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I am calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:00 PM. 00:00:00
Madam Clerk, can we please take role? 00:00:04
Council Member Gamma. 00:00:06
Here, Council Member Hernandez. 00:00:08
Here, Council Member McLean, Lajon here, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here, and Mayor Martinez present. 00:00:10
We will now hear public comments. Zoom participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you would like to comment. 00:00:17
You will have 3 minutes to provide your comments, Madam Clerk. 00:00:24
Does anybody have a public comment tonight? 00:00:27
No closed session Public comments. 00:00:30
OK. Thank you. Mr. City Attorney, can you please read the closed session item into the record? Absolutely. Mayor Martinez, we have 00:00:32
one item on the agenda for closed session tonight. It is conference with labor negotiators pursuant to Government Code Section 00:00:36
54957.6. 00:00:41
The agency designated representatives are listed on the agenda and the employee association is the Port Winnie Police Officers 00:00:46
Association, POA. 00:00:49
OK. Thank you, Mr. City Attorney. 00:00:53
Do any council members have any conflicts to disclose for the listed closed session agenda item? I do. I will be excusing myself 00:00:55
from this conference due to potential spousal income. 00:01:01
OK. 00:01:07
The Council will recess to closed session. The time is now 601 PM. 00:01:09
We'll be back in a bit. 00:01:17
Welcome everyone to the City Council regular meeting. 00:29:47
And I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:30 PM. 00:29:51
Can you all please stand and join us? 00:29:55
For the flag salute. 00:29:58
Ready. 00:30:03
Begin. 00:30:04
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. 00:30:05
And to the Republic for which it stands. 00:30:09
Under God. 00:30:13
Indivisible. 00:30:15
With liberty and justice for all. 00:30:16
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll call? 00:30:25
Council Member Gamma here, Councilmember Hernandez here, Council Member McQueen Lejean here, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here, and Mayor 00:30:28
Martinez present. 00:30:32
Tonight's inspiration is going to be led by Council Member Gamma. 00:30:38
The chairs that we had were variable and so we have. We're enjoying the comfort of the diets tonight. 00:30:48
If I could have a piece of their family with supporters and coach. 00:30:55
Principal, Assistant, Principal. 00:30:59
Yeah, and. 00:31:02
Council member comma Can you speak to the mic so everyone can hear you OK? 00:31:03
I absolutely love being able to give inspiration to our community, and today we are highlighting the success of Audrey Diaz. 00:31:08
She's a champion. 00:31:17
And becoming a champion is very difficult and there are 6000 wrestlers. 00:31:19
And 32 become champions and then 32 of those 6000 go to the state final and unfortunately she did not become the state champion. 00:31:25
But her success as the champion of the southern section? 00:31:35
Needs to not go unnoticed, and so I've asked you to come here today so we could honor you as as a 2023 champion. 00:31:40
And the first time I met Audrey. 00:31:47
Was probably 14 years ago. We were doing a fundraiser car wash right across the street at Winema Elementary. 00:31:50
And it's really cool to see the youth of our community grow and develop and then become champions and so for that. 00:31:56
You really are a truly a inspiration to all, and so we have this certificate and I'd like to read it to you. As a 2023 CIF 00:32:04
Southern Section Wrestling Champion, you are an inspiration to your community. 00:32:09
All your fellows, classmates in the future, students of Wyoming High School. 00:32:16
As a quiet team captain, you led by example and showed your teammates what it takes to be the champion. Your dedication to your 00:32:20
education and sport has made you an inspiration to all. 00:32:25
The Port Winema City Council honors your success, and we hereby recognize. 00:32:30
And hereby recognizes you as an outstanding, inspirational leader of your school and community on behalf of the City Council. 00:32:35
Wanted. 00:32:39
Congratulate you very much. 00:32:43
And then to make it to make it official. 00:32:46
Good. 00:32:51
You'd like to say anything. 00:32:53
I just want to say thank you to my parents and my coaches for seeing my potential and getting me to where I am today. So thank 00:32:56
you. 00:33:00
Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much. 00:33:03
OK. 00:33:12
It's a very positive. 00:33:15
Inspiration. 00:33:17
Mr. City Attorney, can you please provide closed session report? 00:33:18
Absolutely, Mayor Martinez. There was no reportable action taken in closed session tonight. 00:33:22
OK. 00:33:27
Now now we will hear public comments. 00:33:28
Not pertaining to any items on the agenda, any comments from those participating on Zoom, we'd like to ask that you use the Raise 00:33:31
Your Hand feature so we can call on you during the appropriate time. 00:33:36
This will be the same process for comments pertaining to each agenda item as well. 00:33:41
Staff will unmute your mic and you will have 3 minutes to provide your comments. 00:33:45
Madam Clerk, does anyone? 00:33:50
Wanna have? 00:33:51
A public comment tonight. 00:33:52
I. 00:33:55
Or do you have a public comment? 00:33:58
Yes. 00:33:59
Ohh. 00:34:00
Something else? 00:34:03
It's my. 00:34:04
OK. 00:34:05
Yes, you can come now it after your comment if you can just grab one of those cards at the end and fill it out just so I have your 00:34:07
name and information correct. 00:34:11
My name is Salvador Aparicio and I'm here to ask the mayor. 00:34:17
In the. 00:34:22
Council members. 00:34:23
For more support for our police officers and for more police officers actually. 00:34:25
And obviously that requires money. 00:34:31
So that's why I'm here, because recently my community was. 00:34:34
Victim of. 00:34:39
Severe graffiti. 00:34:41
All over, all of the nice houses, they were all graffiti. 00:34:42
And I think that's just the start, so. 00:34:46
We need more police officers. 00:34:50
So that's why I'm. 00:34:53
Right. Thank you for your comment. 00:34:56
Alright. 00:34:58
We can't comment on it right now just so you know, but I we appreciate your. 00:34:59
Your public comma. 00:35:02
And staff takes note. 00:35:03
What? 00:35:05
Requested and. 00:35:06
OK. 00:35:08
Thank you. 00:35:09
And my wife and I My name is David Hawes, and this is Becky Haas and my daughter Bethany. 00:35:24
We've owned a house at Surfside for over 10 years. 00:35:29
We've seen some changes here in the city and wanted to comment on two of them. 00:35:35
One has to do with the. 00:35:39
The swings that they took out. 00:35:44
Of the park. 00:35:46
At the beach At the beach two years ago. 00:35:47
At the time, I was told. 00:35:51
Because I walked by there quite often as they would be replaced. 00:35:53
And that it was a mistake that was made and that they would move them. When I first got here, we had. 00:35:56
Swings on both sides of the pier. 00:36:02
And they're not the little tiny ones like we have in Miranda Park, which I live right next to. 00:36:04
They had a 10 foot arc on them and so. 00:36:09
My daughter loves to swing. 00:36:12
And so she would go down there and and for hours swing. 00:36:16
There used to be a group of handicapped individuals that did some work up here in one of the. 00:36:19
Facilities up here and they came down on a regular basis also since that time I haven't seen them. 00:36:26
The young lady that I talked to at the time promised me that they would be back. 00:36:33
I didn't talk to her about the first time when they pulled the one out, and that happened when, I believe, when the beach eroded. 00:36:37
But it was the second one. 00:36:43
And she said that they had plans in place and it was going to be done. 00:36:45
So I'll. 00:36:49
Becky, do you want to say anything? Basically just said it. I just know that from my own standpoint of of being a mom of a special 00:36:51
needs. 00:36:55
A child adult. 00:36:59
That. 00:37:02
It's very helpful to them that need for movement and they can't do a lot of the things. They don't go hugely swimming in the ocean 00:37:02
and they don't boogie boarding and different things like that, but that's something that she can do individually. 00:37:08
It's very helpful to her. 00:37:14
And it's helpful to the other special needs kids and being a grandmother. 00:37:16
Of 19. 00:37:21
I, you know, 19 grandchildren, right? 00:37:22
Nine children. 00:37:26
It just is a wonderful activity for them. You can allow them to you know do individually and it's just a a really good activity. 00:37:28
So we would encourage the. 00:37:33
4/2. 00:37:38
Please think about that and at least put one set back. That would be really nice of three swings and hopefully not the ones that 00:37:39
are, you know, the five foot chains. 00:37:44
That you get no exercise from. 00:37:49
Thank you. 00:37:53
I have one other one. 00:37:54
Ohh, my times up, but you still have 30 seconds. OK, so I am on the HOA board at Surfside and the city is always pressuring us 00:37:56
when we take out trees and we've had to do that because of some. 00:38:03
Structural issues. 00:38:10
And we have to put it back within a certain period of time if not. 00:38:12
We get in trouble. Well, I know right next to the Pickleball course there was a huge coral tree and I understand why the coral 00:38:16
trees come out. 00:38:19
They haven't put it back. It's been over a year. 00:38:24
There's also one on Seaside, right next to the Community Center. 00:38:27
Likewise, huge coral tree. Now it's just a plot that has weeds in it. 00:38:31
Thank you. 00:38:37
Thank you, Mr. Haas. 00:38:40
Madam Clerk. 00:38:42
Does anyone else have a public comment tonight? Thank you. 00:38:43
There are no comments on zoom, but I do have two written public comments. 00:38:47
Me. Read them please. 00:38:52
Dear City Council, my name is Mark Mcclarnon, A longtime resident, and over the past couple years I have written a few times 00:38:54
concerning the issue with the city manager, Mr. Connors. 00:38:59
I am glad to see that Mister Connors is no longer with the city. 00:39:04
But his final actions have likely left the city exposed to litigation. 00:39:07
In addition, in the past when the council asked for recruiting firm options for a new city manager. 00:39:11
An option was put in to retain the city manager, which was contrary to what the council voted in October 2022. 00:39:17
This was done under the watch of our city attorney, Mr. Kevin Spalding. 00:39:24
It appears that Mister Spalding was representing other people's interests before the interests of the city. 00:39:28
The city attorney was up for review around September of last year, but it does not appear that it was ever started with all the 00:39:33
turmoil. 00:39:36
Going on with the city manager issue. 00:39:39
I would like the council to think about having a city attorney that appears to put the interests of other people and his own ahead 00:39:41
of our cities. 00:39:45
Is he really giving the best legal advice to protect our city? 00:39:48
Is the city attorney showing that he is right for our city? 00:39:51
I would like to think so, but actions and results could indicate otherwise. Respectfully, Mark F Mcclernand. 00:39:54
I couldn't hear that last name, Mclernon. 00:40:00
And the next public comment is from Juliette Rodriguez. 00:40:06
Good evening, Mayor and Council. My name is Juliet and I am a resident of Port Wanami. 00:40:09
As we approach the 75th anniversary of our cities incorporation. 00:40:14
I grow in excitement upon hearing of some of the plans that the city has for celebration. 00:40:18
I know many have been hard at work putting the celebration together and those efforts are greatly appreciated. 00:40:23
While some events and bennies are known. 00:40:29
That is the parade, pictorial postmark, et cetera. There are other plans that may or may not be in the works. 00:40:32
I have not heard anything on whether the city has invited past mayors and council members to the City Council meeting of March 00:40:39
20th. 00:40:42
The last council meeting before celebrations began. 00:40:46
To be recognized and reunited with the current council. 00:40:49
I have seen this done before and wonder if this is something that is planned. 00:40:52
But that the community does not know about. 00:40:55
Have other municipalities, civic organizations been included that the that they may provide proclamations or resolutions at this 00:40:58
meeting? 00:41:01
It seems like a great moment to include our neighbouring. 00:41:06
Municipalities and highlight the mayors and council members on whose shoulder the current council stands. 00:41:09
I take this moment to make this inquiry as I do not know if this is already in the works. 00:41:14
If not, there's still time to make those invitations. 00:41:19
Also, is there a way that the community can view the history of Port Wine emy DVD on the city website? 00:41:22
Perhaps include a link on the anniversary page, kindly Juliet. 00:41:27
And that concludes the public comment. 00:41:32
Thank you, Madam Clerk. 00:41:34
We'll now move on to agenda agenda approval for City Council. May I have a motion and a second to approve the agenda. Move to 00:41:37
approve second. 00:41:41
Madam Clerk, can you please take? 00:41:45
Well, all those in favor? Aye, All those opposed. 00:41:48
Hearing none motion carries unanimously. 00:41:51
OK. 00:41:54
Now we're gonna move on to conflict of interest declaration. 00:41:55
Do any members of the Council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for any item on the agenda? 00:41:59
OK. Hearing none, we're going to move on to presentations. The first presentation is explore the year Certificate of Recognition. 00:42:06
Presented by Commander Robertson. 00:42:13
Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, members of City Council, members of staff and members of the public. 00:42:27
Tonight I would like to recognize, explore Captain. 00:42:33
Liliana Negretti for receiving the 2022. 00:42:36
Fort Wayne Police Department Explorer of the Year award. 00:42:39
She was presenting the award on February 16th, 2023 at the Ventura County Explorer of the Year event. 00:42:42
Which was held at the Ocean View Pavilion and was hosted by the Port Winema Police Department. 00:42:48
Captain O'Grady has been with the Port Enemy Explorer program. 00:42:54
For the past 4 1/2 years. 00:42:57
She's a five year resident of the city of Oxnard. 00:42:59
In a 2020 graduate of Trinity Pacific Christian High School. 00:43:01
She attended and graduated from the 2019 Oxnard Fort Wayne Amy Police Explorer Academy. 00:43:06
And achieve the rank of class Sergeant. 00:43:11
Soon after graduation, she quickly promoted to the rank of Explorer Sergeant. 00:43:13
Into the into the rank of Explorer Lieutenant. 00:43:17
Captain Negretti is very passionate about the program and is always willing to lend a helping hand. 00:43:20
She has taken the leadership role within the program and helping in organizing the Turkey giveaway. 00:43:24
And the toy giveaway? 00:43:29
While still volunteering over 400 hours within the property and evidence room. 00:43:30
In January of 2023, she was promoted to the first ever. 00:43:36
Explore Captain for the Portland Police Explorer Post. 00:43:39
And soon after being promoted led A5 person team of explorers at the Chandler, AZ tactical competition. 00:43:42
This highly sought after or excuse me, this highly sought out Explorer competition consisted of 50 law enforcement Explorer post 00:43:49
teams from across the country. 00:43:53
Competing in seven scenario based events. 00:43:57
Three of the explorers on Captain O'grady's team had never participated in the competition before. 00:44:00
With her leadership skills, she was able to leave the team to 2nd place wins in the unknown alarm response scenario. 00:44:05
In the hostage negotiation scenario. 00:44:11
In the time that Captain O'Grady has been a member of the Post. 00:44:14
They have won a total of 23 competition trophies. 00:44:17
This past July, she was hired by the Port Winema Police Department as a support services technician. 00:44:21
Assigned to the property and evidence room. 00:44:25
Following in the footsteps of three of her advisers, Officer Henry Montelongo. 00:44:28
Property and evidence supervisor and reserve officer Frank Montelongo. 00:44:32
In reserve Officer Jeanette Luhan. 00:44:36
All of whom were port, Wanami explores themselves. 00:44:38
Please join me in congratulating Captain Liliana McGrady for the 2022 Explorer of the Year. 00:44:41
Certificate for you. 00:44:52
Like to invite members of City Council to make any comments. 00:44:53
We'll start with. 00:44:58
Council Member Martha. 00:44:59
One wonderful presentation. It seems like you have a lot to be congratulated for today. 00:45:01
I heard some first in there as well. 00:45:06
I'm so congratulations for all your hard work. 00:45:08
Which of course, takes commitment, dedication and just hard work. So congratulations. 00:45:11
I'm not surprised that you are receiving this honor because I've worked with you several times and I find you to be highly 00:45:18
energetic. 00:45:22
Friendly, helpful. 00:45:26
Of carrying. 00:45:28
You know, very hard worker and so congratulations and a look forward to seeing you. 00:45:30
Advance in your career and. 00:45:35
In police work, I believe that's what it sounds like to me. 00:45:38
Congratulations, Captain Negretti. 00:45:42
And congratulations on your new assignment as well, working with our our own Police Department, It's nice to see people. 00:45:45
Dedicate themselves to volunteering as an explorer, then moving on and and serving in a. 00:45:52
A paid position and. 00:45:57
That's really great. So congratulations, We're very proud of you. 00:45:59
Congratulations, and I know you to be dedicated every time there is an event. Even if there's one explorer, you are the one. 00:46:03
Always, every time. So I think it's great. You're a great testament to leadership and congratulations on your new assignment with 00:46:10
the PD and. 00:46:14
You know. 00:46:19
You're going places, you you have a great inspiration and you have a great history and a great future ahead of you. 00:46:19
So thank you. 00:46:25
Yes, congratulations. And let's give her all another hand. Applause, applause. 00:46:26
Would would you like to say any words? 00:46:33
Thank you for your congratulations. This is an amazing opportunity for me and my career and my life. 00:46:37
I don't know if I'd be the same person I am today if it wasn't for this program, so. 00:46:44
I just want to thank you and give thanks to my advisors and my parents. 00:46:48
Thank you. Thank you. 00:46:52
Real quick, if we could, I'd like to invite the mayor down to just take a quick photograph, OK? 00:46:56
Thank you. 00:47:00
That's my time. We're going. 00:47:11
That's great. 00:47:32
We're going to move on to our second presentation, Wanami Beach Festival. 00:47:48
Presented by Steve Kinney. 00:47:52
Great. 00:48:03
Thank you, Mayor. 00:48:06
Mayor Priceman Council. 00:48:07
Umm. 00:48:09
I'm still, I'm still processing that throwaway comment about 919 grandchildren. 00:48:13
That we just heard. 00:48:18
I'm Steve Kennedy, representing the REACH Board tonight. Maya Zumaya had a conflict tonight, so I will be the only person here 00:48:22
tonight. 00:48:26
She and I will be back together in two weeks for the follow up or sort of the second part of our. 00:48:30
Discussion with you about the Money Beach Festival, But tonight let me just give you a quick kind of overview of. 00:48:36
Ohh, what's coming up for this year? 00:48:44
So you see a familiar map from from last year. 00:48:51
Including the dates from last year, we haven't. 00:48:57
Updated the graphics yet to. 00:49:00
To show 2023 but the Miami Beach Festival. 00:49:03
The success of the last two years. 00:49:08
Is coming back for its third year now on August 26th and 27th. 00:49:10
It will run from 11:00 to 7:00 on Saturday and Sunday as it did. 00:49:15
Last year. 00:49:19
And basically the same physical layout. 00:49:20
As was the case. 00:49:23
Last year, meaning it's expanded along Surfside Drive. 00:49:25
To allow for two stages, the Tony. 00:49:30
Tonio Community Stage along Surfside Drive. 00:49:35
And the Chalk Art Festival along. 00:49:39
That pavement as well, so it's got a larger footprint. 00:49:42
To accommodate the the same kinds of activities that we had last year. 00:49:46
Live music on on 2 stages, the Main Stage and Antonio stage where we try and highlight the community groups and entertainers and 00:49:53
performers there. 00:49:59
Carnival rides for kids. 00:50:06
Arts and Crafts. The chalk art exhibition that's been along Surfside Drive. 00:50:08
Community booths for them, For nonprofits in the city to highlight their own activities and services. 00:50:14
And what they provide to to the community. 00:50:22
Sands sculpture. 00:50:25
Great food, cold beer, you know all the elements of what people look for. 00:50:27
For a great and entertaining D-Day. 00:50:32
At the beach. 00:50:36
And that's really what this is all about. 00:50:37
We're at one of the. 00:50:39
That speeches anybody knows about, so we're just there to celebrate it and allow people to have a great time. 00:50:41
So there is one new element to introduce this year. We're proposing a $10 admission fee. This year it is. 00:50:49
Previously been free admission. 00:50:57
Umm. 00:51:00
Proposing actually $10 adult tickets. 00:51:02
$5 for seniors, veterans and youth between 6:00 and 12:00 and then. 00:51:05
Younger kids than that. 00:51:11
5 and under would be free. 00:51:12
And there and there will be free parking. 00:51:15
So it's actually just a a little bit of a flip because last year was free admission. 00:51:17
But. 00:51:23
Pre admission, but it costs $10.00 for the parking that we provided over the port lot. 00:51:27
So this year $10 ticket but but free parking. 00:51:32
Umm. 00:51:37
And the reason for all of that is to develop proceeds that will benefit. 00:51:39
Both reach. 00:51:44
And future city events of the type that you have started this year with the. 00:51:45
75TH Anniversary celebration coming up? 00:51:51
In a couple of weeks. 00:51:55
That number didn't. 00:52:01
Come out of thin air, we looked at what the what the market. 00:52:02
Is supporting in festivals. 00:52:06
Around here. 00:52:11
In particular and also a little a little further out. 00:52:12
And when I show you there is. 00:52:17
Your prototypical family of four. Mom and dad and a A you know, 10 year old. 00:52:20
Kids and three-year old kid that are all gonna go to the all gonna go to the festival. 00:52:27
So when when you factor in the different prices for different ages. 00:52:34
Of for all of these these events that's and the parking as well that's how you come up with the. 00:52:38
The single number over at the right hand side. 00:52:45
So if you see the top four, they're all. 00:52:48
Right around 50 dollars $60.00 for our fair and to Ventura County. 00:52:51
And so the the beach festival is just about half. 00:52:59
Of what all those other festivals in the in the area are charging? 00:53:02
And I also added in the other line about the 75th Anniversary Street fair coming up. 00:53:07
At at a cost of 0. 00:53:12
Because I just wanted to contrast that kind of of event purely a a city event of that's focused on purely the the residents of 00:53:14
Inimi and celebrating sort of a civic. 00:53:20
Mission. 00:53:27
I'm absolutely right for that to be a free event for the community. 00:53:28
But it it's a different sort of event by its nature. 00:53:33
And then our festival which I think relates. 00:53:38
More to those other. 00:53:42
Festivals that you see in the area. 00:53:44
So that's why the. 00:53:48
That's why the the choice of those price price points. 00:53:51
Leading to those, to those numbers. And as I said, the proceeds are intended to be a fundraiser for REACH. 00:53:55
Ohh, that was the sort of intent from the outset of the. 00:54:03
The partnership of Reach in the city starting in 2021. 00:54:09
And. 00:54:14
The. 00:54:15
History of the last two years at the festival have. 00:54:17
Showing us that. 00:54:21
From the revenue sources we had available to us. 00:54:24
In the festival, it's. 00:54:28
More or less a break even event and and not the kind of fundraiser. 00:54:31
That was originally envisioned. 00:54:38
Hence the. 00:54:42
Hence the move to. 00:54:44
And on an admission fee this year. 00:54:47
So as I said, the proceeds go to reach and to the city. 00:54:49
Presumably sort of a 5050 division of of the outcome there? 00:54:52
For the city, you can use it for events like the 75th and future ones that you have have in mind. 00:54:57
For each we use it to support, as we have done in the past, these kinds of of community. 00:55:03
Organizations and community activities. 00:55:11
That you're all familiar with The luncheon. Real guppies, Cops for tots. The school district events. 00:55:15
That maybe actually Junior ROTC 1 Amy High School. 00:55:22
Of the clean up and of course the bricks, the brick display that we have. 00:55:27
Out at the pier, those are all on ongoing reach events and. 00:55:31
Now that we've been able to engage an executive director in the past year that. 00:55:36
The scope of activity can can increase further to newer events. 00:55:43
As long as we've got the funds to support those. So those are all reasons why the why we're. 00:55:49
Proposing this admission fee this year. 00:55:56
And again, I think it's supported by. 00:55:59
By the marketplace that we live in. 00:56:02
So that is what the overview of the the beach is. 00:56:06
Always open to new ideas, good ideas for. 00:56:12
Other fun activities out of the beach. 00:56:17
I'm sure we haven't tapped. 00:56:21
All the good ideas yet, so please if you if you have any others let me know. I can't promise that we can do it all in 2023, but 00:56:22
it's good to have you know some goals. 00:56:28
So I'd I'd love to hear that. 00:56:35
And as I said at the beginning, we'll return in two weeks. 00:56:37
And focus more on the financial underpinnings. 00:56:41
Of of the entire festival for you. 00:56:44
So that's it for tonight and I'm happy to answer whatever questions. 00:56:47
You might have. 00:56:51
Any questions, comments or ideas? We'll start with Council Member Martha Lyon. 00:56:52
Historically, how? How much has it cost? 00:57:01
To host the beach festival. 00:57:05
For it a year, what? What is the normal cost for that or has it been for the past two years? 00:57:09
It's sort of a two-part concert council member because. 00:57:15
The original version of the Peach Festival was a purely city sponsored. 00:57:19
Events much more like the the 75th Street Fair coming up. 00:57:25
Than its current version and and in those days as I understand it was about a $50,000. 00:57:30
Event. 00:57:37
Of all city funds that went to pay for that event. 00:57:39
Now in its current iteration that was started up in 2021, so for the past two years. 00:57:43
With the addition of sponsorships and and commercial vendors coming in and carnival rides and. 00:57:51
A number of other revenue sources, it's bumped up to being being more like a. 00:57:57
250 to $300,000. 00:58:02
OK. 00:58:05
So you mentioned initially, I guess when Reach was an. I'm new, so bear with me. 00:58:11
When Reach was established that the cost was 50,000. 00:58:19
And the last. 00:58:24
Two events have moved, moved to 250 and 300,000. 00:58:25
Right. 00:58:31
And so has has reached been able to. 00:58:32
To to foot that cost. 00:58:38
No, if if I could back up first the the original version of the event, the $50,000 version. 00:58:43
That took place a number of years ago. In fact, there was a hiatus of. 00:58:49
Six or seven years, I think, where there was no festival. So in the original version, Reach wasn't even in existence. OK, At that 00:58:55
time, thank you. So Reach has only been a participant in the last two years. OK. 00:59:01
And and and the other part of your question is reach been able to foot that cost, no, certainly not out of reach resources or 00:59:08
treasury. It's all dependent upon the revenue sources that are generated in the festival itself. 00:59:16
Primarily sponsors. 00:59:25
But there are commercial vendors who pay to be there. There are carnival rides that throw off some revenue to it. 00:59:28
Beverage sales, food sales, all those different. 00:59:37
Activities all have an income stream. 00:59:40
And I think my last question until someone else asked a question that asked me to ask another one but. 00:59:44
So. 00:59:50
So you've mentioned that. 00:59:51
There. 00:59:54
You're proposing or you're sharing with us tonight that there be a cost for entry? 00:59:55
Correct. And there had not been. 00:59:59
In the past. 01:00:02
And then you spoke of the $10? 01:00:04
That would not be used for parking, but then would go that the adult. 01:00:07
Would have to pay for entry or. 01:00:11
$10 per adult SO. 01:00:14
What does the change in parking and? 01:00:17
Entry What does that what? 01:00:20
How does that work? 01:00:23
Meaning, so why have we paid for parking and now we're not going to have to pay for parking? What what agreement has happened that 01:00:26
we're not going to have to pay for parking? 01:00:30
And we can now. 01:00:34
Well, we see that running on the other side. 01:00:36
It's sort of a contingent not have to pay for parking. OK, assuming that there is an admission fee heat. 01:00:40
We would not be. 01:00:49
Charging for parking. 01:00:51
OK. So I'll wait to hear more. And then I hear and I hear you say there's an executive. 01:00:55
We have a new executive director, so now I'm sure that person has to receive a salary. 01:01:00
Right. So now we are we're. 01:01:05
Looking to generate more money because we have. 01:01:08
A salary of the executive director as well. Hmm. OK, alright. Thank you. Yeah, I think. 01:01:12
I think what? 01:01:18
I'm account my colleague is trying to get to, is that what's the cost to the city like? 01:01:19
So you know my recollection was it cost the city 50,000 to do. 01:01:25
A big event which there's a lot of other expenses but the bottom line. 01:01:30
50,000 was a loss, so to speak, and then the last two years. 01:01:35
We. 01:01:41
Yes, it costs 250,000 or whatever those large numbers are, but the city? 01:01:42
Lost. 01:01:47
I think. 01:01:49
20 or 12 thousand 2525 both years or. 01:01:50
Yes, OK. 01:01:55
And then? 01:01:56
I do recall at some point in our past they. 01:01:58
Tried to. 01:02:02
Have admission fees. 01:02:05
And I think it it really fell flat and the attendance went really the wrong way. 01:02:07
So. 01:02:12
I'm a little concerned because. 01:02:14
I was not in favor of the the. 01:02:16
Parking fee last year, but I think it it worked out very well. 01:02:20
And then to change. 01:02:24
That. 01:02:27
To this. I think it kind of. 01:02:28
Kind of could have some unintended consequences, like for example if you have free parking, people may not. 01:02:30
Double up in their cars and I know parking is a premium during beach festival. 01:02:36
And so now if we're gonna, you know, encourage them not to double up and then pay at the gate. 01:02:40
I'm just concerned that it may have the opposite effect of what we're trying to do and so. 01:02:45
I'm just a little concerned on that, so my idea and I'll try again. I I've tried a couple of years now but. 01:02:51
I would like to abandon. 01:02:58
The VIP booth that I would like to see it targeted for. 01:03:00
Youth and students. And one of the ideas that I discussed with the Mayor Martinez was perhaps we could celebrate the success of 01:03:05
various students. 01:03:09
Maybe we could have a a youth VIP lounge where we invite all the ATSB leadership from all the local high schools to come and be a 01:03:14
part of a program where we celebrate their involvement in their school governance. 01:03:20
We could reach out to the elementary schools and and and look for a process for them to to bring students forward that are doing 01:03:26
the right thing and and working hard and I just did a read the reading at the to the class at Sunkist Elementary and and they have 01:03:33
a milestone. 01:03:40
Reading contests, you know, So I'm hoping that maybe between now and the next couple of weeks, we could come up with a way to 01:03:47
honor the youth of our community. Get. 01:03:52
Get really participation from our school districts and and and really. 01:03:57
Celebrate kids that are doing the right thing. And I really would love to see that in our winning beach festival. Thank you. OK. 01:04:02
Thank you. 01:04:05
Council member Hernandez. 01:04:10
Thank you, Mayor Martinez. Thank you, Mr. Kinney, for your presentation when you come back in two weeks. 01:04:12
I would like to see a budget for the for the Wanami Beach Festivals. Is that possible that you could bring us back? 01:04:19
The the dollar figures on what you expect to to generate in terms of revenue? 01:04:26
And what our costs are going to be so we can really. 01:04:31
Give you have a a visual of you know why we. 01:04:34
Feel we need to charge admission. 01:04:38
In this manner. 01:04:41
I think by talking. 01:04:42
About it here tonight. 01:04:44
The public's gonna hear about this and it's gonna start getting discussed out there, so it's good because we'll. 01:04:46
Start hearing some feedback on whether people are gonna like it or not like it. 01:04:54
But. 01:04:58
In two weeks from now then we'll have an opportunity to really look at the numbers. So that could help us better justify. 01:04:59
Charging at the gate, right, actually that that that is the intent to come back in two weeks. 01:05:06
To show you the budget and because there's a component of city cost. 01:05:12
In there, it involves actually an approval. 01:05:17
On on your part. 01:05:20
So that. 01:05:22
And this is this is the first time. 01:05:24
By the way that this is being done at least. 01:05:26
Or the current version of the festival. 01:05:29
And I think it's a big improvement. 01:05:32
Of the. 01:05:35
First two years it was. 01:05:36
You know, best guess at what things were going to cost. 01:05:39
Based on what limited experience there was, but. 01:05:42
Kind of put it all together and then. 01:05:46
After the festival was was over and the dust. 01:05:49
Financial dust. 01:05:52
Cleared. 01:05:53
There was. 01:05:54
An amount, and it turned out to be $25,000 that we. 01:05:56
Approach the the city to. 01:06:01
Cover so that the festival would wind up being basically a break even festival. 01:06:04
And that was that was the way we did it for the 1st St. first two years. Now that we have two years of history of costs. 01:06:09
And potential revenues and all that. 01:06:17
We're going to present you with a a budget which we intend to be the approved formal budget for the festival. 01:06:19
And there will be an amount for the city, but not. 01:06:28
No, not just wait till the end and you know, see what it all costs. 01:06:32
Kind of approach, so I hope you'll regard that as. 01:06:36
And improvement. 01:06:40
Thank you for that. 01:06:41
I'm really curious to see. 01:06:43
If the numbers work out because if we charge $10.00 for parking, did that, how did that get spent? 01:06:45
And because in effect, we're still. 01:06:52
Charging $10 somewhere. 01:06:54
So the only difference is the $5 that we'll gain through. 01:06:56
Charging our the youths, you know kids at 6 to 12, veterans and seniors. So that would be the only difference I would realize and 01:07:01
or that I anticipate in revenue. So that's why I'm asking for the numbers. 01:07:08
We'll have all those, but quick preview for you tonight is that. 01:07:16
Last year's parking revenue was about $13,000. 01:07:22
OK. 01:07:27
Of the reason that that. 01:07:27
We anticipate much more than that being generated through the through the admission fee. 01:07:30
Is that #1? They're more than? 01:07:35
One person in a car and number two people found other places to park besides the the parking lot over the port which was. 01:07:38
The place that we. 01:07:47
Good control to charge for parking. 01:07:49
So there's other other people coming in as well, so and and then I'd imagine he'd have to compensate for the people who no longer 01:07:51
want to pay and so don't come. 01:07:56
So. 01:08:00
The numbers that pay at the gate, we could see a reduction there. 01:08:01
Yep, that's. 01:08:06
That's cranking with. 01:08:07
Just hope it's at the right level. 01:08:09
Thank you. 01:08:12
So yes, so when this event started, it was. 01:08:13
A public safety beach event that was put on by our Police Department. 01:08:17
And it was free to the public. 01:08:21
And it was small in size. It didn't have the granddad, didn't have the band have the, you know, all the different things. And it's 01:08:23
slowly grown a little over time, but not as big as it is now, which is. 01:08:29
Now on a scale the size of pretty much the fare. 01:08:36
And. 01:08:39
When they tried paying for it before or charging a fee, it was a lot more than $10 and it was still small in nature. 01:08:41
So that's why it failed, but. 01:08:48
You know I don't. 01:08:51
I see the positive in charging because A. 01:08:53
We need Reach to generate a revenue we need the city to generate if we want to put on other events. That's the sole purpose of 01:08:57
Reach. 01:09:00
Is to put on events for the city. We pay for a lot of it or a portion of it and they don't have a steady income and this would 01:09:03
generate quite a bit actually you're looking at. 01:09:08
What was the parking fee, you said the parking revenue? 01:09:13
13,013 thousand versus charging. We we get about 20,000 people. 01:09:17
On a low amount to our beach festival. 01:09:23
Every year for both weekends. 01:09:25
That's what the estimates have been that I've seen in the past couple of years. 01:09:27
So we're looking at quite a bit and I I don't think people would. 01:09:30
Find that an issue, really. They pay for the strawberry festival. They pay for the fare. They pay for. Every festival that happens 01:09:34
in this county has a fee to it, and it's not as cheap as $10. I know that for a fact. So. 01:09:40
But yes, thank you for your presentation. 01:09:46
Would it be possible to? 01:09:50
Get with the organizers. 01:09:52
Who? 01:09:55
Charged. 01:09:57
Admission, I think it was one year where they charge admissions and and maybe get that data and and include it in your 01:09:58
presentation because I don't believe anybody on the current. 01:10:03
Planning team was a part of the prior. 01:10:08
Beach festivals. So I I would like to correct to get some factual information like just so that we could learn like, OK, what 01:10:11
happened and what was the fee. If I remember correctly, I think it was just a couple dollars. I don't know if it was 10. 01:10:18
I I just don't know. 01:10:25
So it would be nice to to. 01:10:27
Have that data to examine. I'll do my best to uncover that. 01:10:29
Yeah. 01:10:33
Thank you for the presentation, Mr. Kenny. I, I do have two comments. Well, one question and a comment. I do support the VIP, 01:10:35
excuse me, the VIP booth for the youth. 01:10:39
I think that. 01:10:45
That's a really good idea by Councilmember Gamma. Just going out and seeing who are the. 01:10:46
The VIP students. 01:10:51
Here in our, in our local community, I think that's a really good idea. We can get athletes, the poets, the scholars, the artists. 01:10:55
I'm sure we can get super creative and. 01:11:01
Make a VIP booth. 01:11:08
For the youth. 01:11:09
My question is, have we talked to the port for parking? 01:11:11
For parking space. 01:11:17
It's always an ongoing discussion with them well as we always approached the topic early in the year. 01:11:20
And then it goes through several. 01:11:26
Iterations. 01:11:30
It's. It's always a bit of an unknown. 01:11:33
They make their best efforts to make sure the lots available for us and we do a lot of. 01:11:38
Crossing our fingers. 01:11:44
In that regard, and it's worked out. 01:11:46
And for the last two years, we've they're they're trying to be as supportive as they can. 01:11:49
They're I guess their first responsibility is. 01:11:55
To their shipping customers. If a ship comes in at the inopportune time for us then. 01:11:59
We have to scramble but we've coped with that for the last couple of years. 01:12:06
Thank you, Mr. Kinney. Alright, thank you. All right, Thank you for your presentation. 01:12:12
All right. We will now move on to the consent calendar. We will consider items on the consent calendar which will be enacted in 01:12:18
one motion unless the council member has a request to remove an item for discussion. Does anybody want to remove an item for 01:12:23
discussion? Mayor Martinez, I'd like to pull #7 for discussion. 01:12:28
And Mayor Martinez, I have a. 01:12:36
General question, perhaps our interim city manager may be able to answer. 01:12:38
For which item disbursement? 01:12:44
OK. 01:12:47
What item is that? 01:12:49
Ohh #4. 01:12:50
OK. 01:12:52
And then I would like to pull item number six. So maybe we can approve everything except for 4/6 and seven. 01:12:53
Making a motion move to approve. 01:13:03
I'll second. 01:13:09
Sorry, I'll second. 01:13:11
All in favor. 01:13:16
Aye, all opposed. 01:13:17
Hearing none motion carries unanimously. 01:13:19
OK, question on item number four, register of disbursements. Yes, and I've asked this before and I may just not understand, but I 01:13:22
notice when you look through the disbursements, there's there's several. 01:13:27
That have the identical amount. 01:13:33
Paid 2 and three times to the same person. So I'm my question is 2 part. 01:13:36
Is um. 01:13:41
Is. 01:13:43
That entity or person getting paid twice, or in one case it's three times. 01:13:44
And is it a system error or or what? Is it it because it says when you invoice number the invoice numbers are the same. 01:13:49
And so I I just went through real quick, real quickly, and there's a number of them in here. 01:13:59
So. 01:14:04
Why is that? 01:14:06
OK, unfortunately I don't have the answer for that. However, we do have our finance manager here, Ashley Shapiro, and she should 01:14:09
be able to possibly shed some light on that for us here. OK. 01:14:14
Ashley. 01:14:26
Hello, can you hear me? 01:14:29
Yes, thank you. 01:14:31
Sure, no problem. 01:14:33
As an answer to your question. 01:14:34
If you could point out a specific example I could explain that specific one, but in general if it is repeated under the vendor 01:14:37
name section. 01:14:42
And if the description and invoice numbers are the same. 01:14:49
It's possible the account number is different and if that is the case. 01:14:53
That is because. 01:14:58
That specific invoice is being split by different funding sources. 01:14:59
Maybe certain? 01:15:04
Restricted funds are paying for a portion of it and general fund is paying for a portion of it. 01:15:06
But if you'd like to go through specific examples, I can do that with you. 01:15:11
Get on page. I don't have my glasses tonight. I apologize, but there's. 01:15:16
Reaches listed twice. 01:15:22
For two payments of. 01:15:24
Well, I don't know if it's too well. Perhaps it is. 01:15:26
But there's two payments of 3000 each, so. 01:15:28
There, that's one example. Then there's a there's a smaller one with stay green. 01:15:32
There's another one with. 01:15:37
With the data Pros Inc. 01:15:40
That one is a. 01:15:43
It's it's interesting because that one is like 1100 and 2682. 01:15:44
Then the next one is 11/26/83, then the next one is 11/26/83, so it. 01:15:49
It almost matches three times by 1 penny itself, but. 01:15:55
Anything on that real quick jumping in? So if you look at the invoice number column for instance you mentioned the the ones for 01:15:59
reach. 01:16:03
We actually have two different invoices on there and so while they may be the same amount that was paid out. 01:16:07
They were two different invoices that we received from REACH. 01:16:12
So that's why it looks like we've got two payments there. 01:16:17
And that would be it. Looks like some of the other ones that you mentioned too are the same situation where it's just that we do 01:16:20
get the invoices that come in at different times and then the checks are all run. 01:16:25
At certain days in the month. And so that's that's how that's why we may have two payments for the same entity that look very 01:16:30
similar. 01:16:34
So. 01:16:40
One check 2 invoices. 01:16:40
2 invoices and two checks for instance, yes. 01:16:44
OK, so they are given two checks as it's stated here because this is just disbursement register. 01:16:47
Correct. And actually you can clarify that. 01:16:53
Yes, sure. So starting with the data prose example. 01:16:56
You'll see the description of the scene. They're all for January 2023 services. 01:17:00
But the account number is different. 01:17:05
And you see Fund 441. 01:17:07
444 and 447 listed. That is because that is an expense that is shared by the three utilities. 01:17:10
That is the water fund, wastewater and solid waste funds. 01:17:17
So they're split evenly between the three. 01:17:20
That is all. One invoice paid with one check. 01:17:23
But it is listed three times so that you can see the split between each fund. 01:17:26
For the reach example, those are two different invoice numbers for two different service dates. 01:17:32
I have one dated February and one dated August, so one was a delayed payment. 01:17:38
Or the State Green example. 01:17:44
Those are two invoices. 01:17:47
Which is why you see it December. 01:17:49
Landscape services and then February. 01:17:51
With the same GL account. 01:17:54
But different invoice number. 01:17:55
So there are two different months being paid. 01:17:58
Sometimes the invoices do come in a little delayed and that's when you'll see multiple being paid with one check. 01:18:00
And on top of that for that one, because we've got so many different ones. 01:18:07
It's also compounded by the fact that you have different funds that are also paying for that again. 01:18:11
Yes. 01:18:16
Thank you, Tony. 01:18:17
Thank you. 01:18:19
No problem. Thank you, Ashley. 01:18:21
You got it. 01:18:23
Thank you. 01:18:25
Can we make a Do we make a motion to approve that or do we? Yeah. 01:18:27
Number Item number 4. 01:18:31
Yeah. 01:18:34
Yeah, that that that was #4. Move to approve #4. 01:18:37
2nd. 01:18:41
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. Hearing none. Motion carries the unanimously. 01:18:43
OK. So I just want to mention that we have repeat, we have approved item number 4/5. 01:18:48
And eight. 01:18:53
Uh. 01:18:56
I've been interrupting when I put in a speaker card for #8. 01:18:57
I just wanted to thank the support of Microsoft. 01:19:02
I wanted to thank the City of Portland, Amy, for your partnership with FIRST Robotics. 01:19:06
And we had a fabulous event this last weekend. We had almost 2000 people there, students from all over the world we had. 01:19:10
Mexico the Netherlands. 13 from Mexico the Netherlands. 01:19:18
Hawaii. I consider that cause they have to come over the ocean, just so you know. 01:19:22
Um, if they have to ship their robot there from out of all over the world, this next weekend we have another event. We have a 01:19:26
Chinese Taipei. 01:19:30
We have the Netherlands. We have several teams from Hawaii. 01:19:34
And Mexico again coming to the to your. 01:19:38
Venue which is awesome and our partnership with Fathom works and the port is just fabulous and the Navy ships in and you guys chip 01:19:42
in with your. 01:19:46
Benefit fund, which we really appreciate, but if you didn't get ever get a chance last year or this year to come out and see it, 01:19:51
please come out this weekend because. 01:19:55
When you go in the pits and you're there with high schoolers. 01:19:59
That only had since January 7th to build a robot to do certain things. 01:20:02
And they're competing to go to World Championships in Houston, TX in April, where they will. 01:20:07
Be competing with many, many more international teams. 01:20:12
It's amazing. You just you feel really energized with the brainpower that it takes place there. But I just want to thank you very 01:20:16
much and. 01:20:20
I just wanna tell you a little something that. 01:20:24
The reason that I came forward is that parking at the port is a real problem. 01:20:26
And so. 01:20:31
If you're depending on the port parking for your festival. 01:20:33
They actually lease out that one parking lot that they used to use and that's why we couldn't use it for this, this these events. 01:20:36
So you just. 01:20:43
Wanted to give you that little heads up, but I do thank you so much and I thank you for being there. 01:20:45
And try to remember this weekend. 01:20:49
Friday. Well, Friday's practice day. The event is Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 in the morning until 5:30 in the evening. 01:20:52
And you'll be amazed. And there's never a cover charge. Even at World Championships First does not cover charge for people to come 01:20:59
in and see the fabulous things that our young people are doing. But thank you so much for your partnership. I really appreciate 01:21:03
you. 01:21:08
Thank you. 01:21:13
Alright, and the reason I asked to pull item number six is because I'd like to withdraw my appointment for a further date. 01:21:15
But that that's the only reason. So as long as we can just scratch out my appointment. 01:21:22
I I spoke to all swim, Mendez and. 01:21:28
He he just recently got a new job. He's good, but he just has a lot on. 01:21:31
You know, on his plate. So I I like to. 01:21:35
Reappoint someone else on a further date. So that's about that's about 8:00 on #6. 01:21:39
So we want to move to approve item number six, but removing. 01:21:44
Mayor. 01:21:49
Martinez's appointment. 01:21:50
Yes. 01:21:52
I'll second that. 01:21:53
All in favour. 01:21:55
Aye, all opposed. 01:21:56
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:21:58
OK, now we're gonna move on to item number 7, ratification of side letter. 01:22:01
To Memorandum of agreement between the City of the Port Wanami and Service Employees International Union. 01:22:05
Union Local 721, do you have some questions or? Yeah. Mayor Martinez, I really just pulled it. I had some questions earlier that 01:22:11
have been answered for me, but thought it was important enough not to approve it in the consent calendar. So just wanted to pull 01:22:17
it and and have its own motion. 01:22:22
OK. 01:22:29
Thank you. 01:22:29
Do you? 01:22:32
I move that we approve our number seven of our consent calendar. 01:22:34
I'll second. 01:22:38
Are there any comments? 01:22:40
I I'm curious if didn't know what the? 01:22:42
The idea behind doing that is. 01:22:46
Because I have questions. 01:22:49
You don't have them anymore. Yeah, I have conversations. 01:22:51
But because it is a. 01:22:56
And then you could be. 01:23:05
Not just. 01:23:07
Thank you. 01:23:10
OK. Thank you. If I may I echo a. 01:23:11
Council. 01:23:14
Member. 01:23:15
McQueen. Lejohn's. 01:23:17
The consent calendar is supposed to be for routine items and I don't think MOU with the. 01:23:19
SEIU has a routine and I think it should stand on its own in the future. That's my belief. 01:23:26
OK, alright, let's take A roll call vote. 01:23:35
OK. 01:23:38
Council member when Queen Lejean. 01:23:40
Yes, Council member, I'm sorry, Mayor Pro Tem Perez. 01:23:42
Yes, Council Member Gamma, Yes, Council Member Hernandez and Mayor Martinez, Yes, Motion passes 50. 01:23:45
OK. Thank you, Madam Clerk. 01:23:53
Umm. 01:23:55
We're now going to. 01:23:58
Move on to business items seen as we don't have any public hearings. 01:24:00
There are no public hearings tonight. 01:24:05
So the first business item is #9 amendment to fiscal Year 2022-2023 operating budget to account for operational cost and project 01:24:08
revenues associated with Learn to Swim in Ocean. 01:24:14
Lifeguard programs will staff please present the report. 01:24:21
See that Jason Johnson is online and Jason's going to be making the presentation on this item. 01:24:43
Jason, can you confirm that you're connected and you can hear us? 01:25:08
Jason, we'll try one more time. I do see that you're connected via Zoom. Can you attempt to unmute and just confirm that you are 01:25:56
online and ready to give the presentation? 01:26:00
Hello. 01:26:20
Barely hear him. 01:26:22
Can you all hear me OK? 01:26:24
We can, yes. 01:26:26
OK. 01:26:28
Can I can I have my first slide please? 01:26:33
So good evening, Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem, City Council, city staff and members of the community. 01:26:57
On behalf of Community services and recreation. 01:27:03
Staff is recommending an amendment to fiscal Year 2022 to fiscal year 2023 operational costs. 01:27:06
And projected revenues. 01:27:14
On behalf of Associated with the Learn to Swim, an ocean lifeguard program. 01:27:17
As a United States Lifeguard Association accredited with Ocean Lifeguard Program. 01:27:22
Our most recent statistics are as follows. 01:27:27
Last summer we had 71 rescues. 01:27:30
3569 Safety contacts. 01:27:33
We responded to 28 medical emergencies, we helped reunite 1 lost child with family and assisted PD on multiple situations in the 01:27:37
currencies. 01:27:41
Our lifeguards also assisted local wildlife workers. 01:27:45
To come to the aid of a number of injured birds and sea lions. 01:27:48
Additionally, our Junior Lifeguard program. 01:27:56
Over the course of the summer, had a. 01:27:59
Total participations of 220 participants. 01:28:02
Sorry, I'm having some issues here. 01:28:08
Excuse me, bear with me. 01:28:25
Waiting. 01:29:06
So additionally our Junior Lifeguard program over the course of the summer we had 220 total participant. 01:29:07
Each each model session taught participants ocean safety, rescue techniques, ocean ecology, physical fitness, teamwork and how to 01:29:13
safely enjoy the beach environment. 01:29:18
Notable events this past summer included a Coast Guard helicopter demonstration with the boat trip to Channel Islands, a day 01:29:23
kayaking on the Channel Islands harbor, a weekly newsletter, and multiple competitions. 01:29:29
As a result, our Lifeguard program has a long history in our city, dating back to the earliest, and is a source of pride for our 01:29:39
community. 01:29:43
However, we have had some issues in lifeguarding nationally in the past few years. There's been a national wide lifeguard shortage 01:29:47
resulted in the closure of 33% of public pools. 01:29:53
This was felt also locally by both pool operators and local ocean lifeguard agencies across the state as they all struggled with 01:29:59
staffing. 01:30:03
Specifically, Ventura County who overseas lifeguard services at Silver Strand in Hollywood Beach. 01:30:08
Reduce staffing of Hollywood Beach and we're unable to conduct their long standing General Lifeguard program to address these 01:30:14
staffing issues. Ocean lifeguard and pool swimming staff. 01:30:20
Agencies across the state have increased their salaries for the position of lifeguards across the. 01:30:26
So as you can see from this slide, the national shortage is 33% or local closest, local comparisons. 01:30:49
In terms of in terms of compensation or Ventura state, which is? 01:30:57
Upped its wages to 1924 an hour. 01:31:02
Carpinteria. 01:31:05
Which has changed its entry level salary to 20 to 10 per hour. Ventura County which operates our closest competitive competing 01:31:06
beaches have updated their wages to 2354 and LA County, which is increased its. 01:31:14
Compensation for the entry level Ocean lifeguard $224.00 an hour. 01:31:23
Jason, if we could just pause here for a moment. We had a little bit of an issue showing the wrong slide initially, but we backed 01:31:32
up and I just wanted to. 01:31:35
Give the Council a moment to look on this slide. This is one of the bases of one of the requests. 01:31:39
That you're presenting tonight to amend the. 01:31:46
Solar ranges for the ocean lifeguards, and at the bottom of the slide we show our four. 01:31:50
Closest competitors and the entry. 01:31:55
Starting salary of the ranges for those competitors. 01:31:58
And it should also be noted that currently, if no action is taken, the beginning. 01:32:01
Range for our ocean lifeguards. 01:32:06
Is. 01:32:08
1575 so. 01:32:09
Where we are right now is significantly below. 01:32:12
The four closest geographical competitors that we have, which is the primary basis that staff is making the recommendation for an 01:32:16
amendment to the salary ranges in the Ocean Lifeguard program. 01:32:20
Sorry, sorry to interrupt, Jason, but no, thank you. See basically, yes, without any steps or the issue that we're facing is in 01:32:30
spite of the fact that we have established ourselves as a premier Employment Opportunity as an ocean lifeguard, we are well 01:32:36
recognized throughout the county. 01:32:41
And we do have. 01:32:46
And have routine. 01:32:48
Very highly qualified candidates. 01:32:50
The the reality is, is that. 01:32:53
A failure to kind of. 01:32:55
Get into alignment with. 01:32:56
Other competitors would potentially. 01:32:59
Caused some issues with staffing for a summer season. 01:33:02
Are you ready for a motion? 01:33:09
Could I go next slide please? 01:33:11
So. 01:33:16
What we're recommending. 01:33:17
Um. 01:33:19
Is. 01:33:20
That we increase our our current wage. 01:33:21
4 Ocean Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguard Instructor to a Ten Step. 01:33:25
Ten step process of starting at $19.00 an hour and ranging 10 steps with 3% between each step, all the way up to 2479 per hour for 01:33:31
our assistant lead lifeguards. 01:33:37
We're asking. 01:33:43
To increase the bottom end to $21.00 an hour and then ranging over 10 steps up to 2740 again, that would be three 3% between each 01:33:44
step. 01:33:49
And for a senior lifeguard and junior lifeguard coordinator to increase it to entry level at $23 over a range of 10 steps ending 01:33:55
at $30.01. 01:34:01
The impact of this would cost approximately 13,000. 01:34:09
$320 01:34:13
for the remainder of this fiscal year and approximately 43,200 on an annual basis. 01:34:15
Could I have the next slide please? 01:34:27
The one of one of the. 01:34:30
Programs that I've been very proud to be a part of and at and that is directly related to the Council's discretion was. 01:34:34
Getting a Learn to Swim program off the off the ground. 01:34:41
At this point, our Learn to Swim program has been a wild success on on a lot of levels. We've taught 4 separate month long 01:34:47
sessions since inception. 01:34:52
Which was in the fall of of 2022. 01:34:57
Now the next slide please. 01:35:01
Our most recent session was. 01:35:05
At the fall slash winter of this of this Last year 20. 01:35:07
22. 01:35:12
And we had close to full enrollment, so we had. 01:35:13
Monday, Wednesday classes and Tuesday, Thursday classes in the evenings. 01:35:17
Thus far, to date, we've. 01:35:22
We've had 252 individual students taught. 01:35:23
That being said. 01:35:29
This program is also in the in the same kind of. 01:35:30
Space as. 01:35:34
With as wages have increased across the across the board, we are asking for. 01:35:36
A couple of things here. 01:35:42
We want. 01:35:43
We want the salary ranges to be increased on this and and again the. 01:35:45
Current wages, we had them at 1550 an hour. 01:35:50
And minimum wage is come up, so we're asking for our aid position to be. 01:35:54
Brought in at $16.00 and again there's a 10 step process across the board with 3% between each step our pool lifeguards and we're 01:35:59
asking for 1750. 01:36:04
And across 10 states with 3% between each step to a Max of 22. 01:36:09
83 And our our water safety instructors, who do the bulk of the instruction. They have additional training. 01:36:14
In all the different aspects of how to teach swimming lessons, we're asking that they come in at at 7/19/78 and across 10 steps 01:36:21
with 3% between each step come up to 2585. 01:36:27
And finally, we what we did identify as we were. 01:36:34
Getting this program off the ground is that there does need to be a pool supervisor position, which is the industry standard and 01:36:38
four. 01:36:42
The majority or for all these classes in sessions? I've been flexing and working in that capacity and as I oversaw the creation of 01:36:45
a new a new offering to the public. 01:36:51
So we are asking for that position to be created and we've worked with HR to provide a job description for that. 01:36:57
What we found in the. 01:37:06
Inception of this program and getting it off the ground is it? 01:37:08
A. There's a. 01:37:12
Absolute need for it locally. There hasn't been a learn to swim in. 01:37:13
We're winning your Oxnard in the many years. 01:37:16
And what we're proposing is. 01:37:20
That because of the need. 01:37:23
That we. 01:37:24
We create a a. 01:37:26
Learn to swim season that we're suggesting be between April and October annually. 01:37:28
This. 01:37:35
This amendment would increase the number of community members serve through this program and enhance the city's ability to retain 01:37:36
staff needed for the program because. 01:37:40
When we. 01:37:44
Operate for one or two months and then have to off board the the employees. That becomes very difficult to retain the high 01:37:46
quality. 01:37:50
Candidates were looking for. 01:37:55
And I'm trained to be. 01:37:57
Function in this capacity. Next slide please. 01:37:59
So in terms of the total fiscal impact for both of these recommendations? 01:38:04
Uh. 01:38:10
We're looking, we're looking at approximately $13,000 for this fiscal year to fund the Ocean Lifeguard increase in terms of salary 01:38:10
and wages. 01:38:15
We're looking for 34,200. 01:38:21
In terms of the learn to swim costs. 01:38:24
To offset the learn to swim costs, we're expecting based on all our projections that to. 01:38:27
To receive about 24,190 in anticipated revenue to offset that 34,200 in the cost. 01:38:33
And that's based on conservative part program participation estimates? 01:38:43
And once all the staff is onboarded, as far as the Learn to Swim program, this program should pay for itself. 01:38:51
Including the additional cost of the part time people supervisor. 01:39:00
Next slide. 01:39:07
And I I opened the floor to any questions regarding these this proposal. 01:39:10
Right. 01:39:14
Does Council have any questions for staff? 01:39:15
Thank you, Jason for your presentation and I don't have any. 01:39:18
Questions as it relates to trying to get a better clarification of the information you provided but did want to know. 01:39:24
What percentage of your? 01:39:36
Positions. 01:39:39
That you require are currently staffed, so how many positions or what's the percentage of the positions are not currently staffed? 01:39:40
So. 01:39:48
Due to. 01:39:49
Due to recent changes in. 01:39:51
And uh. 01:39:54
In. 01:39:57
Ensure basically retirement contributions. We after our November class we off boarded all of our employees so. 01:39:58
At this point we are waiting for you for Council to direct us. 01:40:08
And provide additional funding to continue and re on board the the instructors who were such a vital. 01:40:12
Part of this program being successful start and get back to work with. 01:40:19
With the collaboration with the union Oxnard Union High School District and start up the classes again and we're hoping for as 01:40:25
soon as April with some with some help from even resources. 01:40:31
Thank you. One more question. 01:40:38
How does the you said that each of the bands I say pay bands have 10 steps? 01:40:40
Included How might someone move through those 10 steps? 01:40:46
I'm sorry, could you repeat the question? Yeah, you said that the pay bans or sorry for using my own language, but the proposed 01:40:51
ranges? 01:40:56
Are made-up of 10 steps. 01:41:01
How might one move through those 10 steps? 01:41:03
Ohh so each each. So at at the bottom step it's your first your your initial hire. 01:41:07
Based on experience, so for. 01:41:15
Or say you're a WSI aide. Or you water safety instructor aide. That's the entry. That's the bottom step for that position. 01:41:17
There's less training required, so it's less responsibility. You say you'd come into that bottom step, so the next next session or 01:41:26
next year we would. 01:41:32
We would go ahead and move move those people through based on their length of service. 01:41:38
Typically if, if we follow the, if we follow the. 01:41:43
Model that we use. 01:41:47
According. 01:41:48
Each. 01:41:51
Each session you breathe, you reapply for coming back. Then you get a bump into that step annually. 01:41:52
Great. Thank you. 01:42:03
Jason, thank you so much for taking on this program. I remember how, how challenging it was to get going and I I think you've done 01:42:06
a wonderful job and I I remember hearing that. 01:42:11
The shortage affected many of our surrounding areas, but that your. 01:42:16
Commitment and we didn't have any. 01:42:21
Burning problems from the shortage of lifeguards. 01:42:24
I think. 01:42:27
I think this program needs. 01:42:29
To expand. 01:42:31
And I really wanted to reach out and thank the Oxnard Union High School District, specifically whining me High school for being 01:42:32
there, partnering with us. 01:42:36
And I'm all in for whatever you need to continue to grow and meet the need of our community. 01:42:40
And to. 01:42:47
Learn. 01:42:50
Kids to swim, I think it's it's vitally important in in our area and so. 01:42:51
Just want to thank you for doing all that you do. 01:42:57
Thank you. 01:43:01
OK. 01:43:04
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 01:43:05
No public comments. 01:43:09
OK, the recommendation is to approve an adjustment in the city's comprehensive salary schedule to amend salary ranges for all 01:43:11
positions within the Ocean Lifeguard, Junior Lifeguard and Learn to Swim programs. 01:43:16
And add the classification and associated salary range for pool supervisor. 01:43:21
And approve an amendment to the. 01:43:26
2022-2023 Operating budget to appropriate 47,520 to the budget account number 0014186622. 01:43:29
10-02 and increase anticipated revenue by 24,990 dollars. 01:43:40
May I have a motion and a second moved to approve second? 01:43:46
Right. Is there any discussion? 01:43:50
You guys would like to take it? 01:43:53
Pardon. 01:43:55
Except. 01:43:56
OK, Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 01:43:57
All in favour, aye. All opposed. Hearing none. Motion carries unanimously. 01:44:00
OK. 01:44:05
We're gonna move on. 01:44:06
To our next business item, bubbling springs concessions cost the badminton. 01:44:07
Will staff please present the report? 01:44:13
Good evening Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem, Council staff and members of the public. 01:44:33
Item 11 on the Agenda reviews the feasibility of purchasing a pre owned. 01:44:37
Mobile food facility and provides a recommendation. 01:44:42
Excuse me, recommended cost abatement measure? 01:44:46
For the port winding me Little League as an alternative solution. 01:44:49
Ensuring the vessel is fully California Retail Food Code compliant prior to purchase is a reservation for staff. 01:44:53
The Ventura County Environmental Health Division Plan Check guide. 01:45:00
Was last revised in 2017. 01:45:04
And although known. 01:45:06
Subsequent revisions. 01:45:08
To the CR. 01:45:10
FCC exists. No mobile food facility manufactured prior to 2017 should be considered for purchase. 01:45:11
As a starting point to mitigate unforeseen retrofitting costs. 01:45:18
Additionally. 01:45:23
The category of mobile food facility is that. 01:45:24
Required of that required to support the specific menu of the port winning Little League. 01:45:27
Is type 4. 01:45:32
Which requires more complex regulations compared to lesser food service configurations. 01:45:34
A cursory search of mobile food facilities for sale. 01:45:41
Ranges from 25,000 to 82,500. 01:45:45
Absent any food preparation equipment costs. 01:45:50
A true cost projection is difficult to define. 01:45:53
Until on site, reviews are coordinated amongst recreation facilities and fleet maintenance staff. 01:45:58
The Orvin S Carpenter Community Center will not meet the requirements of the commissary. 01:46:05
Without undergoing significant. 01:46:10
Modifications, namely the installation of a grease interceptor. 01:46:13
An ongoing monthly commissary cost. 01:46:18
Of 800 to $1000 would also need to be included in any total cost allocation. 01:46:21
As a contextual attachment. 01:46:29
To the staff report. 01:46:31
Staff has included the regulatory materials. 01:46:32
The city is bound to comply with. 01:46:35
For your review. 01:46:38
In general, a pre owned mobile food facility includes an inherent level of exposure to potential unidentified costs. 01:46:40
That combined with the monthly commissary costs and limited time frame of allowable use. 01:46:48
Staff does not recommend proceeding with the purchase of a pre owned mobile food facility. 01:46:54
Staff does make the recommendation that the city absorb the 2023 season cost of infield mix replenishment as a matter of ongoing 01:46:59
field maintenance. 01:47:04
As well as offering the Council. 01:47:09
The opportunity to reduce the Port Wanami Little League Lease Agreement fee for 2023. 01:47:14
The infield mix. 01:47:22
Price point this year was $6637.09. 01:47:24
The annual lease agreement payment. 01:47:29
Is in the amount of $3750. 01:47:31
Retaining A transactional fee is recommended, however a significant reduction can be defined by a council direction. 01:47:35
Externally sourced food trucks will be on site for the 2023. 01:47:42
Season under the Approved Special Use Permit filed by the port when you mean Little League this past month. 01:47:47
The Port Wine Little League president is in support of these staff recommendations. 01:47:52
I can answer any questions that you may have at this time. 01:47:57
OK. 01:48:01
Are there any questions? 01:48:02
Actually I do have a question. 01:48:09
Good, Mr. Mayor. Thank you Mr. Mayor. Thank you, Miss Hanley, for your presentation and for working. 01:48:11
With Miss Polo and Pauline e-mail Little League and finding a solution to this real difficult problem. 01:48:16
I was wondering. 01:48:22
Just. 01:48:24
For my own personal reasons is how does the? 01:48:25
Appropriation compared to what the Little League would be bringing in had they had a full operating snack bar. 01:48:29
Sure, I believe Miss Bolo spoke at the last meeting in regards to what the potential income would have been on a regular Saturday. 01:48:37
In somewhat some type of range of 1000 to $1300.00, but she could speak to that specifically. 01:48:45
We did have documentation that. 01:48:51
Also supplied. 01:48:55
Previously. 01:48:56
When we were reviewing these costs and association in the development of the Sports Plaza. 01:48:59
And I believe the. 01:49:04
Annual revenue that was provided by the league was in the range of somewhere around. 01:49:06
Just under $12,000 annually. 01:49:11
Thank you. 01:49:14
Thank you. 01:49:18
Miss Hanley, for your presentation and I have a comment and. 01:49:19
It's already been working on so it's just for the record mainly. 01:49:24
It's already discussion that I've been having. 01:49:27
And I believe staff will probably be coming back with it, but I don't know why this hasn't been thought of before. 01:49:29
And my recommendation was why not allow? 01:49:36
The Little League 2. 01:49:39
If it requires a special use permit for their season. 01:49:41
Bring their own barbecuers. 01:49:44
And BBQ their own food and sell and. 01:49:46
Not have to deal with us having to find a way. 01:49:49
To come up with a. 01:49:52
A snack bar idea? 01:49:53
I think the more simplest. 01:49:54
Way to do so and I believe it wasn't done before because. 01:49:56
And I was not aware or aware of what the rules. 01:49:59
Would be to do so. 01:50:03
So. 01:50:05
Something that I would like staff to look into and let us know how difficult that would be to approve and allow that instead of. 01:50:07
This costly. 01:50:14
Idea of. 01:50:15
A mobile food truck. 01:50:17
If I may, my understanding is that the mobile the temporary food booth. 01:50:23
Setting is the platform in which a entity could provide BBQ service and food production. It's still regulated by the Environmental 01:50:28
Health Division. 01:50:33
And so we in our talks with. 01:50:38
EDH. 01:50:42
We're under the impression that you would still need to have the full booth structure. 01:50:43
In order to facilitate the BBQ method so. 01:50:48
If we go back to what the projection was for that, it was around $25,000. 01:50:51
But the logistical component was the prohibiting factor. 01:50:59
We have BBQ pits or barbecuers at the beach that are. 01:51:02
People are allowed to use. 01:51:06
Do we not? 01:51:08
So that's the issue is the fact that they're selling profit and it turns into a commercial enterprise and it requires all this 01:51:11
other. 01:51:14
It's heavily regulated. 01:51:18
OK. 01:51:23
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 01:51:25
Yeah. 01:51:30
Good evening, Mayor, City Council members and city staff. 01:51:37
Just in that regards. 01:51:41
I have tried every which way to try to get around. 01:51:42
Any possible situation that we can and the county literally told me we cannot. 01:51:46
As an organization. 01:51:52
Give food away. 01:51:54
You can't. 01:51:56
So. 01:51:57
I I thank you everybody who has been texting me and you know providing all these. 01:51:58
Ideas. I have literally tried every single way to try to get around it, and we just can't as an organization, in order to be in 01:52:03
compliance with the county. We just can't get away from the. 01:52:09
Three sinks. 01:52:15
All the little stuff that. 01:52:17
Big stuff. 01:52:19
That we need. 01:52:20
So from our perspective. 01:52:21
I think. 01:52:23
Like Mr. Perez had said. 01:52:25
At this point, with the limited amount of time that we have to be able to serve. 01:52:27
We we already started our season. We had an opening ceremonies which were amazing. 01:52:31
But at this point I think it's in the value of. 01:52:37
The. 01:52:41
Bigger picture for the city staff to just concentrate on the other stuff. 01:52:42
We will do our best to try to raise funds to get us through and we will get through the next season. 01:52:47
Of that, I have no doubts we will find a way, even if it's asking you guys for Miranda Park to. 01:52:55
Player. 01:53:01
We'll figure it out, but I think at this point. 01:53:02
It's just better of of staff used to just concentrate on on the big project. 01:53:05
Thank you. 01:53:12
So then I just wanna thank staff for the hard work and trying to come up with suggestions and figuring a way around this. 01:53:13
Absolutely. 01:53:17
And if I could, I just want to. 01:53:21
Make it. 01:53:23
Anyways, it's extremely frustrating because. 01:53:24
I took this photo just last night on the corner of Perkin Rd. Perkins and Wanami Rd. There's a full on. 01:53:27
On license illegal. 01:53:34
Food operation that's being highly successful. I mean the line was 30 deep. 01:53:37
And. 01:53:43
You know this, it's frustrating when we try to play by the rules. 01:53:43
Clearly we have to, right? That's what we teach in in Little League. 01:53:47
But yeah, it it's. 01:53:51
So there's people. 01:53:54
Doing all the things that we're told that we can't do and they're not being. 01:53:55
They're they're being left alone. So it's frustrating and and I share your frustration and whatever we could do to help. 01:54:00
And I will have to say I do have parents that are willing to just come out out there and barbecue. And I think that's going to 01:54:07
alleviate some of the burden of families spending so much on these food trucks because we we even food, we had two food trucks out 01:54:13
this weekend that offered their 10% and again. 01:54:19
10% on $1000. It's 100 bucks and I'm paying two umpires for it, so that money is. 01:54:26
Gone within a blink of an eye. 01:54:33
But we are telling them. 01:54:35
Come out here and BBQ so if you guys see people out there barbecuing. 01:54:37
You know, that's because we're definitely pushing for for that option. It's just kind of hard to do on a on a weekend when 01:54:41
everybody on a weekday when everybody's getting off of work. 01:54:45
But on on Saturdays, we're we're definitely planning to take advantage. 01:54:50
Of that. 01:54:54
Thank you. Thank you. And just to be clear that that doesn't mean? 01:54:57
You're generating revenue because a family comes out and brings her barbecue and and cooks hot dogs for their family, right? 01:55:02
Absolutely not. We just want to make sure that anyone listening that yes, that is not what we're this is just parents feeding 01:55:06
their. 01:55:10
Their individual kids. 01:55:15
Correct. 01:55:17
Thanks. 01:55:18
No. 01:55:23
OK, so. 01:55:24
The recommendation was to for the City Council to discuss Bubbling Springs concessions and proposed cost of abatement and take 01:55:26
such action as it deems appropriate. 01:55:31
May I have a motion in a second? 01:55:38
Is it? Is there anything that? 01:55:41
Take it anyway. 01:55:44
Where we need a motion to approve the staff recommendation, I believe we need council direction as far as determining the exact 01:55:45
reduction in the lease agreement cost. 01:55:50
Staff recommendation is to retain a transactional fee. 01:55:55
So that could be anything that you decide monetarily. 01:55:58
But we do need you to identify the the numeric amount. 01:56:02
For the reduction in the lease agreement. 01:56:06
Mayor, I do have a couple of questions if I can. 01:56:08
OK. Yes, yes. 01:56:10
So I heard the number. 01:56:15
12,000 and then I heard 25,000. 01:56:17
I'm interested in knowing 2000 and. 01:56:24
23 What is the? 01:56:27
Revenue or What is the expected revenue in 2023? 01:56:30
I would have to ask the league to speak to that. 01:56:37
OK. 01:56:39
And the amounts that had been given. 01:56:48
Of $12,000 that was based on our 2019 season. 01:56:53
The fundraising that that was money from the snack bar. It is really hard to determine prices right now. 01:56:59
Because of the cost of inflation and the fact that we haven't had a snack bar since 2019. 01:57:06
So if if I expect the numbers I mean I would I would try to. 01:57:12
Falling into those that same category. 01:57:17
And those were figures accounting for our tournament. 01:57:20
Umm. 01:57:24
Fundraising as well. So it's not. It wasn't just a regular. 01:57:25
Season. It was for our main 2 tournaments that we have. 01:57:28
During the the summer in August, July and August. 01:57:33
And including the playoffs, which came to about 15,880 I think is what you had outlined. OK, yes. 01:57:37
Story. 01:57:46
Question, Mr. Mayor. 01:57:48
OK, so I see here that port winding me little bit League pays 3750 in for the exclusive use of the baseball fields at Bubbling 01:57:49
Springs. 01:57:54
And so it's council's discretion to decide whether or not we want to continue to. 01:58:00
Ask for those fees, or ask for something less than that. 01:58:06
Absolutely. Staff is making the recommendation that there be a significant reduction in the cost of the lease agreement, but that 01:58:09
would be at your discretion. So my question then would be for the I guess. 01:58:15
City manager or maybe the finance folks. 01:58:22
Is if we eliminate that fee entirely, what's the hardship or the impact to the city? 01:58:25
Again, well, I'm, I'm, I'm really looking at it in terms of. 01:58:34
What services are provided for those fees and does that eliminate the services? 01:58:38
Not that I'm aware of and and may be able to correct me on that, but. 01:58:44
This this really is more for I believe staffing and just the the use of the fields themselves are the exclusive use. 01:58:49
And would this be something permanent or something temporary until the facilities would be? 01:58:58
Umm. 01:59:03
Constructed and operating staff is only making the recommendation for the 2023 calendar year. OK, so I would recommend that we 01:59:04
just eliminate the fees entirely. 01:59:08
I'll second that. 01:59:13
Are there any other motions? Point of point of clarification, there's there's several fees here. So the first one is there's 01:59:16
$6637.09 for infield dirt replenishment. There's also an additional $3750 for exclusive use. I believe the recommendation was. 01:59:25
Eliminate the 6600 and 3709. 01:59:36
Was that was that correct? 01:59:40
The recommendation is that the city absorb that cost directly so that we will pay for the dirt. 01:59:41
The infield mix directly, OK. And then retaining our transactional fee for the lease agreement for the league to have exclusive 01:59:47
ongoing use of the Fields and Bubbling Springs Park, excuse me. 01:59:53
Could be something that of $1.00. 02:00:00
Be in order for the transaction to remain in place, therefore reducing the cost. 02:00:03
To 3000. 02:00:09
749,000. 02:00:13
And and traditionally from a legal perspective, a nominal consideration fee is usually something like a dollar. 02:00:15
OK, so I'll do a second motion or just amend, amend. 02:00:21
Amend my motion to appropriate the 6637. 02:00:25
Dollars and nine cents. 02:00:31
For the infield dirt replenishment. 02:00:32
In the account stated in the report. 02:00:35
And. 02:00:38
Reduce the revenue by amount not to exceed $1.00. 02:00:39
I second. 02:00:43
Are there any other motions? Just to be clear, Council Member Hernandez is Speaking of the lease amount, not revenue, right? 02:00:47
That's right, it's the, it's the. 02:00:52
The exclusive use for the baseball fields is going to be $1.00 in consideration, OK. 02:00:57
I'll second that. 02:01:03
OK, Madam Clerk. 02:01:06
Can we please take a vote? 02:01:08
OK, I'm just gonna confirm Council member Hernandez first, Mayor Pro Tem Perez second. 02:01:10
And then just real quick, does anybody want to entertain discussion? 02:01:16
For the vote. 02:01:19
OK. OK. All in favor, aye. 02:01:21
All opposed. 02:01:24
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:01:25
Thank you very much, Anna. 02:01:28
We're going to move on to business item number 11. 02:01:31
2022 Annual General Plan and Housing Progress Report. 02:01:35
Presented by Tony Stewart, Interim City Manager. 02:01:40
Slash Community Development director. 02:01:44
Great. 02:01:47
Thank you, Mayor, and again, good evening to everybody. Yes, I'm. 02:01:49
Presenting this wearing both hats. When it was originally written that was just. 02:01:53
But this is an annual report. The four of you have already seen this several times. 02:01:57
This is a requirement by the state that we present, at least on the housing element of our general plan. 02:02:04
On an annual basis required for a state SB35 and Assembly Bill 879. 02:02:11
We must report to the States Housing and Community Development or HD&OPR. 02:02:19
By April 1st to be each year. 02:02:25
And although charter cities such as ours. 02:02:28
Only have to report on the housing element and the successor agencies activities for the past year. 02:02:31
We do report on the entire general plan just for transparency. 02:02:37
So basically we, as most of you will recall back on October of 21, we adopted a brand new general plan including. 02:02:43
Basically a draft housing element, so to speak. 02:02:54
The housing element was immediately sent up to HD for comments. 02:02:57
They took exactly one year and then back on October 4th of 2022. 02:03:03
You all re adopted the housing element with the changes that were required by HCD. 02:03:09
And then I sent it up that that day basically or the next day and the very next day, HD certified our housing element. 02:03:16
Actually, it made us the third housing element to be approved and certified in Ventura County, behind the county and the city of 02:03:25
Oxnard. 02:03:29
And from my understand, we're still in that same situation. The rest of the county. Cities in the county are still struggling with 02:03:34
a CD. 02:03:37
But. 02:03:42
Again, very happy that we've got our housing element in place. In fact, one of the ways that we're already moving forward is the 02:03:43
Edu ordinance you just. 02:03:47
Updated last month. 02:03:51
Is one of the requirements that HCD has of us. 02:03:54
So just as a reminder, HD through SCAG, the Southern California Association of Governments. 02:03:58
Requires each city in the state to have a certain regional housing needs, allotment or arena. 02:04:05
Ours and the last and they're in eight-year cycles. Ours and the last eight-year cycle was a total of 2. 02:04:13
This year we're up to 125 that we have to find room for and that's broken down to 21 extremely low or very low income units. 02:04:19
16 Low Income, 18 Moderate Income and 65 above moderate. 02:04:28
And the income levels are? 02:04:33
Created basically through HUD, the federal agency and then. 02:04:35
Divide it down to each. 02:04:40
County level basically. 02:04:42
And these units or the element. 02:04:44
Excuse me? 02:04:47
The income levels are based on the percentage of what they call the the. 02:04:48
The median income. 02:04:53
For a family of four. 02:04:54
And that is in the staff report what those are each year they do change. 02:04:56
Now with regard to changes from last year, because we do have a new housing element in place, we did have to report on certain 02:05:02
programs and how they're being met. 02:05:06
But in summary, we are already well underway with meeting our arena requirements. We have 5 AU that were permitted and AU's do 02:05:11
count towards meeting RENA requirements. They are counted as. 02:05:17
Individual units. 02:05:23
Of those we had two already completed and seven others that were in the process prior to 2022. So we've got total 98 US that have 02:05:26
been completed and five habitat. 02:05:32
For humanity, townhomes were also compete completed. 02:05:38
These are all low income, which means that we now have fourteen of our 16 low income units already met. 02:05:41
And we don't have to. 02:05:48
The cycle basically will run for the next seven years, so we still have quite some time. 02:05:51
And we're not mandated to actually see those be built, but we at least need to try our best to get them built. 02:05:56
And zone accordingly. So and that's something that we've done through the general plan. 02:06:01
And hopefully later this year or early next, we'll talk about actually some rezonings as well per the general plan that's already 02:06:07
been adopted. 02:06:10
We also have to report on the successor agency, so we do that every year and Appendix A of the staff report talks about the 02:06:17
agencies expenditures. 02:06:22
Over the past year. 02:06:27
Every year, basically it's pretty much the same. It just gets just a little bit here and there. We are basically drawing down and 02:06:30
at some point the agency will cease to exist. 02:06:35
Last year was an anomaly because we did sell that property to Habitat for Humanity, so we did have to report on that. 02:06:40
But this year, we haven't had any additional property sales. So the numbers that I'm showing you here are basically. 02:06:47
More or less just again adjustments that were done on an annual basis. So for instance, we spent $119,000. 02:06:54
Of our Housing Asset Fund on administrative costs. 02:07:02
Our cap is to spend 221,500 or so, so we are under that threshold. 02:07:05
We do have an asset fund balance of nearly $5,000,000 and about 4.2 million of that is cash. 02:07:11
And that includes equity and assets that we still own. 02:07:19
And then we cannot, we cannot have an excessive surplus and the report that was provided in the staff report shows that we do not 02:07:23
have an excessive surplus, so we're in good standing with the state requirements. 02:07:29
And so with regard to that, like I said, this is pretty much an annual requirement. 02:07:36
A lot of data, but again, it's it's it's something that is required. 02:07:41
And as we move forward, especially with our rezoning projects coming up here. 02:07:46
Next year's report may look a little bit more interesting than this one did because we may have some more programs to report on 02:07:51
with the housing element and whatnot. 02:07:55
So that does conclude my presentation. 02:07:59
I'm available for any questions. 02:08:02
The recommendation here is to basically receive this report and direct me to submit it up to HD and the Office of Planning and 02:08:04
Research, or O. 02:08:09
Which I would do what tomorrow. 02:08:14
Alright, the City Council have any questions? 02:08:17
Alright, Councilmember Hernandez. 02:08:22
Yes, thank you, Mayor. Thank you, Mr. Stewart, for your presentations and congratulations on making progress on meeting arena 02:08:24
numbers. 02:08:27
And you know it. It should not. 02:08:30
Go overlook the fact that many cities throughout the state have not gotten their. 02:08:34
Local housing plans. 02:08:39
Booking, housing, local housing, elements approved. So it speaks a lot to your work. 02:08:41
And your staff, well, your staff's accomplishment, So thank you so much. 02:08:46
I just had a quick question about the development on the corner of sea and. 02:08:51
Ponoma. 02:08:56
Is that an affordable housing development that's going up there? 02:08:57
Trying to think C and Panoma, yes. 02:09:02
They demolished us ohh a single family housing just a tiny little rickety house. 02:09:05
And now it's like it looks like an apartment dwelling. Sure. So they are definitely maximizing the site and taking advantage of 02:09:11
every AD requirement they can. 02:09:15
It will be a single family home, moderate income. 02:09:20
When completed, we can count it towards that, OK And there will be a an Adu above a garage there and that will qualify as a low 02:09:24
income unit because all of our AU's are required to be low income units. I see OK. 02:09:30
Thank you. 02:09:38
Turning our attention to the property at Surfside and Wanami Rd. I know there's a lot of activity going on there. Are they? 02:09:41
Complying with city requirements, getting permits and how? How is that going to impact our arena numbers if they're successful? 02:09:50
Well, I'm. 02:09:58
I know Kevin is chomping at the bit here and probably has something about the compliance part, but. 02:09:59
If the project is completed and they have approximately 14 more months to do so. 02:10:05
For the 30 month requirement condition of approval that that you approved back in October 2021. 02:10:11
They will have a total of 41 units out there and they will all be counted towards. 02:10:19
Meeting our arena in some way or another, mostly either at the market rate which is moderate. 02:10:24
There will be an extremely low income unit, which will be great because those are the most difficult to accommodate generally. 02:10:29
So those would all be it if the project is completed. 02:10:36
Coming towards our arena. 02:10:40
It's a project being. 02:10:44
Walk through the city processes appropriately. 02:10:48
That item still has a filed case number, so I would recommend not discussing that publicly. We will bring forth a status update. I 02:10:55
believe it's at the next meeting or the meeting after. 02:11:01
I believe so, yes. So it will be forthcoming rather quickly. 02:11:07
So it's in our best interest to. 02:11:11
Work with this entity is. 02:11:14
Absolutely as it may be to try and help them get across the finish line. Absolutely at the at the end of the day as as Mr. Stewart 02:11:17
pointed out there's significant advantages to meeting our arena numbers and and in making sure that our planned development permit 02:11:23
process is followed. Right. But the issue for us council members is is happens to me at least a couple times a month. What is 02:11:29
going on there and and it's very difficult for me to to answer the question. 02:11:35
As it is for all of us, and so is there perhaps a? 02:11:42
It's. 02:11:47
A uniform statement that we can. 02:11:48
Communicate to people who ask, because I really don't know what to tell people when they say what is going on. I would say that I 02:11:51
think a general statement that's that, without divulging too much, is that all parties are working towards completing the project 02:11:57
pursuant to the planned development permit there is. 02:12:03
Regular communication with each side. 02:12:09
And all parties are pursuing. 02:12:12
Compliance. 02:12:16
OK. 02:12:22
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 02:12:23
No public comments. 02:12:26
OK. 02:12:28
The recommendation is to receive the information provided by staff and any public comment made on the item and direct staff to 02:12:29
submit the annual report to the California Department of Housing and Community Development. 02:12:35
And the Governor's Office of Planning and Research. 02:12:42
May I have a motion in a second? 02:12:45
Motion to approve second. 02:12:50
Are there any other motions? 02:12:56
Alright. 02:13:00
Discussion. 02:13:01
Madam Clerk, can we please take a vote? 02:13:04
All those in favor? 02:13:07
Aye, all those opposed. 02:13:08
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:13:10
OK. 02:13:13
We're gonna move on to City manager comments and reports. 02:13:14
At this time, we will hear comments from reports from our interim City Manager. 02:13:18
Right. 02:13:23
Thank you again Mayor, and actually. 02:13:23
Being only my second week on the job here. 02:13:26
But it's a pleasure to be up here. I do have a few updates I I managed to get from some of our staff members. 02:13:29
So from Chief Albertson, he tells me we've got two new staff members coming on. We have a new police officer, Andrew Canino. 02:13:36
He starts on March 20th and he's a lateral from the LA County Sheriff's Office. 02:13:45
We also also have a new police officer, trainee Christopher Tario. 02:13:51
Starts on March 23rd. He was come is coming as a custody deputy from Santa Santa Barbara County Sheriff's. 02:13:56
And we'll start the Academy in April of this year. 02:14:05
From Public Works, they want you to know that the dredging project is finally complete and the the promenade should be officially 02:14:10
opened tomorrow. 02:14:14
And they're also doing some pothole repairs on Laney Road, so just be aware that there may be some traffic control out there while 02:14:20
they fill those potholes. 02:14:25
Um. 02:14:30
For my department and as well as public Works and finance. Again it's one of those where we share the the invoicing and whatnot 02:14:32
most the three of us. 02:14:36
But the open Gov permitting system is hopefully coming online on March 14th, and that will be a whole new process for. 02:14:40
Submitting for building permits, planning applications, business licensing. 02:14:48
And certain public works applications such as encroachment permits. So we're very excited about that coming on because it will be. 02:14:52
They'll have quite a user friendly interface to it where folks can easily. 02:15:01
From the comfort of their home or office, submit their applications as opposed to coming in here with the multiple sets of plans, 02:15:06
et cetera. 02:15:09
And then per Lupe, Tyler is well underway as well. The implementation that should also be coming online at least the first phase 02:15:14
in a couple more months here. So there will be very hard. 02:15:19
To get everything squared away. And so we're also very excited about that. 02:15:25
And also for Lupe and for your heads up the IT is now time for our next two year budget. 02:15:31
Already and so we are kicking that off this Friday for staff and it's going to be a very aggressive. 02:15:37
Calendar and she is hoping to get it in front of you for action the first meeting in June so we can meet that end of the this 02:15:44
fiscal year deadline so. 02:15:49
Again, very, very active on that for everybody. 02:15:54
And then finally, just kind of a housekeeping thing is that we're about to tear up. 02:15:58
Next week our break room. 02:16:04
Here so. 02:16:06
We're going to try to minimize meetings in the large conference room, but if you happen to see a few kitchen items and whatnot, 02:16:08
it's because staff is using the large conference room in the little kitchen. 02:16:12
For the time being and hopefully by the end of the month, we've got a brand new break room for everybody, so. 02:16:17
That's everything I had for you. 02:16:22
Thank you, thank you, Mr. Stewart. 02:16:24
Council members, reports and comments. 02:16:26
We have questions. 02:16:29
Asking questions. 02:16:30
You may ask mask 8 questions. 02:16:32
This is. 02:16:37
Sure, they asked about it a while back and. 02:16:37
I'd like to see it's only $1000, so I can't imagine that. 02:16:41
That would be too difficult to process, right? So I'll check in on the status of that for you. OK. Thank you. 02:16:45
Is there an update or does something have to come back later with staff on the beach playground for the public comment that was 02:16:51
mentioned earlier? 02:16:55
Now actually Gabby had asked me to put that on my list here and they said not yet. 02:17:00
Right now, it's in the hands of the Coastal Commission. 02:17:04
So I'm waiting to hear back from them and then once we hear back from them, I can give you a better detailed discussion on. 02:17:06
How we're going to move forward with that? You know, it's been basically through plan check and whatnot. 02:17:15
But we do need to get it now through postal Commission, for them to bless it or let us know how they want us to. 02:17:20
Process it through them if we need to. 02:17:27
And then? 02:17:30
Once we get the blessing for all that, then we can move forward with construction. 02:17:30
Alright. Any other questions? 02:17:35
All right, we're going to move on to council member reports and comments. 02:17:38
We'll start off with Council member McQueen Lejon. 02:17:41
Thank you, Mayor Martinez. 02:17:45
Just want to report on my appointments. 02:17:47
Let's see the Air pollution Board. I attended my first meeting. 02:17:52
Couple of weeks ago, we'll be attending a. 02:17:58
New members orientation on the 15th. 02:18:03
So looking forward to that. 02:18:06
The Gold Coast Transit. 02:18:08
I attended my first meeting. 02:18:11
And we'll be participating in the Commission strategic planning workshop. 02:18:15
On April the 5th. 02:18:20
For the regional defense partnership for the 21st century, that's RDP 21. Thank you again for approving my out of state. 02:18:23
Travel for that. 02:18:32
Will be travelling the 19th of March, meeting in DC with representatives. 02:18:34
On the 20th, 21st, 22nd and I'll be returning on the 23rd. 02:18:43
So we'll be participating in the council meeting from DC, So already working on the planning for that with our city clerk, so 02:18:49
looking forward to that. And then participated in the strategic planning session for the Ventura Transportation Commission on 02:18:56
Friday, I believe. 02:19:04
We. 02:19:12
Met the goals of CTC. 02:19:14
So I'm sure they're moving forward with the next steps, so. 02:19:17
They held the meeting at the Agricultural Museum in Santa Paula, which is a wonderful, wonderful place to go. 02:19:23
If you have children. 02:19:30
You should take them there. They're open on Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 to 5:00. 02:19:32
They also have a new program they they just opened up on Friday with a bike rails. 02:19:37
Where you can actually get on. 02:19:43
Bike and pedal on the actual rails. 02:19:46
17 miles to Fillmore. Turn around and come back. Take a stop at a like a farmer's market of some sort and do some animal petting. 02:19:49
But. 02:19:58
Already planned to do that, Looks like it's pretty fun. 02:20:00
And so. 02:20:03
Check it out. Check it out. It's gonna be fun, I think. 02:20:04
And then got a chance to attend with our mayor, the robotics competition at Father works there at the port. If you didn't get to 02:20:08
do it this weekend, you really want to go? 02:20:14
Next weekend it was pretty amazing. 02:20:21
I I got a tour from a young man who was part of one of the teams and took me around. Had a great time, got a lot of pictures and 02:20:24
video that I haven't been able to post just yet. I'm trying to determine if I want to post the one where I spent the wheel and I 02:20:32
got dance to music and so I had to dance. So we'll see, we'll see. I think I did pretty good. 02:20:39
But but it was really nice. So you you really should. 02:20:47
Take a look at what's going on with our youth. 02:20:51
At working at Point Magoo for 33 years, I always heard of Fathom Works, but I never knew where it was at and what was going on 02:20:54
there and it it was pretty amazing, like was shared with us earlier. 02:21:01
They had a group from the Netherlands, from Mexico from. 02:21:09
It's another country. And then they had a couple from Arizona and then quite a few from. 02:21:15
California. 02:21:22
But it was just amazing that. 02:21:23
Young folks are doing and we. 02:21:26
You all have said it. We need to continue to support them because they're not only the feature, but they're the present, so we 02:21:28
need to make sure we continue to support them. 02:21:33
Thank you. 02:21:37
I love that not only the future but the present, and I was a fortunate enough to have some Yara. 02:21:39
T-shirts to give away and. 02:21:46
I so I went to the right the moment they opened and the teams were setting up and I was able to walk around and talk and I I was 02:21:48
looking for a local school and I found a Newbury Park High School and. 02:21:53
I I said, hey, do you guys want this hoodie and T-shirt? And then they did rocks, scissors, paper and they determined who won the 02:21:59