Item 1: Presentation of the State of the City Video


Item 2: Honor and Recognize Outgoing 2023 Mayor Pro Tem Misty Perez

Item 3: Honor and Recognize Outgoing 2023 Mayor Bobby Martinez


Item 4: City Clerk to Conduct Election of Mayor

Item 5: City Clerk to Conduct Election of Mayor Pro Tempore


Item 11: Zone Text Amendment No. PHA-911, the Updated Port Hueneme Landscape Ordinance and Project No. PH-912, the Updated City-Wide Landscape Design Guidelines

Item 12: Adopt a Resolution Granting Special Use Permit No. 25-23 for the City of Port Hueneme


Item 13: Award of Contract with PFM Group Consulting, LLC for the Preparation of an Economic Development Plan

Item 14: 2023 Hueneme Beach Festival Summary and Feedback for 2024

All right. Welcome everyone, to the City Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:30 PM. 00:00:48
Will everyone please stand and join us for the flag? 00:00:56
Ready. Begin. 00:01:07
I pledge allegiance to. 00:01:08
The United States of America. 00:01:11
And to the Republic for which? 00:01:13
One Nation under. 00:01:16
Indivisible with. 00:01:18
Madam Clerk, can you please take? 00:01:27
Councilmember Gama. 00:01:29
Council Member Hernandez here, Council Member McQueen Lejeune here, Mayor Pro Temperez here, and Mayor Martinez present. 00:01:32
Tonight's inspiration will be given by myself. 00:01:41
I just want to say that today is my last day as. 00:01:45
And it's been an honor to be the city's mayor, mayor. 00:01:48
And why? I'm not sure if I'm the youngest ever. I know I'm one of the youngest in our history. What what I do know. 00:01:54
I'm the son of. 00:02:03
To immigrant parents who love me very. 00:02:04
I I learn Spanish first before learning English and. 00:02:08
If I can make it up here, I believe that anyone can make. 00:02:13
Regardless of their age, their ethnicity or or their gender. So I hope I can inspire more people in the future and. 00:02:17
And not just our city, but cities all over the world to run for City Council or mayor and and and learn. 00:02:24
You know how a city works because it's been a it's been a great experience. I just want to say thank you to everybody who 00:02:31
supported me and I hope I can inspire other people. And maybe you might not be thinking about running for council, but maybe you 00:02:36
know someone. 00:02:40
Does want to run for council and hopefully you can motivate them and and support them and and help them out in their journey. 00:02:45
Thank you. 00:02:52
We will now hear public comments not pertaining to any items on the agenda. Comments are limited to 3 minutes. This process will 00:03:00
be the same for comments pertaining on to each agenda item. 00:03:05
Madam Clerk, are there any public comments? 00:03:11
You have one in person, and when we're in Joan. 00:03:15
Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem. For the moment, City Council staff and public I'm standing here as a representative of Surf. 00:03:25
Ventura County. 00:03:35
And I just wanted to thank all of you for your support over the last couple years in. 00:03:38
Supporting our programs and campaigns to protect the world's oceans, waves and beaches, particularly ours here in Winemie. I 00:03:46
really appreciate everything and all your support. Mr. Spalding, Mr. Vega. 00:03:52
Several others I will call you. 00:03:58
In person. 00:04:01
For specific support that you've given us. 00:04:04
Deputy City Manager Perez and Community Services Resources Manager Anna Henley and reach for support in the installation of 23 00:04:07
cigarette **** canisters throughout the city, mostly along the Promenade and in the parks. 00:04:16
Surfrider, Ventura County. 00:04:26
Recycled over 7000. 00:04:29
755,000 cigarette butts in the last several years. 00:04:32
Thank you, Mayor Martinez. 00:04:36
Council and Mr. Spalding in adopting the ordinance that bans expanded polystyrene. 00:04:39
Which is a toxic pollutant that is ubiquitous in the cleanups that we. 00:04:45
Do at the beach. 00:04:49
Thank you, Councilman Gama, city manager. 00:04:51
And deputy public works director Camar. 00:04:55
And the public works staff Partic. 00:04:58
For your support for the beach cleanups we've done at Ormond in the past, currently and in the future. 00:05:01
This year, we've. 00:05:08
4 1/2 tons of trash off the beach just from going in from the Whinini side. That's not the total we've got out of Ormond. It's 00:05:10
quite a bit of trash. So we really do support or thank you for your support. 00:05:16
We recently started testing ocean water quality at the winding. 00:05:22
Via our Blue Water Task Force program. 00:05:26
Test results. 00:05:29
Available every Friday at Ventura, Surfrider, or. 00:05:31
And while this did not require any city support. 00:05:35
We are happy to be able to test the water and provide our citizens with information about the water quality. 00:05:38
In closing, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. 00:05:44
And a joyful holiday season. Thank you. 00:05:48
Thank you, Joan. 00:05:52
OK, the written public comment. Good evening Mayor and City Council. My name is Julian Laufer and I am President of Soroptimist 00:05:56
International of Channel Islands. I want to cordially invite you to the inauguration of our new club that includes the Port 00:06:03
Hueneme area. The event is scheduled for Friday, January 19th at 5:00. PMI will also follow up with a formal invitation. 00:06:11
If you are not familiar with Soroptimists, we are an international organization whose mission is to work together to transform the 00:06:18
lives of women and girls in our communities. We volunteer in our communities and fundraise so that we can assist women and girls 00:06:23
in our community. 00:06:28
If you are interested in learning more about our Club Oregon, maybe even consider joining, We meet at 1000 Town Center, Suite 520 00:06:33
Oxnard on the 2nd Thursday of each month at noon. 00:06:39
You are more than welcome to attend one of our meetings to learn about what we do and answer any questions you may have. 00:06:45
My contact information is 907-250-0549 or Jay Laufer at 00:06:51
That concludes Public. 00:07:01
Thank you, Madam CL. 00:07:03
May I have a motion in a second to approve tonight's agenda? 00:07:04
Fill moved. 00:07:07
Can we take a vote, please? All in favor. Aye, all opposed. 00:07:09
Carry none. Motion passes unanimous. 00:07:14
Do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for anyone item? 00:07:17
OK. Hearing none, we're going to move on to our first presentation. 00:07:23
The State of the City video. 00:07:27
Thank you, Mayor. And before we go to the video, we just wanted to. 00:07:30
To take a minute, it's hard to believe that we're at the end of another year, we're at the end of 2023 and so we've prepared our 00:07:35
state of the city and we we've been releasing that to the community in recent weeks. But we also wanted to take the opportunity 00:07:42
before we played it, play the video to just thank some of the key people that have helped. 00:07:48
US accomplished so much this year. 00:07:56
Starting with thanking the City Council for its leadership this year and I think some of the all of the accomplishments that are 00:07:59
listed in our state of the city start with the Council's leadership and it's particularly important during challenging times and 00:08:06
the staff and and myself appreciate the Council's leadership. 00:08:13
I also want to thank all of our staff who worked tirelessly to serve our community this year. 00:08:20
The state of the city has a lot of the big projects we've done this year. 00:08:26
But I also want to highlight the little things and right this minute is a good example of some of those little things where for 00:08:30
example with the rain coming in, our rec team is working as we speak to to reschedule all of the Santa float. 00:08:37
Streets to get to make sure we get out to every street before the rain hits, we have our public works team, our Police Department, 00:08:46
working together to clear channels and preparing. 00:08:50
The community for the coming rain. 00:08:56
We have our housing department working to make sure that we're prepared for the urgent needs of our housing residents. 00:08:59
Our Community Community Development Department working to coordinate. 00:09:05
Permits and help businesses and and residents with their projects. 00:09:10
And then all of our internal services that help to make sure that we can pay for all those things and we have our IT and 00:09:17
everything else. 00:09:20
To do those things. So the state of the city is a great presentation of some of the big things we got done this year, but I want 00:09:24
to thank the council and our staff. 00:09:29
For not only that but also the little things that we do every day. So we have a great team and they're here all the time working. 00:09:34
So I just want to wanted to start with sharing that appreciation. And so with that we will launch into our state of the city 2023. 00:09:43
Is a beautiful place to live. 00:09:54
I absolutely love our city. 00:09:57
Which is why it's such an honor to stand before you today. 00:09:59
As we celebrate the progress and achievements of our remarkable city over the past year. 00:10:02
Before we drove into the exciting updates and future plans, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to have served as your 00:10:13
mayor here in the city of Port Hueneme this year. We've seen changes. 00:10:20
Growth and the steadfast commitment to making Port Hueneme an even better place to. 00:10:27
Work and thrive. 00:10:33
So without further ado, let's get started. 00:10:35
This year, we welcome James VE. 00:10:39
As our new City Manager, a local born and raised who has proven himself as one of the county's best with over 12 years of city 00:10:42
management experience. 00:10:47
We have also welcomed back Mike Federico as our police. 00:10:52
A former police officer who is proud to have started his career here in Port. 00:10:57
At a young age. 00:11:02
He has been a part of our community for over 30 years. 00:11:04
And he has also the person who started the Police Explorer program here back in the city in 1997. 00:11:08
Communication. 00:11:17
This year we have started for the first time an Instagram page and we have also grown our Facebook page. 00:11:18
Additionally, we now have a newsletter and are actively using our YouTube channel. 00:11:25
Onto environmental safety. 00:11:32
This year we have banned E, which is very expensive to recycle and not very good for our environment. 00:11:35
We also are in the process of providing clean and renewable electricity. 00:11:44
Through the use of clean power lines to all of our residents, we have also updated our landscape guidelines to encourage drought 00:11:50
tolerant plants. 00:11:55
In regards to. 00:12:00
We have added new safety measures including new speed limits, Rd. humps. 00:12:03
City cameras and the addition of a new motorcycle officer. 00:12:08
Here in the City of Port Hueneme, we have continued to provide citywide sponsored events and have introduced some new new events 00:12:13
to the city, including the Winemie Fun Run, which was a great success. 00:12:19
And it was a 1 1/2 mile. 00:12:26
Where adults, children and teenagers and seniors can all participate. 00:12:28
We also had a music and literature event. 00:12:34
A Health and Wellness. 00:12:37
The Halloween Spectacular. 00:12:39
Continue the touch of truck. 00:12:41
Movies at. 00:12:43
The Winemie Beach. 00:12:45
And celebrated our 75th anniversary. 00:12:48
We also have new city partnerships. 00:12:52
We open the new teen center here in Orvin Carpenter Community Center and we also opened up the gym. 00:12:55
On Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. 00:13:02
There are many new city up. 00:13:06
Just to mention a couple the city Chambers now has new TV's, new microphones. 00:13:09
And a new system for us to. 00:13:16
The best service during City Council meetings. 00:13:19
We also have new employee tech that will help out with finances. 00:13:23
Business licenses and emails. 00:13:29
Public Works also has new vehicles, including trash trucks, so they can now accept the green waste business opportunities. 00:13:31
This year we introduced 2 new cannabis lounges. 00:13:40
And are also expecting their. 00:13:44
Of the new Grocery Outlet store here in the old Mary's Market and old Tradewinds Market. 00:13:47
We also have a library. 00:13:53
The. 00:13:56
Has received some Rep. 00:13:57
And we're also proud to announce that the new mural will be in the front of the library here in Port Hueneme. 00:14:00
In regards to public housing. 00:14:06
We've added some new improvements to Mar Vista. 00:14:09
Including a new sidewalk and new Windows for our residents. 00:14:12
City Council is moving forward to the renovation of Bubbling Springs Park. 00:14:16
Which will. 00:14:21
Two dog parks, new baseball fields, soccer fields and a snack bar to support the Winemie Little League. 00:14:23
As we wrap U this reflection on our city's progress. 00:14:31
I am filled with immense pride and gratitude because we've accomplished so much. 00:14:35
As we move forward, let's carry this momentum with us. Let's continue to collaborate and innovate and strive for the future. 00:14:41
That's the reflects. 00:14:46
The strength and spirit of wine. 00:14:51
Thank you to every resident. 00:14:53
Every community partner. 00:14:55
And every individual who contributes to the vibrancy of our city. 00:14:57
Your dedication is a driving force. 00:15:02
Behind our success. 00:15:05
In closing, let's embrace the opportunities that lie. 00:15:07
Knowing that together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. 00:15:11
Poor Winimi, you make us. 00:15:16
And I'm excited for the chapters that are yet to be written in our city's history. 00:15:18
Thank you, and may the spirit of the city continue to shine bright. 00:15:24
I just want to take the time to thank Councilmember Hernandez because. 00:15:38
I was. I was new to to my position and I didn't realize that it was my responsibility to come up with the state of the city. 00:15:42
And it was running kind of late and. 00:15:49
And. 00:15:51
City Manager Vega. We decided to make a video and I think it came. 00:15:53
Came out great. 00:15:57
Just want to say thanks to Councilmember Hernandez because I don't think we would add the video if it wasn't for her. Thank you. 00:15:59
Are you ready to move on? Yeah, we can. We can move on. OK. Thank you. 00:16:12
So tonight we have two items. 00:16:16
To Council recognition items honoring and recognizing our outgoing 2023 Mayor Pro Tem, Misty Perez, and our 2023 Mayor, Bobby 00:16:21
Martinez. 00:16:26
And so we have some things we'd like to present and and give some opportunity to some of our speakers. I think we have several 00:16:32
speakers here from other cities, council members and supervisors office, assembly members office. So we really appreciate them 00:16:39
coming out on a Monday night. So we're going to make sure we give them the opportunity to to speak if they'd like to. 00:16:46
And so as we start the recognition, we're moving to recognition of Mayor Pro Tem Misty Perez. 00:16:54
And we'd like to honor and recognize Mayor Pro Tem Misty Perez for her dedicated service and contributions this past year. 00:17:03
We mentioned a lot of things in that State of the City video, but there's a lot of other things that that Mayor Pro Tem Perez. 00:17:09
Participated in and attended regular meetings. Things like the landscape design guidelines that was mentioned was a committee. 00:17:19
For quite a while that had multiple meetings and took a lot of time to move that forward and it's moved forward and it's on our 00:17:27
agenda tonight to be complete. 00:17:32
And so we want to thank Mayor Pro Tem Perez for her help in projects like the Landscape Design Guidelines Committee project, the 00:17:37
Serving on the City Port Joint Committee and representing the city in Washington, DC this year. And it would be impossible to name 00:17:43
all of the things. So that's just a few. 00:17:49
But it has been an honor to work with you, Mayor Pro Tem, and and we'd like to present you with a small token of appreciation in 00:17:56
recognition of your service from the city. 00:18:00
And it is this desktop clock. 00:18:05
And. 00:18:11
And before we call up our some of our guests to speak, I'd like to present you with the certificates on behalf of several people 00:18:16
who also wanted to be here but were unable to attend. We have a certificate from the Ventura City Council and Mayor Joe Schroeder. 00:18:24
A certificate from the Moorpark City Council and Mayor EN. 00:18:33
And with. 00:18:39
We will invite our speakers to attend. Do you want to? 00:18:42
Or to to speak, I'm sorry. 00:18:47
We can go ahead. 00:18:50
OK. 00:18:52
Thank you. OK, Well, I'll start with a supervisor, Vienna Lopez. 00:18:54
Hi, good evening and thank you for the opportunity to join this reorganization meeting, but in particular to celebrate and 00:19:06
recognize the incredible leadership of the City of Port Hueneme. And I've really enjoyed the past year to say that I've reached a 00:19:13
full year of of serving alongside all of you, but in particular Mayor Pro Tem Perez as we began early in the year talking about 00:19:21
Bubbling Springs Park and meeting out. 00:19:28
On site and and looking at at at what opportunities. 00:19:36
Existence. So it's really incredible to see the progress that has been made under your leadership. And I do look forward to our 00:19:40
continued partnership on the Board of Supervisors and here with the City of Port Hueneme to support the residents of the of the 00:19:46
city. And just want to thank you for for being a very engaged and active mayor Pro Tem whether it's youth or mental health or 00:19:52
public safety. You have definitely been advocating for so many of the important aspects of the city and just want to thank you and 00:19:58
recognize. 00:20:04
Your contributions this past year. 00:20:11
I have a certificate for you. I'll bring up there. Thank you. 00:20:13
Patty Garos from Assembly Member Bennett's office. 00:20:25
Hi, good evening. My name is Tariq Kiros. I'm here on behalf of Assembly Member Steve Bennett. He's the representative in the for 00:20:36
the 38th District, which includes the City of Port Hueneme. And on behalf of him, I just really want to extend his appreciation 00:20:43
and thank you for the service as mayor Pro Tem this past year. Your vision for the City of Winemie, for the residents, the 00:20:50
opportunities that you create, the success. We really thank you for that dedication to public service. 00:20:57
And we look forward to any partnerships in the future. And once again, just want to thank you for all your contributions. 00:21:05
They were released from Congresswoman Brownlee's office. 00:21:19
Everyone, I unfortunately don't have a certificate for you, but I know the Congresswoman would love to send her sincere gratitude 00:21:27
and thanks for all the service that you've provided the City of Port Hueneme this year. So thank you very much. 00:21:33
Kevin McNamee, mayor of Thousand Oaks. 00:21:46
Mayor, City Council members, City staff. 00:21:54
My name is Kevin McNamee and I am proud to say that I am a City Council member in Thousand Oaks. As of Tuesday, I have now 00:21:56
relinquished the reins to someone else to do it for a full year, thank you very much. 00:22:01
I would like to say. 00:22:07
54 years ago this wonderful city was founded had a population of 33,000 people. Today it boasts of a population of 22,000. 00:22:09
It has blossomed. It has. 00:22:18
54 years. 00:22:21
We at our harbour. 00:22:23
But more importantly, we had the train system that connected the economy here. 00:22:25
Ort Hueneme and the Venture County with the rest of the. 00:22:30
Today, 54 years. 00:22:34
We have our Deep Harbor, which is key to economic growth, the one of three Deep Harbors we have in California, San Francisco, LA 00:22:36
and Port Hueneme. 00:22:40
Military 54 years ago was pretty much non-existent, but. 00:22:46
We have a combat ready. 00:22:51
Naval base that can go at the. 00:22:54
And Port Hueneme is a proud member of that. 00:22:56
I have to say that much has changed in 54 years in Port Wayne. 00:23:00
You are an incredible economic vital link not only to the County of Ventura, the state of California, United States, but also the 00:23:04
rest of the world. Because now we are no longer exporting green, but fruits, vegetables, importing auto and HomeGoods. 00:23:11
You guys are an economic H. 00:23:19
For this county, the state, and this country and I thank you for. 00:23:21
You have a strong city staff. 00:23:25
You have much to be proud of. 00:23:27
From Mayor Martinez presentation, I could look forward to the continued growth of this wonderful city and the people of this city 00:23:28
should be very proud of the dedication all of you put into it myself as a council member. 00:23:35
They pay us millions of dollars to do this job, don't they? 00:23:42
It is essentially to those who may not know this is a volunteer position, we get a stipend. 00:23:46
But you put in many more hours and maybe there's a labor issue here that we're getting paid below minimum wage, but that's another 00:23:51
discussion. 00:23:54
That said, on behalf of my. 00:23:58
Al Adam myself as Council member, my fellow Council members. 00:24:01
The people of Thousand Oaks, we wish to recognize our outgoing. 00:24:05
Bobby. 00:24:10
And the mayor Pro Tem, Misty Perez. With these certificates of recognition, I'd like to make an observation. 00:24:11
We only have like a $2 million budget, something like that, not a $2 billion like the county. 00:24:16
We provide frames. 00:24:22
And Tony Tremblay from Mayor of City of Camar. 00:24:38
Thank you, Mr. Mayor. 00:24:45
And Vice Mayor Pro Tem and members of the City Council. It's a privilege to be here tonight. 00:24:47
It's very difficult to top Mayor McNamee on on his remarks. 00:24:53
I was struck during the video presentation. 00:24:58
By how many good things you have going on here in the city of Port Hueneme? 00:25:01
And I'm very proud as a as a fellow council member who unlike mayor, I just became mayor again last week. So now I'm in for the 00:25:05
duration, Tina's for the next year. But you have so many good things going here and going on here in the city. 00:25:11
And I'm privileged to know several of you through our work on regional commissions and regional. 00:25:18
Boards. 00:25:25
It all starts with your leadership. 00:25:28
It all starts with the hours and hours and hours that I know each of you individually put in. 00:25:30
And it's hard to find. 00:25:37
Good people. 00:25:41
Who use the best interests of their city as their North Star to make their decisions and all of you. 00:25:42
That. 00:25:51
We're here specifically to honor you tonight, Mr. Mayor and Madam Mayor Pro Tem, and I want to thank you and thank all of you for 00:25:52
your leadership coming from. 00:25:57
Not so distant neighbor over on that side of the Oxnard plane. We're very proud of you. We're proud of our relationship about 00:26:02
Mayor McNamee. 00:26:06
I'm sorry, Councilmember McNamee said it best. Mayor McNamee said it best relative to your importance to all of us. And again, 00:26:11
just wanted to thank you very, very much for your dedication. 00:26:15
Camarillo does not provide frames. I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry about that, but what can I tell you? Anyway, thank you 00:26:20
very much. Congratulations. 00:26:25
And I apologize if I didn't recognize you, but Angelica Cisneros, is she here? No. Right. OK, so she did. They stopped by 00:26:39
representatives from Senator Limon's office. So I do have these certificates here for you both Mayor Martinez and Mayor pro 00:26:45
tempore. So thank you. 00:26:51
I was going to suggest at some point maybe you were going to say the same thing as have you guys. 00:27:02
The two of you down in the front with. 00:27:07
Who's honored you and take a photo? 00:27:09
Yeah, do you want to take a photo with your family first? 00:27:13
Yeah, we can do that. I want to say a few words before we do that. I just want to say it's been a blessing and an opportunity, a 00:27:17
learning experience. And from somebody who's not very good at public speaking, this gave me an opportunity to practice that. 00:27:22
And, you know, it was an honor to help Mayor Martinez fill in where he wasn't able to. So I'm looking forward to the next chapter. 00:27:29
And this was a great experience. So thank you all. 00:27:33
Thinking we can pause for one minute to get some photos. 00:27:45
The mayor, too. 00:28:04
OK. 00:28:07
You guys let me know I mean. 00:28:17
Effort and Res. 00:28:21
OK. 00:28:23
Come not in the picture, right? 00:28:34
You're gonna come out looking like this. 00:28:37
And could we get one for with the electeds? Yeah. 00:28:52
Yeah. 00:28:58
Your case up. 00:29:23
So Mayor will continue on with yours, and then maybe we can take a short break after we do yours to give people an opportunity to 00:29:56
leave. But but we'd now like. 00:30:01
Honor and recognize Mayor Martinez for his dedicated service and contributions this past year. 00:30:08
As Mayor Pro Tem mentioned, the Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem have worked very closely on several of the projects of several of the 00:30:13
ones we already mentioned. 00:30:17
Umm, they were collaborating on through this year, but also we wanted to recognize Mayor Martinez for his focus on. 00:30:21
Representing the city in numerous events this year, such as the city's first Fun Run event. 00:30:32
And also, as mentioned, represented the city with Mayor Pro Tem Perez on the port, the Joint Port City Committee and in Washington 00:30:38
DC this year. 00:30:43
To advocate for our Wenimi community. 00:30:48
Mayor, likewise, it has been an honor to work with you, and I'd like to present you with a gavel plaque in recognition and 00:30:51
appreciation of your service. 00:30:55
And so with that, I know some people spoke to both, but if anybody did want to speak, we'd invite you back up to to speak at this 00:31:14
time. 00:31:19
Hi, good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem Council, thank you again for the opportunity to stand before you as your 5th District 00:31:30
County Supervisor and again to thank you for your leadership as Mayor. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm, the the enthusiasm you 00:31:38
bring to every space where there are discussions about the residents and what is going to make the lives of of Port Hueneme 00:31:45
residents better. And and that is something that that I've appreciated and I know I will continue to see that. 00:31:53
And and appreciate how you have worked really well with your, with your Council colleagues. 00:32:01
In representing the city in bringing a vision that is going to make our community stronger and better. So thank you for your 00:32:05
service in every capacity and to look forward to continuing to work with with all of you in the coming year. And we'll also take 00:32:12
an opportunity just to wish everyone a very happy holiday as we head into the New Year. So thank you, Mayor. 00:32:20
Good evening. On behalf of Assembly Member Steve Bennett, I want to extend his congratulations upon your completion of your term 00:32:41
as mayor. You know, the City of Wenimi had some really exciting projects as we all saw. And I know there were also some 00:32:47
challenges. So I really want to thank you for the leadership for the work that you did with your fellow council members. We've 00:32:53
seen some very exciting developments and projects and I know that you'll continue to work hard for all the residents in order to 00:32:59
keep our communities thriving. Thank you. 00:33:05
Hello again. I do have some remarks on behalf of the Congresswoman. So Congresswoman Julia Brownlee would like me to extend and 00:33:22
recognize Mayor Martinez for his leadership and contributions to the City of Port Hueneme and his role as Mayor. 00:33:29
Congresswoman Brownlee has often said it is her greatest privilege to represent the people of the California's 26th District, 00:33:37
which includes the wonderful city of Port Hueneme. 00:33:41
This year, the congresswoman was happy to celebrate the city's 75th birthday, and she looks forward to many more prosperous years 00:33:46
ahead for the friendly city by the sea. 00:33:49
The Congresswoman has worked alongside Mayor Martinez and the entire City Council to move our community forward to do all that she 00:33:54
can in partnership with all of you to improve the lives of all of those who call the City of Port Hueneme. 00:34:00
One noteworthy example of this work is the 15,000,000 the Congresswoman secured for the dredging and maintenance at Channel 00:34:07
Islands Harbor. Not only is maintaining A navigable depth of the channel critical for residents and local businesses that rely on 00:34:13
the waterways, but the sand that is dredge is essential for beach nourishment down the coast, including on Silver Strand and Port 00:34:19
Hueneme Beach. 00:34:26
And as a community that boasts the picturesque views, this funding is also supports important preservation and conservation 00:34:32
efforts. Congresswoman Brownlee extends her sincere appreciation to Mayor Martinez for his commitment and service to the residents 00:34:37
of Port Hueneme, and she will continue to work with him and also the incoming Mayor and the rest of the Council to best serve the 00:34:42
city. 00:34:48
For his contributions to the city, I am pleased to present Mayor Martinez with this Congressional recognition on behalf of the 00:34:54
Congresswoman. 00:34:58
And then I don't know if you both are done or if there's any other comments that would. 00:35:10
To come up. 00:35:15
No. OK, over then. Likewise, I wanted to present the certificates from the City of Ventura and Mayor Joe Schroeder and City of 00:35:17
Moorpark and Mayor Integr. 00:35:21
To you as well. 00:35:27
I feel like I'm back at one of the assemblies back in at Wanima Elementary getting all these certificates. 00:35:34
I also want to say that I'm extremely blessed and honored and privileged to have served as the mayor of a city that I call my 00:35:42
home, city that I love. 00:35:47
And I I couldn't. 00:35:51
Done it without the support of our. 00:35:54
Our Mayor Pro Tem, Missy Perez, Our. 00:35:57
And of course the love and dedication of my family, my parents who are here today. 00:36:01
Stephanie, my girlfriend, my fiance and my brother and his his fiancee Vettel, thank you so much and. 00:36:08
I'm here to serve my community. I'm not going anywhere. I still got another year, all right, but just just want to say thank you 00:36:16
to everybody and I appreciate you very much. 00:36:20
Before we take a break, do we want to give the OR would any council member like to say any words to either the mayor or mayor Pro 00:36:32
Tem? 00:36:36
Yeah, it's been a a really good year and I just want to thank both Mayor Pro Tem Misty Perez and the Mayor, Mayor Martinez for 00:36:44
your service. 00:36:48
And umm, wish you a good next year and mayor. 00:36:53
Pro Tem. 00:36:58
Perez, you are a great speaker. 00:37:00
So, yeah, I would never say that about yourself. Yeah, you're a good speaker. Thank you. 00:37:02
Yeah, it's been a real pleasure to serve with both. 00:37:09
We've accomplished a lot post COVID. I think it was kind thinking back a couple years it was a little different. 00:37:12
And it's really nice to see everybody here participating in our community and witnessing a peaceful transition. 00:37:20
But you know, we. 00:37:29
We all love each other. We all work hard, we love our city and like Mayor Martinez said. We're not going anywhere, so. 00:37:31
Continue to work hard for the benefit of our residents and I know we'll continue to do that as a body. 00:37:39
Yes. And I just like to say just thank you for your service and your leadership. I think that Mayor Martinez, you this year. 00:37:46
Did bring some things to the city and I I really enjoyed your innovative thinking and I appreciate it. And Mayor Pro Tem Perez, 00:37:55
I'm like a council member. Hernandez, you're a great speaker. 00:38:02
You show up for everything that you can show up for, and there's really nothing else you can do. You're doing a great job. 00:38:10
So congratulations for your completion of your year. Looking forward to continue to work with you. 00:38:16
I think we'll move into a 5 minute recess. Is that is that good for everyone? 00:38:25
Or yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'll go up and take some photos right now too, I promise. 00:38:29
Yeah, that's part of the break. We'll we'll be back in 5 minutes. Thank you. 00:38:38
All right. Let's go ahead and continue with. 00:45:07
Regular Council. 00:45:10
We're going to move on to council reorganization an I'm going to have the city clerk conduct the election of the mayor. 00:45:12
The floor is now open for nominations for mayor. 00:45:22
May I nominate Mayor Pro Tem Missy Perez for Mayor? 00:45:26
I'll do a roll call vote. So council member McQueen Lejeune, yes, council member Gama. 00:45:34
Yes, Council Member Hernandez, yes. 00:45:45
For right now, Mayor Martinez. 00:45:49
And Mayor Pro Tempore motion passes unanimously. Congratulations to Mayor Garrett. 00:45:52
What's an hour? Do you switch off this? Wait till. 00:46:04
OK, I will go ahead and open the nominations for Mayor Pro Tem. 00:46:10
Councilmember Hernandez Yes, I'd like to nominate Councilwoman Martha McQueen. 00:46:16
I will gladly second that. 00:46:22
OK, I will do a roll call, Council member McQueen Lejeune. 00:46:24
Yes, Council member Gama. 00:46:30
Council member Hernandez. 00:46:33
Mayor. 00:46:36
I'm getting confused right now. OK, well, Council Member Martinez and Mayor Perez. OK, motion passes. Congratulations, Mayor of 00:46:38
Torch and McMahon. 00:46:43
How do we do the seating? Did we just scoot? I thought we just screwed it down. 00:47:17
Those two chairs that are OK. 00:47:24
Congratulations. 00:47:45
That we are ready to move on to our consent calendar. That concludes the reorganization. Thank you all for showing up and 00:48:03
participating. 00:48:07
All right, moving on to the consent calendar, we will now consider items on the consent calendar which will be enacted in one 00:48:17
motion unless the Council member has a request to remove an item for discussion. 00:48:23
2nd. 00:48:32
Oh, you're looking for anyone motion to remove? 00:48:35
Move to Approve. Does anyone want to remove an item for discussion? No. 00:48:38
All right. So do we have a motion? 00:48:43
I'll send it Gamma Councilman Gama's. 00:48:46
Madam Clerk, will we have a? 00:48:49
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 00:48:50
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:48:53
Mayor I did. I did miss one thing which was if you were mayor, Pro Tem wanted to say any words with the. 00:48:58
Reorganization. 00:49:06
Let's get to work. 00:49:08
OK, that works. 00:49:11
Moving on South, we're now going to. 00:49:16
Looks like next public hearing. 00:49:25
Yes, thank you and. 00:49:29
We'll have our community development director, Tony Stewart. 00:49:32
Lead us through the Landscape Design Guidelines, which was a long. 00:49:36
Process. 00:49:43
Where the community development director worked with the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem but also with our different community 00:49:44
representatives to try to work together to come up with new landscape design guidelines that. 00:49:50
Are going to position us better for the future. So with that I'll turn it over to. 00:49:56
Mr. Stewart for a presentation. 00:50:01
Great. Thank you, City Manager. 00:50:04
And a good evening Council staff audience, congratulations Mayor Perez and Mayor Pro Tem at Queen Lejeune and also thank you 00:50:07
Councilmember Martinez. 00:50:12
It's been a pleasure working with you so far and good to talk about the two of you at least here shortly. But yes, so this is the 00:50:19
culmination of a little bit over a year. We are the. 00:50:25
Committee that was formed is now ready to bring before you a new updated landscape ordinance as well as landscape design 00:50:32
guidelines. 00:50:36
So back in 1993, the city established some landscape design guidelines that are currently in use. Sort of. 00:50:43
And along with the guidelines, A citywide theme for what they call the tropical seaside village. And most of us are well aware 00:50:50
that that consists of, you know, the coral trees. 00:50:55
The wood signs and all the little green posts holding up those signs and just scattered around the city, the lights that you see 00:51:00
with them and etc. 00:51:03
However, since that time, new water efficient laws have been enacted by the state. 00:51:08
And landscaping within many of the homeowners associations as well as just throughout the city, including our own properties and 00:51:13
mediums and whatnot. 00:51:17
Have become overgrown and in need of replacement, so. 00:51:21
Last September, the City Council directed staff to form a committee to work with staff and the cities contract landscape. Arctic 00:51:26
sitting next to me here. 00:51:30
To establish an updated set of guidelines. And along with that came the landscape Ordinance, because that's the mechanism to. 00:51:35
And that the guidelines. 00:51:44
So the committee itself I want to introduce here now consisted of our now Mayor Misty Perez as the primary City Council 00:51:48
representative along with former Mayor Martinez is the council alternate and thank you both for attending most of our meetings 00:51:54
that we had, if not all of them. 00:52:00
We also had representing the Anacapa View Beach Homes as well as what we call the. 00:52:08
The HOA Coalition is Jan Burke. Sharon Kloris was also representing Anna Cafe View Beach Homes, but also the business community, 00:52:15
in this case Ocean View Pavilion. 00:52:20
A Tebow Robert representing Beachport Villas Joan Tharp, our community member at large, and Rod Norton, also a community member at 00:52:26
large and former public works at Landscape staff. 00:52:31
Staff that worked on this, including myself. 00:52:37
Included our former landscape supervisor, Leland Baxter, and then after Leland left the city. 00:52:41
Our Interim Direct Public Works Director Fred Camarillo and also Principal Engineered Charles Cable stepped in to fill Leland's. 00:52:48
We also had Jose Coyote, our associate planner, and he'll be the one that gets to implement a lot of these for, or at least 00:52:59
working with the applicants when they come in. 00:53:03
And then of course, we have the city's consulting landscape architect, Brian Robertson. 00:53:08
During the course of the period between October of last year and November of this year. 00:53:13
Of the committee met 11 times. 00:53:19
And towards the end of that, to public workshops in a survey which were conducted both in English and Spanish were also. 00:53:22
Also done, and that was to gain public input on the committee's ideas and recommendations. 00:53:29
O I'm going to talk about the landscape ordinance. I'm going to do the dry stuff here, and then I'll turn over the fun stuff to to 00:53:36
Brian. But I. 00:53:40
So in order to implement the guidelines, the Landscape Ordinance also needed to be revised and updated. 00:53:44
Not only to bring it into conformance with state law, but also just to make sure that our new guidelines could be implemented. 00:53:51
The other problem with our current landscape, ordinance or standards I should say, is that we don't really have an ordinance. 00:53:58
Instead, we have standards as scattered in several places throughout the existing municipal code. And so we're aiming to. 00:54:04
A. Correct. 00:54:12
So in summary, the updated Landscape Ordinance contains definitions that are specific to the standards. 00:54:15
Provide standards where landscaping is required and general planting standards. It updates maintenance requirements and adds 00:54:21
specific standards for the maintenance and or removal of trees as well as their preservation. 00:54:27
But also of importance is the processes that the Landscape Ordinance now sets forth for processing applications, primarily 00:54:35
modifications to previously approved plans. 00:54:40
As I mentioned before. 00:54:46
Many of our landscape plans and our HOA's and whatnot are 30 to 40 years old. They were over planted when they were initially put 00:54:48
in. 00:54:52
And they are definitely in need of replacement as we're hearing from many entities so. 00:54:56
We looked at how to simplify and reduce the cost for processing these modifications. 00:55:02
So currently, if an applicant wishes to make revisions to their existing landscape plan, say for their homeowners association or 00:55:10
shopping center. 00:55:13
But it's going to be minor and it doesn't change the overall character. The approved plan we process what we call a minor 00:55:16
modification. 00:55:20
And while it's a staff level approval, it's still a little complex, requires staff reports and what not for the file. 00:55:24
And then for applications for substantial changes that will and we're going to be probably seeing those come through with our 00:55:32
homeowners associations are really wanting to do some whole scale new landscaping. 00:55:38
We currently require what we call a modification to the existing plan development permit and that requires your approval at a 00:55:45
public hearing. 00:55:49
And then after all of that is said and done, if tree removals are being proposed. 00:55:53
Then that requires A subsequent tree removal. 00:55:58
So what the staff and the committee came up with were the new processes that I'm going to be discussing here. 00:56:02
So for the ones with the minor changes to their landscaping. 00:56:11
The proposed concept would be similar to what we call ministerial permit or AKA an over the counter permit. 00:56:15
It would be basically. 00:56:23
Pretty quick run through, either by myself or Mr. Coyote. 00:56:25
And because it would be a fairly simple process to go through. 00:56:31
This could save an applicant with these smaller projects you know, most likely at least $800 at more, not more, while it doesn't 00:56:35
sound like much. 00:56:38
For a small project that at least could be used for new landscaping materials and whatnot. 00:56:43
For the more complex projects, instead of going through the major modification process with the City Council approval. 00:56:48
Instead, it is envisioned that a landscape Review Committee would be created and we have a similar process now with the Design 00:56:56
Review Committee. 00:57:00
Where the the process is called the Administration administrative permit process and it still requires a staff level hearing, but 00:57:05
it's much simpler process to go through. 00:57:10
The major modification. 00:57:16
And so the landscape review committee, which we would have made-up of myself or designee, most likely Jose. 00:57:18
The police chief who would be looking, or his designee because he'd be looking at safety aspects of the new landscaping. 00:57:27
The public works director or designee? Our new arborist. 00:57:34
As well as our. 00:57:38
The only architect again, plus our programs manager. 00:57:40
And the Community Development Department. 00:57:44
And that again is similar to the makeup. It is a little bit different than our current design review committee. 00:57:47
And because of the the simplification of the process, it would save most likely several weeks in just processing time. 00:57:52
And we estimate the savings could be upward of about $3000 with the exception of Brian's cost. 00:58:01
But that could also be modified or at least kept to a minimum. 00:58:10
Based on our new checklist that we'll be talking about in a little bit. 00:58:15
The other thing to note of importance is that both of these would incorporate truth removal permits with them, so there would be 00:58:21
no more need for a separate. 00:58:26
Removal permit or application fee. 00:58:31
For projects that are going to be doing some significant. 00:58:35
Revisions, tree removals, replacements, etcetera. This could be a significant cost, you know, possibly well over $10,000 for 00:58:40
instance, with some of these large projects. 00:58:44
And. 00:58:52
With regard to actually getting the planting done, and the main reason why the committee was formed was to look at updating our 00:58:54
current guidelines. 00:58:59
Our guidelines are 1993. Guidelines are this document. 00:59:04
Pretty much made-up of many, many, many pages of details pertaining to wood posts and light fixtures and whatnot. 00:59:09
And So what we ultimately came up with, it was a much more user friend. 00:59:17
Simpler. 00:59:21
Less complex set of guidelines that will also be. 00:59:25
Not as restrictive. 00:59:30
In other words, we're no longer the committee is no longer recommending that. 00:59:33
A single coral tree themed. 00:59:37
Designed for everything in the city BE. 00:59:41
Be imposed basically. 00:59:44
Depending on where the where the project is located. For instance if it's a city owned, you know. 00:59:46
Street or right of way, obviously Surfside drives a little bit different than say Channel Islands and so there could be a 00:59:54
different design palette for each one of those areas. 00:59:58
And also this would allow each HOA or each shopping center to have their own unique stamp based on what their. 01:00:03
What their wants are. 01:00:10
And so the guidelines are updated in six different sections, and the first one was the introduction of and applicability, which is 01:00:12
pretty self-explanatory. 01:00:17
The second set or a second section would be general requirements and these are more like some more general where we're talking 01:00:24
about making sure that landscaping is drought tolerant. 01:00:29
That the plants are also climatically appropriate for the particular location in Surfside Drive versus Pleasant Valley or Channel 01:00:35
Islands. 01:00:39
This also talks about planting for certain situations such as utility screening, planting for shade, etcetera, and it also touches 01:00:45
on irrigation. 01:00:49
And also when irrigation may not be necessary at all once the plants are established. 01:00:53
The third section talks about guidelines for residential landscaping projects and this would be for single family and multifamily 01:00:58
projects as well as project entries. 01:01:01
The 4th would be for all non residential projects and this also touches on buffers between residential and non residential 01:01:06
properties. 01:01:10
As well as parking lots, including those for multifamily developments. 01:01:14
The fifth section is Design Guidelines for City Owned Rights of Way and Properties. 01:01:20
And originally the when we started this project we had our city arborist with. 01:01:26
And the committee was going down the pathway of. 01:01:33
Looking at some specific designs for locations, you know, say project and major entries into the city or whatnot. 01:01:37
Especially to coincide with cities 75th anniversary, however, since the arborist left us during the process. 01:01:45
The committee felt it was best to wait until a new arborist came on board, but before we came up with specific designs for certain 01:01:52
areas because, again, you know, they could be subject to change. 01:01:57
And the nice thing about guidelines is they're easier to change the land than ordinances. And so when we do have those finally 01:02:03
set, we can go ahead and bring this back to you for a modification with a modification to the resolution of approval. 01:02:10
So the other thing that we were looking at the time was new signage for the city. 01:02:19
And what the committee came up with was the idea that obviously new signage citywide is going to be an expensive endeavor. 01:02:25
Because there are, I think, Mayor Perez, you pointed out that you didn't realize how many of those green posts and signs were out 01:02:33
there until you really started looking at them and realizing how many there are. 01:02:39
So in the interim, the committee decided that at least the the green paint should be replaced with more of a weathered grey to 01:02:45
reflect our seaside. 01:02:50
Umm location? 01:02:55
And that at least at primary entries into the city the the existing wood signs as they need replacement, would be replaced with. 01:02:58
A new kind of fancy looking aggregate where you have different layers of the aggregate concrete with a simplified font for the 01:03:06
lettering. 01:03:10
However, again waiting until we get the arborist on board and some designs tied down. 01:03:16
The committee decided to not pun intended or not set in stone the the new sign design, but we will staff will go back and 01:03:23
hopefully hire a sign company to work with. 01:03:30
Within these parameters to come up with the new assigned program for the city, which should also include wayfinding signs to some 01:03:38
of our. 01:03:41
Umm major landmarks here in the city such as the beach, Ocean View Pavilion, better signage for the library and the Community 01:03:46
Center and parks, etcetera. 01:03:50
So hopefully we'll be bringing back something to you later in 2024 to address these final items. 01:03:55
And then the last section has to deal with maintenance requirements and that provides recommendations and guidance and details. 01:04:03
There are also three appendices. Appendix A is The Client List and it's important to keep in mind that these plant lists are 01:04:10
recommended. They are no longer mandatory or what not so and they're quite vast. They are primarily either drought tolerant and or 01:04:16
native or at least adaptable. 01:04:22
But they give the user a wide variety to choose from. However, if a user comes and put a species that may not be on the plant 01:04:29
palette but is close enough and would work. 01:04:36
We'll certainly consider that as well. So again, a lot of flexibility with our new plant list. 01:04:42
Appendix B is what we call the guide to the landscape plan approval process and what that is, is a fairly detailed guide. 01:04:48
To help an applicant put together their application package. 01:04:55
And if they do it correctly, obviously it requires less review by staff and therefore lower costs from our from our staff as well 01:05:00
as our landscape architect here. 01:05:05
And this will also be used by the LRC to evaluate the application submittals. 01:05:12
And then finally, Appendix C is rather than page after page of details. It's four details at this point for berms and planting. 01:05:16
So with that, I'm going to turn it over to Brian to. 01:05:25
Test out the design and just show. Basically tell you and the audience what we've really been doing as a committee for the last. 01:05:31
14 months or so when coming up with the new guidelines here so. 01:05:38
Thank you. I will be I. 01:05:47
Walking you through a brief history of. 01:05:52
Of what we've done on the committee. 01:05:54
I'd I'd like to start by just saying that it's been a pleasure working with Tony and and with all the committee members, it was a 01:05:57
great group of people. People showed up, people gave. 01:06:02
Positive and and and good input and. 01:06:07
Even when we had the community workshops, there were people that offered. 01:06:11
Some very good comments and I think it was just a very nice process. 01:06:15
So this is where we started and you can see that looks like somebody typed that on a typewriter. 01:06:20
The 1993 guidelines, the original guidelines included. 01:06:26
Trees for every street in the. 01:06:35
In the. 01:06:38
It includes a theme which talks about. 01:06:40
A sense of place and we didn't want to lose that. We wanted to maintain. 01:06:44
The unity and the sense of place that exists in Port Huenem. 01:06:48
We don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater if. 01:06:52
But at the same time it included the word tropical. 01:06:56
And that's the one that kind of jumped out at me. 01:07:00
We're in a whole different time period. We're in a time period where suddenly we've we've realized. 01:07:04
Even though a lot of the people who settled here may have come from the East Coast or from a place where they had mowed lawns and 01:07:11
hedges and things that. 01:07:15
Maybe that doesn't really make sense anymore. And of course going through the drought, I think. 01:07:19
Came closer to home for many. 01:07:24
I think most of the community understands that. 01:07:27
We can have a wonderful, vibrant land. 01:07:31
But it can be drought tolerant and. 01:07:34
Care about the word drought tolerant as much as I care about. 01:07:38
Sustainability. 01:07:40
Because if you have a sustainable. 01:07:42
That means there's less cost and maintenance. 01:07:44
That means there's less inputs, and the key is inputs. How much are you putting into it? Fertilizer. All those things, you know. 01:07:47
The usual example is turf grass, where you're fertilizing and mowing and maintaining. 01:07:53
If that's in an important place like a sports field or somewhere, that's being used a lot. 01:07:59
But in places where we're, we're not really using those areas. 01:08:04
You know, it's more progressive thinking now to say, hey, what would be here or what would be beautiful. 01:08:09
By this, by the by the shore, we live, right by the sea. 01:08:14
So with that in mind, we sort of developed a an idea of a concept. 01:08:19
Sorry, I'm not very much for reading anything. 01:08:25
So we started with existing conditions and we might as well just start with the coral tree because that's the. 01:08:28
Sort of the. 01:08:34
The most misunderstood element of the landscape here in Port Miami. So they said, hey, let's plant coral trees. They're beautiful, 01:08:37
They. 01:08:41
Incredible flow. 01:08:45
And. 01:08:46
But what the part of the information that wasn't there was that they they don't need water. 01:08:48
Once you. 01:08:54
And they're. 01:08:56
Don't water. 01:08:57
But we Wat. 01:08:59
So what happened was the trees grew a little faster than normal. 01:09:01
And also what? 01:09:06
Is that through Arbor practices the pruning? 01:09:07
They were pruned in a way that caused them to become taller and and and open. 01:09:12
And in a way that we really don't have a way to prune them down or make them smaller. 01:09:17
Also the species that was chosen for. 01:09:23
For all the, you know, the main entry points. 01:09:26
And the medians. 01:09:30
You know, as a species it gets quite large. 01:09:31
So with all that information, we said, well, we got to do something different. We have to think. 01:09:34
Of other opportunities. 01:09:40
And and also we have the large eucalyptus and the medians which. 01:09:43
Actually are very stable because they're tall. 01:09:48
And they tend to hold each other together, so. 01:09:51
It's a shallow rooted tree. 01:09:55
But when grown the way. 01:09:58
Excuse me, And when grown the way they are. 01:10:00
It's a pretty. 01:10:03
It's a pretty stable condition at the moment, so we decided to leave. 01:10:04
That alone. 01:10:08
And then we do have on on the Parkways and that slide on the left. 01:10:09
On the right side of that is a Sycamore underneath power lines and that was also seen as a as. 01:10:15
Something to address by by the city Arborist Leland and and will continue to address that. 01:10:23
And left side is another example of. 01:10:32
Gigantic coral trees that are overgrown because they're being watered in. 01:10:35
And then on. 01:10:40
Just a quick 1A City Hall. 01:10:42
And then another big issue that we wanted to make sure we address were the H. 01:10:45
Where the where the homeless associations, where they have a landscape which has been there a long time. 01:10:51
Was done at a different time. 01:10:57
Perhaps. Well, it still occurs, but we're landscape architects tend to over plant. 01:10:59
And so too many. 01:11:05
Not enough rooting space. 01:11:08
And now, years later, they're suffering the consequences of that and they're like, what do we do? 01:11:10
And so we have to have a plan in place that helps them to. 01:11:17
Their, their landscapes. 01:11:22
So a new vision, Something different. 01:11:25
We did. I did review the plans for the. 01:11:28
And they wanted to do something really different and really drought tolerant. 01:11:31
And so we paid attention to that. We looked at it. We looked at what was on their list. We included many of the plants that are. 01:11:36
The landscape list for the new. 01:11:43
Port and we. 01:11:45
Looked at how we could reduce the maintenance in some of the city. 01:11:49
Planted streets and things like. 01:11:53
How could you know what do we keep? Which parts of the sign should we keep? How can we renovate them? 01:11:56
And looked at typical streets and what we want to do to get trees out of power lines, etcetera. 01:12:04
And also. 01:12:12
I think it's still a little bit. 01:12:14
Potential project. 01:12:17
The idea of bringing back some of the. 01:12:20
Plantings to the seaside, right against the beach. 01:12:22
Which requires a very specific type of plant pallet and we do have plants in our plant list and they are noted that way that they 01:12:27
can be. 01:12:31
In that what we call the first exposure zone. 01:12:35
A lot of salt. A lot of. 01:12:38
So. 01:12:42
Goal being to gradually replace the coral. 01:12:45
But if we're going to replace the coral trees, what do we replace them with? 01:12:48
And what the committee talked about when we came up with was this notion of instead. 01:12:52
Just coral trees. 01:12:57
The option. 01:12:59
Perhaps a smaller coral tree? 01:13:00
Or a variety of different accent trees. 01:13:03
Which? 01:13:06
In scale and stay in scale potentially. 01:13:08
And our drought tolerant and are adapted to our. 01:13:12
Seaside community. 01:13:15
We do live. 01:13:18
Pretty amazing place horticulturally and unique. So we want to main, we want to embrace that. 01:13:20
So a variety of flowering trees and trees with interest. 01:13:26
And then what about the other plantings? What is a seaside planting look like? 01:13:33
Well, if you. 01:13:38
In a classic design sense. 01:13:40
You combine color and texture and variety, and you arrange it certain ways and. 01:13:43
You can close. 01:13:49
Very something, very, very nice. We have a lot of great options and a lot of the seaside succulents are really nice. Aloes and 01:13:51
things that are not native but. 01:13:55
But sort of look native, if you've been to Monterey, you've seen lots of. 01:14:00
So just running you through a few slides to kind of get the idea. 01:14:06
Another thing we talked about was. 01:14:12
Carbon sequestration, some of the environmental aspects of plants. 01:14:14
A lot of people don't know it, but the grass? 01:14:19
Actually are incredible carbon. 01:14:23
Carbon sequest. 01:14:28
Vehicles, trees are the best. 01:14:30
Grasses are really great and they're very adaptable. 01:14:33
So we'd like to encourage people. 01:14:36
Include grasses and other plants as. 01:14:38
Just going to run through these real quick. 01:14:43
There's lots of color. The one on the right is a native plant verbena. The one on the left is an. 01:14:46
Plant that most of us are familiar with. Pride of Madeira. 01:14:52
And then we talked about the potential for something low and green and the grass substitute. 01:15:05
Is Evergreen and this is a plant called cropia. 01:15:11
Or Libya, nada flor. 01:15:15
It's seen in lots of places now they're they're using it. 01:15:17
Parkway and median plantings with. 01:15:23
In in developments and things. 01:15:25
It's a. 01:15:30
It's a tight ground cover. It does attract a lot of bees, but it's an option. 01:15:31
And then here's. 01:15:36
Lots of There are lots of native grasses with different colors and textures. 01:15:37
And then? 01:15:44
Well, this was that same sign we saw a few minutes ago. 01:15:47
This is the. 01:15:51
The concept drawing. 01:15:52
For a a new. 01:15:57
And once again, I'll go back to sustainability, the notion being what are sustainable materials in a seaside environment? 01:15:59
Because here because we have. 01:16:06
And we have the wind. 01:16:09
A lot of times. 01:16:11
Does not last like some other things concrete, being very, very durable. 01:16:14
Is certainly a good option. 01:16:19
And if it's poured in, layers and aggregates can be added. It can create a really beautiful. 01:16:21
Texture. The one on the right is. 01:16:27
Is a, is. 01:16:30
Concrete installation like that. The one on the left of course is an illustration of what that might could be. 01:16:33
And once again. 01:16:41
That's that's. 01:16:42
And then what would happen if we were at City Hall and suddenly we said, hey, maybe we should have a demonstration garden at City 01:16:47
Hall and make City Hall look. 01:16:51
The rest? 01:16:55
And all the grass went away and we used the Carapia to create that big sweeping. 01:16:57
A sense of having the turf and an open space, but included a lot of native plants and things. 01:17:03
So that's a brief introduction. I'm glad to answer any questions you might have. 01:17:11
Thank you. So we just had the report presented to us. Have a little bit more. 01:17:19
I'm sorry about that, but actually just real quick, this project is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act. 01:17:25
And before we get to the recommendation, we have at least two of our committee members here. 01:17:32
Who I'd like to actually, who have offered to speak. And because this is their project, I'd like to call them up. So that would be 01:17:38
Jan Burke. 01:17:41
And Joan Tharp. 01:17:45
Jones is coming up first and I just like to give them the opportunity to speak real quick before we get to the recommendation. 01:17:48
First of all, I would like to congratulate the new mayor and the mayor. 01:17:54
Thank you. And I did want to say, I echo what Brian said about it being a really good team of people. Things were considered, 01:17:58
people's inputs were considered. We had a good representation from the experts, from staff. 01:18:06
From homeowners from HOA's SO. 01:18:14
It was really, it was a real pleasure to serve on that team. I do want to say that the things that people consider all the time, 01:18:17
you look on social media and the public says, Oh no, what's the city doing now? It's going to cost a ton and they're going to 01:18:23
disrupt everything. And you know what's going on here and what do they want to do? 01:18:30
So things that work have top of mind for us or the costs because everybody's concerned about costs. 01:18:36
Umm the sustainability maintenance for the city. 01:18:44
And also consideration for the cost of the HOA's consideration. 01:18:48
Or homeowner, individual homeowners. And what that means to them, you know, is do I need to change my landscaping at my house? And 01:18:54
if I do, do I have to, you know, go to the city to get it approved? 01:18:59
O It was very well considered. I don't think Tony thought it was going to take a full year. 01:19:04
But it was well worth the time because I think it was very well thought out and very well planned an I am really proud to be part 01:19:09
of the team. So hopefully you will consider and and adopted at your next meeting. 01:19:16
Thank you. 01:19:23
Congratulations, Mayor Perez and Mayor Pro Tem. We're excited to see what the New Year brings us. 01:19:34
Tonight I'm here representing the Landscape Design Committee, but also umm. 01:19:44
The Winemie HOA Coalition. 01:19:49
Umm, we came. 01:19:52
About a year and a half, almost two years ago, and some of our members are here tonight as well. 01:19:54
It's the holidays, the summer, sick and summer with families. 01:20:01
But this was a very big top of. 01:20:05
Project for us and we and I. 01:20:09
And we came to you with our mission, and I'll repeat the mission tonight. 01:20:13
A year and a half ago, we introduced ourselves as a grassroots organization. We shared our mission as follows. 01:20:18
To provide Winemie HOA representatives a forum to identify and address common issues and to collaborate with local government 01:20:25
officials in the development and implementation of policies. 01:20:30
And projects that impact HOA. 01:20:36
And the quality of life for our city. 01:20:39
Today we have about 50% of the HOA is represented in our coalition. It's about 3000 homeowners. 01:20:42
And when we came to you in May of 21, we shared our concerns specifically about landscaping because we had so many problems with 01:20:50
these overgrown trees. 01:20:54
And the end. 01:20:59
And the policies were outdated and we had water intensive plants, environmentally inappropriate for our community and for our 01:21:02
climate. In addition, we had. 01:21:07
Shared our concerns for the untenable permitting process and policies that were overreaching for nonprofit organizations like 01:21:13
HOA's. 01:21:17
So you heard? 01:21:21
And we really appreciate the fact that you heard us and we want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a seat at the 01:21:24
table. 01:21:27
To be a part of this process, I think it was a great process that we went through. We had a lot of robust discussions. 01:21:31
Didn't always agree. 01:21:41
But that's OK, you know, we walked through it. 01:21:42
We we, I think the most important thing is we we all have the same goal of wanting to have do what's right and come out with the 01:21:46
best possible. 01:21:50
Project and a best possible process. 01:21:54
So I commend. 01:21:57
Brian Staff. 01:22:01
The Council thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. 01:22:03
I. The HOA Coalition has reviewed all the guidelines, the ordinance and the policies and the permits. 01:22:08
And we're here tonight to support this, and we hope that you will. 01:22:16
Thank you very much. 01:22:21
Thank you. And so with that, it is recommended that the City Council open the public hearing and take testimonial and documentary 01:22:26
evidence. 01:22:30
Then close the public hearing and consider that evidence. 01:22:34
And three introduced by title only, waving full reading an ordinance amending article X, sections 1O2O3F1 and 1O2O3F2. 01:22:38
1030210483 I 1A and 10483 I, 210544 B and 10582 C, Three of the Port Winding Municipal Code pertaining to Landscape standards, 01:22:49
with adoption to follow at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting. 01:22:59
And for, after considering the evidence, adopt A resolution of the City Council, the city Port Wayne, ME, approving the citywide 01:23:09
landscape design guidelines, which is Project number PH9-91. 01:23:14
Five make a determination that the project is exempt under Sequa, and six takes such additional related action as may be 01:23:20
desirable. 01:23:24
And with that, that concludes our presentation. Thank you. And we are here to answer any questions that you may have. 01:23:28
Thank you, Director. 01:23:35
So we just had our report. So Madam Clerk, do you have proof of publication as required by law and a complete file? Reports and 01:23:37
Exhibits? Yes, Mayor, thank you. Does Council have any questions for staff? Only questions will be taken at this time. Comments 01:23:42
and discussion will be heard. 01:23:47
Go ahead, Mr. Bum. 01:23:52
Thank you, Mayor Perez. 01:23:55
I'm glad you have this photo U because I'm I'm a huge fan of coastal oak trees. 01:23:57
And I noticed that there's two memorial coastal oak trees that aren't in this drawing. 01:24:03
Are they? 01:24:10
So is this suggesting that we're going to remove those trees? 01:24:13
Oh no. 01:24:18
The the intent would be. 01:24:19
To keep what's good. 01:24:22
And our coastal oak trees, good for this environment. 01:24:24
They are. They're slow growing. 01:24:29
They typically. 01:24:31
Slightly more inland, but they do exist. 01:24:34
In this environment. 01:24:38
Guys. 01:24:40
Yeah, and I'm just would like to echo. 01:24:42
That there's 38 Hoas in our community. All five of us up here are part of Hoas and we all face similar. 01:24:46
Very similar issues. 01:24:55
In our Hoas An. 01:24:58
I think it's a great example of a community coming together. 01:25:01
And establishing the homeowners association coalition and I hope that we could get more involvement. 01:25:05
And. 01:25:14
Yeah, I really appreciate all the information you provided tonight. 01:25:15
And my only concern is the smaller HOA's. 01:25:19
I know of a couple that are very close to here that they have 3. 01:25:25
We're going to leave. We're going to leave, yeah, doing questions right now. We're going to leave comments for later. 01:25:29
Oh that thought you have any more questions? My question is, is there any? 01:25:36
Is there any assistance or any way to help the smaller Hoas? 01:25:43
The cost to deal with the problems. 01:25:49
Are very large. 01:25:52
Again, it depends on exactly what they're proposing, but some of these smaller Hoas may have. 01:25:57
Relatively small projects that they're proposing, in which case again the the new minor process. 01:26:03
Only cost a couple $100. Basically it's a very simple process to go through. There's no separate tree removal permit required or 01:26:12
anything like that. So it it should be again a fairly simple and cost effective process for them to go through for the city in 01:26:18
that way. That cost savings can then go back towards their actual projects. 01:26:24
Council member. 01:26:35
Thank you, Mayor Perez, and thank you staff for your work and thank you Amir Perez. 01:26:36
Umm, Councilman Martinez, for your service on the committee and thank you for two members of our community, Joan and Jan, and the 01:26:42
others who helped make this happen. 01:26:47
A lot of good work I can see is put into this. My question is, umm, I have a few questions. What is the weathering Gray when 01:26:53
you're talking about the color weathering Gray? Is that the concrete color you showed us, as in one of the signs? 01:26:59
You said the signage was going to be. 01:27:06
And we're going to get away from the green. 01:27:08
And we're going to go to a weathering Gray. 01:27:11
Is that what you meant, the cement color? 01:27:14
Well, it would be a shade of Gray. We again working with the signed contractor will actually bring a specific color back to you. 01:27:16
Or shades to select from. OK, because I thought, yeah, I thought the picture looked great. All right, thank you. 01:27:24
The coral trees. 01:27:31
What about the coral trees that exist within Hoas? Are there? 01:27:34
Will they fall under the same requirements for removal, eventual removal, or? 01:27:39
What would be the conditions that they would have to be removed? Well, the thing to keep in mind that's very important about these 01:27:44
guidelines again, is that they're flexible, they're not mandatory. 01:27:49
So if an HOA wants to remove their coral trees or needs to, this is set up to really assist them do that more easily. But there is 01:27:54
nothing that's mandating that they do so. So it's really up to the individual HOA. 01:28:01
Thank you. And then the process, the question, I have a question on the process. 01:28:09
The Landscape Review Committee will consist of. 01:28:15
From what I understand, and these are going to be considered public hearings, does that mean that they will be open to the public? 01:28:21
Yes, yes, they they will be noticed just like. 01:28:29
And keep in mind also I didn't mention it earlier, these are also appealable, so if somebody had a problem with the decision, they 01:28:33
could always appeal it to the City Council. 01:28:36
And then for the HOA coalition, what's next? That's kind of a rhetorical question, but I hope that you stay intact. 01:28:42
Because I there's there's lots more things that you can help the city with. 01:28:51
Yeah. Thank you. 01:28:55
Quest. 01:28:59
OK. So we're going to open the public hearing and take public comment. The public hearing is now open for public comment. 01:29:02
757. 01:29:10
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 01:29:13
We have a public comment from David. 01:29:17
Congratulations are in order. 01:29:25
Thank you. I hope you enjoy your time doing this and I'm sure you did a great job. 01:29:27
I moved to Windemia in 1880 and we moved into Surfside Village and the thing that struck me to start with was how beautiful the 01:29:34
place was then with all the trees. 01:29:38
I remember years ago Tama Fig talked to me and said. 01:29:43
She's a compliance officer, said. Basically, you know, the minute you drove into Wayne, me because. 01:29:47
It changes and and she's absolutely right, so. 01:29:53
We've had this beautiful place, but unfortunately. 01:29:56
Too many trees, wrong trees, wrong places. And now, 45 years later, we're having to pay the price for it. 01:30:00
You know, we started the issue, a coalition basically that it was trees. We'll get into other matters. 01:30:07
After some bumps in the road, we got the. 01:30:14
Committee started. You guys have done great work. I'm really pleased I've read the proposal. 01:30:17
I think it answers most of our concerns and I'm hopefully we. 01:30:23
You know, move towards. 01:30:27
More sustainable environment that looks better and. 01:30:30
You know, we have the long term problems. 01:30:33
I think it all the HOA's are still looking at having to get rid of huge trees creating huge problems. 01:30:36
So this is going to go on for a while, but we have a plan, and I think it looks like the whole thing's going to work too really 01:30:42
well, the only two criticisms I had about the proposal that I read. 01:30:48
First one is I don't have a dog in this fight, but I don't know. I don't have a view property, but one of the rules was you. 01:30:54
If you had a view and a tree was blocking. 01:31:02
Essentially, that wasn't a reason to take out the tree. 01:31:06
I think if I was living in Surfside. 01:31:10
And my ocean view was obstructed. I'd be pretty upset about it. 01:31:12
So I'm wondering if there's something that can be done to change trees around. Maybe that's part of the the major modification. 01:31:16
Not to do that, but no, I don't have a view. 01:31:24
Just looking at it I thought this this doesn't seem right. 01:31:27
And the other was kind of a minor one, which is. 01:31:30
One of the requirements is a 24 inch box tree was the only size that was listed there. 01:31:34
And that's my understanding after dealing with arborists. 01:31:40
That pretty much any tree you plant is going to be the same size over time, and there are times where smaller trees are going to 01:31:44
do better than bigger trees because of root. 01:31:49
So I would maybe consider that putting that up to the arborist to make a decision about. I don't know, not anything about this 01:31:54
stuff other than. 01:31:59
It looked beautiful. Or it's a big problem? 01:32:04
You you know, so I. 01:32:07
Encourage, maybe a modification to let an arborist make that decision. Otherwise it's I'm very thankful and I'm really happy to 01:32:09
live in the city with it. Small. You listen to what we have to say. 01:32:15
Doesn't always go easy to start with, but over time pretty much everything we've come up to discuss and ask. 01:32:21
You guys have done so. Thank you. 01:32:28
Thank you. So we're going to close the public hearing. The public input has been concluded. Are those, are there any written 01:32:31
comments? Sorry. 01:32:35
Never in common. OK, thank you. I will now close the public hearing, the time being 80. 01:32:39
M We have before us a recommendation to introduce by title only, waiving full reading and ordinance amending. 01:32:47
Ten. Oh my gosh, my mind is blank. 01:32:56
X is 10 Article 10 Sections 10203 F One and one 02/03, F 21030210483 I, 1A and 10483. 01:32:59
I-2105 Four 4B and 10582 C 3. 01:33:18
Of the Port Hueneme municipal code pertaining to landscaping standards, with adoption to follow at the next regularly scheduled 01:33:25
City Council meeting. 01:33:29
And after considering the evidence, adot a resolution of the City Council of the City of Port, Wyoming approving the citywide 01:33:34
landscape design guidelines Project number H912. 01:33:39
And make a determination the project is exempt from Sequa and take additional related action that may be desirable. 01:33:45
May I have a motion and a second? 01:33:53
I'll move approval of the recommendations one through 6. 01:33:55
Is there any discussion? 01:34:06
Thank you for the good work. 01:34:13
Is the time for comments. 01:34:17
Yes, but one of the areas that was problematic for my HOA and still is, and there was a picture there. There was. I don't know the 01:34:18
name of the tree, but I think it's a ficus or something, but it's planted. 01:34:25
3 foot wide area and the roots are coming over the sidewalk. 01:34:32
And I know once we started. 01:34:39
Listening to Arborist, we I think it was determined that. 01:34:42
That was a poor planting decision. 01:34:46
OK and so. 01:34:48
My HOA we. 01:34:50
Assessment, Special assessment to deal with all these tree issues and when those trees are removed. 01:34:52
What is going to go in its place? 01:35:02
My understanding is that the tree should have never been planted there to begin. 01:35:05
So it's kind of like a condom, so I didn't pronounce that right, but how does this? 01:35:09
Landscape design address. 01:35:16
Could you bring that up because that was one of the the big issues that came up to the committee and. 01:35:19
As part of our deliberations and how to. 01:35:25
There, there is flexibility. 01:35:29
Designed into the new ordinance and the guidelines. 01:35:31
That allow an HOA. It isn't A1 for one absolute replacement. 01:35:34
Because of the over planting that I mentioned when I was trying to Orient you. 01:35:40
So that's where. 01:35:45
A reasonable. 01:35:48
Plan that's presented to the city for a renovation of a of an HOA, for instance, we would evaluate. 01:35:51
For applicability and whether it's in substantial conformance with the intent of the original design. 01:36:00
The original. 01:36:07
For most of the HOA's is to have trees and have a beautiful environment for the residents, right? 01:36:08
And what happens is if you have the wrong tree in the wrong place, it becomes a problem. You can take it out. 01:36:14
Where you can replace it with a tree that grows 15 feet tall, or you can replace it with a plant that grows 100. 01:36:20
15 feet tall. 01:36:26
One of them is appropriate, one of them is not. 01:36:28
In some places, attrition have never been. 01:36:31
Because we know that their utility issues and all sorts of conflicts. 01:36:33
That can occur with trees over. 01:36:37
So we did kind of bake that into the into our findings so that there would be a process. 01:36:40
That isn't absolute because the old code. 01:36:46
Basically. 01:36:49
If you're taking a tree out, you have to put the same tree back the same. 01:36:51
Not just not just the a certain size tree or the location you had to put it in the place. It had to be the exact same tree. We 01:36:54
know that that's a problem and so that was that was taken care of. 01:37:00
That's really gratifying for a City Council when we trying to make things better and it sounds like we did. I'm a I'm a watching 01:37:07
the port through their big landscape project right now and I'm just amazed. 01:37:13
When a 40 year old coral tree is removed. 01:37:21
That the amount of roots left behind and it turns into like almost grass when they grind it out and then it's my understanding 01:37:23
that you know the work is to get all that material out before you replant because nothing will grow because of the deterioration 01:37:29
is is that true? 01:37:36
When you take a tree out, you have to remember that it's it's an organic, it's a carbon based Organism. 01:37:43
And all of that material that makes up that tree once it's no longer living? 01:37:49
Is going to be broken down by Organism, by microorganisms, and it's going to, it's going to basically disappear. 01:37:54
Literally just disappear over time. 01:38:01
So if you leave a big, if you don't stump, grind and you have a. 01:38:04
Root system. 01:38:08
And the ground is going to sink overtime. 01:38:10
So that's a huge consideration in a tree removal. 01:38:13
When you remove a coral tree and I'm picking on them, and you don't have the money to to excavate all the root material out, then 01:38:17
you're setting up a situation where a tree won't do well there. 01:38:24
That's correct because they need soil contact. It needs a mixture of mineral and and and carbon based material. So if you think 01:38:31
about the mulch or how much. 01:38:36
How much amendment you put in your soil? 01:38:41
It's usually, you know, 4%, four percent, you know, in this case it could be more than 50% if the tree's still there. So really 01:38:44
part of the tree removal process to be to be completed. 01:38:50
It has to be, has to be done thoroughly, very thoroughly. And it's not cheap. I understand and that and that was my. 01:38:56
Comment earlier is that you know some of these smaller Hoas. I just wonder how they're going to deal with it. 01:39:04
Financially, because I know it's difficult. Anyways, I appreciate the work that you've all done and I'm just really gratifying. 01:39:09
To have something. 01:39:19
Our community is buying into and I think it's was really needed and really appreciate everybody's work on this. 01:39:21
Do anyone else have any discussion or comments? 01:39:29
OK, Madam Clerk, can we take A roll call vote? 01:39:33
Council member Gama. 01:39:36
Yes. Councilmember Hernandez, Yes. Council Member Martinez, Yes. Mayor Pro Tem McQueen Lejeune, yes. And Mayor Perez, yes. Motion 01:39:39
passes unanimously. 01:39:43
Thank. 01:39:49
Now we're moving on to item number. 01:39:50
Which is to do I need? 01:39:53
Just for future reference. 01:39:55
May I ask one more? 01:39:59
Will there be any chance to make any amendments to the policy or we just moving forward with what we've just approved? 01:40:02
It will come back for a second reading at the next meeting. 01:40:13
Right. The policy itself was was to be adopted via resolution, so that can be amended at any time effective the date of the 01:40:19
resolution the ordinance. However, any amendments to the ordinance would have to be read into the record tonight. 01:40:25
Otherwise, we'd need to go back for a first reading at second reading. We can't substantively change an ordinance on second 01:40:33
reading. 01:40:36
But. 01:40:40
Is there a way to make like Mr. Scrivener made a couple suggestions. How do we? 01:40:41
How do we look into those? 01:40:47
Or can we at this point? 01:40:49
There's going to be. 01:40:52
There's several follow up steps. 01:40:54
Several of the items are going to would have to come back to council, like even just the like. 01:40:57
Mr. Stewart mentioned. Even just like picking the Gray color that could go on the signs and things like that, we'll all have to 01:41:02
come back. 01:41:05
So I would say that we could come back and bring back some of that analysis. 01:41:08
If the Council asks us. 01:41:14
So I guess what I'm alluding to is the fact that the landscape policy that was in play. 01:41:17
Was. 01:41:24
Rigid. And it was in play for a very long time and it it took a Herculean effort to change it. And as we move down the road, if we 01:41:25
see things that, hey, maybe we should rethink this, You know, there's there's a process to do that. 01:41:33
Yes, and. 01:41:43
The intent of adopting it via resolution was to make it easier to do that. 01:41:46
Thank you. 01:41:50
So. 01:41:54
That's fine. You need to come up to the podium. 01:42:01
Yes, the the orig. 01:42:08
Ordinance and policy was very rigid. 01:42:12
And I and to Tony's credit and Brians credit they we talked about that was one of the things that we did talk a lot about was to. 01:42:16
To ensure there's flexibility. 01:42:23
And in in in the plans that are presented from the HOA's and the various organizations that are presenting new landscaping plans. 01:42:26
And so, you know, that's why they get the guidelines are have a lot. 01:42:33
Selections of plants and a lot of ideas to inspire and I think that that's where I think that. 01:42:38
It's it's not black and white. There's a lot of Gray. And with the professional expertise of landscape architects and arborists 01:42:45
and others, that will be coming. 01:42:50
To present their plans to the. 01:42:56
We could come up with a good. 01:42:58
Get approval from. 01:43:00
Mr. Stewart and the Committ. 01:43:03
And I think that I think this is a really good, good process to go through because it's not. 01:43:06
That rigid anymore And I think that there's there's common sense. 01:43:12
Put it put it bluntly. 01:43:16
Thank you. 01:43:18
Thank you. All right, we're moving on to item number 12, which is to adopt A resolution granting special use permit #25-23 for the 01:43:25
City of Port Hueneme run Walk for Your Heart 5K event with ancillary. 01:43:32
Health care, education, booths, children's activity, food. 01:43:40
Activity area, food vendors and entertain. 01:43:44
Staff like to Reort report. 01:43:47
Hi, good evening. This is Jose Cole, Associate planner here at City of Port Wanimi. First of all, congratulations, Mayor. 01:43:51
Perez and Mayor Pro Tem Martha McQueen Lejeune. 01:43:57
Tonight before you is going to be a request for a special use Permit 25-23 from the Port Wayne Recreation Community Services 01:44:03
Division for an event known as the Run Walk for Your Heart 5K. 01:44:09
The request is to hold a public event once again to run, walk, or your heart 5K. 01:44:17
And this will feature a run wall competition and a health Wellness. 01:44:24
The event will occur on Sunday, February 4/20/24 from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 01:44:29
As part of the activities, there will be a Wellness fair, which will include educational booths, a child's activity area, food 01:44:35
vendors and live entertainment. 01:44:40
Continuing with the general information, this special use permit is brought to the Council based on the event being proposed at 01:44:48
the Wanami Beach and Bubbling Springs Recreation Greenbelt. 01:44:53
And this permit is also exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act, known as SEQUEL, as the project uses existing 01:44:59
facilities. 01:45:03
It's minor and temporary use of the land and conditions of approval ensure protections of the nearby environment. 01:45:07
Fiscal. 01:45:15
This is a city sponsored event. Should this be approved, beach parking revenues will not be collected for beach parking lots, ABC 01:45:17
and along Ocean View Drive. 01:45:22
The event is expected to be offset by approximately $2000 based on 200 race participants paying a registration fee of $10. 01:45:28
Additionally, a request for a $3500 appropriation of funds from the City of Port Community Events Fund is also being requested. 01:45:36
Strategic plan consistency. 01:45:47
Optimal levels of service for residents and businesses Support and establish programs and events that create a strong sense of 01:45:50
community pride and a connection to our history and heritage. 01:45:55
Now I'll transfer it over to Anna Hayley, Recreation and Community Program Manager, to go over the details of the events. 01:46:03
Thank you, Jose. 01:46:14
Good evening, council members of the public and staff. 01:46:16
Before we review the proposed site plan and race route, I would like to take this opportunity to expand on the intention behind 01:46:19
this event. 01:46:23
Staff strongly believes that hosting our city's first five. 01:46:28
During the month of February, holds the formula to seize a themed Legacy event. 01:46:33
February is. 01:46:40
Health awareness. 01:46:41
And it also lends itself to Valentine's Day themes. 01:46:43
Costume participation will be one of the. 01:46:47
Branding strategies that we use when promoting registration. 01:46:51
This registration period will take place as everyone is making their New Year's resolutions. 01:46:55
Promoting health and Wellness packaged in a recognizable format that is A5. 01:47:03
Alongside that thematic. 01:47:09
Valentine's Day fun. 01:47:12
Is what will make this event. 01:47:14
Excuse me, Distinctive within the county? 01:47:16
There is no other agency currently utilizing this theme for this type of event. 01:47:19
This is a great way to show love for our community, and what we mean by that is post race activities could also include booths for 01:47:25
not only health industry members, but service organizations that give back. 01:47:33
In essence, demonstrating their love for the city in which we live and serve. 01:47:41
An entire Iheart Port Hueneme campaign can be built from what could become an annual event that celebrates all the reasons. 01:47:47
That we love Port Hueneme. 01:47:57
We're hoping to draw in regular race goers. 01:48:00
Spectators and members of the. 01:48:03
That may only want to participate in post race activities. 01:48:06
As you can see on the site plan before you we will have Ocean View Dr. closed for people to queue up. 01:48:10
Outside of parking lot. 01:48:16
After the race, Lot C will be bustling with health centric food vendors, ******** games, a DJ. 01:48:19
Craft stations for Valentine's that we hope to share with the senior members of our community. 01:48:26
Information booths from Health Education VE. 01:48:31
And service organizations that I reviously mentioned. 01:48:34
Staff is excited to present what we hope can become an annual event. 01:48:38
Going forward, one to carry on the port, hueneme focused. 01:48:43
Celebratory. 01:48:47
Of what was experienced during this. 01:48:49
75th Anniversary event. 01:48:52
So this is just a brief overview of what the race route will look like. That's how we're going to achieve the. 01:48:58
5K. 01:49:05
As far as the recommendation, it is recommended that the City Council. 01:49:11
Adopt the resolution that conditionally approves SU P #2523 and find the project to be categorically exempt from Sequa. 01:49:16
Both Jose and myself are available for any questions that you may have at this time. 01:49:30
Thank you, Madam Clerk. Do you have proof of publication as required by law and a complete file of reports and exhibits? Yes, 01:49:34
Mayor, thank you. Does Council have any questions for staff? 01:49:39
Only questions will be heard at this time. Comments and discussion will be. 01:49:44
Councilmember Hernandez, Thank you, Mayor Perez, and thank you staff for your presentation. I'm looking forward to the event. But 01:49:50
then I noticed it was a Sunday. I'm at church on Sunday. Is there a reason that Sunday was chosen as the time? 01:49:57
Frame to conduct the event versus a Saturday. 01:50:04
We typically have rental events at our facility on Saturdays, and so for staff coverage reasons it it lent itself to the 4th. 01:50:08
However, if that needs to be reconsidered under councils direction, we will do so. 01:50:18
OK. The other question I had is this is this event, the event that is receiving funding from the Community Benefit Fund. So I 01:50:24
didn't see that under fiscal impact. Yeah. Thank you. And. 01:50:30
Think so this. 01:50:37
One of two projects, one of two community events that we are proposing. 01:50:39
The Community Benefit Fund this year APPRO. 01:50:45
Some funding for two community events as long as they had an educational aspect to them, which is part of what drove us to add 01:50:48
the. 01:50:52
Coordinate it with the health and Wellness aspect. 01:50:57
And so we we are anticipating that this would be one of the two projects funded. 01:51:01
By the City Port Community Event Fund this year. 01:51:07
OK. Thank you. I have no more questions. 01:51:12
Thank you. 01:51:16
We're going to open the public hearing and take public comment. The public May I ask some questions? 01:51:19
Oh yeah, it's OK. Well there, will there be an opportunity for sponsors in this event or is this just going to be city port 01:51:23
sponsored event? 01:51:28
There is an opportunity for sponsorships, so long as it falls within the guidelines we've received from city administration. 01:51:36
And then my second question is, are there also going to be stations similar to how the first funny fun run took place, or is this 01:51:43
just going to be just solely a run? 01:51:48
Sure. So we're hoping to expand the reach and make it. 01:51:53
An event that attracts typical race goers by the packaging of it as a 5K. 01:51:59
We were thinking that in in regards to February and everything that it offered thematically that we could switch gears and. 01:52:05
A fun run style. 01:52:15
Event later as an intramural offering through the recreation division. 01:52:17
But our focus for this rollout? 01:52:21
Straightforward race. 01:52:25
When you say later, are you talking about the 2nd event or for future times on this? Like like you know like? 01:52:27
Oh, OK. 01:52:33
Right, because I know we we did set aside money for two events, right? So correct. So the the Port City benefit fund funded 2 01:52:35
events. So I think the idea was one would be a straight up 5K for people who want the competition and then the second would be 01:52:41
more fun run type event. 01:52:46
OK, this is this is good. I like it. 01:52:52
Thank you. 01:52:55
Councilmember Gama, do you have any questions? 01:52:57
Logistically. 01:53:03
They'll start and finish at the same. 01:53:06
They will, OK. And so then we'll have a turn around point at some point, I mean. 01:53:09
We're intending to staff the race route with cooperative groups from our local schools and their sports teams. 01:53:16
O Just as you would see at water stations, a typical race events last the cross country team from Miami High School to work a 01:53:23
water station. 01:53:27
And those people, in addition to the volunteers that will have by way of the police explorers, will help guide people through the 01:53:30
route itself, so the sidewalk. 01:53:35
Will be the root or. 01:53:40
Primary route, yes. This will not go into the street. 01:53:44
In order to meet the actual measurement required to get to the 5K, The Walking path itself actually offers the best distance. 01:53:46
OK. 01:53:56
Any further questions? 01:53:58
Yes, so have you. So you've already reached out to the high school. 01:53:59
To every demographic within this city to ask them why do you love Port Hu? 01:54:35
Tell us why you love this city. And then we. 01:54:40
Shout it out and share it and see that. 01:54:44
Just take. 01:54:47
And as we have so much going on in the community right now, we can't think of a better way to start this year. 01:54:49
I love it. Thank you. 01:54:54
So Dutton just came to mind. So my understanding is we're going to have runners, walkers, strollers, dog walkers. 01:54:56
Right. And they'll be. 01:55:04
Segregated. 01:55:07
And at the point where they turn around and I'm just a little concerned. 01:55:09
The the runners are going to be running back and then having. 01:55:15
Migate through the walk. 01:55:19
Strollers, logistically, I think we share some of those same concerns. But having been through the fun run at least once, we've 01:55:22
had some exposure with this and it was successful and it did prove to be smooth. 01:55:28
But I guess I would afford ourselves the opportunity to try this year and if we didn't need to make changes. 01:55:34
Next year, we would act accordingly. 01:55:40
Just throw this out there maybe. One idea could be they're coming back maybe. 01:55:44
Try to have. 01:55:50
Too late. Yeah, that's what I was trying to say. Thank you. Thank you. 01:55:52
And real quick, I'm drawing a blank. I can't remember. Are there going to be several heats or is it just going to be one heat? 01:55:57
Depending on the number of participants. 01:56:01
Thank you. Any further questions? 01:56:05
Good. OK. 01:56:08
So we're going to open the public. 01:56:12
I'm going to open the public hearing and take public comment. The public hearing is now open for public input. 01:56:20
8/20. 01:56:26
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 01:56:29
No public comments. 01:56:31
So we'll close the public hearing. Public input has concluded. I will now close the public hearing, the time being 825. 01:56:34
We have before us a recommendation to adopt A resolution approving Special Use Permit #25-23 Run Walk for Your Heart 5K. 01:56:43
And to find the project to be exempt from. 01:56:55
And take add. 01:56:58
Related action that may be desirable. 01:56:59
Move to approve. 01:57:02
2nd. 01:57:03
We're excited. Is there any discussion? 01:57:05
Any further discussion, I just wanted to say I really appreciate I I heart Winemie theme. I think it's a winner. I I just have a 01:57:08
good feeling about it and I appreciate the creative thinking behind it so. 01:57:14
Yeah, I think it's great. Thank you. 01:57:21
To add to that, I think Ventura does the same thing. I heart Ventura. They have a day where everyone goes out and does something 01:57:23
for Ventura. 01:57:27
I like the. 01:57:31
All right, Madam Clerk, will you please take A roll call vote? 01:57:34
Council Member Comm. 01:57:37
Councilmember Hernandez, Council Member Martinez, yes. Mayor Pro Tem McQueen, Lejeune and Mayor Perez, Yes, motion passes 01:57:40
unanimously. Thank you. Thank you, staff. Thank you. 01:57:45
All right. We're moving on to business items. 01:57:51
#13 01:57:55
to award a contract with PFM Group Consulting LLC for the preparation of an economic development. 01:57:56
Thank you, Mayor. And I'm. 01:58:07
Introduce our Community Development Director, Mr. Stewart one more time and then I think he's off after this. 01:58:11
But just to walk through the background on. 01:58:18
How we started this Economic Development Plan project and the next steps. 01:58:21
Thank you again. I'm Mr. Vega and good evening again, everyone. This will be much shorter than the last presentation. 01:58:28
But staff tonight is requesting that the City Council authorize the city manager to execute an agreement. 01:58:35
PFM Group Consulting, LLC to prepare an economic development plan for the city. 01:58:42
For an amount not to exceed 115,000 and $90.00. Please note that the funds were previously budgeted for this project. 01:58:48
So we're completely covered. 01:58:56
So as we'll recall back on September 5th, City Council authorized staff to request a Request for Proposals, or RFP. 01:58:59
For this project, the closing date for the RP was this past November 3rd. 01:59:07
And the city actually received 14 proposals for this project from across the country, which is everybody I've spoken to says that, 01:59:12
that is. 01:59:16
A great number to receive. 01:59:20
The committee there was a staff committee. It was consisted of City manager Vega, our Finance Director, Mrs. Arrow and myself. 01:59:22
Independently reviewed all of these proposals and we unanimously. 01:59:30
Determined that the best proposal had been submitted by PFM. 01:59:35
Not only did it look like PFM had done their home. 01:59:39
And what the RP said and to address most every. 01:59:42
But they prepared a detailed plan for the project and part of that detailed plan that was a little bit different from the others 01:59:45
is that they also are proposing. 01:59:50
Have a subcontractor, Ariano Associates LLC, to prepare a thorough public engagement process for the project. 01:59:54
And that will be bilingual. 02:00:04
Furthermore, actually right now PFM is preparing similar plans for the city of Ventura. They're getting close to completion there, 02:00:07
as well as the city of. 02:00:11
And Ariana right now is leading the outreach for the Oxnard airport noise study for the county and actually Mr. Coyote has been 02:00:16
involved in some of the meetings with regard to that. So he's got some first hand experience working with them. 02:00:23
And so therefore, you know, the firms do have quite a bit of relative experience. 02:00:31
Here. 02:00:38
And then finally, the project's engagement leader, Mr. Bill Fulton, who's sitting back here should you wish to hear from him, 02:00:39
introduction, whatnot, or if you've got questions. 02:00:44
Is a renowned planner, very well known as statewide and actually nationally, but he's also a former mayor for the city of Ventura, 02:00:50
so he's got a lot of local experience. 02:00:55
And so it's great that he's on the team with us as well for this project and so at this point. 02:01:00
Either myself or Mr. Putin or Mr. Vega are here to answer any questions you may have. Thank you. 02:01:07
Thank you. 02:01:13
Does council have any questions for staff at this time? 02:01:15
I always think if I did have a question, what would it be? And so my question is where do you start? 02:01:22
Well, and that's what we're going to find out because really if you think about it, you know we we've got, you know, the City of 02:01:31
Port Hueneme is very unique in our layout. 02:01:36
You know, with the base and the port and just the way that we're physically laid out, but also we've got some serious constraints 02:01:42
primarily that we're so far away from. 02:01:46
The 101 freeway, we're completely unlocked. We have really nowhere to physically expand, so we have to grow up. 02:01:51
We discussed our cannabis issues, cannabis business issues at the last couple of meetings. 02:02:01
Where we really do need to be looking at ways to basically move away from just that, but also. 02:02:07
Grow our businesses here in the city, possibly get our Chamber of Commerce back in order, whatnot, so. 02:02:16
All of these were criteria that were listed in the RFP. And so again through the proposal that PFM proposed to us, we're really 02:02:22
excited to begin with this process, you know, talking with stakeholders. 02:02:30
And you know, looking at, you know, doing a SWOT analysis and what? 02:02:38
To find out again. 02:02:42
Where really what? You know, we're really hoping that they'll come up with, you know, something, you know, they'll dig up some 02:02:44
additional. 02:02:47
Interesting ideas for us to move forward with, but it is going to be quite an undertaking that will probably take about nine 02:02:51
months to go through. 02:02:54
Before we have that. 02:02:58
Are there any public comments regarding this item? 02:03:01
No public comments you The recommendation is to authorize entering into a contract with PFM Group Consulting LLC for the 02:03:07
preparation of an economic development plan for an amount not to exceed 115,000 and $90.00. 02:03:15
May I have a motion and a second? 02:03:23
Perfect any discussion. 02:03:26
Just want to say thank you to PFM and to Mr. Fulton for being here tonight. I know your reputation and I think that you're going 02:03:29
to do a terrific job. I look forward to the stakeholder engagement discussion. I'm hoping that you'll have make the opportunity to 02:03:36
meet with each one of us during that so we can provide our ideas to you. So thank you so much. 02:03:43
Could we hear from? 02:03:53
I'm sorry. 02:03:57
Bill Fulton, Fulton, Yeah, I would love to hear what what you think of our wonderful little city and economic development therein. 02:03:59
Well, good evening. Congratulations. 02:04:09
Congratulations on a very smooth reorganization meeting. I I've, I've been through a couple of rocky ones, so. 02:04:13
So, umm. 02:04:18
I think Tony said it well, where you start is what are your assets and then what do you have to work on and you have tremendous 02:04:21
assets in Port Wenimi, especially your proximity to the to the base and and to the port. Part of the question is how do you tie 02:04:30
that economic activity into to the benefit of the residents support with any more than is already the case. 02:04:39
There were also a series of items in the RFP that Tony put in the RFP. 02:04:48
That we highlighted as well. 02:04:53
The question of what to do with the beach as an unresolved question that was actually specifically stated in the RFP. 02:04:56
One of the things that I'm very excited about. 02:05:04
Is we have recently upgraded our technological tools to understand retail patterns more. 02:05:06
And there's new technology available that can tell us precisely where. 02:05:16
Where people in port we need me go outside of port we need me to shop. 02:05:23
To which store? And then we can begin to talk about what are the what. 02:05:27
What retail activity can you generate inside Port Renew? We're doing this in Moorpark right now. 02:05:32
Obviously, there's a lot of read as with you, there's a lot of retail leakage there to Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks. And so we're 02:05:39
trying to figure out what are the specific types of stores, restaurants, et cetera, that the residents of that city. 02:05:48
Appear to want based on where they're going and is it possible to attract those into the city and I think we're going to we're 02:05:57
very excited to do the the same thing here. 02:06:02
Having lived in Ventura County for 20, I live in San Diego now. But having lived in Ventura County for 25 years, knowing it pretty 02:06:07
well, having served on a variety of boards, including the EDC board with many of your predecessors, I'm really excited to be here 02:06:13
in in Ventura County, here in Port Winneme. It's a great town. That's a great. I'm a runner by the way. That's a great course you 02:06:19
just saw. I'm very excited about that. 02:06:25
And so to to try to help Port Hueneme NIT. 02:06:33
Economic assets together more for the benefit of everybody in the town and actually for the financial benefit of the city as well. 02:06:38
It is something that's our basic challenge. We're very excited about it. So thanks very much for for for having me here tonight. 02:06:46
Thank you, Night. I'm pretty sure your work is going to be just as good as your articulation right now. I really appreciate 02:06:54
hearing from you because that's a such. 02:06:59
Brass view and look and it's it's very encouraging. 02:07:04
It's it's kind of a systematic process that we have to go through and I, I, I neglected to mention Tony mentioned we did bring on 02:07:10
Ariana and it's very exciting to see. 02:07:15
To see Ariana's got some really great stuff lined up, not only bilingual involvement but a survey. They've got different ways of 02:07:22
reaching out into the community, like I've worked with them before that most firms don't have. So it's very exciting. Thank you, 02:07:27
member, Thank you Councilmember Hernandez, for for thinking it, for raising that particular point. Ariana is going to do a great 02:07:32
job on that. 02:07:38
Thank you. 02:07:44
Any further? 02:07:46
OK, Madam Clerk, we take a vote. 02:07:48
All those in favor? 02:07:52
All those opposed. 02:07:54
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. Thank you, Mr. Stewart. 02:07:55
All right, Item number 14 is the 2023 Winemie Beach Festival. Summary and feedback for 2024. 02:08:00
Thank you. 02:08:10
Our Mr. Perez is going to give a brief presentation on this. 02:08:12
You may recall that we've. 02:08:18
Sort of had a debrief on the Beach festival with the Citizen Advisory Commission committee and so as part of this item we're going 02:08:21
to sort of do the wrap up of the beach festival and provide some of the information from the Citizen Advisory Committee. 02:08:29
And then talk about some options moving forward. So with that, I'll turn it over to Mr. Pritz. 02:08:38
Good evening for the record, Deputy City Manager Charles. 02:08:45
Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, congratulations. 02:08:49
You is your mic. 02:08:52
Have a note? 02:08:56
Because Mike is on it, just a little low. I don't know if you turn your speakers on if it would help. 02:08:59
Let me try it again. I didn't. I didn't do anything different. 02:09:05
Closer than my question, I'll get very close. So once again for the record. 02:09:13
Congratulations Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. 02:09:19
So, as the City Manager indicated, Agenda Item 14 provides a summary of the 2023 Winneme Beach Festival and seeks the council's 02:09:23
direction. 02:09:26
Regarding regarding the planning and management of the event next year. 02:09:31
In September of this year, the City Council provided direction for the item to be reviewed by the Citizen Advisory Commission 02:09:36
before returning to the City Council. 02:09:39
And that Commission did review the item. 02:09:44
October 9th and November 13th. 02:09:46
So a quick overview, This year's two day event was held on August 26th and 27th and had an estimated attendance of about 19 to 02:09:54
20,000 people. 02:09:58
The event was planned and managed by REACH via an agreement with the city. 02:10:03
Which included the development of an event budget. 02:10:08
The execution of contracts for various festival equipment and services. 02:10:12
Overseeing sponsorship and vendor managers, coordinating marketing efforts and providing onsite supervision. 02:10:16
The city provided some staff support for the event, primarily in the form of police services, but also with representatives from 02:10:23
public works and recreation. 02:10:28
Primary activities at the event, as we all know, included live music. 02:10:34
Food, beer and wine concessions, various carnival rides, chalk art exhibits. 02:10:39
And we had a multitude of commercial vendors and nonprofit booths. 02:10:45
Of course, the Mainstage provided the platform for which musical acts erformed for the enjoyment of various event goers, but it 02:10:52
also provided for the base of operations for other important elements of the event. 02:10:58
Such as it served as the location where individuals and groups that make significant differences in our community were recognized. 02:11:06
2 examples shown here on the slide. 02:11:10
Are the Surfrider Foundation. 02:11:15
End the 2023 when Amy Hero recipient Becky Bruning. 02:11:18
The stage also served as the venue for city leaders, including council members and the city manager. 02:11:24
To provide announcements, important and important updates about recent happenings and projects in the city. 02:11:29
As noted earlier, we had an estimated attendance of about 19 to 20,000 people. 02:11:38
With over 60 vendor booths, visitors had lots of opportunities to purchase a variety of goods and receive information about 02:11:44
various resources provided by organizations in and around Port Hueneme. 02:11:49
O Pursuant to the requirements of the agreement with the City, Reach prepared a post festival. 02:12:00
Financial reconciliation. 02:12:06
That's included in Attachment C to the staff report. 02:12:09
In summary, the event had a budget deficit of justice under 46,000. 02:12:13
On the good side, the event managers did a very good job of keeping control of event expenses. 02:12:18
The deficit arose from significantly less than anticipated revenues. 02:12:24
In two forms. One, the revenue from dispensary sponsorships was less than anticipated. 02:12:30
And the other area that we saw that was less than anticipated was revenue from the sale of wine and beer. 02:12:36
And then the third element this year included a an admin fee for reach for conducting the event. That was an expense that had not 02:12:43
been incurred in. 02:12:47
Prior years. So those were the three reasons that the event had a deficit. 02:12:51
In summary, the overall financial support from the city, in addition to the amount of the event deficit, was its annual 02:12:58
contribution of $25,000. 02:13:02
And the staff support which it provides each year, this year that totaled approximately 27,000. 02:13:07
As noted. 02:13:15
Earlier in the presentation, the Commission, the Citizen Advisory Commission, reviewed the item on October 9th and November 13th. 02:13:17
The Commission. 02:13:24
Recommended that the next festival be locally focused. Involve nonprofit and community groups. Engage you. 02:13:25
Utilize the beach as part of festival activities and incorporate sporting events. 02:13:32
The Commission also suggested including agencies that provide important resources and services to the Community. 02:13:37
Incorporating Navy and Chumash. 02:13:43
Reducing the financial impact of. 02:13:46
Reducing the event to a. 02:13:48
And ensuring that conflicts with other major events in the county are avoided. 02:13:51
O This agenda item seeks to provide a summary of this year's festival and to obtain council direction regarding the planning of 02:13:59
next year's event. 02:14:03
Such direction will allow staff to better assess options for planning and managing the next event. 02:14:08
The city has developped an RFP, which is attached to the staff report, and it's recommended that the city move forward with 02:14:14
soliciting proposals. 02:14:17
With council direction this evening, staff would continue to research the option of using internal resources, which appears that 02:14:22
it may be appropriate for a smaller, more locally focused event. 02:14:27
As well as proposals that may be received through the issuance of the RFP. 02:14:33
That concludes the staff recommendation. Mr. Vega and I are available for questions on this item. 02:14:43
Thank you, Mr. Perez, this council have any questions? 02:14:49
Go ahead, Councilmember. 02:14:54
Martinez. 02:14:55
I see that you've added. 02:14:57
More emphasis on the sand. How much of A push are are you are you have have you thought about you know having the festival on the 02:15:00
sand? Because that's that's an idea that I I've been wanting to push for a while. Like hey, we have a beach. 02:15:07
Let's make the festival unique. Let's get it on the beach, like on the actual. 02:15:13
So that was specifically a concept, an idea that was raised by the Citizen Advisory Commission. 02:15:19
I think that based on council feedback that could take different forms, but preliminarily ideas may include. 02:15:28
High school teams such as the beach volleyball teams, we could have a sports related competition on the beach. 02:15:36
We could engage. 02:15:44
Nonprofit groups. I haven't approached anybody about this, so these are top of mind ideas and I know that we have Joan behind me, 02:15:47
but my thought was we could have beachfront educational forums from groups such as Surfrider or others about environmental. 02:15:54
Impacts and things that we can do to be more environmentally conscious. 02:16:03
We could potentially use groups like Real guppies and have competitions and or exhibits on the pier, so those are ways to take it 02:16:07
off of. 02:16:11
Concrete parking lot and roadways and bring it more on the pier and the beach. 02:16:16
So it hasn't been thought of like actually having the entire festival on the. 02:16:22
That would be a concept that we could take direction from council and consider, I think that there may be some logistical 02:16:27
challenges to having some events on the sand. 02:16:31
But the feedback that we got from CAC is we call it the Winami Beach Festival yet. 02:16:37
None of it is really on the beach. We we did have a year where we had some sandcastle exhibits on the beach, but really primarily 02:16:42
it's it's not on the beach and they the idea was just what can we bring to the beach. 02:16:47
Thank you, Charles. If I could add just quickly that. 02:16:53
That's really one of the main points of the item today is is, so we heard from the the CAC what they. 02:16:58
The elements. 02:17:05
Want to see in the Beach Fest next year And so we're coming back to the council and seeing if there's a consensus. 02:17:06
To make some of those changes to to how it's been done. 02:17:13
And. 02:17:17
We're trying to get ahead of the of the beach festival and not have a situation I think similar to last year where we were 02:17:19
coordinating it fairly last minute but it. 02:17:23
Times getting away from us because we're already four months from the last beach festival and eight months until the next beach 02:17:28
festival. So we're trying to kind of have. 02:17:33
Process where? Where? We went to the CAC and now we're coming back to council. 02:17:39
Where we want to get direction from council and then based on that direction we can put together our plan for how we're going to, 02:17:45
how we propose holding it so. So that's really the exact kind of feedback we're looking for. 02:17:51
Another thought Kites. What about kites? I think that's a really good. 02:18:00
And activity appropriate for. 02:18:06
Maybe we could have some. 02:18:10
Kite Festival. 02:18:12
Maybe we can encourage local schools. 02:18:14
You know, fly a kite or make a kite, I don't know. But I think maybe that's something we could look. 02:18:18
Councilmember Hernandez, Yes. Thank you, Mayor Perez. 02:18:24
And thank you staff for the. 02:18:28
Umm and the RFP? I have a couple of questions. One, did staff ever do a cost analysis or a? 02:18:31
A. 02:18:43
That was realistic and included staff costs so that we could actually cost. 02:18:43
What? What? 02:18:52
Could cost the city and how much money would need to be raised. 02:18:54
To implement. 02:18:58
I think that's our next step. The first question is like, what's the scope of what the council's looking for? And then once we 02:18:59
know that, then we know what resources we would need to accomplish it. 02:19:05
We provided the financial information from past speech fests and and. 02:19:11
They're not low-cost events, I think. 02:19:18
We average about is it about $200,000 for Beach Fest? 02:19:21
Yeah, the the expense side of the of the event budget is more than that. And just just as a comparison some other cities in the 02:19:26
county operate events for you know 30 thousand $40,000, but they're smaller events so. So we heard from the CAC that there is 02:19:32
interest in bringing it back to a little smaller footprint. 02:19:38
Which if we're able to make it a smaller footprint, then we can reduce some of those costs and then. 02:19:45
Yeah. And one day was was one of the things that the CAC talked about a one day event which would lower the cost but also lower 02:19:51
the participation cost, which is something we heard from a lot of the nonprofits that our participation costs were higher than 02:19:56
comparable events. 02:20:00
So if we get that dire. 02:20:04
We would then put together a. 02:20:08
The alternative would be to say, you know, we've done it the same way the last couple years and we want to continue to do to do 02:20:12
that. 02:20:15
That's something that can be. 02:20:17
Decided but the like we said the CAC was recommending kind of changing that scope up a little bit and. 02:20:20
It seems to match what we've heard from the nonprofits and some of the other participants as well. So. 02:20:28
I had some more questions. Did staff consider increasing the city's contribution? I think the $25,000 has been. 02:20:34
Our traditional contribution and with rising costs of doing business. 02:20:43
Is there a possibility we could increase that amount? 02:20:51
To something. 02:20:56
I I don't know if you wanna double it or maybe go up 30,000, but was there any consideration to doing that or maybe it just 02:20:59
depends on where the budget and figures line those line up. It'll all tie out to what the final scope of it is and then our budget 02:21:05
that includes it and that may be something we have to do depending on what we choose to do, we may have to increase our our 02:21:12
contribution. So OK and then the timing of the. 02:21:18
The The Beach festival. 02:21:26