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All right. 00:02:11
Welcome everyone to the closed session portion of the City Council meeting. I am calling this meeting to order. The time is now 00:02:14
5:30 PM. 00:02:18
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 00:02:23
Council Member Gamma here, Council Member Hernandez here, Council Member McQueen Lashon. 00:02:25
Here, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here, and Mayor Martinez present. 00:02:30
We will now hear public comment. 00:02:36
It's. 00:02:38
And soon, participants, please use your Raise Your Hand feature if you'd like to comment. Comments will be limited to 3 minutes. 00:02:39
Madam Clerk, does anyone have a public comment tonight? 00:02:43
There are no public comments for closed session. 00:02:47
OK, Mr. City Attorney, can you please read the closed session item into the record? 00:02:50
Absolutely, Mayor Martinez. There are two items on closed session for tonight. The 1st is public employee appointment pursuant to 00:02:54
Government Code Sections 54957 and 54954.5, Subdivision E. 00:03:00
For the position of City Manager, the 2nd is conference with real property negotiators pursuant to Government Code Section 00:03:06
54956.8. 00:03:10
The property in question is 156 W Pleasant Valley Rd. The negotiating parties are listed on the agenda, as well as, and what's 00:03:15
under negotiations, the price in terms of payment. 00:03:19
OK. Thank you, Mr. Spalding. 00:03:24
To any council members have any conflicts to disclose for the listed items. 00:03:26
OK, Council will recess to close session. The time is now 5:31 PM. 00:03:33
All right. Welcome everybody, to the City Council regular meeting. 01:01:55
I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:30 PM. 01:01:59
Can you all please stand and join me for the flag salute? 01:02:04
Alright. 01:02:12
Ready. Begin. I pledge allegiance to the flag. 01:02:13
The United States of America. 01:02:17
And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God. 01:02:19
Individual liberty and justice for all. 01:02:23
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 01:02:32
Council Member Gamma. 01:02:38
Here, Council Member Hernandez here. 01:02:40
Council Member McQueen Lashawn has not joined us yet, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here and Mayor Martinez present. 01:02:44
Alright, so council member McQueen Lejohn was going to say that inspiration. So we might have to wait just a little bit for that. 01:02:53
Ohh, she's. 01:03:00
Popping on right now. 01:03:01
OK. 01:03:03
So hopefully we can all just be a little patient. Today is gonna be a long day either way, but. 01:03:04
It's a. 01:03:08
It's a nice day we're having today. 01:03:10
Is it OK if we just read the closed session report for the meantime? 01:03:14
With respect to closed session agenda item A, any public reporting out requirement will be met with agenda item five. With respect 01:03:21
to item B, there is no public, there is no reportable public comment. 01:03:27
OK. Thank you, Mr. Spalding. 01:03:32
All right, let's see, hopefully. 01:03:37
Doctor Martha McQueen Lejohn. 01:03:39
Nice to see her face. 01:03:41
Council member, can you hear us? 01:03:47
Council Member Martha McQueen. Can you hear us? 01:03:58
I can hear you. The Internet in here is. 01:04:01
Spotify. 01:04:04
But don't do my best. 01:04:05
OK, Are you ready to provide your inspiration for tonight? 01:04:06
I am. 01:04:11
Give me just one second here. 01:04:13
Sorry, give me just a second please. 01:04:23
I found a room that I can use but the Internet that was working for me. 01:04:26
Next door is not working for me here. 01:04:31
OK. 01:04:36
OK. Can you all hear me OK? 01:04:38
Yes. 01:04:41
Wonderful. Thank you. 01:04:43
I was just thinking about here we are in June. 01:04:46
We're almost halfway through the year. 01:04:51
You know time is moving by so fast and you know. 01:04:54
Sometimes we just have to stop and give ourselves a break, but this month is generally filled with memorable moments. 01:05:00
We have graduations. 01:05:09
Some are ending the school year. 01:05:12
Others have birthdays, weddings, and if you're a NBA fan, we generally have the NBA playoffs, so we're doing that. 01:05:15
And so, um. 01:05:25
It also closes out spring. 01:05:26
And it ushers in the summer. 01:05:30
So there's a lot of wonderful things going on in June additionally. 01:05:32
There are national holidays and other days and months. 01:05:37
That we have that have been identified as worthy to celebrate. 01:05:41
So they recognize individuals. 01:05:45
Groups. 01:05:48
Values, objects, and many other things. And there's so many out there you have to really. 01:05:49
Hone in on the ones that might be important to you but this month. 01:05:57
We're celebrating Father's Day. 01:06:02
Are coming up really quick. 01:06:04
And the day is set aside to honor fathers. 01:06:06
And in some families, that could be grandfathers. 01:06:09
Godfather just uncles sometimes act as fathers, and in some families mothers are mothers and fathers and vice versa. So we're 01:06:13
doing that. Then we have Juneteenth. 01:06:19
Coming up right at the next day, and that's the celebration mark marking the end of slavery. 01:06:25
UH, there's UH, Professional Wellness Month. 01:06:32
Recognizes and celebrates the importance of maintaining mental emotional. 01:06:34
Physical health in the workplace, so that's very important. 01:06:40
We have Pride Month. 01:06:45
That celebrates and honors LGBTQ community, their history, their achievements and ongoing struggles with equity. 01:06:47
Or equality and then we have. 01:06:55
Alzheimer's and Brains Awareness Month that provides an opportunity to discuss the brain and Alzheimer disease and other 01:06:58
dementias. And that's one that's really close to my family, my father. 01:07:05
Passed away with dementia and several of his siblings did as well. 01:07:13
And then we have an. 01:07:18
Councilman Gamma with with the Like This One National Safety Month. 01:07:21
Uh, so we know that safety is important, but in June we get a chance to. 01:07:26
Concentrate our attention on. 01:07:32
Safety. So that's really important and then other other celebrations that are very important for our city. 01:07:36
Is the National Ocean's Month. 01:07:44
And so the oceans are known as the lungs of the Earth. So in celebration of its benefits to the World Food and oxygen, we 01:07:48
celebrate the ocean. 01:07:53
And finally, National Rivers Month. And you know, there's been a lot of conversation about Rivers and. 01:07:59
Being able to provide water. 01:08:08
For our cities and cities, surrounding cities and and across the the the World and so National Rivers Month. 01:08:10
So as we think about. 01:08:18
June All the things that happened in June and all the celebrations, let's continue to reflect on their importance and how they 01:08:21
might affect how others might be affected. We might be affected by these areas and how we might benefit from or support. 01:08:29
The intent of the honor of these days. 01:08:38
So. 01:08:41
June is here, It's going to be flying by and then we're going to be in the second-half of the year. So let's take the time to 01:08:42
reflect and reflect and spend the time thinking about how people are affected by these days and what we can do to to better serve 01:08:48
them. 01:08:53
Thank you. 01:08:58
Nicely, said council member McQueen Lejohn. 01:09:00
I think there are a lot of things happening this month. 01:09:04
And you might have forgotten one very important day too, though. The first day of summer, the summer solstice. 01:09:06
Yes, yes, absolutely. That's this month too. 01:09:13
So now we will hear public comment. 01:09:18
Comments not pertaining to any items on the agenda soon. Participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you would like to 01:09:20
comment. 01:09:24
Comments are limited to 3 minutes. 01:09:28
This process will be the same for comments. 01:09:31
Pertaining to each agenda item. 01:09:34
Madam Clerk. 01:09:36
Do we have any public comments tonight? 01:09:38
We have quite a few public comments tonight. 01:09:41
We'll start with the in person public comments and we have Cynthia White. 01:09:45
OK. And these are not regarding any items on the agenda? 01:09:53
Great. 01:09:56
Correct. 01:09:57
OK, nice. 01:09:59
Hi, my name is Cynthia Weiss. I'm at Beachport Cottages. 01:10:03
345 Blue Dolphin Drive. 01:10:06
Last year. 01:10:09
I wanted to bring up something about parking. I'm right near the little parking lot where the where the park is. 01:10:10
And when we were doing, redoing our. 01:10:16
Parking lot and also this street that runs through. 01:10:21
We were told we could not park on the street for three days and we had to pay. 01:10:24
Parking in the 24 We had to get tickets for 24 hour parking. 01:10:29
Now that has never happened before. We've always been able to park out in the street. 01:10:35
But. 01:10:39
Here's my problem with that. 01:10:40
All of a sudden. 01:10:43
I see. 01:10:44
15 to 20 cars every day in the little parking lot. 01:10:45
By me in Miranda Park. 01:10:50
And they're coming from, I think it's the plastics factory. 01:10:52
Is anybody know why all these people are parking? 01:10:56
In. 01:11:01
A free parking zone. 01:11:02
Until 3:00 or 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon. 01:11:04
That's a question I would like. 01:11:06
Because I feel like we keep up our properties. 01:11:08
And we have to pay for parking. 01:11:13
When we do something. 01:11:15
To keep our property up. 01:11:16
So our. 01:11:18
Property taxes go up. 01:11:19
And I feel that's unfair. So if somebody could answer me that, I would. 01:11:21
Be very happy. 01:11:27
That's all I have to say. Thank you. 01:11:29
Thank you Cynthia. We can't actually respond to your comment, but thank you for your. 01:11:32
OK. 01:11:38
Next I have Corey Scribner and after that we'll be Jen Bark. 01:11:41
Thank you all. Now Cory Scrivener, I live at 5:07 Village Rd. so I back up to enemy Rd. in Surfside Village. 01:11:50
And this is a. 01:11:57
You guys have a? 01:11:59
Three blocks from here up, full meth den. 01:12:00
Homeless. 01:12:02
Encampment going on and it's right behind my house and. 01:12:04
Because my windows over winding your Rd. I can hear. 01:12:09
The amount of people, the traffic that's going through late at night, now of the. 01:12:12
The mayhem that's going on up and down that road at all hours now. 01:12:16
They're casing the neighborhoods left and right. Packages are getting stolen off of porches. 01:12:22
We bring it up to you guys and nothing happens. I know that. 01:12:27
There's. 01:12:32
You know the California did the, the did change in law where there's going to be some affordable housing. 01:12:33
He ripped all the doors off that place. 01:12:39
And it's literally an open air drug market at this point that's three blocks from the police station and nothing is happening. 01:12:41
I don't understand it. You guys have people probably giving business discussions to bring money into wine, Amy, and you're letting 01:12:48
that happen? 01:12:52
Code enforcement is giving people tickets for their gate sizes or whatever, and you're letting that happen. It is absolutely 01:12:55
ludicrous. 01:12:59
The property values are going to go down because of it. I mean, that's a guarantee. 01:13:04
I've never been happier to literally have an alarm and a firearm in my house at this point. 01:13:10
I've never felt like that living with me in the past. 01:13:16
Umm. 01:13:18
I don't know at this point. 01:13:21
Like you've never addressed to the community what you're doing about it. 01:13:23
It's just literally. 01:13:27
People living in there. My dad was across the street the other day and the guy walks up. My dad was watching it and the guys 01:13:29
going, hey, what are you looking at? Are you looking for your girlfriend in here? They're having full prostitution and and that's 01:13:33
a drug debt. 01:13:37
And you? I don't. I don't know if you guys don't drive that way to go home. 01:13:42
And you probably drive this way so it's outside, out of mind. Drive by there every day. 01:13:45
And and see how you can like handle having that next to the place where you work. 01:13:49
And where we all live. 01:13:54
And it's getting to the point where. 01:13:57
If something isn't done like I I'm seriously thinking about going to the news and like having them do like a report on it. Because 01:13:59
this is this guy's done the same thing as Santa Barbara for years. 01:14:03
And they've done journalism reports on there, and it seemed to have gotten better. 01:14:08
Because I think they probably shamed the City Council there to actually do something. 01:14:12
And if it if that would, what has to happen, that's probably the route that I'm gonna go. 01:14:15
Because I've lived here my whole life and I've never seen it get this bad. 01:14:20
So. 01:14:24
It's like meth zombies walking up and down the streets through Miranda Park now. 01:14:26
And my kids don't wanna hang out outside. My wife doesn't wanna go outside half the time. 01:14:30
So. 01:14:34
I don't know if you guys don't live around here or if you live on the other side of town, but please drive by there every day and 01:14:35
look at. 01:14:38
Because if you out of sight, out of mind. 01:14:41
Umm. 01:14:43
And that's my comment, so thank you. 01:14:44
Right. 01:14:46
Thank you, Mr. Corey for your comment. 01:14:47
Good evening. 01:14:57
Mayor Martinez, Council members staff. 01:14:59
And neighbors. 01:15:03
Hi, my name is Jan Burke. I'm a 30 year resident of Janini, board member at Anna Kappa View Beach Homes. 01:15:06
Business owner of San Miguel Produce and chair of the Wayne Nimi HOA Coalition, established in January of 22. 01:15:12
I and a few other HOA board members representing the Coalition are here tonight to welcome our new City Manager, James Vega. 01:15:20
And the new police chief, Michael Federico. 01:15:27
Welcome. 01:15:31
The HOA Coalition came together as a grassroots efforts about two about a about a year and a half ago to partner with the city on 01:15:33
key issues and projects for our mutual benefit. 01:15:38
Our mission. 01:15:44
Is to provide. 01:15:45
Why Nimi HOA representatives of forum. 01:15:46
To identify and address common issues and to collaborate with local government. 01:15:49
And officials in the development and implementation of policies and projects that. 01:15:54
Impact HOA. 01:15:59
And the quality of life of our city. 01:16:01
Today we represent about 42% of the HOA's in Wanami, approximately 5000 residents. 01:16:04
The HOA Coalition has discussed at length the need to partner with our city officials in an effort to address the shared 01:16:10
challenges that we currently face together. 01:16:14
Our first project. 01:16:19
With the city has been a concern over trees permit policies. 01:16:21
And the old 1993. 01:16:25
Water intensive landscaping guidelines. 01:16:28
Last fall, City Council. 01:16:32
And asked community development director. 01:16:34
Tony Stewart to engage in a working committee. 01:16:36
Comprised of landscape professionals and community members to revise the outdated guidelines. 01:16:40
And a with a new out, drought tolerant and native plant palette for our region. 01:16:45
And to develop new policies and permitting. 01:16:49
For trees and landscaping in our community. 01:16:52
We are still working on this. 01:16:55
But we are now beginning. 01:16:57
The Permit and Policy project portion of that discussion. 01:16:58
We need smarter and more sustainable landscape guidelines that meet the demands of the 21st century. 01:17:03
And we also need HOA Friendly. 01:17:08
Policy and permitting processes to help nonprofit. 01:17:10
HOA's afford. 01:17:14
The costly projects of revising landscaping master plans. 01:17:16
This effort has been a great example of collaboration between government and community to bring about positive change for our city 01:17:20
and for HOA communities. 01:17:25
We would like to thank the City Council. 01:17:30
Members and staff for supporting this important project for the HOA. We are looking forward to the completion of this project. 01:17:33
Thank you Tony. 01:17:37
And in a few months, I know we're getting closer. 01:17:41
Last we look forward to working with Mr. Varga and Mr. Frederico. 01:17:45
To enjoy and to invite them to come to one of our HOA. 01:17:50
Coalition meetings in the near future to get to know each other and get acquainted. 01:17:55
And I want to just say thank you again for the time and service that you all put into. 01:18:00
Helping our friendly little city by the sea. 01:18:05
Thank you. 01:18:08
Thank you, Jan. 01:18:10
Thank you. 01:18:12
We have Joan Tharp and after Joan Tharp it would be David Scribner. 01:18:14
Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem. 01:18:30
Council members and staff, I too would like to welcome Mr. Vega and Mr. Federico. 01:18:33
To Onimi and I look forward to working with you both. 01:18:40
Umm. 01:18:44
So I'd like to address a couple of issues. Tonight actually had two issues, but now I have 3, because I do agree with the comments 01:18:45
of Mr. Scrivener. 01:18:49
And support the efforts of the community here to speak to you about that. 01:18:54
The other issue is one that you're very familiar with, and it's the nonstop speeding on Ventura Rd. from Channel Islands to enemy 01:19:01
Rd. 01:19:06
I travel on Ventura Rd. at least once a day via vehicle, vehicle, on foot, walking my dog or on a bike. 01:19:10
And each time I see at least one vehicle at least traveling at excessive speeds. There have been multiple accidents on Ventura Rd. 01:19:17
as you all know. 01:19:21
And arguably those are due to speeding. The public has brought this to council and so far there seems to be no improvement. 01:19:26
The. 01:19:35
My husband actually asked me to speak tonight on this and I agree. These are also my own words. 01:19:35
His suggestion was that the undercover police SUV do a loop from Channel Islands Blvd. To Wimi Road or Surfside Rd. 01:19:42
For an hour or two a day. 01:19:50
And if it needs to be a marked car, so be it. 01:19:52
He thought the undercover car might be a little bit more likely to. 01:19:56
Not alert drivers to slow down. 01:20:01
But the idea is that a vehicle driving on the road would be more of more of a deterrent to that parked vehicle that sits in front 01:20:04
of City Hall, which everybody knows is empty. 01:20:10
So I would really like to encourage looking at that option. 01:20:16
The obviously the officer would be on call for any. 01:20:21
Other calls that come up but having a presence. 01:20:25
I think would be very helpful. I think it's a really. 01:20:29
Becoming a a real problem and particularly by the school it's it's even more so. 01:20:32
The second issue is the issue of electric bicycles on the beach and in the dunes. I've seen tracks of these bikes. 01:20:38
Going through the dunes. 01:20:47
Breaking down the dunes, going over plants. 01:20:49
I know it's not a. 01:20:52
Big issue to most people, but it does affect the environment. 01:20:54
It also when these these electric bikes go out onto Ormond Beach, they're endangering the endangered species out there. 01:20:58
I don't know what the answer is because obviously you have to have a presence on the beach. 01:21:06
Pretty much 24/7. 01:21:10
And I know that that we don't have that that capacity but. 01:21:12
I wanted to bring it up. Perhaps there can be a volunteer. 01:21:17
Group or. 01:21:22
Some other. 01:21:24
Police cadet people out there, I I don't know what the answer is, but I did want it to bring it to your attention. Thank you. 01:21:26
Thank you, Joan. 01:21:32
Good evening, Mayor. 01:21:49
Protect Mayor Martinez, Mayor Pro Tem Perez, City Council members and city staff. 01:21:51
The Surfside Hotel has been an eyesore and a magnet for problematic people for the past 50 years. 01:21:57
In October of 2021, the city of Port Wanami. 01:22:03
Reach an agreement with the owner of the Surfside Motel. 01:22:06
Allowing the front part of the hotel to be which is adjacent to Enemy Rd. 01:22:09
To be converted into apartments and the back portion into upgraded motel rooms. 01:22:13
The agreement was time sensitive and the owner was given two years to complete the construction. 01:22:18
While there was widespread community opposition to this agreement. 01:22:23
The city attorney advised the council that it would be illegal to reject her proposal. 01:22:27
Due to recent changes in state law. 01:22:31
The council reluctantly agreed to allow the project. 01:22:34
To move forward. 01:22:36
That was now 20 months ago. 01:22:38
Several months ago, vagrants began occupying the property. The gates were destroyed. Doors were either kicked in or removed. 01:22:40
Most of the rooms have no doors, windows and are not fit for. 01:22:47
Occupancy. 01:22:50
It is unclear what actions the city's been taking to resolve these problems. 01:22:52
But whatever is occurring doesn't appear to be working. 01:22:56
At this point. 01:22:59
The site has been illegally occupied by people. 01:23:00
Who pose a threat to the surrounding community. 01:23:03
Individuals squatting there have been caught stealing packages, mail jumping into the backyards of neighboring homes. 01:23:06
As well as cruising the surrounding neighborhoods, looking for opportunities to see whatever they get their hands on. 01:23:12
On Sunday, May 28th, I should have crossed Wyoming Rd. From the motel and watched the goings on there for about 20 minutes. 01:23:18
People were coming and going, bringing in provisions, setting up living spaces. 01:23:25
After about 10 minutes, a man who had been at the hotel. 01:23:29
Walked across the street and confronted me. 01:23:32
Asking me First of all, it was I looking for a girlfriend. 01:23:35
And then clearly making it clear to me that I shouldn't be there. 01:23:38
By the way, he had the the full look of a meth head. 01:23:41
Criminal. 01:23:45
I'm the president of Surfside Village Homeowners Association. The residents of the Surfside Village have become increasingly 01:23:47
alarmed. 01:23:50
By the turn of events. 01:23:53
To be blunt, we all have a bit of PTSD. 01:23:55
Stemming from the vagrant occupation of Ormond Beach that peaked in 2018 and 19. 01:23:58
At that point. 01:24:03
A homeless vagrant transience whatever you want to call these people. 01:24:04
We're roaming the beach area, Bubbling Springs Park, walkway, Miranda Park, openly drinking, shooting up IV drugs. 01:24:07
Passing out in the park, fighting with each other. 01:24:14
Jumping over a block walls, entering people's yards and homes. 01:24:17
Breaking into cars, boats and motor homes. 01:24:20
And stealing anything that was not nailed down. 01:24:23
The community does not want to relive this experience. 01:24:26
City staff and pH. PD did very little about this until the level of violence rose to the point where it could not be ignored any 01:24:29
longer. 01:24:33
At that point they acted and reclaimed our streets and parks and beaches. 01:24:37
And we're successful in doing that. 01:24:41
I understand that you can't comment on this tonight. 01:24:45
What I'm asking for is that this council put this on the agenda. 01:24:48
So. 01:24:52
We can have an open discussion about what's going on there. 01:24:53
And and give us in the community some idea. 01:24:56
What? What? What can be done about this because it's out of control. 01:24:59
Thank you for your time. 01:25:02
Comma Big after Tama Fig will be Robert Gruber. 01:25:05
Just make a comment. 01:25:10
Just for the audience. Is that OK? 01:25:12
Just for the audience's benefit that when you come up here and you make a public comment. 01:25:14
We we can't respond, but we are taking note and we will follow up. We'll make sure staff follows up on those items. 01:25:20
It's illegal for me to talk about it. I get that. I just would like it to be on the agenda. 01:25:28
So we can't, right. And and I, I hear you and I'm just stating for everybody's benefit that the staff is listening, they're taking 01:25:32
note and they will, they will follow up. 01:25:37
Spoken in the past. 01:25:44
We can't comment but. 01:25:46
Yeah. And I was speaking. OK, thank you. And also the police chief Michael Federico is not here tonight, just so you know. 01:25:48
Thank you. 01:25:58
Mayor Martinez. 01:26:00
Council members, staff. 01:26:01
I'm here tonight to speak about the Surfside Motel and the appearance of the lack of enforcement. 01:26:04
As you all know my history. 01:26:08
40 years with the city. 01:26:11
30 years of that running code enforcement. I'm very, very familiar with the. 01:26:12
Motel. Not to mention I share a wall. 01:26:17
And I've. 01:26:19
Shared my concerns before about the crack addicts that are jumping up on the wall and stealing my fruit and throwing things at my 01:26:20
house. 01:26:24
And I've had to put up an illegal fence and. 01:26:27
I make no bones about it being illegal and I dare anybody to tell me to take it down. 01:26:31
Because they do have to protect my property and my son that happens to live in the back. 01:26:36
I was recently told by somebody from the Police Department that. 01:26:42
They are no longer allowed to patrol inside of the Surfside Motel. 01:26:46
Because it gives the appearance of being the paid security for Mr. 01:26:50
Penny, the owner of the property. 01:26:55
So therefore they don't go in. Also, squatters have more rights than as homeowners and the residents in the city. 01:26:57
I understand that this is not a complaint about the Police Department. 01:27:03
They've done everything that they possibly can. 01:27:06
On. 01:27:09
However. 01:27:10
As everybody else knows, including the Police Department, the rooms are being rented out. 01:27:12
Money has been seen exchanging hands. 01:27:16
Mr. Scrivener has seen groceries with people you know walking in and out. 01:27:20
I see lights on from my property. I call when I can, but again. 01:27:24
You know the police can only do so much. 01:27:28
Um. 01:27:31
And and it's interesting, council member Hernandez, you say that and I realize I don't expect, you know, response cause I've been 01:27:33
at this long enough to know. 01:27:37
But during the campaign, one of the promises that all everybody made that ran, including you guys and Martha, was we're going to 01:27:42
have transparency. We're going to put all of this out, we're going to have newsletters, we're going to keep this, you know, the 01:27:47
citizens up to date. 01:27:52
OK, obviously we wouldn't be here tonight. 01:27:58
Umm. 01:28:02
Well, I understand that Mister Peabody legally has the right. 01:28:03
To do what he does because of the state. I get that. And he keeps his permits current. 01:28:07
Every six months he gets a building inspection. 01:28:11
There's something called the Uniform Housing Code. 01:28:15
And when I ran code enforcement here for the city, the uniform housing code was my Bible. 01:28:17
When I had slum landlords such as Mr. Penney and I did use it on him occasionally. 01:28:23
It specifically states that. 01:28:28
You cannot habituate A dwelling without hot and cold running water. 01:28:31
Heat, electricity, adequate sanitation. 01:28:34
There is nothing of that over there. So why you can't go after him for his construction? You sure could go after him for 01:28:38
violations of the Uniform Housing Code. 01:28:43
Code enforcement Police Department should be allowed to go in. 01:28:48
I never had any problems working with past city attorneys. I don't know what the issue is here. I don't because I'm not involved 01:28:52
in it. 01:28:55
But I do think that there needs to be a more concerted effort in using the tools that are available and not hiding behind the 01:29:00
state law. 01:29:03
I would urge the City Council to put pressure on. 01:29:08
Community Development Director and the City Attorney and code enforcement. 01:29:11
Just start looking at the Uniform Housing Code. 01:29:15
And please, I urge you, put this on the next agenda for a full report for all of us. 01:29:18
Thank you for your time. 01:29:23
Thank you. 01:29:25
Good evening, council members and staff. I too welcome the new police chief and city manager to our city. 01:29:37
My name is Robert Graber. It looks like Grover, but it finds with neighbor. 01:29:42
I'm in Surfside Village as well on Village Rd. 431 Village Rd. 01:29:46
And I'm here just to echo and support the comments regarding Surfside Motel. 01:29:50
You know, I don't know all the the legalese as some of our our commenters may have had. 01:29:57
But what I do know is when you drive by, you see the doors broken down, you see the windows broken out and you see a lot of 01:30:01
activity. 01:30:04
And it's it's not the kind of thing that we want in our neighborhood, and I'm sure that something can be done legally to help us. 01:30:08
Umm. 01:30:14
Bring it into compliance and with that I say thank you and have a great evening. 01:30:15
Thank you. 01:30:19
Thank you, Robert. 01:30:20
Yeah. 01:30:23
Valley. 01:30:24
And then after Sally would be David Hall. 01:30:25
Good evening, Mayor. 01:30:34
And council members. 01:30:35
And everyone. 01:30:37
I I'd like. I live in Surfside Village. 01:30:39
And. 01:30:43
Why? Nami Beach is famously a family beach. 01:30:45
And the full size swing sets were removed. 01:30:50
And not replaced. 01:30:54
Certainly the new volleyball area is very nice. 01:30:57
But swing sets, I feel, are important for a family beach. 01:31:02
And if full size swing sets. 01:31:07
Are in Miranda Park. 01:31:11
Certainly they could also be. 01:31:14
On Wanami Beach. 01:31:16
And I hope that. 01:31:19
You'll think about that. 01:31:21
The other thing is I do support the comments of the previous speaker about. 01:31:24
The. 01:31:30
Traffic on Ventura Rd. 01:31:31
Ventura Rd. From the beach. 01:31:34
To Chinami. 01:31:37
Has become a real drag strip. 01:31:40
With. 01:31:42
Hot rods and motorcycles, sputtering and booming and squealing. 01:31:43
All hours of the day and night. 01:31:49
Surely something can be done about that also. 01:31:51
Thank you for listening. 01:31:55
Thank you, Sally. 01:31:58
My name is David Haas. I live in Surfside. Also, I've a year ago wrote a letter to the council about the swing sets at the beach. 01:32:04
I even offered to. 01:32:09
Donate money to get him back. 01:32:14
I came probably six months ago and asked the same thing, so I would ask that rather than just making comments. 01:32:17
Put it on the agenda and let's find out when, how and where. 01:32:24
My personal opinion is you don't need a big. 01:32:29
Recreation area. 01:32:32
In fact, I think that would be a detriment, especially with the beach. It would be very difficult with all the plastic that they 01:32:34
put down. 01:32:37
But we do need something back. It's been a long time, I've. 01:32:41
Talked to the lady just as she took him out. 01:32:45
And I she was promised me. Ohh they'll be back in within a few months. Well. 01:32:47
It's been two years. 01:32:51
Maybe even longer. 01:32:54
Anyway, so please put it on the agenda. Let let's get that one done. I also was here six months ago and talked about the trees. I 01:32:56
appreciate and I've seen people now planting trees back in, but there are a couple of big ones they haven't put in. Right next to 01:33:01
the Recreation Center, there's a huge pit with. 01:33:07
It looks it's just looking trashy and right next to the. 01:33:13
The pickleball court. Same type of thing, so. 01:33:17
I'd ask that you do that also or see what they're doing. They are putting trees back in. I've seen them been planting for the last 01:33:21
two weeks, so I appreciate that. 01:33:25
And lastly, I. 01:33:29
I'm concerned about the. 01:33:32
The hotel also. 01:33:35
It is an eyesore and. 01:33:36
I'm sorry that they can freeze you by saying that they're gonna put in low income housing. 01:33:38
There's gotta be a way. 01:33:45
Thank you. 01:33:47
Thank you, Mr. Hass, Steven Auclair. 01:33:50
Good evening, Mayor and council. 01:33:57
I just, I have great respect for the staff here and I just really urge you, Mr. Mayor and Council, that when members of the public 01:34:01
are speaking that you urge the staff as they are now, to avoid having cross communication. 01:34:08
And earlier the. 01:34:15
One of one of the staff members actually rocked back and rolled their eyes as well as speaker was was speaking and I have great 01:34:17
respect for staff. 01:34:21
But I just really urge you, Mr. Mayor, to ensure that staff do not have that contact. It does not reflect well on our city. Again, 01:34:25
I have great respect for them, but. 01:34:29
I know this can be frustrating and. 01:34:33
These are long drawn out issues but it does reflect the city and and we can all see it and there was actually an audible gasp. 01:34:35
When that occurred. 01:34:41
Staff rocking back, rolling their eyes while a speaker was speaking. So. 01:34:42
Again, Mr. Mayor, I I hope you will address that in the future, and again I have the respect of. 01:34:46
Respect to staff, but I I hope you will maintain that sense of decorum on that dais. Thank you. 01:34:50
Thank you, Mr. O'clair. 01:34:56
That. 01:35:00
Concludes the in person public comments, but I have several written public comments. 01:35:01
You'd like me to read them now? 01:35:05
Dear City Council, In 2016 I purchased a home in the Surfside Village community. The tidiness of the community and its proximity 01:35:10
to the beach and the Police Department were. 01:35:15
Two strong selling points for me. 01:35:20
In stark contrast with the building across the street, I was told that it was a motel. 01:35:22
And that it was being fixed up. 01:35:26
Rumor had it local Johns frequented there with their prostitutes because they could pay for a unit by the hour. 01:35:28
That was seven years ago. 01:35:34
Lately I have observed many of these motel residents crossing the street from the motel into the surfside community. 01:35:35
My neighbours report that these motel residents are stealing their packages. 01:35:41
Moreover, the motel looks worse than ever. It looks like a dump. 01:35:45
On May 25th through 26 I took the attached photos which show that many of the doors have been removed. 01:35:49
These photos also show broken windows reinforced with tape or boards. My photos also showed that the chain link fence around the 01:35:55
property has been downed in several places and one section of the chain linked fence is on the stairs. 01:36:01
My pictures also show where drywall has been punched out inside some of the units, including around electrical sockets. 01:36:07
There is graffiti on an inside wall. Another photo shows a dog peering out of a taped together broken window on the second floor. 01:36:15
There is a bike in one of the rooms. I did not feel safe being near that property and I will not go back there without protection. 01:36:22
While the facade of the motel may have been fixed in the last seven years, for the most part this building remains an absolute 01:36:28
eyesore. 01:36:31
Frustrated, I did some research online. I learned that this motel is owned by Millionaire. 01:36:35
Some slumlord Dario Pini, who served time for multiple code violations against his Santa Barbara rental properties. 01:36:39
He apparently calls himself a savior to residents who are less fortunate. 01:36:46
And or undocumented because he gives them a deal on their rent and allows multiple families to live in one unit. 01:36:50
Yet when I looked at the images online of his rental units, I saw the deplorable condition of his units. 01:36:56
They definitely looked unsafe. Penny a savior? I think not. 01:37:01
For years, rumours about this motel have swirled about like goals. It's time for the Port Wanami City Council. 01:37:05
To dispel rumors and be transparent about where things the city stands with Mr. Penney. 01:37:11
I remember in 2019 when former Mayor Wilberg failed to address transient problems and the community was left reeling after one 01:37:15
transient wielded a knife at the junior lifeguards. 01:37:20
And another transient named Dylan Mctaggart kicks Sophie the dog 15 feet into the air. 01:37:25
I hope the city learned from this episode and will start being more proactive. 01:37:31
I'm requesting that the next City Council meeting, the Surf Motel, be put on the agenda at the next City Council meeting 01:37:34
respectfully. Christina Cepco. 01:37:38
And. 01:37:45
Another public comment Dear City Council, my name is Mark Mclernon, A longtime Port Wanami resident. I am following up on a letter 01:37:46
I wrote for public comment back in March. 01:37:50
Asking when the city attorney would be up for review. 01:37:56
It was my understanding that he was originally scheduled for review in September of 2022. 01:37:59
However, with all the issues with the city manager, it appears that it was never started. 01:38:03
Well, I'm glad that the city is moving on from the previous city manager. I believe under his leadership and the current city 01:38:08
attorney, the city has been exposed to a number of questionable actions that could lead to legal issues. 01:38:14
Again, I would like the council to think about having a city attorney that appears. 01:38:19
To put the interests of other people and his own ahead of our cities. 01:38:23
The question I have to ask is this person doing the right varsity or is he using his position to further his own agenda? 01:38:27
I would at the least like to see that the City attorney has been looked into for suitability in his position and any questionable 01:38:33
actions. 01:38:37
Identified be brought to his attention to be addressed properly, respectfully. Mark F Mclernon. 01:38:41
Another public comment Council members I am board member of the Beachport Villas Homeowners Association or association is directly 01:38:49
across the street from the Surfside Motel. 01:38:54
Recently I've been getting questions and comments from some of our concerned residents regarding the status of this motel. 01:39:00
Some owners have direct views from their units of the activity that occurs there on a fairly regular basis and it is not good. 01:39:05
Having lived nearby for over 20 years, I can vouch for the fact that this place has had issues for many years. 01:39:12
I'm aware the city has taken some action in the past with the property owner trying to address the situation. 01:39:17
But unfortunately problems continue. 01:39:22
I just want to encourage the city to use any means available to get this property cleaned up and kept safe. 01:39:25
Perhaps the owner could be required to provide security staff on site, or better yet, he could be encouraged to sell the property. 01:39:30
To some entity that would build something nice there. 01:39:36
Anything you can do to help improve our neighbourhood would be appreciated. 01:39:39
Thank you, Jeffrey Scarbury. 01:39:43
To Whom it may concern, I moved into Surfside Village in September 2019. 01:39:46
I am writing about concerns I have regarding Surfside Motel. 01:39:51
When my wife and I moved in, the front side of the building look as if it was being renovated. 01:39:54
I believe the back would follow. Almost four years later, the condition of the structure has deteriorated drastically. 01:39:59
At 4:00 PM May 30th, while walking on Wanami Road, a car pulled into the Motels parking lot. 01:40:05
A woman exited the passenger side, yelling and hitting the car. 01:40:10
The driver quickly backed out and made a U-turn in order to travel east. 01:40:14
A man came out of the complex throwing objects at the vehicle. 01:40:17
I was worried the situation would escalate. 01:40:21
At 4:30, I called Fort Wayne Police Department to report the matter. The dispatch operator said the department had been receiving 01:40:23
a lot of calls about the motel recently. He said he would inform the watch commander and that perhaps a couple of units would be 01:40:27
sent later in the day. 01:40:32
Needless to say, this is not the town I thought we had moved into. 01:40:37
I would like the problem with the motel to be placed on the agenda so we can just discuss the situation and what the city is doing 01:40:40
to rectify the problem. 01:40:43
Thanks so much for your attention to this issue. 01:40:47
Sincerely, Roy Heath. 01:40:49
Two members of the City Council, my husband and I, moved to Port Whining in May and September 2019 to Surfside Village. 01:40:53
We have found it to be a close knit, lovely community. 01:40:58
However, we did notice that Surfside Motel seemed to be in a state of disaster. 01:41:01
Repair. 01:41:05
We had hopes that would be addressed. 01:41:06
At one point it appears if if repairs were being done to the front of the structure. 01:41:08
We assume that the side and back would follow. 01:41:12
Yet that has not been the case. 01:41:15
In fact, the building seems to be insignificant decline. 01:41:17
I've spoken to several of our neighbors who have lived in our village far longer than we have, and they have indicated that the 01:41:20
situation with the motel has been ongoing. 01:41:24
Last week, our next door neighbor shared with me that someone jumped over the fence in her backyard and went through it. 01:41:28
Well, there's no evidence that they were connected to the motel. It causes her concern. 01:41:33
We have also had people riding bicycle. 01:41:38
Bicycles faces nearly concealed. 01:41:41
Through our circles, looking as if they are investigating the neighborhood. 01:41:43
Most recently, I walked out to the street and my husband pulled to the curb, at which point the person wrote off the way he came. 01:41:47
My husband has also had issues which he has reported to Port Wanami Police Department and because there seemed to have been a 01:41:54
number of occurrences. 01:41:57
I feel we need to be concerned. 01:42:01
I'm requesting, therefore, that you please at the matter with Surfside Motel to your agenda. 01:42:03
It is important that the citizens of our community and our city feel that our concerns are being addressed. 01:42:07
And the situation will be dealt with properly and openly. 01:42:12
Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Shannon Levy Heath. 01:42:15
Dear Council members, this is in regards to agenda item 13, but because it's on the consent, I'll just read it now. 01:42:22
And. 01:42:30
And that's in regards to the Clean Power Alliance. 01:42:31
Climate First, Replacing Oil and Gas is a grassroots environmental nonprofit dedicated to combat the climate crisis by working to 01:42:34
shape the transition from fossil fuels to a carbon free Economy and Ventura County. 01:42:40
We are committed to the establishment of an economy that is sustainable, inclusive and promotes renewable energy. 01:42:45
Sea Frog strongly supports the City of Port Wine Emy's moving forward with joining Clean Power Alliance with investment in the 01:42:51
feasibility study. 01:42:55
This is one of the single largest things the city can do for climate action and will make homes and electric vehicles even more 01:42:59
sustainable. 01:43:02
Moving to green power is a climate forward and exciting way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 01:43:06
This will not only help ensure a comfortable, thriving future in Port Wine Emy. 01:43:11
But aligns the city with California's statewide goal of 100% clean renewable energy electricity system by 2045. 01:43:14
As a coastal city and the fastest warming county in the contiguous United States, it is essential Port Wanami moves forward with 01:43:22
green energy. 01:43:26
Port when Amy would be joining the county of Ventura and the cities of Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Camarillo, Moorpark, Simi 01:43:31
Valley. 01:43:34
Ohh hi and most recently Santa Paula. 01:43:38
And utilizing efficient and cost effective energy. 01:43:40
Clean Power Alliance rates are typically competitive allow Port Wanami residents and businesses. 01:43:43
To choose where their energy comes from. 01:43:49
And offer an electricity supply alternative to the utility monopoly of SoCal Edison. 01:43:51
Leading to more competition and better prices and services. 01:43:56
When joining a community choice energy, local control is often an important factor for jurisdictions. 01:43:59
The motto of the Clean Power Alliance ensures the public and local jurisdictions. 01:44:04
Have a choice in equitable representation. 01:44:09
First, providing an alternative to the current electricity monopoly. 01:44:11
Allows communities to take control of purchasing their own power and make energy decisions locally. 01:44:16
Second, each jurisdiction member has exactly 1 representative on the alliance board. 01:44:22
No matter the size of the jurisdiction. 01:44:27
This means that Port Wanami would have the same voting power on the Clean Power Alliance board that a larger city like the city of 01:44:30
Los Angeles has. 01:44:33
This is an opportunity to make sustainability more equitable and accessible for. 01:44:37
Fort Wayne residents. 01:44:41
By opting into 100% green default, low income residents can access 100% renewable energy. 01:44:43
At a lower price clean energy rate. 01:44:49
Additionally, Clean Power Alliance reinvests profits right back into their member communities. 01:44:51
This means Port Wine EMY could benefit from local programs and community solar resiliency and grid management. 01:44:56
Green forest work development, electric vehicle infrastructure funding and more. 01:45:02
Seek Frog urges the City Council to move Forward learning more about Clean Power Alliance. 01:45:06
And eventually making the worthwhile investment of 10,000 for a feasibility study. 01:45:11
To see these positive changes make a meaningful impact in the short term, please consider making this bold choice as soon as 01:45:15
possible. 01:45:18
Thank you for prioritizing the future of port wine made by supporting clean energy because, as you know, business as usual is 01:45:22
detrimental to our climate, health and economy with urgency. Haley Ellers, Director. 01:45:28
And that concludes the general public comment. 01:45:35
OK. 01:45:37
Alright. 01:45:39
Thank you for reading those out loud. 01:45:40
We're now gonna. 01:45:43
Move on to agenda approval for City Council. May I have a motion and a second to approve the agenda? 01:45:45
Move to approve. 01:45:51
2nd. 01:45:52
Mayor Pro Tem Perez. 01:45:57
Yes, Council member Gamma. 01:45:59
Yeah. 01:46:00
Council member Hernandez Yes, Council member McQueen Lujan. 01:46:01
Yes. 01:46:05
And Mayor Martinez, yes, motion passes unanimously. 01:46:06
OK. 01:46:09
Let's move on to conflict of interest declaration. Do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for any? 01:46:10
Item on the agenda. 01:46:17
Alright, I. 01:46:21
I will be recusing myself on item number 14 due to prior business relations. 01:46:23
That makes me uncomfortable and. 01:46:28
In the interest of transparency, I'm I'm not gonna be voting. 01:46:31
On this item. 01:46:34
Thank you. 01:46:35
We will now recess to the City Council meeting and call to order the Housing Authority regular meeting. 01:46:38
It is now 715. 01:46:45
PM. 01:46:47
Madam Clerk, can you please take A roll call? 01:46:49
Member Brown. 01:46:54
Here member comma here member Hernandez. Here member McQueen, Lesean. 01:46:55
Here. 01:47:01
Vice Chair Perez here and Chair Martinez. 01:47:01
Present and let the record reflect member Blackwell is absent. 01:47:05
Hey, we're gonna hear. 01:47:10
I will. We'll see. We will now hear public comments pertaining to items not on the housing. 01:47:12
Authority agenda. 01:47:18
Some participants please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you'd like to comment. 01:47:19
Comments are limited to 3 minutes. 01:47:23
Madam Clerk, are there any public comments? 01:47:26
No public comments for Housing Authority. 01:47:28
OK. 01:47:30
We will now consider items on the Housing Authority consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless an authority 01:47:32
member has a request to remove an item for discussion. 01:47:36
May I have a motion in a second to approve our consent calendar? 01:47:42
2nd. 01:47:47
Madam Clerk, can you please take a vote? 01:47:49
We have member Hernandez, yes. Vice Chair Perez, yes, member Brown. 01:47:56
Yes, member comma. 01:48:01
Yes, member McQueen Lesean. 01:48:02
Yes, and Chair of Martinez. 01:48:05
Yes, motion passes unanimously. 01:48:08
OK. 01:48:10
Item number three Housing Authority 2023-2024 Annual plan and updated program. 01:48:13
Madam Clerk. 01:48:19
Do you have proof of publication as required by law? 01:48:21
Yes. 01:48:24
Do we have a complete file reports and exhibits? Yes. 01:48:25
Will staff please present the report? 01:48:30
Good evening, Chair Martinez, Co Chair Perez, Commissioners and City staff. 01:48:35
Today's recommendation is for the Commission, the Commissioners, to adopt A resolution of the Board of Commissioners of the 01:48:40
Housing Authority of the City of Port Wanami approving the fiscal year. 01:48:45
2023 and Public Housing Annual Plan. 01:48:51
All public housing authorities are required to review, update and amend their plans and policies annually and hold a public 01:48:55
hearing on the plan. 01:48:59
Upon conclusion of the public hearing. 01:49:04
The plan and the policies are presented to the Housing Authority Board. 01:49:06
Of commissioners for approval by resolution and authorize the housing chair to execute. 01:49:09
And submit the policies to HUD for approval. 01:49:15
This year the only changes the the major changes are within the Section 8 program which is called the HCV program. We are 01:49:19
allocating additional vouchers for our homeless preference. 01:49:25
As outlined in the staff report. 01:49:32
Another major change which will affect the public housing program is the income limits HTML 2016. 01:49:34
Is now in effect and. 01:49:44
Per the federal government, we must adopt. 01:49:46
Income limits for the public housing program, and those are the two major changes for both programs, and I'm available to answer 01:49:50
any questions that you may have. 01:49:54
Does council have any questions for staff? Only questions, yes, thank you. Mayor Martinez, could you give us an update on those 01:50:01
projects that we're working on? I think it was weather stripping. 01:50:06
Windows replacement. 01:50:11
I can definitely come back and give you a full report, but the item before you today is the annual plan. 01:50:14
Which is the policies, the rules and the regulations with within the programs. But I will be more than happy to come back with an 01:50:20
update on any capital improvement that we've done. OK. Thank you. I got it. 01:50:26
Mr. Brown Mr. Mr. Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown, can you turn on your mic? 01:50:36
Yeah, just OK. 01:50:41
Just not too far away from me. 01:50:44
Umm, my question is you you said you're changing something about the income limits. 01:50:46
That is correct now. 01:50:51
That basically means that we are adopting income limits which, for example, for a family of four. 01:50:54
If a family of four is making more than 110,000 a year, they will no longer qualify for the program. 01:51:01
Right now, we don't have any families that meet that criteria. The income limits are awfully high. 01:51:07
Ohh, so that includes a public housing part, that is correct. 01:51:13
OK. 01:51:17
Thank you. 01:51:17
Thank you. 01:51:19
Council Member Martha McQueen. 01:51:19
Remember Martha? Yeah. 01:51:22
Thank you. Mr. Suit, you answered my first question was going to be did we have anyone meeting? 01:51:24
That new requirement. Thank you for that. The only other question that. 01:51:29
Have is UM based UH attachment B. 01:51:34
Um, just for my own personal knowledge, it says five year plan and it says this, this one document, and maybe an old document, it 01:51:39
says that. 01:51:44
Expires on February 29th, 2016. 01:51:49
And then it says the plan for the fiscal year July 2020. 01:51:54
And so I guess. 01:52:01
Umm. 01:52:04
Is the 2020 so the 20? 01:52:06
UH-20 is what the the five year plan that we're working with right now and this is just. 01:52:09
The annual updates to the plan for 2023 or 2024. 01:52:16
That is correct. So we are working on a five year plan that expires 2025. 01:52:21
And to that plan we are making amendments and that is what we call the annual plan. 01:52:27
So you are correct. OK. 01:52:32
OK, great. Thank you so much. 01:52:34
Council Member Hernandez Yes. Thank you, Miss Priscilla for your presentation. 01:52:38
This is quite a package and a lot of work I can tell, so thank you to you and your staff for. 01:52:42
For some for the work and for submitting this, I just had a question about. 01:52:48
And page two of the staff report, it states that the Port Wanami Housing Authority will offer a preference to applicants. 01:52:54
And families who meet the definition of homeless. 01:53:01
Certification of homelessness completed by a homeless service provider in Port Wanami is required. 01:53:05
I'm curious as to who are those service providers that will. 01:53:12
Would be certifying. 01:53:16
Whether or not a person is homeless, so our first service provider is actually our HLO within our Police Department. So if our 01:53:19
Police Department HO is familiar with the individual that he can testify that he is staying in Winema, we will go ahead and 01:53:26
certify there. The other forms of certification come For example, Mercy House. Mercy House had a homeless individual's last known 01:53:34
address was on Surfside Drive. They will certify that. 01:53:41
And we will get certification from those providers. 01:53:49
Thank you. Another question I had on your five year plan. You provided a progress report here. 01:53:54
Stating under Section B3 that the Housing Authority has been unable to maintain a high performance stand status, but hopes to 01:54:01
rectify this issue in the coming year. What's the? 01:54:07
Issue there. So we we did have an issue with our financials. 01:54:13
Submitting our financials. So that really took a hit on our score. 01:54:18
Currently I'm trying to work with the HUD DC office in order to try to get that score up a little bit higher. It was an internal 01:54:22
issue and we hope to do better. 01:54:28
In the near future. 01:54:34
All right. Well, thank you very much. Good luck with that. Thank you. Thank you. 01:54:36
Council member Gamal. 01:54:41
Yes, I do recall that. 01:54:42
We had you had some success with helping a couple individuals that were leaving on living on the beach that didn't they go to 01:54:44
Marvista I believe or. 01:54:49
Yes, we've actually have had success right with you approving the homeless liaison officer. 01:54:54
He's becoming more of a social worker now unfortunately, but he's doing such a great job and he's really using our vouchers to 01:55:02
assist as individuals. He's. 01:55:06
You know, working with landlords and trying to get them housed, but not only that, but what he's also doing, which is a huge 01:55:11
benefit to the Housing Authority, is he visits these individuals. 01:55:16
Um, maybe once a month or once every two months. And that helps the individual continue to do what the individual needs to do. But 01:55:21
it also gives landlords like the Housing Authority because we do have one in our public housing units. 01:55:28
Um. 01:55:36
Have them be successful. 01:55:37
With the transition, so that has been extremely successful for the Housing Authority. 01:55:39
Yeah, and I think your your staff and your efforts need to be commended, because I remember that case very well. It was like so 01:55:45
many people in the community wanted to help them. 01:55:49
We didn't know how to help him and then it all worked out and so. 01:55:53
Appreciate that very much. Thank you. 01:55:57
Council member Brown, I mean Member Brown. 01:56:00
Yes. 01:56:05
Ohh, I'm sorry. 01:56:06
I just thought I could speak. 01:56:09
No. Yeah. Yes, you can. No, you can. Yeah. Yeah, you can. OK. 01:56:11
No, no, I know, but I just blurted it out. I'm sorry about that. But anyway. 01:56:14
So right now there's a. 01:56:19
At least for people wanting to get into. 01:56:22
Housing, Public housing or six and eight or. 01:56:25
And so now you're. 01:56:29
Saying that they're gonna. 01:56:31
Bringing a list for the homeless. 01:56:34
So yeah, Are you gonna mix them together or how? How does, how do you place them in there? So we currently have three lists. We 01:56:36
have one for our public housing. 01:56:41
We have another one for our Section 8. 01:56:46
And just newly formed. We have a homeless preference wait list. 01:56:49
And in order to get on that wait list, that's the certification that is needed by the homeless. 01:56:54
Provider so the SO remember it's all voucher based. 01:57:00
So what happens is, is that we go through our list of five vouchers. Once we've reached that five vouchers, we stop with the list. 01:57:06
Until another voucher becomes available, somebody moves out, somebody goes to another city, then we go back to that list. 01:57:13
It does never interfere with our family list or our public housing list. 01:57:21
Ohh OK. 01:57:25
Alright, thank you. 01:57:26
You're welcome. 01:57:28
Any more questions? 01:57:29
No. Alright, so the public hearing is now open for public input at 7:25 PM. 01:57:33
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 01:57:40
No public comments regarding this item. 01:57:43
OK. 01:57:46
Public input has. 01:57:47
Concluded. I will now close the public hearing. The time is now 7:26 PM. 01:57:49
We have before us a recommendation. 01:57:55
To adopt A resolution of the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Fort Wayne, Amy, California, approving 01:57:58
the Five year Fiscal Year 2023 Public Housing Annual Plan. 01:58:03
May I have a motion in a second so moved? 01:58:08
2nd. 01:58:11
Member Hernandez YES, Member Gamma. 01:58:16
Yes, member Brown. 01:58:19
Yes, member McQueen Lesean. 01:58:22
Yes. 01:58:25
Vice Chair Perez, Yes, and Chair Martinez. 01:58:26
Yes, motion passes unanimously. 01:58:30
OK. 01:58:32
So we don't have a any Housing Authority business items. 01:58:36
Authority members reports comments and requests for future agenda items. 01:58:40
So. 01:58:44
Would anybody like to? 01:58:46
I would just like to add that maybe next time we have this, maybe we could have an update on current things so that. 01:58:50
But I would like to request that we have a future update on the progress of those projects that we are. 01:58:56
Working on, I'll second that. 01:59:02
Thank you. 01:59:04
All in favor. 01:59:07
Member Gamma Sorry, Chair Martinez. 01:59:13
Yes. 01:59:16
Member Brown. 01:59:17
Yes, Remember Hernandez. Yes, member McQueen Lujan. 01:59:18
Yes, and Vice Chair Perez, yes. 01:59:23
Motion passes unanimously. 01:59:26
OK. Are there any other requests for future agenda items or comments? 01:59:27
All right. 01:59:33
Yes. Thank you, Gabby. 01:59:37
We'll now call to order the joint session of the City Council, Housing Authority and Surplus Property Authority. 01:59:39
Welcome to the joint session of the City Council Housing Authority and Surplus Property meeting. I am now calling this meeting to 01:59:48
order. The time is now 7. 01:59:52
28 PM. 01:59:56
OK. 02:00:02
Madam Clerk, can you now? 02:00:04
Please take roll. 02:00:06
Again. 02:00:08
Third time Council member, Member Gamma. 02:00:09
Yes, I'm here and Council member, Member Hernandez and council member Member McQueen Lashawn. 02:00:13
Here. 02:00:20
Member Blackwell is absent a member Brown. 02:00:22
Yes, I mean here, Mayor Pro Tem, Vice Chair Perez. 02:00:25
Here and Mayor Chair Martinez. 02:00:30
Present. 02:00:33
All right, so we have a public hearing. 02:00:36
Item number 4 Biannual operating and capital budget for fiscal years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025. 02:00:39
The recommendation is to open the public hearing to take testimonial and document. 02:00:48
Documentary evidence and thereafter consider approval and adoption of the proposed operating capital improvement program budget 02:00:52
for the fiscal years 2023-2024. 02:00:57
And 2024-2025. 02:01:03
And adopt A resolution approving the operating and capital improvement program budget for fiscal years. 02:01:05
2023-2024 and 2024-2025. 02:01:12
Madam Clerk, do you have proof of publication as required by law? 02:01:16
Yes. 02:01:20
Do we have a complete file of reports and exhibits? 02:01:21
We'll staff, please present the report. 02:01:25
Yes, thank you. Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, council staff. 02:01:28
At Lupe Acero, our Finance Director will go ahead and give this report this evening. Thank you. You're welcome. Good evening, 02:01:32
Mayor. 02:01:36
Mayor Pro Tem, City Council, Board members and members of the public. 02:01:40
I will be going over the fiscal year 24 and fiscal year 25 proposed budget tonight. 02:01:45
The proposed budget was presented to council on May 22nd at the budget workshop. 02:01:54
There were a couple of inputs and recommendations from council that staff has back come back and included in the budget. 02:02:00
And those items were as noted. 02:02:07
Item number one, we added appropriations in the amount of $8000. 02:02:09
For two fire pits, so we had originally two of them in the budget. 02:02:14
So now we have 4 and that's in fiscal year 2324. 02:02:19
The other recommendation was to add $10,000 in fiscal year 25. 02:02:23
To convert a tennis court to a soccer court. 02:02:29
And that has also been included in the budget. 02:02:33
And then the other item was to provide information on Traffic Safety studies. 02:02:36
Our Public Works Director has compiled information and that was attached to the staff report in Attachment C. 02:02:43
Noting this traffic studies that have been conducted and information on traffic studies. 02:02:50
And then the other item is, is not included in the report, but we are as the staff is going to continue to look for opportunities 02:02:57
for grants. 02:03:00
For traffic studies. So that's on our. 02:03:04
Umm. 02:03:07
On our list to continue to look for grants. 02:03:08
The proposed budget that I represent to you includes these items. 02:03:11
And those changes. 02:03:15
Here before you for fiscal year 2024. 02:03:18
The citywide operating budget. 02:03:21
Is 58 million 58.1. 02:03:23
Out of that general fund is 26.5. 02:03:27
The enterprise which are your enterprise funds and other funds? So any other special revenue fund? 02:03:30
25.6 and then housing agency funds. 02:03:36
At $6 million. 02:03:40
Umm. 02:03:42
Looking at the budget for fiscal year 20. 02:03:43
5. 02:03:46
The city and related entities budget is $57.1 million. 02:03:48
General fund is 26.8. 02:03:53
And then enterprise and other funds that 24.2. 02:03:56
And then housing. 02:04:00
Agency funds. That's $6 million. 02:04:02
And just taking a look at what we have are presenting here before you again with including the recommendations, we have a balanced 02:04:07
budget. 02:04:11
We actually have a surplus in fiscal year 24. 02:04:16
Of $363,000. 02:04:20
Three 63136 and then in fiscal year 25. 02:04:23
The. 02:04:27
Surplus is estimated at 449,300. 02:04:29
And so this slide just reflects shows the revenues projected. 02:04:34
There were no changes from the budget workshop in revenues. 02:04:38
We're projecting revenues at 26.9 million and 2024. 02:04:42
And with operating expenses at 26.5, so that's your the surplus. 02:04:47
And 24 of 363,000. 02:04:53
In fiscal year 25, revenues are projected 27.3. 02:04:57
And operating expenses total expenses of 26.8. 02:05:02
For a surplus of 449,000 now this is general fund. 02:05:07
Budget. 02:05:12
Here is a slide reflecting the breakdown of the revenues. 02:05:16
For physical year 2024. 02:05:21
Again at 26.9. 02:05:24
And you can see the components most of the revenue is. 02:05:26
Property taxes, sales and other taxes. 02:05:29
And then the other big one down below is the use of money and properties, which we talked about is. 02:05:33
The Harbor District Investment or investment earnings. 02:05:39
Rents for from city owned properties. 02:05:43
And then the $3,000,000. 02:05:46
Down the 2nd to the last line item that is miscellaneous revenue that's mostly. 02:05:49
The cannabis income revenue. 02:05:54
Fiscal year 2025 revenue is projected at 27.3 million. 02:05:58
And again same, the components are basically the largest components, again property taxes, sales taxes. 02:06:05
Uses of money and properties and then cannabis revenue. 02:06:12
And this slide shows the expenses. 02:06:20
Broken by. 02:06:23
Salaries and benefits benefit operating expenses. 02:06:24
And internal service fund charges and operating transfers out. 02:06:30
Again for. 02:06:34
Presentation purposes, we're backing out capital because capital is being presented. 02:06:37
And a separate schedule, so this is operating only. 02:06:41
Operating expenses for fiscal year 24. 02:06:45
Are projected at 26.5 million. 02:06:48
And for fiscal year 2526.8. 02:06:51
That growth in salaries and benefits in year 24 from year 2023 is about $1.4 million. 02:06:56
And that's primarily related to the cost of living adjustments from the. 02:07:04
Agreements. 02:07:10
And again another $1,000,000, it's going up about another $1,000,000 in 2025. 02:07:12
Cost of living adjustments. 02:07:17
Operating charges, operating expenses. 02:07:20
Are actually coming down in fiscal year 24. 02:07:23
When you look at the 6.6 million. 02:07:27
Versus 2023 at 8.3. 02:07:30
2023 has some one time expenses such as the purchase of the property. 02:07:33
Grand donation to the library, so about $1.1 million. 02:07:38
Our one time expenses. 02:07:42
And. 02:07:44
Net, net, we're still coming down about $500,000 in operating in 2024. 02:07:46
And then down again in 2025 to 5.8. 02:07:52
And this light just reflects, reflects the new position that was requested and the reclassifications, the impact from those 02:07:59
combined. 02:08:04
For fiscal year 2024, it's $134,000 to the general fund. 02:08:09
And 145,000 in fiscal year 2025. 02:08:15
And then I want to show the estimated estimated savings from six part-time positions that we didn't fund in the budget. 02:08:19
And that's roughly about $230,000, so in net. 02:08:27
There's a savings of 9596 thousand dollars. 02:08:31
In 2024 and 84,000 and 2025. 02:08:35
And just this slide reflects the general reserves that there were? 02:08:45
Have included in the budget the the updated reserve policy. 02:08:50
Which is economic reserves. 02:08:54
Economic emergency of six months of general. 02:08:57
Fund operating expenses. 02:09:00
A stability reserve of 10% of general fund operating expenses. 02:09:02
And then risk management, which is 50% of the risk liability. 02:09:08
And this light. 02:09:16
Shows the calculation of those reserves. 02:09:18
And. 02:09:21
Fiscal year 20/21/22, those are the audited numbers. 02:09:22
And so that was those are actuals audited. 02:09:26
The projected 23. 02:09:30
Is where we expect to end up at the end of this fiscal year. 02:09:34
And then 24 and 25 is based on the operating expenses that are being proposed. 02:09:39
And so the reserve, the committed reserve is going from $13.3 million. 02:09:49
It's jumping up to 16.8 in this fiscal year. 02:09:54
And then 16.8 again pretty much remains the same. 02:09:58
And 24 and goes up a little bit to 17 million. 02:10:03
In 2025. 02:10:07
So again, that's the factor of operating expenses going up and we're reserving that six, that six months of really 50% of any 02:10:08
projected expenses. 02:10:13
And 10% for stability. 02:10:18
And on this slide, I wanted to show the unassigned fund balance. So this is the fund balance. 02:10:25
Not including the resource that committed. So this is what's remaining after we. 02:10:31
After the number, the reserves are set aside. 02:10:37
So we start with the beginning fund balance of 16.7. So again that's the audited number. 02:10:41
Avana signed. 02:10:47
In 2023, we're estimating to have an operating surplus of $227,000. 02:10:49
And then we had one time expenses, so we purchased the property and we committed the library grant. So that's about a million one. 02:10:56
So those are one time expenses. 02:11:05
And then CIP projects where we're expecting to spend this fiscal year. 02:11:07
Is 527,000. 02:11:12
And then there's a transfer. 02:11:15
From the unassigned to committed. So again that's the transfer because our expenses are higher. 02:11:17
We have the reserve more so 50% of that operating. So that's at 3.5. 02:11:22
$1,000,000 so that brings the unassigned. 02:11:27
At the end of this year to 11.8. 02:11:30
Million. 02:11:33
And then next year in 20, fiscal year 24 again we're expecting a surplus of 363,000. 02:11:34
And we have CI capital projects next year. Most of those were rollover from this fiscal year that were not completed. 02:11:42
But those are three million 54 of general fund. 02:11:50
That they are going to be funded by general fund. 02:11:53
And then the 20,000 is again adjusting that committed, so transferring from. 02:11:56
From the unassigned to committed. 02:12:01
And so that would leave the unassigned at 9 million 84 at the end of fiscal year 24. 02:12:04
And then the surplus for. 02:12:10
24 Sorry, that's a that's a typo. That should be 2425. 02:12:16
Surplus would be 449,000. 02:12:20
And then CIP projects for fiscal year 25 is a million or a million six? 02:12:23
And 465 is what we're expecting, that's what's being proposed in the budget. 02:12:28
And then again, we have another transfer to adjust that committed balance. 02:12:33
And so at the end of fiscal year 2425? 02:12:38
We're expecting the unassigned fund balance to be just roughly under $8,000,000 That $7.9 million. 02:12:41
And I wanted to share this slide basically shares the both the committed fund balance and the unassigned. 02:12:51
And in totality, how much the city has is projected to have? 02:12:57
And both. So we have some that is committed set aside for. 02:13:01
Emergency for risk? 02:13:05
And then the unassigned that's available for. 02:13:07
Those one time purchases for CIP. 02:13:10
And so at the end of fiscal year? 02:13:12
20. 02:13:16
4. 02:13:17
Both combined about fund balances would be roughly just under 26 million. 02:13:19
Going down about $1,000,000 at the end of fiscal year 25. 02:13:25
Combine 20. 02:13:28
$24.9 million. 02:13:30
And next I just wanted to share the. 02:13:37
The information and on CIP, so again we have. 02:13:41
A total for 24242324 of $14.6 million. 02:13:44
In capital projects. 02:13:49
Out of that 3,000,000 is being funded by general fund and then you can see the other funding sources. 02:13:51
In each of the the corresponding buckets there. 02:13:58
In 20. 02:14:05
Fiscal year 2025. 02:14:07
The total CIP is projected at 3.4. 02:14:09
1.4 is general fund. 02:14:13
And so tonight on the proposed budget that I have presented to you both operating and capital improvement budget. 02:14:21
A program for fiscal year 2425 is presented for. 02:14:29
Your consideration and approval. 02:14:34
The gang limit, the gun appropriations limit will be presented on June 20th. The calculation has been posted to the website. 02:14:37
And I will bring that up. 02:14:45
At the June 20th meeting. 02:14:48
For approval. 02:14:50
Any questions? 02:14:54
Thank you, Miss Assetto. Does City Council have any questions? 02:14:56
I do have a question on your handout in the first page. 02:15:05
It says that item number 3. 02:15:09
Provide information on Traffic Safety studies. 02:15:11
Umm. 02:15:15
Where is that information and? 02:15:17
Can we talk about the information, Mr. City Attorney? 02:15:21
Because I think traffic is something that is. 02:15:26
Issue with many and I was wondering. 02:15:29
What the traffic studies? 02:15:32
What are we doing and? 02:15:34
What are we gonna look at next year for Traffic Safety? 02:15:35
I believe that to the extent it pertains to agenda. 02:15:39
Or not agenda, but budget, budgetary issues. I think you're fine. If you want to get into what the traffic studies say and then 02:15:43
relevant actions relating to the traffic studies, then I think we're a little bit off topic. 02:15:48
OK, I'm just trying to in the context of this budget. 02:15:54
Could you explain? Could somebody explain what #3 means? Provide information on Traffic Safety studies? 02:15:58
And we just give him cost information or we getting into the details or? 02:16:05
The request at least how staff what staff was directed to provide, was information on previous traffic studies. 02:16:10
And and that's the attachment see the exhibit just talking about the speed surveys that have been conducted in in the frequency. 02:16:21
Collision reports. 02:16:32
There was a speed cushion program that was presented to council in February 2022. 02:16:34
So it's it's informational only. 02:16:41
There were no appropriations that were requested. 02:16:45
Excuse me to be included in the budget. 02:16:49
Practically I. 02:16:54
The other day I just noticed that they painted at Bulker A. 02:16:55
Keep clear. 02:16:59
Which was? 02:17:01
Very much needed in my opinion. 02:17:03
It is. Was that one of the recommendations that you're referencing here on this first page? 02:17:07
Follow. 02:17:15
Council member comments on. 02:17:16
So let's see. 02:17:17
OK. 02:17:22
Yes, Charles. 02:17:23
Good evening. The keep clear was part of a a traffic analysis that was done a couple of years ago. 02:17:25
And that was something that was implemented. It was supposed to be progressive mitigation. 02:17:32
So that was one of the items that was asked to be. 02:17:36
Installed and we installed it this past weekend, this past week. 02:17:38
With respect to the traffic studies. 02:17:42
The last one that was approved by council was in 2015. 02:17:44
So we're about due for another traffic study. We can go out to do that and bring a traffic study. 02:17:48
Traffic Speed Survey analysis. 02:17:53
To council. 02:17:55
Yeah, so does the budget. 02:17:56
Do we have it in the budget to do that? Yeah, we can do that. 02:17:58
So is it in the budget? 02:18:02
Today, yeah. Is it, is it in the budget right now? Yes, we we can allocate funds for that. 02:18:04
OK. But but it's not in the budget. It's not called out as a line item, no? 02:18:08
OK. 02:18:12
I I just think it's a priority to. 02:18:13
Look at Traffic Safety and like you said, five years out. So it's time for. 02:18:16
Jumping back into it, right, yeah, we're required to to do it to to enforce the speed survey 5 to 10 years and the last one was 02:18:21
done in 2015. So we're just about do we can do that and and get a speed survey done. 02:18:26
Yeah, I don't, I don't know what I'm asking for other than that we pay attention to Traffic Safety in the city of Port Wanami. So 02:18:32
I guess at the. 02:18:36
Later part of the meeting, I'll I'll make a motion to get it on an agenda so we could get into the details, OK? Council Member 02:18:40
Hernandez. 02:18:43
Thank you, Mr. Seta. And Mr. Cable, if you could just stand there for just a second because you might want to comment on this. 02:18:47
There was a comment regarding grants for Traffic Safety. 02:18:54
Studies. 02:18:59
Is I didn't see that in the staff report, but that was just an agreement that we would look for Grant, OK, OK. So just for 02:19:01
everybody's information. 02:19:07
I have a. 02:19:14
A meeting with Southern California Association of Governments and Mr. Watkins, and I don't know, Charles, if you've been notified 02:19:16
of this on Wednesday. 02:19:20
To talk about. 02:19:24
Grants through the Go Human program. 02:19:26
Which will give us an opportunity to look at. 02:19:30
Traffic Safety programs that we might be able to fund here. 02:19:34
In the city of Port Wanami. 02:19:39
So I know everybody's been concerned about Traffic Safety. I have been concerned about it for a long time. I don't want to get off 02:19:41
too far off topic, but we are looking into grants during the course of this meeting on Wednesday. 02:19:47
OK. 02:19:56
Any other questions? Councilmember Martha McQueen. 02:19:56
John. 02:20:00
No, I don't have anything right now. Thank you. 02:20:03
Mayor Pro Tem Press. 02:20:06
I did have one question in terms of the soccer court. Was that for 2020? I don't know if we had mentioned if I had mentioned 02:20:09
2023-2024 or? 02:20:13
Is that what it was? It's in 20 in some fiscal year 252425? 02:20:18
So it's in 20, yeah. 02:20:23
That's weird. 02:20:25
OK. 02:20:27
You know, I saw that. I just thought it was. 02:20:30
Was going to be for 2023-2024. 02:20:32
Right. 02:20:36
That can. 02:20:38
We discussed in a bit. 02:20:39
Well, I think we heard from Miss Basua about the implications of trying to do that project earlier. 02:20:41
And the fact that we were behind. 02:20:48
We're trying to support staff in the Administration of the Parks grant. 02:20:51
And my my memory was hazy so. 02:20:54
OK, no more questions. I have a question. 02:20:57
Member Brown. 02:21:01
Ohh, yes. 02:21:02
OK, so. 02:21:04
And this? 02:21:05
Traffic study here. 02:21:06
They they talked about. 02:21:09
The Speed Cushion program from February 2022. 02:21:11
So. 02:21:17
Is that still? 02:21:19
Continuing is I still? 02:21:20
Putting more in. 02:21:23
Are they? 02:21:25
Or is that something that was done? 02:21:28
We're we're continuing to do that. We evaluate neighborhoods, OK. So could I, would I be able to ask? 02:21:31
To put some. 02:21:37
Where we live in front of the Mar Vista. 02:21:38
I mean, we've been asking for it like the cars come speeding around here. 02:21:41
And they come so fast. There's people with walkers. 02:21:45
With their electric scooters. 02:21:48
And sometimes you better get out of the way and these cars come racing, they've come around that curve. 02:21:51
Offer Panoma. 02:21:57
And then to Scott St. 02:21:59
And they just raced through there and and I I know people have been asking for him right? So I'm just. 02:22:00
So we allocate 150,000. 02:22:07
Each year for the speed cushion program. 02:22:09
And this this past year, we did Volcker Ave. and we're prioritizing areas where there's children. I understand schools. 02:22:11
So we're we're prioritizing areas and we have criteria that we have to meet. 02:22:17
So you can submit a request and we can have our traffic engineer because I'm gonna be doing it at the schools. 02:22:22
Parks with children are, which I understand that's got to come first. 02:22:27
But we're senior citizens, disabled. 02:22:33
People that live here in the, in the, in my Vista apartments there. 02:22:37
And that we we price across the street. 02:22:43
In others bus stop across the street. We got to walk. 02:22:46
So some people. 02:22:50
I mean. 02:22:52
They're barely making their present St. and these cars come racing. 02:22:53
And it's hard to tell they're coming because they come around that curve. 02:22:56
But in the coming this way, we we miss hearing, you know? 02:23:01
If I may, I I think member Brown, what he's trying to ask is where can he go to so that he can request those right speed bumps, 02:23:05
correct. I'm sorry I asked the right question. 02:23:10
So thank you, Gabby. 02:23:16
Supposed to we we have looked at that area. We did receive a request and we had. I think we're looking at Scott Street, but. 02:23:17
We're only putting an area where funding allows and with this new fiscal year, we can evaluate that area along Scott St. 02:23:25
And. 02:23:32
I think it's Panama. 02:23:35
Correct. OK. Thank you, Mr. Keeble. If anyone else wanted to submit a request, where do they go to submit these requests? They can 02:23:36
submit it to myself or Mark Watkins, the public works director. OK. So to your e-mail, Yes, OK. 02:23:42
Alright. 02:23:49
And and my e-mail is available on the website. Public works right there. OK, we have a. 02:23:50
Information on the speed cushions that we've placed around the city along Park and Volcker. So we have got to fight. It works. Or 02:23:55
do we let them their name? You can look, you can look me up. I will. 02:24:00
I will provide that my my information to you. 02:24:06
And if not, member Brown, I I can help you with that. OK. Thank you and. 02:24:08
Charles, before you leave, how are we doing on that sidewalk? Cause I think that sidewalk is related to Traffic Safety here at Mar 02:24:12
Vista. 02:24:15
Because people could use the sidewalk rather than walking down the middle of the street. 02:24:19
You know. 02:24:24
We're going out to bid shortly on. 02:24:26
OK. 02:24:27
All right. Thank you. Any more questions? 02:24:28
Regarding to the budget, capital budget. 02:24:31
Alright, thank you Miss Assetto for your presentation. Thank you. 02:24:35
The public hearing is now open for public input at 7:52 PM. 02:24:40
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 02:24:45
Yes, we have a few public comments for this item as well. 02:24:49
1st is Rich Rollins. 02:24:53
Good evening, City Council. 02:25:03
Umm. 02:25:05
One of the things that I noted with all the neat things happening in June. 02:25:06
Also in June, it's National Recreation and Parks Month. 02:25:10
To be added to the list. 02:25:14
On behalf of the tennis community, I wanted to express my concern. 02:25:18
Regarding the proposal to convert a tennis court to an arena soccer court. 02:25:22
There are currently 4 courts that are regularly used by people of all ages and ethnicities. 02:25:27
On weekends and weekdays, they're often filled to capacity with local families, youth and seniors. 02:25:34
They bring much needed activity that serves as a deterrent to negative behavior that's occurred in the past. 02:25:40
It also serves as a source of tourism, as vacationers, regional players. 02:25:49
Come to play and then while they come to play, they use our businesses on the way out. 02:25:54
You utilizing restaurants and. 02:26:00
That sort. 02:26:02
It's awesome. 02:26:04
It's always a good thing to bring in new visitors with new programs. 02:26:05
A better alternative, perhaps for the. 02:26:10
Encouraging soccer would be to use underutilized areas. 02:26:13
Such as perhaps even at Miranda, one of the two basketball courts. 02:26:17
Which are very rarely used to capacity. 02:26:21
Also, perhaps the money could be. 02:26:25
Better spent to renovate the existing multi-purpose field. 02:26:28
That as you know, we had Gophers there, but. 02:26:33
Perhaps some of that $10,000 could be going to level it. 02:26:37
So that, you know, we could actually use soccer and have hundreds of kids and adults using it for that purpose. 02:26:40
The arena soccer is unproven. 02:26:48
We have had no public requests. 02:26:50
For this experimental activity. 02:26:53
Don't give away a popular program for an experimental idea. 02:26:55
There are plenty of underutilized park space that could be used at Miranda or even perhaps Boker. 02:27:00
Tearing down existing poles, even for even temporary, will hurt the quality of play. 02:27:06
And be very costly for a one time event. 02:27:13
Let's build new recreational opportunities, not put it, not put them at odds. 02:27:16
At existing successful activities. 02:27:21
Thank you. 02:27:24
Walter Moody. 02:27:29
Good evening. 02:27:33
I got a special request. 02:27:35
So I'm not gonna sing tonight. 02:27:37
Yeah. 02:27:40
Anyway, I'm I'm Walter Moody. 02:27:41
I'm the tennis coach over at Wayne High School. I coached the boys and girls tennis team. 02:27:44
Once Upon a time I ran around a park over there. I live at 932 Maplewood. 02:27:49
Been a resident of the city since 93. 02:27:54
And I kind of concur with what Rich said. 02:27:58
And. 02:28:01
My team. 02:28:03
And when we practice in the summer, we we in practice at 4:30. 02:28:04
We practiced from 2:30 to 4:30 starting June 22nd. 02:28:08
All the way up to our first match, which is August 21st. 02:28:13
And nine times out of 10, half of my team comes over to Miranda Park to play because of the lights. 02:28:19
And. 02:28:25
The other concern I have is something that happens over at the high school. 02:28:26
We have a lot of kids at the high school that try to come out on the tennis courts and kick soccer balls. 02:28:31
And I I just like to let the council know and the city know that you're opening up account of worms if you do that. 02:28:38
Because. 02:28:45
There's going to be conflict. 02:28:47
You know and. 02:28:48
You know, the tennis courts, you know that, that's you know. 02:28:51
If you're like me. 02:28:54
Any day you get to play tennis is a better day. 02:28:56
And we have a upstanding facility. 02:28:58
And you have all that space out there that could probably be reconfigured. 02:29:01
Along with that money that could be used to refurbish the tennis courts. 02:29:05
We ran the OHAI tournament over at Wayne High School. 02:29:10
We had a every junior college from Mount Shasta all the way down to San Diego. 02:29:14
And it was a boon to all the businesses in the city because all those teams came and you know, ate lunch, you know and did 02:29:19
different things, You know and. 02:29:23
And provided revenues, you know, to these businesses. 02:29:28
So I think that before you take $10,000 and spend it. 02:29:31
You know, on a soccer court. And don't get me wrong, you know I love soccer. 02:29:36
I was actually working at the Canadian American tennis school in Germany. 02:29:41
During the 1990 World Cup. 02:29:44
And. 02:29:47
After the Germany won the World Cup, you know, 3:30 in the morning, I'd never seen anything like it. 02:29:48
You know, people coming out of their houses, you know, and they partied like it was 1999. 02:29:54
You know so. 02:29:58
You know what? I I I you know, I love soccer. 02:29:59
Mayor Martinez is a colleague of mine. 02:30:03
I believe in what he's doing. I believe in his vision, you know, But I think that. 02:30:05
I I think it would be prudent, you know, for everybody concerned that if we rethink this, you know, I think that we could come up 02:30:10
with a better solution. 02:30:13
Yeah. And like thank you for for your time and I thank you for listening to me. 02:30:16
Peace. 02:30:20
Thank you, Mr. Moody. 02:30:21
We'll have Ryan Rollins and then David Scribner. 02:30:23
Hi, my name is Ryan Rollins. I work at the Navy base and I just like the past two, said. I captain a tennis team and we have to 02:30:30
have a minimum of four quarts. 02:30:35
So if two of them were taken down for any reason, or anytime we weren't, we wouldn't be able to do our league. 02:30:40
And our league has and people from all over Ventura County coming in and playing with us. 02:30:47
And then? 02:30:52
Just as Walter said, some of his students come frequently, even out offseason the last two or three months. 02:30:54
I've seen them there pretty much Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights until like 7-8 PM or so. 02:31:02
And I'll when they're there and and I'm also playing then I'll 4 chords are as used as well. 02:31:09
That's basically it. 02:31:16
Thank you. 02:31:17
Good evening again. So I live right next to Miranda Park and look over my back fence and there it is. 02:31:26
Basically the tennis courts, especially since the lights have been put in there, are in use a lot more. 02:31:34
And since the pickleball courts came in, it was kind of spread out before now. 02:31:40
Those courts are used much of the time. 02:31:46
I think the idea of arena soccer is fantastic. They had a place over in Camarillo. My son used to play that and it was it didn't 02:31:48
take a lot of space. I think it was a really good thing to do. 02:31:54
I'm wondering if we can just really keep the tennis courts and relocate that. 02:32:01
A good place with Miranda would be where the old handball courts are. 02:32:05
Because you've got some hills there, people could sit on those hills and watch it. 02:32:09
Much like you do at the Baseball Diamond, that there's that hill there and. 02:32:15
In the day when we used to have a lot of. 02:32:20
Soccer, I mean. 02:32:22
Softball things going on. People sat there and used it a lot. So my suggestion would be to to definitely build a. 02:32:24
Arena soccer thing. I think it's a fantastic idea. 02:32:34
And to think about putting it, there's two places that Miranda Park would go well. One is what I just described by the old 02:32:37
handball courts. 02:32:42
And the other is. 02:32:47
There's a second baseball diamond that never gets used. It sits there empty. 02:32:48
The good one doesn't get used. There's a spot over there that I think you could convert fairly easily. 02:32:54
And the other choice is a bit more just to move it to. 02:33:00
Volker. 02:33:04
There's nothing going on at Bulker there. 02:33:06
There's one crummy little basketball hoop. 02:33:09
There's a child play area that's not of use and nobody uses it. 02:33:12
It would. That would be another great place, because it's the park isn't really big enough to put a baseball diamond in everything 02:33:18
like that, or even a soccer field. But. 02:33:22
So I'm all in favour of the reign of soccer, maybe. 02:33:26
Rather than getting rid of something, we can add to it. So that's my thoughts. 02:33:30
Thank you. 02:33:33
The in person public comments are done, but I have a few written public comments that I'll go ahead and read that. 02:33:39
Dear City Council, the conversion of a tennis court into a soccer field is a bad idea. My name is John White and I have been a 02:33:45
resident of Port Wanami for 23 years. I have rented tennis courts at the Miranda Park for 15 years for an annual tournament that 02:33:50
brought people from Las Vegas, San Diego and other areas. 02:33:56
They stayed at our Holiday Inn and frequented local restaurants. Due to tennis court conversions to pickleball courts, there are 02:34:01
not fewer tennis courts in the area to bring tennis groups to 1. 02:34:06
And one less court will discourage groups from coming. 02:34:12
Four courts are usually the minimum number of courts needed to hold the tournament. 02:34:15
League tennis usually requires 4 courts too, and the annual Ohio Pro and College Tournament used to rent four or more courts from 02:34:19
us. 02:34:22
It was a treat to see such a high level of play and me and others would come out to watch them. 02:34:26
If the courts were resurfaced, they would probably want to rent them from the city again. 02:34:31
The idea of tennis right next to soccer just doesn't make sense. 02:34:36
The soccer ball is much bigger and could be a liability if it gets out of bounds and hits tennis players, causing serious head 02:34:39
injuries. 02:34:42
It would also be disruptive for tennis players if those bigger balls are hitting the tennis court fences. 02:34:46
Presently, all four courts are active in the mornings, especially on weekends. 02:34:51
Players who use them will suffer with one less court. It will be like oil and water. They don't mix well side by side. Please 02:34:56
don't do it. Thank you, John White. 02:35:00
Regarding converting a tennis court at Miranda Park into a soccer field, I have lived next to Miranda Park for over 20 years and 02:35:08
played tennis there for many years from when it opened in the 70s up until the 90s. 02:35:13
The conversion of Four courts to Pickleball has been very successful but left only four public tennis courts in Port Wine EMY as 02:35:18
far as I know. 02:35:22
I see these courts busy fairly often in the evenings and on weekends. 02:35:26
Reducing the number to three, which could cause some players to have to find other places to play or have to wait until a court 02:35:30
opened up. 02:35:34
If funding were available, it would be nice if the city could identify some other permanent location that could accommodate A 02:35:37
dedicated soccer court. 02:35:41
Thank you, Jeffrey Scarberry. 02:35:45
Dear City Council, When I heard about this absurd idea, I just couldn't believe it. As a tennis player and a retiree from the City 02:35:48
of Port Wanami City Clerk's office, I have played tennis at Miranda for over 20 years. I was heartbroken when they took four 02:35:52
courts away to put in the pickleball courts. 02:35:57
But now have adjusted. 02:36:02
As we still have 4 very good and very, very used courts available to all US tennis players. 02:36:03
I wish we had more, but to take one or two more away from the tennis players, that's a travesty. Please don't do this. Where in 02:36:09
God's name did you get that idea to put a soccer field in? 02:36:13
If you must. 02:36:18
Do so by the rec center, where there is a lot more area and no tennis or pickleball courts. 02:36:19
Please reconsider. If Rich Rollins had stayed on the council, this idea would never, never would have materialized. 02:36:23
Jody Nichols. 02:36:29
Good evening. My name is Stephanie. I have been living in Port Wanami my whole life. I think it's a really great idea to put a 02:36:32
soccer field at Miranda Park. Thank you. 02:36:36
Good day. My name is Christina. I'm a resident and parent of two children here in Fort Wayne. Amy, I think that while the. 02:36:42
While we currently do not have a designated space for soccer available, that using the tennis courts as a mixed-use space is a 02:36:47
great alternative. 02:36:51
Designated times could be established for either sport. It is more. 02:36:55
It is. 02:36:58
Much more beneficial. 02:36:59
Beneficial for the children of port wine. You need to have a constructive outlet as opposed to not. Thank you for taking my 02:37:01
opinion into consideration. 02:37:04
God bless you, Christina Greco. 02:37:08
That concludes the public comments for this item. 02:37:11
Alright, so the public input has come. 02:37:16
Included. I will now close the public hearing. The time is. 02:37:18
8:05 PM. 02:37:21
We have before us a recommendation to adopt A resolution approving the operating and capital improvement. 02:37:24
Program budget for fiscal years 20/23/24 and 20/24/25. 02:37:30
May I have a motion and a second? 02:37:35
I'll go ahead and make a motion to approve the biannual operations and capital budget for fiscal years. 02:37:41
20/23/24 and 2425 with a caveat that staff consider other options. 02:37:47
For locating a soccer field. 02:37:57
And in the. 02:38:00
Process of. 02:38:01
Their park improvement. 02:38:04
The Park Master plan plan implementation. 02:38:06
Whatever. 02:38:10
This kind of puts me in a dilemma. I understand that I could vote for the budget overall, but now the budget is being. 02:38:12
Crafted into this one item that is right next to my house. 02:38:20
So. 02:38:24
Should I recuse myself or? 02:38:25
Do I get to vote on the? 02:38:29
Implementation of our. 02:38:31
2324 budget. 02:38:33
My understanding is that Council member Hernandez is motion. I don't think that it specifically calls out your house or the 02:38:40
proximity to it, I think, she said. Simply look for alternative locations. 02:38:46
I'm not sure that one of the alternative locations suggested is within 1000 feet of your home. 02:38:52
What if it's Bulker? 02:38:58
I'm just asking staff to. 02:39:02
To consider in their implementation, I believe the breadth of the question to consider alternative locations within the city does 02:39:05
not place this within 1000 feet of your home where there's a reasonable foreseeable financial or material financial effect to be 02:39:11
made by this decision at this point in time. 02:39:16
Sound makes sense, Yeah to you, but. 02:39:22
So. 02:39:28
Basically for the public if we live within 1000 feet. 02:39:29
Of a park. 02:39:33
We technically should recuse ourselves from voting for improvements to that park. 02:39:36
That's correct. Correct. That's so the reason why I said, well, if you moved it to bulker, I I believe. 02:39:41
I believe Council Member Hernandez may be within 1000 feet of bulker. 02:39:48
I I can attempt to give a a. 02:39:52
Lay explanation of the Political Reform Act rules. I don't. I don't know how well it'll come off off the top of my head, but. 02:39:55
In essence, an elected official or a person appointed to a board is prohibited from making a decision where they would have a 02:40:03
reasonably foreseeable material financial benefit or detriment. 02:40:08
The the impetus behind these rules is simply that. 02:40:14
Public officials should not be self motivated when making decisions. 02:40:19
One of the materiality standards has to do with an interest in real property. 02:40:23
The the fundamental distances in which a decision from a an interest in real property would be would be between 1500 feet. 02:40:28
Anything within 500 feet. 02:40:33
Is pretty much guaranteed to gonna be going to be a material financial impact. 02:40:39
Anything within 1000 feet and A and A and 500 feet is presumed to have such an impact, but it is a rebuttable presumption. 02:40:45
Once we determine that materiality exists, one of the ways that we can get past it. And that's assuming that materiality exists, 02:40:55
because this decision does not actually. 02:40:59
Come forward with an improvement to Miranda Park or bulk or anything like that. It's simply a a decision to investigate. So my my 02:41:05
argument is is that there is no. 02:41:09
Reasonably foreseeable financial impact because it's contingent on future action. 02:41:14
So I don't see the second prong being met under the Political Reform Act. 02:41:20
Even if it was, and this would require some some. 02:41:24
Research is if there is a distinct population segment of the city that has benefited equally. 02:41:29
And you would be among that distinct population segment. Off the top of my head, it's something like 25% of all residences in the 02:41:35
city. 02:41:39
If those people would all be benefited equally and there wouldn't be a unique personal benefit to yourself, then you may still 02:41:43
vote on it. 02:41:47
And every time we discuss political reform acts. 02:41:51
Deals I have to give you the caveat. It says you may not rely on my advice to avoid an FPC enforcement action. 02:41:55
Right. And so that's that's always the caveat at the end that that concerns people is. 02:42:02
Even though I can do the analysis off the top of my head right now, you may not rely on my advice to avoid a conflict. 02:42:06
Right, but the. 02:42:13
You know, adopt the resolution approving the operating capital improvement program budget for fiscal year 23242425. 02:42:14
I could vote for that with a clear conscience, but then below that. 02:42:22
To give us a background and you know Miranda Park is. 02:42:26
Targeted specific. 02:42:29
I have a comment. 02:42:31
OK, so I think the description of the item is inadequate. 02:42:32
I think there should be more information. This is not a permanent. 02:42:36
Transformation. This is not a permanent conversion. We're not. 02:42:40
Removing a tennis court for no tennis use ever again. This is A at. 02:42:43
Event per event conversion and it'll be put back to a tennis court. 02:42:49
For permanent use as a tennis court. 02:42:53
So I just wanted to make sure that the public understood that because I don't think it was adequately. 02:42:56
Adequately discussed. 02:43:01
Umm. 02:43:03
So. 02:43:04
We're in the middle of a vote. I just made a motion. 02:43:10
We don't have a second yet, so typically not now that public hearing is closed. 02:43:12
And so that's just wanted to reiterate this is not a permanent. 02:43:17
Closure of a tennis court. 02:43:22
The tennis court will still be there. It will be used at. 02:43:24
Per event. 02:43:27
For however long the event goes for a couple of hours and then it will be turned back into a tennis court to be used as a tennis 02:43:29
court. 02:43:32
And I would like to reiterate that this is a public park. 02:43:36
So anybody should be able to use the public park and we'll reserve it with a special use permit, which is what is happening. 02:43:39
For whatever they so choose, and then it converts back and and the public gets to use the space again freely. 02:43:45
It's the same thing in any public park where you. 02:43:52
Reserve a tennis court for a party. Nobody else gets to use that tennis court but your party for the time allotted that you've 02:43:54
reserved that tennis court or whatever event you want to have there. 02:43:59
But it will go back to a tennis court. It's not removing a tennis court. 02:44:04
I just wanted to add the comment like I remember when the first pickleball. 02:44:11
Court went up. 02:44:15
And then another. And another Another. So. 02:44:17
Sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish for, but in this case it's good. 02:44:19
I mean, pickleball has been. 02:44:24
Very good for the park, not necessarily for the tennis players, but. 02:44:25
Pickleball is booming. 02:44:30
So I'm going to make a motion. 02:44:32
To approve. 02:44:36
The recommendation to adopt. 02:44:37
The operating capital improvement program budget for the fiscal years 20/23/24 and 2024-2025. 02:44:40
2nd. 02:44:48
And then? 02:44:51
Are there any other motions? 02:44:52
OK. If you'd like, we can, we can open up a discussion now. I think we need just to move on. 02:44:55
Let's take the boat. 02:45:00
OK. 02:45:01
Mayor Martinez. 02:45:04
Yes, Council member, Gamma, Yes, Council Member Hernandez, yes. 02:45:05
Council member McQueen Lean. 02:45:10
Yes, and Mayor Pro Tem Perez. Yes, Motion passes unanimously. 02:45:13
All right, this is now the adjournment of the Port Wanami Housing Authority regular meeting and the Surplus Property Authority 02:45:20
special meeting. 02:45:24
Reconvening to the City Council regular meeting. 02:45:28
Miss. Mr. Mayor, I'm sorry, I forgot to call him Member Brown. I just want to make sure that you approved the budget. Ohh. 02:45:33
I thank you. I apologize. 02:45:42
Sorry about that, member Brown. 02:45:45
The poor enemy Housing Authority will adjourn it. 02:45:48
To its next regular meeting of July 3rd, 2023 at 6:30 PM. 02:45:50
The Surplus Property Authority will adjourn to a date to be determined and the City Council meeting will now reconvene. 02:45:55
The time is now 8:14 PM. 02:46:01
Item number 5 Appointment of City manager. 02:46:05
And approval of employment agreement. 02:46:09
Will staff please present the report? 02:46:11
Good evening, Mayor, Council members, members of the public, city staff. Item number 5, as the Mayor are adequately stated, 02:46:31
pertains to the appointment of. 02:46:35
Mr. James Vega as the city's next city manager. 02:46:40
One point to note is that if the Council so desires, they can amend the. 02:46:45
Recommended action in the agreement to have a start date of July 17th. Mr. Vega has indicated that he's available to start 02:46:51
earlier. 02:46:54
They've been July 24th, date noted in the report. 02:46:59
I am available for any questions about this action. 02:47:03
So Motion to approve the July 17th start date. 02:47:07
2nd. 02:47:12
And the contact list and the four year employment and the four year. 02:47:14
Contract as stated. 02:47:18
I'll still second it Mayor Pro Tem Perez, yes. 02:47:22