PRESENTATION Item No. 1 Police Department Annual Report
PRESENTATION Item No. 2 Pension Funding and Unfunded Liability Overview
BUSINESS Item No. 10 Heroes, History and Heritage Policy Nomination: Richard Bard Monument and Proposed
BUSINESS Item No. 11 Priorities for City and Port (Oxnard Harbor District) Partnership 2024
BUSINESS Item No. 12 “Reflect Yourself” Pedestrian Safety Campaign
No, not until I can get. 00:00:37
A better connection. 00:00:40
I can't find, I can't yeah, I can't find the other e-mail in here. 00:00:43
To get onto this site, I can't find him. 00:00:50
You're right. 00:00:55
But at the same I can't hear very well. 00:00:56
And you don't have anything plugged there. 00:01:00
Play Tohna. 00:01:02
Would you mute that? 00:01:04
OK, one more sound check before we start. Council Member Hernandez, can you hear us? 00:01:29
I don't think so. 00:01:37
Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune, can you hear us? 00:01:59
I hear you now. OK. Thank you. And Councilmember Hernandez, can you hear? 00:02:03
OK. All right. We'll get started and we'll keep working through that, OK. 00:02:11
Good evening everyone. 00:02:23
Welcome to the City Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 5. 00:02:27
Oops, that clock is wrong 631. 00:02:33
Sorry about that. Please stand and join me for the flag salutes. 00:02:37
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. 00:02:45
Madam Clerk, will you please take roll call? 00:03:03
Council member Gama. 00:03:06
Here Councilmember Martinez, present Council Member Hernandez. 00:03:09
Here Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. 00:03:14
Here and Mayor Perez. 00:03:17
The inspiration tonight will be given by Councilmember Martinez. 00:03:20
Thank you, Mayor Perez, for tonight's inspiration. I want to. 00:03:24
Read a poem that I wrote. 00:03:29
About Spring in Port Hueneme, 2024. 00:03:31
In Port Hueneme, where the sea meets the sand, spring arrives with warmth across the land. 00:03:35
Bonfires blaze bright as the night begins its dance. 00:03:41
Under starry skies hearts find. 00:03:45
Joy and romance. 00:03:48
Folks rise with the dawn, eager to greet the day. 00:03:50
Fishing by the pier where dreams come to play. 00:03:54
Drive safe, we remind with Motorcycle Cops Insight. 00:03:58
In our city, safety shines bright. A guiding. 00:04:02
With Puerto Vallarta, a sister city we found. 00:04:07
Building bridges of friendship all around. 00:04:11
In the gym, boys and girls find their stride. 00:04:14
With basketballs rhythm, their spirits ride. 00:04:18
Beach festivals beckon in the months that lie ahead. 00:04:22
Whining me fun run where spirits are fed. 00:04:26
Summer whispers, promises a warmth and. 00:04:29
Drawing crowds to our shores year after year. 00:04:32
In our Creek, ducks glide with ease. 00:04:36
New Snowy plovers find their peaceful release. 00:04:40
Bubbling Springs Park a vision in the making. 00:04:43
Baseball and soccer fields for joy in the taking. 00:04:47
As election year dawns, let's unite in grace. 00:04:50
Building a future where all find their place. 00:04:54
In poor winemie spring sings it sweet song. 00:04:57
A beautiful time where big dreams belong. 00:05:01
So the poem is about spring. The first day of spring is tomorrow. 00:05:05
And it's it's part of a cycle. 00:05:12
That that follows summer, and then autumn, and then and then winter, but then spring comes back around and and a lot of the things 00:05:15
that were mentioned in this poem were things that I've noticed about this year, so. 00:05:21
I talked about the sand. We're gonna need replenishing. At one point we talked. I talked about the bonfire pits, which were really 00:05:27
nice. I saw him this weekend. It was. I saw all of them being used up. The pier was full of people fishing. 00:05:35
I talked about the safety in our city with the new motorcycle cops Puerto Vallarta is going to be visiting this summer. 00:05:42
We got the gym opened, the beach festivals right around the corner, the whining me fun run. 00:05:50
Nature and it also talks about. 00:05:56
Relationships and and building new bridges. I know where today we're going to have a lot of important topics, but. 00:05:59
What it what it was trying to? 00:06:07
Mean was that? 00:06:11
Regardless of what happens and who gets elected next year and the and the following years after that, there's a lot of work that 00:06:13
that needs to be. 00:06:17
Continually be done. 00:06:21
And we've done a lot of great things and I hope that we can continue year after year on a lot of the things that we've 00:06:23
accomplished. 00:06:26
These past couple years. 00:06:30
So I hope you guys enjoyed the poem, but it springs right around Spring starts tomorrow, so. 00:06:32
Thank you, Bobby. That was a great poem. 00:06:39
Councilmember Martinez. 00:06:41
We will now move on to the public comment section, which is we'll hear public comments not pertaining to items on the agenda. 00:06:47
Comments are limited to 3 minutes. 00:06:52
This process will be the same for comments pertaining to each agenda item. 00:06:57
Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments? 00:07:01
We have one general public comment from Becky Bernie. 00:07:04
Good evening Mayor, Council members, staff, I'm here tonight representing Roca Be Outdoors. 00:07:15
We have a few things coming up in the next week or two. 00:07:23
On the 28th, we're having our second annual. 00:07:28
Open house from 4:00 to 6:00 at the visitors center. 00:07:32
And then on the 24th, which is this coming Sunday, we have our 4th Sunday Fish Day for the families out at the Wyoming Pier. 00:07:38
And on the 30th we have our. 00:07:50
Fundraising surf contest. 00:07:53
Winner take all. 00:07:56
That's it. Thank you. 00:07:59
We will now move on to the agenda approval for City Council. May I have a motion and a second to approve the agenda? 00:08:04
So moved. 00:08:11
Madam Clerk. 00:08:14
I could do a roll call vote Council member Gama. 00:08:17
Council member Hernandez. 00:08:21
Was that yes? 00:08:27
Yes, Councilmember Martinez. 00:08:30
Yes, Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. 00:08:33
Yes, And Mayor Perez, Yes, motion passes unanimously. Thank you. 00:08:36
We move on to presentations. We have two presentations tonight. The first one will be the Police Department annual report given by 00:08:41
Chief Federico. 00:08:45
Good evening, everyone. As they're bringing it up for us, I just want to point out that when you hear the accomplishments that 00:09:00
we've made in the past year, half of which I was fortunate to be part of. 00:09:05
Thanks for bringing me home I. 00:09:11
The the things that get accomplished in this community cannot be done without the support from our community and the support from 00:09:15
council and from city manager's office. 00:09:19
And our partners in all our departments. 00:09:25
Especially with those of us who've been here. 00:09:29
Around the city for 30 years, we get a lot of teamwork stuff done. So when you hear successes in one department. 00:09:31
You got to know it's it's teamwork in the city. 00:09:37
In addition, I can't be more proud of the team I have here. 00:09:42
And the dedication of people who've been here for many years. 00:09:45
So very proud of this team with that. 00:09:48
Your 2023 year and report. 00:09:52
For poor Wayne BPD. 00:09:55
See if I can draw the slides today. 00:09:57
I do. 00:09:59
You're this year, we have adopted a new. 00:10:03
Mission, vision and values. 00:10:09
So I just want to point out for you. 00:10:10
That my vision for the department is leading our community's efforts and safety, enrichment and engagement. Because your police 00:10:13
department's dedicated, like I said, all other city departments. 00:10:18
In making. 00:10:24
Winding me the best place we can so it's not just about safety. 00:10:26
It's about our engagement. 00:10:30
And making and the enrichment of the community and the people that live and work here. 00:10:32
Our mission. 00:10:37
We do serve you and we serve our community with respect. 00:10:38
Compassion and courage. And you will hear compassion and a lot. 00:10:42
Of what I say because the sincerity of the people in this department shows in there. 00:10:45
Compassion to others. 00:10:50
Our values respect integrity. 00:10:53
Compassion. Courage. 00:10:56
An employee Richmond. 00:10:58
And Wellness. 00:11:00
You don't always see employee enrichment of Wellness and the. 00:11:01
But it is something here at the city we do appreciate as our people. 00:11:05
Our definition for respect serving with concerns for the failings, wishes, rights and traditions of others, while embracing A 00:11:13
commitment to the sanctity of life. 00:11:17
Integrity, serving with honesty and strong moral principles. 00:11:22
Compassion Our desire to relieve the sufferings and struggles of others through kindness and mercy. 00:11:25
Courage, strength, and sacrifice to face danger and harm. 00:11:32
And strength and mind and spirit to face difficult challenges. 00:11:35
An employee Richmond and Wellness empowering and motivating employees to grow in a team where none of us are smarter than all of 00:11:40
us. 00:11:44
And empowering employees to achieve their best possible health and morale. 00:11:49
Our staffing levels. 00:11:57
So we have. 00:12:00
Positions for 24 sworn. We have two vacancies. 00:12:05
We're opening up our lateral. 00:12:08
Hirings again. 00:12:10
In our administration, you have Chief Commander in our newer position of administrative Sergeant. 00:12:13
And in your field Services division, which is patrol and traffic. 00:12:19
You have your 4 sergeants, 2 senior officers, 10 police officers, 4 reserve officers and two CSO's. 00:12:22
Amongst those officers includes your HLO, your homeless liaison Officer. 00:12:29
And your like Insta famous traffic motor Officer Martinez, he's in there too. 00:12:32
Your investigative Services division, we have one Sergeant and of the two detectives, one of them is a senior officer. 00:12:41
In our non swarm professional staff there's twelve with one vacancy. 00:12:50
We still have our support services manager. 00:12:54
Here. She's been here on a time part, time basis, but she's still with us. 00:12:58
We have one dispatch supervisor and five dispatchers. 00:13:01
Property and Evidence Room is 1 Property and Evidence supervisor with one. 00:13:05
Part time Sports Services Technician. 00:13:09
And in records we have two senior records technicians with. 00:13:12
A part time position in there, but that is currently vacant. 00:13:17
Call summaries. So when I say call summaries, folks. 00:13:23
This is the number of actually telephone calls coming into your dispatch center. 00:13:28
Your folks are working in there and they're busy. 00:13:32
Amongst those calls, you'll get a total of 33,464 calls. 00:13:35
The 911 calls. 00:13:42
Were 7622 of that. 00:13:43
And the administration business line calls are 25,842. 00:13:47
Just keep in mind not every 911 call turns into a radio call, but a lot of those business line calls do become radio calls for 00:13:52
service because a lot of people know the non-emergency line to call into the Police Department. 00:13:57
Incident summary, so we had a total of 16,760. 00:14:05
Incidents calls police activity in the city over the year. 00:14:11
So to break it down, when you see incident activity total the 12,731. 00:14:16
That's actual radio calls, calls for service, responding to somebody's house. 00:14:22
The other 4000 or other initiated activities, including. 00:14:26
For example, locking up pair gates or closing the. 00:14:32
Something unique for our Police Department? We go out and we'll close up the park gates at Miranda Park. 00:14:36
And stuff so those when the officers check out for them. 00:14:41
Those would be included in the incident total. 00:14:44
A most common type of incident is a subject disturbing people calling, saying this person is bothering me or they're doing 00:14:47
something outside my business. 00:14:51
And there's over 1000 of those and your traffic stops. 00:14:55
Are at 1303 for the year and that is a an increase from last year's. They were very motivated in the past year and your motor 00:14:59
officer added to those numbers when we brought them on in November. 00:15:05
Your homeless related calls. 00:15:12
For those incident totals, the incident activity totals is about 10% of our calls. 00:15:14
Incident summary This is some of the quality of life for incidents, quality of life incidents. 00:15:21
Like everything from Animal. 00:15:27
Complaint calls and fireworks. 00:15:29
To suspicious subjects and like I said subject disturbing with the highest number. 00:15:32
In vehicles disturbing. 00:15:37
Incident summary for arrests. There were 685 arrests last year, so your officers are working. 00:15:46
Arresting those that need to warning those that they can. 00:15:54
Of those, 657 were adults. 00:15:58
And juveniles were 28. 00:16:02
143 were felonies and 542 were misdemeanors. 00:16:04
Traffic citations 784. 00:16:11
Traffic citations given last year in the city. 00:16:15
Your average response time. So when you see where it says dispatch receive to unit in route time. 00:16:20
And you see unit dispatch to arrival time. 00:16:26
So that first numbers where dispatch receives the call in the call. 00:16:29
To when they get on the radio and send the unit. 00:16:33
It's 1.6 minutes. 00:16:36
The unit getting the call and arriving is 3.5 minutes. One of the reasons I love coming back to the city was I missed our 00:16:39
incredible response times in the city when I left to a bigger city. 00:16:43
It's a reason you want your own. 00:16:49
Police Department because we. 00:16:52
Do maintain good response times. 00:16:54
Crime Stats and Uniform Crime Reporting. 00:16:59
So to explain. 00:17:02
What you're about to see on our. 00:17:04
So your Part 1 crimes include you're going, you're going to see what we report to DOJ on our. 00:17:07
Annual reporting for our. 00:17:13
And they're under what's called Part 1, Gribes. 00:17:16
And of those crimes includes murder, non negligent manslaughter, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, theft. 00:17:20
Motor vehicle theft. 00:17:28
Arson. Simple assaults. 00:17:31
So simple assaults are not counted in there. 00:17:33
But aggravated assaults, more serious assaults with injuries or weapons, those are reported. 00:17:37
In that category of Part 1 crimes. 00:17:43
So they're broken into two categories amongst themselves, and that's a violent crime and property crime. 00:17:46
So when you're violent crime? 00:17:52
It's murder and non negligent manslaughter. Your rape, robbery, aggravated assault. 00:17:54
And then? 00:18:01
Both assault classifications do count the domestic violence, whether it's the aggravated or the simple. 00:18:03
And then under Property Crimes, you have your burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft. 00:18:09
And it excludes arson, which is his own separate, but we do record that on our on our totals. 00:18:15
And for known offenses reported. 00:18:22
If a crime happened. 00:18:25
Three years ago, but it was just reported this year it would be counted on this year's stats. 00:18:28
OK. And as you. 00:18:34
Previously saw in our press release and our information out there overall with your crime. 00:18:36
We're down over 11%. 00:18:42
One homicides. One too many in our city. 00:18:47
And we're. 00:18:50
Very tenacious on the one homicide we had last year. 00:18:52
And that was the Peter Gomez homicide and our detectives are. 00:18:55
Making some headway on that, so I hope to have good news down the road on it. 00:19:00
So our reporting. 00:19:09
That goes to DOJ. 00:19:13
Is there's several categories and these come out to us from. 00:19:15
Like assembly measures or stuff. 00:19:21
Bills that come out of the state or the governor. 00:19:25
Chooses to. 00:19:29
Put some reporting requirements on us. 00:19:32
And there's several categories that require us to do annual reporting. Of those is SB54 and again, I'll define them, but I'll show 00:19:34
you the numbers afterwards. 00:19:38
SB54 all individuals transferred from our custody to immigrant. I'm sorry, immigration authorities. 00:19:43
Another category is going to be death in custody and arrest related deaths. So folks that. 00:19:51
Died in our custody or related to an arrest. 00:19:57
Law Enforcement Personnel Survey, which is the number of full-time sworn and non sworn male and female law enforcement personnel 00:20:01
employed by our agency. 00:20:05
And you will also. 00:20:09
Civilian complaints against police officers. It's under the AB 953 umbrella. 00:20:12
And that's the number of criminal and non criminal complaints and dispositions. 00:20:17
In our department that we report off to the state. 00:20:22
Another category, AB 71 use of force reporting. So this is reporting to the state. 00:20:25
Shooting or use of force incidents that result in a serious bodily injury or death. 00:20:33
To a civilian or the police officer. 00:20:39
And then the last one is our. 00:20:42
Is our RIPA reporting our Racial Identification and Profiling Act, which we must report all data on our traffic stops. 00:20:45
After each. 00:20:55
Uh, citizen encounter, traffic stop or pedestrian stop. The officers do fill out an electric form that we submit to the state on 00:20:57
what they perceived, who they perceived the person was. 00:21:02
And what the officers experiences and what was the outcome of the stop? And that's all reported. 00:21:07
So with that. 00:21:13
I'm happy to tell you with SB54 transfers to immigration is 0. 00:21:15
Death in custody and Arrest related deaths 0. 00:21:22
Law enforcement personnel. 00:21:26
So we have 19 male and two female of our sworn. 00:21:29
And of our non sworn there's four male and seven female. 00:21:34
Citizen complaints against officers. 00:21:39
There was 4 ones exonerated. The officer was cleared. 00:21:41
Two were UNF. 00:21:46
And then there's one pending. 00:21:48
And of those, any racial for piling racial profiling complaints was 0. 00:21:50
Our use of force reporting. We had seven use of force incidents. Pretty low number for the number of contacts we've had. 00:21:57
In the community. 00:22:04
And zero fit the criteria for the. 00:22:05
Means they were not significant enough. 00:22:09
And under our stops. 00:22:13
Out of there was. 00:22:15
1178 reportable stops. 00:22:19
And of those, there was 1370 individuals contacted. 00:22:23
And when you compare that to what you're reading above. 00:22:27
In complaints and use of forces. 00:22:29
That's a lot of contacts. 00:22:31
That's why you have a very professional and respectful Police Department. 00:22:33
Our accomplishments 2023 We hired 3 new police officers. 00:22:41
I'm sorry, three new police Explorers. 00:22:46
We hosted a Regional Police Explorer Academy. 00:22:48
We hosted the Police Explorers Holiday Toy Giveaway. 00:22:51
At our tree lighting. 00:22:55
And the Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway? 00:22:57
We hosted a police car show, the Explorers Police Car Showdown on the beach. 00:23:00
And they also hosted a Havana Knights fundraiser. 00:23:04
The PHP Explorers competed in two state and one national competition. 00:23:08
We participated in a community blood drive. 00:23:13
We participated with our other city departments and the Winami Beach Festival. 00:23:16
And the fun run events. 00:23:22
We did a backpack medicine event for our homeless population. We volunteered. Several personnel in the department volunteered for 00:23:25
the NAMI Walk and fundraiser in the Autism Society Ought to Run. 00:23:31
We also I. 00:23:38
Participating in Special Olympics Torch. 00:23:42
And we brought back your National Night Out right out here in front of the station. 00:23:44
So while we were accomplishing all those things. 00:23:49
Internally, we were promoting 3 new sergeants and it's a big process in the law enforcement world to test. 00:23:53
An interview and select We also promoted 3 new senior officers. 00:24:00
We hired one police officer and appointed another one out of the Academy. 00:24:05
We hired one community service officer. 00:24:10
And thankfully, you hired a new police chief. 00:24:13
And James let me keep the :) in there because he knows my personality. 00:24:17
We created the new administrative Sergeant position who is allowing. 00:24:22
You know, talk about using best resources. 00:24:27
That Sergeant Perez and he jumps in to help detectives when they need to. He gets a lot of these things accomplished behind the 00:24:31
scenes when. 00:24:33
For staff reporting and the council last. 00:24:36
And he's helping deal with our construction, chaos and everything else that's going in there. 00:24:39
There was our 11.2 reduction in crime. 00:24:47
And your bicycle patrol units back. 00:24:51
And of course, your motor traffic officer is back. 00:24:54
When I was a newly hired chief, I heard from this community. 00:25:00
About the Surfside Motel. 00:25:04
And. 00:25:06
So got here in June, about July. 00:25:09
I had some meetings with our city staff and the owner and his attorney and I gave him. 00:25:13
My expectations. I gave him some direction on the property. 00:25:19
You have some other members of our city staff and the city attorney. 00:25:24
That joined in and what we accomplished was. 00:25:28
After those meetings, they. 00:25:34
Our recommendations Most of our recommendations in place by August. 00:25:38
So to point out why it's. 00:25:42
Things are different over there right now. 00:25:45
Between January to August, we averaged 18 calls a month at the Surfside Motel. 00:25:47
Since August, we're averaging about two calls a month. 00:25:53
The Surfside Motel. 00:25:56
And it's a work in progress. And there's some other city departments that have been dealing with this for a while and they're 00:25:58
doing their best to progress with it. 00:26:03
Our social media and the Police Department in the last six months or probably seven months, has grown over 10% with followers. 00:26:09
It's nationally if I've talked to police departments, media specialists and Pios at police departments from coast to coast at a 00:26:19
chiefs conference, I talked to several. 00:26:24
And they all said the same thing. 00:26:29
If you're a government or a Police Department. 00:26:31
And you have a population. 00:26:34
And your social media numbers. 00:26:36
Are about a third of your population. You're doing pretty good. 00:26:38
Ours is well over half our numbers on our social medias and the thousands, and it's well over half of our population. 00:26:42
Maybe our motor officer will take credit for that, I don't know so. 00:26:50
Technology We've upgraded virtual reality system for officer training, One that gets you better Officers 2. 00:26:57
It's a budget saver when we you can do a lot of in-house virtual reality training. 00:27:04
And the other part of technology was we progressed our body worn cameras we we've upgraded them. 00:27:10
And they have much more capabilities. 00:27:19
So that was something that we were proud to get in motion last year. 00:27:22
Lots of community engagement. As you know, our Explore programs just been the heart of this department for many years. 00:27:32
So we will be launching this week. 00:27:41
Some open data for our community. On our website for the Police Department you will be able to click on the Citizen connect. 00:27:45
And if you see the map on the left up there you will see a map similar to that and it will allow you to click on data. 00:27:52
Buttons to take a look at where incidents have happened and arrests and give you some as much information as we can on that. It's 00:27:59
going to continue to be built out. 00:28:04
But we wanted to make sure we got that up and running. 00:28:09
So you will see that come out this week and they'll. 00:28:12
In the near future, we're going to. 00:28:15
Assemble some stuff for some introduction and. 00:28:17
How to guide for it? 00:28:21
Homelessness So. 00:28:29
Amongst our homeless population. 00:28:31
Remember, our HLO position was created back in 2021. 00:28:33
If you look at last year's point in time count and 20. 00:28:37
23 it was 12. 00:28:41
This year's one time of year point in time count in 2024 was 30. 00:28:43
So individuals housed last year was one, but if you look at how many individuals have been housed since 2021, that's four. 00:28:48
Four people or 4? 00:28:57
Should say for for individual incidents of housing people. 00:28:59
So you have to remember the majority of our homeless population is service resistant, so the success of our HLO of Henry to get 4 00:29:03
done took a lot of task. 00:29:09
But I will also tell you this as a person who's been involved in the. 00:29:14
The point in time count since they. 00:29:18
Brought him about in the state. 00:29:21
They're good for one purpose. If everybody's doing every city's doing it in 24 hour window, they try to get the numbers for the 00:29:23
state. 00:29:26
Right. Or they try to get the numbers for the county. 00:29:30
It's really hard for a smaller community to count one day. 00:29:33
As the existence, existence of our homeless population, kind of a person who says we should probably do quarterly. 00:29:37
Council and that will give us a better number. 00:29:43
Of what's truly going on in our homeless population. 00:29:46
So we're talking with our HLO team about that now and potentially we'll do something to that effect again, remember there about. 00:29:49
That population does affect about 10% of your calls for service. 00:29:57
Please folks, if you're not already on it, join the other thousands I mentioned on our social media, on our Facebook and 00:30:04
Instagram. 00:30:09
The city also has a separate one of both, but we tend to share all the good information on both. 00:30:13
And. 00:30:20
With that. 00:30:22
I will open up for some questions. 00:30:25
Thank you, Chief. 00:30:27
Do council members have any questions at this time? 00:30:28
Councillor comment I really appreciate all the engagement that I see happening in and around the city this morning at. 00:30:33
About 6:30 AM, I believe I saw. 00:30:41
A motorcycle. 00:30:45
Officer Getting ready to go patrol school crossings, I guess. I don't know, but just made me feel good to see that. 00:30:46
And I appreciate all the work that you and your department are doing and appreciate the fact that you came home. 00:30:53
Thank you. 00:30:58
And I don't have any questions. I just want to say thank you for everything that you do in our city. You guys have been doing a 00:31:00
great job and I'm proud to have you in our city. 00:31:04
Council member Hernandez or Mayor PRO Tim McQueen legend Do they have any questions or comments? 00:31:08
Are they still there? 00:31:16
Yes, my hand is raised. I was waiting for someone to call. Oh, sorry, we could not. We could not see the screen. We can see you 00:31:18
now though. 00:31:21
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Chief for your report. Appreciated. I did have one question you when you mentioned. 00:31:25
The four unhoused that have been well, 4 instances. 00:31:33
Of, of, on house being. 00:31:38
Supported the way that you said that makes begs me to ask you the question. 00:31:42
Is it possible that a single individual? 00:31:48
Took the the support and then reneged and then took it again. And that would be two. Are you really talking about four people? 00:31:54
Yeah, four in this case. 00:31:59
In this case they were separate. I wasn't somebody who came back and went in and I am really proud of. 00:32:05
The work Henry does because in one of. 00:32:11
Housing situations, It was a woman with her special needs. 00:32:13
So I was very proud of his efforts on that. 00:32:17
Yes, thank you so much. Are you rewarded what you were starting to say? So I was wondering if there was something in there. But 00:32:21
thank you so much. I appreciate your report. Thank you. 00:32:25
Councilmember Hernandez. 00:32:30
Thank you, Mayor, and thank you, Chief for an excellent presentation. I just wanted to give some clarification on. 00:32:34
The time period that your statistics cover. 00:32:42
I may have missed that in the beginning. 00:32:47
But is that just 2023 or are we going from 2023 into 2024? 00:32:49
Depending on what the statistics are, it's 2023 just for things like crime and accomplishments. 00:32:55
But maybe some of 2024 was just we talked about the homeless count. 00:33:02
In a few other. 00:33:07
Things that we've implemented like the. 00:33:08
The new open data that was done this year but as far as like crime statistics, except that was for the year 2023. 00:33:12
OK. Thank you. And then you mentioned the. 00:33:20
Numbers and Deaths in Custody is 0. 00:33:24
And umm. 00:33:28
Ripa reporting zero. Well, actually, there were two. Oh, transfer. 00:33:30
No, it was not that. 00:33:35
When you My question is when you talk about in custody. 00:33:39
Are you talking about in our police station? Are we talking about? 00:33:43
People we've been arrested in the city, Port Maine, and taken to the main jail. 00:33:48
It would have been our arrest are in custody. 00:33:53
So in our in our facility. 00:33:56
Yes, OK. 00:33:58
All right. And then as far as you know, we went through the December 21's. 00:34:01
Floods and I'm wondering if. 00:34:07
The department has had a chance to debrief on lessons learned. If you've done any kind of after action, review or plan to do that 00:34:10
for the in 2024, take any measures to improve. 00:34:16
Your response methods or update your emergency plans. Are there any? 00:34:24
Things are doing in the area of Emergency Management to make sure we're better prepared. Yes, the prior to that storm I discovered 00:34:29
as your new chief that there was. 00:34:33
Several things that were needed in the field of emergency services. 00:34:38
Including training my personnel I. 00:34:42
There's a few items like that. 00:34:45
That we had to put in place. We are looking at best practices that came out of that day. 00:34:47
And others to implement. 00:34:51
We have a do have a future plan of more emergency preparedness training, not only for. 00:34:54
Our folks in the department, but for our city staff. 00:35:01
To get them up to speed to where I think they should be and and could be. 00:35:05
And as far as an after action report, there has not been one put together. We are actually still in the. 00:35:10
Mitigation and follow up. 00:35:16
Portions of. 00:35:18
December storm. 00:35:20
OK. Thank you very much. 00:35:23
And the one last thing I want to say, folks. 00:35:25
If you understand the success of this department, it's because the people that are here. 00:35:27
But you have to remember, before I came in June, Commander Bob Albertson was running this place. 00:35:32
And he's obviously a great part of the success of where we got to today, so. 00:35:39
I got to commend Bob for. 00:35:45
Helming the ship before I got here. 00:35:47
Yes, thank you, Chief. Thank you, Commander. Job well done. 00:35:50
And we're happy to see the report. 00:35:53
Thank you folks. 00:35:55
The second presentation is the pension funding and unfunded liability overview and that will be given by and I apologize. 00:35:57
I'm going to tear up your last name, Dan. 00:36:06
Dan works just fine. Thank you, Dan. If I could real quick before before you speak or before you start, Dan, I just wanted to 00:36:10
explain because this is the first in what we're hoping to do a little kind of regularly over the next couple months, but. 00:36:18
We want to do as we gear up for the budget conversation this year and our budget process starting up. 00:36:28
One of the things we're trying to do is every meeting, or at least every other meeting, we are scheduling items. 00:36:35
That help provide kind of the big picture on what we're looking at in our budget and some of the different items that make up our 00:36:42
budget. 00:36:45
And one of those is pension liability. And every year the city has to pay for not only the pension of current employees, but the 00:36:49
costs related to pensions of prior employees, and so those costs. 00:36:56
Make up a bigger chunk of the budget than I think people realize. So, so we wanted to start doing these so we can start kind of 00:37:04
understanding all the different things we have to plan for. And this is the first one. Dan is our consultant. 00:37:10
Who works for Gov Invest? Who helps us, but also hundreds of other cities do their pension planning. 00:37:18
And he has 35 years of experience in the field. He's a widely known as an expert in CalPERS pension plans. 00:37:24
And was the past president of the California Municipal Treasurers Association. 00:37:32
So Dan, with that, I will hand it off to you. 00:37:37
Well, thank you everyone. Good evening. This is one of those topics that I like to describe as an inch wide and a mile deep. 00:37:43
I'll try to go through it very quickly, but it is a dense topic so I beg your indulgence ahead of time for staying with me. 00:37:52
Pension pensions plans are a long term funding plan and they really depend on a lot of very long term. 00:38:01
Economic and demographic assumptions that may or may not come true overtime, but the actuaries make their best guess. 00:38:10
In both employees, employers are make contributions to those pension plans. 00:38:17
And. 00:38:26
The third component and which is. 00:38:29
True of of many long term liabilities is there is a presumption that investment income will offset a portion of the cost of that 00:38:34
promised benefit, and so while actuaries can do their best trying to figure out when when people will retire. 00:38:42
When? What their salary will be, what, when they will expire, etc. 00:38:52
This investment component. 00:38:58
Is is is a bit more difficult to predict. The city has no control over it. 00:39:01
And it represents a large portion of the cost. 00:39:07
Or affordability of the cost of your pension plan. 00:39:15
And so I'm going to actually skip skip ahead a slide for a SEC to just to to emphasize. 00:39:20
Why? You know how Investment earnings if you could see. 00:39:27
That in this chart the bottom is represents an age scale of a hypothetical employee if they started at age 25 work to age 55. 00:39:32
The contributions that the employee and the employer make are represented in black. 00:39:44
And the investment earnings are what is presumed to offset that promised benefits. 00:39:49
And that can be anywhere from 50 to 60% and you can see. 00:39:56
Why? You know investment earnings then, when they fall short of expectations. 00:40:02
Put a tremendous strain on local governments. 00:40:08
Really. Across the nation? 00:40:14
The costs are really split up into two buckets. 1 is really the normal cost, that is, if all assumptions were met exactly. 00:40:18
Then this is simply the service credit. 00:40:26
Or the service cost of each additional year of service credit that employees accrue? 00:40:29
But when assumptions are not met. 00:40:36
Then the second part, the component. 00:40:40
That really writes the ship. It's the self correcting mechanism. 00:40:43
That really gets you back to fully funded status is what they call it's kind of the amortization of your unfunded liability 00:40:47
payment. 00:40:52
And the two together make up your employer contribution. The first component is relatively stable, the 2nd component, because it's 00:40:57
it it it it includes all of those assumptions, including. 00:41:03
The investment gains and losses is a lot more volatile. 00:41:10
So we can see this in this chart overtime from the from the 80s. 00:41:17
Onward that you know. For every collection of good years, there's usually a collection of bad years, and you know the cities. 00:41:24
Have to kind of weather the storm during those bad years. 00:41:34
And so really the only way to do that is to have cash. 00:41:38
Some funds set aside to help you through those those those down cycles. 00:41:44
This red line represents that assumed rate of return or that law or what they call the discount rate. What that long term 00:41:49
liability is, is discounted. 00:41:55
Because of the presumed investment earnings and you could see. 00:42:02
In the late 80s it was as high as 8 3/4%. 00:42:06
And overtime? 00:42:09
It has drifted down with Treasury rates. 00:42:11
Down to 6.8%. 00:42:15
So the measurement of whether CalPERS is successful on their investment? 00:42:18
Portfolio is not whether they had a positive or negative return, but whether they've actually. 00:42:24
Earned at least the amount that they assumed. 00:42:31
So it's this red line. 00:42:35
So it's it's it's a little higher bar than just just. 00:42:37
You know, breaking, breaking even overtime you can see. 00:42:42
That umm. 00:42:46
Over a long period of time. 00:42:49
The returns tend to become more stable, but in the short term you see. 00:42:50
It can have a, you know, fluctuations in the market. 00:42:57
And make the short short term rates. 00:43:01
And therefore costs to the city. 00:43:05
A lot more volatile. 00:43:09
So this, this trend downward trend is what has caused so much pain for cities and this is one of the reasons for that is treasury 00:43:12
rates if you remember in the in the 80s we're in double digits and now they've really slid down all you know they bottomed out at 00:43:20
at less than half of 1% but they've fortunately they've made a comeback in the last couple of years. It's a good side effect of. 00:43:29
Of. 00:43:38
Inflation, if there is any, is that as feds have ratcheted up the the Fed Funds rate. 00:43:41
Uh, CalPERS then has a better shot. 00:43:48
On it at earning their expected rate of return, so you can think about it if. 00:43:52
30 to 40% of their return is on fixed is in fixed income. 00:43:57
Where for a period of time it was. 00:44:03
You know, down to. 00:44:06
Under, you know under or about 1%. 00:44:09
And if 40% of it was so low, pretty difficult for them to get back up to that 7% range. So the silver lining about with inflation 00:44:12
is that over time it should make it a little with those higher interest rates for for longer what you've been hearing. 00:44:21
Should make it a little easier for CalPERS to actually achieve. 00:44:30
Those rates of return. 00:44:34
So let's take a look at how it's impacted your agency. What I've got listed below is, is really that the the accrued liability, 00:44:40
what you know, how much, how much did you have in the bank today? 00:44:47
As compared to the assets. 00:44:54
That are with CalPERS and then assets that you are holding locally in a. 00:44:56
In a 115 trust. 00:45:01
And what you can see overtime is when we look at the assumed investment return. 00:45:03
As compared to the actual when CalPERS has is underperformed. 00:45:09
Your funded status and in anyone year can either rocket upwards and you see your, your. 00:45:14
Funded status jumped 10%. 00:45:24
And then from 70 to 80. 00:45:27
And then as things reverse course in 22. 00:45:30
And that their experience loss was 14% that their fund your funded status also dropped by 10%? 00:45:35
For 23 they just missed the mark for by 7/10 of a percent so. 00:45:44
But you know, while you're paying your unfunded. 00:45:53
Unfunded liability payment, you're also paying off a little bit of principle at the same time, so your funded status is showing a 00:45:57
little bit of improvement. 00:46:01
Umm, even all the while CalPERS miss missed the mark by about 7/10 of 1% in in 23. 00:46:07
So when you compare yourself to other agencies, you're right about the average. 00:46:15
For for. 00:46:22
Perf or the public employee retirement fund in and it's in total. 00:46:23
And. 00:46:30
You know so so you're right about that that kind of average agency as funded status if you if you're thinking if you're looking at 00:46:33
the the plan as a whole. 00:46:38
So. 00:46:45
With. 00:46:47
UH Public Employees Pension Reform Act of 2012. 00:46:49
Effective January 1 of 2013. 00:46:54
There there are a new class of employees or pepper benefit employees. 00:46:58
That receive a lower benefit. 00:47:06
And therefore a lower cost, ongoing cost to fund your your program? 00:47:09
And the percentage of your payroll that is that is comprised of those Pepperell employees in 22, it was 44.6% and you could see 00:47:16
that the classic employees will transition out over time and therefore your. 00:47:25
Your cost will also your service cost will also trend downwards. 00:47:33
Overtime, so we can see this on the next slide when we look at. 00:47:39
Even though. 00:47:43
Your your your your payroll may be growing. 00:47:46
As the classic employees transition out of the workforce. 00:47:50
Your your normal cost as a percentage of pay. That pepper rate will be drifting downwards over time as the classics leave, 00:47:53
eventually leave the workforce. 00:48:00
So when we take a look, unfortunately with the loss that was incurred in 2022 is a - 7 1/2% return which was well over 14. 00:48:07
.3% experience loss. 00:48:21
Then your your total employer costs. 00:48:25
Are if if CalPERS. 00:48:29
Earns no more, no less than that 6.8%. 00:48:33
It's really going to your your costs with that ual payment. 00:48:37
Would likely increase by, you know, close to 48%. 00:48:43
Unless CalPERS makes a significant turn around in their earnings rate. 00:48:50
So. 00:48:56
So, you know, it's why it's important during these years. 00:48:58
When there, there is a dramatic turn around to have funds set aside. 00:49:03
So that you can if things don't turn around. CalPERS only earns the expected rate of return that you can hold on and and. 00:49:08
And ride this kind of. 00:49:20
Increasing cost scale. 00:49:23
That we're looking at right now. 00:49:26
And you know, just to put this in perspective, we just wanted to show represent that the pension costs represent about 10% of the 00:49:29
overall city city budget. 00:49:35
And Lupe, I'm not sure if you yeah so. 00:49:44
Yeah, I'll speak to the slide on Dan. Thank you. So in this slide we wanted to share, I wanted to share the cost. 00:49:49
For this fiscal year 222234, the normal cost that we have in the budget are 2.27 and then the UAL payment is 2 point almost 2.9 00:49:56
million. So in total we have just over 5.1 million. 00:50:03
And then the total city operating budget, that's every that's all that the city and the. 00:50:11
You know Housing Authority, so it's a percentage of the total city budget is about 9.4%. 00:50:17
And then the 2425, you know we're going to be revisiting that budget shortly, but the cost, the total cost that we have in the 00:50:24
budget now are 5.8 million. 00:50:28
And again as the percentage is about 10%, so depending on where we end up with a budget, it's somewhere between 9 to 10% of total 00:50:33
budget are what the the costs are and one thing I wanted to mention with the normal cost. 00:50:40
Dance numbers are based on the actual aerial reports. When they generate those reports, they're assuming a 2.8% payroll increase. 00:50:46
The numbers that you see here are based on our actual payroll, so our payroll. 00:50:57
Increases are higher than 2.8%. 00:51:01
And so that's why those these numbers are slightly higher than. 00:51:04
The reports. 00:51:07
Thank you. And with that, we'll take any questions. 00:51:09
Does Council have any questions for staff? 00:51:14
I do have one question. This is Martha. Thank you. 00:51:21
Can you tell me where at what percent should we as a city be could start being concerned? 00:51:25
As a fund as a percentage of funded status. 00:51:34
Yes. So certainly as as you start the. 00:51:37
The red zone is anything, you know, approaching 50%. 00:51:44
May be a point of no return. 00:51:50
So as you start heading into the 60s? 00:51:52
I you know. 00:51:58
You know, really would start ratcheting up contributions so you don't get anywhere near the 50% range. 00:52:01
And I think a good case I. 00:52:09
Could be made that you know, given the volatility. 00:52:12
To have a reserve that was probably at a minimum of about 4 million, you've got 2 million set aside, but a minimum of four, 00:52:15
preferably close to almost 7 million, you know, 5% of your crude liability. 00:52:24
Will then help you. 00:52:33
So you know during the good times you would replenish that reserve. 00:52:36
And during during the bad times you can you can dip into it but the amortization schedules. 00:52:42
Now are shorter than they used to be used to be out 30 years. 00:52:49
So it you know they. 00:52:54
Theoretically will. 00:52:57
Get you back to to a fully funded status. 00:52:59
But you may even. 00:53:04
You know, consider that even if. 00:53:06
We can, we can talk strategy down the road. 00:53:08
But. 00:53:11
I I personally probably wouldn't stop at 100%. I might I might keep a reserve maybe 10%, maybe funded at 110% because we can see 00:53:14
that your funded status can swing 10% in any one year. 00:53:21
That's a little longer conversation. 00:53:29
But thank you for your question. It was a very good one. 00:53:32
Thank you, Councilmember Gama. 00:53:37
Thank you, Dan. I remember seeing a chart. 00:53:41
That detailed. 00:53:45
How our unfunded liability payments would be increasing, increasing I think up until 2030. 00:53:48
Three, and then they would start decreasing. 00:53:54
Dramatically. 00:53:58
But the challenge is is to get to 2020 or whatever that date was. 00:54:00
Is this the chart that I was talking about? 00:54:07
Anyway, so when do we? When will we? 00:54:10
Max out on the growth of our unfunded liability. 00:54:15
About 31. 00:54:20
Yeah, 3132. 00:54:22
And that now that is. If CalPERS only earn 6.8%, this could You're only locked in through these two blue hash marks. 00:54:26
Um, because that's. 00:54:37
Based on the 2023 investment results. 00:54:39
We can say with with pretty good certainty that. 00:54:43
Your your rate will be increasing at least through this hash marks what you. 00:54:48
Need to be careful though, is if CalPERS. 00:54:52
Earns only 6.8%. It will continue to hit that peak of 32. 00:54:55
And. 00:55:00
I'm reminded by some of my actuarial colleagues. You know, I used to, I like to say. 00:55:04
I hope for the best, but plan for the worst. And they remind me that this this doesn't necessarily this isn't necessarily the 00:55:10
worst. This is. 00:55:15
If Calpurn. 00:55:20
Helpers earns 6.8%. 00:55:21
And there are a number of obviously flashpoints around the world. 00:55:24
That some of that conflict can roil the markets as is, we see a number of. 00:55:28
Our countries overseas that are going are in technical recessions and that may. 00:55:36
That could have an impact on. 00:55:42
The US overtime as well. 00:55:45
Thank you, Councilmember Martinez. 00:55:50
Thank you, Dan, for the presentation. By any chance, do you know of any cities in our county that are fully funded? 00:55:54
So I have to, I have to go. There are agencies that are in that were in 21 we're actually in. 00:56:06
In in in surplus status, so they had funds in excess of. 00:56:19
That there are crude Li. 00:56:26
They may have accomplished that because they had they came out of Covad better than they expected with a lot more reserves or 00:56:28
perhaps they issued. 00:56:33
Pension obligation bonds to help offset some of that. 00:56:38
Umm, but with the sudden downturn in the market in in 22. 00:56:44
Umm, there's hardly. 00:56:49
Anyone that I know of? 00:56:51
And at this picture point of time that is in fully funded status because they dropped. 00:56:53
10% and then in just in one year when we look at the slide, so they may have been at 105% funded. 00:56:59
And and they would have dropped. 00:57:07
To uh. 00:57:09
Probably below 95%. 00:57:11
So do you know which of those agencies are like, like say, the star students that we should be looking at to? 00:57:14
Maybe following their footsteps? 00:57:21
Yeah, I know that's, you know, I'm happy to prepare a histogram of of cities in the county. If there are specific cities that you 00:57:23
would like to benchmark about against, happy to look at those or measure those. 00:57:31
That. 00:57:39
That you do have to be careful. 00:57:41
In those comparisons, only because you know, maybe the city. 00:57:44
Was in CalPERS for a shorter period of time, or perhaps they outsourced? 00:57:50
Their Police Department to the sheriff. 00:57:56
So the shares, so the cost of their pension program is no longer showing up in in. 00:57:58
In the city budget, but it's really showing up as part of the contract cost with the sheriff. 00:58:05
Uh, happy to run those. But just, you know, with all the normal caveats that you know, be careful making sure your comparisons are 00:58:11
apples to apples. Yeah, no, no worries, Dan. Thank you. 00:58:16
Councilmember Hernandez, do you have a question or comment? 00:58:21
No. Thank you for your presentation. 00:58:26
Appreciate it. Yes, thank you, Dan. This subject makes my eyes cross. 00:58:28
I'm glad you you did explain it to where I got some of the gist of it, but I'm glad we have experts that are watching over this 00:58:35
and connected with you and can keep an eye on our city and make the best. 00:58:39
Financial decisions that we have because don't ask me, I have no idea. 00:58:45
Are we done with the presentation? Any further comments or questions? Yeah, I think that's it for the presentation and just to 00:58:49
kind of wrap it up, so. 00:58:52
It's on the agenda today as a presentation because. 00:58:56
Asking for any action today or anything else, it's it's purely informational and as we start to work towards our budget. 00:58:59
Just to keep in mind. 00:59:07
You know, right now I think to to wrap it up, we're about 70% funded. That's about average. We're see students in that. It's not a 00:59:10
bad thing, but it's not, we're not the A students yet either. You know, we're not 100% funded. 00:59:16
But just one point that I think Dan can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think each percent to catch up is about $1.5 million or 00:59:24
maybe a little bit more than that. 00:59:29
So just to give you an idea, if we were to say we wanted to fully fund our pension and be the A student. 00:59:34
It'd be 30%, you know, maybe forty $40 million or so. So it's not something we're going to do in a year and probably no one's 00:59:40
going to, you know, there is no city that that can do that. But it's something we need to remember because as we start to budget, 00:59:46
it's easy to remember other priorities that are more like visible. But behind the scenes these are the other priorities we have to 00:59:52
think about. So we'll rely on you to keep that. We'll keep reminding everybody. Thank you. 00:59:58
All right. Thank you so much, Dan. 01:00:06
You're very welcome. Have a good evening. You too. 01:00:08
So we'll move on now to the consent calendar. We will now consider items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one 01:00:11
motion unless a council member has a request to remove an item for discussion. 01:00:16
May I have a motion and a second to approve? Move to approve? 01:00:22
2nd. 01:00:27
Does any council member have any items they'd like to remove? 01:00:29
I do have one question, Mayor. This is Martha. 01:00:33
Don't necessarily have to pull it, I just have a question. Would you prefer that I pull it or just ask the question? 01:00:37
Just a question, just ask the questions. Fine. 01:00:44
OK. On #7, I just want to understand, I see that there were four proposals received and then it says three were non responsive. 01:00:46
What does that mean? 01:00:53
In this case, it was specifically that the other three did not give a cost. 01:01:01
A cost estimate. 01:01:07
And so only one of the four gave a proposed cost and different circumstances. They could be non responsive for different reasons, 01:01:09
but in this case it was that the three did not provide cost estimates. 01:01:15
OK. Is that something that we experience quite often? I would imagine a proposal would have a cost to it. Yeah, it doesn't happen 01:01:22
very often. I mean we have non responsive proposals on occasion, but it's not often we have multiple that didn't give a cost 01:01:27
estimate, so. 01:01:33
Thank you. 01:01:40
Anything further from anyone? 01:01:41
All right. Not seeing any. May we have a vote please, Madam Clerk. 01:01:44
Councilmember Gama Yes, Councilmember Hernandez. 01:01:49
Yes, Councilmember Martinez. Yes, Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. 01:01:54
Yes, And Mayor Perez, Yes, motion passes unanimously. Thank you. 01:01:58
Now we'll move on to business items. The first business item is the Hero's History and Heritage Policy nomination, the Richard 01:02:04
Bard monument and proposed survey. Will staff please present the report. 01:02:10
Yes, thank you. And our Deputy City Manager Charles Perez is going to provide the presentation on this and. 01:02:19
Just as far as process goes. 01:02:27
Partially the reason or the presentation we're going to give is essentially the same presentation that was given to the Citizen 01:02:30
Advisory Commission who had weighed in on this as part of their role. So Mr. Prince is going to walk us through that and just give 01:02:35
a little bit of the background on the process and. 01:02:41
The item and where we're at at this point, OK. 01:02:48
Thank you. Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and council members and members of the public. 01:02:52
As you may recall, at the last meeting the Council requested future agenda item to discuss the proposed. 01:02:57
Barred monument. 01:03:03
The item is presented to provide an overview of the process to date, including draft survey. 01:03:05
Regarding the monument location and to allow for discussion regarding this project. 01:03:10
So a little bit of background during discussions during, excuse me, discussions regarding the Community benefit funds. 01:03:18
Allocations for a public monument project began. 01:03:25
In 2020. 01:03:28
And in early 2022? 01:03:31
Based on the initial design concept, $50,000 was approved for the Richard Bard monument project, which is phase one of the. 01:03:33
Proposed public monument. 01:03:42
Project. At that time, it was noted that final detail details would be determined and approved. 01:03:44
Through the hero's history and heritage. 01:03:50
Application process. 01:03:53
Subsequently, 2 allocations totaling an additional $70,000 were approved by both the Oxnard Harbor District and. 01:03:56
The city of Port Hueneme. 01:04:03
As the project applicant, the district submitted an application for the Richard Bard monument on November 1st of last year. 01:04:05
Staff screened the application, requested and received some additional information. 01:04:13
And presented the application to the Citizen Advisory Commission on November. 01:04:18
13th. 01:04:22
The application proposed A7 foot bronze statue of Richard Bart on a four foot pedestal. 01:04:27
And was proposed to be located in the center of the Wharf Plaza, located adjacent to the intersection of Market Street and 01:04:32
Surfside Drive. 01:04:36
Community Benefit Fund allocations are sufficient to cover the costs. 01:04:41
Of construction, site preparation and installation, and those costs are estimated to be slightly more than $97,000. 01:04:45
The district has indicated its intent to provide ongoing maintenance and its desire to install plaques that highlight Mr. Bard's 01:04:52
contributions to the community. 01:04:56
This slide just provides a. 01:05:03
Handwritten sketch of the monument to show perspective and a photo. 01:05:06
Of the monument in the Artists studio. 01:05:11
So, as noted, CAC reviewed the application on November 13th. 01:05:18
Posed various questions to the applicant and received public comments. 01:05:23
The Commission generally expressed support for the Statute. 01:05:28
And inquired about how the location was selected and discussed. 01:05:32
The degree of public and citizen input that was received. 01:05:37
Ultimately, they recommended that the City Council approve the monument. 01:05:41
And that the Council determined the appropriate location or as an alternative. 01:05:44
Refer the discussion about location back to California. 01:05:48
Since that meeting, Arkstart Harbor District has drafted a survey that is intended to collect. 01:05:55
Some additional public input regarding possible different locations. 01:06:01
For the monument. 01:06:05
It's included in the packet and shown here on this slide. 01:06:06
So once again, the agenda item is intended to allow for discussion of the item of the process. 01:06:13
And also the draft survey to receive council and or public comment. 01:06:20
About the questions, modifications to the questions, the locations that are considered, or other? 01:06:25
Comments that are received this evening. 01:06:31
Thank you, this Council. Have any questions for staff at this time? 01:06:33
Or any questions? 01:06:38
I think we have Miguel here to answer any questions if necessary. 01:06:41
I have one question about the process. So the survey is just an idea is that we're not obligated to that or? 01:06:46
Yeah, that's correct. The process does not require a survey. 01:06:57
When we had. 01:07:02
After the CAC meeting, we had a joint committee meeting with the. 01:07:04
With our two City Council representatives and the port's representatives. 01:07:09
And we talked about the fact that this would come back to council and be and be subject to public comment. 01:07:13
And there the idea of the survey. 01:07:20
If I remember correctly, came from the port or the harbor district with the idea that this would be another way to get more public 01:07:24
feedback. So it's something that was proposed, we have a draft to do it, but it's ultimately councils decision whether to proceed 01:07:30
with that or to make an alternative decision. 01:07:35
All right. Councilmember Martinez, do you have any questions or comments? 01:07:44
Yeah, I wanted to ask Miguel how they were gonna push out the survey, if that's OK. 01:07:48
Good, good evening, Mayor and council members. The survey would be distributed to all of our public channels, including social 01:07:57
media, including printed press as well as Flyers. We were also looking at doing some listening sessions and the walkway that's 01:08:07
that leads to the to the lighthouse where we would set up just some tables and a canopy and have everybody that's walking by. 01:08:17
At different times of the day, of course, and different days. 01:08:27
Give their input in terms of what they would see appropriate for the location. 01:08:30
Thank you. 01:08:34
Councilmember Hernandez or Mayor McQueen. 01:08:36
Do you have any questions for Miguel or staff? 01:08:39
No questions for me. Thank you. 01:08:43
Yeah, none at this time. Thank you. 01:08:45
All right. Do we have any public comments on this item? 01:08:47
We do. We have four public comments and 1 written comment. 01:08:52
First one is Joan Tharp. 01:08:57
Good evening Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem, council members and staff. 01:09:05
In regard to item 10, Heroes, History and Heritage Policy. Nomination for the Bard Richard Bard Monument and Proposed Survey. 01:09:10
I just wanted to comment on the survey. I think that if it's going to be done, it should be pushed out by the city. 01:09:20
Because the. 01:09:27
Proposal is on city property and I think that it would be more appropriate for the city to push that out. 01:09:28
And maybe it could be a joint. 01:09:35
Process. It should be more specific as to the exact placement of the statues, so. 01:09:37
There are four locations proposed, but there's not enough information to make an informed decision. For example, it looks like the 01:09:44
location on the Winemie Wharf Plaza. 01:09:48
Is on top of the current compass, which I don't think would be real popular thing to cover that compass up because I think a lot 01:09:54
of people like it and it. 01:09:58
Shows that we have a S facing beach instead of a West facing beach. Kind of educational. 01:10:02
If the statue goes at the proposed location at the museum. 01:10:08
Would it replace the tree or would it go next to the other monuments that are there? 01:10:13
If it goes in Bubbling Springs Park, would that be part of the renovation process and where in the park would it go because there 01:10:18
are a lot of options? 01:10:23
And then the most in my mind, the most likely place for it to be would be the entrance to. 01:10:28
The port and again there's no specific placement there that I saw in the in the draft. So I think it's important that for people 01:10:34
to make up their minds that they would to have input, that it would be important to have specific places. 01:10:41
Also, the actual name of the Winimi Wharf Plaza was just how it's listed on Google Maps. 01:10:49
Needs to be on the survey. If it's Bards Wharf and Flag Plaza, I don't know if that's the correct name. If it isn't, it's keep me 01:10:55
skew the responses. 01:11:00
And I've heard it called a million different things, so it would be nice to have that clarification just in general. 01:11:04
I also think that the results of the survey should be tallied by the city or by CAC. 01:11:12
No offense, Port, but it is again, I think a city decision, so I think it should be done by by the city. I don't know what the 01:11:19
plan was for tallying the results, but I think it would ensure full transparency as well. 01:11:27
Also, it seems like the statue was completed prior to public input. I don't know if that is the case. It looks like it's finished. 01:11:35
But it seems like the location should have. We should have had public input for the location. 01:11:41
Before it was even constructed. I know that we did have an opportunity during the community benefit fund discussions, but I don't 01:11:46
really remember the location being discussed during those discussions. 01:11:53
Thank you very much for your time. Thank you all. Very good questions. Could we make note of those? 01:12:00
Janice. 01:12:07
Mr. Thomas, you'll be after. 01:12:12
Good evening. 01:12:23
Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem, council members and staff. 01:12:24
Umm, I'm here today representing the Anacapa View Beach Homes and the Winemie HOA Coalition to speak on behalf of the. 01:12:30
A Bard statue, and we have some concerns in general. 01:12:38
We are fine with the concept of the statue. 01:12:42
In spite of the fact that. 01:12:44
Erecting statues right now is not necessarily a popular practice. 01:12:46
We suggest maybe more some more community input in taking into consideration and given these types of projects in the future. 01:12:51
The location is our primary concern. In January 2024, the coalition members responded to an e-mail survey. 01:13:02
About 140 emails were sent out by two to the coalition and other HOA residents. 01:13:10
90% of those residents said they did not want. 01:13:18
The statue located at the Wyoming Beach Flag Plaza. 01:13:22
Or whatever it's. 01:13:26
10% said yes. 01:13:28
That's a large population that doesn't want it in that location. 01:13:30
Concerns were. 01:13:34
They did not want to see our beautiful beaches. 01:13:36
Aligned with. 01:13:39
Statues and memorials. 01:13:41
In general. 01:13:44
In addition, the Citizens Advisory Group did take this under consideration. 01:13:46
And you know we did talk a lot about the the fact that there wasn't I did share this data and we did talk about a lot about that 01:13:50
data as being not a popular location. 01:13:55
So it is now apparent that the port continues to want to push for that. 01:14:01
Location, and that's a concern. 01:14:08
If we do a. 01:14:11
Is it really necessary to include that location? 01:14:14
I'd like to suggest the council written consider the idea of removing that location from. 01:14:17
The. The. 01:14:24
I'd also like to suggest that I. 01:14:26
As Joan had mentioned. 01:14:29
Who is the targeted audience? It needs to be winemie residents that are making that decision because it's on wine EMI property. 01:14:30
And who collects that data? I do want the city to also look at. 01:14:37
Respectfully showing a transparent process in how that location is selected. 01:14:43
And in closing I just want to say I. 01:14:49
I sit on my deck every weekend and have coffee and watch the hundreds of people go by walking, biking, skating. 01:14:52
Going through that Plaza. 01:15:00
I often also see weddings and church gatherings and exercise sessions and families hanging out and just shooting the breeze on in 01:15:02
that little location. It's lovely. 01:15:07
And I think that any statute that we put in that location is actually going to compromise that kind of nice. 01:15:12
Community feeling? 01:15:19
So, umm. 01:15:20
I would ask that the Council. 01:15:22
Remove the Beach Plaza from the. 01:15:24
And look for a new and an alternative location if we're going to have a statue in winemie. Thank you. Thank you. 01:15:27
Mr. Thomas and then Mr. Scrivener. 01:15:36
Good evening Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, City Council members, city employees and members of the public. I just want to speak pretty 01:15:47
briefly on this statue placement and think that we should probably cut the number of places down as to where the statue is being 01:15:53
placed, just as Jan had previously mentioned the. 01:15:58
The Beach Plaza I don't think is a reasonable place for the statue. 01:16:04
I would just like to remind everybody that who the statues being built of. 01:16:09
Is because he built the port, not the beach. 01:16:14
Not the park. It should probably be somewhere close to the. 01:16:18
Or the museum, because it's historic. 01:16:22
That's all I have to say. Thank you. Thank you. 01:16:27
Good evening. 01:16:39
About 3 weeks ago I think I figured out that this whole process was going to was in the process of happening and took a look one 01:16:42
look at that statue and just went Oh my God this is not something most people want to stuck down at the beach. 01:16:49
It's kind of beyond me why we're spending $100,000 statue when there's a lot of other. 01:16:57
Important things that could be done without money in the city. 01:17:03
But I guess the money's already been spent so. 01:17:06
My hope is that we do not stick it or you don't stick it down at the beach. 01:17:13
The best place I can see for it to go would be at the port entrance. 01:17:18
That's the interest of the port, maybe the library. 01:17:22
Excuse me the? 01:17:25
Museum I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous here, but at this point I think there's a lot of community opposition to it. 01:17:29
The next point is. 01:17:37
Get any result you want out of a poll or a survey, depending on how you word it. 01:17:40
I think whatever is done in terms of speaking with the public about this. 01:17:45
Needs to be done by. 01:17:49
City staff rather than through the port. 01:17:51
For it has an extensive outreach program and is constantly. 01:17:55
Funding staff studies to tell us how great they are. 01:18:00
And I don't know that I was agree with it so. 01:18:04
Anyway, thank you. 01:18:07
And one last threat in public comment. 01:18:11
Good morning. I just wanted to touch base with you and give you some feedback on the conversation we had this morning, as you had 01:18:13
mentioned about the statue and the funding attached to it. 01:18:18
I wanted to voice my concerns that the money could be better utilized by patching major potholes on Whining Me Rd. 01:18:22
I personally have had a flat tire from a cracked rim and had to purchase all new shocks and struts on my vehicle. 01:18:29
Resulting in costs upwards of $2000. 01:18:35
This poses a serious concern to myself and several people that drive this road daily. 01:18:38
I have been driving this road since 2013 and have noticed that it has gotten progressively worse overtime. 01:18:43
I hope this is a better use of tax dollars and putting up a statue. Thank you for your time and hopefully this feedback will help. 01:18:50
Any questions or concerns, please feel to reach out. 01:18:57
And that was from Travis Brohammer. 01:19:01
And that concludes public comment. 01:19:05
Thank you. 01:19:07
Any further comments from council? 01:19:08
Thank you. 01:19:12
Yeah, I am. 01:19:14
I feel that. 01:19:17
A survey is unnecessary and I feel like. 01:19:18
I would hope that my opinion is in my opinion only is that. 01:19:21
If you want a statue, put it on your property's. 01:19:25
I don't think it. 01:19:29
I don't think the location is. 01:19:33
Right. For that size of a. 01:19:36
It's a very large statue. 01:19:39
And I don't. 01:19:42
A survey is necessary if we as a council would just. 01:19:45
Say hey. 01:19:49
If you want to put a statue up, put it on your property. 01:19:52
And then it's not a city issue. 01:19:55
But I'm not in favor of a survey at all. I just would like to. 01:19:58
Say. 01:20:02
If you want to put a statue, put it on your property and. 01:20:06
You know, we'll wish you luck. 01:20:10
But for everything that was said earlier, I just think the beach is a really. 01:20:13
Bad location for that large statue and I also think that. 01:20:19
The city could have been collaborated with. 01:20:25
Along the way. 01:20:29
Because all we were hearing was a statue, a statue of statue, and then suddenly this picture shows up and it's like. 01:20:31
Wow. OK. 01:20:37
So, and then Joan brought up a very good point. You know, there's a compass right there in the middle of that Plaza. So we're just 01:20:40
going to abandon the compass because the port wants to. 01:20:45
Statue on our property. 01:20:51
So I I would just wish them all the. 01:20:55
Good vibes. I have to wish them with their selection of a statue and I would encourage them to put it on their property if they 01:20:58
so. 01:21:03
Desire. 01:21:08
I have a comment for clarification. This is not being paid for by tax dollars. It's not being paid for by the general fund at all. 01:21:11
This is being paid for by the Community Benefit Fund, which comes from the port as part of the agreement that was made. 01:21:17
Years ago. So just for the record, the city is not paying for this out of its own funds. 01:21:25
Just to clarify that. 01:21:31
And this process was discussed. 01:21:33
Over years of this committee that was formed. 01:21:36
Which I've been on a couple and other members have been on a few. 01:21:40
So this process has been discussed over the years and the monument series. 01:21:45
Was discussed and we all agreed on and approved it. There have been some modifications as to the order. For instance, second phase 01:21:49
will we requested the city. 01:21:54
Do a monument which we'll be discussing with the Chumash directly to honor the Chumash heritage of this area. 01:21:59
So you can't say that it hasn't been discussed. It has been discussed next. 01:22:07
I supported the use of a survey only because I believe this entire process needs community feedback. I think we as a city cannot 01:22:13
make a decision on this without hearing from our residents. It's how we do business with everything. It's important that we get 01:22:20
feedback from as many people as possible. They offered to do a survey, we accepted and I think it should be a joint survey and 01:22:26
joint collaboration as to how that goes out. So I agree with the comments by Joan and the other individual so. 01:22:33
As the questions that have been. 01:22:42
Asked during the locations, I do think we need some clarification on some of them because they are unclear where they actually 01:22:43
want to have it. At the museum it was just a picture of a tree. 01:22:48
So a little bit more clarification is needed and that's the end of my comments. Do we have any other comments before we go? 01:22:53
Yeah, you have a comment. 01:23:02
Yeah, I just want to mention it is true. We've been talking about the statue for quite some time. I know when it was first brought 01:23:04
up. 01:23:08
There wasn't an arrow that was as specific as the arrow that's now on the map. It's pointing it right at the center. Before it was 01:23:12
just like, hey, in this area. The map was zoomed out a little bit more. 01:23:18
And that was always my question. You know, where is it really gonna? I like I have a general idea but but. 01:23:24
It was never cleared up that they wanted that the idea was to be placed at the center. 01:23:30
Which I wouldn't support. 01:23:37
I would. I would support on the on the side or on the path, or a little bit more down the lighthouse. 01:23:39
I think that it look it would look great in front of the museum. I think it would look great in front of the main gate. 01:23:45
But most definitely not at the center where we do have. 01:23:52
A Plaza where people gather and and where the port and the city have done events together in the past. So that would that would 01:23:57
that wouldn't allow for events it anymore that that would. 01:24:03
That would change it up completely. 01:24:11
I'm OK with the survey. I think it'd be good for us to to have input from our community. 01:24:14
If we choose to leave the Winemie Wharf and Flag Plaza as a choice. 01:24:21
I do think that. 01:24:27
We should change the name to. 01:24:29
To correct name. 01:24:32
I do also think maybe we can add other as as another option for people to maybe maybe someone has a better idea of where it can 01:24:34
go, or at least an area on the survey for comments for people to write some comments and fill it out. 01:24:42
But I know that it's been. 01:24:49
Mention where they want it on the on the. 01:24:53
Wharf and Flag Plaza. So maybe. 01:24:55
For just from my. 01:24:59
My opinion? Like I don't. I don't think that's a good location for it. 01:25:00
For the music, for the for the statue. 01:25:06
Council Member Gama, Thank you, Mayor. I just want to clarify, yes, we did have discussions along the way. I voted to for this 01:25:10
when it was first presented to us in terms of a honoring the Chumash heritage, honoring the Bard family and honoring the 01:25:16
longshoremen. So I supported that, but what I was. 01:25:22
Just trying to make the point that. 01:25:29
When the concept for a statute came forward, they didn't come to us and share that concept and and if they would have, they would 01:25:32
have gotten the same feedback they're getting tonight. 01:25:37
And that's that's. 01:25:43
So I do agree. Yes, we had conversations. Yes, we did. 01:25:44
And over the course of three years, the port was squirreling away the funding to build a finance this this statue. But never were 01:25:48
we presented with a a. 01:25:54
A concept and a. 01:26:03
Place up in. 01:26:05
Not until the statue was completed so. 01:26:07
Councilmember Hernandez. 01:26:10
Thank you, Mayor. I I just want to say it's it's customary to allow every City Council member to comment before somebody gets a 01:26:13
second chance. 01:26:17
To rebut on the discussion. 01:26:22
I just want to weigh in here and say. 01:26:25
That this item has been presented to City Council. 01:26:30
At least four times, beginning in 2020 when we first approved it. 01:26:35
I know that because I've gone back and I've looked at the staff reports and the Council presentations and that doesn't even 01:26:40
include the presentation before the Citizens Advisory Commission. 01:26:46
So if you go back and you look at those staff reports, you will see that the monument was approved back in 2020. 01:26:53
Not 2022. 01:27:02
That there have been a. 01:27:04
There has been a white paper. There has been recommendations on where to place. 01:27:07
The the monument. 01:27:12
So I think we're now at a point where. 01:27:15
Public input is critical. 01:27:20
To make to help this item move forward, I'm in full support of doing the survey. I wouldn't eliminate any of the locations. 01:27:22
One of my my thoughts on this and this is through discussions with interested parties. 01:27:31
Is that with all the renovations we're doing at Bubbling Springs that that might be just an ideal location for for a monument It's 01:27:37
we don't. I don't know that we can say at this point exactly where the monument would go if that's the selected choice by our by 01:27:43
our residents. 01:27:49
But we should at least give our residents. 01:27:56
And our constituents the opportunity to weigh in on all eligible locations. 01:28:01
Maybe there's some way that we can do a joint effort in distributing the survey? 01:28:08
I would not let the Citizens Advisory Commission. 01:28:13
Do the telling or the review because there is a definite conflict of interest with one of the members of the Citizens Advisories 01:28:16
Commission. But. 01:28:21
I think that city staff. 01:28:26
I think we could trust city staff to do the the final tallying of the results, but I'm in full support of let's get this survey 01:28:29
out, let's get it done and let's move on with this issue. Thank you, Mayor Potem. 01:28:34
Do you have anything to add? 01:28:41
No, I do not. Thank you, Mayor. I think everything has been said. Thank you. 01:28:43
So we are here to either receive an update on the status of the application for the Richard Bard monument by the Oxnard Harbor 01:28:47
District and provide direction regarding the proposed survey to solicit community feedback regarding potential locations. 01:28:54
So we've had discussion and now we need to summarize a direction that we'd like to give. 01:29:02
I'll make a motion to approve. 01:29:08
The survey with the adjustments of the just making sure that. 01:29:11
The names are correctly ran, I'm not sure if it's. I didn't had never seen it as bars, Bards Wharf and Flag Plaza, so I don't know 01:29:16
if it's. 01:29:20
Why Nimi Wharf in Flag Plaza? 01:29:24
If the port can maybe add a map on the back or somewhere so it can be a little bit more specific so people can see exactly where 01:29:27
and then maybe also add a comments. 01:29:31
That, that those were my suggestions. Are you talking about add more definitive description as to where, where exactly where and 01:29:37
then just a comments area? 01:29:42
I'll set. Go ahead. 01:29:47
Who's going to be allowed to participate in the survey needs to be. 01:29:51
Discussed and agreed on. 01:29:55
So is that what we need to discuss now is who, if it's going determining whether it's going to be a joint survey or are we just 01:29:59
going to approve the concept of a survey? 01:30:03
So I think with the direction we have. 01:30:08
We can take it The bottom of the survey has an address filled. 01:30:13
And so we can collect the data on who's responding and if they're when EMI residents or not and we can provide all the data and 01:30:18
then just the whiny ME data, Winemi specific data. 01:30:24
I think I didn't hear a comment about the joint tallying, tallying of the survey, but I think all it makes sense for all of us to 01:30:31
jointly work together on it. So I think unless there's specific direction otherwise, I think that all of that would be a joint 01:30:38
effort of the city and the port. Are we going to be bound by the results of this survey? It's a it's a survey, it's not, it's not 01:30:45
a legally binding vote. So we can get the survey, you know, we'll get the data and then the council. 01:30:52
Ultimately, still will have the decision. 01:31:00
I'll second the motion. Do you still have any other comments? 01:31:04
Yeah, I just, again, I know we're just beating this thing up, but. 01:31:07
Never were we presented with a drawing scope. 01:31:11
Of a statue, it was always. 01:31:15
Said a monument. 01:31:18
And that does so anyways. 01:31:20
We were never. 01:31:22
Advised of that it was going to be an 11 foot statue in this place, so just want to get that on the record and if you want to. 01:31:23
Dispute that we could dig up our old meetings. 01:31:30
Mayor Pro Tem, do you have a question? Your hand is up. 01:31:33
Yeah, Thank you, Mayor. I did hear the city manager refer to the address. 01:31:37
On the form, is there any way we can just put a note or something for Port Hueneme residents? I'm not really sure why we'd want to 01:31:43
collect. 01:31:48
Information for people outside the city and have to go through that process and then possibly hear that their their input was not 01:31:53
counted. 01:31:58
Yeah, I think, I think we can, we can figure out a way to do that if that's the desire. It does make sense. This is a city 01:32:03
decision, so we should be the city attorney. 01:32:08
I think there needs to be a point of clarification here. You have a motion with a second right now. 01:32:13
To the extent anybody wants to amend that motion, I would suggest making a second motion. 01:32:18
Receiving a second on that motion, and then the way that we handle that is the most recent motion made gets handled first, which 01:32:24
can obviate the need for a vote on the first motion. Understood. Do we need? 01:32:29
Do you need a motion for the? 01:32:35
Particulars that we're talking about. I hear the particulars as modifying the first motion. So it would really be two separate 01:32:37
votes. 01:32:40
May I just add. 01:32:44
Possible motion. Could we ask staff to come back with maybe? 01:32:47
Two or three surveys to choose from. 01:32:52
And again the parameters being. 01:32:56
Residents of the city of Port Hueneme. 01:33:00
I mean that I think those are the. 01:33:02
I mean, who? Who's going to participate in the survey needs to be answered. 01:33:05
Before I could vote, just for the record, I'm not going to amend my motion. I would want to see where the addresses are coming 01:33:10
from and then we can see OK, these are if there are people that are voting outside of the city, then we would be able to see that. 01:33:16
And. 01:33:22
I'm keeping, I'm keeping my motion, but if you do another motion and someone seconds it, yours surpasses. 01:33:25
Yeah. So council has the option to to say, you know, bring back three versions and bring it to the next meeting. That's a, that's 01:33:31
a that's an option for the council. It's just not the motion on the table at this point. Do you want to make that motion? 01:33:37
Sure, I'll make a motion that staff bring back. 01:33:49
At least two altern. 01:33:54
Surveys. 01:33:56
Are going to win EMI residence only. 01:33:58
Does anyone want to 2nd that motion? 01:34:04
Hearing no second, that motion fails. 01:34:08
OK, Miss Yeah. 01:34:11
My hand is up. 01:34:15
Yes. OK. Thank you, Mayor. So I have a motion I move that we. 01:34:16
Approve the current survey with updates to. 01:34:25
The to ensure the locations are properly identified. 01:34:30
The area by which? 01:34:34
The monument will be placed. 01:34:36
Is identified. 01:34:38
At a map showing where the specific locations are. 01:34:40
And put in a notice. 01:34:45
That the survey is for Port Hueneme residents only. 01:34:48
Thank you. I second that. 01:34:51
OK, I will take A roll call vote. 01:34:56
Council member Gama. 01:34:59
Councilmember Hernandez. 01:35:01
Yes, Council member Martinez. 01:35:04
Yes. 01:35:09
Mayor Pro Tem McQueen. 01:35:11
Yes, and Mayor Perez, Yes, Motion passes unanimously. 01:35:13
All right. We will. Thank you, Miguel, and thank you staff for the presentation. We'll move on to the next business item which is 01:35:20
priorities for city and port Oxen Harbor District partnership 2024. 01:35:26
Well staff, please present. 01:35:32
Yes, thank you. 01:35:34
And going into this item I actually. 01:35:35
I was looking for the right. 01:35:39
Spot to make this point and I and it didn't come around but I did want to give some credit to the port that. 01:35:40
As we worked with in the committee meetings over the last couple of committee meetings. 01:35:47
The port did come back with. 01:35:53
More options and more location options. So I just wanted to acknowledge that that you know that we were working through that 01:35:57
process and. 01:36:00
And it ties to the priorities discussion because I think that is sort of. 01:36:05
Big picture, that's one of our goals and one of our priorities and that's the feedback I'm looking for from the council this year 01:36:10
is. 01:36:14
To have some of these projects and some of these initiatives that we're working on together to really have them be collaborative. 01:36:17
And to have them be joint efforts where both sides are bringing their ideas to the table and working together and trying to get 01:36:25
things done for the benefit of the community. And so that's reflected in our report for the priorities for 2024 item. 01:36:34
This item, you may recall, is on the agenda because we started to talk about our goals at the last meeting and we decided. 01:36:43
And the council directed. 01:36:51
To essentially agendize each major partnership is a separate discussion and to be able to focus on each of those partnerships. 01:36:54
And so some of the priorities for the for that partnership with the port and the Oxnard Harbor district. 01:37:03
Tie back exactly to what we're talking about and so this item is on the agenda to allow for that first discussion about some of 01:37:10
the priorities for this year with the with the port. I will note that in some of those I. 01:37:16
Joint meetings we've had with the port and some of the discussions we've had working with the staff of the port. 01:37:24
I do see a lot of potential for ways. 01:37:29
In topic areas that we could work together that would benefit both the city's residents and the port. 01:37:33
And so in the report we we talked about four that are really. 01:37:39
Critical ones to both the city and the port. 01:37:44
That we recommend as priority topics for this year. 01:37:47
Those four topics are the streets and infrastructure projects and funding opportunities. 01:37:51
We note in that item that at last year's joint trip with the port to Washington DC. 01:37:57
One of the topics that kept coming up that I. 01:38:03
Was maybe enlightening for. For me was a. 01:38:07
The focus of the federal representatives on how important the port is as sort of a resiliency. 01:38:11
Tool to the not just the city state, but also the federal government that during times like KOVAT or. 01:38:19
During times of other crises that the port becomes more and more critical to help get goods in. When there are COVID supply chain 01:38:25
shortages, for example, the port was able to jump in and get more goods into our country. 01:38:34
And so it sort of became clear to us as we were having these conversations that. 01:38:43
For the port to be able to have that. 01:38:49
Impact and that effect on on our country. 01:38:51
The city's streets and infrastructure have to be able to support that and. 01:38:55
If the goods are stuck and can't get into the port, that's a problem, but also if they get to the port but they can't get 01:38:59
anywhere. 01:39:02
From there, because our streets are not in in good enough condition, that's a problem as well. 01:39:06
So we recommend that we focus on that as a priority project area this year and and helping everybody understand including the. 01:39:11
Any federal representative, state representatives, the importance of the port, but also the city. 01:39:20
And its St. and infrastructure and helping to. 01:39:25
To provide that critical function that the port provides. 01:39:29
So that's topic one we recommend. 01:39:34
Topic 2. Traffic improvements and efforts. 01:39:37
Both the city and the port have. 01:39:40
Made significant efforts in in recent years to address traffic concerns. 01:39:43
And this year, I think there's opportunities for us to work together to even address that even further. 01:39:47
Our police departments already started to talk to some of the port team. 01:39:54
About some of the ways we can work together on that this coming year. So I think that's another area where. 01:39:59
Pretty minimal effort, we could work together and make a big impact for the community. 01:40:05
Some sort of related to that is item 3, which is. 01:40:10
Uh, security of the port and of the community. And it's just looking at ways that we can work together. Our Police Department is 01:40:13
the ports Police Department. Our security impacts the port security and vice versa. 01:40:20
So looking at ways we can partner to harden both the city or the port hardens the other and helps our community. 01:40:26
And then #4. 01:40:35
The port has made a big impact in recent years, receiving several grants for green technology, clean technology. 01:40:38
With a goal, they have a aggressive goal to become a green, to be a green port and to become more of a green port. 01:40:44
And so that is something I think that as a city we'd want to tie right into and collaborate on ways that we can all utilize green 01:40:52
technology and clean technology to help our environment and mitigate the impacts. So those are the four that we identified as just 01:40:58
very. 01:41:03
Strong priorities that we could work on with the port where we could actually probably partner and apply for funding together and 01:41:12
really help each other. 01:41:15
So there's those four. We identified a couple additional topics that the Council may want to discuss or the council could 01:41:20
obviously bring up any other topics that come to mind. But the other topics that we'll just mention that are worth discussing is. 01:41:27
The community benefit fund and both, I think both the city and the port have talked about changing the process or the application 01:41:34
process or even. 01:41:38
Maybe the overall goal of the community benefit fund. So that's something we could look at this year. 01:41:42
The. 01:41:50
A Second City port joint Washington, DC trip. 01:41:53
And any goals and priorities which I mentioned before that we. 01:41:57
Recommend would be priorities if council agrees, but any others that we may want to prioritize for that conversation. 01:42:03
We mentioned, which was mentioned in the last item, that the statue discussion is actually part one of essentially 3 proposals. So 01:42:12
if that could also be discussed in any direction can be given to either staff or the. 01:42:19
Joint committee regarding that or that can come back at a later time. 01:42:28
And then other collaboration opportunities, ones that we identify just as possibility just with some of the other topics, but we 01:42:32
didn't dig into is things like pedestrian safety, potential St. projects that could benefit both the city and the port. 01:42:40
And future port or city projects that that may be discussed. 01:42:48
And so at this point, we recommend identifying those four priorities and then discussing any other priorities or giving feedback 01:42:52
on on those additional topics recommended. 01:42:58
And we're happy to answer any questions. Thank you. Does council have any questions for staff? 01:43:05
I have one question. Go ahead, Councilmember Hernandez. 01:43:12
Thank you. I apologize if. 01:43:15
James, Mr. City Manager, if you said this. 01:43:18
There was quite a bit of noise behind us just a moment ago and I may have missed it, but have these items number one through 4. 01:43:21
Been previously discussed with the port and have they weighed in on these or is there an intent to take these to the next meeting? 01:43:31
With the plan to discuss and get agreement. 01:43:40
Them, Yeah. 01:43:44
I did reach out to Kristen the. 01:43:46
CEO of the port in the Harbor District. 01:43:53
Just to let her know that these were four priority areas that that we think that there's real value in. 01:43:55
And obviously just like us, it's one of those things where you know it's got to go back to the board at some point, but but the 01:44:01
initial response was that these. 01:44:05
Really align well with the projects that they're looking at and the things they're looking to do. So I think at this point we 01:44:10
feel. 01:44:14
You know, prior to getting our council and and their board approval at a staff level, we feel like these are really good. 01:44:18
Areas that we can actually partner and get some things done this year. 01:44:26
OK. So, so the answer is yes then and yeah, I I think that's great because it appears, I mean they're working already in these 01:44:30
areas. So for us to support them, I think that's that's great. Thank you. Thank you. And I think Miguel just offered to maybe give 01:44:37
a little bit of comment. Yes, I'd like to just reiterate that those four directions are actually what we've stood behind. Those 01:44:44
are formal positions from the port that we would support in collaboration with the city. Thank you. 01:44:51
Councilmember Martinez, do you have a question or comment? 01:45:00
I have comments. No, no question. 01:45:04
Just go ahead. 01:45:07
So I'm no longer on the City Port committee. 01:45:10
And I just want to mention that I worked really hard in the last two years to get the scholarship going. The first year I was 01:45:13
unsuccessful. This past year we were able to. 01:45:18
Get the committee to agree on a scholarship idea. 01:45:22
And so the only thing I want to mention on that is one of my visions was to invite both the Council and the Commissioners at the 01:45:27
event. 01:45:31
The the the committee can decide how they want to restructure it. That's fine, but I just want to at least weigh in my my, my 01:45:36
opinion and and say that it'd be nice to get invited to something that, you know, I thought was like my idea, but. 01:45:42
But that the whole committee agreed to. 01:45:48
The other thing that I want to mention is. 01:45:53
I think the meetings should be recorded. 01:45:57
I understand they're public and I think we've recorded them while they're here in the city, but I don't think they're recorded on 01:46:00
the on the ports and and. 01:46:03
I don't want to mention exactly what happened, you know, but I do understand and that certain. 01:46:08
A couple people told me about what happened at the last. 01:46:15
Committee at the Joint City Committee, but apparently we. 01:46:18
And again, this doesn't reflect what the port had mentioned. I know that the. 01:46:22
President UH. 01:46:26
Selena's apologized, but Commissioner Herrera threatened the city's. 01:46:29
And said that basically if he didn't get what he wanted that you know, we weren't going to. 01:46:37
You know, get. 01:46:41
Our end of the like the money, right. So I don't, I don't have the specifics. I wasn't there, but I know that there was a couple 01:46:45
people that brought that up, brought that out and I I know that. 01:46:51
If it was recorded, I think that things like that wouldn't have been said. 01:46:56
In a public meeting and something like that. I think we should have been reported back to to council, I know that. 01:47:01
That you, you and Mayor Pro Tem McQueen had had mentioned. 01:47:08
The meeting, but that that wasn't brought to our attention and I think that we need to work towards working together and being. 01:47:16
Open and transparent is important in that process. 01:47:24
Yes, I agree. And it's interesting because unless we have it on the agenda, we can't talk about it. 01:47:31
And so if the meetings were televised and recorded, every meeting I participated here as a City Council member of almost six years 01:47:38
have been recorded if anybody ever wants to see what I said. 01:47:43
You could go search it out. Jeffrey Scarborough is really good at it. He reminds me sometimes, but. I. 01:47:50
I think. 01:47:58
I think it will be. 01:48:01
I guess we can we make a demand or do we ask and how many public agencies don't record their meetings? Is there a reason for it? 01:48:03
So I just think it's important to if if somebody misbehaves, you know that the public could could see it, you know, and perhaps 01:48:09
like a council member, Martinez said. 01:48:15
If you're being recorded, I think you'll behave yourself, so I just. 01:48:22
One of the things and. 01:48:28
That's really important to me. Is a. 01:48:29
Safety, Pedestrian safety. We have a beach community aligned right next to a very productive and successful port. 01:48:31
And when the. 01:48:40
Landscape project came to the. 01:48:44
I believe I mentioned, hey, what about a sidewalk and? 01:48:47
That's all it got me mentioning. What about a sidewalk? 01:48:52
And it just irritates me to see. 01:48:56
All the and we just saw it yesterday or Saturday. 01:49:00
Councilmember Martinez and I and City manager were participating beach cleanup and. 01:49:04
We came across a wheelchair person whose family had parked on the right side of Market Street near the flags. 01:49:09
And very difficult for them to do a right-handed. 01:49:17
Loading of their disabled person because there's no. 01:49:22
Sidewalk there. 01:49:26
And so that forces people to have to get ready to. 01:49:27
Take their walk. 01:49:30
On the left side of the car. 01:49:32
Which in fear of CHP. 01:49:34
Officer, you are not allowed to do a left sided approach for obvious reasons. It's dangerous. 01:49:37
And so those are the type of collaborations I hope that we could have in the future because. 01:49:43
The port did a beautiful landscape. 01:49:49
Project, But there's no sidewalk, and it would have been nice to be able to at least have a conversation about why or when, and 01:49:51
then you'll see. 01:49:57
In the next item when we talk about pedestrian safety. 01:50:02
You know, that's a conversation that we. 01:50:07
We really need to have with the port and we need to collaborate and we need to work together as a team. 01:50:09
To protect all the all the walkers, and there's literally hundreds of them every day. They go to the lighthouse and back and. 01:50:14
They come from all over the community. 01:50:22
From Oxnard, from who knows? We're everywhere. And so, umm. 01:50:26
How do we? 01:50:30
Get to a point where we have a true partnership where we're. 01:50:32
Discussing these things openly. 01:50:37
Transparently and trying to make improvements for for our city because. 01:50:39
The traffic with the success of the port and we believe me, I I work there, I love living here. 01:50:45
I came here for the beach and the port was just kind of like. 01:50:52
A side thing, and I think most of the people. 01:50:56
Hang Out with are Here for the beach. 01:51:00
And so you know, you'll see people riding surfboards on bicycles, skating strollers. 01:51:02
Wheelchairs, all kinds of stuff and I think that our. 01:51:09
Perhaps we could really come together focusing on safety. 01:51:13
Sidewalks. 01:51:18
Crosswalks and all that stuff, so. 01:51:19
I don't know how we are going to attack all this, list these four priorities, so we're going to do one at a time or. 01:51:21
Or do you have any ideas on how we would move forward, say? 01:51:28
Just on streets and infrastructure. 01:51:33
Yes. And I think I think the idea was hopefully approving those four priorities and then identifying if there's anything in 01:51:38
addition to those. So I. 01:51:42
But it can be that simple, or we could go item by item if there's a need to. 01:51:48
But I think those four are areas that we have specifically. 01:51:53
We've already. 01:51:57
We already have those as priorities in different ways in different areas. It's just the idea of kind of collaborating with the 01:52:00
port and and having the two agencies work together. 01:52:04
On those so. 01:52:10
And then I I will just note in sort of defense of of the committee and and myself. 01:52:12
That there was a report back on that item at the council meeting following the one that's being referred to, and there's a report 01:52:19
back. 01:52:23
One of the challenges obviously is when we have these committee meetings and we have an hour long meeting and we're trying to 01:52:28
report it in a minute or two. It's difficult to cover something, you know what's important to everybody in that minute or two. 01:52:33
And so just regarding the question about if those are recorded. 01:52:40
And and if that request can be made, that is something that we can request since we're part of the joint committee we have, we 01:52:45
don't really have any ability to ask the port to record their meetings, but as that could be a request of the council of the joint 01:52:50
meeting. 01:52:55
Thank you. I have a comment as regarding the last Port City meeting and why it did not report out on that conversation because it 01:53:01
was petty and not the belief of the entire board there. It was not the. 01:53:08
Opinion or belief of the. 01:53:16
Port commissioners and in fact, the President. 01:53:19
Made a comment that they did not support. 01:53:22
His comments? So I'm not going to report out on an individual's opinion. That has no bearing on what takes place in the City 01:53:25
Council, just as. 01:53:29
Individual city council's and their opinion won't be reported out. It's an opinion of one person and technically he's not on the 01:53:34
committee anymore and won't be a part of the process as it is. So I didn't feel it relative to report on petty stuff. 01:53:41
There were a lot of petty things said and I could have spent 20 minutes talking about what went on, but. 01:53:49
It just wasn't important and it wasn't the purpose of the meeting. And I believe that the others, mayor, Pro Tem and city manager, 01:53:54
believe the same thing. It wasn't worth repeating that diatribe. 01:54:00
Anything further? 01:54:11
Councilmember Hernandez or Mayor Pro Tem, do we have anything further? 01:54:13
I have not, that's one. 01:54:17
Yeah, I just wanted to say that as we move forward in working with the the board, I think. 01:54:19
Part of the key things is working within the system. 01:54:25
Working within the structure that's provided, respecting the fact that we have two City Council members, our mayor and Mayor Pro 01:54:28
Tem, who are representing us. 01:54:32
I think we should make sure that we schedule time on the agenda to schedule. 01:54:36
A discussion and be able to express the will of the Council, not the will of individuals who are representing this has. 01:54:42
As I've seen in the past. 01:54:50
And I think we need to really just keep it positive and. 01:54:52
Work in a in a. 01:54:56
Professional and courteous way with the board as best we can. 01:55:00
Because we're we're not going anywhere. They're not going anywhere. And having a positive working relationship I think will 01:55:06
produce better results than being. 01:55:10
Negative or going with our hands out or. 01:55:14
Overly criticizing them, I think we just need to be. 01:55:18
We need to be more positive in our relationship with the board and I'd like to make a motion to approve the item. 01:55:22
First, I'd like to find out if there are any public comments on this item. 01:55:29
No public comments. 01:55:33
Thank you. So we are to receive information regarding the Joint City Port Committee meetings for 2024 and provide direction 01:55:34
regarding priorities. 01:55:38
You made a motion. Would you like to specify what your motion is? 01:55:42
Specifically what motion you want to make. 01:55:46
Councilmember Hernandez. 01:55:50
That was a motion to receive and file. 01:55:51
No, there's actual further direction to approve the can I make a motion to approve the 4th priorities and also invite us to the 01:55:56
scholarship ceremony, but all the counts and all the commissioners and also to make sure that we record. 01:56:03
The City Port Committee meetings. 01:56:11
Yes. So hold on, let's back up. We had Councilmember Hernandez, who was. 01:56:20
Defining her motion. 01:56:26
Yeah, I I would like to go ahead and recommend that we receive and file this item that we move forward with the goals has stated. 01:56:30
And that we and I'll amend it to respectfully request that the future meetings be recorded. 01:56:39
For the benefit of transparency. 01:56:47
And for. 01:56:49
Documenting the discussions in the. 01:56:53
Meetings. Is there a second? 01:56:57
Second, any further discussion? 01:57:02
Can I still make my motion? 01:57:05
Yeah, and I'd like to make a motion. It's very similar to Councilmember Hernandez. 01:57:07
With just adding that, we'd be invited to the scholarship ceremony. 01:57:12
2nd. 01:57:18
Can we discuss a little more? 01:57:20
Yes, you have discussion. You have some comment to say. 01:57:22
Yes, I. 01:57:25
I don't recall. 01:57:30
I'm just I don't know about the scholarship presentation and is it in the report here? 01:57:32
No, it's a, it was a community benefit fund project that was approved last year, OK. So last fiscal year. 01:57:38
I don't think that we've brought the process back for discussion on how we're going to go about it. No, it's it's on the list of 01:57:47
approved projects, but it hasn't been. 01:57:51
And no final decisions on it have been made at this point. Well and and that's I think. 01:57:55
What a little bit of the frustration might be on both sides, it's like. 01:58:00
Because all of a sudden. 01:58:06
Momentum gathers behind a previously approved project. 01:58:07
And then we have a previously approved project that appears not to be moving forward or maybe it is, but we're not in the loop on 01:58:11
it. 01:58:15
Well, this is how it's been the entire time I write this is, which is why I think it'd be great to be following. I think we're 01:58:20
gonna vote on it being recorded. So yeah, I agree with that. I I just want to. 01:58:25
Trying to get my thoughts. 01:58:32
The scholarship has not been finalized. It is on the list of approved potential funds, but nothing further has been done with it. 01:58:35
So it still needs to come back for discussion and the process. OK, so the current motion on the table is? 01:58:41
Did you second his motion to proceed with the four goals as as stated? 01:58:48
Request future meetings, joint meetings be recorded. 01:58:53
And and the request to invite us, invite all council members to a scholarship ceremony was all the other details. That's fine. I'm 01:58:57
OK with the committee deciding and I would just. 01:59:03
Like to suggest that? 01:59:11
We revisit the Community Benefit Fund. 01:59:15
Because I think it's. 01:59:18
I don't want to use the wrong word, but it's kind of silly. 01:59:21
That we have such a great opportunity to award a kid a scholarship, and then it languishes and gets put on the back burner. We 01:59:24
have a third. Now it sounds like we have a third motion on the table. 01:59:30
And I. 01:59:37
I would just like. 01:59:40
At some point. 01:59:42
Maybe visit the the How the Community Benefit Fund. 01:59:44
Process that is part of the staff report that it is going to be. 01:59:48
Rediscussed. 01:59:52
It was brought to us by the poor who wanted to do the same thing. 01:59:54
So that is coming. 01:59:58
So let's proceed with the second motion unless there's going to be a third motion. 01:59:59
Any third motions, OK. 02:00:04
Please take a vote, Madam Clerk, Councilmember Gama, yes. 02:00:06
Councilmember Hernandez. 02:00:09
No council member Martinez. 02:00:11
Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune. 02:00:14
No. 02:00:19
And Mayor Perez? Yes. Motion passes 3/2 with Councilmember Hernandez and Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune voting no. 02:00:20
All right. Moving forward. 02:00:31
To the final business item. 02:00:34
The Reflect Yourself Pedestrian Safety Campaign will staff please present the report and I am to assume that Councilmember Gama is 02:00:37
presenting. 02:00:41
Yeah, if I could just give the introduction and explain. 02:00:45
Quickly that on February 5th, Council received a request from Councilmember Gama to place an item on the agenda to allow for 02:00:50
discussion of a. 02:00:54
Proposed Reflect Yourself Pedestrian Safety campaign. 02:00:58
That it was approved to place on the agenda because the safety campaign was proposed and envisioned by Councilmember Gama. 02:01:02
Councilmember Gama will provide that. 02:01:07
Proposal to the Council and then the Council can. 02:01:14
Make decisions on proceeding as appropriate. So with that I will turn it over to Councilmember Gama. 02:01:17
Thank you, City Manager. So I have a background in risk management. I spent 17 years working on pedestrian safety projects for six 02:01:27
comprehensive high schools and the Oxnard Junior High School District. So I am. 02:01:33
Qualified to speak on this matter and I have witnessed many close calls in our city and so my wife came up with this. Reflect 02:01:40
yourself and so. 02:01:46
But this presentation is a pedestrian safety campaign with a catchy name of Reflect Yourself, so this just isn't about. 02:01:52
Making yourself visible but. 02:02:02
It's more so about all the components involved in a pedestrian safety campaign. I know our Chief is here, excited to hear what we 02:02:05
have to say. He's yawning as he's yawning. 02:02:10
Anyway, so you know, high visibility is the best way to reflect yourself and I'm not going to sing to you guys again because I 02:02:17
already saying this to you before. 02:02:21
But phase one in our. 02:02:25
In this discussion is let's do the small cost items, items that have a big impact. And so there's a lot of little things we could 02:02:27
do that will have a big impact to improve pedestrian safety. And you know, timing is everything. And it's kind of interesting that 02:02:34
in the Ventura STAR today there was a, oh, it was yesterday, there was an editorial about looking both ways and it was detailing 02:02:40
all the pedestrian deaths that we've had in this county. 02:02:47
Most notably Carmen Ramirez and another high-ranking ox, Artificial. 02:02:54
And both of them were killed in a crop. 02:03:00
One of them was killed in a crosswalk and so. 02:03:03
So phase one of this proposed. 02:03:07
Ideal is to look for low cost, big impact items. 02:03:10
Here's an example of some low-cost, maybe, perhaps a big, a big impact. The thing about risk management and prevention is if if we 02:03:16
prevent people from getting run over in a crosswalk, we we never will know about that. 02:03:22
So we just have to go with our best. 02:03:29
Gut feeling like what can we do to improve safety in our community and clearly encouraging people to make themselves visible is a 02:03:32
really good first step. 02:03:37
You know, at the school level, and I'm pretty sure a lot of the things that we've identified that we need to do, I know that we're 02:03:43
already doing it and. 02:03:47
Education safety campaigns, You know, this is where we. 02:03:53
Have an ability to educate young kids why it's important to use a crosswalk, why it's important to. 02:03:56
Be visible. 02:04:05
And so I know that we're doing these things already, but maybe we could double down on it and come up with a newer, more modern, 02:04:07
effective way of addressing educational campaigns. And there's a really big need for this right now because the state of 02:04:12
California's. 02:04:17
Introduced the 2023 Freedom to Walk Act and what they did is they decriminalized jaywalking. 02:04:25
And so as a result, and these are some quotes I got from from public officials, Not safer. Definitely not safer. It may be good 02:04:33
for pedestrians, but bad for drivers. Because when I drive and people just cross in front of me, it's bad. As long as I as long as 02:04:39
you are smart about it, you look right. You look left. 02:04:45
I don't see there being an issue with jaywalking being legal now, but the fact of the matter is jaywalking is legal and it's legal 02:04:51
because people of color were being disproportionately targeted by the the. 02:04:58
Citations that were being given, but. 02:05:05
Let's not lose. 02:05:08
Sight of the fact that it's this is safety. We're talking about pedestrian safety. We live in a beach community. We have a beach, 02:05:10
we have surfers, we have skateboards, we have skaters, we have dog walkers, strollers. 02:05:16
You know, so we we really need to. 02:05:22
React to this monumental change that that came and I remember a couple years ago we were talking about. 02:05:25
They're going to decriminalize jaywalking and we've never revisited again, so here we are. 02:05:32
Enforcement, you know. 02:05:39
The stats speak for itself, the motor. 02:05:41
Concept has been very effective and I think people are taking notice. 02:05:44
I believe that people are slowing down now as a result of some of these enforcement efforts. 02:05:49
But very important to keep on that track and I know that chief is all over it. 02:05:54
Really appreciate the fact that that we have. 02:06:00
A motor available community engagement. Again, we're doing it. Can we do more? Can we do better? Can we partner with the port? Can 02:06:03
we come up with unique programs for community engagement as it relates to pedestrian, pedestrian and Traffic Safety? 02:06:11
Walking, surfing, biking, skating. You know, this is what we want. We're a Wellness city. We're a city of walking past. We have 02:06:19
very many activities going on in and around the beach. We just had our 5K10K. Maybe it's going to be in the in the future, but we 02:06:25
want our city to be a Wellness city. We want people to come here and they do. They come and they walk and they go to the 02:06:31
lighthouse and we want to celebrate that, but we also want to make it safe for them to do that. 02:06:36
Phase two would be the born difficult stuff. Start planning for future and improvements pathways, crosswalks, lights, 02:06:43
accessibility and other items. 02:06:48
Pedestrian pathways, you know, we need clearly marked pathways. We need more sidewalks. I mentioned earlier that, you know, 02:06:57
there's a sidewalk missing on Market Street and you know. 02:07:02
Literally a couple 100 people a day come and walk their kids in strollers, disabled. 02:07:08
Kids as well, senior citizens walk, Some people have walkers, some people have wheelchairs, some people have motorized 02:07:14
wheelchairs. So we just want to become real familiar with our pathways, make sure they're safe and again, educate, enforcement, 02:07:20
all those things that go along with that. 02:07:26
Traffic common Again, we are working on all these things, trying to slow people down, particularly around the beach area. We got 02:07:33
speed bumps in certain areas. We don't have roundabouts. I'm not sure if we ever would want to have roundabouts, but we do have to 02:07:39