? I think I can. It's just like I 02:11:17
said it's just a lot of work and reach is going to be meeting. Oh, and just want to mention we we should be having a sister city 02:11:22
meeting. Is it next week? I think we said in November 13th we might just want to double check our notes but I think it was 02:11:27
November 13th at 6:00 PM. 02:11:32
Yeah, there's a we need to some clarification from our city attorney as to. 02:11:38
A meeting or in committee. 02:11:42
Is. 02:11:45
I don't know if we've arrived at that. 02:11:46
A decision the committee, as far as I know, the committee that was approved is an ad hoc committee, which means it's advisory in 02:11:49
nature only and has to report back to council for any decisions. Excellent. Thank you. 02:11:54
And we're having a reach meeting on Wednesday, this Wednesday at 4:30, so just want to mention that. 02:12:00
But that's that's it. Let's move on to request for future agenda items. I'd like to remind council members that all requested 02:12:07
items require for a motion and a second and a majority vote. 02:12:11
Does anyone have a request for future agenda items? 02:12:16
I don't know if it's necessary for an agenda, but can we get an update as to what's going on with Red? 02:12:22
At some point in time. We haven't heard anything about that in a while. 02:12:27
Yeah, I'll, I'll second. 02:12:32
I actually contacted them at one point, like maybe two months ago and. 02:12:34
Oh. 02:12:41
Just want to let you guys. 02:12:41
They're having complications. 02:12:44
So. 02:12:47
I can provide an update on. 02:12:51
The question would just be. 02:12:54
You want to do it in this setting and you know if it's intended to be an update for the public then. 02:12:56
Be an agenda item, but I can provide an update just to the council on on that. OK, That'll be good. Excuse me, Can I ask you to 02:13:01
repeat that? I didn't hear what you said. 02:13:05
Me. No. What I what do you want on the to find out the status of Red Mill. It's a dispensary that bought one of our buildings a 02:13:10
while ago and. 02:13:15
Like years ago. 02:13:20
Actually, if you can just contact us that, that'd be nice, yeah, I'll provide an update to the council and then if it's still 02:13:24
desired as a council meeting, we can do that, but we can just send an update. 02:13:28
OK. 02:13:34
I haven't. I have a request. I don't know how we would go about doing this, but I'm suggesting that we form an Port Hueneme 02:13:37
Oxnard. 02:13:41
Considering that. 02:13:48
Our city is completely surrounded by Oxnard, you know, just kind of like how we have our meetings with the port. I think we should 02:13:50
probably have a committee, you know, where we still have to like, let's just say two members from our council and then two members 02:13:55
from Oxnard. That way we can discuss. 02:14:00
Some of the items, I don't know if we've ever done that before in the. 02:14:05
I just don't see why we don't already do that right now. 02:14:10
You know, like I, I I do talk to the council members, but I. 02:14:13
It'd be nice. 02:14:17
A joint committee. 02:14:20
I don't know if there's. 02:14:22