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Madam Clerk. 00:00:36
Can you please take roll? 00:00:37
Council Member Gamma. 00:00:40
Here. 00:00:42
Council member Hernandez. 00:00:43
Here Council member McQueen, Lesean. 00:00:44
Mayor Pro Tem Perez here and Mayor Martinez present. 00:00:47
Today we have. 00:00:52
Council member Gamma presenting inspiration. 00:00:54
Learned about him. 00:01:17
The more inspired I became. 00:01:18
Mayor Martinez says a really good teacher impacts thousands of kids. 00:01:21
Sometimes a student comes around who has a profound positive impact on the adults who work with them. 00:01:25
Today, my inspiration is about a kid just like that. 00:01:31
We all have challenges and certainly. 00:01:34
Most. 00:01:37
Of our challenges we overcome in school. 00:01:38
There are some things that we can't change and we just have to learn. 00:01:42
To live with. 00:01:46
See if I could work this right. 00:01:48
Matthew Jacob Austin. 00:01:50
Lived. 00:01:52
A short life. 00:01:53
But it was a very plentiful life. 00:01:55
So Jacob had challenges far more than the rest of us can even fathom. 00:01:58
Yet he was always happy, always trying to improve on the things he could improve on. 00:02:02
He accepted his life fate and was extremely inspirational to all those who came in contact with him. 00:02:07
Jacob wanted to be a doctor. 00:02:14
And he had this happy spirit. 00:02:16
Each and every day of his life. 00:02:19
Despite the challenges he faced. 00:02:21
So many times. 00:02:24
Jacob would face seemingly insurmountable challenges. 00:02:28
And time after time he would pull through and have a phrase developed. 00:02:34
It was called pulling a Jacob. 00:02:38
So when he fell ill in June of 2023, it was anticipated that he would be pulling the Jacob. 00:02:41
Pulling it, Jacob is. 00:02:48
Something that all of us have to try and do from time to time. 00:02:51
Unfortunately, Jacob was unable to overcome a viral infection. 00:02:56
That. 00:03:00
Entered his lungs. 00:03:01
He passed away on June 6th, 2023 at the tender age of 6. 00:03:02
While the staff at his school and his family were very saddened. 00:03:06
They knew he was a special Angel who in his short life always beamed with happiness, always made those around him feel good. 00:03:09
And he earned the title Joyful Jake. 00:03:15
When the kid like Jacob comes along and makes all who come in contact with him realize their challenges. 00:03:18
Are. 00:03:23
Lost my place here, our minor, And if Jacob can thrive, so can they. 00:03:27
Jacob showed all It's better to have fun with whatever you're going through rather than being despair. 00:03:31
Understand. Jacob would greet all with a smile and hello even. 00:03:37
When he was in the hospital. 00:03:41
Battling his illness, he made it a point to FaceTime his infant sibling. This is a six year old kid battling a very serious 00:03:43
illness. 00:03:47
At his memorial, his family handed out little hearts with the inscription It's all About love. From all that I've seen in the 00:03:51
photographs of Jacob, he cherished each moment, moment. 00:03:56
We all can learn a lot from Jacob in his short life here at Bard Elementary. 00:04:01
In his six years, he met every challenge in a joyful manner. 00:04:06
The other side of this inspirational story is the staff at Bard Elementary who worked with Jacob each and every day. 00:04:10
To all of you who work with Jacob and work with other kids, on behalf of our City Council and our city, we thank you for the 00:04:16
tireless work you do. 00:04:19
We thank you for giving kids like Jacob Bellovin attention they need to grow. We often forget about those who face challenges each 00:04:24
day, but the teachers, parent, educators and support staff who work tirelessly to make their lives better or reminded each day. So 00:04:28
when? 00:04:32
Tough times come. 00:04:37
And we all will face them. 00:04:39
Just pull a Jacob. 00:04:40
Overcome it. 00:04:42
I'm told Jacob has had a positive impact on those who worked with him, so much so that the school staff, family and friends are 00:04:45
rallying around the concept of pulling the Jacob. 00:04:49
When any of us are facing insurmountable challenges, be joyful. 00:04:54
Jacob's life of six years is heartbreaking, but his joyfulness and spirit can live through all of us. 00:04:59
Yes, he has gone too soon. Life is precious and we all can't find happiness and all that we do. 00:05:04
And we can be joyful, happy, and determined to make the most out of our being. 00:05:09
As we have, all we have is today and we might as well be. 00:05:14
Like Joyful Jake. 00:05:18
I have a second part of my inspiration. 00:05:21
And it has to do with. 00:05:23
The work we do at Why Nemi Beach and Ormond Beach? 00:05:26
And it's an example of pulling a Jacob. 00:05:31
And one day we were out doing our trash thing in a. 00:05:35
Over the last seven years, we have a lot of kids that come out and I get to watch kids. 00:05:40
Become adults and. 00:05:44
Come in shorter than me and leave taller than me. 00:05:45
And uh. 00:05:48
We had made a mistake and we had put a dumpster in a place that we shouldn't have placed it. 00:05:49
And. 00:05:56
When we figured out that, we did that. 00:05:58
We went to inspect the area to make sure everything was cool and. 00:06:00
We. 00:06:04
Bound. 00:06:05
This. 00:06:06
We found the Pelican with a lure stuck in its neck. 00:06:07
And imagine if you're a Pelican, you wake up in the day and you get a lure stuck in your neck, and then you get stuck in a fence 00:06:12
and you're stuck and you know what's gonna help you. And if not for a mistake, we would not have found this guy. 00:06:17
And so we helped him pull a Jacob. 00:06:23
And we it took about an hour to get him untangled. 00:06:27
And we finally got him untangled and carried him back to the beach. 00:06:31
And we united him with. 00:06:34
Marine rescue. 00:06:36
And the you could see his wings weren't broken and and we were very relieved to know that. 00:06:38
I tried to get an update to see if he has made it back out to the wild yet, and I'm pretty hopeful he did. 00:06:44
But I haven't heard back from Marine Rescue. 00:06:50
Be joyful. Never give up. Pull a Jacob. That's what we want to say and. 00:06:53
There is a Go Fund Me page for Jacob if anyone's interested in trying to help out the family. 00:06:59
This is a beautiful kid. 00:07:04
And, you know, we could learn a lot from little kids that. 00:07:06
Face tough journeys and do it. 00:07:09
Positively and happily and joyfully and and that's that's the challenge for all of us. Thank you. 00:07:12
You see this. Thank you Council Member Gamma reminder that. 00:07:22
You know life is fragile and we have to make the best of life. 00:07:27
We will now hear public comments not pertaining to items on the agenda soon. Participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature 00:07:31
if you would like to comment. Comments are limited to 3 minutes. This process will be the same for comments pertaining to the 00:07:35
agenda item. 00:07:39
Madam Clerk, does anyone have a public comment tonight? 00:07:43
Yes. Our first comment will be from Tracy J. 00:07:47
Hello, before I start they asked if you could please turn it up. 00:07:56
I know most of you. I've met most of you. I'm here today to talk to you about the red painted curves. I'm sure you guys have 00:08:00
already heard a little bit about it. 00:08:04
As I spoke to James already, I've spoke to Steve. 00:08:09
Had been working with them to try to slim back some of the red painted on. 00:08:12
Pleasant Valley because we have several parking issues and we have the marijuana store. 00:08:16
I was trying to get the bus slimmed back or moved to a different location and then to my surprise the following week. 00:08:22
I came to find that they painted the Hunt almost the entire St. Down Panoma. 00:08:27
Of many new 30 foot red striped, inconsistent parking, no parking. 00:08:32
It doesn't make a lot of sense to me the way that they're set up. I did write up something, but I decided I just rather speak from 00:08:39
the heart. But a lot of the parking is kind of inconsistent, so. 00:08:43
If you look at two corners, you'll find one that has 30 and one that doesn't, or one that stops right before the. 00:08:48
The fire hydrant or. 00:08:55
The other side you have the bus stop, but it doesn't cover the corner. So if you look at even on Pleasant Valley. 00:08:57
Our homes sit back further, but to the right there's the marijuana store that sits right up to the curb. They have a. 00:09:03
3 foot a red curve and then a green stripe. That's allowable. 00:09:09
On the other side, there's 30 feet of no parking where our house is. Sit back. So. 00:09:13
I'd like you to please consider these these parking because it really does cause. 00:09:18
A hardship on the people who live in the area. Myself personally, we do have only A2 car garage, we have no driveways. 00:09:23
Most days we never park in front of our house because there's no allowable. I have two children that drive. They're the ones that 00:09:30
park out into the world. There's no parking available. 00:09:34
We have a new duplex going in. There's no parking provisions for it, so I expect to be a little bit more constrained. We have 00:09:40
several little parking complexes or duplex complex that take a lot of our parking. 00:09:45
So I'm asking that we have more discussion on these red parking curves that really cause a hardship on the people who live in 00:09:50
those areas. I appreciate your time. 00:09:55
Thank you. 00:10:01
Eric, could I comment. 00:10:03
Just quickly so. 00:10:04
As I think. 00:10:07
People who attend often may know the council's not able to comment on public comment, but as a staff person I can just note that. 00:10:09
We have. 00:10:17
We are aware of the issues related to the red curb and I actually thank Tracy who took me around and showed me some of those 00:10:19
issues. 00:10:23
And so. 00:10:27
As of right now, we have paused. 00:10:29
The any red curb painting and we are planning for a public discussion on September 18th. 00:10:31
That we're already working on related to Traffic Safety options and Traffic Safety improvements and we'll try to incorporate this 00:10:37
so we can have a discussion about. 00:10:41
Where we see these things being appropriate and where other ideas are needed, so. 00:10:46
So that is the plan as of this time. In the meantime, the curb painting has been paused. 00:10:51
So thank you. 00:10:55
X. 00:11:00
Next is Roy. 00:11:01
Evening council members, My name is Roy Ribero and I'm the director of the Oxnard Alano. 00:11:09
And this is in reference to a possible move to the location from the Pleasant Valley Plaza. 00:11:13
To the Port City Plaza. 00:11:19
The Accidental Lino Club was established in 1971 assisting individuals on their road to recovery, the 12 step meetings in a social 00:11:21
club. 00:11:25
Since 2016, now it's not Alano Club extended our services to include services to our community members to find balance in their 00:11:29
life. 00:11:33
We partnered with Census 2020. 00:11:38
Ventura County COVID-19 vaccine Committee. 00:11:40
We assisted their ability to reach the hard to count individuals and family in the community. 00:11:42
Since the success of these programs, we joined the Ventura County Assessment Committee. 00:11:48
For the Return County Superior Court Community Service Program. 00:11:52
Assisting for interior county community members the ability to volunteer at nonprofit organizations. 00:11:55
In lieu of balance is owed to Ventura County. 00:12:00
Since the conception of this program, we assisted from Terry Community residents to work off almost. 00:12:03
$300,000 in fines and fees that they owed to Ventura County. 00:12:08
In 2021, we partnered with Food Chair Ventura County. 00:12:13
The Occidental Liner Club Pantry distributed over 167,000 pounds of food our first year to our local participants in South Oxnard. 00:12:17
Import Onimi residence last year the increased need for our services in South Oxen Onemi area attributed to our distributing of 00:12:26
over £694,000 of food. 00:12:32
To a neighbouring residents of South Pakistan and Port Wanami. 00:12:38
This will allow us. 00:12:41
To be able to continue our services for the residents in Ventura County and South Oxnard. 00:12:43
The Italiano Club is looking forward to partnering with the. 00:12:49
City of Portland Navy at a proposed new location. 00:12:52
At Poor City Plaza, thank you. 00:12:55
Thank you, Roy. 00:12:58
Mayor, that concludes the in person public comments, but I do have two written public comments. 00:13:02
I'm the first one is Deer Port Wanami City Council. I'm a longtime resident of Ort Wanami and I have supported our council in 00:13:07
previous elections. 00:13:11
I have had confidence that all of you would make the appropriate decisions and I have seen that in a lot of actions taken by the 00:13:15
Council. 00:13:18
But I am disheartened that I have not seen that you have put the city attorney up for review. 00:13:22
Aren't we as a city facing lawsuits because the past city manager, Mr. Connors and the city attorney who obviously supported him? 00:13:26
I believe it is time to move forward and look for an alternate city attorney or at the least take time to review his conduct. 00:13:33
As the City Attorney for appropriate conduct with the City's interests at heart. 00:13:39
Rather than his personal agenda. 00:13:43
Thanks for your time and effort on behalf of our home. Sincerely, Mark Mcclarnon. 00:13:45
The next one is from. 00:13:51
Nathan Finch to the City Council and Manager I am writing to express my displeasure and discussed with the city's action in 00:13:54
removing most of the street parking on Panoma St. 00:13:59
Between Clara and Pleasant Valley Rd. 00:14:04
This was done without any notice or public comment and shows a great deal of disrespect for the working class people that live in 00:14:06
this neighborhood. 00:14:09
Panoma Street is in great need of traffic, calming to reduce the dangers of speeding motorists and removing the street parking. 00:14:12
Does exactly the opposite. This will increase sight lines, which will increase the speed of the drivers. 00:14:19
This reduced parking will also increase the stress on the people who already live in this neighborhood. 00:14:25
That already has insufficient parking. 00:14:30
Please reverse this action and restore the street to the previous configuration. Respectfully, Nathan Fitch. 00:14:32
Is there anything we can do to raise up the volume? I think people can't really hear us. 00:14:38
OK. 00:14:43
Umm. 00:14:44
OK. I'll I'll. 00:14:47
Is that a little? 00:14:48
OK, better. 00:14:50
Yeah. 00:14:51
And then, um. 00:14:52
There are no public comments on Zoom. 00:14:54
OK. 00:14:56
All right, we're moving on to the agenda approval for tonight's City Council meeting. May I have a motion and a second to approve 00:14:58
the agenda? 00:15:01
Move to approve. 00:15:05
2nd. 00:15:08
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? All in favor? 00:15:10
Aye, all opposed. 00:15:13
Hearing none Motion carries. 00:15:14
All right, we're moving on to conflict of interest declaration. Do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to 00:15:17
disclose for any one item? 00:15:21
I. 00:15:25
I will mention that I will recuse myself on item number eight, since I'm the subject matter for #8. 00:15:26
Let's move on to presentations. 00:15:33
First presentation 2023 WINEMA Heroes Award Proclamation honoring Becky Bruning. 00:15:35
Umm. 00:15:41
I will be reading the following Proclamation 2023 Wanami Heroes Award. Becky Bruning. 00:15:49
Whereas the City of Port, Winema established the Winema Heroes Award to honor persons or groups who embody community values. 00:15:55
And have made extraordinary community contributions. 00:16:04
And whereas Becky Brunin. 00:16:07
Has had a positive impact on the city of Port Wanami community. 00:16:09
And whereas Miss Browning has served many organizations in many capacities over the years. 00:16:13
Including as a former president of the Friends of the Bard Mansion, a treasurer to the real Guppy outdoors. 00:16:19
A volunteer to reach. 00:16:27
As a member of the City of Port Wines Museum Governance Committee. 00:16:30
And has served as Chair of the Citizen Advisory Commission since its first meeting on August 11th, 2020. 00:16:34
And whereas Miss Bruning regularly attends City Council meetings. 00:16:41
And whereas Miss Browning was unanimously recommended for the Whining Me Heroes award by the City of Port Wanami Citizens Advisory 00:16:46
Commission and unanimously awarded the honor by the City Council. 00:16:51
And whereas Miss Bruning is not only considered a hero to the city of Port Wanami community, but also to her husband's four 00:16:57
children, 21 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. 00:17:02
And whereas. 00:17:08
Miss Browning was formally recognized as the 2023 Wanami Beach Festival. 00:17:09
We will have her portrait framed in the City Hall lobby and her name inscribed on the Wanami Heroes plaque celebrating her 00:17:14
accomplishments. 00:17:17
And whereas the city of Port Winema is proud of Miss Breuning and is grateful for her extraordinary community contributions. 00:17:21
Now, therefore. 00:17:28
Be it proclaimed that the city. 00:17:30
Council of Port Wine EMY does hereby recognize and honor Miss Bruning. 00:17:32
As the 2023 Wanami Heroes Award recipient and Commencer contributions proclaim this fifth day of September 2023. 00:17:37
Becky, I know this is the third time, but would you? 00:18:00
Would you like to come up and say some words? 00:18:03
We we made her speak twice at the Wanamie Beach Festival, so. 00:18:10
Thank you, Council. 00:18:17
I would like to thank my husband for being here tonight. 00:18:20
And thank Julia for nominating me. 00:18:24
The my members of the CAC and the Council. 00:18:28
Or voting me in. 00:18:32
I don't do what I do to be honored. I do what I do because I love it. 00:18:34
I love our city. 00:18:40
I was raised here. 00:18:41
And I will continue doing what I do. 00:18:43
Thank you. 00:18:47
What? 00:18:53
Yeah. 00:18:54
Yeah. 00:19:13
Chief will get better once. 00:19:19
OK. We're going to move on to our second presentation. 00:19:49
Presentation for from Police Chief Federico regarding the 4th of July deployment. 00:19:54
And police chiefs focus areas. 00:20:00
Hello everyone, It's hard to follow Becky AKA my nickname for her is the Duchess of or. Why name me so she knows that. 00:20:05
It's hard to follow, but you're loved and appreciated so. 00:20:12
Folks, we were asked to present to you what our deployment strategy was for this year's 4th of July. 00:20:22
So what I did is look at what we've done last year. 00:20:29
And. 00:20:32
Prior years. 00:20:34
And to what I could introduce to my team for this year's strategy. 00:20:35
I had. I was here for less than two weeks. 00:20:41
When I was presented with what is our strategy going to be for 4th of July deployment? 00:20:44
Fortunately, I have. 00:20:49
Brilliant people on my team like Bob Albertson and my commander, my right hand, Sylvia. 00:20:51
And all my team of patrol folks. 00:20:55
So I had heard what was working in the past and what we could possibly do now. So I changed things up and this year. 00:20:58
Our strategy? 00:21:04
Was different than prior ones. 00:21:06
Because the prior ones did a strategy of all hands come in on the 4th of July, meaning all personnel come in. 00:21:08
And attacked the firework problem because fireworks are the big concern with the 4th of July deployment. 00:21:14
We don't host any events. Our neighbors do, but we don't. 00:21:18
So our focus and our known is that there's going to be an increase in fireworks calls. 00:21:21
So with that the strategy to do an all hands deployment last year was changed. 00:21:26
Because the cost of that operation last year. 00:21:31
Was roughly 5993 dollars. We're looking at about $6000 for a one day deployment. 00:21:34
To attack. 00:21:40
The fireworks problem. 00:21:42
So. 00:21:44
Changing it up this year, I'm glad to say the number of fireworks radio calls service. 00:21:45
This year. 00:21:51
Was less. Last year there was more. 00:21:52
This year's deployment, the strategy was to perform fireworks enforcement and confiscation in both vehicles and on foot on the 00:21:56
days leading up to the 4th of July. So we had a 4th of July that was approaching on a weekday. 00:22:01
But that doesn't mean nobody starts partying the weekend before. 00:22:07
So we do, we'll probably get an increase on fireworks and there'll be a lot of fireworks disturbance calls on the weekend prior. 00:22:11
So what did we do? We put some teams together with some young, motivated officers. 00:22:17
And we had them go out on foot at strategic times. 00:22:21
To at some of our hotspots and have them begin doing enforcement. 00:22:25
Uh, they were started on Friday June 30th. We did not do an alcohol all hands call and bring everybody in on the 4th of July. 00:22:31
Instead, we just doubled our patrol force. 00:22:38
Just doubled up the cars. 00:22:42
Because we knew we would have a higher incident of calls. Again, we don't have, we're not hosting anything in the city. 00:22:44
But we know we'd have an IRS in the call. So how can we improve those response times and handle what was coming in and that was to 00:22:49
increase? 00:22:52
Double up patrol. 00:22:56
So. 00:22:58
The approximate combined cost of both the prior overtime over the weekend. 00:22:59
And. 00:23:05
The doubling up of patrol. 00:23:05
Only cost us. 00:23:07
About $3700. 00:23:09
So we saved about $2200 on. 00:23:11
This approach. 00:23:15
And with that, we had a reduction of fireworks calls on the actual day. 00:23:16
By 13%. 00:23:20
Also on a side note. 00:23:23
We had several employees with. 00:23:27
Younger children, one of them with two kids under 10 years old. 00:23:30
And he very emotionally explained to me. 00:23:33
Was the 1st, 4th of July as an employee here that he spent with his kids. 00:23:35
Because we would do all hands and everybody comes in. 00:23:40
It goes back to. 00:23:43
My belief that when we do things strategic for the community and we spend strategically. 00:23:45
There's a side effect sometimes that benefits our employees and this was one that did cause. 00:23:51
Huge unemployed Wellness. Anybody that knows me? 00:23:56
So we gave some folks a break for the first time and they spent it with their families. And you know what? 00:23:59
We stale tackled that night. 00:24:04
I was out there. 00:24:05
Bob Albertson, my commander, was out there. 00:24:06
And we worked in the field with the troops. 00:24:09
And made calls happen and I went talked to several people. 00:24:12
Again, we did some confiscating. 00:24:17
Prior to. 00:24:20
Which is a great idea. 00:24:21
Because some of the items we're confiscating could be reused. 00:24:23
When you take them away, cause they're legal and paraphernalia. 00:24:26
They can't be reused. 00:24:29
Our efforts. 00:24:32
After our efforts, we look at a call reduction of 13%. 00:24:34
I appreciate my team a lot and I appreciate all the discussions prior to this. 00:24:38
And. 00:24:43
I was happy to work the 4th of July. I was proud to be back in the city on 4th of July. 00:24:45
Public opinion at several events after this. 00:24:52
From talking to my HOA. 00:24:55
Representative groups to. 00:24:57
Folks on the beach to folks in Miami Bay at a neighborhood watch meeting. 00:25:00
I got a lot of. 00:25:04
Pacific collection too, so I think we covered. 00:25:06
You know. 00:25:09
All points of the city. 00:25:10
Going up and down that I heard from a lot of folks. They felt there was less fireworks this year. 00:25:11
So it. 00:25:17
Reinforced the good work of the team this year. 00:25:18
So. 00:25:21
And that's it on the 4th of July. 00:25:23
Thank you, Chief, for your presentation. Are there any questions? 00:25:26
On the 4th of July 1, yes. 00:25:35
OK. 00:25:37
Ohh, so we have one more presentation, Yeah. 00:25:37
OK. Let's hear the second presentation. You want to do the 4th of July 1 separate then? 00:25:39
Yeah, yeah. OK, let's. 00:25:44
Thank you for your presentation, Chief and and the. 00:25:48
The work that you did for the planning for the 4th of July, I think we spoke the night before and. 00:25:51
I would call the working for the city of Santa Monica and it was always all hands on decks, civilians and patrol. And I I think 00:25:57
you shared with me you were going to do all hands on deck. 00:26:02
Similar to to Santa Monica. 00:26:08
And we talked about the electronic sign that went up and so I I see that you use various tools to curb the the use of fireworks 00:26:10
for that weekend. But I'm. 00:26:15
A little. 00:26:20
Confused about the numbers? 00:26:22
I appreciate that you did share with us the, the calls for service, but the budget amount you said last year we spent. 00:26:25
5000, almost $6000 And was this for overtime? 00:26:31
Or was it? 00:26:35
OK, overtime. We didn't count into those numbers, the people who were working their normal shift. Does that make sense? Yeah. So 00:26:36
we left the regular working crew alone. It was how much more we spent in overtime to bring folks in. 00:26:41
So if I only need. 00:26:47
Three or four on. 00:26:49
The 4th of July and I don't need. 00:26:50
12. 00:26:53
People or more coming in. 00:26:54
For an 8 hour day. 00:26:56
We were able to curb that. 00:26:58
We're a little strategic on the overtime because even though it was also a. 00:26:59
A weekday last year. It was a weekday this year. 00:27:03
So. 00:27:05
You pray. 00:27:07
That people simmer down. 00:27:08
The further you go into the evening so you can start cutting people loose. 00:27:10
And the confiscation? Was that just limited to the spent? 00:27:14
Items that you. 00:27:17
You showed us the way it works with fireworks. Lots of folks will flee when you pull up and whatever's left on the street, either 00:27:18
ready to ignite or whatever is reusable tubes. 00:27:23
We can confiscate that. 00:27:29
Because it's illegal, you can't have that. 00:27:30
And and what about the PR prior to the 4th of July, what did you guys do? 00:27:33
To advise people about. 00:27:39
Fireworks violations about safety. 00:27:42
We did a social media post. 00:27:45
On our social media. 00:27:49
We did the fireworks signs. 00:27:50
And part of those? 00:27:52
The foot beats. 00:27:55
Of the fireworks enforcement the weekend before was to put the word out was to talk to people. 00:27:57
And in certain neighborhoods, when the officers are walking and they're telling them we're out here doing fireworks, enforcement 00:28:01
puts the word. 00:28:04
So how many officers actually were able to spend time with their families this 4th of July? How many? 00:28:07
I would I would have to do reverse math so I don't have the. 00:28:13
Exact number but. 00:28:16
Instead of. 00:28:18
Adding three times as many as I hired for patrol. Those folks did not have to come in. 00:28:21
If that makes sense, like I would have to do a reverse math and go back and look at this, that's OK. That's alright. Well, thank 00:28:26
you for your report. I appreciate it. Alright. 00:28:29
OK. 00:28:34
On to the next report. 00:28:35
OK. 00:28:41
I love our idea. I had one more question. I'm sorry, did you issue any citations? 00:28:42
On the 4th of July or over that weekend? 00:28:47
No. 00:28:50
And compared to last year? 00:28:51
They issued 1 citation. 00:28:53
And I looked at how that one came out. Apparently it was a litigated citation, and it was. 00:28:55
Whittled down to $40 and it invested. 00:29:00
Even the chief of police had to go to. 00:29:04
Court on that one and a Sergeant, so we. 00:29:05
Wanted to. 00:29:10
The actual enforcement. 00:29:12
Wasn't reducing things. 00:29:14
The work the strategy you do to curb it. 00:29:16
Seemed to work this year. 00:29:19
If that makes sense. 00:29:20
Thank you. OK. 00:29:21
Thank you, IT. First of all, I'm glad that I'm giving the first presentation on our new technology, makes me a little giddy. 00:29:25
Can everyone hear them too? That's cool chicken. Yeah. Ohh, I'm sorry, alright. 00:29:31
I didn't. You're right. I just stole your Thunder. Yes, Council Member Gamble was the first. But. 00:29:36
You know, kudos to all the people behind the scenes that made all this happen. It's a. 00:29:42
We're lucky to have the. 00:29:47
Team that you have in the city, folks. Make everything happen. 00:29:48
So. 00:29:53
I was asked what my plan is for the department. 00:29:55
And. 00:29:57
I had an idea of what to do, especially since I've been part of the community for 30 years and I worked here for 10 years, so I 00:30:00
had an idea. 00:30:02
But. 00:30:06
If you. 00:30:07
Understand when I. 00:30:09
Come back home to the PD. 00:30:10
I had to do a lot of listening fast. 00:30:13
Because I need to understand my team and I need to understand what's happening now. 00:30:15
In order for them to understand me and what my plan is. 00:30:19
So. 00:30:23
I did a lot of that quickly and I met with our union reps regularly. I met with all my employees. 00:30:24
I've had the opportunity to meet with all my employees one-on-one. I still have some outreach with some of my explorers and 00:30:31
chaplains everybody, but I'm getting there. 00:30:34
Plus all my partners and other city departments, I got great input. 00:30:38
Between that. 00:30:44
And the regular community meetings, some immediate emails, some great conversations with people at events like our National Night 00:30:45
Out. 00:30:49
And my swearing in ceremony and stuff. I I've gotten some good input. So with that I've. 00:30:55
Develop 5 focus areas in the department. 00:30:59
So. 00:31:04
Crime efforts and combating the fear of crime, and I'll explain the fear of crime, basically. 00:31:05
Sometimes we have anxiety over stuff in our community that may not be happening. 00:31:11
But you see it on the news and it's happening 30 miles away, or 15. You believe it's happening here too? 00:31:15
I'm sure some people go to bed at night with their really expensive truck scared that it's gonna be. 00:31:20
Attacked by catalytic converter thefts, thieves in the middle of the night. Doesn't always happen in every neighborhood. Does 00:31:25
happen. 00:31:28
It's smaller things like that that you want to. 00:31:31
Reassure folks that we're paying attention to and we're we're moving our strategies towards it. 00:31:34
Traffic and combating the fear of Traffic Safety, so in some areas. 00:31:40
When you're combating the fear of Traffic Safety, we can actually put up some devices and get some speed surveys and if it's 00:31:45
actually not as bad as folks thinks, we can pull those numbers. But if people have a concern on their St. whether they're a 00:31:49
resident or a business. 00:31:53
That it's occurring. 00:31:58
The minute they see a an officer specifically if you put a traffic officer like on a motorcycle, it puts people at ease, puts 00:31:59
people at ease and in school zones. 00:32:03
And that's what we want folks to know is we're paying attention and we're out there for them. 00:32:07
Community engagement. 00:32:12
Organizational development. 00:32:14
And Employee Wellness. 00:32:16
Crime efforts. If you haven't noticed, bike patrol is back. 00:32:19
I'm out there myself. I love it. It's also a fitness and Wellness side gig. Let me tell you, it's a. 00:32:23
I was eating on the the last holiday yesterday and then I went and got on a police bike afterwards and I burned off my lunch. 00:32:29
So in addition, it allows you to go up the bike path, it allows you to go down to the jetty, it allows you to hit certain areas of 00:32:35
the city that aren't normally accessible by vehicles. 00:32:40
Storefronts. 00:32:47
We had some successful storefronts back when I was here in the 90s. I want to bring some back. 00:32:49
And we're in discussions about that now. 00:32:53
Are reinstituting beat coordinators. It's something that went away in recent years. I'm going to bring it back and I'll probably 00:32:55
divide the city into two big coordinators so people have. 00:32:59
One person in the department to contact, whether in the north city, in the North End, the city or the South. 00:33:03
Special Enforcement details and special operations by Patrol. 00:33:08
An example of special operations by patrol folks was that 4th of July deployment. 00:33:12
The teams got together, they went out there and they did some enforcement with some success. 00:33:17
Special Enforcement Detail could be a specific officer assigned to our tagging and gang issues. 00:33:23
I want to increase detective staffing, I think, between our social media and people in the community. 00:33:29
They know. 00:33:35
Detective Supervisor Balthazar Tapia. 00:33:36
Is very, very busy. 00:33:39
The detective staffing increase would help break up. 00:33:42
How are? 00:33:46
Investigations are handled so one person can stay. 00:33:48
On the focused on the their primary cases and then the misdemeanor cases. The lesser cases could be handled by by junior 00:33:52
detectives. 00:33:55
Task force officer. There's several vacancies and task force in this county. 00:34:00
A couple of them led by the sheriffs in fentanyl and violent crimes and some others if we join those task force. 00:34:04
One, it gives a motivator to my personnel, it gives them another assignment to do. And two, it brings those task force into our 00:34:10
backyard. 00:34:13
More often when we need them. 00:34:17
Uh, current technology. Technology for investigations and analysis. So our current technology, just like in any Police Department, 00:34:19
sometimes the new guy shows up and takes a look at it and there's probably more you can do with that technology. 00:34:25
And anybody who's worked in a field that has technology, there's untouched areas. 00:34:31
That may not be used on the current technology. I want to tap into that. 00:34:35
Technology for investigations. 00:34:40
So. 00:34:42
There is some technology out there that could make. 00:34:43
To active Supervisor Tapia and Detective Miranda and all the detectives today a little easier. 00:34:46
There's a systems out there that can take 12 hours of video and. 00:34:51
You can put some specifics into the the software and then it will reduce it down to about 12 minutes of images and you get to go 00:34:55
through 12 minutes instead of watching it for 12 hours there. 00:34:59
There's stuff out there we just need to see. 00:35:04
What I we can get our hands on, which is so many times I'll be coming back in front of you and probably asking for it. There's 00:35:06
also some more technology I can put into place with the team to keep our folks in the field more on patrol. 00:35:12
I want to increase increase our reserve officer unit. 00:35:20
It's down to the lowest that I've ever seen it. I want to get it back up. 00:35:24
I I was a reserved myself. I donated 2000 thousand plus hours a year, my first two years in the city working for free and I loved 00:35:28
it. It was better than Disneyland. When I was a young officer you couldn't get rid of me so. 00:35:33
I think we can find some more reserves out there that want to be in. 00:35:38
Two nights a weekend and and help out. 00:35:42
Umm. 00:35:44
And then I'd love to bring back canine officers for a variety of reasons. 00:35:45
They're a tool. There's stuff that they can. 00:35:50
Provide us in the community and the number. 00:35:53
That the big side benefit is it's a motivator for my officers. We have a small department. 00:35:55
And I wanna make sure we motivate my younger officers to stay because it's an awesome city. That's a great department. 00:36:00
Traffic motor officer I have been watching council meetings for. 00:36:07
Over 2 years listening to. 00:36:12
Traffic concerns from Surfside. 00:36:14
Up to Volcker. 00:36:16
And and the everyday there was traffic concerns. Today, every day there's traffic concerns brought up. There's traffic concerns. I 00:36:18
met with the school district, there's traffic concerns. 00:36:22
Ah, the folks specializing in that is motor officers, and a motorcycle is a tool. 00:36:27
That can be utilized. 00:36:31
To Curb Your. 00:36:33
Traffic behavior. It doesn't mean they need to go out and write 40 tickets a day. 00:36:35
Anybody. 00:36:39
Sees a motor officer. 00:36:41
Sitting there with a radar gun, Luby's already getting scared. He's already said he's motor, you know it's gonna slow you down and 00:36:42
it does off duty police officer slow down when you see cause you know what the guys there for. So the motor officer is a great 00:36:46
tool to use. 00:36:50
To specialize in traffic enforcement. 00:36:55
I can use it with the current employees that are current number staffing I have. 00:36:57
And again, it gives another motivator for my team. 00:37:02
Director trafficking enforcement for existing patrol shifts. So we've done some things where we're targeting certain things like. 00:37:05
Sunset hours and evenings, maybe down at the beach beaches when we hear concerns about tire screeching cars possibly racing. 00:37:11
There's strategies we use up on channels Blvd. there's strategies they use in the school zones. So we just discuss them as a team 00:37:19
and that's how we're deploying our shifts depending on the hours. 00:37:23
New training for patrol officers on strategies and trends so I can send some of my younger officers. 00:37:28
To some really good schools that are out there, some of them are free. 00:37:33
And they can spend a day learning how to look for things on a car that may indicate it's a vehicle racer, so we might be able to 00:37:36
curb some of the behaviors. 00:37:40
On stops. 00:37:44
Prior to. 00:37:45
The behaviors that we're looking for, so. 00:37:47
There's and certain trends on how to. 00:37:49
How to? 00:37:53
Approach. 00:37:54
The the car racers and and the things that are going on. 00:37:56
Ah. 00:38:00
That traffic operations and task forces is also the county's got a couple of task forces out there. 00:38:02
Or. 00:38:08
The the racers and some of the other. 00:38:09
Current. 00:38:13
Traffic concerns and we could join those. I could send my motor in a traffic Sergeant to go. 00:38:13
Support them in their efforts and then we could bring them here to our city too, because you're on a task force. 00:38:18
Utilizing resources. 00:38:22
You know, somebody brought up the traffic trailers before Councilmember Hernandez did. Like the this is like the brilliant work of 00:38:24
the team. This is, you know, Henry Montelongo is. 00:38:29
One of the creative people behind the scenes for us and he loves to take those trailers out he used them for. 00:38:35
Informing the public and curbing everything from no dogs on the beach to fireworks to speeding. And I appreciate the folks on my 00:38:41
team, so that's where this is coming from. 00:38:45
Community engagement. I mentioned the B coordinators and what I would like to do for them and also helps to. 00:38:51
To. 00:38:57
Do some crime analysis and focus on specific problems in neighborhoods. 00:38:58
I I talked about the bike patrol. So bike patrol isn't just a a crime fighting tool. It's going back to the 90s when Ken Doby and 00:39:02
I were the first two bike patrol people in the city. 00:39:07
We realized pretty quick it's not just a crime fighting tool, it's a great community engagement when I'm on the beach about every 00:39:13
3rd or 4th person. 00:39:17
Comes up to me or rides slow by me going down to the lighthouse. 00:39:22
Even when I slow roll lot a in the beach, somebody wants to talk or they're like, hey, when do we get bikes, you know? And I said 00:39:29
well we've had him, we just brought him back. 00:39:32
Take it at sunset. I do love to do a sunset ride. Maybe through Miami Bay. 00:39:35
Everybody's out walking their dog. 00:39:39
I get so much one-on-one contact and they get one-on-one time with their chief. 00:39:41
Now you're going to take. 00:39:45
Handful of officers and sent them out there and people are gonna get one-on-one time with all their patrol folks. 00:39:47
Events like. I'm sorry, I want to increase our explorer program. 00:39:53
Uh. 00:39:57
I'm very proud of that program. 00:39:58
I've said it before and I'll say it again because I'm proud of it. 00:40:00
It's an incredible program. We didn't have one when I started here in the 90s. 00:40:04
I initiated that program in 1997 and some of the folks of our first Explorers are now veteran employees here and very successful 00:40:08
members of this community. 00:40:11
It is an awesome program. I want to I want to get it as strong as we can and. 00:40:16
I'm proud of the. 00:40:21
Personnel in this department, in this city that have helped maintain that program. 00:40:22
And the time I was gone. 00:40:27
And I'm really proud to see how they grew it. 00:40:28
From where I left it and got it huge and now our goal is to keep it, maintain it and get it bigger. 00:40:31
But there's some great people behind the scenes on that. 00:40:37
Events like National Night Out, You're out here for our first National Night Out in years. 00:40:42
I thought it was very successful. 00:40:46
I appreciate the community engagement. I was glad to buy everybody's dinner that night. 00:40:48
Tacos are great. They're never bad, so. 00:40:52
We want to see more community engagement events like that. I'd like to bring the volunteer program back and accept. I want to do 00:40:54
it on blast even more. I got some ideas for using them not just inside the station, but outside the station. 00:40:59
Youth programs. 00:41:05
I didn't just stop with Explore programs. There's so many other youth programs out there I would love to get. 00:41:08
Our Cops and Jocks program back in this community. It gave us a great outreach on the high schools. 00:41:13
There's some other youth programs. 00:41:18
Kevin will see me at the Guppy events. 00:41:20
And there's. 00:41:24
There's more we can do and there's people who want to help, so it's going to be some great partnerships with community. 00:41:26
Diversion. I gotta We gotta work a little closer with the county's juvenile diversion program and see where we can handle. 00:41:32
Juvenile diversion before it even gets to the county here on our PD level. 00:41:38
Apparent projects sometimes bringing folks in for 1/2 day or a whole day and having them talk with our officers about. 00:41:43
Signs and indicators of things to look for and behavior will go a long way in the future. 00:41:48
So I'd like to do some of those in a school officer. We haven't had a school assigned regular school officer collateral assignment 00:41:53
in years. I was the first in the 90s. I wanna see that come back because it was successful. 00:41:58
And then homeless engagement is under our community. 00:42:05
Engagement. 00:42:08
So I want to increase our homeless liaison efforts. 00:42:09
With some collateral assistance and that's going to involve allowing some of our other personnel who haven't been a homeless 00:42:13
liaison officer to start working with the homeless liaison officer and then the department wide training is going to change up a 00:42:17
little from where it was in the past. 00:42:20
To more frequent and I kind of want. 00:42:25
You know. 00:42:28
My joke with are every officer in the field and a small Police Department. Is there an army of 1? 00:42:29
So I want to make sure that not only are they really good at catching catalytic converter thieves dealing with racers. 00:42:34
Working radar, but also UM. 00:42:39
That they can provide. 00:42:41
The same direction and services to. 00:42:43
A person. 00:42:46
Who's homeless that? 00:42:47
My HO could also do so. 00:42:48
Organizational development, succession planning. We I don't want to see the next chief come from the outside folks I want. 00:42:53
Us to take in consideration the folks we have in this department that are incredible. 00:42:59
Incredible. Brilliant. 00:43:05
Dedicated people, but the best thing you get from people inside. 00:43:07
Is they take ownership of the city and they take ownership of this department. 00:43:10
And that's what we want. They care about our residents. They care about our businesses. 00:43:14
So there's a lot of work I need to do. 00:43:18
In the next few years. 00:43:21
Some of that's going to be dividing up collateral assignments for supervisors. In the past we've had maybe 1 handling the majority 00:43:22
of them as a Sergeant. 00:43:26
I have to divide those up. 00:43:30
So everybody's getting the development experience. 00:43:31
I take existing positions that I have with my current staffing numbers. 00:43:34
And promoting an admin Sergeant and promoting getting us back to two police commanders, which is what builds police chiefs. 00:43:38
Somehow we lost the second commander spot over the years. I want to bring the second one back. 00:43:45
New collateral assignments for officers. 00:43:50
I mentioned the Motor Canine, bike patrol volunteer, coordinator and schools officer. That's just some. 00:43:53
These are things that keep our younger officers motivated, keep them here from going to bigger places because we can give them a 00:44:00
variety of assignments. 00:44:03
And. 00:44:06
It builds on their. 00:44:07
Supervisory ability and organizational development. 00:44:09
And cross training assignments for all my staff, including my civilian staff. 00:44:12
Not just the sworn, we're talking civilian staff that could actually. 00:44:16
Work in each other's units and help records and supporting dispatch. 00:44:19
Everybody supporting the front counter. 00:44:24
Umm. 00:44:27
Property and evidence supporting. 00:44:28
Each of the other units it's a. 00:44:31
It's possible, you've just got to pave the way. 00:44:33
Employee Wellness, so my background. 00:44:38
All over the state for about 15. 00:44:40
20 years now has been employed Wellness. 00:44:42
And it's huge. 00:44:44
You. 00:44:47
A happy community. 00:44:53
Will be filled. 00:44:54
With happy police officers. And my thing is, happy police employees build a happy community. 00:44:56
You want compassionate, respectful police employees? 00:45:01
Dealing with your public when you call into the house. 00:45:04
So with that. 00:45:07
That means we have to do our job as a management team and as a city to make sure. 00:45:08
We are looking out for their emotional well-being, their physical well-being. 00:45:13
And their mental well-being. 00:45:17
So there's a lot of things I wanna put in place. I have a history of working on things like this and I think we can be very 00:45:19
successful because I have a lot of. 00:45:22
A lot of buy in already from the team. 00:45:26
Which would involve physical health campaigns, fitness, mobility, nutrition. 00:45:30
Like I said, mental, emotional. 00:45:34
Health campaigns, mindfulness training. I can get some of my my oldest, toughest cops to potentially do. 00:45:36
Mindfulness training. 00:45:44
Team retreats and the big thing is place. 00:45:47
We remodel places so they look better and they look professional. I'm working on some stuff in my Police Department. 00:45:50
And the everything from my fleet and making the cars look good. Thank God for public works, Brian. 00:45:55
Some of the folks in public works, they help us keep our cars running clean and looking good, but also my building. 00:46:01
They need to walk into a professional, comfortable environment. We're remodeling the dispatch center. 00:46:06
My poor dispatchers have been spending two years in a temporary facility. When they go back into their new one, I'm going to make 00:46:11
sure they have the amenities that they need. 00:46:14
Very comfortable work environment. 00:46:18
And. 00:46:20
We want to partner with the other city departments and community members when we do some Wellness stuff. 00:46:23
I either. 00:46:28
City manager just did yoga on the beach, so even some police employees went out there. Good job, got him out there, good job. So 00:46:29
we will do some other If I get a really good speaker on Wellness, I'd love to bring somebody, some of the folks over from the 00:46:33
other city departments to sit in on them. 00:46:38
Uh. 00:46:45
I just presented a lot of stuff to you. 00:47:00
A lot of these things, several of these items. 00:47:03
I'm going to be bringing back in front of you in the future. 00:47:05
So we can discuss those as I bring up. 00:47:08
But. 00:47:11
Do you understand? 00:47:12
I. 00:47:13
And fortunate to be back here. I think at a good time. There's a great team in place. 00:47:14
Plan to. 00:47:19
Show you that team over the next. 00:47:20
Few years. 00:47:22
I have a very We have a very supportive council. 00:47:23
We have a good leadership in our city manager. 00:47:26
And above all, since I've been back. 00:47:29
One thing I missed. 00:47:31
Was our community support in the city? 00:47:33
Is out of control. I've had friends come up from LA area agencies and spend a day up here with us and they're pointing out. 00:47:35
How obvious it is that the community appreciates. 00:47:41
Their Police Department and their city. 00:47:44
So. 00:47:46
Only good things to come, folks. 00:47:47
Only good things to come. 00:47:49
We have a. 00:47:51
I can't say enough about my team, so. 00:47:52
Thank you Chief Federico for your presentation. 00:47:55
Umm. 00:47:58
Are there any questions? 00:47:59
For the presentation, a lot of great stuff. 00:48:04
Um. 00:48:07
They'll probably take a while to get to the point to where. 00:48:09
We can implement or the Police Department can implement these things. 00:48:12
I did have a couple of no really questions, but I just want to point out a couple of things so. 00:48:16
In Um. 00:48:22
Hearing about the storefronts. 00:48:24
Staffing new staff. 00:48:27
What seems to me is new staffing. You said task force officer, increase reserve office. 00:48:29
Officer. 00:48:36
And then canine officers. 00:48:37
So it sounds to me that. 00:48:40
That we're talking about additional staffing, city manager. 00:48:43
So. 00:48:49
One of the things I appreciate about the Chief is every conversation we have ends with the one of us using the phrase budget 00:48:51
neutral and people are probably sick of it already. But we've we've had the discussions. One of the challenges that actually kind 00:48:57
of permeates through both of the Chiefs presentations is. 00:49:03
The budget was set before the chief got here. The budget was set before I got here. We sort of inherited it, I think to some 00:49:10
extent. You know, the chief mentioned, you know, looking at overtime closely, it's because of the budget this year, reduced 00:49:14
overtime for police officers. 00:49:19
The chief and I are looking at. 00:49:24
That trying to look where we can find savings in one area to supplement another. We're looking at collateral assignments that can 00:49:26
be done without adding additional costs. 00:49:30
And we're looking at the areas where we really think it'll be the best bang for the buck and where we can adjust things and. 00:49:35
And identify where, when we have resources, where we should put them. 00:49:43
So I think the concern is is well noted that. 00:49:50
You know, that's a big plan, but I think the chief and I have talked about it. 00:49:54
Nonstop and I really appreciate that we both are aware of the budget challenges. We plan to sit down on each of these and talk 00:49:59
through how it can be done, what how we can most efficiently do it. 00:50:04
And we'll bring those items back. 00:50:09
I mentioned the red curb and the traffic discussion. 00:50:12
One of the the topics that's gonna kind of be pulled into that is some traffic enforcement and how we can do that effectively with 00:50:15
the staff we have. 00:50:19
So those are good. 00:50:23
It's a good thing to be aware of and we are aware of it, and we will when we present them, we'll talk about what we can do with no 00:50:25
added costs, what we can do by adjusting things and where. 00:50:29
We would recommend making modifications. 00:50:34
And then I I do want to just reiterate the Chief's point about succession training. 00:50:39
I think the chief and I both are very grateful that we have the opportunity to come to Port Wanami. 00:50:44
But both of us have said our goal is that the next people in our roles are internal candidates, people who've been here and who've 00:50:50
worked with the city and. 00:50:54
We want to. 00:51:00
Plan that. That's the next. 00:51:02
The next people in these positions will be homegrown talent and so for us, we are talking about. 00:51:05
Really prioritizing that as part of our overall philosophy, so. 00:51:10
So anyway, back to chief if you want to add anything to that. 00:51:15
Yeah, I was here when we had much smaller budget to work with and we made incredible things happen. 00:51:20
We actually have. 00:51:26
A more flexible budget than we did back in the day. 00:51:27
And you hear some of the things we started with. 00:51:30
Less budget to work with. We have more budget to work with. 00:51:33
So let's give it time and see what we pull off. It's not adding positions right now we're using what we have. 00:51:35
I did have a closing statement I like to make. I feel like I'm on a jury or court somewhere. 00:51:41
I I did just want to say. 00:51:46
So, yeah, moving forward. 00:51:50
Strategy. 00:51:51
Plans. Great. But I I just don't want us as a city to lose track of. 00:51:52
Currently, what are the issues that we might be experiencing now? 00:51:57
To make sure we're dealing with those as well. 00:52:01
And. 00:52:04
Before we look too far out. 00:52:06
Yeah, and there's a. 00:52:07
There's three months of crime stats sitting on my desk right now and that's part of our analysis of what we're looking at. 00:52:08
But we are not. We could use our technology better to put that out to our folks. 00:52:13
But that's literally. 00:52:17
Why some things on this plan got moved? 00:52:20
Further out because we're dealing with. 00:52:23
We were able to start bike patrol in weeks. 00:52:25
And so. 00:52:27
There's certain things we want to move based on that. 00:52:28
Thank you. 00:52:31
OK. 00:52:32
Thank you for the presentation. Really appreciate it. 00:52:33
One of the things I think I've. 00:52:36
Discovered. Is that that your plan and the things you talked about mean. 00:52:38
That you're more visible and and I I believe that I've seen. 00:52:42
A more visible Police Department since you came on, and I think that's great. 00:52:47
In fact, just yesterday when I came home from the beach. 00:52:52
Barbecue and all day having a community BBQ. 00:52:55
Here comes a chief Frederico on a bicycle out of Miranda Park. 00:52:57
And I think that's great I and I've seen. 00:53:02
I've seen the interaction. 00:53:06
And I think all that interaction is going to pay big dividends down the road. 00:53:07
So I I think it's going to take some time and I really appreciate the things that you're doing. 00:53:13
I think the visibility. 00:53:18
Is um. 00:53:20
Already paying off? 00:53:21
There was a time where. 00:53:24
They would park a unused police vehicle out in front of City Hall. 00:53:26
And if there is a unused police vehicle, I would suggest putting it back out in front of City Hall because people were like, whoa, 00:53:30
there's a police officer and they slow down, you know? 00:53:34
But um. 00:53:38
I think with the community. 00:53:39
Discussion that we're going to bring forward here. 00:53:42
Umm. 00:53:44
Knowing you how I know you and how I've seen you operate, I think it's a great opportunity to hear from folks. 00:53:45
Hear what their concerns are and then try to make real progress in addressing them so. 00:53:50
And one other thing when it comes to technology, we were told. 00:53:57
A couple of years ago. 00:54:00
When for example when the camera went in down. 00:54:02
At the pier. 00:54:05
That ohh, this tool's gonna do XY and Z for us and. 00:54:06
I'm not sure if that. 00:54:10
System is operating If it's working, is it being monitored? 00:54:12
But it seems to me that you know, using the tools that we have in place. 00:54:16
To their maximum ability might really help a lot, and so anyways I just really appreciate the. 00:54:20
The attitude that you brought to our department, I think it's very visible. 00:54:29
I think it's positive. 00:54:34
And umm. 00:54:35
And I think Wellness taking care of the officers is super important. 00:54:37
You know, because we know that. 00:54:42
As the police officers, you deal with them. 00:54:44
Pretty difficult things and. 00:54:46
Being a tough guy. 00:54:49
Could only work for so long or tough woman you have to you know have a a mechanism to. 00:54:51
To destress and and live life joyfully. 00:54:56
So thank you for everything you're doing. I look forward to the future. 00:55:00
Thank you Chief again for your for your report. 00:55:06
And I echo the. 00:55:10
Supporting comments of my fellow Council members. 00:55:13
Your plans are ambitious. They are. 00:55:17
They're gonna come with a price tag, so. 00:55:21
I hope that you and between you and the city manager, you can figure out how to get to that budget neutral place. 00:55:24
Umm. 00:55:31
Canine storefront motor officers not only come with price tags that come with liability, so. 00:55:32
Those are things that we all have to be concerned of. I and I, you know, I'm not so sure. 00:55:38
I. 00:55:44
As a council member and has a City Council that I'm ready to say that we. 00:55:45
Wanna hire a city manager that's internal? I think that's something that's going to be left to the City Council. 00:55:50
So if if those are the thoughts, maybe we should have some further discussion on that. 00:55:56
Because there are some benefits of going outside. 00:56:02
So I just wanted to add that and. 00:56:04
When you talked about. 00:56:08
Getting feedback from the community and from your team within the department, I recall that when you presented here to the City 00:56:11
Council, you raised some of the concerns that we had and some of the things we were looking for in a police chief. 00:56:18
That you you responded to and one of them was Neighborhood Watch. I didn't hear anything in your presentation about Neighborhood 00:56:27
Watch. 00:56:30
Do you have any plans to bring neighborhood watch back or something similar to that which? 00:56:34
Hopefully could be budget neutral, but yeah, actually, and it can be and it is under community engagement. I didn't put all the 00:56:39
programs out there, but there's there's programs up there. We're actually working on one right now. I'd love to bring them up 00:56:43
again. Henry Montelongo. 00:56:47
Is working with a couple of folks. I know former mayor and council member Rich Rollins is working with him on one, but yes, they 00:56:52
would watch is definitely the plans. It's already underway. 00:56:56
Great. Good to hear. And then I'm, I'm glad you mentioned crime stats because. 00:57:01
We do expect to hear at least quarterly. 00:57:06
Your reports on crime stats? We missed those. 00:57:10
Since Chief Salinas left. 00:57:13
And then our vacancies, do you have any vacancies right now? 00:57:14
Yes, you needing to fill, Yeah, we we have a couple of officer vacancies. 00:57:18
We lost a detective, right? 00:57:22
Did you lose? It was Nora. Did. Yeah. I inherited. I inherited 3 people leaving one medical retirement, one to a higher promotion 00:57:25
to other organization, and one retirement to go be a detective in another retirement system. So. 00:57:31
With those, thankfully. 00:57:37
We have Bob Albertson. 00:57:39
He's on top of the personnel promoting. We're already flying. We're also trying to hire CSO right now. 00:57:41
So you're planning on filling those vacancies or but I should change the staff, definitely fill them, but in the meantime? 00:57:46
You know, we're saving money on those three positions and still don't you see how that works? That's we're actually saving that 00:57:52
money on the three to the end of the year. 00:57:55
So, right balance, there's also the. 00:57:59
Service Level 2 that. 00:58:02
You suffer if you don't feel those positions right. So you want to be careful of that, right. So our our middle staffing is are 00:58:04
all there always. 00:58:07
Alright, thank you. That's all I have. 00:58:13
You're Pro Tem. 00:58:16
I don't have any questions. I just have comments that. 00:58:20
I love hearing the things that you're doing because I know they're going to be beneficial. I think you have a good. 00:58:25
Ose on the city, I think your officers, your staff. 00:58:30
And the management all have a good pulse on the city and what needs to be done. We have a lot of. 00:58:34
Years invested in this community and a lot of experts that understand. 00:58:39
What the community is about and I think. 00:58:43
The fact that you're utilizing everyone and bringing them in to. 00:58:45
Engage everyone's opinion on what's going to work best for this community is. 00:58:48
The best way you can go about. 00:58:53
Implementing these changes and I know you have. 00:58:54
Great staff behind you that supports you. I know they are. 00:58:57
Excited about these changes and the things that are going to be happening in all the different. 00:59:01
Additions that are going to be. So I'm just looking forward to what is going to happen. I know it's going to be great. Thank you. 00:59:05
And thank you for your presentation. I I like your great ideas and when the time is right, I know you'll bring them back and then. 00:59:12
And then we'll decide on them. 00:59:17
Thank you for your presentation, Chief Federico. 00:59:19
Thank you. I do have one last thing. 00:59:22
I was approached. 00:59:24
Just prior to my. 00:59:25
Presentation. 00:59:27
To hear something from the employees. 00:59:29
The employ Union president sitting right here. 00:59:31
Wants to speak a couple comments. 00:59:34
On my presentation. 00:59:36
Mike Hammer. 00:59:38
Good. 00:59:49
Hi. 00:59:51
Thanks to all of you for allowing me the opportunity to speak. 00:59:53
And. 00:59:58
So. 01:00:00
I'm in a. 01:00:01
I am the PA president. For those of you that don't know, I was elected. 01:00:03
Couple years ago. 01:00:07
To represent the members of the Police Department and. 01:00:09
With that, it's a job that I take very, very seriously and like the chief had mentioned, you know, the investment that he's made 01:00:14
into the employees, that's the same investment I make into the employees and. 01:00:19
So. 01:00:24
I do appreciate the opportunity to speak. 01:00:25
To each and everyone of you. 01:00:28
From a. 01:00:30
Historical standpoint, I've been a law enforcement officer for 30 plus years, almost 31 years. 01:00:32
I've worked for multiple chiefs. 01:00:37
And I've worked for a. 01:00:41
In a team environment my whole life, being a former athlete, now a coach myself for many, many years, you know, 40 years, 40 plus 01:00:43
years and involved in athletics. 01:00:48
I understand team. 01:00:54
The team concept. I understand team dynamics. 01:00:56
I understand what team, what good teamwork is, and what bad teamwork is. 01:01:00
And so with that, I'm speaking on behalf of mostly myself. 01:01:05
Because I have to be cognizant of the fact that I may not share and represent each and everyone of the members of the agency, 01:01:10
however. 01:01:13
I will go out on a limb and say that a majority, if not all. 01:01:17
Do. 01:01:20
Echo the same sentiments that I'm going to present to you, you guys. 01:01:21
This evening. 01:01:24
As you've known in the past, I don't. I didn't really prepare anything to speak on because I don't think that if I prepare 01:01:26
something it comes off as genuine. 01:01:30
Or or with the same humbleness that I have for for. 01:01:34
Being given this opportunity. 01:01:38
But. 01:01:41
I'd like to say that. 01:01:42
The chief presented several of his five focus areas. 01:01:44
Misty kind of stole some of my my Thunder with her comments on things that I wanted to address. 01:01:47
And the two areas that I think are are are important for for the council and the city manager to. 01:01:54
To understand, is that right now the agency? 01:02:00
Is in a good spot. 01:02:04
It's in a very good position. 01:02:07
And I say that because. 01:02:09
Having that experience maybe even an expert in the in the in, in a sense of of teamwork. 01:02:11
And. 01:02:18
Chemistry of how a team works and the dynamics of that. 01:02:20
I'll go out on limb and say that I think that right now we we we are in a very, very good spot as an agency. 01:02:24
Umm. 01:02:31
The chief mentioned that. 01:02:32
Some of the programs will motivate some of our younger officers to want to further their careers. 01:02:34
Enhance their their ability to be leaders in the organization someday. 01:02:39
But it's also. 01:02:43
Rejuvenated a lot of tenured employees like myself. 01:02:44
That have 3031 years that can retire now. 01:02:48
That are looking at retirement opportunities but are deciding, well maybe. 01:02:52
Maybe I'll stick around and be part of the leadership team in the future, be part of the succession planning that he's trying to 01:02:55
implement. 01:02:59
That's very important for somebody like myself who feels that. 01:03:02
I have a lot to offer. 01:03:06
Even even now at at 55 years old, I still have a lot to offer in in in the form of leadership. 01:03:08
So it's rejuvenated. 01:03:13
Myself and it's rejuvenated some of our older tenured employees and but also motivated a lot of our younger employees as well. 01:03:15
Speaking from experience and working patrol with a lot of our younger officers, we have a a huge disparity gap right now. 01:03:22
And I think it's important that the city understands that we have to have. 01:03:29
That succession planning in place because there is going to be an exodus at some point within the next. 01:03:33
Year Two 3-4 years of some of our our tenured senior employees. 01:03:40
And they're going to have to have somebody in the leadership role that's going to be able to continue to motivate them, provide 01:03:45
them opportunities to enrich their their. 01:03:49
Their lives, which also ultimately enriches the community, right? 01:03:54
And so I think it's it's. 01:03:57
It's important to have that leadership, that leadership and right now. 01:04:00
Chief Federico is is that leader that. 01:04:03
That we have and and I'm excited about it, the memberships excited about it and like I said, I have to this is mostly my comments 01:04:06
but I think I echo. 01:04:10
The same sentiments. 01:04:13
Of the employees. 01:04:15
Another area too that I think is important that maybe. 01:04:18
Wasn't. 01:04:22
Totally captured in in in the Chiefs presentation. 01:04:23
Is his ability to communicate. 01:04:27
And value. 01:04:29
Each and everyone of us. 01:04:31
I saw the chief come in. 01:04:34
I I I don't know that there's a day he has not been here. 01:04:36
I'm here a lot because of my work also. 01:04:40
You know, because of some staffing issues. 01:04:43
And I think every day I've been here, I've seen him every day. 01:04:45
He has definitely invested. 01:04:48
In the city, you know that he's an invested member of the community. 01:04:50
But he's also invested in each and every one of us. 01:04:55
And to share some examples, he came out on the road personally on my shift. Now I do get some FaceTime with the chief, so. 01:04:58
But he he rode with some of our younger officers. 01:05:07
What that tells me is somebody that's been a coach for a long time is that he is invested in his people. 01:05:09
And when you invest in your people. 01:05:15
You understand their goals and you understand their objectives and you can also implement your own goals and objectives for them 01:05:17
and. 01:05:20
When you value them, they want to come to work. 01:05:24
Their work product goes up. 01:05:26
And they're motivated. 01:05:28
And that transitions into them being positive and. 01:05:31
How they address? 01:05:34
Issues in the community. 01:05:35
Whether it's crime fighting, whether it's. 01:05:37
Solving a neighborhood dispute. 01:05:40
Traffic related issues. 01:05:42
Or or or a variant. 01:05:44
Of of different. 01:05:47
Maybe crimes that we address or problems that we we address in the community. 01:05:48
He's taking the time to communicate with each and every every one of us and. 01:05:53
Allowed the employee to feel valued. 01:05:59
And for the first time in a long time in my career, that's that's welcoming. 01:06:03
That's welcoming to have someone that has has. 01:06:07
Invested in us personally. 01:06:11
And so I'm excited to see where that goes in the future. And I know I, I like I said mentioning that. 01:06:12
Same sentiment from from. 01:06:18
My. 01:06:20
My team teammates. 01:06:21
Communication wise, he's communicated with us, his vision. 01:06:25
His goals? This is something that we hear. 01:06:29
This was nothing new to me to see his focus areas because. 01:06:32
He's constantly discussing it. 01:06:35
And I think. 01:06:37
As a as a coach. 01:06:39
That's a good leader or a head coach implementing his ideas on his employees and staff, preparing them for that opportunity. 01:06:41
To have a motor, to have a canine, To have a collateral assignments. 01:06:50
It prepares them for that opportunity. What's what's expected of them? 01:06:54
And he's planning the the, the seeds for. 01:06:57
For the department to move forward. 01:07:01
So with that. 01:07:03
I I do want to thank. 01:07:05
All of you for allowing me the opportunity to speak for a few minutes. 01:07:07
I I. 01:07:11
We we have a, We have a very good. 01:07:12
Opportunity to continue to continue to to move this department forward and I'm very excited for it. 01:07:15
And I think if you asked just it took a poll of the of the other. 01:07:21
Team members that I work with, they would say the same thing. 01:07:25
So with that, thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to speak. 01:07:27
Welcome back. 01:07:31
And I look forward to to working with you for hopefully a few more years so. 01:07:34
Have a good evening. Thank you. 01:07:38
Thank you, Mike. 01:07:40
We will now move on to the consent calendar. We will consider items on the consent calendar which will be enacted in one motion 01:07:42
unless a Council member has a request to remove an item for discussion. 01:07:46
I would like. 01:07:52
To remove I have to Kevin, I have to remove #8 right? If I'm not gonna vote for it. 01:07:54
OK, so I'm I'm making a motion to. 01:08:00
Approve the consent calendar minus agenda item number 8. 01:08:02
2nd. 01:08:07
All in favor. 01:08:11
Aye. 01:08:12
Aye, all opposed. 01:08:12
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:08:14
Alright. And item number 8 is authorization for teacher leave reimbursement associated with out of state travel for myself? 01:08:18
And you're Bobby Martinez. 01:08:25
I don't have to leave for this one, right? 01:08:30
No, under the Under the Brown Act, because it's a consent agenda item, you can stay on the dais, but you may not participate. So I 01:08:34
would recommend that Mayor Pro Tem Perez read the item. 01:08:38
I'd like to move approval. 01:08:44
Item. 01:08:50
I'll second. 01:08:53
OK. All in favor. 01:08:54
Aye, all opposed. 01:08:56
OK. And let the record reflect that the vote is 40. 01:08:58
With Mayor Martinez abstaining. 01:09:03
There aren't any public hearings tonight, but we do have a couple business items. 01:09:07
Item number 11 Citizen Advisory Commission Amendment to Bylaws and Revision of Purpose and Functions. 01:09:12
Will staff please present the report? 01:09:18
Yes, thank you, Mayor. And I have a. 01:09:28
To. 01:09:31
Just simple slides that I'm going to pull U. 01:09:32
Thank you. 01:09:36
OK. So the Citizen advisory Committee item is on the agenda today with their recommendation to approve. 01:09:55
A list of topics for the Citizen Advisory Commission to review. 01:10:02
And to approve an amendment to the bylaws to set the council chambers as the commission's regular meeting location. 01:10:07
Some quick background, the Citizen Advisory Commission was created in 2018 with five members. 01:10:15
Bylaws were prepared and approved in September of 2020. 01:10:20
Since that time, the Citizen Advisory Commission had reviewed essentially 5 topics. 01:10:25
Of the Wanami Heroes historic preservation and cultural heritage policy. 01:10:31
Applications to honor the heroes. 01:10:36
Allocations from the Community Benefit Fund, Citizen Advisory Commission, bylaws, and the legislative program of the City. 01:10:39
This year, the Council and the Commission both expressed interest in holding future Commission meetings at Council chambers. 01:10:47
Previously, the Commission meetings were held at the Irvine S Carpenter Community Center. 01:10:54
The CAC had a meeting on July 10th. 01:10:59
Where they voted to amend their bylaws to meet at the council chambers. 01:11:01
We brought that recommendation forward. We recommend approving that and also. 01:11:07
Approving. 01:11:14
Or providing direction to the staff to record their meetings and post their meetings on the website moving forward. 01:11:16
To me, our our thought was this is a. 01:11:23
Good public transparency measure of this is the city's Commission. The city's commission's business should be held at the chamber 01:11:26
where the public can participate. 01:11:31
And. 01:11:36
Be recorded and on the website so the public can. 01:11:38
Review those meetings just like a council meeting. 01:11:42
We estimate about $1000 of staff time annually to to do so, which is fairly minimal and can be accomplished with existing staff. 01:11:46
And. 01:11:55
Umm. 01:11:56
Yeah, I think I need the arrows. Thank you. 01:11:58
Thanks. 01:12:01
And then umm. 01:12:03
As mentioned, so the bylaws was the 2nd item. The first recommendation was to set the topics for the Citizen Advisory Commission. 01:12:04
Those topics that we are recommending include the existing topics such as the heroes and historic preservation policy items. 01:12:13
The allocations from the Community Benefit Fund. 01:12:22
And the legislative program, but we're also recommending. 01:12:24
We were looking to recommend topics that typically we get a lot of public feedback on, a lot of public comment with the idea of 01:12:29
just using the opportunity to have more public outreach, more public engagement. 01:12:35
So we're recommending including city sponsored large scale events as topics for the CAC to provide feedback and input on. 01:12:42
Public art projects. 01:12:50
Parks and Recreation. 01:12:54
Based capital projects, those that's a topic we tend to get a lot of comments on things like parks improvements and things like 01:12:55
that. 01:12:59
And the amendment and creation of master plan documents, which always have some sort of public outreach element. 01:13:03
So. 01:13:09
We've recommended including those items in the set list of topics for the Citizen Advisory Commission to meet and. 01:13:10
Taken together, the purpose is. 01:13:18
Essentially trying to provide clarity, transparency to both the public, the Commission, the Council staff. 01:13:21
About what the role of the Advisory Commission is and also allowing that interaction and public engagement with the Commission, so 01:13:28
we recommend approving those two items. 01:13:34
Anyone on council have any questions? 01:13:42
Council Member Gamma. Yes, thank you, Mayor. Thank you to the manager. 01:13:44
I would hope to see a meeting schedule. I don't know how many meetings. 01:13:50
But I think if we put a schedule together. 01:13:56
Then we could work towards that schedule. 01:13:59
And then I think. 01:14:02
I just love the the concept that we're going to use and this is what it should have always been used for, is to. 01:14:04
Bring the public in on on targeted. 01:14:11
Topics. 01:14:14
Get as much feedback as possible. 01:14:15
And and then get get this information to the Council to help us make better and more fulfilling. 01:14:18
Decisions so. 01:14:24
And that's the only thing I would like to see is if we could put a. 01:14:25
The meeting schedule, I don't know what how many meetings a year we we should shoot for, but maybe it's something. I don't know if 01:14:29
we could talk about that tonight, but maybe. 01:14:33
Maybe it would be a a really good tool because then for example like you know and you have a meeting every Tuesday of every. 01:14:38
3rd month or whatever the. 01:14:45
Whatever the recommendation would be, but I I think that would help. 01:14:47
Help the. 01:14:51
Effective and efficient. 01:14:54
Yeah. 01:14:55
Yeah, that's the bylaws do include include in the bylaws. 01:14:57
How meetings can be called. So I think we could talk about that as as part of the bylaws and if there's. 01:15:02
An idea of of how we want to hold them. Right now, the bylaws state that the meetings are held quarterly. 01:15:08
So every three months. 01:15:15
And so that can be modified. 01:15:18
But of course, the bylaws also state that council or the city manager can call additional meetings as needed, so that could also 01:15:22
work at this time. I'm sorry, but the the problem. 01:15:27
As I see it is, is we haven't haven't had quarterly meetings. 01:15:32
It's been, you know, we haven't had regular quarterly meetings so. 01:15:38
I hear you, OK. 01:15:41
Any other questions? 01:15:43
Mark Miss McQueen. 01:15:44
Yeah. 01:15:46
This I, I believe, follow up to what Council member? 01:15:47
Gamma was saying. 01:15:51
So. 01:15:53
In my mind. 01:15:54
I don't see any concern. I don't have any concerns right now, but. 01:15:57
Going down the path. 01:16:01
I would be a little concerned about timing of, you know, decision making. 01:16:05
Hmm. 01:16:11
And so and the other part would be I'm. 01:16:12
So when you talk about communicating with. 01:16:19
The community. 01:16:22
Right. 01:16:24
I think there are in some cases and I don't know the the background of all the members. 01:16:25
But in communicating and in communicating with residents. 01:16:33
And then having to have that. 01:16:38
One collecting the information you need for the topic, right? 01:16:42
To being able to then. 01:16:46
Analyze that data. 01:16:49
And and. 01:16:51
Get the data to who it needs to be and then. 01:16:52
Respond to the residents so that they value the process. 01:16:55
And will continue to be involved in dialogue. 01:17:00
And so those are the kind of things that I would be somewhat concerned about because communication on one thing is a big deal. 01:17:05
But to communicate in a lot of different topics. 01:17:13
Umm. 01:17:17
You know. 01:17:18
Would be concerning for me, yeah. 01:17:20
I think the when I say an opportunity for communication and engagement. 01:17:23
The thought at this point is it's another public meeting. 01:17:29
With an agenda that allows the community to see what's being talked about, come in and participate in the meeting. 01:17:34
And so. 01:17:40
We weren't necessarily envisioning it as like a commitment to then continue that. 01:17:42
You know, like A to start a dialogue, you know in that way. But more is like it's an opportunity for the. 01:17:49
Public to come speak to the Commission and then the Commission recommendation to go to council and it's just another link in the, 01:17:56
you know representation. Yeah process. I'll just, I'll just follow up with this then. 01:18:02
So I think it's important that. 01:18:08
I know that decisions are not always going to be in alignment with. 01:18:12
Feedback that you get from the community correct, I know that. 01:18:17
But I also want to just make sure that we remain. 01:18:23
Aware. 01:18:26
That. 01:18:27
It's not just hearing. 01:18:29
The residents? Hmm. It's then taking information. 01:18:31
And actually using it to come up with decisions that might not be yours or mine. 01:18:36
And so I just want to make sure that we're not creating environments to collect data. 01:18:42
And then? 01:18:48
As a city, we go do what the city decides that they want to do. 01:18:49
Just want to make sure I put that out there. 01:18:53
Thank you. 01:18:56
Just remember Hernandez, Yes. Have a question. Yes, I have a couple of questions. Thank you, Mayor Martinez. 01:18:58
Umm. 01:19:04
I I echo the sentiments of Councilman Garment and Councilwoman McQueen Lejon. 01:19:05
In the in the scheduling I I think that's going to be really important. 01:19:11
In particularly in particular, has it relates to the proposed allocations from. 01:19:16
The Community Benefit fund because. 01:19:22
My experience and I think council might agree that we we has a City Council don't have that process down now. 01:19:25
And if we're going to. 01:19:33
Create another layer of approval. 01:19:36
The timing on how we do that, the process and the timing and how we do that, it's gonna have to be crafted very carefully. 01:19:39
Because we don't always hear back from. 01:19:46
The the committee representatives and that's not. 01:19:49
Just this year. In previous years we haven't been that great at it. 01:19:52
In reporting back what's been discussed in these meetings with the port. 01:19:57
Umm. 01:20:00
So we'd have to get the information to. 01:20:02
The. 01:20:05
Citizens advisory Commission at a certain time prior to the meeting and then get some follow up after the meeting and I I just I'm 01:20:06
a little I'm not sure we're ready to do that yet. 01:20:11
So I would ask. 01:20:16
Consideration having that removed. 01:20:18
From one of their duties for until we can get. 01:20:20
Our schedule. 01:20:23
In our process did did you mention though? 01:20:24
Right now. 01:20:28
Yeah. My question is what is the plan? 01:20:30
For how we're going to handle the community benefit fund. 01:20:33
Yeah, and Community Benefit Fund has been on there. 01:20:37
List of topics. 01:20:42
But my understanding is we haven't necessarily stuck to it in the past. 01:20:44
I think that the. 01:20:49
The short answer is we're going to have to be more proactive. We're going to be. 01:20:52
We will have to make sure. 01:20:56
We know the schedule for community benefit fund when it when we're gonna have that joint discussion with the port and then we'll 01:20:59
have to work backwards from there and build in a month to go to the. 01:21:04
Citizen Advisory Commission. 01:21:09
And I think it's, I think we are able to do that, but to your point it hasn't happened in the past and it didn't happen this year. 01:21:11
I think. 01:21:19
We were. 01:21:20
By sort of agreeing to. 01:21:21
These topics we were going to commit to trying to make sure that happens in the future. 01:21:23
So. 01:21:29
Yeah, because I could actually see that a citizen advisory Commission could be. 01:21:30
Utilized for interviewing nonprofits who who want to. 01:21:33
Receive funding, you know, helping us with that process. 01:21:39
Um, the other question I had had to do with the Public Arts Project, and we've been discussing the establishment and standing up 01:21:43
of a. 01:21:46
A Public Arts Commission? Would that no longer be necessary if we turned this over to the Citizens Advisory Commission? 01:21:51
I think, well, I think it would be up to the Council. 01:21:58
I think those are two options to proceed whether it's. 01:22:02
Keeping that within the purview of a potential arts Commission or? 01:22:06
If the Council wanted to just fold that into the citizen advisory Commission. 01:22:10
I think. 01:22:15
When we put this list together. 01:22:16
There are currently, as of today, is not a group that reviews public art projects. 01:22:18
But if the Council did create an Arts Commission, the Council could say, you know, that topic is now within the Arts Commission's 01:22:22
purview, the only caution I would. 01:22:27
Say to that is that not all the? 01:22:32
Members of the community. 01:22:35
Advisory Council. 01:22:37
Have experience with art. 01:22:39
Yeah, that's correct and I think. 01:22:41
You know, one of the ideas that sometimes cities will do is. 01:22:43
When you when you give a committee that topic, then you'll require that one or two members of the committee have a background in 01:22:49
art, for example. 01:22:53
I think the CAC right now does have a committee member who does have a background in art, but I think it's just one of the five. 01:22:57
OK. 01:23:03
So if we approve this tonight, does that mean that the Arts Commission is no longer? 01:23:03
I'm, I'm, I've spent a lot of time working on it, collecting bylaws and. 01:23:11
Researching arts commissions would do I now just stop doing that or it doesn't. So there's a couple options. 01:23:16
Adopting this tonight doesn't have any impact on the Council considering. 01:23:23
Creating an arts Commission. 01:23:28
We can adopt the list and remove public art projects if we're if you know, if the council's confident that it's moving towards an 01:23:30
arts Commission. 01:23:34
We can adopt it as is for now and then remove it when we create a Commission. 01:23:39
Or. 01:23:44
Well, those are probably the the the clearest options, but it by adopting this, it does not mean that an Arts Commission is not 01:23:47
possible. So, all right, great. And then my last question is what happened to the idea of asking the CAC to do a community 01:23:52
engagement plan? 01:23:58
Umm. 01:24:04
I think we've spoken about it, I've, I've mentioned it here in this on in this venue. 01:24:05
Did that not? 01:24:11
It didn't make the list and I'm not sure why no. And I I don't know that I've heard that to this point, so I OK. 01:24:13
Yeah, I don't have her, but it's not too late to add something later on, No. Something could be added tonight, or it could be 01:24:20
added at a later date or kind of the catch all in our list of topics. 01:24:26
Is we do note that. 01:24:31
Additional topics Specific topics may be directed by the City Council, so the City Council could at any time say you know we need 01:24:33
a community engagement plan. 01:24:38
You know, we want the arts or the. 01:24:42
Citizen advisory Commission to come back with that item. 01:24:45
So my final question has this. 01:24:47
Been presented to this CAC these lists of. 01:24:51
Projects. 01:24:55
Have they weighed in on this yet? 01:24:56
That's a good question. 01:24:59
Let me ask the staff liaison if the if these were actually talked about at the last meeting. 01:25:03
And the reason I ask is. 01:25:09
Because they have to determine whether they feel they have the capacity and. 01:25:11
In time to to work on these things, I believe they did talk about topics. I'm just not sure if all of these topics were on the 01:25:15
list at that point. Simple answer, Council member is no, this has not been presented a good combination of a good portion of the 01:25:19
list. 01:25:24
Comes directly from comments and suggestions made at the last CAC meeting. 01:25:29
But the list in its entirety was not presented to the CAC for their, so they still need time to kind of. 01:25:33
Mull over, Mull it over and. 01:25:41
That's the Council's wish. The enabling resolution was that the council would take action and direct the items for the CAC to 01:25:43
review, but if it's the Council's desire to have serious. 01:25:47
Well, that would be my recommendation. I mean because we're we're placing a lot on their shoulders, I want to make sure that 01:25:57
they're. 01:26:00
They feel that their this is something that they. 01:26:04
Can successfully accomplish. 01:26:06
If I may, I just think it's important to. 01:26:09
Get some meetings going. Get. 01:26:13
Get us, you know, get in stride. Get familiarity and how this CAC is going to work. 01:26:16
Because. 01:26:23
Frankly, it it really hasn't been utilized. 01:26:24
At all. 01:26:27
And. 01:26:29
Right. 01:26:30
But I've heard from my appointee, it's like, when are we gonna have a meeting? 01:26:32
How come we don't have meetings and they haven't had meetings? So again, that's why I'm I'm hanging up on. 01:26:35
Let's have a schedule and then let's let's. 01:26:40
Let's work everything through that we can through the CAC. 01:26:43
Including art and we'll see how it goes because. 01:26:48
The CAC may come up with a recommendation that nobody on this council supports. I don't see that happening, but it could happen. 01:26:51
And but I believe that if we, if we start small with a couple. 01:26:58
Items in the first agenda, I mean if we put an agenda out that had had all these eight items on, I don't think that's. 01:27:04
Fair to the Commission, but if we. 01:27:11
Give them. 01:27:13
For example, just throwing it out there it says city sponsored large scale events. OK so. 01:27:14
Maybe we have a meeting. 01:27:20
And we give all the data to the CAC and say OK digest. 01:27:22
How? 01:27:26
Wanami Beach Festival played out this year. 01:27:29
What are the good things? What are the bad things? What what? What? What do you think we we should do? Where should we go into the 01:27:31
future? 01:27:34
I think if we. 01:27:37
Start getting in the rhythm of. 01:27:38
Turning over a a topic and then having it come back, I think we could really make this work for us in all the different areas. 01:27:41
I'm just trying to to promote. 01:27:47
Going forward, does anyone have a question? I have a question. 01:27:49
Thank you, Mayor. 01:27:53
Umm. 01:27:55
Council Member Gamboa just mentioned about the city sponsored large scale events. 01:27:56
And he eluded to. 01:28:01
Or he he stated that, you know, give them data and have them analyze the data. Is that what that line means? 01:28:04
And then what does? What does 7 look like? 01:28:11
As a task. 01:28:15
Yeah, so for a city sponsored large scale events, essentially what we're suggesting is reviewing the city's large scale events 01:28:17
such as Beach Fest. 01:28:22
Um. 01:28:28
You know, I think that's an example of we hear tons of feedback and oftentimes completely conflicting feedback from. 01:28:28
You know, one person says it should have been held this way and another person says it should have been held this way. 01:28:38
If you don't mind me, just because I want to make sure I was clear at my. 01:28:44
So is this really about? 01:28:48
After the fact. 01:28:50
Or prior to planning an event. 01:28:51
The Citizens Advisory team gives feedback to the planners so that they can. 01:28:55
Include. 01:29:00
So is it? 01:29:02
Well, it's in this case because it's an annual event, it would be both. It's after the so we just had Beach Fest. So after the 01:29:03
event, their next meet, the CAC's next meeting is October 9th. 01:29:10
So that is one of the topics to the point of we wouldn't have all these items on the on their agenda, but that would probably be 01:29:16
on the first one. 01:29:20
And it would be reviewing the last beach fest, reviewing some of the details, costs, resources, et cetera. 01:29:24
And then giving the CAC the first opportunity to receive public feedback and to provide input. 01:29:32
From the public and the CAC. 01:29:39
Then that can then. 01:29:41
Go to staff and counsel. 01:29:42
So. 01:29:44
And what would #7 look like? So seven is in particular. 01:29:45
Specific. 01:29:50
Well, large scale parks and Rec capital projects and I'll give like an example. 01:29:52
Of. 01:29:59
Destination playground right now. 01:30:01
And I would say coming in as a new person, talking to people. 01:30:03
I've heard 1000 ideas of what the playground should be, where it should be, how it should you know what what it should include. 01:30:08
And that's like an example because it's been talked about for years and but there hasn't really been that. 01:30:16
4. 01:30:22
You know, vetting and discussion. 01:30:23
That in the future when we have a project like that, the CAC can be the first round of. 01:30:25
Public input, public feedback and make some recommendations. 01:30:30
And so. 01:30:35
It would be sort of on that whenever we'd have a new. 01:30:36
Large scale parks Project coming. 01:30:39
Having the CC but be the first round. 01:30:41
In additional comment in response to some of the questions that were asked, I just wanted to be clear that. 01:30:46
The Commission is advisory to Council, so there were comments before about. 01:30:51
Information received and back in information flow with the community. 01:30:54
And perhaps advice given to event planners. 01:30:59
The items presented to the CAC. 01:31:02
Would be presented for their feedback and community input at those meetings. 01:31:04
For items that would then be presented to the City Council with the CDC recommendations. So I just wanted to make that point of 01:31:08
clarification. 01:31:11
Any questions, Mayor Pro Tem? 01:31:16
All right. 01:31:18
May we hear public comments regarding this item please? 01:31:19
First public comment is from Stephen Auclair. 01:31:23
See the City Council. Thank you. I'll start over. Mayor Martinez, Mayor Pro Tem Perez. It's good to be here tonight. 01:31:38
I'm currently serving in my fifth year with the Citizen Advisory. 01:31:47
Commission. This would make me, I believe, the longest serving member of. 01:31:51
That group. 01:31:57
From its inception, I think umm. And so I am so happy to see this come forward. I think it's the first time a comprehensive list 01:31:59
has come forward. 01:32:03
And I will say it, we have actually been meeting Council Member Gamma. We met, we meet quarterly. Now that communication has 01:32:09
increased. 01:32:13
Drastically, and I'm really happy to see that. 01:32:18
I really want to thank. 01:32:21
The deputy city manager and the city clerk, they've just been exceptional at staffing these meetings. 01:32:23
As somebody who Staffs meetings during my day job. 01:32:30
Um. 01:32:34
You know, it's it's just something on top of of another project, another thing that they're doing. And so I think it can't go 01:32:35
without note that they have just really contributed well. They've met the commissioners where they are. So you know when we ask a 01:32:40
question, they respond in a way that is appropriate. 01:32:46
And I've really appreciated that and they've treated us. 01:32:52
We have dignity, care and respect. 01:32:55
I I will note that this list is a wonderful list. I will say it it. 01:32:58
It reflects nearly every comment I've heard over the last five years from both. 01:33:05
Commissioners from residents and, frankly, recommendations I've made to at least at least the last two city managers. 01:33:10
Both event which frankly were met with great resistance. So I'm happy to see that this is coming forward and I hope that the City 01:33:18
Council enables the Commission and enables staff to collaborate with the Commission. 01:33:25
I think it will set our city apart and the use of this Commission. 01:33:33
You know, we're kind of rare in that we don't have a Planning Commission and this Commission and that Commission. 01:33:36
But I think this could be a really good model and a really interesting model to get others involved. 01:33:42
So with that, and for those reasons, I really urge a Yes vote on staff recommendation. 01:33:47
Um, support this. See how it goes if commissioners feel like it's overwhelming cycling off the Commission when it takes a. 01:33:52
A big change and and steps forward. That's normal. That's a healthy part of a Commission. 01:34:01
Um, and I think this is really a stepping forward. 01:34:06
To some real substantive material. So again, I urge a yes vote on staff recommendation. Give the staff a chance. Give the 01:34:09
Commission a chance. 01:34:13
And I think this is going to be wonderful. So again, thank you to the staff for preparing this. And I urge a yes vote. Trust the 01:34:16
staff. Trust the Commission. Thank you. They're your appointees. Thank you. 01:34:21
X. 01:34:28
We have Rich Rollins. 01:34:29
Hi. 01:34:38
I've never been a strong advocate of the Community Advisory Commission. 01:34:42
And part of that is because I've worked in a number of different cities. 01:34:47
That they've had multiple commissions. 01:34:52
Where where the where you got more involvement from the community, you got involvement from the people. 01:34:55
Who had the focus in that particular area? 01:35:01
We were mentioning the Planning Commission. There's a lot of things up. 01:35:04
That we need to talk about planning. 01:35:08
Recreation and parks. 01:35:10
All the projects and stuff like that, that's a huge area. 01:35:11
And so while in the past the tendency has been really not to give the Community Advisory Commission anything of real meat to 01:35:15
discuss. 01:35:19
What we're doing now, which is I guess a good step in one respect, but we're giving them almost. 01:35:25
Deluge of different programs and topics to get involved in. 01:35:31
And. 01:35:35
I'm when I first came here they had things like an older Americans Commission. 01:35:37
At a Recreation and parks Commission. 01:35:42
In other cities, they've had an arts Commission. 01:35:45
They've had a Planning Commission and there's a lot of big topics that. 01:35:48
Um. 01:35:53
Doing a lot of big subjects that you have. 01:35:55
That. 01:35:57
You really need the input from people who are really involved in those particular areas. 01:35:58
That can give expertise. 01:36:03
When it was first presented, this was before I was on the Council. 01:36:07
The idea of getting rid of all of these commissions and that. 01:36:11
This will be kind of their Nirvana of commissions, where we'll have all different committees in this particular area. 01:36:14
Really didn't happen. 01:36:20
And I I'm a real strong advocate, whether you call them. 01:36:22
Commissions or committees or whatever, that you have focused grassroots committees on these different areas, on people. 01:36:26
Who? That's their interest. That's their. 01:36:35
It affects them more. 01:36:38
And they can bribe provide more input to to those different subjects. 01:36:41
That's just basically I think I I. 01:36:47
I I have a feeling the fact that you're meeting the meeting regularly, Great. I remember. 01:36:49
Frankly, the old council wanted. 01:36:54
I mean even before. 01:36:57
Mike, they wanted to give him very, very limited things to get their teeth involved in. 01:36:59
And now we're giving them a whole lot of stuff to get involved in. 01:37:04
And unless you develop. 01:37:09
Multiple committees on these different areas and stuff like that. 01:37:10
I think it's going to be overwhelming, but I I do. 01:37:14
Push the idea of having more commissions in that focused area. 01:37:18
My thoughts, I have one question if I may. 01:37:23
Martinez. 01:37:26
Yes. 01:37:28
Who will set the agenda? It's my understanding that the city manager would set the agenda. Is that correct? 01:37:29
Yes. 01:37:35
Yes. And so then I would imagine we would be particularly interested in not overwhelming the Commission. 01:37:37
Yes, we like I said, I think the first meeting on October 9th, if this is approved, we would have the, the it's a good opportunity 01:37:44
to have the debrief on Beach Fest. 01:37:49
I don't anticipate other items being on that agenda. 01:37:53
There's more items in the future, but we would, we would try to manage that for you. Excellent. Thank you. 01:37:57
All right. Are there any more public comments? We do have one written public comment. 01:38:02
When I first heard that the Citizens Advisory Council was being formed years ago, I was excited because I believe there should be 01:38:07
more community input into city affairs. 01:38:11
However, for years their role was unclear and output unknown. 01:38:16
I'm pleased to know that they will now have specific assignments and their meetings will be transparent and accessible to the 01:38:20
public. I look forward to seeing the committee, staff and council collaborate to create a city that values citizen ideals and 01:38:25
translate them into constructive outcomes. Regards, Joan Tharp. 01:38:31
And. 01:38:37
The recommendation is to approve the attached list of topics for Citizen Advisory Commission review. 01:38:39
Analysis and Advisory Recommendation and approve an amendment to Citizen Advisory Commission bylaws to establish the City Council 01:38:44
Chamber as the commission's regular meeting location. 01:38:50
May I have a motion and a second? 01:38:56
So moved. 01:38:58
2nd. 01:38:59
Are there any other motions? 01:39:01
OK. I'll invite discussion of the motion it. Would anybody have any comments? 01:39:04
I just wanted can I make? 01:39:46
I just wanted to get some clarification that this list of. 01:39:48
Projects or tasks? 01:39:53
That there's some flexibility. 01:39:56
To. 01:39:58
Maybe remove one later on if we find out that it doesn't. 01:39:59
Work or add more later on if we find that. 01:40:02
There's something more appropriate for them to. 01:40:07
To handle? Yep, for sure. It's it's always modifiable by by the City Council. Excellent. Thank you. 01:40:09
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 01:40:16
All in favor. 01:40:19
Aye, all opposed. 01:40:20
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:40:22
All right. Moving on to #12 capital improvement plan and budget impact overview. 01:40:25
Will staff please present the report? 01:40:30
Yes, thank you, Mayor. 01:40:33
So I do have a. 01:40:35
A few slides mostly just because. 01:40:37
This can be a I've. 01:40:41
Discovered that this can be a huge topic that I can talk about for hours as some of our finance team found out in the last couple 01:40:43
of weeks. 01:40:47
But I will try to keep. 01:40:52
This presentation kind of short and sweet. 01:40:55
We'd started this with the intent of looking at the city's capital improvement plan. 01:41:02
And looking at the projects this year when the budget was adopted. 01:41:06
The CIP was not thoroughly reviewed. 01:41:11
As part of the budget adoption process. 01:41:15
And the plans for 2324 were? 01:41:17
Sort of rolled over into this year's budget. 01:41:22
But projects that had started in the five year span from 2021 to 2026. 01:41:27
Projects that hadn't been completed in 2122 and 23 were all sort of bundled together in 2023. 01:41:35
And my immediate reaction looking at the list was just that it was a huge list. 01:41:42
And that it wasn't a list that was realistic. 01:41:48
Based on what our staff can accomplish in a year or what we have the funding to accomplish in a year. 01:41:52
So we started off looking at the CIP document and trying to. 01:41:59
Kind of. 01:42:04
Take a look and make some recommendations about what projects were realistic to accomplish this year and what projects. 01:42:06
We would recommend moving to another year. 01:42:12
And so. 01:42:16
The CIP or the five year plan for capital projects. Things like our streets, maintenance, parks improvements, water, wastewater 01:42:19
plants, city facility improvements. 01:42:25
Again, we started off just reviewing those and prioritizing those. 01:42:32
And as we started to dig into those plans, we started to. 01:42:37
See some potential budget impacts and some budget concerns that. 01:42:43
That I felt it was important to to. 01:42:48
Highlight for the Council and and the public. 01:42:52
One of the key points, and I think this was illustrated in the budget hearings, but it wasn't really fully discussed. 01:42:57
Is that we are on in the middle of a trend of. 01:43:05