Welcome everyone to the closed session portion of the City Council meeting. I am calling this meeting to order. The time is now 00:01:27
6:00 PM. 00:01:30
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll Council Member Gamma. 00:01:34
Here, Council Member Hernandez here, Council Member McLean, Lesean here, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here, and Mayor Martinez present. 00:01:38
We will now hear public comments soon. Participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you'd like to comment. 00:01:47
Comments will be limited to 3 minutes. 00:01:54
Madam Clerk, does anyone have a public comment tonight? 00:01:56
There are no public comments. 00:01:59
Mr. City Attorney, can you please read the closed session item into the record? Absolutely, Mayor Martinez, There's one item on 00:02:01
closed session tonight for the Council conference with legal counsel. Existing litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 00:02:06
54956.9, Subdivision D. 00:02:11
The case name is OV Coalition at All versus Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency at All, and the case number bearing Santa 00:02:16
Barbara County Superior Court case number is listed on the agenda. 00:02:21
OK. Thank you, Kevin Spalding. 00:02:27
To Council members have any conflicts to disclose for the listed closed session agenda item. 00:02:30
OK. 00:02:37
Council will now recess to closed session. The time is now 6:01 PM. 00:02:38
We'll be back at 6:30. Thank you. 00:02:43
Welcome everyone to the. 00:36:52
Regular City Council meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:35 PM. 00:36:54
Can everybody please stand and join me for the flag salute? 00:36:59
Ready. 00:37:08
Begin. I pledge allegiance to the flag. 00:37:09
Of the United States of America. 00:37:12
And to the Republic for which it stands. 00:37:14
Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 00:37:17
All right, Madam clerk, can you please take roll? 00:37:26
Council Member Gamma. 00:37:30
Here, Council Member Hernandez here, Council Member McQueen, Lesean here. 00:37:33
Mayor Pro Tem Perez here and Mayor Martinez present. 00:37:37
Alright. 00:37:42
Dear guests and esteemed members of the City Council. 00:37:43
Today is my turn for the inspiration, and I stand before you to celebrate a momentous occasion. 00:37:46
That brings joy to the hearts of people all around the world, because tomorrow we will be celebrating the first day of summer. 00:37:52
It's a season that fills our lives with warmth, laughter and endless possibilities. 00:37:59
As we welcome this season of sunshine and longer days. 00:38:05
Let us reflect on what it means to, not only. 00:38:09
Us but the entire world and our beloved city, our friendly city by the sea. 00:38:12
Our small friendly community. 00:38:19
Welcomes arrival of summer. 00:38:22
It signifies the time when our pristine beach comes alive with the sound of laughter and crashing of waves and squeals of children 00:38:25
building sandcastles. 00:38:30
It's time when families and friends gather to create memories that will last a lifetime. 00:38:36
But summer in our city means much more than just sand and surf. It's a time when our community celebrate. 00:38:41
The 4th of July. 00:38:48
Pride of patriotism. 00:38:50
And a deep sense of appreciation for our nation's history. 00:38:53
It's also a time where. 00:38:57
We get to celebrate the Winnie Beach Festival, so I'm super excited about the Winnie Beach Festival and. 00:39:00
As we embark on this summer journey. 00:39:06
Let us embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. 00:39:08
So. 00:39:11
Thank you for your time and let's embrace the warmth of summer. 00:39:12
Starting tomorrow. Thank you. 00:39:16
Thank you. 00:39:24
Mr. City Attorney, can you please provide it a closed session report? 00:39:25
Absolutely, Mayor Martinez. There was no reportable action taken in closed session tonight. OK, We will now hear public comments 00:39:28
not pertaining to items on the agenda. Some participants please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you'd like to comment. 00:39:34
Comments are limited to 3 minutes. This process will be the same for comments pertaining to each agenda item. 00:39:40
Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments tonight? 00:39:46
We have a couple of public comments on first one from Becky Bruning. 00:39:49
OK. Thank you. 00:39:52
Mayor Martinez. 00:40:00
Mayor Pro Tem Perez, Council members and staff. 00:40:02
My name is Becky Burning and tonight I'm here. 00:40:06
Representing role. 00:40:09
Guppy outdoors. 00:40:11
We are going to have our first fundraiser in August. 00:40:13
And this coming Sunday. 00:40:19
Is our family fish day. Last month we had over 100 people show up. 00:40:22
And we're hoping for the same thing this Sunday. This Sunday. This Sunday, yes. 00:40:28
From 8:00 to 11:00. 00:40:33
That's it. Thank you, Becky. 00:40:37
Joan Tharp. 00:40:41
Good evening, Mayor, Council members, Mayor, Pro Tem staff. 00:40:48
And the public? 00:40:53
Over the last several weeks, we have seen many of our local marine mammals, such as California sea lions, which are considered a 00:40:55
Sentinel mammals or a type of species that indicates the health of their environment. 00:41:01
Stranded on our beaches? 00:41:06
Acting disoriented or lethargic, rolling in the waves and possibly seizing and dying on our local beaches when sea mammals seek 00:41:08
our shores is to rest when they are tired, sick, injured or dying. 00:41:14
Currently, the West Coast is experiencing unprecedented die offs of of dolphins in California sea lions due to harmful algal 00:41:20
bloom. 00:41:24
Near the Channel Islands, in the deeper ocean beyond, we commonly refer to these algal blooms as red tides. 00:41:29
These blooms are usually seasonal. Our red tides normally occur in late summer, but pollution from winter storms and changing 00:41:35
ocean temperatures. 00:41:39
Have created conditions for this harmful bloom. 00:41:43
Caused by phytoplankton that favours these current ocean conditions. 00:41:47
The species of phytoplankton produces an overabundance of a neurotoxin that works its way up the food chain, from fish to the 00:41:51
brains and hearts of the sea mammals. 00:41:55
There's this resulting disease in sea mammals is called the domoic acid poisoning, and it attacks the hippocampus, or the GPS 00:42:00
system of these animals. 00:42:04
Causing disorientation, foaming at the mouth, seizures, immobility and death. 00:42:09
There's no known treatment or cure for this disease, although some California sea lions can expel the toxin. 00:42:14
Within a 74 hour window if they remain protected and unharmed by people on the beaches. 00:42:19
The public people and dogs need to stay away from marine mammals at least the length of a school bus. 00:42:25
These animals are stressed by people getting too close and may bite. 00:42:31
Which is why I'm addressing you tonight. 00:42:35
I witnessed someone approach and touch a stranded sea lion the other day. He almost got bit. 00:42:37
I'd like to ask the city to help educate people to this issue through social media and website posts if possible, and to post 00:42:42
signs near the entryway to the beach. 00:42:46
These signs can be obtained from Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute or Simi. 00:42:51
Simi is the only nonprofit stranding network in Santa Barbara and Ventura County. 00:42:56
Ventura County counties. 00:43:01
That is licensed through Noah and the US Fish and Wildlife to assess, rescue, rehab and release sea mammals. These animals are 00:43:03
under federal protection by law under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. Other things you can do if you see a sea mammal 00:43:09
stranded on the beach, call Simi at 8:05. 00:43:15
567-1505. 00:43:21
Support measures to reduce over application of nitrogen based fertilizers, fertilizers, and pesticides that reach our ocean. 00:43:24
Support nonprofits like Samuel and Surfrider whose missions are to protect the mammals and the oceans they call home. 00:43:30
Again, I want to stress how important it is to give them these animals space on the beach and in the water. Thank you. 00:43:36
Thank you, Joan. 00:43:42
Mr. Mayor, that concludes public comment. 00:43:47
OK. 00:43:49
It's time for the agenda approval for our council meeting. May I have a motion and a second to approve the agenda. 00:43:50
Move to Approve second. 00:43:57
Madam Clerk, can you please take a vote? 00:43:59
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 00:44:01
Hearing none motion carries unanimously. 00:44:04
All right. Do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to disclose on any one item? 00:44:06
All right. Hearing none, we will now call to order the Housing Authority special meeting. 00:44:12
Joint session with the City Council. It is now 6:42 PM. 00:44:17
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 00:44:23
Member Gamma. 00:44:29
Member Hernandez Member McQueen Lejean here. Member Blackwell. 00:44:31
Here member Brown here. 00:44:35
Vice Chair Perez here and Chair Martinez, President. 00:44:38
Madam Clerk, are there any public comments? 00:44:41
There are no public comments. 00:44:44
OK, we will now consider items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless there is a request to remove 00:44:46
one item. 00:44:50
For discussion, may I have a motion a second to approve the consent calendar? 00:44:54
I'd like to request pulling item 13 for discussion. 00:44:57
Right now it's one through 3 for the consent. 00:45:02
So move to approve. 00:45:08
OK. Is there a second second? 00:45:11
All right, Madam Clerk, can you please state. 00:45:13
Vote. 00:45:16
All in favour. 00:45:17
Aye, aye. 00:45:18
All opposed. 00:45:19
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 00:45:21
OK. We don't have any business items tonight. 00:45:23
Umm. 00:45:26
We will move on to the Authority members reports, comments and requests for future agenda items. 00:45:28
I have none. Thank you. 00:45:36
OK. 00:45:38
Number Blackwell. 00:45:39
And then? 00:45:41
Council. 00:45:42
OK. So that was quick. 00:45:44
Adjournment of the Poor Enemy Housing Authority Special meeting. 00:45:47
The Fort Wayne Housing Authority will adjourn to its next regular meeting, July 3rd, 2023 at 6:30 PM and we will now reconvene to 00:45:51
the City Council regular meeting. The time is now 6:44 PM. 00:45:57
We're going to move on to the presentation. 00:46:05
Item number 4 Chief of Police Introduction. 00:46:08
Interim City Manager Tony Stewart. Great, thank you Mayor. Good evening everyone. I would like to call our new police Chief 00:46:11
Michael Federico up to the podium. Say a few words about him. 00:46:17
And he. 00:46:24
Be available for any questions and comments from you folks. 00:46:25
But thank you again. 00:46:29
So. 00:46:31
I could. 00:46:33
Mentioned, I'd like to introduce our brand new police chief. 00:46:34
He actually started on June 9th. 00:46:37
With us a little bit after our last meeting, so that's why we're introducing him this evening. 00:46:40
And there'll be a swearing in ceremony this Thursday afternoon right out front City Hall at 2:00 PM. 00:46:45
Uh, so. And that'll be open to the public as well if they'd like to attend. 00:46:51
But for those of you who don't know Chief Federico, he actually has been a member of our community here for more than 30 years. He 00:46:56
and his daughter Cameo, who's here. 00:47:01
Sitting here, there she is. 00:47:05
And also Chief Federico actually worked for us once, Once Upon a time ago, about 20 years ago for a few years, actually about 10 00:47:09
years. 00:47:13
He then went on to the city of Santa Monica for about another 20 years. 00:47:18
Worked his way up through the ranks there and has come back to. 00:47:22
You're at home with port wine, Emy, so welcome back, Chief. 00:47:28
In addition, Chief is a former small business owner. 00:47:31
As you know, he and his daughter owned Rico's Italian villa up on Channel Islands Blvd. Once Upon a time. 00:47:35
And they both spend quite a bit of their time with nonprofits. Chief is the board president for the Down syndrome Association of 00:47:43
Los Angeles. They're also dog rescuers and spend a lot of time with their dogs. 00:47:49
And Chief also likes traveling, especially to his hometown of Boston as well as. 00:47:55
And I'm probably going to butcher this, but the Bruzzo Italy, you know this. OK, I know my name is Tony, but I'm actually not 00:48:01
Italian. 00:48:04
So for the sake of time though, at this point I will let the Chief Federico say a few words, thank his career, highlight Tony. 00:48:10
Thank you all. 00:48:14
I'm very humbled and honored to return home here. 00:48:19
To port Wine, Emy PD and the community where I started my Peace officer career. 00:48:23
I've been, as Tony said, I've been a member of this community for over 30 years, living in both an apartment and a house just 00:48:27
blocks from us here. 00:48:30
And my daughter and I. 00:48:35
Also had our very community engaged Italian family restaurant. 00:48:37
She she's so much more cooler than me. Like she is. She is. 00:48:44
She's the party. I'm the business. This works OK. Yeah. 00:48:50
Uh. 00:48:53
I have. So with that background, I have an appreciation for not only our residents, but our small business community and our 00:48:54
business community in general. 00:48:57
My Barber, my hair salon, my dog vet groomers, optometrist, favorite coffee house right across the street. It's all within the 00:49:01
city. 00:49:04
We've been enjoying volunteering in the community and tending many great events and if there's live music anywhere in this city 00:49:09
then that's where you're going to find Cameo. 00:49:12
As for PhD, I am humbled to have seen some of the programs I started in the 1990s last for years after I left. 00:49:17
Most dear to my heart is our Police Explorer program. 00:49:25
We did not have an Explorer program here when I started at at Winnie and. 00:49:29
I was a product of another agencies Police Explorer or Sheriff's Explorer program. 00:49:33
So. 00:49:39
That program helped me to be successful as as a young man and I wanted to do the same for our youth in this community. 00:49:43
I'm excited that the program is doing so well, thanks to the work of our Explorer Advisors and the dedication of our young Police 00:49:49
Explorers. 00:49:53
On the whole team. 00:49:57
They're building successful futures for themselves and giving back to service in our community. 00:49:59
And folks. 00:50:03
I truly do love this program. I just want to take a second to applaud all the work that's done by the advisor. 00:50:04
Yeah, and I know I'm being recognized today for returning back to a team that I started with. 00:50:16
But I'd like to take a moment to applaud our entire team of PhD because. 00:50:21
They've kept the organization so great for 20 years. 00:50:25
Chaplain chaplains included, Mayor Chaplins included. 00:50:33
And folks, I really have to, you know, Cameo and I had a different game plan before. 00:50:40
Folks told me that this spot would be opening and to come home and there was a lot of recruitment to get me home, so. 00:50:45
I just want to take a moment to recognize Cameo for allowing us to share her dad with the community and put on hold all of our 00:50:51
other plans. 00:50:55
She's excited to be here. 00:51:00
And we're already calling her the she said. I'm my dad's boss, so we're calling her the commissioner, AKA the Commission. 00:51:02
I love you, baby. 00:51:11
The support I've received from the members of the community and employees in this city has been overwhelming and very emotional. 00:51:17
I love this city and I love this Police Department. I've been talking highly about it and bragging about it. I. 00:51:24
Not only just the city, but the Police Department during my career down in Santa Monica. 00:51:30
It's not one person that makes an organization great. 00:51:35
And none of us are as smart as all of us. And that is a solid say if we can't bring minds together and make decisions. 00:51:39
Not one person leading any organization. 00:51:46
Does it all and not one person makes the best decisions. We work together as a team and you will see us work together as a team. 00:51:48
It's very true in this. 00:51:57
City government of Port Wanami. When I was here in the 90s, we had some incredible teamwork that I've talked about to this day and 00:51:58
brought. 00:52:01
To my time in LA County. 00:52:05
About how public works and facilities and HR, we all did great facilities. 00:52:07
Housing we we worked as a team in the city and it's something that's a huge benefit in a smaller town. 00:52:12
And. 00:52:17
I look forward to seeing those days again. 00:52:18
This is truly an awesome place to work. 00:52:23
And it's unique with its residence businesses, the Wanami Beach Portal Wyoming Navy Base. 00:52:25
This friendly city by the sea is truly the Pearl of the California Gold Coast. 00:52:30
And we see it the more you're around it and the more you spend time here. 00:52:35
Early in the process for chief. 00:52:40
I watched. 00:52:42
Our council. 00:52:43
At in November last year. 00:52:45
Talked to the recruiter about what they wanted to see in their chief. 00:52:48
No longer seated, but Mayor Rich Rawlins said. I want to experience someone who's experienced dealing with homeless, not only from 00:52:52
a law enforcement standpoint. 00:52:56
But a social standpoint finding best solutions of an individual basis. 00:53:00
Well folks, I spent 20 years at Santa Monica PD where we are known as leading the encompassing, all-encompassing approach. 00:53:04
On dealing with homeless concerns. 00:53:11
And we've been known for that for decades. 00:53:13
Traffic was another concern of his continuing theme in our city, he said. How can we find a way of calming the traffic? I have a 00:53:15
plan for that, and I'm tapping into some of the ideas that our folks are already throwing at me. 00:53:20
You will see. 00:53:26
Motorcycle officers returning to the city as fast as I can get them here and I've got great support from Tony and everybody else. 00:53:28
To get that, make that happen. 00:53:35
And I think somewhere excited to ride bikes. 00:53:38
Ah, we have good youth engagement with the explorers, said Rich. 00:53:41
Can they reach out to the community and deal with youth before they get into trouble? 00:53:45
As I said folks, I started our Explorer program here. 00:53:50
Out of a passion and a love for the program. 00:53:54
So From Scratch brought it here over 25 years ago and it's. 00:53:57
It raised, we've raised some youth out of that an incredibly positive way. 00:54:01
Several of us in this department and city employees have helped. 00:54:09
Many families in the Wynia, Oxnard area. 00:54:15
With troubled kids and just families going through some tough times, this is a very compassionate group of people behind me. It 00:54:19
was a compassionate group of people back in the 90s and we tried to do our best to be guardians and take care of this community. 00:54:25
And I have to say. 00:54:32
I look back at those. Part of my emotion on this point is I look back at those relationships, even in the 1990s, helping some 00:54:33
young people in high school. 00:54:38
And even tonight we have. 00:54:44
A couple of. 00:54:47
Former. 00:54:49
You know, homegrown Wanami that went on to break records on our. 00:54:50
Our high school football fields. 00:54:54
And. 00:54:57
Went on to play in the NFL. 00:54:59
With very impressive careers. 00:55:01
But. 00:55:03
I got both. Ronnie Jenkins here. Lorenzo Booker. 00:55:04
And they will tell you. 00:55:08
That at different points in their life, it wasn't just the compassionate members of this Police Department that did our best to 00:55:09
help them out. 00:55:13
And keep them focused. 00:55:17
But there's even people in the different parts of City Hall. 00:55:18
Marlin housing back in the day, several people. 00:55:23
That came together in this city. 00:55:26
To help. 00:55:28
Give a positive path for many of the youth in the city. 00:55:29
The neighborhood watch support was another thing you asked for, and I was pointing PD's first Community resources officer folks in 00:55:37
the 1990s, which later grew into what we now call BE coordinators. 00:55:42
Are now Mayor Bobby Martinez? You asked. 00:55:49
For a leader who knows and understands our community and as I've said, I think I've defined. 00:55:52
That road. 00:55:57
You asked for someone with a kind heart but who could be tough and get people to listen and carry out orders. 00:55:59
There were several employees here that supported me in coming back to winning PD. 00:56:04
If you ask people at Santa Monica PD, they will tell you I'm a personnel guy and I let our peer support team and Wellness 00:56:08
campaigns in the department. 00:56:12
When I had to hold someone accountable. 00:56:17
They knew it was coming from a place of fairness and support. 00:56:19
Someone you asked for. Someone willing to think outside the box and carry new systems that other people would be scared to try. 00:56:23
That would improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors. 00:56:29
Well. 00:56:33
At Santa Monica, I brought some new internal programs that created a more respectful, compassionate workforce. Because that's what 00:56:34
you want. You want guardians out there that are being respectful and compassionate. 00:56:39
To our public. 00:56:45
I also brought new technologies in, especially in my time running detectives and investigations. 00:56:47
That. 00:56:54
That improved everything from our. 00:56:55
To our services, to our victims. 00:56:59
But internally their workload. 00:57:01
25 to 30 years ago here at Miami PD. 00:57:04
I started many youth programs, one of which I've described, but I also brought our first police storefronts, police community 00:57:07
storefronts, the first one in Marina Village. 00:57:11
For six months. 00:57:15
And that was a great partnership with resident, owner and the other was in our shopping Center for the first time. 00:57:17
Mayor Pro Tem Mr. Perez. 00:57:26
You would asked someone who is local, has relationships with our local chiefs, police associations and knows this county. 00:57:28
I have lived in this county for over 40 years. 00:57:34
I was a Ventura Sheriff's Explorer. 00:57:38
PHP officer and now I've lived and worked in most of the. 00:57:40
Neighborhood Most of the communities in this county. 00:57:44
I have relationships with all the law enforcement leaders, some of which it's not. It shouldn't surprise you. 00:57:48
Started their careers at white EPD and now their police chiefs and and they've been sheriff's and the father of mom in law 00:57:54
enforcement and Ventura County Al Galati was a police chief here and went on to run the Sheriff's Department. So you produce 00:58:00
leaders and you produce compassionate leaders and you should know that because they've gone on to do so. 00:58:05
My relationship with them is strong and with the unions are strong. You asked for someone who has the ability to bring the 00:58:12
department together as a whole and make tough and decisive decisions, but still at the same time. 00:58:17
And the department can the that the people in the department can approach and have a good relationship, be respected, bring 00:58:22
together instead of create division. 00:58:26
I was supported by most of the department to come back and lead them and I have to say most. 00:58:32
I was well known at Santa Monica for not only being a people person, but I was often placed into teams that were having personnel 00:58:38
difficulties. I was called a fixer for the personnel. 00:58:42
So I would left leave those teams better than when I showed up. With a history like that, I was often called into difficult 00:58:49
decisions and the onset, but by the time I left we were in a better place. 00:58:54
Council Member Gamma. 00:59:00
You ask for someone that is community minded and understands our complex community is intimately familiar with the city. 00:59:03
I think I explained that in detail earlier. 00:59:10
And I'm quite confident that there were no other candidates. 00:59:13
That were members of this community for over 30 years, that worked at PhD in the past, that started programs in the city that are 00:59:16
still in place today, that lived in an apartment in the city, lived in a house and owned a a family restaurant in this city. 00:59:22
I think intimates a fair word, Sir. 00:59:28
I'm not dating this city. I'm married to it. 00:59:30
Council Member Hernandez, you asked for someone that would support Neighborhood Watch provide public education, portions of PhD. 00:59:35
And I explained earlier I was the first community Resources officer. 00:59:42
And you have seen my public outreach. Have you seen my public outreach video from 1997? 00:59:46
Thank you. 00:59:51
My hair looked great in that video. It's great. You gotta see it. It was a We did a great outreach video, had members of the 00:59:52
department, and I introduced the world to whining BPD. 00:59:57
You asked for someone who can curb homelessness, curb speeding, and I think I explained that in my earlier. 01:00:03
You ask for someone who can work with the clubs, graffiti problems, work with taggers and approach the part of society that has 01:00:08
difficulty in following the rules and embracing them. 01:00:12
I mentioned. 01:00:17
Amongst the things I did was youth programs. 01:00:19
But at Santa Monica, I LED a team that started our first juvenile diversion program to keep kids out of custody. 01:00:21
Not only that, but I have some had many troubled family members of my own and I think they would have a different path today if 01:00:28
they. 01:00:31
Had some of the guidance that we provide from those juvenile diversion programs, the juvenile diversion program we started. 01:00:35
Is become one of the most progressive and well known and well respected in Southern California. 01:00:40
And I can't wait to get working on one here and to work with the county on theirs. 01:00:45
You asked for. 01:00:50
See. 01:00:52
Well, I will also say this. 01:00:57
I'm also a little emotional because there are there young people in this community that are now grown up. 01:01:01
Successful adults. 01:01:06
That were the subject of radio calls. 01:01:08
Ah. 01:01:10
The. 01:01:11
Considered the problem in society in this town many years ago, and those folks have asked me to come back as chief, and I love 01:01:12
that they're coming up and hugging me. Some of them are even arrested. 01:01:17
So. 01:01:22
That's what you're getting. 01:01:23
Back. 01:01:24
Into this town. 01:01:25
You asked for technical ability understanding. 01:01:28
Technology behind Dispatch Communication Center and the Emergency Operations Center. Thank you for this. 01:01:31
I have worked four different agencies dispatch communications centers during my career. 01:01:38
I've also been a dispatch supervisor and a dispatch manager. 01:01:42
A few times in my career. 01:01:45
And not just for police, but compliance combined police and fire, and I was a temporarily assigned to the unique role over at the 01:01:48
city manager's office in Santa Monica. 01:01:52
To be a manager in the office of. 01:01:56
Emergency Management. 01:01:58
And many years ago I was certified as an ICS instructor. 01:02:00
And I taught all supervisors and managers in Santa Monica the incident command system. 01:02:04
As well as several police departments and lawsuits, Los Angeles County the best role and best practices of incident command. 01:02:08
And how to handle large scale events? 01:02:16
Both planned and unplanned. 01:02:18
My audience includes sitting police chiefs. No pressure there, but my audience had sitting police chiefs in it from some of the 01:02:20
most well known cities in LA. 01:02:23
You asked for a chief that would consider growing and developing special units. 01:02:28
Umm. 01:02:32
I was sending info and offering as much help as I could to Henry Montagu or HL long before I ever got here. 01:02:33
We've vetted some great approaches on homeless concerns and I was getting stuff to Henry as fast as I could, whether I. 01:02:39
Eventually took this job or not, I wanted to see it be successful. 01:02:45
Care about this community, he said. I love this community. I do. 01:02:49
So. 01:02:52
In my first week, I already began working to return motorcycle officer assignments to our ranks, which will be followed by canine 01:02:53
positions along with. 01:02:58
I'm glad to to say. 01:03:02
I haven't stressed out Sylvia and Bob my managers yet, but I've thrown so much at them in those first couple of weeks that I do 01:03:04
appreciate them and them hanging in there. 01:03:08
Umm. 01:03:13
And I'm glad you asked for that, because I'm gonna be asking some of you to support those things when I start throwing them at the 01:03:15
council. 01:03:18
So I just want to finish up with one other thing. You asked for a good communicator. 01:03:22
That's approachable, can work in the community and you would like a chief who was bilingual in Spanish. 01:03:27
I think I covered the approachable Ness and asked for Spanish. 01:03:33
First of all, I came originally from Boston, so if the English language is hard to find the letter R everything was pocket con 01:03:37
having guns and I learned the letter R so I figured I could learn other things when I got here so. 01:03:43
So for me. 01:03:50
Oblo Espanol, Ambito. 01:03:52
4K. 01:03:53
Similarly italiano. 01:03:54
Pablo Italiano Vegito. 01:03:56
Verdad. Like, they're the same, right? So. 01:04:01
If you think my Spanish is bad. 01:04:05
You should hear my Italian. 01:04:07
But I've used my Spanish is good. 01:04:08
We are. We are a time. 01:04:11
I've used my. It's very funny, but I've used my Spanish. I want to say I've worked every day since June 9th since I got here, 01:04:14
whether it's us answering somebody's question on parking tickets or whether it's just bumping into somebody in the lobby with a 01:04:17
question. 01:04:21
And also people see Federico and so right away they start and then I was like, wait. 01:04:26
Slow down. My key is lentamente lento. Both in Italian and Espanol. I ask people to speak a little slower. 01:04:29
And then I'll stay with. 01:04:35
My point is, we have plenty of Spanish speakers in the department that will do all the translation, but if somebody feels they 01:04:36
need to talk directly to their police chief. 01:04:40
Because they have a concern and they are primarily Spanish speaking. 01:04:44
I will be there to do my best and understand. 01:04:48
Let's do the R espanol and escuela. 01:04:54
At all. 01:04:56
Study are it's through the R Italiano contigo coming my familia so. 01:04:56
I took the time to understand Spanish in school and take the classes the the Italian I learned with the family, so I'm a mess when 01:05:01
it comes to combining both. 01:05:05
And I will end with this Council Member McQueen. 01:05:09
Legion. 01:05:12
You are not a sitting Council member at that November meeting, however. 01:05:13
Uh. 01:05:17
We've previously talked about juvenile diversion and youth programs, so I have to say. 01:05:17
I hope to meet your expectations and as we go through this journey together and I'm going to bounce some more ideas off you. 01:05:23
Umm. 01:05:30
I've been listening to the council meetings for the past two years and I've heard the communities concerns in the city. I plan to 01:05:31
address them folks. 01:05:34
With the best means possible with my team. 01:05:38
I don't do the work they do. They're incredible. 01:05:41
I want to thank all the members of this community who welcomed me. I've gotten a lot of hugs. Doesn't matter if it's a cappuccino, 01:05:44
if it's Starbucks, don't tell Jessica I've gone into Starbucks. But Anna Cappuccino or Starbucks. 01:05:49
Or just going down the street, or after doing a walkthrough at Surfside, and then I make motel and I make my way up Willowbrook 01:05:55
and I run into people who used to be Rico's Italian villas, customers. So I love what I'm seeing and I love the support. It's very 01:05:59
overwhelming. 01:06:03
And I listened to those Council meetings for the last two years and I'm taking notes. 01:06:10
I want to say thank you all for your support and on behalf of. 01:06:15
My team. 01:06:18
And me here at Wyoming PD. 01:06:19
Who I appreciate so much, I just want to say. 01:06:23
We got you, Port Wanami. 01:06:25
And we look forward to going through this journey with you ahead. 01:06:27
And the Commission? 01:06:30
That's right. 01:06:32
Thank you. 01:06:45
I love my daddy. 01:06:47
Oh. 01:07:00
Chief, before you leave. 01:07:01
We'd like to. 01:07:03
Share a few comments. 01:07:04
So. 01:07:05
Can you and Jamie come back? 01:07:06
Come on back, Cammy. 01:07:08
Might even give you a chance at the mic. 01:07:11
Chief Federica, I just want to offer a kind congratulations and welcome you here to our friendly city by the sea. 01:07:17
As you know you're. 01:07:24
You're gonna have to feel some pretty big shoes. Salinas was a stellar chief, and he maintained very high standards. 01:07:27
So my expectation is that you meet those standards and even exceed them and I really appreciate hearing. 01:07:34
Your experience, because I am not. 01:07:40
I had no idea that you brought. 01:07:43
This amount of experience from Santa Monica and and having worked in Santa Monica. 01:07:45
I know that there's a lot of programming and and things that you can lend here to us in our in our small city on a smaller scale. 01:07:51
So thank you for that. 01:08:00
I know that you report directly to the city manager, but I want you to know that for the City Council, we're here to support you, 01:08:02
to make sure that you have the resources you need. 01:08:07
To effectively police our city and make sure that we have a safe community. 01:08:12
Umm. 01:08:17
I imagine you're probably still assessing what's going, what's going on with in the Police Department and. 01:08:18
Trying to figure out where you're going to make some changes or improvements, so I I hope that. 01:08:25
You come back to us and you let us know what your what your plans are, when you're ready to do that and and then provide us with 01:08:33
your regular periodic crime reports as we had with with Chief Salinas. 01:08:39
You you nail almost everything that I I'm going to be looking for. Traffic Safety plan, neighborhood watch. That was one thing we 01:08:45
we couldn't seem to get. 01:08:49
Put into place over the past few years, but I really would like to see neighborhood watch brought back. 01:08:55
Our HOA uses the neighborhood watch concept and we have regular meetings all the time. I'd like to see that county of citywide. 01:09:00
Umm. 01:09:09
Last year I met with dispatch during the ride along. 01:09:10
And I know the dispatch center is not yet complete. I hope you will make that a priority and you'll listen to the dispatchers in 01:09:14
terms of what their needs are and and and take good care of them. Those people have been without a functioning. 01:09:21
And the an ideal environment for for doing their job they really do need. 01:09:29
Your care and we need to take care of them. 01:09:34
Umm. 01:09:37
Also. 01:09:38
You're likely to have some upcoming vacancies. 01:09:39
Either soon or down the road. 01:09:43
I would like to implore you to consider some of our fine female officers and make sure that they have opportunities to advance up 01:09:46
the chain of command. 01:09:51
I think we could set an example for other departments and I think our female officers here deserve that opportunity. 01:09:58
So with that, good luck and thank you for joining us. Congratulations again and congratulations to you too, Kami. I know you're 01:10:05
very proud of your dad. 01:10:09
Thank you. And as far as dispatch, thankfully Gabby hasn't run away from me yet over facilities. She's helping me get moving on 01:10:14
the construction and as far as promoting females, some of the best people I ever worked for in this industry and some of my best 01:10:19
mentors. 01:10:24
Or females. 01:10:29
Thank you so much for. 01:10:31
Selecting whining me to beat our chief. 01:10:33
Your. 01:10:37
History here is amazing and I couldn't be happier to know that. A nationwide recruitment. 01:10:39
Ended up finding it right here in our backyard. 01:10:46
And I know you're gonna do great things for us and I'm really appreciative of the effort that you focus with our youth in our 01:10:48
community. It's a big, big. 01:10:52
Priority. 01:10:58
And I love the fact that you got some. 01:10:59
Some XY anemi Vikings. I was on the sidelines watching these guys play and I appreciate them very much and but it just goes to 01:11:03
show all of us that if we reach out and we connect and we talk to youth and engage them in either picking up trash sports, 01:11:10
anything that gets them connected to something positive, good things will happen. 01:11:18
And I look forward to. 01:11:26
Many new initiatives and just super. 01:11:28
Excited for you to be here and thank you. 01:11:32
And a touch on that one, both of them will humbly not say, but they do a lot behind the scenes for youth programs in the 01:11:34
auctioneer plane. 01:11:38
And both of them have committed to help me with some of our youth programs, so I appreciate them both. 01:11:42
That's great. 01:11:48
Just want to say welcome back. 01:11:49
Chief and. 01:11:51
Hearing your background, your experience, I'm looking forward to what you're going to be able to do in this city. There is a lot 01:11:54
to do. 01:11:58
And so I think you probably touched on most of the areas where we have seen some concerns. And so I'm just looking forward to the 01:12:03
work that you're going to do for the city and and like the other council person said, we'll be here for you. 01:12:11
To give you the support that you need. So thanks, thanks again for selecting us. 01:12:20
I don't even know what to say. 01:12:27
So I'm just glad to have you back here. I know you weren't planning on it. 01:12:29
It was kind of my husband who kind of dragged you kicking and screaming when you were setting sail or wanting to set sail for. 01:12:34
Italy and and go into retirement but I'm. 01:12:40
Glad you stuck it through. And now that you're here and you see. 01:12:43
What you need to do and and. 01:12:48
I knew as soon as that first day arrived that. 01:12:51
Everything else would be. 01:12:54
Irrelevant. 01:12:56
And then you would get to work and your skills and your experience and everything that you had to offer this department. 01:12:58
In our community who would come out and and I'm looking forward to what you have to do because I know, I know I hear everything 01:13:04
that you're wanting to do. I've been listening to it and I'm excited about it and can't wait for you to get going and and get 01:13:09
things moving. So I know you have great things for our department. 01:13:14
And I know they are excited to have you, which is. 01:13:19
The most important thing for me for that is them having a leader that they. 01:13:21
Can trust and respect and want. 01:13:26
And I know that was important for them so. 01:13:31
Welcome home. 01:13:34
Thank you. 01:13:36
And I know, I know you have high expectations, but we also have high expectations. But nonetheless, I just want you to know that 01:13:37
I'm really happy that you're here and I'm really proud to to call you our Chief. 01:13:41
So thank you, thank you very much and hopefully we can all give them another round of applause to our new police chief, Mike 01:13:46
Federico, everybody. 01:13:50
Thank you. 01:13:59
Thank you. 01:14:06
I Jeremy. 01:14:07
We will now move on to Presentation #5 presented by the US Navy on base perimeter security and no parking signs on San Pedro St. 01:14:16
for our next presentation. 01:14:21
I'd like to welcome Deputy Public Works Officer, Mr. Mark. 01:14:26
Looking house? Yep. Good. 01:14:30
So, umm. 01:14:32
Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tem, City Council members, The one thing I've learned in my career is that when given a presentation, never 01:14:34
follow a good act. And here I am following the introduction of the Chief of Police with the. 01:14:39
Heck of a impressive resume, so I'm going to do my best. At least I'm coming with a slide deck here. 01:14:45
The reason why I'm talking to you is to bring to your attention a topic that maybe a lot of people would consider small, but if 01:14:51
you take it, look at it in the eyes of Naval Base Ventura County. 01:14:57
And security, it's rather significant. And what I want to talk about is the whole issue of no parking signs that are placed along 01:15:02
our permanent fence. 01:15:06
The objective of my presentation is not to. 01:15:11
Have decision anything but basically just to create awareness of the importance of those signs to us and to our page security. 01:15:14
Next slide please. 01:15:19
Ohh. 01:15:29
It's up for me. 01:15:30
Yeah. 01:15:32
There we go. OK. My presentation will basically cover 5 areas. Number one, I just wanted to give an overview of the naval base, 01:15:33
Ventura County. 01:15:37
Talk about military compatibility areas. 01:15:41
Current world threats. 01:15:43
Physical security versus versus anti terrorism and base security requirements and the need for these science. 01:15:44
As a recap with regards to Naval Base Ventura County. 01:15:52
We may seem like quiet neighbors, but we are rather significant installation. 01:15:56
Ohh we have three different sites, Point Magoo. 01:16:00
Port Wanami and San Nicolas Island. 01:16:03
Hold on. I'm sorry to interrupt. 01:16:06
I just. 01:16:08
Wanna make sure that. 01:16:08
We can all keep it down please. 01:16:12
I know there's a lot of excitement going on, but. 01:16:15
OK. 01:16:18
So in general, both direct and indirect based does bring about point $4.6 billion worth of economic impact to to the area. 01:16:20
We are a large employer, about 24,000 civilian employees and. 01:16:29
4000 sailors. 01:16:33
With that on the base, we support a lot of activities. We support 85 tenant commands. 01:16:35
Basically three CB battalions. 01:16:41
Four Hawkeye squadrons, which are all deployable. 01:16:43
And three warfare centers, all involved in the area of research. 01:16:47
Umm. 01:16:51
We have basically about over 1300 family housing units. 01:16:52
1600 facilities. 01:16:57
5 childcare centers, 4 fire departments. 01:16:59
3 galleys. 01:17:03
A couple of launchpads. 01:17:05
Basically 2500 acres of wetlands. 01:17:08
And on top of that. 01:17:11
Ohh we. 01:17:13
We also have about 16 miles worth of railway track, so as you can see the base is multifunctional such that if world events. 01:17:15
Demand us to us. We have a lot of capabilities that we could bring to the table to support world events. 01:17:25
OK. 01:17:35
With the military campus, we also have what's called compatibility areas, and these compatibility areas are basically. 01:17:37
Established boundaries which guide the compatible development and the separation between the local community and the the military 01:17:44
base. 01:17:48
Basically, the purpose of these military compatibility areas are to basically promote the orderly transition between the community 01:17:52
and the military environments. 01:17:56
To protect the public health, safety and welfare. 01:18:00
And to maintain the operational, operational capabilities of both you all the community. 01:18:03
And US the military installation. 01:18:07
OK. The MCMC's are basically documented in our 2015 joint land use study, but it's also been incorporated in the City of Portland, 01:18:10
Amy general plan back in 2021. 01:18:16
What I'd like to point out with these military compatibility areas is the fact that it also includes what we call 20 foot setbacks 01:18:23
between our perimeter fence. 01:18:27
You know our prayer fence 20 feet out. We we we want to keep things very clear. 30 feet in, we keep things clear on our end. 01:18:33
And the purpose of, you know, and these are very, these are very important for for reasons I'll go into the second. 01:18:41
Bear with me, I'm still recovering from a frog in my throat Here, so. 01:18:49
If you keep up with world events, you'll notice that not everybody is our friend, right? 01:18:55
Obviously the what's going on the Ukraine we're supporting the Ukrainians against their challenges or their. 01:19:01
Their invasion with Russia. 01:19:08
China is sitting back looking at this whole event because they have their eyes on Taiwan, another country that we are supposed to 01:19:11
defend. 01:19:15
Iran is obviously in world events supplying drones and stuff to Russia. 01:19:19
And everybody knows about North Korea with regards to its oppressive regime. 01:19:24
With that being said, these countries are always very interested to. 01:19:30
Either get on our installations. 01:19:35
For observation and Oregon disruption. 01:19:38
Ohh. 01:19:42
Since September 11th, military installations have been required to meet very stringent. 01:19:43
Standards with regards to both anti terrorism and physical security. 01:19:49
Anti terrorism. 01:19:54
Is basically the defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability of individuals and property. 01:19:56
And physical security is that part of the security that's concerned with the physical measures designed to safeguard personnel. 01:20:02
Both physical security and anti terrorism are. 01:20:09
The responsibility of what we call our force protection group. 01:20:12
The Force Protection Group. 01:20:19
Basically operates under very established and very strict Navy directives. 01:20:21
We had the OPNAV instruction 555530 Unified Facilities Criteria. 01:20:25
Navy tactics and technique, Techniques and procedures. 01:20:31
And these directives mandate a lot of requirements for security. 01:20:34
For the force protection group to maintain the security of the base. 01:20:39
And a big portion of that is again maintaining those clear zones along our fence. 01:20:42
20 feet on the inside. 01:20:48
30 feet on the inside. 01:20:50
And what's the purpose of this clear zone? Well, the clear zone is basically to prevent concealment. OK, so that people cannot hop 01:20:51
or fences or get over fences. 01:20:55
And allows us to have easy inspection of the perimeter fences to ensure the security. 01:20:59
This is the point I'm making to maintain those clear. 01:21:09
Zones, OK. 01:21:13
On the perimeter fences, we really can't afford to have vehicles parked along those fences, OK? Therefore the no parking signs. 01:21:14
This is a good example of the San Pietro Rd. whereby we have our fence line and you can see where the red demarks the 30 feet 01:21:23
interior, the black demarks the 20 feet exterior. 01:21:29
These things are these these. 01:21:36
These areas of clearance are are very important to us to maintain, OK. 01:21:38
And I guess what we're doing is just making sure you're aware of the importance of these things. 01:21:43
And to making sure that if. 01:21:47
The situation rises whereby neighbours hey would like to take down these signs. 01:21:49
For additional parking, stuff like that. 01:21:53
We're very sensitive about that because what we're trying to do is protect our compound so that we're protecting the people within 01:21:55
our campus. 01:21:58
So with that I. 01:22:02
We'll take any questions that you may have on this. 01:22:04
Yes, Council member Gamma. 01:22:08
Thank you for coming out and. 01:22:12
Sharing that with us so. 01:22:14
As you know, parking is an issue for our residents and. 01:22:16
You know, I'm wondering how it is that you could tolerate. 01:22:20
Parking at Silver Strand Beach right up along the fence line to where you can't even open your door. 01:22:25
Car door. 01:22:30
And. 01:22:31
We can't consider parking over here on San Pedro. I know that during the robotics competition. 01:22:32
We open that parking up. 01:22:40
And then and then we shut it down. 01:22:42
So could you? 01:22:45
Tell us the difference between the Victoria Fence line and the San Pedro? No, that that that's an outstanding point. No, we're 01:22:47
we're not happy with the Victoria Fence line and the Silver Strand. That is a problem area for us and that is. 01:22:52
What we're also we're trying to address that, OK, we're not perfect all the way around, but I guess if we're, if we are 01:22:58
compromised in certain areas, I would, I would say that's not an argument for us to continue to be compromised in other areas. So 01:23:04
we're working, we're part of our encroachment policies and our procedures. We are working to address those areas also but what we 01:23:10
don't want to do is they further degradation. 01:23:16
Of, of the, of the, of the, of the clear zones that we have. 01:23:22
Yeah, but the parking. 01:23:27
Way worse over there at Silver Strand than it is in San Pedro, OK, But you know, I just think that it would be nice if we could 01:23:29
open it that up for our residents cause they've struggled to park. 01:23:34
And you know, we have to Co coexist together. 01:23:40
And hopefully we could work together. 01:23:43
And you know. 01:23:45
I know that. 01:23:47
For I mean, there's a lot of space on the base that looks like it's not being utilized, IE the baseball fields. 01:23:49
And the weeds are like 3-4 or five feet tall. 01:23:55
And you know, we have a need to get our youth engaged in sporting events and. 01:23:58
What we're going to have anyways, we we we do need more. 01:24:03
Playfields and so I just hope that we could approach this in a. 01:24:06
And that partnership matter that we, you know, the Navy has been great to our community. There's no doubt about it. And it's been 01:24:11
here since 41, I believe, right, 4148. And the contributions that the Navy base here in Ventura County has had during world 01:24:18
conflicts, it's huge. We see it documented in our museum and all those wonderful reminders of how important national security is 01:24:25
and so. 01:24:31
And then I look at other bases down in San Diego and I've had the opportunity to go and travel and do some work on some other 01:24:38
bases. So I just hope that we could have an open mind and and acknowledge that while Silver Strand, you know, you're not meeting 01:24:44
those objections objectives and over here on San Pedro, we we do have a need for parking so. 01:24:50
To you know. 01:24:57
We have to work together and I know we do and. 01:24:58
Hopefully we could. 01:25:01
Kind of find a way to. 01:25:03
Satisfy. Satisfy both of us. No. Very good point Sir. And and and we're always. 01:25:05
Very much. 01:25:10
Want to be good neighbors? 01:25:11
And work with y'all, we're stuck with each other so might as well. So no, we we will always work in a collaborative fashion with 01:25:12
you. All I'm trying to do right now is just bringing awareness to 1 area that is. 01:25:18
Very sensitive to us and as you said, we're not perfect now there are certain areas which we are security standards are less than 01:25:24
what we want it to be. What we're trying to do is. 01:25:29
Not have further degradation, but basically turn the tide and and and and go the other way so that we are protecting our commands 01:25:35
and our people. So OK. 01:25:39
Council member Hernandez. 01:25:45
Thank you so much for your presentation in my former life. Back in 1998, I was with the Ventura County Sheriff's Office of 01:25:48
Emergency Services. 01:25:53
And establish the 1st. 01:25:59
Homeland Security Anti Terrorism Working Group That's off to an early warning group. 01:26:00
And that was before 9/11 when 911 happened. 01:26:07
Our world changed and we did a lot of target hardening of our government facilities. 01:26:11
Throughout the county. 01:26:19
I even recommended that city councils have bulletproof diocese. I don't think that happened here, but. 01:26:21
There's I I do watch the news and I pay close attention, which is happening around the globe. 01:26:29
And I am very happy to see that the base is taking proactive measures because our security has been degraded over the years, 911 01:26:34
was what, 20 some years ago? 01:26:41
20 plus years ago and we started rolling back our security. 01:26:48
And. 01:26:53
And we're not as vigilant as we used to be. 01:26:55
And I think we need to really maintain that we're coming back into a. 01:26:58
An environment where those threats are very real. So I I appreciate the presentation, I appreciate the thought and I'm glad to see 01:27:01
the security measures that the base is taking. 01:27:07
It's something we should all pay attention to. Thank you very much. I do appreciate it. 01:27:12
Thank you. Yeah, thanks for the presentation. As someone who just retired a year ago after 33 years working for the military, it 01:27:17
kind of scares me somewhat when when I hear you say that there's degradation already I you showed I think 3 instructions or and so 01:27:24
I I'm not really sure, I didn't see what names were on those instructions, but just want to be clear about those instructions 01:27:32
don't come from naval base. 01:27:39
Ventura County, no, right. So they come from the Secretary of Navy sometimes they come from the CNONO Chief of Naval Operations. 01:27:46
That is true. And so we we're compliers to that, right. And so just appreciate you coming out and giving us that information very 01:27:54
good. And our our security as it relates to the military facility is very important. I remember having gate runners and this is 01:28:01
coming through the guard gate, right, not jumping a fence. We have some fence jumpers as well. 01:28:09
Yeah, but yeah, so it's about national security. 01:28:16
Right. And the folks who who support national security here locally. OK. So thank you so much. Thank you very much. 01:28:22
So yes, thank you for your presentation. It is very surprising to me to hear that we're still having an issue with security and 01:28:29
and. 01:28:33
You would think this day and age, with all the technology that we have, we would be. 01:28:37
Moving upwards instead of it degrading. So that was very yeah so eye opening to see but OK so it's a very interesting point and if 01:28:41
you. 01:28:45
Bear with me to ad Lib a little bit, Yeah, I think. I think a lot of it is. 01:28:51
A lot of times we do get a little bit from encroachment. We just don't have the focus on it. We, you know, we have our attention. 01:28:55
Eyes on something else and we wake up one day and go, hey, wait a minute, we've got a problem over here. It's really hard to 01:29:01
correct what what what's been done? And you can't just wake up and tell people to move back a little bit. So it it has to take a 01:29:05
take a lot of. 01:29:09
Coordination and and and and collaboration with with local communities to try to get us back back to our state. 01:29:16
The the thing about the technology that's also a good one also in the sense that we're always fighting for dollars at our shore 01:29:22
installation is the. 01:29:26
Age-old story Do we want to put money into this military base that looks good or? 01:29:31
Do we want to get another aircraft carrier launched And a lot of times we lose the fight with the surface line, but we know we did 01:29:36
the best we can. 01:29:39
Thank you. Alright. 01:29:43
OK. Thank you for your presentation. I I do just want to confirm. 01:29:45
That on the Victoria side, on the Silver Strand side. 01:29:49
People are parking on that site. We know we're very, we're very aware of that and we've definitely like to introduce oh, oh, there 01:29:52
you are calling to introduce that Kendall Lawson. He is our Community Planning and Liaison officer for a lot of the city 01:29:59
officials. He is the face of Naval Base Madera County representing the SCO. 01:30:06
And Kendall and I are heavily engaged in trying to navigate that whole issue and again to work with the, with the, with the, with 01:30:14
the, with the city and the. 01:30:20
Of county to to to try to push back. But again, it's not something that could be done overnight. But our eyes are on that and we 01:30:27
are trying to work that issue. Having lived in Silver Strand, I don't envy the task at all. 01:30:33
Where are you going to put all the cars that are there now? 01:30:40
Umm. 01:30:44
I do not have an answer for that so. 01:30:46
Yeah. 01:30:50
Go for it. 01:30:51
One more comment, I'd like to get your contact information because I wanted to follow up on some issues both. 01:30:53
Council Member McQueen Lejohn and I sit on the regional Defense 21 group and we recently heard a presentation on preparedness on 01:31:00
the base and how the base is going to. 01:31:06
Communicate with us locally, so I'd like to. 01:31:13
Talk to you about that. We also met an organization when we went to DC. We visited the Pentagon and some other offices, and one of 01:31:17
the offices actually does community affairs, and I'm thinking that might be a. 01:31:23
Yes, exactly. Are you? Are you? Do you work with them OK? 01:31:30
OK, so. 01:31:37
Yeah. So the idea of accessing the base for recreational activities like using the the playfield, I heard that. 01:31:39
The the Navy bases actually said no to the playing field but. 01:31:48
There are some other ideas out there that I'd like to run by you and maybe through this organization, similar to what Councilman 01:31:52
Gamma was. 01:31:55
Was speaking out, but if you could leave your contact information, I would appreciate that. Thank you and thank you so much again, 01:32:00
thank you for the opportunity. I really do appreciate it. And I just I just want to mention. 01:32:04
So growing up here in Fort Wayne Meat since I was five years old and it just. 01:32:10
From my point of view, it was always just kind of strange knowing that. 01:32:15
There was a. 01:32:18
Offense. 01:32:19
Within our city. 01:32:20
I know, I know the importance of having that fence for the military base, but just I just wanna. 01:32:22
Like, you know how how I felt it was? It was always again a strange feeling knowing that. 01:32:27
There's other kids inside that fence that have a movie theater and we don't. 01:32:32
That. 01:32:36
At the time, their base when I grew up, their baseball fields were nice. You know, it it was always just a really weird feeling 01:32:38
for me where I was just like, how. 01:32:41
How is it that we still have? 01:32:45
Some sort of like segregation in a way. 01:32:48
And. 01:32:51
One of the things that I always kind of wanted to do was maybe find a way so that kids can. 01:32:52
Go inside and playing the baseball fields. 01:32:58
Especially because they're not being used right now. 01:33:00
I've heard of other cities where they have bases that where they've moved the fence line lines. Is there any way that something 01:33:03
like this can be at? 01:33:08
Can happen in the future. OK, so I have to be very careful. I don't want to speak for the CEO on the spot here. My my best answer 01:33:13
right now is that. 01:33:18
Would that make any commitment? I mean, again, we're willing to work with you all. We're willing to look at all opportunities. 01:33:24
Again, our primary concern is security. OK, but I know that at other military installations, they've always. 01:33:29
Golf courses is a classic example I'm so jealous of. 01:33:38
I think it's a Iwakuni. They have a golf course on the base and they have easy access for civilians to go on in there and that 01:33:43
turns out to be a huge moneymaker for the base and it supports their MWR to A to a phenomenal degree. So I would say anything is 01:33:49
possible as long as, you know, trying to address your desires as to what you'd like to do while making sure that we're protecting 01:33:55
our interests, we can, we can always work something out. 01:34:01
OK. 01:34:07
With that, yeah, I'd have to defer to the CEO. I don't want to speak for him. 01:34:08
Go ahead. 01:34:12
So I. 01:34:13
I'm aware that there appears to be like 57 acres of port business going on the base. OK. And again? 01:34:15
Umm. 01:34:21
You know it. 01:34:23
When those cars are driven off the base, we don't get revenue for it. 01:34:25
But the base gets revenue, OK. And so you know again that's another area where it's like you know you got 57 acres of car business 01:34:29
going on in the base. 01:34:33
And you know, we benefit from from port activity. 01:34:37
But we don't benefit from that. So I just wanted to bring that up as is that you know the the blending of military and commercial 01:34:41
and. 01:34:45
All the. 01:34:49
People that have to be cleared and get a cat card to come on the base and do all that, that's that's a security. 01:34:51
Big. 01:34:58
Big effort that I'm sure causes a lot of headaches out there, but let's just bring it up because I think if we open our minds and 01:34:59
we try to work together that we could find an equilibrium. 01:35:03
So that perhaps? 01:35:08
Those ball fields that are stuffed with weeds right now could be used by by our residents and and and the base kids as well and 01:35:10
I've. 01:35:14
So, yeah, OK. Anyways, appreciate you coming and hope we could have a very meaningful dialogue down. Right. Right. And I I guess 01:35:18
you know you brought up a good point in the sense that yes, we do have quite a few acres that we do lease out to Clovis for the 01:35:24
staging of their vehicles when they when they come on in. The two points I'd like to make is number one for us the military 01:35:29
installation land is king. I mean if, if, if the land is a little bit underutilized right now the purpose of that land is staging 01:35:35
in case there is a world event, I mean. 01:35:40
You're the only deep draft port. 01:35:48
In between Long Beach and San Francisco. And so if world events dictate that cargo ships have to come on in to get heavy equipment 01:35:50
quickly to some overseas location. 01:35:56
Is port wine, but that that this is where everything is going to come on and get staged, move off. That's why we do need that 01:36:02
land. 01:36:05
With regards to the the revenue, you you are correct, OK, we do get revenue revenue for that, but the Navy is not a profit making 01:36:09
organization. The revenue we get basically goes into maintaining our infrastructure. We have very tight rules that we have to go 01:36:16
under. So indirectly you are benefiting as a taxpayer because if we're able to get some money to keep our water distribution 01:36:23
systems active then that's less money we have to go back for milk plants and the taxpayers. 01:36:31
To pay for another source, so and it brings jobs, so. 01:36:38
OK. Thank you for your presentation. Thank you. Alright, have a good day. 01:36:43
Thank you. 01:36:47
Call. 01:36:55
All right, we're now going to move on to item number six, city employee recognition. Deputy City Manager Charles Peretz. 01:36:56
Good evening, Mayor, Council, staff, members of the public. 01:37:09
It's that time once again. It's the next quarter. As the council and the public may recall, last year we began the process of 01:37:13
recognizing employees for their years of service. 01:37:17
At City Council meetings. 01:37:23
Last year was a catch up year, so we recognized a number of employees. 01:37:25
Both those hitting the five year incremental mark and those between that had not been recognized. 01:37:28
This year is a more traditional year, so in our second year we're recognizing those. 01:37:33
Celebrating their 15202530 and so on years of service with the city. 01:37:38
As of the second quarter of the year. 01:37:43
So with that introduction, I'll turn it over to. 01:37:45
Newly introduced Chief Federico to recognize two of our longer tenured employees in the Police Department. 01:37:49
Hello again. 01:38:12
Sorry for the noise. 01:38:14
Lease employees, we tend to be loud working on our inner voice earlier already our first noise complaint. 01:38:16
We talked about it. We're working on our inside voice. 01:38:23
First recognition here will be Roki A Lopez Roki Lopez junior. 01:38:27
Senior police officer. 01:38:34
Rookie Lopez Junior was hired with the City of Port Anemia as a reserve police officer in May 21st, 2003 and promoted a police 01:38:35
officer on December 8th, 2003. 01:38:40
He has worked several assignments, including canine handler, field training officer, firearms instructor, range master. 01:38:45
Hazer instructor. 01:38:51
Arrest Control Instructor, BE Coordinator, Special Problems Unit Detective. 01:38:53
On August 20th, 2015, Rocky was promoted to Senior Police Officer 2019. 01:38:58
He was assigned to an entire six month patrol deployment as an acting Sergeant. 01:39:04
He's currently assigned to patrol as a senior officer and field training officer for B shift. 01:39:09
Also known as. 01:39:14
Weekday days. 01:39:15
When asked what he likes best about working for the city of Portland, Amy Roche answered that. 01:39:18
He enjoys working for the Portland Amy Police Department because it's a small department where he has had the opportunity over his 01:39:23
twenty year career to develop more personal relationships. 01:39:27
With his fellow officers as well as with the residents of Port Whitby. 01:39:32
Wanna Rookie's favorite work moments thus far? 01:39:37
Was being given the opportunity to be a canine handler. 01:39:39
Training and working with his canine partner was one of the best and most rewarding experience he has ever had as a police 01:39:43
officer. 01:39:46
Please join me in recognizing Senior Officer Rocky Lopez junior, 25 years of service. 01:39:50
For the city of Port Wanami. 01:39:55
Before I left, I sat on the oral boards that hired him. It was me and Ron Burns. 01:40:10
And to come back and have them so successful. 01:40:16
It's, yeah, it's awesome. 01:40:18
OK. 01:40:24
Another young person who I saw as a kid in our hallways, then eventually grow into the incredible peace officer he is today. 01:40:26
Is Balthazar Tapia and I want to recognize him. 01:40:33
For 25 years of service. 01:40:36
Senior Officer Baltazar Tapia was hired with the City of Portland Amy as Parking Enforcement Officer on June 10th, 1998. 01:40:41
On December 28th, 1998, he was hired as a police officer trainee and upon graduating the Academy, he was promoted to a police 01:40:47
officer on June 25th. 01:40:51
1999. 01:40:55
Baltazar has several numerous assignments including field training, officer, detective. 01:40:57
Special Problems Unit detective, Ventura County Auto Theft Task Force Detective, Canine handler, Narcotics detective. 01:41:01
It was assigned to the West County St. team. 01:41:08
Baltazar was promoted to senior officer on February 21st, 2011. 01:41:11
So currently assigned to the Investigation Services Division. 01:41:15
As our acting Sergeant, which is a heavy role. 01:41:18
To take on for all the investigations in the city. 01:41:21
When he was asked what he likes best about working for the City of Port, Amy, Baltazar answered working for the City of Port Wine 01:41:25
Emy is actually an extension of family. When you think about it, you spend more time with coworkers than your immediate family. 01:41:31
That's when you realize it's like having work brothers and work sisters. 01:41:37
So you argue, you laugh and you cry a little bit, but in the end? 01:41:42
I know each one would give up their life for me. 01:41:47
Like he would do in return for them. 01:41:51
We know what we signed up for. 01:41:54
Baltazar's favorite work moment thus far has been the several moments related to the young officers he has been able to mentor and 01:41:58
train of and eventually watch to get hired full time. 01:42:02
He's incredibly proud when he sees someone advance in their career, whether it be a Port, Wanami or another. 01:42:07
Police Department. 01:42:13
Knowing their where their roots were planted. 01:42:14
One of the optional questions for the employee recognition questionnaire reads. 01:42:18
Is there anything personal about you or your family that you would like to share? 01:42:22
As part of being recognized. 01:42:27
For your service in the city. 01:42:29
Don't you cry. 01:42:31
He said. 01:42:34
Simply to say, my wife Susie. 01:42:35
And children Ileana. 01:42:37
Isaiah and Isabella. 01:42:39
I can't thank you enough. 01:42:41
He says. I love you for the understanding you have for this job. 01:42:44
Getting called out during family functions and missing special moments can never be replaced. 01:42:49
But that is why we always make our own. 01:42:55
On our own time. 01:42:58
And he loves you. 01:42:59
Please join me in recognizing Senior Officer Baltazar Tapia for 25 years of service the City of Portland. 01:43:03
That's good. 01:43:12
Over here, over here. And you know, we mentioned the 25 years of service, but when you realize how some of them started as 01:43:28
volunteers and stuff, even before that, some of them have spent their entire adult life here. 01:43:33
And that that's says a lot about our city, you know? 01:43:38
Thank you folks. Thank you. Thank you, Chief. 01:43:42
That is, that is it for our presentations. We will now move on to the consent calendar. 01:43:48
And we will consider consent items on the consent calendar, which will be enacted in one motion unless a council member has a 01:43:54
request to remove an item for discussion. 01:43:58
May I have a motion and a second to approve the consent calendar? 01:44:03
I'd like to pull item 13 for discussion. 01:44:07
I like to pull #9 and #10. 01:44:13
OK. 01:44:19
So move to approve 7-8. 01:44:20
11:00 and 12:00. 01:44:23
A second. 01:44:25
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 01:44:31
Perry None motion carries unanimously. OK, so the first item for discussion is item number 9, approve the execution of 01:44:33
representation agreement with Hollister and Brace. 01:44:38
The recommendation is to approve the execution of representation agreement with Hollister and Brace. 01:44:44
Are there any questions? 01:44:51
Discussions, yes, so. 01:44:52
I think we talked about a couple of them, but I was reading and I just wanted to. 01:44:56
Ask. There's a statement in here that says. 01:45:02
One of the options would be to consult an independent counsel. 01:45:07
So was wondering if the city consulted and. 01:45:12
An independent alternate. 01:45:15
Council. 01:45:18
I assume you're meaning prior to giving informed consent, yes. No they didn't. I was not directed to, but in in my opinion and 01:45:20
based on the unity of interest between PHW and the city as a member agency as well as Channel Islands Beach. 01:45:28
Community Services district we are all in unity of interest and certainly joint representation would be a benefit in any future 01:45:37
litigation. 01:45:42
OK, great. And I I just wanted to put on the record that I wasn't here in May 2022. 01:45:46
So I might have some questions. 01:45:51
Bear with me just a minute. And so there's a comment in here about. 01:45:53
A conflict? 01:45:59
I think we kind of talked about that if there were any conflict between the three entities. 01:46:01
That the PHWA and the city. 01:46:06
Possibly not be would not be represented. 01:46:11
And if that is the case with the city, then have to begin from the beginning. 01:46:14
With a new. 01:46:21
Firm. 01:46:24
If we wanted to follow down the path of. 01:46:25
Of litigation. 01:46:28
I can respond to that and Mr. Candy can can fill in later, essentially the the informed written consent agreement as I understand 01:46:29
it, especially from from May 16th 2022. 01:46:34
The May 16th 2022 agreement related to PHWA and essentially Channel Islands Beach Community Services District. 01:46:40
Requested that in the event that there was an unresolvable conflict that they would be able to retain Mr. Candy. Obviously 01:46:47
attorney-client privilege would be retained between PHWA. 01:46:52
And Mr. Candy, up until that split. 01:46:57
And the problem would be then PHW would have to find new council to substitute in for Mr. Candy and Mr. Candy would be able to. 01:47:00
Continue. 01:47:09
With Channel Islands Beach Community Services District. 01:47:11
In essence, it's it's more of a waiver to challenging Mr. Candy. 01:47:14
Mr. Candy's continued representation of the Channel Islands. 01:47:20
Beach District. 01:47:23
This waiver and this representation agreement accomplishes the same thing except for the city as well as PWA. 01:47:25
The interest is primarily that Mister Candy worked for the Channel Islands Beach Community Services District prior to either the 01:47:32
HWA. 01:47:36
Or the city, and therefore they have a fairly strong interest in maintaining that relationship with Mr. Candy and his firm. 01:47:40
Great. Those were my questions. Thank you. 01:47:48
So this water agency in California is very. 01:47:52
Complicated and complex. That's. We're entering into this arrangement so that you could represent the interests of two entities 01:47:55
that have. 01:48:00
Basically the same interest in. 01:48:05
In preserving water rights in the region, is that correct? That that's correct, yes. And actually there's three entities, right? 01:48:08
So there's the two member, excuse me, two member agencies of PHWA. 01:48:14
The Beach District City. 01:48:21
And then HWA itself. So there is a strong commonality. 01:48:22
Of interest and and even though the ethics rules require. 01:48:27
That I. 01:48:32
Disclose you know potential conflicts. Think about disclose potential conflicts. The reality is that. 01:48:33
Given the commonality of interest, I don't see a real conflict, an unresolvable conflict coming up, so I think. 01:48:40
You know, a lot of what we're talking about is. 01:48:47
Yeah, you know, not, not fantasy, but I could just not very likely to actually arise in in the real world. 01:48:51
Correct. 01:48:59
Really dumb question and I'm not trying to be offensive or anything, but it just occurred to me. Like when you build. 01:49:00
For the month, how does your hourly rate? Is it split amongst the? 01:49:07
Interest the parties that you're representing. 01:49:12
Yeah. So that's a very good question. So if. 01:49:14
It's something that's common to the the the clients that I represent, the three different clients in the matter, for instance, 01:49:17
appearing at a court conference. 01:49:22
Status conference, that sort of thing. 01:49:27
Then the time would be split. 01:49:29
Evenly 1/3 between. 01:49:32
Each of the three clients if it's something that I'm doing individually. 01:49:34
On behalf of the city. 01:49:38
For instance, researching the city's individual water rights and that would be. 01:49:41
Build individually. 01:49:45
OK. 01:49:47
And I know a lot of. 01:49:49
Residents in our community received. 01:49:51
A notice of water rights. 01:49:54
And could you? 01:49:57
Possibly explain? 01:49:58
Like third grade level what what that's all about? 01:50:01
Sure. 01:50:04
The the plaintiffs in the lawsuit are required by the court to place. 01:50:07
Everyone. 01:50:15
Anybody and everyone. 01:50:17
Who owns land that overlies the basin? 01:50:20
Required to provide them notice of the lawsuit and an opportunity to join in the lawsuit if they wish. 01:50:24
So that. 01:50:30
We saw, you know, residents of the city receiving these notices. 01:50:32
Even though these residences they obtain all their water supply from the city, there's no reason for them to individually 01:50:36
participate in nevertheless because they own land that. 01:50:41
Overlies the basin. 01:50:46
They were provided notice and they have the opportunity to participate. If they ever wanted to put a groundwater well in their 01:50:49
backyard and started pumping groundwater, theoretically they could at, you know, significant expense and there might be other. 01:50:56
City rules and requirements that prevent them from doing so, but. 01:51:03
Nevertheless, for the adjudication purposes since. 01:51:07
They owned land overlying the basin they were. 01:51:10
Provided notice of the lawsuit and are given an opportunity to join if they wish. 01:51:13
Would it be plausible that there could be a well in somebody's backyard that well, I wouldn't say a backyard, but if we go back? 01:51:19
100 years ago. 01:51:26
When farming seemed to reach almost all the way to the beach. 01:51:29
There could be a scenario where there there's a there was a well. 01:51:33
There could be a scenario, yeah. I mean, most likely it's abandoned right now and and not usable but at the same family. 01:51:36
Own the the land at the they would have the water rights to that well. If they so chose well, the water rights would exist 01:51:45
independent. 01:51:50
Of the well, the well would just be. 01:51:55
Means by which they would access. 01:51:58
The water supply. 01:52:00
Candy. 01:52:03
Ohh sorry. 01:52:03
I'm sorry to interrupt. I just want to state. 01:52:05
On topic, so again the recommendation is to approve the execution of representative representation agreement with Hollister and 01:52:07
Brace. Do we have any questions? 01:52:12
Deciding whether we want to continue or not. 01:52:17
Move to Approve second. 01:52:21
Specify the item. 01:52:25
Item number 9. 01:52:27
So move to approve item 9. 01:52:29
I'll second it. 01:52:35
OK. 01:52:39
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 01:52:41
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. OK. I believe we also pulled item number 10, authorization. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. 01:52:44
Candy. 01:52:47
Authorization to purchase water valve, exercise and vacuum unit this was. 01:52:52
Miss McQueen McQueen with John. 01:52:59
So I see that. 01:53:07
Request to create $1000. 01:53:12
The question was if that is. 01:53:19
She's here. 01:53:26
Already part of our budget. 01:53:28
So it is so we so in our budget we did we did budget for this Valve turning machine. 01:53:31
For fiscal year 2324. 01:53:36
Right, so. 01:53:52
So we did budget for 50,000. Unfortunately, the prices came up. 01:53:53
A little bit higher, so. 01:53:58
So there's an additional $8000 that will need to be appropriated. 01:54:00
Correct. 01:54:05
Thank you. 01:54:09
Operation. 01:54:14
You. 01:54:15
Yes. 01:54:16
In addition. 01:54:18
Move to approve anybody. 01:54:22
Move to Approve item 10. 01:54:24
2nd. 01:54:26
Who was the 2nd? I'm sorry. 01:54:30
McLean lesson, OK? 01:54:32
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 01:54:34
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:54:36
Alright, now reminding remind me, did we also apply item number 11, I think we. 01:54:39
So it was 10 and then 13. 01:54:43
OK, so item number 13. 01:54:46
Recommendation is. 01:54:48
Rescinding the Level 2 water supply shortage and adopt A resolution declaring a Level 1 water supply shortage pursuant to 01:54:50
Ordinance number 698. 01:54:55
Just wanted to refresh my memory and also the residents. 01:55:02
The. 01:55:06
The. 01:55:08
The action what the action means to the residents of of our city. 01:55:09
Great question. 01:55:14
Thank you, Mayor, City Council, so. 01:55:15
So what we're doing in our, the recommendation is to rescind the Level 2, go back to Level 1. 01:55:18
And what that means for our residents is. 01:55:23
Umm. 01:55:26
The main objective is the watering, so we're going to go from two days a week of water and it'll go to three days a week. 01:55:28
And those days will be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. 01:55:35
So if this does get adopted, all this information will be on the city website tomorrow. 01:55:39
Umm. 01:55:46
And that's the major impact we're just going from, from two days to three days. 01:55:47
At this time. 01:55:51
Is it fair to say that the the city obviously had to abide by level 2 and and go into level one is going to? 01:55:52
Provide an extra day of watering for our parks. 01:56:00
And the mediums, well, maybe not the mediums, but definitely our parks, right? Not the medians, but the parks will benefit from 01:56:03
this, that's correct. 01:56:07
And just to add some more information, so the city of Oxnard just went back to level one a few weeks ago. 01:56:11
And same with the Channel Islands Beach District as well. 01:56:16
OK. Thank you. I think that's a real positive and a. 01:56:20
Maybe we could get a Facebook post out there to let residents understand the. 01:56:22
Impact on their. 01:56:27
Residents definitely thank you. 01:56:29
Move to Approve item 13. 01:56:34
2nd. 01:56:36
All in favor. 01:56:39
Aye. 01:56:40
All opposed. 01:56:40
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:56:42
All right, we're now going to move on to public hearings. Item number 414, Levying collection of the Annual Assessments for 01:56:46
Assessment District #87-1. 01:56:50
Assessment District #91-1 and Assessment District 95-3 and agreement with the Ventura County Auditor. 01:56:55
Controller for billing of direct assessments. 01:57:02
Madam Clerk, do you have proof of publications as required by law? 01:57:05
Yes, Mr. Mayor. 01:57:09
Will staff please present the report to Deputy Public Works Director Fred Camarillo? 01:57:11
Good evening, Mayor, Mayor, Protem Council and members of the audience. 01:57:18
What you have before you tonight is. 01:57:22
A series of resolutions that. 01:57:25
Is. 01:57:29
Going to be for the order and of the leaving and collection of the assessments which. 01:57:30
Were heard on June 5th when council approved the. 01:57:36
The resolutions, that was the intent. 01:57:41
To levy the assessments, so. 01:57:44
These would actually be the ordering of those assessments. 01:57:48
They are for the Lighting Assessment District, the Parkway and Median Assessment District and the Drainage Maintenance Assessment 01:57:52
District. 01:57:57
Also included with that resolution is your would be approving the City Manager to go ahead and execute the agreement with the 01:58:02
Ventura County. 01:58:07
Controller Auditor. 01:58:12
Which then puts into motion the assessment on the tax rolls for. 01:58:14
The collection of these fees. 01:58:20
I covered what these? 01:58:24
Assessments go to, But as a reminder, the lighting is essentially what we use to pay the city street light electrical bills. 01:58:27
There's a slight deficit in there because over the years the electrical costs have continued to go up. 01:58:37
But the amount that we can assess? 01:58:43
Hasn't changed. 01:58:46
The other for the Parkway and median also has a slight deficit and as well. 01:58:48
Again, mostly related to the cost. 01:58:54
Of things and maintaining things. 01:58:57
And then with the drainage maintenance assessment, the biggest thing that we've been doing lately. 01:59:00
Has been the bubbling springs corridor work which will continue in phases. 01:59:05
That can only happen for a few months out of the year. 01:59:11
That. 01:59:15
Has a. 01:59:16
Fund balance. 01:59:18
And. 01:59:19
That is projected to be about $380,000 at the end of June 30, 2024. 01:59:21
We'll probably continue to have. 01:59:29
Other work that's going to be going on, some other things that we'll be looking at. 01:59:31
Potentially doing is applying for a. 01:59:35
Sprain permit which will allow us to try and control. 01:59:37
The growth in the channel through. 01:59:41
Application of pesticide. 01:59:46
That's something that we would have to apply for through a regional permit. 01:59:49
There's a lot of work that would have to go into that before we could do that and that is an option. 01:59:56
Some of the things that go along with that also require that there's. 02:00:00
Testing of the water columns and making sure that it's being conducted in a proper manner with the proper chemicals so we're not 02:00:04
causing any. 02:00:08
Arm to the aquatic life. 02:00:12
So that's something that we may be moving on forward with that but for this. 02:00:14
This is requesting your approval so we can submit all of this data with the resolutions to the county. 02:00:19
And that way they can put this on the tax rolls and collect this on our behalf. And if you have any questions? 02:00:26
Does Council have any questions? 02:00:33
With regards to the assessments, you said had a negative or or behind. What happens in that regard we? 02:00:35
They. 02:00:42
We only are allowed to collect a certain amount, but the bill is higher than. 02:00:43
What it is So what happens then? Is there a penalty that's assessed or no, the general fund ends up covering the cost of it and. 02:00:47
As Mr. Spalding mentioned at the last meeting with regard to this, we could potentially decide we would want to go out again. 02:00:57
To see if we can set a different rate but that. 02:01:06
Brings into play a lot of other things. 02:01:09
Right. The issue is, is Prop 218. And So what ends up happening is these assessment districts reform prior to Prop 218, so their 02:01:12
grandfather. 02:01:16
As long as we don't modify them or amend them, we don't have to follow the Prop 218 process to continue taking the same amounts. 02:01:20
There is some danger in attempting to increase the amounts to the Prop 218 process and that if it doesn't pass, we could 02:01:29
ultimately lose the districts altogether. 02:01:34
Typically the the work around for this is the creation of what's called an overlay district. 02:01:41
Which is you create a district on top of your existing assessment districts. You don't modify the pricing for the grandfathered 02:01:46
districts. 02:01:49
But you create a district in order to make up the difference. 02:01:53
And then put that district through the Prop 218 process. And that way if that district fails, you keep the the grandfathered Prop 02:01:57
218 districts. 02:02:01
It's complicated. 02:02:06
So if in the Special assessment district, I think the mediums are covered, is that correct? That's a median maintenance assessment 02:02:08
district, Parkway and medians, OK, so. 02:02:13
If. 02:02:19
Damage begins to. 02:02:20
Show itself as a result from tree root. 02:02:23
Damaging electrical or. 02:02:27
Whatever. 02:02:30
Would that be a a grounds or reason? A reason to to consider a new assessment or or overlay assessment or? 02:02:32
Or do. 02:02:41
Do we just? 02:02:42
Roll it over to the general fund. 02:02:45
So I do I I look at those trees and I see that they're extremely old. They're very large. 02:02:47
And. 02:02:52
We had that incident where the. 02:02:53
All the lights were flickering and going crazy. 02:02:55
During the rainstorm. 02:02:58
So I was wondering is is that? 02:03:00
Electrical part of the assessment it it. 02:03:03
The collection of these fees could be used to fix that. In this case we we are already running. 02:03:07
More with the maintenance of that than what is collected on his behalf, certainly. 02:03:13
Council could decide if. 02:03:20
Gets to that point to want to do what Mr. Spalding is just explaining, but. 02:03:22
It would be pricey and a big lift. 02:03:27
Then you run the risk of not having it pass in in the past when this has been suggested or discussed. 02:03:31
The costs of forming such a district. 02:03:38
Outweigh its benefit. 02:03:43
At the moment that that might change and as the economic realities change, but right now it would be a substantial expense to go 02:03:45
through the cost of forming an overlay district. So just the real. 02:03:51
Dumb question, but a tree falls over. 02:03:57
In the medium. 02:04:00
Did the special assessment. 02:04:02
Is those funds when they're exhausted then it just comes to the general fund or is there? 02:04:04
An enterprise fund that takes care of that or or no, it's it's the general fund. The general fund. 02:04:10
OK. 02:04:16
Are there any more questions? 02:04:17
No. OK. Thank you, Mr. Camarillo. 02:04:19
The public hearing is now open for public input at 8:03 PM. 02:04:23
Are there any public comments regarding this item? No public comments. 02:04:29
OK. 02:04:34
So I guess public input has concluded. I will now close the public hearing at 8:00. 02:04:35
3. 02:04:40
We have before us a recommendation to adopt. 02:04:43
All three of these resolutions. 02:04:46
We have a motion and a second. 02:04:49
Move to approve. 02:04:53
OK. 02:04:55
Any discussion? 02:04:58
I think we're good. OK, Madam Clerk, can can we please take a vote? 02:05:00
Council member McQueen Lejohn. 02:05:04
Yes, Council member Hernandez. Yes, Council member, comma. 02:05:07
Yes, Mayor Pro Tem Perez, Yes. And Mayor Martinez, Yes. Motion passes unanimously. 02:05:10
OK. 02:05:16
We're moving on to item number 15, resolution adopting the annual appropriations limit for the fiscal year 2023-2024. 02:05:17
Madam Clerk, do we have proof of publication as required by law and a complete file of reports and exhibits? Yes, Mr. Mayor. 02:05:29
Will staff please present the report? Finance director Lupe Assetto. 02:05:36
Good evening, Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem. 02:05:43
Council members, the appropriations limit. 02:05:46
That you have in front of you is an annual limit that we need to have. 02:05:50
Recalculated every year and basically it limits the amount. 02:05:56
Of tax revenues that the city can appropriate on an annual basis. 02:05:59
And it's adjusted every year. There's an adjustment factor, if I can. 02:06:04
Draw your attention to Exhibit A is basically the calculation. 02:06:10
Of the gun appropriations limit for fiscal year 2324. 02:06:15
The limit for last year for this fiscal year 2223. 02:06:22
Is 15 million 570-2758? 02:06:27
And as I mentioned, that is adjusted every year by the cost of living. 02:06:32
A. 02:06:37
Per capita growth in California, which was 4.44 and that's provided by the Department of Finance. 02:06:38
The California Department of Finance. And then there's a population adjustment. And in this case we're using the Ventura County 02:06:46
population change. So we are. 02:06:50
Able to use the change that benefits the city the most on this. For Ventura County it was -, .72 and maybe we were to use Parwani. 02:06:54
The population changed. 02:07:00
Changed - 1.35% so it would have. 02:07:06
Decrease the dollar amount just slightly. So we're using. 02:07:10
The Ventura County percentage change, so the factor is 1.03%, so we basically. 02:07:13
Increase. 02:07:20
The prior year appropriation by that factor. 02:07:21
Which provides us the appropriation for fiscal year 2324 at 16 million 14786. 02:07:24
And currently based on the budget that we just approved or the Council approved. 02:07:32
The the revenues that are based on taxes that we're projecting to receive. 02:07:37
Our 15 million 390-1581, so we're below. 02:07:43
That limit by $755,000, so we're. 02:07:47
We're good from that standpoint. 02:07:51
And that's basically. 02:07:53
The gown limit. 02:07:55
Calculation. 02:07:56
I'll take any questions. 02:07:59
OK. 02:08:00
Are there any questions for staff? 02:08:01
Reluctant. 02:08:03
No. 02:08:06
Thank you. I'm sorry about that, Lupe. 02:08:07
All right, the public hearing is now open for the public input at 8:06 PM. 02:08:09
Are there any public comments regarding this item? No public comments. 02:08:15
It's too bad. 02:08:20
Public input has concluded. I will now close the public hearing. 02:08:21
The time being 8:07 PM. 02:08:25
We have before us a recommendation to adopt A resolution entitled a Resolution of the City of. 02:08:28
City Council of the City of Portland, Amy, California, establishing the appropriation limit for the fiscal year 20/23/24 pursuant 02:08:34
to article. 02:08:38
Honestly, my Roman numerals aren't that great. 02:08:42
Knowledge. 02:08:46
They're numbers, guy. 02:08:49
I don't know. You want you want to tell me? 02:08:51
18, yeah. 02:08:54
18 or 1313 B Yeah, of the California Constitution. May I have a motion in a second? 02:08:56
Move to approve. 02:09:01
2nd. 02:09:04
OK. Any discussion on the motion? 02:09:06
OK, Madam clerk, can we please take a? 02:09:08
Vote. 02:09:11
Mayor Bertrand Perez yes, Council Member Hernandez yes, Council Member Goma Yes, Council Member McQueen Lejon, yes, and Mayor 02:09:12
Martinez, yes. Motion passes unanimously. 02:09:17
Hey, next item number 16 I. 02:09:22
Adopt the resolution granting Special Use Permit #12-23 for the Port Enemy Recreation Department Touch a Truck event. 02:09:26
Madam Clerk, do we have proof of publication as required by law and a complete file, reports and exhibits? Yes. 02:09:34
Will staff please present the report? 02:09:40
Good evening Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, City Council. 02:09:45
Before you this evening is the first Special Use Permit request. This is for poor enemy Regret. This is on behalf of Port Wine EMY 02:09:48
Recreation and Community Services Department for a Touch a Truck Event Special Use Permit 12. 02:09:55
Dash 23. 02:10:02
Next slide please. 02:10:04
So the applicants request is to hold a public event known as Touch a truck featuring the display of commercial and industrial 02:10:06
utility vehicles within the beach parking lot C. 02:10:11
It's approximated that there will be about 25 to 30 display vehicles. 02:10:17
As part of the request, there's four to five food trucks that might be operating at any given event. 02:10:21
On the There's an arts and crafts, children's zoning activity and music booth station within this event. 02:10:29
And it is anticipated that this Special Use permit request will run for five year for a five year term to occur on the 1st 02:10:35
Saturday. 02:10:39
Of October annually and this would commence in this October 2023 and have an end date of October 2nd, 2027. 02:10:43
Next slide please. 02:10:52
So general information special use permits require basically council approval if they're going to be located within the Wanami 02:10:55
Beach Park area. 02:10:59
And this type of request is considered to be examined under Sequa, subject to sections 1530115304 E 15308. 02:11:04
And 15323. As the project uses our existing, it is a minor temporary use of the land. 02:11:14
And the conditions of approval ensure the protection of the neighbouring environment. 02:11:21
Next slide please. 02:11:25
The fiscal impact this city This event is city sponsored and there's also request for beach parking revenues should be or for 02:11:28
beach parking revenues to be waived so there will be no collections for beach parking lots. 02:11:35
ABC and along Ocean View Drive. 02:11:42
The general fund will cover the city costs of the event. 02:11:46
Next slide. 02:11:50
Strategic plan consistency, so two primary pillars. 02:11:52
One is optimal levels of service of residents and businesses and safe, secure and beautified and beautiful community. 02:11:56
Support the established programs and events that create a strong sense of community, pride and connection to our history and our 02:12:04
heritage. 02:12:08
And the second would be the primary strategic pillar of, say, safe, secure and beautiful community. 02:12:12
This is an initiative to increase levels of emergency preparedness and education by the levels of trucks and education programs 02:12:18
offered at this event. 02:12:23
Next slide please. 02:12:27
This is the proposed event site area and I'll go ahead and turn it over to Taylor, Penny and with the recreations department to go 02:12:30
over the event details. 02:12:35
Good evening, Council and. 02:12:42
City manager and city attorney. 02:12:45
So this if those of you who were here last year remember this, I believe I would say a successful event. It was at the Wanami 02:12:47
Beach and parking lot C is where, well Ocean View Drive is where majority of the trucks and vehicles were displayed. We had about 02:12:53
22. 02:12:59
Vehicles that. 02:13:05
Range from construction vehicles to emergency vehicles to. 02:13:07
USPS, semi trucks, school buses, any kind of vehicle you can think of. 02:13:12
We had it here. We also had some other educational. 02:13:18
I I added there's lots of touch of trucks here around in the area, but this one I I made a little different by adding a. 02:13:24
Vehicle passport so that it kind of forced the kids to go visit at least 10 vehicles and learn about it and then they got stamped. 02:13:31
And then once they filled out their passport or. 02:13:38
Drivers. 02:13:41
License. They got to go back to the informational booth to get a toy. 02:13:42
Truck to take home. 02:13:47
And lots of other souvenirs throughout the event. We had a chalk. 02:13:50
A chalk area we had face painting in lieu of a petting zoo we'll have. 02:13:54
Jump. 02:14:01
Jolly Jumpers and some assortment of food trucks so that there's food and beverages throughout the event. 02:14:02
A portable restrooms were. 02:14:09
Available since the main restrooms down by the pier, pretty far from parking lot, see. 02:14:11
I do ask. 02:14:17
To like was mentioned for there to be. 02:14:19
The fees waived through parking lot. 02:14:22
A&B as well as. 02:14:27
Ocean View Dr. Surfside Drive all the way to Ventura Rd. As we did last year. We bagged the parking meters for that. So families. 02:14:29
Can come without having to. 02:14:37
Pay for parking. 02:14:38
This year, I anticipate more vehicles. I already have people coming to the Community Center asking. 02:14:41
Are we having the event again? 02:14:46
And I said stay tuned, I hope we will and I ask for. 02:14:48
At least the next five years to adopt the first Saturday of October. 02:14:54
Be known as Touch a truck and hopefully more years to come, but we'll start with five. 02:14:57
Open for any questions. 02:15:02
Questions. 02:15:04
Can we are, are we inviting the youth nonprofits Because it seems like a. 02:15:06
It's a youthful event and if we could get all the. 02:15:11
Interested nonprofits to have a booth. I think that would be wonderful way to connect. 02:15:15
Youth to programs that might be beneficial to their development. 02:15:20
Ah yes, that's something we can look into the. 02:15:25
Main objective of the event is touch a truck like touch a vehicle learn about these different industry. 02:15:29
Options, you know, so they can learn a career options and stuff, but. 02:15:35
Definitely having other youth organizations would be a good idea, so thank you. 02:15:39
Ohh, it's really impressed with it. Last year you did a phenomenal job and. 02:15:45
What surprised me was the enthusiasm that the kids had and their parents too. 02:15:51
I remember hearing a father explained to his son. 02:15:58
This is the kind of truck I work on and this is what I do and and it was just fascinating to. 02:16:02
To see the buds, I mean, it was so incredible. So I'm really glad to see this coming for five years and. 02:16:08
Just keep building it bigger and bigger. Who knows, it could be. 02:16:14
Huge, yeah. Last year we had about 1700 people in attendance. So I anticipate that to grow for the years to come. 02:16:18
Just remember Hernandez. Yes. Thank you, Mayor. 02:16:26
Thank you both of you staff for presenting this. I had a question regarding the fees. 02:16:29
You said that you were going to request a waiver of the fees, but I didn't see anything in the report. 02:16:35
My solution? Does that happen through another process? 02:16:40
We're talking about the parking, parking fees. 02:16:44
So we don't have to. 02:16:47
Get permission to do that. That's in the conditions of approval. I'm sorry I couldn't hear you Mr. Gammon stalking him on your. 02:16:49
I'm sorry I believe that and Jose could probably correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's in the conditions of approval to 02:16:55
typically they are OK when we do that so we don't have to go back through a separate process. OK, great. Thank you. 02:17:01
So Miss Penny, you touched on an area that I had a question about. Is the educational aspect for each one of these where there 02:17:09
would be somebody talking about career paths and how? 02:17:13
A child could get into something like that if they had an interest in learning more or getting into that field, or there'll be 02:17:18
that type of educational aspect, yes. So along with all the trucks came the truck driver or the crane operator or the policeman or 02:17:23
woman. 02:17:28
On. 02:17:32
We have partnered with other city agencies. We had Oxnard PD out. We had sent Apollo PD, we had. 02:17:33
The port had sent a contact they used for a crane and they were all there kind of explaining how to operate the machinery on the 02:17:40
on the truck or vehicle. 02:17:44
I'm talking about the career. I mean, I saw almost every kid on the police bicycle. 02:17:49
I personally never been in a semi and that was pretty cool to see the back like living quarters and. 02:17:54
I don't know if the parents enjoyed the school bus more or the kids, so it kind of opens up the door for. 02:17:59
Kids to think about career opportunities. You know, college may not be for everyone, and all those career fields don't require a 02:18:05
college education, so I think it's great to have them have that exposure. 02:18:11
At a young age here in our backyard. 02:18:17
Thank you, Miss Taylor for the presentation. I saw pictures of the last event and wish I would have, would have been there. I have 02:18:23
nieces and nephews that I know would have enjoyed it, but I'm so looking forward to it this year and it. 02:18:30
Possibly the next four years after that. So the one question that I have is. 02:18:36
Umm. 02:18:44
So there were the. 02:18:46
So it talks about. 02:18:50
Revenue the only revenue. 02:18:54
Revenue loss would be the parking. 02:18:57
There is some talk about staff. 02:18:59
Supporting is that and it's on a weekend, so that would be additional funding, is that correct? Yes, I believe that does require 02:19:03
additional funding. There's staff it. 02:19:08
Last year it required all of us in recreation to. 02:19:14
It was all hands on deck. We borrowed some lifeguards. Since it's the end of lifeguard season, there was some availability to kind 02:19:18
of pull some of them to assist. 02:19:23
And we also were thankful for public works. At the time. They helped us with the labor of setting up tables and chairs for the 02:19:27
eating area. So it does tap into some city resources and it is on a Saturday, but I believe that will be budgeted and come out of 02:19:35
the general fund. Thank you. And I had another question and it just oh. 02:19:42
On your on the screen here, the event site plan, I was just wondering about your parking lot which would be B, Yeah, so parking 02:19:50
lot B is. 02:19:55
The first parking lot that would potentially be filled up and then. 02:20:01
OK, A&B. 02:20:04
Part of the ask is to ensure that there's no parking fee so that families can come and go within those parking as well as along 02:20:07
Surfside Drive up to Ventura Rd. Everything past Ventura Rd. Towards the port would still be paid parking lot as it was. 02:20:13
Last year, great. That answered my question because I wondered how folks would get into this parking lot if it was going to be 02:20:20
closed at Surfside. Yeah, it's closed right at the pavilion. We put barricades up, so only vehicles that are part of the. 02:20:26
Touch a truck event, come past the the. 02:20:32
Surfside and Ocean View. Thank you. 02:20:36
Any more questions? 02:20:40
Taylor, I just want to say that you, you and your department did a really great job. I felt like a little kid when I was at the 02:20:42
event. 02:20:45
Honestly, I I think I I turned into a little kid, but it was fun and and I loved it. So you don't have any questions. 02:20:50
Can I just while we're on this topic, can I just ask one question what would be helpful for me? I don't know about the other 02:20:59
council members, but when we have presentation since parking is a revenue. 02:21:05
When we have presentations that say. 02:21:11
It'll be a revenue loss for me. It would be helpful if there was A at least a estimate value. 02:21:14
Of what the lost is. So we understand that across the different events. 02:21:21
OK. Thank you. 02:21:28
All right, the public hearing is now open for public input at 8:20 PM. Are there any public comments regarding this item? 02:21:30
No public comment. 02:21:36
OK. 02:21:38
Public input has concluded. 02:21:39
I will now close the public hearing. The time is now 8:20 PM We have before us a recommendation to adopt A resolution approving a 02:21:42
special use Permit #12-23, Fort Wayne Recreation Touch a Truck event. 02:21:48
And take such additional related action that may be desirable. 02:21:54
Are there any motions moved to approve? 02:21:59
2nd. 02:22:02
OK. 02:22:03
Can we please take a vote? Council Member Hernandez? Yes. Council Member McQueen Lejean, yes. Council Member Gamo yes. Mayor Pro 02:22:06
Tem Perez yes. And Mayor Martinez? Yes. Motion passes unanimously. 02:22:12
We're now moving on to the last item, Item number 17, Adopted resolution granting Special Use Permit #16-23 for the City of Fort 02:22:20
Wayne ME Fund. 02:22:25
Run event with food trucks, vendors and entertainment. 02:22:30
Madam Clerk, do we have proof of publication as required by law? 02:22:35
Yes. 02:22:39
Will staff please present the report? 02:22:40
Hello once again and good evening. I'm up before you. I'm It's consideration of the way Nimi fun Run. This is special use permit 02:22:44
16-23. 02:22:48
Site please. 02:22:53
Clicker right there, Ohh. 02:22:57
I didn't see that. Thank you, Curtis. 02:22:59
Applicants request this is to hold a public event known as Wanami Fun Run and this will feature the. 02:23:04
Display of running beach volleyball, basketball and soccer sport sporting competition. 02:23:10
The event is to occur on Sunday, July 9th, July 16th from 7:00 AM to mid afternoon. As part of the request and the event there is 02:23:18
food truck vendors, A Jolly Jumper area and an outdoor DJ at the site. 02:23:25
General Information. The special use permit. 02:23:33
Especially use permit is required due to the event being held at the Wanami Beach Park. 02:23:36
Subsequently, there will also be areas used from Bubbling Springs, Recreational Greenbelt and the event will end at Miranda Park. 02:23:41
Once again, this event is considered to be exempt under Sequa. 02:23:49
Due to the project uses on being existing and this type of use is minor and temporary to the land. 02:23:54
The conditions of approval also ensure the protection of the environment. 02:24:01
Fiscal impact This is a city sponsored event. Beach parking revenues will not be collected for beach parking lots B and along 02:24:07
Surfside Drive and Market Street. 02:24:12
The general fund will cover costs for city staffing of the events. 02:24:17
Strategic plan consistency, optimized levels of service for residents and businesses support and established programs and events 02:24:23
that create a strong sense of community pride and a connection to our history and heritage. 02:24:29
And here is the site plan. Can I actually show the other presentation? 02:24:37
Sure. 02:24:42
And then? 02:24:46
Can I go explain? 02:24:47
Yeah. 02:24:49
Ohh from here this is OK. 02:24:51
Just say next slide. Ohh, OK. 02:24:54
Alright, so I I did make a presentation for the Winning Me Fun Run. Just so people know it was an idea that I had a couple years 02:24:56
ago. 02:25:00
Next slide. 02:25:04
What is? 02:25:06
Do I need me fun? Run? 02:25:08
Umm. 02:25:09
It's basically a decathlon. There's gonna be volleyball, basketball and soccer, and in order to advance to the next section, you 02:25:10
have to complete an activity. 02:25:14
They're not necessarily that difficult. It's in intended so that kids can also complete them. 02:25:19
You do a volleyball serve a three-point basket, and a soccer goal to complete the entire fun run. 02:25:27
Next slide. 02:25:33
Um. 02:25:36
There's the idea of having music, some jumpers and. 02:25:38
All of this is. 02:25:43
Hopefully gonna be sponsored by local events. 02:25:45
Excuse me, local businesses? And this is going to be a way to encourage community engagement and healthy competition? 02:25:48
Next slide. 02:25:55
Umm. 02:25:57
Have at least three food trucks at this dessert truck so at least people can eat something while they're there. 02:25:58
And also invite local nonprofits to set up and talk about their organizations. 02:26:04
And. 02:26:09
Have some face painting and other free activities for kids. Next Slide. 02:26:10
Another idea that was thought of was to incorporate some rock painting. 02:26:16
And I'm I'm asking to host an event at the Community Center. 02:26:21
A week before the event where people come in and and paint rocks that get donated to the event and then they basically get 02:26:26
distributed through the path, people can pick them up. 02:26:30
This was an idea that was thought of in one of my camping trips when I found somebody leaving all these rocks along this trail, 02:26:35
which encouraged people, and I saw it, people were going out looking for these rocks. So it's an idea to bring people to the 02:26:39
event. 02:26:44
And. 02:26:50
I want to encourage people not just to run individually, but also run as pairs, as family member, as as a family and. 02:26:50
As a business, as an organization and a city employee. So there's going to be different categories for for the winners. 02:27:00
So let's just say you're a family, and you have a child, and the child wants to run, but they're a little timid. 02:27:08
You would run with the child and encourage the child and help the child. 02:27:14
At every single one of those stations, so only one person from the family has to complete the task in order to advance. 02:27:18
After the awards, people can participate in some of the family activities I'm coordinating to have somebody run a softball game. 02:27:28
People would be playing soccer. 02:27:37
And then I I would be running a a three-point contest. 02:27:39
At at the same time. So basically people can show up and say hey, I want to go play baseball or softball or tennis or pickleball 02:27:43
or soccer and or basketball and just kind of showcasing all the different sports that we have. 02:27:49
Here in our city are at least in Miranda Park.