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Welcome everyone to the closed session portion of the City Council meeting. I'm calling this meeting. The order of the time is now 00:02:04
5:30 PM. 00:02:08
Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 00:02:12
Council Member Gamma Council Member Hernandez here, Council Member McQueen Lashawn here, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here, and Mayor 00:02:16
Martinez, President. 00:02:20
We will now hear public comments soon. Participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you have. 00:02:26
Any comments? Speakers will have 3 minutes to provide comments. Madam Clerk, do does anybody have a public comment tonight? 00:02:32
No public comments for closed session. 00:02:40
Mr. City Attorney, can you please read the closed session item into the record? 00:02:43
Absolutely, Mayor Martinez. There are two closed session agenda items tonight. The 1st is public employee appointment pursuant to 00:02:47
Government Code Section 54957. 00:02:51
And 54954.5 subdivision E regarding the city manager. 00:02:56
The second agenda item is conference with Labor negotiators pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6. The agency designated 00:03:01
representatives are Charles Peretz and myself. 00:03:05
The unrepresented employee position is city manager. 00:03:11
OK. 00:03:15
To any council members have any conflicts to disclose for the listed close session agenda items. 00:03:16
OK. 00:03:23
Council will resist to closed session. The time is now 5. 00:03:25
31 PM We'll be back at 6:30. Thank you. 00:03:28
All right. Welcome everyone, to the City Council regular meeting. I'm calling this meeting to order. The time is now 6:30 PM. 01:01:56
Please stand and join me. 01:02:05
Ready to begin? 01:02:11
The flag. 01:02:14
America. 01:02:17
And. 01:02:18
One Nation under. 01:02:21
Indivisible with liberty. 01:02:23
Bishop. 01:02:30
Alright, Madam Clerk, can you please take roll? 01:02:32
Council Member Gamma. 01:02:35
Here, Council Member Hernandez here, Council Member McQueen, Lesean here, Mayor Pro Tem Perez here, and Mayor Martinez present. 01:02:37
Alright tonight. 01:02:45
In a really beautiful filled room. 01:02:47
We're gonna have Council Member Gamma do the inspiration. 01:02:50
Of course science made. 01:02:55
We have. 01:02:57
Surrounded by some of that homework is from. 01:02:58
Right. 01:03:02
All right, so my inspiration tonight is eel green and Haydock. 01:03:04
Drama department. 01:03:11
Last week was a tough week for Eco Green. 01:03:13
Evil Green was in the news, not the kind of news that schools want. Yet that news served as a reminder. 01:03:17
Of the past and also. 01:03:23
That our little Angel and Larry King is speaking to us all. 01:03:25
There is no place for hate or violence in our schools. What can we do? 01:03:29
We as a City Council can encourage the youth of our community to get involved. 01:03:34
To get in drama. 01:03:40
And so this past Friday night. 01:03:42
I attended. 01:03:44
The Beauty and the Beast production. 01:03:46
At Oxnard Community College. 01:03:48
And. 01:03:51
I want to show you some photos of this. 01:03:52
And it was a professionally done production. There is talent in this room. 01:03:56
Council members that you have no idea unless you get to see the production, so I'm gonna show you some pictures. 01:04:02
And the pitchers are not gonna do justice. 01:04:08
To the real event. 01:04:11
So there he is, the Beast. 01:04:15
Where? 01:04:18
And there is Gascon. 01:04:21
Did I say it right? 01:04:25
And it was, I'll tell you, there was. 01:04:29
Dance. There were songs there miked up. They were singing and they had accents. The candles over here, and she's from France. 01:04:32
I don't know if you know that the story of Beauty and the Beast, but it really is a beautiful story. 01:04:41
And it is a story of our community. 01:04:46
We have a lot of beauty in our community and we. 01:04:49
Battle with demons and and that's where we come in like we and I know the mayor. 01:04:51
Has made it a a. 01:04:55
A point to support the youth of our community. 01:04:57
And when we see the youth in our community behaving like this. 01:05:00
Performing like this. 01:05:04
It's amazing. It's so amazing. And there's our candle from France. 01:05:05
Yeah, and I just. 01:05:11
It just makes me so happy. 01:05:13
To be a part of our community. 01:05:15
And to see the kids of our community. 01:05:17
Performing at such a level that. 01:05:20
It's it's unbelievable the level that you performed at and I'm I'm just I'm ecstatic to know that that came from our ohh poor guy. 01:05:23
So you should be proud of yourself, but I know that you had two more productions the following day and I hope they went well. 01:05:34
And. 01:05:41
We're going to finish with the little video clip and I hope it works so that everybody could just get a little bit of a feel of 01:05:43
what they missed. 01:05:46
So I'd like to introduce the teacher and director of EO Green and Haddocks Drama department. 01:06:50
Miss Billy? 01:06:55
Thank you so much for coming and if you'd like to say a few words. 01:07:01
Thank you for having us. My name is Billy Ziphone. I'm the theatre teacher at both Green and Blackstock junior high schools. 01:07:06
And um, I'm so honored and privileged. 01:07:13
To thank and thank you for having us here. It's been a blast being the teacher of these amazing, talented students. 01:07:17
And I'm so glad that Council Member Gamma was able to to to see it. We have two more. 01:07:25
Excuse me, our Blackstock Group will be performing in two weeks, so we would love to extend the invitation to you all. And I do 01:07:32
have Flyers, so I'll give them out to you. 01:07:36
Um, but I'm just so proud of our community. It's made-up of our students, parents, teachers, community volunteers that make it all 01:07:41
happen. It's a. 01:07:46
Big show and a lot of people are involved and. 01:07:51
We're just so proud of our students and. 01:07:55
Thankful for everybody who has been involved. 01:07:57
So I just want to say thank you for acknowledging all of our hard work. Appreciate it. 01:08:01
And maybe you would like to hear from some of the students. They have a lot to say if you. 01:08:05
You wanna? 01:08:10
Do any of our beast? 01:08:11
Does any anybody else want to share? Give us your voice, Ohh the Beast. The beast voice. Well, I'm the beast. 01:08:16
And then we have the candle. Where's our candle? 01:08:26
Come on, tell us. 01:08:29
Anything. Anything. Anything. Any student here. 01:08:31
Your experience, what you've loved about the So I just want to let you know two years ago. 01:08:35
El Green came out to to do a beach cleanup and I I met a few of these students and. 01:08:40
And. 01:08:46
They come visit me every now and then and then I had no idea. 01:08:47
Of the talent that these students possessed and. 01:08:51
To see it on Friday night was just a such a pleasure, so. 01:08:54
Anyone, anyone else would like to say anything? Come on now, it's your chance. Tell us what time it is. 01:08:59
Just just make sure you go up to the mic, please, yeah, introduce yourself. 01:09:10
Maybe. 01:09:14
Hello, my name is Aiden Paolini. I'm in 7th grade and I was the beast. 01:09:16
Umm, it was. It was really fun. I really love acting because it's a it's a way to just. 01:09:22
It's fun and it's it's a way to let all your creative juices out into a character and. 01:09:30
Really, you know, explore yourself and. 01:09:36
Who you want to be and what you want to do through acting. 01:09:39
It's great. 01:09:43
Thank you. 01:09:44
Good morning. 01:09:49
OK all my all the characters were my favorite. But this is this is one of my favorite characters. Give give us your your voice 01:09:53
your bonjour. 01:09:57
She wants the handle, yeah. 01:10:02
Tell us about your experience. 01:10:06
OK, my name is Jarvis Starnberg. I'm in 7th grade. And what else? 01:10:09
Ohh yeah, my character I'm Lumiere I think. 01:10:13
I really like theater. 01:10:19
Last year I really wanted to be in theater, but I wasn't able to because I had to walk home with my weirdo brother. 01:10:21
I'm not trying to diss my brothers, just he's very odd. 01:10:28
OK. 01:10:32
Miss Davon is the most beautiful teacher in the whole world and I'm so thankful that she was able to teach her fear. 01:10:33
Hi, my name is Marilyn Ramos. I'm in 8th grade and I played Bell for EO Green. 01:10:47
It was such a good experience to be in theater and to have Miss iPhone as our theater teacher. She's really just amazing for this. 01:10:52
And I love theater cause it like lets you like express yourself and like. 01:10:58
Be more of yourself than you can be in like regular life and stuff. 01:11:04
And then plus, you meet a lot of friends here and they're like. 01:11:07
Are the ones that never fail you to me, honestly. 01:11:11
And yeah, that's basically it. 01:11:13
This is my most favorite. Yes, Who? 01:11:21
Come on. 01:11:24
Ohh, this is another. 01:11:24
Favorite. Come on. 01:11:26
It's a little too short for this game. Sorry guys. 01:11:32
Who is your character? Ohh, my name is Alia Lopez. I played Lifu and I'm in 6th grade. 01:11:37
Yeah. 01:11:42
What do you like about? 01:11:43
Playing. 01:11:45
Because you're always falling around. Ohh yeah, about that. 01:11:48
And. 01:11:52
I just think that it was a fun experience. I appreciate that Miss iPhone, it didn't want to teach 6th grade anymore to devote her 01:11:53
life to. 01:11:57
Theater. I appreciate that. 01:12:00
And now we spend every moment, waking moment where. 01:12:03
That's it. 01:12:07
Well, thank you all for coming. You really. 01:12:08
You really are an inspiration to all of us and keep doing good. 01:12:15
Love your parents. Love your. 01:12:19
Teachers do good in school. 01:12:20
And let's make our community better, and I think we're doing that. 01:12:22
Beautiful artwork. 01:12:27
And the arts are the way to do it. And I really appreciate you coming here and letting me talk and I know it's going long, but we 01:12:28
love you all and thank you so much. 01:12:32
Yeah. 01:12:49
Just like it's hard to do a a play. 01:12:52
Right. You have to work at it. And yeah, so all of us work very hard to be here. 01:12:54
And. 01:12:59
You know, and you gotta put a lot of work in and then hopefully at the end of the day we'll deliver a a great city and that's 01:13:00
getting better and better and better and that's what everyone on our diets wants to do. 01:13:05
And we appreciate. 01:13:11
Being engaged with the youth of our community and and that's what this inspiration is all about. So thank you all. 01:13:14
Really appreciate you coming out. 01:13:19
Yeah. 01:13:21
OK. 01:13:23
That is a 3 minute clock. So if you ever want to come and participate in the City Council business, you could come and you could 01:13:29
fill out a speaker card and you'll get 3 minutes and they'll start the clock and you can tell us whatever you want to tell us. If 01:13:35
you have a need you want us to fulfill, I strongly encourage you to come here. 01:13:41
Use some of those oratory skills that you're developing and tell us what we need to do to make you happy. 01:13:48
Real quick, thank you Council Member Gamma for this interesting and unique. 01:13:59
Inspiration. I don't know if it's too much to ask if we. 01:14:03
We have like. 01:14:07
The kids come up and take a photo like all of us together. 01:14:08
Yeah. Do you wanna go down? 01:14:13
Yeah, yeah. 01:14:17
Yeah. 01:14:19
So. 01:14:25
My. 01:14:27
Yeah. 01:14:35
2. 01:14:44
And. 01:14:45
3. 01:14:46
A bunch of three. 01:14:51
Georgiana, can you get a video like a three second video like this, a three second video or a panorama? 01:14:56
It's nice to meet you. I'm mayor. 01:15:43
And then I actually I graduated from yellow green. I went to Greenfield. 01:15:50
Yeah. 01:15:55
It was pretty cool. 01:15:56
See. 01:16:00
Gracias. 01:16:06
What's the weather? 01:16:11
Yeah. 01:16:13
Thank you so much. 01:16:16
In. In love. 01:16:20
Banana. 01:16:24
Present. 01:16:26
OK. 01:16:33
I'm gonna try. 01:16:37
I've had this idea. 01:16:56
OK. Thank you. 01:16:58
Into the air. 01:17:03
That's good. 01:17:06
Alright, this is. 01:17:28
Definitely really cool. 01:17:30
Which one? 01:17:38
The codfish. That's one of my favorite ones. 01:17:39
Yeah, good job. 01:17:46
Bye. 01:17:49
Today you're in, Mr. Council Member People. 01:17:51
Or something. 01:17:56
Take it. 01:17:59
Mr. City Attorney, can you please provide the closed session report? 01:18:01
Of course I can. 01:18:08
Mayor Martinez, there was no reportable action taken in closed session tonight. 01:18:09
OK. 01:18:13
And then we will now hear public comments. 01:18:15
Not pertaining to any items on the agenda. 01:18:18
Zoom participants, please use the Raise Your Hand feature if you'd like to comment. Commenters will have 3 minutes to provide 01:18:21
comments. This process will be the same for comments pertaining to each agenda item. 01:18:26
Madam Clerk, do we have any public comments tonight? 01:18:31
Yes, I've received one in person, public comment and then I'll have a written public comment. So if Jessica Baca can. 01:18:33
Confirmed. 01:18:40
Yes. 01:18:42
Hello. Hi. 01:18:44
Good evening, City Council members. 01:18:47
My name is Jessica Baca. 01:18:49
And I am that via Seville HOA president. 01:18:51
Via Seville is located. 01:18:54
At around the 200 block of Channel Islands Blvd. 01:18:57
I'm here tonight to represent and to voice the concerns of the many residents of the Via Seville HOA. 01:19:02
There have been many traffic collisions that have occurred at the intersection of Channel Islands Blvd. and Volcker Drive. 01:19:13
In fact, our HOA. 01:19:18
And concerned residents have signed informal petitions that they'd like for me to provide to you. Again, they're informal. 01:19:20
Of their concerns regarding the Traffic Safety. 01:19:28
On Channel Islands Blvd. 01:19:30
If you recall, I recently sent you all an e-mail voicing our concerns of the many via Seville residents. 01:19:33
As a result. 01:19:39
I obtained a study that was conducted by Tkam Engineering. 01:19:41
During the COVID-19 pandemic. 01:19:44
The study indicated that the Viville residence. 01:19:47
What the VS Ville residents and many homeowners in the area already know. 01:19:51
Which is that the significant number of traffic collisions occur. 01:19:55
At Bulker Dr. and Channel Islands Blvd. 01:19:59
That's not the only place they occur with. That's primarily where they occur. 01:20:04
Um, the study by TCAM recommended some alternatives and interventions that to the residents seem irrelevant. 01:20:09
I'm here tonight to plead to the City of Port Wanami for effective Traffic Safety measures. 01:20:14
Along Channel Islands Blvd. specifically at Bulker Drive. 01:20:19
Most recently on April 14th, 2023. 01:20:24
The Via Seville property incurred significant damage as a result. 01:20:27
Of an alleged. 01:20:31
Uninsured driver. 01:20:32
Whose Who struck our building, narrowly missing the living area of a resident. 01:20:35
Sitting in her living room. 01:20:39
She was only feet away from where the vehicle smashed into our building. 01:20:43
In assessing the damage and walking through the area. 01:20:48
Where the vehicle traveled. 01:20:51
The Via Seville HOA. 01:20:53
Would like to ask the City of Port Wanami to install 1K rail. 01:20:54
At the cut out to curtail this type of incident from occurring in the future. 01:20:59
On our end, the Vacaville HOA, in order to keep our residents safe. 01:21:03
Along this long, unregulated area of Channel Islands Blvd. 01:21:07
We'll now need to look at the installation of bollards. 01:21:12
Or some other expensive measures to keep our residents safe. 01:21:14
The South side of Channel Islands Blvd. has a guardrail installed. 01:21:18
To keep collisions off of the naval base property. 01:21:22
However, the residents on the north side of Channel Islands Blvd. 01:21:25
We are left to fend for ourselves. 01:21:28
The Visible Homeowners Association is asking for the city of Port Wanami. 01:21:31
For the following measures to keep our our residents safe. 01:21:35
A traffic signal at Lido Blvd. 01:21:38
To to curtail traffic from backing up at Patterson Rd. 01:21:41
OK, well, at the outset of the driveway at Via Seville off of Channel Islands Blvd. 01:21:46
To prevent the type of collision that occurred on April 14th from occurring again. 01:21:50
A regular speed Enforcement by the Fort Wayne Amy Police Department. 01:21:55
A Keep clear designation at the intersection of Channel Islands Blvd. At Bolker Drive. 01:21:59
And reduce speed on Channel Islands Blvd. from 45 to 35 mph. 01:22:05
Thank you so much for your time and hearing my concerns. 01:22:10
If you have any questions, I'm here. 01:22:13
I'll be here the rest of the evening. 01:22:15
Thank you. 01:22:17
And then there was 1 written public comment. 01:22:29
Yes, we have 1 written public comment from Ricardo Holden. It's regarding agenda item 6, which is on the consent calendar. 01:22:34
It would be nice if there was some bedding or requirements of nonprofits before they are eligible to qualify for the 1% community 01:22:42
benefit contributions from cannabis. 01:22:46
A Fly by Night nonprofit was able to obtain community benefit contributions. 01:22:52
From cannabis funds in the amount of $14,000. 01:22:57
The nonprofit Save Whining Me Beach only existed briefly and provided no service to our community. 01:23:00
Save Wanami Beaches Only fundraising came from the obligatory 1% community benefit contributions from cannabis. 01:23:06
According to their filing with the city. 01:23:14
This nonprofit, if you recall, was created to pursue a name change in the city, although the name change had previously failed and 01:23:17
was unpopular in our community. 01:23:21
The organizer of the nonprofit presented invalid polls and data to suggest that the name change was wanted by our community. 01:23:26
Possibly presenting this flawed data to obtain the contributions. 01:23:33
This nonprofit paid locally Maps, a business operated by our now mayor, $7000 to make a few basic videos. 01:23:37
That were posted on social media and YouTube. 01:23:45
These videos were amateur and hardly justified, being paid $7000 for their creation. 01:23:48
Save Wanami Beach hadn't even existed for more than a few months. Had a name that was misleading since nothing was being saved. 01:23:53
And the nonprofit has since removed their website and deleted the videos that were posted on YouTube. 01:24:00
I believe that because the city consultant who have. 01:24:06
Whom had worked with the dispensaries to obtain licensing? 01:24:09
And are now mayor. We're operating the nonprofit the dispensaries were compelled to donate to save Winema Beach. 01:24:12
Because no other donors were listed, it appears that say winning May Beach solely took advantage of the obligatory benefit 01:24:19
contributions. 01:24:22
In the end, the name change failed and the only people who benefited from the 14,000 in donations. 01:24:26
Are are now mayor's business and Steve Kinney, a city consultant. 01:24:32
Not only was this a poor decision, but it stinks of conflict of interest, as are now. Mayor voted to approve Steve Kennedy's 01:24:36
contract. 01:24:39
Without mentioning being paid and no way should a city consultant be in pain. 01:24:43
Off City Council members. 01:24:47
14,000 goes a long way had that money been donated to their organizations. 01:24:49
I believe our community could have actually benefited. For instance, 14,000 could have purchased a food vending trailer that could 01:24:54
have been used by sports programs within our city. 01:24:59
To help them raise additional funds. 01:25:04
What is to stop anyone, especially a city representative, from creating a Fly by Night nonprofit, collecting donations, then 01:25:06
folding within months? 01:25:10
Maybe a good requirement would be that in order to qualify as a community benefit recipient, the organization must have been in 01:25:15
establishment for over one year. 01:25:19
Another requirement might be that the nonprofit must have show additions, sources of fundraising other than just the community 01:25:23
benefit contributions from cannabis. 01:25:28
It appears as if Save Winning May Beach bamboozled the community benefits contributions. 01:25:33
For their own personal agendas and their own business profits. 01:25:37
That concludes public comment. OK. 01:25:41
Thank you, Madam Clerk. 01:25:44
May I have a motion and a second to approve the agenda? 01:25:46
Move to approve. 01:25:51
2nd. 01:25:52
OK, Madam Clerk, can we please take A roll? 01:25:54
All in favour. 01:25:57
Aye, all opposed. 01:25:58
Hearing none motion passes unanimously, OK? 01:26:00
Next, do any members of council have any conflicts of interest to disclose for any item on the agenda? 01:26:03
Thank you, Mayor. 01:26:11
A question for the city attorney. 01:26:13
As a business owner in Port Wynee, me not really sure if I need to. 01:26:16
Declare conflict of interest for #11 on the agenda. 01:26:23
Yeah, I've looked into this a little bit and. 01:26:28
Essentially, there's a four prong test under the Political Reform Act as to whether or not it's something is a disqualifying 01:26:32
conflict of interest. 01:26:35
One is whether or not it's a foreseeable benefit or detriment. The 2nd is whether or not that benefit or detriment is material. 01:26:39
The third is whether or not that affects the public generally. 01:26:47
And the 4th is whether or not legal participation is required and analyzing these typically a personal financial benefit of $500 01:26:50
or more. 01:26:55
Considering that this item is not a direct benefit to your particular business or anyone's particular business, it could be 01:27:00
classified as an indirect benefit. 01:27:04
It's unclear to me whether or not the business license fees that. 01:27:09
The individual businesses could avail themselves of would be in excess of $500. I'm informed that they are probably and most 01:27:14
likely not. 01:27:18
That being said, it would not meet the materiality requirement under the FPC regulations. In addition, the. 01:27:23
Public generally acception step three of the four part test. 01:27:31
Discusses significant population segments which are defined under FPC regulations as 25% of businesses or nonprofits. 01:27:35
Considering the proposed, the proposed resolution or the proposed item. 01:27:45
Would affect more than 25% of all businesses located within the City of Portland. Amy. 01:27:50
It would be my professional opinion that. 01:27:56
This affects the public generally, or at least a significant segment of the population such that it does not meet. 01:28:01
The requirements for disqualifying conflict of interest. 01:28:07
That being said, I am obligated to inform you. 01:28:11
That reliance on advice of counsel when it comes to Political Reform Act questions will not be a defense to an FPC enforcement 01:28:14
action. 01:28:18
Great. Thank you. 01:28:22
I think I'll just recuse myself. 01:28:26
Can I? Can I make your comments? 01:28:31
I think. 01:28:34
There's four of us who have. 01:28:36
Some kind of business interest and. 01:28:37
It seems to me that this provision applies to those. 01:28:40
Businesses that have not. 01:28:43
Yet submitted an applications for license and I don't know if that's true. I keep my license up to date so and I would not accept 01:28:45
the rebate. 01:28:49
So. 01:28:54
Perhaps that could be? 01:28:55
Better defined by our city manager and. 01:28:57
Economic development author Sure, yes, thank you. And that is one option, is that you don't have to accept the rebates. 01:28:59
Now it does affect actually or would affect all businesses here in the city. 01:29:08
Those who have licenses and so whether they're existing or new. 01:29:12
The second part of this, when we discussed this item later, would be that. 01:29:17
The only businesses that would be affected at that point would be the ones that were truly joining the Chamber of Commerce that 01:29:23
has proposed. 01:29:26
I'm assuming it would be, or even get that far. So it it's all very questionable. But again, possibly to be on the safe side, it's 01:29:30
as business owners yourselves not to accept. 01:29:35
Any of the the rebates or whatnot. 01:29:40
Thank you. 01:29:44
So. 01:29:45
Could we have a little more discussion on this or? 01:29:47
No, we'll have an opportunity to. 01:29:54
OK. So we'll just move on. 01:29:56
All right. 01:30:00
So let's move on to the first presentation. 01:30:02
Public Works Week, Proclamation Interim Public Works Director. 01:30:04
Mark Watkins. 01:30:08
Thank you, Mayor Martinez, members of the City Council and. 01:30:12
Thank you for recognizing National Public Works Week celebrated this year from May 21st to May 27th. 01:30:15
2023 This is the 63rd anniversary of National Public Works Week. The theme theme this year is Connecting the World. 01:30:21
And this theme represents the infrastructure and services that connect. 01:30:29
Modern society and creative community. 01:30:32
National Public Works Weeks is celebrated across the United States and Canada and literally 10s of thousands of cities. 01:30:35
And counties. 01:30:41
The men and women of the Public Works Department are maintenance workers, engineers. 01:30:42
Technicians, administrative professionals, landscapers, equipment operators, inspectors. 01:30:47
Utility workers and many others. 01:30:52
And we're the foundation of a city and we provide our services 24/7, 365. 01:30:53
We work quietly and often behind the scenes. 01:30:59
To provide water. 01:31:02
Wastewater, streets, landscaping, environmental services. 01:31:04
Engineering graffiti removal. 01:31:08
Fleet services, storm drains, traffic signal signing, striping. 01:31:10
A capital project, solid waste, recycling and many others. 01:31:15
I want to thank the Council for their leadership and providing an opportunity for us to be here and for the support that they show 01:31:19
in creating. 01:31:22
And environment. 01:31:26
For us to be able to deliver these services. 01:31:27
And for joining us in celebrating National Public Works Week for 2023. 01:31:30
And so with that, the proclamation reads. 01:31:34
Whereas public works professionals focus on infrastructure, facilities, Emergency Management. 01:31:37
And services that are of vital importance. 01:31:42
To a sustainable and resilient community. 01:31:44
And the public health and high quality of life and well-being. 01:31:47
Of the people of the city of Port Wanami. 01:31:50
And these infrastructure services could not be provided without the dedicated efforts. 01:31:52
A public works professionals who are federally mandated first responders. 01:31:57
Engineers, managers, employees at all levels of government and the private sector and who are responsible for rebuilding, 01:32:01
improving and protecting our nation's infrastructure. 01:32:06
Transportation, water supply, water treatment, and solid waste systems. 01:32:11
Now, therefore. 01:32:15
This year, we marked the 63rd annual National Public Works Week sponsored. 01:32:17
By the American Public Works Association. 01:32:22
And the City Council of Port Wanami do hereby designate the week. 01:32:25
Of May 21st through 27th. 01:32:29
As National Public Works Week. 01:32:31
Thank you. 01:32:33
And next, would you like to say something? Council member Hernandez? 01:32:41
Thank you Mr. Watkins for that the. 01:32:45
Acknowledgement of our public works personnel and department. 01:32:49
You guys are foundational to the quality of life that we have here in Port Wanami. We support our infrastructure, our life lines, 01:32:53
safety measures out and on our streets. And I've always acknowledged public works members has our first responders because usually 01:32:58
you're the ones that get the first call, Police well might get the first call and then the next calls is you and you're out there 01:33:04
day or night. So we want to I just want to say that you're very much appreciated. All the people who work for public works very 01:33:09
much appreciated. 01:33:15
Some of the unsung heroes, I think, in our city. So thank you so much. 01:33:21
I concur. 01:33:31
All right. Let's move on to our second presentation piece. 01:33:34
Officers Memorial Day and National Police Week Proclamation presented by Interim Police Chief Robert Albertson. 01:33:37
Good evening, Mayor, Mayor, Pro Tim, members of City Council, members of the public, members of staff. 01:33:47
Of a proclamation tonight. 01:33:52
Recognizing Peace Officers Memorial Day and National Police Week 2023. Unfortunately, we did lose a Riverside County Sheriff's 01:33:55
Deputy on Friday. 01:33:59
Died in the line of duty during the traffic collision out in the city of Hemet. 01:34:05
Whereas the Congress and President of the United States have designated May 15th, 2023. 01:34:11
Is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. 01:34:16
In the week in which it falls. 01:34:19
As police week and. 01:34:20
Whereas there are approximately 900,000 law enforcement officers serving in communities across the United States. 01:34:23
Including the dedicated members of the Port Winema Police Department. 01:34:29
And whereas. 01:34:32
The members of the Port Wine Police Department recognize their duty to serve the people. 01:34:33
By safeguarding life and property. 01:34:37
By protecting them against violence or disorder. 01:34:39
And by protecting the innocent against deception and the weak against oppression or intimidation. 01:34:42
And whereas. 01:34:47
It is proper that we express our gratitude for the dedicated service and courageous deeds of the men and women of the Portland 01:34:48
Police Department. 01:34:51
And for the contributions they have made to the security and well-being. 01:34:55
Of all people in our community. 01:34:58
And whereas more than 20,000 law enforcement officers in the United States. 01:35:00
Have made the ultimate sacrifice and have been killed in the line of duty. 01:35:04
Including 28 sworn officers in the county of Ventura. 01:35:07
And whereas. 01:35:11
The names of these dedicated public servants. 01:35:12
Are engraved on the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC. 01:35:15
And whereas May 15th, 2023. 01:35:20
Is designated as National Peace Officers Memorial Day. 01:35:23
In honor of the service and sacrifice. 01:35:26
Of all officers killed in the line of duty and their families. 01:35:28
Now, therefore, be it proclaimed that the City Council of the City of Port Wanami. 01:35:32
Formally designate May 14th. 01:35:36
To May 20th, 2023 as Police Week. 01:35:38
In May 15th, 2023. 01:35:42
As Peace Officers Memorial Day. 01:35:44
In the City of Port Wanami and publicly salute the services of law enforcement officers in our community and in the communities 01:35:46
across the nation. 01:35:49
Thank you. 01:35:53
Then I have these two certificates of recognition. I'm assuming it's for this presentation, so Police Officer Anthony Martinez 01:36:01
and. 01:36:05
Ohh, that is that the next one, OK. Yes. Yeah, actually so I have, I have two additional quick presentations. So the first one 01:36:10
will be recognizing our dispatcher of the year. 01:36:14
And the second one will be recognizing. 01:36:19
The officer who received the Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD award. So if I can have officer. 01:36:22
Anthony Martinez and Public Safety dispatcher Jennifer Floriana come up. 01:36:27
So go ahead and start with the dispatcher of the year. So please join me in. 01:36:39
Recognizing Public Safety dispatcher Jennifer Floriano is our Dispatcher of the Year for 2022. 01:36:43
Jennifer has been with the Port Winema Police Department since February of 2020. 01:36:50
And within that time, she has notably, notably been a positive contribution to the dispatch team. 01:36:54
She began her dispatching career in 1990 for the Carpinteria Police Department before it was part of the Santa Barbara County 01:37:00
Sheriff's Department. 01:37:03
Then spent eight years at Ventura Police Department, then on an Oxnard Police Department for 13 years. 01:37:07
Where she was a supervisor. 01:37:12
Jennifer moved out of state and worked for Portsmouth PD. 01:37:14
Virginia Beach PD. 01:37:17
In sulfuric PD. 01:37:18
She moved back to California in 2019 and began working as a dispatcher for the Portland Police Department in 2020. 01:37:20
Throughout her career, Jennifer's received numerous commendations for instant incidents involving vehicle and foot pursuits. 01:37:27
All the way to officer involved shootings. 01:37:33
Jennifer has also worked 2999 incidents. 01:37:35
Which is a radio code for an officer needs help, and this is probably one of the worst things that a dispatcher can hear come over 01:37:39
the radio. 01:37:42
She worked one of those for Ventura Police Department and one for Oxnard Police Department. 01:37:47
She was also the supervisor and dispatcher on duty for the Eco Green School shooting. 01:37:50
Jennifer also has experienced dispatching for fire and has done CPR many times with a few saves. 01:37:55
She's a trainer for the Pro Enemy Police Department. Her knowledge and years of experience have been very effective with our 01:38:00
trainees. 01:38:03
She is also the unit decorator, so to speak. 01:38:06
During any holiday or special event, you will likely see the holiday decorations and the dispatch center. 01:38:09
Along with Festive Baked Goods. 01:38:14
Please join me in honoring dispatcher Jennifer Floriano's Portland Ave. Police Department Dispatcher of the Year. 01:38:16
And I'll go ahead and do the presentation for Officer Martinez too before we bring this to the. 01:38:29
So tonight I would also like to recognize Officer Anthony Martinez for receiving the 2022 Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 01:38:34
Top Arresting Officer Award for the Port Winema Police Department. 01:38:41
Which was presented to him on May 11th at the Mad Tri Counties Law Enforcement and Prosecutor Recognition Awards Luncheon in 01:38:44
Camarillo. 01:38:47
Officer Martinez previously worked for the Montebello Police Department. 01:38:51
And was hired by the Port Wing Police Department in April of 2021. 01:38:54
Even before being released from his field training program, he had already attended. 01:38:58
DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Test training with the Ventura CHP offices. 01:39:02
CHP Office. 01:39:07
He also recently completed traffic collision investigation through the San Diego County Sheriff's Depart. 01:39:09
For those who are unaware, DUI investigations are very labor intensive. 01:39:14
And the change in the law several years ago mandates that an officer actually obtained a search warrant in order to draw blood 01:39:18
from an uncooperative arrestee. 01:39:21
This, coupled with the fact that California law imposes very stiff penalties for DUI convictions. 01:39:25
Means that, more so than many other offenses, the UI's are likely to be litigated through the trial process. 01:39:30
As such, this area of law enforcement has become much more specialized than it was when I started my career back in 1997. 01:39:36
I'm proud to say that Officer Martina Martinez has risen to that challenge. 01:39:42
And is ensuring that the roads of Port Wanami are safe for all of us. 01:39:45
Please join me in saying congratulations and thank you for your job. Well done. 01:39:49
I'll go take these to you right now. 01:40:00
So. 01:40:04
Yes. Well, Mayor Martinez is coming down. I just want to say thank you to Officer Martinez and. 01:40:05
And Floriano for your. 01:40:12
Dedication in your experience when I call 911. 01:40:15
And Jennifer Answers I. 01:40:19
I know that I'm gonna be in good hands, so. 01:40:21
Thank you for your service. You can have incredible experience and that should. 01:40:23
Be It's just remarkable. 01:40:27
And we're happy to have you here because of that. And thank you, Mr. Martinez as well. 01:40:29
And congratulations on your new baby. I haven't seen it. 01:40:34
I'll go ahead and go next so dispatchers are are unsung heroes. 01:40:40
They don't often get recognition as they should, which is why I thought it was important to have them as my inspiration. So I 01:40:44
appreciate everything that our dispatchers do. 01:40:49
And and for Officer Martinez, what you do is also equally important or more so, keeping our streets safe. 01:40:54
And if. 01:41:01
If there's anything that we could do to help? 01:41:02
Better. 01:41:06
Equip you to be able to do your job better. Is there anything that you would? 01:41:06
Recommend or. 01:41:11
Request that we get. 01:41:12
Because our job to make sure that you are well equipped and you have everything that you need and that we provide whatever it is. 01:41:14
You wanna come over to the microphone? 01:41:21
Because right now, I feel like we're well equipped. 01:41:26
Definitely feel the support from. 01:41:30
The mayor, council members and. 01:41:31
The people of the community. 01:41:33
You know, we're, I feel like we're developing and progressing in the right direction. 01:41:36
And as of right now, I wouldn't add anything. 01:41:40
Thank you. 01:41:43
Yeah, Thank you all for your service as you saw tonight. 01:41:46
The future of our community is in our youth. 01:41:49
And being surrounded by this artwork and being surrounded by wonderful police officers really brings home as to. 01:41:52
What it is that we're trying to overcome in this community? 01:41:59
You know, we reminded. 01:42:03
About violence in our schools just last week and. 01:42:05
It just. 01:42:09
I'm so thankful that people like you are willing to serve because it's a tough job. 01:42:11
And. 01:42:16
But we're working. 01:42:17
We're we're doing better and I. 01:42:20
Certainly appreciate the amount of time that Winema PD expands with the youth of our community and. 01:42:23
And I really, really thank you for doing that. And I think I know it's making a big positive difference and there's always more 01:42:30
work to be done, but thank you all so much. 01:42:34
Ditto now. 01:42:41
I'd like to say thank you so much for your service. I know you hear that a lot. Thank you for your service, but really as far as a 01:42:43
dispatcher is concerned. 01:42:48
The skill set to get to be able to hear from the people, be able to communicate. 01:42:54
To the officers so that the officers can get there and and take care of the community. 01:43:00
Is very very important, so thank you for your service and I'd also like to. 01:43:04
To say it is very nice to see the support. 01:43:08
That you all have tonight in receiving recognition to have your other officers here. So it's really good to see you all together 01:43:12
and it just shows us that you are one team working together for this community. So thank you so much. 01:43:18
Yes, thank you. 01:43:27
We will now consider items on the consent calendar. 01:43:33
Which will be enacted in one motion unless a council member has a request to remove an item for discussion. 01:43:36
May I have a motion and a second to approve our consent calendar, Mayor? I'd like to pull. 01:43:42
My binder is a little. 01:43:48
Disorganized. Maybe it's me, but I like to pull a. 01:43:49
The. 01:43:53
1% number six. 01:43:54
Item 6 and I think. 01:43:56
Yeah. 01:44:01
That. 01:44:02
Yes and eight. 01:44:03
Where is my. 01:44:06
So you you would like to pull item number six, 1% community benefit contributions from cannabis and item number 8 status update on 01:44:11
City Council requests? 01:44:15
I'll second that motion. 01:44:20
Thank you. OK. 01:44:22
Is there a motion to approve the the other items? 01:44:24
So I'll move to approve the remainder of the items aside from. 01:44:29
Item 6:00 and 8:00 I'll second. 01:44:34
OK. 01:44:36
Let's go ahead and take a vote on. 01:44:38
The other items first. 01:44:41
Madam Clerk. 01:44:42
OK, All in favor. Aye, all opposed. 01:44:44
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 01:44:48
All right. So let's go ahead and talk about item number six, 1% community benefit contributions from cannabis. 01:44:51
Yeah, it's kind of interesting that. 01:44:58
This is the first time we've ever been updated, and to be updated for four years on a consent calendar. 01:45:01
Umm. 01:45:08
I just don't feel comfortable with that. 01:45:09
And can we? 01:45:12
Outline the process. Do we need to have a? 01:45:15
Policy to better manage this 1% Community Benefit Fund. 01:45:18
You know I I. 01:45:25
You, you go through and you look at some of the amounts you know they're. 01:45:27
They never come before the council, so I'm just wondering how. 01:45:32
These expenditures were occurring like what? What's the process? Is there a process or or who approves them? 01:45:38
Hi, this is Lupe. If I may people leave. 01:45:47
Um Chief Salinas have presented to Council in the past. 01:45:52
Because before his departure, he was. 01:45:57
Managing, tracking all of the contributions. 01:46:00
From the cannabis businesses. 01:46:04
And if I may speak to the process now that. 01:46:07
He's no longer. 01:46:10
And with the city, finance has taken over that. 01:46:12
That. 01:46:15
Process. 01:46:16
And we're. 01:46:17
Obtaining support documentation from all the businesses for the 1%. 01:46:19
So we send out a letter at the beginning of a year of the calendar year. 01:46:24
And request the for them to the for the businesses to provide us. 01:46:28
With the supporting documentation for the contribution. 01:46:32
So part of. 01:46:37
The contribution summary that is in front of you. 01:46:38
It's a combination of both efforts, with Chief Salinas at gathered. 01:46:41
From the inception of the opening of the businesses. 01:46:47
And then with finance has gathered since his departure. 01:46:50
Yeah. So the question I have is a process of policy. 01:46:54
And. 01:47:01
Should we not? 01:47:02
Develop a policy that's approved by the Council with some guidelines for management, because. 01:47:04
You know, we're reviewing $1.5 million in expenditures that go back over four years. 01:47:12
My understanding, and perhaps Tony can can jump in, is that the development agreements require 1% of the of the Community benefit. 01:47:18
To be paid by the cannabis business directly. 01:47:27
To their charity of choice, there is no involvement in council. 01:47:31
I don't know why that took place before I was here. I don't know why that was there. I can speculate that the reason for not 01:47:35
having council involvement. 01:47:39
Is probably First Amendment implications with respect to government speech. This way, there are no speech implications for a 01:47:44
government as to who gets funded and who doesn't. 01:47:49
And the matter is left with the cannabis dispensary, who also pays anywhere from 3 to 5% of their gross revenues to the city in 01:47:54
the form of development agreement fees. 01:47:59
Well. 01:48:06
Again, it I just think it's a little bit concerning and no disrespect to our former police chief, but. 01:48:07
You know the police chief. 01:48:13
Managing and. 01:48:15
I don't know, it just seems like there's a little bit of a conflict there. 01:48:17
But do we? Do we? 01:48:21
Can we have staff take a look at this and is there a way to make it better? Can we look at lessons learned and try to improve the? 01:48:23
I would like to call it a policy that essentially a process but. 01:48:33
And then? 01:48:37
The other complicating factor is it's it's tied up in the. 01:48:38
In the. 01:48:41
The use agreements that we have. 01:48:43
With. 01:48:45
Right. 01:48:46
Development agreement, Development agreement right, because these are development agreements and they are statutory development 01:48:47
agreements and ordinance was passed. 01:48:50
By the council authorizing these, it would be. 01:48:54
Very difficult, if not impossible, to go back and change them. 01:48:58
So we can't change it. 01:49:01
Not without additional consideration, no. 01:49:03
Well, at least not change anything in the past. But what about the future? 01:49:06
It's possible. It would be something that that Tony and I would need to discuss. 01:49:11
Council member Hernandez, yeah. 01:49:16
There is a statement in here that says that the. 01:49:20
1% of revenues goes to recognize charitable and nonprofit organizations that serve the Port Wanami community. 01:49:24
And so I'm wondering if. 01:49:33
Rather than try to change the ordinance, because I'm not. 01:49:35
Comfortable taking that authority away from our cannabis businesses, but maybe we can better define what that means. 01:49:38
What it means to serve the Port Wanami community. 01:49:46
As I I went through the list and some of these. 01:49:50
Organizations. 01:49:54
I mean, it'd be a stretch to say that they serve the Port Wanami community there, but, you know, we don't know. It's really hard 01:49:56
to say that they don't. 01:50:00
Umm. 01:50:05
But perhaps there's some language that we can add in there that that makes it a little bit more definitive. 01:50:05
And maybe staff could could take a look at that. 01:50:12
I I think we could take a look at at refining what we consider a charitable organization that benefits the city of Portland. Any 01:50:16
that might be one way to go have a list of approved. 01:50:20
Nonprofits. 01:50:26
That would definitely be something that that Mister Stewart and I would have to. 01:50:27
Really drill down on because of the implications for First Amendment. 01:50:31
And so the other thing is that sometimes City Council has an idea of how these revenues could be used. 01:50:35
So is there a process for City Council members to? 01:50:43
Communicate with the cannabis businesses. 01:50:47
In maybe recommending. 01:50:51
That they. 01:50:55
Contribute because we there's no process for us to really come forward and say, hey, you know, boys and Girls Club is doing this 01:50:56
fundraiser. 01:51:00
Umm. 01:51:04
Is there a way? 01:51:06
That we can direct. 01:51:07
Funding. 01:51:08
To that organization, I know that the behest ded. 01:51:10
Requests. 01:51:15
Our fall upon us if we exceed $5000 and be righted request it can be problematic under the Political Reform Act as well and expose 01:51:16
the council to ethical violations. The other issue is. 01:51:23
One, the development agreement invests the responsibility and the choice with the cannabis entity, not the council. Changing that 01:51:31
could be a breach of the development agreement and I I don't suggest that at all, but maybe there's just. 01:51:38
Ohh, maybe our list of priority list we can give them in the beginning of the year saying these are, you know, it's possible as 01:51:45
long as there are no repercussions, I mean. 01:51:50
The the counter argument from any cannabis dispensary is, is that they already give you 5% of their gross revenues councils free 01:51:56
to make whatever decisions they want with that money. The 1% was part of the development agreement for the cannabis industry. 01:52:03
To donate. 01:52:10
For the betterment in any manner they see fit the minute. 01:52:12
The minute council gets involved and starts directing bested payments and whatnot, you run into arguments of compelled speech. 01:52:16
I understand Oxnard is doing it that way that they. 01:52:23
They're gonna weigh in on that 1%, so that'll be interesting to see how that works for them. OK. Thank you. I'm sorry. Would it be 01:52:28
possible to organize the cannabis dispensaries and and have a. 01:52:35
Forum to discuss this and I'm just I'm not. 01:52:43
Trying to be. 01:52:47
You know, super critical, but when I I see something here like community vibes garage. 01:52:48
47,500. 01:52:53
What is that? You know, like, do we do? We have? 01:52:58
Is it? 01:53:01
Within our purview to to to get more documentation on that. I mean it's a local automotive nonprofit automotive training program. 01:53:02
I think it's based in Oxnard. 01:53:08
OK, that's not didn't know I looked it up. 01:53:14
For you. 01:53:18
So I don't know, it just seems like. 01:53:20
We don't want to. 01:53:23
Direct. 01:53:25
But we certainly. 01:53:26
And obviously we have encouraged supporting the youth of our community and and that. 01:53:28
Is reflected in each and every year and I think that's great, you know, But when we start seeing things that we don't quite 01:53:33
recognize like Christmas toy donation, I mean. 01:53:38
No brainer, right? 01:53:44
But I think some of the ones that. 01:53:45
You know, are kind of on the margins. I don't know, maybe there's a better way for us to. 01:53:48
Advocate. 01:53:54
If not. 01:53:55
Audit or manage the the process and and just one other thing is that. 01:53:58
You know. 01:54:04
We really didn't have a process. 01:54:06
From what I understand. 01:54:08
Well, the development agreements don't contemplate 1. 01:54:10
But but if you have a requirement to invest 1% into community. 01:54:15
You know you have to audit it, right? You have to How do you? 01:54:21
That would be operational. I don't know how it was audited in the past. I think Chief Salinas was provided the documentation as to 01:54:24
which. 01:54:28
What? I'm what? 01:54:32
Cannabis dispensaries provided what amounts and how that equated up to 1%. I I wouldn't have that information. 01:54:34
Correct. Now at this point though, is is Miss Sarah just mentioned. 01:54:40
Going forward with finance having the process under their wing now. 01:54:44
We are requiring monthly documentation, not only up there. 01:54:48
The, the revenues and whatnot to support the 5%, but also the 1% as well as where it's being spent. 01:54:54
And then when we get to year end, we will be auditing that at this point. So moving forward, we do have that process. 01:55:01
And if there are questions, we'll go ahead and work with the. 01:55:07
Dispensaries with regard to those questionable donations, OK, And then I just noticed that there was a hand raised. We probably 01:55:11
should have asked if there were any public comments first. 01:55:16
Aye. 01:55:22
That's the that's the only one I have besides the written comment that was heard earlier. 01:55:23
OK, we can give Miss Sylvia. 01:55:28
Sometimes, Miss Schnopp, if you'd like to go ahead and. 01:55:32
Provide your comments. Now you can. 01:55:36
Great. Thank you. So, hello. 01:55:39
Council members Mayor Martinez and City staff Sylvia Schnapp just wanna weigh in on this item here. When the development 01:55:42
agreements were first put together, the 1% was. 01:55:50
Where the organization, the cannabis organizations could choose from. 01:55:57
Nonprofits that they wanted to support they themselves. 01:56:02
And they were the ones too, that out the organizations that approached them. And it was where 1% of their revenues needed to be 01:56:06
provided to nonprofits that would benefit the community of Port Wine. So there weren't any restrictions on who they could possibly 01:56:15
give to. There wasn't a list provided to them. It was really where they needed to. 01:56:23
Really be involved in our community and that was one way of making sure that contributions would then benefit our residents and 01:56:33
local, local organizations. 01:56:38
I just wanted to weigh in to let you all know. 01:56:45
Thank you. 01:56:47
Thank you. 01:56:49
Thank you, Mr. 01:56:50
Are there any more comments? I just haven't marble questions if you don't mind. Just so a couple of things. Wanted to ask Miss 01:56:52
Acero in the documentation that you're currently collecting. 01:56:58
Is there an area for the donator to write a quick blurb about? 01:57:05
What? 01:57:15
The benefit to Port Raimi. 01:57:17
There is not specific. 01:57:22
That is not specifically asking for the benefit. 01:57:24
And there is an area with the monthly grocery seats. 01:57:28
And where they include the 1% donation if they donated. 01:57:31
For that month. 01:57:36
And then at the end of the calendar year. 01:57:38
We're sending out a letter and we're requesting a summary and supporting documentation for all of the donations. 01:57:41
But we can definitely include that on the on the monthly letter. 01:57:48
Or. 01:57:52
Reporting form that we have. 01:57:53
OK. That would be great. And the other question is, have we ever provided? 01:57:55
The cannabis dispensaries. 01:58:01
A list of hey. 01:58:04
These are some organizations import that would support Fort Wayne Mini. Have we ever provided them or can we provide them 01:58:05
something like that? 01:58:09
We haven't given them again a formal list because of the reasons City Attorney mentioned earlier, but. 01:58:15
When we do, sit down and meet with them myself. 01:58:21
Or Chief Salinas in the past. 01:58:24
If they ask questions, we will get them suggestions. For instance, when we had our meeting with the library, the, you know, a 01:58:28
couple weeks ago said would they accept donations and they said yes. So that's that's another resource that we let them know about 01:58:33
now. So that's the resource that's come up. We give those suggestions out. OK, great. Thank you because I think I heard mission up 01:58:37
say that. 01:58:42
That or we all would donate to only those that we know about, right? If we don't know about you, then we we can't donate to you. 01:58:48
So thank you for that. 01:58:52
What I'm hearing is I think it would be good for us to have a list to provide for them if they don't have any ideas. 01:58:57
I don't know if that's. 01:59:04
What I'm hearing from council. 01:59:05
As you look down the list, though, these are some great causes that were. 01:59:09
That are being supported. Many are youth. 01:59:13
Directed organizations, which? 01:59:17
I know none of us will, will. 01:59:19
Disagree with that? 01:59:21
But. 01:59:23
You know, maybe we could. 01:59:24
Develop a pre qualified, I don't know list or something but it is to the discretion of the. 01:59:26
The dispensary as to who they want to support. 01:59:34
You know and. 01:59:37
You know. 01:59:40
Some organizations get huge support, like the Boys and Girls Club. Things got almost $500,000 in support, which good for them, you 01:59:42
know, they're out there. 01:59:46
You know. 01:59:51
They are contributing. 01:59:52
Right. 01:59:54
Right. But again, there there's. 01:59:55
I think we just want to make sure that all the needs are being met, not just some of the needs, but. 01:59:57
Anyways. 02:00:03
So I I. 02:00:07
I'm mixed on this. I think there needs to be better accountability. 02:00:09
That it's actually an organization that's contributing to something related to whiny me. 02:00:13
That it is a legit organization because I've never heard of the. 02:00:19
Whitney Beach Community Police. 02:00:23
Initiative. I don't even know that we have a community police. 02:00:25
But. 02:00:29
Maybe it maybe I'm wrong. 02:00:30
But also, you know, we can't necessarily. 02:00:31
We shouldn't tell them who they want to contribute to, but it should still fall within the lines of. 02:00:34
Has to be connected to whiny me in some way or another, so it would it would be nice to be able to. 02:00:40
Bet them a little better and find out if they are. And did I hear Mrs. Sarro saying that documentation was going to be coming in 02:00:45
to give more information on the nonprofits and what they're doing with the money or? 02:00:51
No, the documentation that we are requesting is just. 02:00:58
Really proof. 02:01:01
Of the donation, so council chair. 02:01:03
Any sort of support that supports that they donated that amount? 02:01:06
To the organization, most of it is canceled checks they're sending us. 02:01:11
And a lot of times they send us like the. 02:01:15
The receipt that they get from from the nonprofit. 02:01:18
Thank you for the donation for that type of support is what we're. 02:01:21
That were requesting. 02:01:25
OK. Thank you. 02:01:27
Is there who? Who approves it ultimately? 02:01:29
To city staff approve and say hey green light yes this has Nexus with our city or or. 02:01:32
At this point that's that is the plan, yes. That's why we asked for that documentation. 02:01:40
One of the going back to. 02:01:45
Council member McQueen. Well, John's idea though, putting in a simple line item in our monthly form I think will go a long way to. 02:01:48
Helping us vet that at at the monthly stage, let alone at the year end audit stage. 02:01:55
Because I, I, I imagine something like, say organizations going to the to the dispensaries and filling out a form and saying, hey, 02:02:03
we would like this much money. 02:02:07
This is how it's connected to the city. This is what we're going to do with the with the money. 02:02:12
We don't have some sort of process like that right now, right? 02:02:17
Correct, because again, we don't control. 02:02:20
The that particular aspect of it again, it's it's the. 02:02:23
The dispensaries are allowed to donate to whatever organizations they want, so we don't have any part of that interaction. We just 02:02:28
get the the receipts that come in afterwards. 02:02:33
They're fine that that interaction took place because I I I think it'd be nice to have some sort of system so for them for people 02:02:39
to come out, fill out a form. 02:02:43
Presented to them, the dispensary can then still choose to. 02:02:47
To donate or not but? 02:02:51
Something like that. 02:02:52
Yeah, I am. I'm thinking back to one of the There was a newspaper article, $32,000 to the homeless beds, remember? 02:02:54
We bought homeless shelter beds. 02:03:03
And I don't see it in this accounting of this. 02:03:06
I thought it was 32,000 but anyways. 02:03:10
I think. 02:03:13
I think it's. 02:03:14
I think we need to. 02:03:16
To be more diligent in making sure that. 02:03:19
Number one, we do it on an annual basis and I really like the idea of trying to work with the just branch reason. 02:03:23
Could we suggest, hey, what if we had a nomination process for you all? 02:03:29
That you could come in and look at all the different opportunities or? 02:03:34
Do we just leave it up to them entirely? It's. 02:03:38
I think more would need to be known about the nomination process. The end result would be that the dispensary gets to disregard 02:03:44
anything that council suggests if they so choose, without repercussion. 02:03:50
Um. 02:03:56
From a legal perspective, you know attorneys always see the. 02:03:58
Worst case scenario, and that's a retaliation claim of some sort. 02:04:02
So I'm I'm not suggesting that council says like, hey, these are the things that we want. But I'm I'm suggesting like, say these 02:04:06
nonprofits and organizations come to the city, fill out a form, the city approves them. 02:04:12
And then puts them out and then if any of the. 02:04:18
Any other dispensaries would want to. 02:04:20
Take on those donations, they can say OK, I want to donate to The ** group. 02:04:23
And then and they they can also direct their organizations that they wanna donate to and say hey go to the city fill out the form 02:04:28
and then they get approved by the city staff saying hey, just making sure like it's it's approved, you know before they actually 02:04:32
do the donations. 02:04:37
Is that something that you can see in best case scenario or well it is but the the the problem always arises in in that let's say 02:04:44
a nonprofit exists that the city does not support and I want to donate to it. 02:04:49
Donate to 02:04:57
But therein lies the therein lies the 1st Amendment problem. 02:04:59
Yeah, but the other part is when. 02:05:02
A member, let's say the police chief, comes in and says, hey dispensary AB and C, can you support this? 02:05:06
Or you know the. 02:05:12
Past president of Reach comes in and says hey. 02:05:14
You know, can you support this? You know, I mean, so we kind of have, I would agree there should be no government involvement. 02:05:17
Yeah. And I think that's the discussion that we're having here is how can we. 02:05:22
Better tune. 02:05:28
The Community development agreement without. 02:05:29
Breaking any laws or rules, but also get the buy in of the dispensaries. 02:05:32
Because I'm sure they they would, you know. 02:05:37
I don't know. I've never asked him like, hey, do you have, how do you, how do you track or how do you? 02:05:40
Determine who you're gonna donate to. 02:05:45
You know, yeah, real quick. I'm going to make a motion that staff take a look at some of the options that we can. 02:05:48
Change the process so that maybe we can approve. 02:05:55
I I think that would be more appropriate at the end of the meeting cause this specific agenda item doesn't contemplate such a 02:05:59
motion. OK, so the action on this item is to receive and file, correct? 02:06:04
OK, so I'll make a motion to receive and refile. 02:06:09
OK. 02:06:13
All in favor? Aye. All opposed. 02:06:15
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:06:18
Alright, let's move on to item number 8, status update on City Council requests. 02:06:20
What did you want to mention? 02:06:26
Thank you again. 02:06:28
So. 02:06:30
How? 02:06:33
Are these? 02:06:34
They're listed by date, the date they were requested, and. 02:06:36
How do we assign a priority to it? 02:06:40
In other words. 02:06:43
I'm, you know, I've even looked yet, but dog park? 02:06:45
You know, that's something that has come up for four years now and we're, you know, now we're working. 02:06:47
With our Bubbling Springs Park update. 02:06:53
Yeah, so. 02:06:59
So there's several items here that need to come up on a. 02:07:02
Agenda. 02:07:06
And how do we determine? Should we keep making agenda item request and adding to this list or should we clear this list? I'm just 02:07:08
trying to understand how we're going to move forward efficiently. 02:07:13
Well, so. 02:07:26
First of all, let me begin by saying that we had nearly 300 requests and we're down to about 28. Some of them are underway right 02:07:29
now. 02:07:32
We're in. I'm not gonna say that we're going to stop you from adding to the list, and if something comes up, we can do that. 02:07:37
The way it's prioritized really is based on resources and more than anything. 02:07:44
For instance, I'm looking at you know a couple of items that have been landscape based, but now that we're working on the the 02:07:49
landscape updates which are you know moving along. Once those are completed, we can go ahead and finish this, but we're not sure 02:07:56
exactly when those are going to be completed. So it's hard to assign a specific end date to yet for those. 02:08:02
Other ones are have been moved around a little bit because of the. 02:08:10
Bubbling Springs Project Which? 02:08:15
Due to its time frame and the amount of money that's involved with that. 02:08:18
We wanna make sure that that project takes priority. So we have had to bump a couple of things and I I know I've mentioned that to 02:08:23
a few of you in the past. 02:08:26
But that doesn't mean that they're not going to be worked on. 02:08:30
Couple of other items, for instance, we were able to complete this week alone, you received a couple of memos so. 02:08:34
Are we trying to get them done as quickly as possible? But it does take a little bit of research once in a while. Or again, there 02:08:40
may be something else that's. 02:08:44
Delaying it for instance, like I said, the landscape guidelines and so it's hard to nail them down with specific time frames. 02:08:49
Which is why they're not necessarily in any kind of order priority right now because of all of the. 02:08:58
The the nuances that are involved with with each one. 02:09:05
I just wanted to raise the the one item that I requested regarding Caltrans signage. 02:09:11
I had started working on that and talking to Jackie Irwin's office at the time and. 02:09:18
Congressman Brownlee's office and when I mentioned it to our former city manager. 02:09:25
He agreed to take it on and now I'm finding that this is what happened that. 02:09:31
The attempts to contact Caltrans have been unsuccessful. 02:09:37
So. 02:09:41
I don't wanna leave it at that. I wanna go ahead. I mean, I. 02:09:42
I got the sense that he was going to take that on and. 02:09:46
And follow through with it. 02:09:48
I mean. 02:09:50
What I'd like to do is continue my conversations. 02:09:51
With our state and federal elected officials to get to get some movement in that area. 02:09:55
So. 02:10:01
I mean just if you call and you can't get through to Caltrans, then you know you've got to try another way. 02:10:03
So. 02:10:08
I'd like to pursue that, if that's OK. 02:10:09
OK, sounds OK. Sounds like an idea. Like I said again, these are fluid and they're. 02:10:15
Subject to help. Is it possible right And in some cases, because again you know resources are limited and if you do know. 02:10:21
For instance. 02:10:29
I didn't know that that was sitting on somebody's desk so and we they did our interim public works director. So you know it's good 02:10:30
to know and yes, we can certainly take those changes into. 02:10:36
Into a bite space, yeah. And then I'm happy to. 02:10:43
Meet with Mr. Watkins about that as well. 02:10:46
Bring them up today. 02:10:50
Is that how we do things though? 02:10:51
Council member meets with. 02:10:53
With the public works director, I mean. 02:10:56
So I I bring that up because. 02:10:59
You know. 02:11:01
We I I've talked about sad management from day one. 02:11:03
And we as a council have never really had a conversation about how do we better sand manage. 02:11:07
The beach. 02:11:14
And. 02:11:15
You know, I see things down there that frustrate me. 02:11:16
I see light poles where the sand is gone and then I see a pile of sand over here and I realized that we don't have the proper 02:11:19
equipment. 02:11:23
And it's. 02:11:27
The most frustrating thing about being on council is that the five of us can't get together and talk about things that we want to 02:11:28
fix. 02:11:31
So then we motion and we get it on a list for an agenda. 02:11:35
And then it kind of sits there. 02:11:39
For a while. And you know, how do we? 02:11:40
How do we move? How do we move forward? You know, how do we address the concerns that we heard earlier at, at, at, at with these 02:11:44
accidents are helping and so you know. 02:11:48
It's a little frustrating. I think we all understand that, but. 02:11:53
As I go down this list, you know I want to have a conversation on every item on this list. I think we deserve should have a 02:11:57
conversation as a council, but. 02:12:01
You know we have constraints. 02:12:06
So. 02:12:10
This is on the. 02:12:11
Consent agenda, I don't know what we're just going to receive and file this, but what I would like to suggest is that. 02:12:12
Each and every one of us go down this list and and try to, you know, decide for ourselves what's the priority. 02:12:20
I mean, and maybe we could send in additional ideas, but. 02:12:28
Until the five of us have a public discussion about any one of these items. 02:12:32
Umm. 02:12:38
I don't think we're meeting the needs of of why we're here. We're the community representatives, we're the five people that get to 02:12:39
discuss. 02:12:42
How to make things better? 02:12:45
And everything on this list is about making things better. 02:12:47
And so. 02:12:51
Umm. 02:12:52
I'll just leave it at that. 02:12:55
Council member. 02:12:58
Yeah. 02:12:59
I I first want to say thank you to our deputy city manager for putting this list together right says. We had 274 items and we're 02:13:01
down to 28. 02:13:07
So while there's a lot of work to do, I think having this list is part of the battle. I think most of us were saying what's on the 02:13:14
list, what's on the list. So now we have a list and now we can hold people accountable for the things that are on the list. So 02:13:20
thank you so much for giving us the list and. 02:13:26
We're gonna work through the list. 02:13:33
And so I just want to say that and say thank you for what you all have done to this point. 02:13:34
But there's still more work to do, so we'll we'll. 02:13:39
Keep you honest about that. 02:13:42
Thank you. 02:13:44
I'd like to make a motion to receive and file the information. 02:13:45
A second. 02:13:48
All in favor, aye. 02:13:52
All opposed. 02:13:54
Hearing none motion passes unanimously. 02:13:56
All right, let's move on. There aren't any public hearings today. 02:13:58
But we do have a business, a couple of business items, business item number 11, initiation of economic development planning. 02:14:02
Will step. Please present the report. 02:14:09
Sure. And I believe there's a PowerPoint presentation with this as well. It's gonna be set up. 02:14:12
But yes, thank you, Mayor. And members of the council see Steve Kinney coming up to the podium there. So we've already met with 02:14:17
all five of you individually, just kind of discussed this a little bit and give you a heads up on where we are. But as we are well 02:14:23
aware, quite a few of you have mentioned. 02:14:29
Concerns and also just request needs for. 02:14:36
Additional economic development assistance for our businesses here in the City. 02:14:40
And right now, without having a Chamber of Commerce or at least the functioning 1. 02:14:44
We do have that detriment working against our business community as well. 02:14:49
Therefore, Mr. Kinney, our economic development consultant, and I have been working on a plan attached a little while ago. 02:14:54
And just kind of sat dormant on the previous sitting managers desk, but we are moving it forward here at this point. 02:15:03
And we're asking for consideration of several items this evening and. 02:15:10
To fund all of these would be using our proponents. 02:15:17
As you will recall, we had originally. 02:15:22
A couple of years ago when we were ferreting out to do what they are, Profunds, we had allocated $240,000 to assist the 02:15:25
businesses. 02:15:29
Having COVID related issues at the time, particularly with regard to their business license renewals. 02:15:34
And since that never actually came to fruition, we are requesting to repurpose about 10210 thousand of those $240,000 for. 02:15:40
Of these programs here this evening, keep in mind that this would be. 02:15:50
If every business wanted to take advantage of this and we have like 453 businesses here in the city, so that's worst case 02:15:53
scenario. 02:15:57
And now of course with your assistance here, as we discussed earlier, we're actually lowering that a little bit further as far as 02:16:02
cost, but. 02:16:06
In any event, I'm going to turn this over to Mr. Kennedy to explain in more detail the proposal this evening. Thank you. 02:16:11
Can I ask a question? 02:16:21
So the proposal. 02:16:23
Are we on item number 911? OK. 02:16:25
Thank you. 02:16:30
All right. Thank you, Mr. Stewart, Mayor, Mayor Protem and council members. 02:16:34
I say what a pleasure it is to be up here tonight talking about an economic development. 02:16:40
Issue. 02:16:45
Umm. 02:16:46
And. 02:16:47
Happy to present the the result of some work that's taken place over the last couple of months and trying to bring. 02:16:49
Economic development to the forefront in in our. 02:16:54
Awareness and consciousness and discussion. 02:16:58
Umm. 02:17:01
As you know, the the general plan which was adopted recently has an economic development. 02:17:03
Element in it so it recognizes the. 02:17:10
The importance of economic development in the overall. 02:17:13
Maturing and growth of the community. 02:17:18
But the the element didn't dive deeply into. 02:17:22
How to accomplish? 02:17:27
Effective, constructive economic development, just that it was a good thing. 02:17:29
So. 02:17:34
Mr. Stewart and I have been working on ways to try and flesh that out, to try and bring some understanding to what the city's 02:17:35
challenges are and the economic development arena, and then propose ways in which those challenges can be can be met and we can 02:17:42
move forward towards the goal of prosperous. 02:17:49
Community for everyone here. 02:17:57
So I'd like to. 02:17:59
Tonight go over a few of the items that are making up this this whole package. 02:18:02
We would like to talk about the the sector survey that that we are undertaking now. 02:18:09
And that simply means looking at the the economy and the traditional way of each of the four principal sectors that compose 02:18:18
economic activity here in the city that would be in industrial. 02:18:24
Retail and restaurants. 02:18:31
Office and technology. 02:18:33
And tourism and hospitality. 02:18:35
So there there's a distinct presence of each of those sectors, some stronger than others, but we want to look at each of those in 02:18:38
A. 02:18:42
Systematic way. 02:18:48
And understand the challenges for each of them, under score the strengths, and then build strategies that will. 02:18:49
Affect each of them individually and then in addition to that there are there are a couple of. 02:18:56
Strategies in play that will. 02:19:02
Broadly affect all the areas of the economy. 02:19:05
One of those is the broadband. 02:19:08
Master plan Which? 02:19:10
You authorized last fall and which is underway now and and approaching conclusion. 02:19:12
Because that certainly is going to affect everyone in the community for the better once we can make the investments to improve 02:19:17
Internet service. 02:19:21
For residents and businesses both. 02:19:25
So that's one. The second one is the. 02:19:29
The the idea of. 02:19:33
Identifying someone on on the city staff. 02:19:35
To be recognized and labeled, if you will, as a business advocate, the in-house business advocate for the city. 02:19:39
So that there is a person who's. 02:19:45
I don't know whether it's a part-time or full-time function, but a good part of their responsibility is to serve as the. 02:19:49
As as the clearing house and as the point of contact for anyone in the community who has a business issue. 02:19:57
And needs help with the city. 02:20:06
So that persons function is simply to make sure that that gets followed up on get the right person or persons involved towards 02:20:08
solution of whatever that business issue might be. 02:20:14
Umm. 02:20:22
Next, we want to talk about doing a business survey. 02:20:25
As part of the sort of research stage of where we are in the economic development planning process. 02:20:29
We want to conduct a business survey. 02:20:35
And we want to. 02:20:39
We wanted to do that with. 02:20:41
Potentially every business in in the city. 02:20:43
Because of our business license e-mail roster, we have the ability to get in touch with every business in the city, so we can 02:20:47
potentially get some information back from every one of the 450 businesses. 02:20:55
That are in in our city. 02:21:03
And we'd like to kind of test there. 02:21:05
Just their consciousness with respect to how how their own business is doing #1 #2, how they view the city services that they 02:21:10
receive or would like to receive. 02:21:15
So it's a little bit of feedback just for us internally. 02:21:21
And then looking ahead, you know the future. What are their concerns? What are their priorities? 02:21:23
And in that we want to touch specifically on the Chamber. 02:21:29
Converse issue which we'll get to next. 02:21:33
Umm. 02:21:37
So we can reach out to 450 businesses. The challenge is how do we get? 02:21:38
Any responses? 02:21:44
It it's tough to get people to respond to surveys no matter what, no matter what the issue. And small businesses, they've got 02:21:47
plenty of other things to do with their time. 02:21:51
Then respond to surveys. So we thought it was worthwhile and probably a good idea to incentivize them in some fashion. 02:21:56
And the. 02:22:05
Most effective incentive, we felt, was simply to offer. 02:22:06
A credit on their business license fee for the coming year. 02:22:10
And this would be in this case up up to $100. 02:22:14
Toward their business license, or if it's less than that, just the the full amount. 02:22:18
For everyone who fully completes the survey and and sends it back into the city. So with that. 02:22:23
Mechanism. Hopefully we can boost the response rate and just get a richer response and understand better. 02:22:31
Ohh, what's going on in the heads of businesses around our city? 02:22:38
And that. 02:22:42
The timetable on that is. 02:22:44
To get the responses back in. 02:22:46
Into the city from a survey over the next couple of months and then be able to pay the. 02:22:49
Pay the credit or the the rebates of the businesses by the middle of August. 02:22:57
So next, the Chamber of Commerce. 02:23:03
Chambers is an important. 02:23:08
Energy in the community. 02:23:10
We've seen it be useful. 02:23:12
Here in Port Wanami in the past. 02:23:14
And he cities rely heavily upon a thriving activist chamber. 02:23:16
To sort of share the load in what's needed to help all the businesses in the community thrive. 02:23:20
Umm. 02:23:28
That's not the case. 02:23:29
Now COVID? Really. 02:23:30
I put put the death knell on. 02:23:34
Our local chambers act activities. 02:23:38
So that there there is effectively no chamber now. 02:23:41
We think it's important for the city to try and spark the rejuvenation. 02:23:46
Of a chamber or another organization to to start one from scratch. 02:23:51
But it it's worthwhile for the chamber for the city to invest. 02:23:56
Time, effort and in this case, money as well. 02:24:00
To try and spark a start up effectively of that operation and and then once it's in place we've got another entity that's sort of 02:24:04
sharing the load and working in the same direction. 02:24:10
Towards supporting local businesses. 02:24:16
So the way we propose to do this is to issue a request for proposals. 02:24:20
And we would be essentially asking for a start up business plan. 02:24:26
For a a group that would want to. 02:24:30
Create a chamber. 02:24:34
The business plan needs to be full and complete. 02:24:38
Plan that will demonstrate the viability of this organization over a three to five year period. 02:24:41
And we'll need to show that all the issues that are important in making a successful Chamber have been thought through in advance 02:24:48
and that this group. 02:24:52
Has the plan in place to make. 02:24:57
To make that chamber successful and and by. 02:25:01
Doing so to attract the members. 02:25:05
Needed to support that chamber. 02:25:07
That's a lot of work for somebody to to undertake. 02:25:12
And so for for that reason, we want to offer an incentive for a group to. 02:25:16
To take on the challenge of creating a business plan that will be successful and we want to offer that incentive in a way that 02:25:22
will allow them to actually operate. 02:25:27
If if they kind of win when the RFP. 02:25:34
And the mechanism there again is funding. 02:25:39
In this case, we'd propose to offer $120,000. 02:25:43
Toward the chambers operating cost over its first year of operation. 02:25:47
That's important because it. 02:25:52
It's the only startup money that would be available to a from scratch organization like that. 02:25:55
They can't go to bank and get a loan against something that is so. 02:26:01
In insecure. 02:26:05
If you will, as a a startup group that relies on on attracting membership. 02:26:06
So the city needs to act in that role. 02:26:12
And offer the the startup funding. 02:26:16
So that the. 02:26:18
Chamber woods. I think most importantly. 02:26:20
Have the certainty. 02:26:23
Of funding available so that they could attract a professional staff member. 02:26:25
To run the organization. 02:26:29
That that alone is key to a successful. 02:26:31
Business plan. 02:26:35
So that that money needs to be in place. 02:26:37
It would be for the first year. It would be for the first year only. 02:26:41
And the reason for needing a three to five year business plan? 02:26:45
Is for the city to be assured that the organization has thought through. 02:26:51
What they're going to do after the city money runs out in year one? 02:26:56
And they are really left standing on their own 2 feet. 02:27:00
Umm. 02:27:03
So that is. 02:27:04
One of the ways in which the city can kickstart the reorder or the the. 02:27:07
New existence of a chamber. The other way would be for the city to to offer a subsidy of. 02:27:13
Any business who wants to join the chamber in that first year to get half of the membership dues paid by the city. 02:27:20
It's an obvious incentive to the business itself to kind of take a chance on what a membership would provide in this new chamber. 02:27:28
It's also a benefit to the Chamber because it accelerates the rate at which. 02:27:36
Memberships will be secured. 02:27:42
And help. 02:27:45
Set the wheels in motion for an ongoing stability there into year two and year 3. 02:27:47
So those those are the reasons why we would propose to offer this financial support. 02:27:53
Towards the creation of an organization that can be a very important partner for us in the. 02:27:59
In the economic development future. 02:28:05
Umm. 02:28:09
So what we would propose to bring it back to you over the next couple of months? 02:28:09
Are few things the results of the business survey? 02:28:15
Secondly, the results of the RFP for this Chamber of Commerce. 02:28:20
Creation. 02:28:25
And if there's a strong candidate there, we would also bring back to A. 02:28:26
A contract so that we could get that candle lit and get get that project underway. 02:28:32
And then more broadly kind of progress on our various areas of research research that we're doing now. 02:28:40
Including a retail study and the other things that I that I mentioned before. 02:28:48
And finally, how is it all paid for? As Mr. Stewart mentioned, we're looking to the ARPA pool of funds. 02:28:56
And the. 02:29:04
The actual costs are enumerated on on the slide there for the. 02:29:06
Rebates for the business license credit. 02:29:11
And for the two areas of subsidy for the Chamber. 02:29:14
It all adds up to. 02:29:17
We believe around $210,000. 02:29:20
So the funds are available if it's your pleasure to. 02:29:23
We reallocate them to this purpose. 02:29:26
In in pursuit of what we're trying to achieve. 02:29:30
So that's an overview of how we want to launch our economic development activities this year. 02:29:33
And. 02:29:39
Happy to entertain your questions or final comments from Mr. Stewart. 02:29:40
Yeah. 02:29:45
Council Member Hernandez, thank you, Thank you Mr. Kenny for your presentation and thank you Mr. Stewart for. 02:29:47
The both of you for your work on this. 02:29:55
When I. 02:30:01
During council meeting meetings asked for a economic development plan. 02:30:03
I guess maybe what I meant was a strategy, a real strategy that's comprehensive. 02:30:08
That looks at all aspects of our economic development landscape. 02:30:15
Jobs. 02:30:21
Not just businesses. 02:30:23
But it looks at everything every possible Ave. that we could exercise in. 02:30:28
Creating a robust economy here in in for Port Wyoming businesses and for residents. 02:30:33
So I was. 02:30:40
Well, these are all. 02:30:41
Great ideas and and maybe a way to to to spend our ARPA money. 02:30:42
I was really hoping that we were going to look at contracting. 02:30:47
Out with a formal with a company. 02:30:51
To to do that strategic. 02:30:54
Plan for us so that we could. 02:30:57
So it's not us. 02:30:59
Trying to divine our own problem, we got an outside. 02:31:01
Professional company coming in and looking at. 02:31:04
White, Amy. And doing the analysis and coming back to us and saying this is where your strengths are your weaknesses, your 02:31:07
opportunities, and your threats. 02:31:11
For example. 02:31:16
Umm. 02:31:18
You know, I I look back at the name change. 02:31:19
And to me, it was kind of. 02:31:22
That whole proposal should have been part of a a comprehensive. 02:31:25
Economic Development Plan. And I'm feeling like these recommendations are kind of along the same. 02:31:29
Line that they're piece meal. 02:31:35
And they're just components of what should be a greater plan. 02:31:37
So I'm a little, I'm a little concerned and a little disappointed that. 02:31:42
Because I thought when we had our discussion there was going to be a recommendation. 02:31:46
To. 02:31:50
Contract out for an economic development plan, and I don't see that here. 02:31:51
What I see is. 02:31:56
Is another. 02:31:59
Piece meal approach to. 02:32:00
Economic. 02:32:03
Development for our community, which I'm I'm not sure that I. 02:32:04
I can. I can support. I'm are are there any other questions? 02:32:07
Question. Yes, Mayor. Thank you. 02:32:12
I agree with the Council Member Hernandez wholeheartedly and and you know at first when we met and I. 02:32:15
Thought about what you're proposing, I thought. 02:32:22
OK. Yeah. 02:32:24
But I think it's kind of like. 02:32:26
The cart before the horse type thing like. 02:32:28
In order to have a thriving chamber, you have to have a thriving business environment. 02:32:30
And. 02:32:36
I'm not sure we have that right now, but I do know that the business. 02:32:38
Environment seems to be healthy and people are busy and and. 02:32:43
No, there's no parking in the Ralph Shopping Center. 02:32:48
Umm. 02:32:51
But then I think about we just passed the EPS ban. 02:32:52
What are we doing to help the restaurants? 02:32:55
Deal with that, because that's a big issue. 02:32:59
The big issue and it's gonna hurt. 02:33:02
Businesses and and I would hope that we could. 02:33:05
Reach out to all the restaurants in Wyoming. 02:33:09
And work with them. 02:33:12
To. 02:33:14
Partner with them to like, hey, you know. 02:33:15
What can we do to help you here because you know, we. 02:33:17
Believe me, I'm I'm for the band. 02:33:20
Because Styrofoam is a mess out there on the beach and our beaches are acid and it's ugly and it's the environment. 02:33:23
Marine life. 02:33:29
You know, but we need to be better at. 02:33:30
Executing being friendly city by the sea. 02:33:34
And. 02:33:37
I just don't have confidence. 02:33:39
In. 02:33:41
Putting all our eggs in a. 02:33:43
In a basket for a, you know, Chamber of Commerce. 02:33:45
And you're right. 02:33:50
The chamber failed us during COVID. 02:33:51
I mean, that was the time when we needed the Chamber to step up. 02:33:53
And. 02:33:58
Which chamber went in lockdown mode? 02:34:00
And so. 02:34:02
I feel like we need like. 02:34:04
Council member Hernandez has said. I think we need a fresh set of eyes. 02:34:06
I think we need to hear other ideas. 02:34:10
I think you've done a really good job in helping us get our our dispensaries up and going, but that was six years ago. 02:34:14
And here we are. Now you know. 02:34:20
Trying to. 02:34:23
Rehabilitate an organization that. 02:34:25
Kind of failed us. Are there any questions? 02:34:28
I I did have a question, so I just so that it's on the record. So you had already talked to the Oxnard and Camarillo Chamber and 02:34:31
they don't really want to take us on as a. 02:34:36
Like a city. 02:34:40
I think that's a fair. 02:34:44
That's a fair statement. 02:34:45
Although I should, I should flush that out a little bit more. 02:34:47
I mean, Nancy Lindholm is the CEO of the now combined Oxnard and Camarillo. 02:34:52
Chamber of Commerce. They're called W Ventura County Business Alliance. I think they are, and I talked with her about taking on 02:34:58
the the role of. 02:35:01
Of. 02:35:06
Serving Portland area as well. 02:35:07
In the course of that conversation, it became pretty clear that if she were to be able to do that successfully. 02:35:12
She would have to have somebody on her staff that she could identify as being. 02:35:18
A Port Wanami person. Period. 02:35:23
Or else she didn't think she'd be able to attract interest from Portland Amy businesses. 02:35:26
Who might otherwise kind of feel lost. 02:35:31
In the much bigger. 02:35:33
Scheme of Oxnard and Camarillo. 02:35:35
And for her to take on the the expense of hiring that person dedicated to winning. 02:35:37
She didn't see the revenue stream coming out of the Winning Me business community to make that pencil out because strictly a 02:35:46
business decision. 02:35:50
For her, now that that doesn't preclude anybody, any business in Port Wanami. 02:35:54
Who wants to join that group? I mean, of course they can. 02:36:00
But in in terms of trying to. 02:36:05
Designate that organization as. 02:36:08
Port wine is chamber. 02:36:11
That that's where she drew back from being willing to commit to that. 02:36:14
Would they be able to apply to that $120,000? 02:36:20
If they want to submit a proposal with the business plan and you know all, all that's included in the RFP, sure. 02:36:24
Question. 02:36:32
I just wanted to add that if every business in Wanami joined and paid $150.00 a year. 02:36:35
At $63,000. 02:36:42
And I don't. From what I'm hearing, I don't think that's enough to sustain a a vibrant chamber. 02:36:45
OK. Council Member Hernandez. Yeah. I just wanted to ask, you know, usually when you're developing. 02:36:52
Solutions for economic development. You go out to stakeholders and you kind of. 02:37:00
Get your information from them on what they believe the needs of our community are. 02:37:07
What stakeholders did you talk to in this process? Where, I mean, how did we come up with these ideas? 02:37:12
To. 02:37:19
To even. 02:37:21
Bring back the Chamber? I mean, is that? 02:37:22
I mean, is that how was that? How do we know that's a winning solution? 02:37:24
Good. 02:37:29
Who did you guys, who did you talk to? 02:37:30
Well, just various people in the community who expressed interest in in having a chamber. 02:37:33
Umm. 02:37:40
There, there was no. 02:37:41
Scientific survey done at at the time. 02:37:43
Although that's kind of the purpose of the survey that that we want to launch right now. 02:37:46
Is to test the water. It's a little bit there on interest in a chamber. 02:37:51
As well as some of the other questions that we ask. 02:37:56
But that's that's a more. 02:37:59
Widespread. 02:38:03
Inquiry to to businesses about their interest in the Chamber. 02:38:06
But I mean, a number of these things are intended to be the first steps that create. 02:38:11
And a database that create more information about the business community. 02:38:16
In fact, toward your earlier. 02:38:21
Point you think all of this is pointed toward? 02:38:24
Us being in a position to be able to contract with an economic development firm. 02:38:28
To create the economic development plan I think we're proposing to do here. 02:38:34
Number of steps that that organization would would want to do anyhow. 02:38:39
We're just kind of getting started now in that direction. 02:38:46
Particularly with the survey of the chambers, kind of a special case. 02:38:49
Just. 02:38:53
Because of what it is right now, but our other work is intended just to build more of an information base to be able to pass. 02:38:54
Pass along to. 02:39:02
A professional firm. 02:39:04
Thank you. 02:39:06
OK. Are there any more questions? 02:39:07
Alright, let's move on to public comments. Are there any public comments regarding this item? 02:39:10
We do have a written public comment from Ricardo Holden. 02:39:15
It appears that these ARPA funds are bouncing from one project to another, and the indecision of use is delaying projects that 02:39:20
were already approved for use of the ARPA funds. 02:39:25
The Bubbling Springs Parks and Beach Playground Project projects are approved to utilize the ARPA funds. 02:39:30
Now a proposal asking for a reprogramming of these funds could further delay these existing projects. 02:39:36
Watching the City Council meetings, I see a lot of time and energy expended on agenda items that go back and forth repeatedly 02:39:42
without much progress being made. 02:39:46
For instance, we've had three City Council meetings with the beach Festival on the agenda and it is still yet to be approved. 02:39:51
What is happening with the other request for agenda items? When will the swings that were used daily by everyone be replaced at 02:39:58
the beach as they were replaced by volleyball courts that are rarely used? 02:40:04
Will the Swings replacement ever be completed? 02:40:10
Or will this project get lost in the shuffle of agenda items that are revisited multiple times? 02:40:13
Reprogramming the ARPA funds appears to be taking steps backwards and overlooks existing requests for agenda items. 02:40:18
As for the Chamber of Commerce, maybe the business licensing fees solely should fund the Chamber of Commerce subsidy. 02:40:25
Businesses are the primary benefactor of the Chamber of Commerce, so utilizing the business licensing fees seems to make the most 02:40:32
sense. 02:40:35
Let's not further delay approved projects by reprogramming funds. A beach playground is on hold, although last summer the City 02:40:40
Council discussed having the project approved. 02:40:44
By the end of 2022. 02:40:49
I live close to Port Wanami Beach and when my boys were young we would drive them to Oxnard Beach Park to use that playground 02:40:51
because it's a great playground. 02:40:55
We even hosted a birthday party at Oxnard Beach Park because of the excellent playground. 02:40:59
Our city would benefit from having a nice playground similar to the one at Oxnard Beach Park. 02:41:04
As it will bring families to the beach pane, parking fees and potentially. 02:41:08
Visiting local minimum businesses. 02:41:13
Possibly helping businesses better than a Chamber of Commerce would. I am a business owner in Port Wanami and it would be nice to 02:41:15
see some of my business licensing fees be utilized. 02:41:20
Supporting our local businesses. We shouldn't have to compromise existing projects. Reprogramming ARPA funds while the city 02:41:25
collects almost 500,000 in business licensing fees yearly. Ricardo Holden. 02:41:31
And that concludes public comment. 02:41:37
All right, so the recommendation is to receive a report on the planning process to be undertaken in preparation for the 02:41:41
development of a citywide economic development plan. 02:41:45
Are there any? 02:41:50
Motions. 02:41:52
Today. 02:41:55
I was gonna suggest that we make a motion if. 02:42:00
Nobody's interested in. 02:42:04
Approving this that maybe we. 02:42:06
Move it to another meeting and discuss how we we can. 02:42:09
I'll reallocate that money. 02:42:13
I know Councilmember Hernandez had some ideas. I know it sounds like you're not. 02:42:15
Said on this I didn't hear from. 02:42:20
Mayor Pro Tem Perez. 02:42:23
OK. 02:42:29
I like. 02:42:32
Council Member Hernandez's idea, I think it's it's. 02:42:33
The way forward but. 02:42:37
At the same time, I think we need to. 02:42:39
Help our businesses now with whatever we can do and and particularly the EPS ban like that's something that we. 02:42:43
I think we approved. We're going to go out and. 02:42:50
Outreach and outreach and outreach and I don't see that we're doing that. And so I I do. I I I think we need to have a different 02:42:53
approach. 02:42:57
If I could just kind of respond to that. Thank you, Councilman Gamma. 02:43:01
But again, you know, we don't know that, that's. 02:43:05
Such a problem with our businesses. The businesses, from what I understand are doing fine, but how do we really know that? 02:43:07
That they're having problems. 02:43:14
You know, and and that's where the survey might come in handy. 02:43:16
But. 02:43:19
For us to do a survey in house. 02:43:20
I'm not sure that we're going to capture all the communities out there that need to be captured like the nonprofits. 02:43:23
Like the clergy. 02:43:29
Like people who who just visit Fort Wayne. 02:43:31
I think we have to look much broader when it comes to. 02:43:35
Developing an economic development. 02:43:39
Plan for our community, it's. 02:43:43
And I I think we need to start by. 02:43:46
Bringing together a group of stakeholders. 02:43:48
And. 02:43:51
Walking them through the process so that we don't leave anything out. I think during our meeting we talked about art economy. 02:43:52
How art in our community, public art can help develop our economy. That's that should be part of our. 02:43:59
Economic. 02:44:05
Development plan. 02:44:06
So we should have our art all the time, everywhere. Mayor Pro Tem. Yes. So I'm I'm mixed on this. I am. 02:44:09
Obviously in favour of a chamber, I think a chamber. 02:44:16
We'll do a community good. I've seen really well Rand Chambers. 02:44:19
Be the foundation. 02:44:24
For businesses especially. 02:44:27
During crisis I've seen many communities that the only reason why they survived was because they had a well ran Chamber of 02:44:29
Commerce to there to support their businesses. But I. 02:44:33
I don't know. 02:44:37
If this is the first step that we need to take. 02:44:39
When creating a economic development plan. 02:44:42
It is a step that needs to to happen, I just don't know where that fits in. 02:44:46
I know that we need to do something to invigorate businesses. 02:44:50
In our community, I just don't know how that is because I'm not a business. 02:44:53
You know, planning professional, I think that needs to be. 02:44:58
Maybe, Council member Hernandez suggested. Somebody that has does that for a living and looks at communities and devises stuff 02:45:02
like that, maybe we need to look. 02:45:06
At someone to have them come in and do an assessment. 02:45:11
Or an audit on our business community and what we need to do and to order to improve that. I know it needs to be improved and I'm 02:45:13
open. 02:45:17
To whatever that is and however that. 02:45:21
The best way to do that I just don't know. 02:45:24
What that is? 02:45:26
Yeah. And I can, I can appreciate that. 02:45:28
When you put together a strategic economic economic development plan, any plan. 02:45:30
It's gonna take some time. 02:45:36
To. 02:45:38
To create and it's a process and it could take a couple of years before we get a final deliverable. So maybe if we look at these 02:45:38
as short term goals, maybe the low hanging fruit, you know address the EPS issue. 02:45:45
Then then, yes, we could do that. But to call this a plan, I'm I'm just a little concerned. I mean, I think there's steps toward 02:45:53
economic development. 02:45:58
Maybe they're the easier, you know, low hanging fruit kinds of projects that we can do. 02:46:04
Do but the question I have. 02:46:09
Is do we have? 02:46:11
A deadline for spending that ARPA money, Is that why we're we're trying to get these projects off the ground? 02:46:13
There is a deadline. It's not immediate, but it is. 02:46:21
What is it 2026 for everything to be expended? 02:46:25
Yeah, I think we have to have it obligated by December 31st. 02:46:31
2024. 02:46:36
And it has to be spanned by December 31st, 2026. We have a little bit of time. 02:46:38
The other comment I wanted to make, Councilmember Hernandez, was. 02:46:46
I mean the the. 02:46:50
I think the title of this agenda item. 02:46:51
If I remember right, I don't have it. In front of me is the initiation of an economic development planning. 02:46:54
Process right? And it just says initiation of economic development planning. 02:46:59
OK. 02:47:03
But there's no. 02:47:04
Recommendation to develop a plan. 02:47:06
There's recommendations to. 02:47:11
To assist the businesses with their license fees. 02:47:13
Request for proposal for the Chamber. 02:47:17
And. 02:47:21
Approve ARPA funding. 02:47:23
Right, I mean. 02:47:25
I'm gonna make a motion to for staff to go back and come up with maybe some more ideas on how we can use the $240,000. Maybe have 02:47:27
a couple more different ideas. I had a couple of different ideas I think. 02:47:33
One of the problems with the. 02:47:39
Businesses is directing traffic to our city. 02:47:40
And so I thought I'm like. 02:47:44
Our our. 02:47:46
Our best. 02:47:47
Are our biggest assets to the beach? And so I thought, OK, I've always thought about having something like what Ventura Beach has, 02:47:48
like their sign Ventura Beach. 02:47:52
And so pushing, having people wanna go there and take photos on on our on our peer. 02:47:56
Or or just like how I had mentioned before, like in Mexico, how they have the big words, the big letters, and people want to take 02:48:01
the photos in front of those big letters. So I thought that would be something that we could invest in to attract people to our 02:48:06
beach and stay on this side of our city. 02:48:11
And so that's something I wanted to bring up today, but I don't know if that's that's a. 02:48:18
I will second your. 02:48:21
Your motion. 02:48:24
I think we need a different. 02:48:25
We need to hear from. 02:48:28
Another set of eyes, perhaps? 02:48:29
And I think that that's in line with. 02:48:31
What we've discussed tonight, so yeah. 02:48:33
Would you? Can you restate the motion? Because I I know that you started it and then you. 02:48:38
My motion was to redirect staff to to go back and come up with some more ideas on how we can best use that money to support the 02:48:42
businesses in our city. 02:48:47
Could you amend that so that it? 02:48:55
Contains A provision for the development of a strategic. 02:48:57
Economic Development plan, yes, and I can Amendment. I can amend my motion so it includes your request. 02:49:01
Right. 02:49:08
Still off for a second. 02:49:09
That much? 02:49:14
Well, I'm suggesting we don't approve anything right now. I I think we need to look at and have. 02:49:16
More ideas on. 02:49:21
How we can improve? 02:49:24
The businesses in our cities. 02:49:25
It sounds like we're not ready to to make that jump, to try to get a chamber to come and. 02:49:28
Come into our city. 02:49:33
And maybe we do need someone to come in and assess our city and and. 02:49:35
Give us a another plan on what we should be doing. 02:49:39